Thursday, November 29, 2007

Breaking News – Have Contradicting Lawyers Harmed Case?

As many of you have seen in da last 24 hours, there’s been a flurry of media activity locally and around da nation regarding “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man.” If da latest comments by da legal eagles under da employ of Manalapan paid for by YOUR tax dollars indicates anything, then be prepared to change da name of Manalapan’s Route 522 to “Da Mosked Man Drive” and Manalapan to “Moskopan.”

Please follow closely how YOUR tax dollars are being spent by da comments made by Manalapan’s hand-picked legal experts.

In da August 3, 2007 legal brief entitled "Brief in Support of Plaintiff's Application to Vacate," Manalapan-hired legal eagle Daniel McCarthy paid for by your tax dollars clearly states on Page 6, "Defendant has also discussed da various aspects of this matter on his internet blog, 'datruthsquad,'" as well as on Page 7, "Regarding defendant's internet blog datruthsquad." And, on Page 9, while discussing da gag order, "In violation of this order, defendant posted an entry in his internet blog..…” and lets not forget Page 41, "Defendants recent communications coupled with his attacks on Township officials posted on his blog, "datruthsquad" betray a mental instability and dangerous fixation on elected and appointed Township officials."

Clearly, there’s not much gray area here. According to McCarthy’s brief, and signed by McCarthy, McCarthy states in that legal court document on numerous occasions and without hesitation that da Mosked Man, complete with his “mental instability,” is indeed daTruthSquad.

Now, for fact, according to the Electronic Fronier Foundation, in the Plaintiff’s Application to Vacate the Order to Show Cause, McCarthy on 18 occasions alleges da Mosked Man is daTruthSquad – yet offers absolutely no evidence to back up his claims.

Now, let’s read what has been said to da media by YOUR tax-dollar paid attorneys.

In da Newark Star Ledger story, David Weeks, also representing Manalapan and paid by YOUR tax dollars shows clearly that McCarthy’s definitely is Weeks’ maybe:

"I don't know one way or the other if it's him," Weeks said. "It could be him."

One Manalapan lawyer paid by YOUR tax dollars says in a court document that daTruthSquad is da “defendant’s internet blog,” but another Manalapan lawyer paid by YOUR tax dollars says “It could be him.”

Now, in da Asbury Park Press story, legal eagle David Weeks, paid by YOUR tax dollars again found a new and improved way to contradict McCarthy:

If you read the thing, it sounds an awful lot like he could be the author," Weeks said. "He has said he is not. It speaks to his credibility."

OK, so now “it sounds an awful lot like he could be…”

Speaking of credibility, on one side you have da Mosked man clearly saying in court that he is not daTruthSquad. Then you have da Township of Manalapan hired legal team of “His is & Maybe he is” saying in court that da Mosked Man is daTruthSquad, but to da media he only may be.

Contradicting lawyers at taxpayer expense. Should daTruthSquad remind you at this point that these guys are being paid for by YOUR tax dollars?

Question to my TruthTellers, who has da credibility problem here – McCarthy (defendant’s blog), Weeks (it could be him), or da Mosked Man?

DaTruth is, as each day passes, it's becoming clear that “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man” may not be as much about a land deal as it is about taking da First Amendment, driving an SUV over it, and then grinding da tires. If it were indeed about da land deal, why isn’t da land deal being discussed? Why is page after page of legal briefs discussing daTruthSquad more and da Dreyer patch less?

And, thanks to da Snoozepaper’s Mark Rosman (and no retractions yet), we know how much of Manalapan’s tax dollars, ordered to be paid by Mayor Andy Boy, Deputy Mayor Queen, and Committeeman Cash Klauber, are going to 4 – count’em – 4 lawyers handling this one case of “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man.”

Robert Renaud - $350 per hour.
Carolina MachoGrande - $135 per hour.
Daniel McCarthy - $130 per hour.
David Weeks – a contingency basis (reported to be 25 to 33% + expenses

DaTruth is, it doesn’t take a lawyer to know that when two lawyers involved in da same case contradict one another, it would seem to strengthen the other side. It would seem this only strengthens the argument that da Manalapan Township Committee has set forth by their votes to embark on a fishing expedition to unmask a blogger in the guise of a legal malpractice case regarding a land deal gone bad.

Now, for a complete update on all legal documents submitted in da case of “Da Township of Manalapan vs da Mosked Man,” including da latest, da Motion ot Quash da civil subpoena to Google submitted by da Electronic Frontier Foundation, click here.

DaTruth is, if you’re a blogger or even someone who comments on one, whether you’re in Manalapan or Miami, Plainfield or Portland, this case affects you because you cannot take away someone’s right of free speech because a governmental body wants to prove something about someone – and worse, use taxpayer money to fund that fishing expedition.

And, remember what daTruthSquad theorized in prior blogs about - what if da case of Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man is won by da Mosked Man? Da town, according to court documents claims legal malpractice & says da Mosked Man has a "mental instability." If you were da Mosked Man, would you just laugh this off?

Da actions of da Manalapan Township Committee should place anyone with an opinion on notice, that this could happen to them if they stand up and tell da truth, or even worse, just disagree with a politician. DaTruthSquad, for one, will not be idle and allow Freedom of Speech, da right of every American, to be tossed in da garbage.

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy once said, "The First Amendment is often inconvenient. But that is besides the point. Inconvenience does not absolve the government of its obligation to tolerate speech." Apparently, certain members of da Manalapan Township Committee wouldn't know Justice Kennedy if they fell over him.

And that’s daTruth.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Part 2 - Da Fleecing of Manalapan - Da Hidden Agenda?

This blog was born from necessity - da necessity for da truth to be told.

It was da necessity in 2006 when daTruthSquad discovered and uncovered da rift between GOP'ers Andy Boy Lucas and former Committeeman Joltin Joe Locricchio. That rift led to da GOP'er meltdown and da abandonment of Joltin Joe by da GOP'er heirarchy, led by Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery, who would later be identified by this blog as one of da "enforcers" in da room when Little Anna received her "Do Not Pass Go Or Else" pep-talk from chairman Pu-Pu.

This blog was also da first blog to discuss in detail da "backroom deal" which allowed Andy Boy to become Mayor with da votes needed by 2 Democrats to make that happen. When you are Manalapan mayor, you control certain appointments. Can it be explained rationally why a number of volunteer appointments went to Democrats once GOP Mayor Andy Boy began his rule? Can it be explained why, when da opening for WMUA Commish became available, Mayor Andy Boy was da deciding vote to put back in place da man Commish who gave Manalapan & Marlboro nearly 40% of sewer rate increases over 2 years - bypassing what has been reported as 3 GOP'ers in that 4-person room?

This blog was also da first to let da world know what transpired in da Town Hall when da husband of da Deputy Mayor Queen, when he voluntarily spoke before da committee answered a simple question by Joltin Joe by saying, "Because I Hate Italians." Political backers may have been able to silence others, and even da local Snoozepaper decided it wasn't worth reporting, but a bunch of NY & NJ radio & TV stations and other real newspapers thought otherwise,and thanks to this blog a severe injustice and act of what has been called bias by da press was brought to light.

It was also this blog that discussed both sides of da lawsuit now known as "Da Township of Manalapan vs. da Mosked Man," and included da possibility that da town could wind up on da losing end, and could potentially, depending on da court outcome, face a "Da Mosked man vs. Da Township of Manalapan" lawsuit, where da town could potentially face legal action to potentially recoup losses by da Mosked man.

Now this case, Da Township of Manalapan vs. da Mosked Man, what is it really about?

Is it about a land deal gone bad? Or, could it be about a government that demands a vocal critic be silenced because it bothers then to hear da truth?

If you read da Snoozepaper, you might be led to believe this is much ado about a land deal.

However, if you read da legal brief submitted by one Daniel McCarthy, representing Manalapan in "Da Township of Manalapan vs. da Mosked Man," you may think differently.

While Page 2 of da Certification of Daniel McCarthy dated August 3, 2007 discusses da Dreyer patch, Page 3 paints a very ominous picture. It states, "Da blog is entitled 'datruthsquad' and appears to be written by defendant." Pages 9 to 29 of the 29 page legal court brief are exhibits being used by Mr. McCarthy to make his case against da mosked man. These pages of evidence are not township letters or memorandum regarding da land deal. They are instead, numerous blog entries from a blogger known as daTruthSquad.

What does da blog known as daTruthSquad have to do with a land deal?

That very same question can be applied to da August 3, 2007 legal brief entitled "Brief in Support of Plaintiff's Application to Vacate."

On Page 6, Mr. McCarthy states, "Defendant has also discussed da various aspects of this matter on his internet blog, 'datruthsquad,'" as well as on Page 7, "Regarding defendant's internet blog datruthsquad." And, on Page 9, while discussing da gag order, "In violation of this order, defendant posted an entry in his internet blog....." As you read all 49 pages, you will find references to daTruthSquad all throughout this legal court document.

Again, what does da blog known as daTruthSquad have to do with a land deal?

Moreover, on Page 41 of that same legal court document, Mr. McCarthy states, "Defendants recent communications coupled with his attacks on Township officials posted on his blog, "datruthsquad" betray a mental instability and dangerous fixation on elected and appointed Township officials"

So again, what does da blog known as daTruthSquad have to do with a land deal?

Soon you will be reading stories in da Snoozepaper, and also in da Star Ledger.

Other news accounts will follow. Ask yourself this question - If this whole case is about a land deal, where are the many exhibits regarding da land deal? Why are page after page of these briefs discussing da internet blogger known as daTruthSquad?

Is this a legal case about a land deal gone bad? Or, is this a legal case where a governmental body has taken it upon themselves to use taxpayer dollars to divulge information about a blogger who lets da readers know what is really happening in one particular town?

Do you mind very much if your hard-earned tax dollars are used to unmask a vocal critic of government?

DaTruth is, as individuals we have da right to know how our tax dollars are being spent.

In da next daTruthSquad, we will discuss how just 3 out of 5 people can dictate how tens of thousands of YOUR tax dollars will be spent. And, we'll also discuss who these people are, as you have da right to know.

And that's daTruth.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Part 1 - Da Fleecing of Manalapan

Information is an important part of everyday life. Without information, we have no true knowledge of actual events.

Case in point, da case of "Da Township of Manalapan v. Da Mosked Man." As you may have already read, there are numerous claims made by da multitude of law firms hired by da town and paid for with YOUR tax dollars against da Mosked man. However, if you only read da Snoozer, and nothing else, here's what you are aware of.....

1. Back Page Barratta's story on how a judge says da case against da Mosked man will continue.

2. Back Page Barratta's story on how a judge says da case will not be dismissed.

3. Back Page Barratta's story on how da town seeks damages from da attorney on da land deal.

4. Back Page Barratta's story on how da Mosked man's insurance carrier said no to coverage for da lawsuit.

After carefully reading Back Page's stories, I'm surprised da Mosked man wasn't also charged with da Lindbergh baby kidnapping, or at da very least introducing Monica Lewinsky to Linda Tripp, who, by da way, was reportedly born and raised in New Jersey. Could it be that everything is going so wrong with da Mosked man in this case?

However, daTruthSquad must admit that when credit is due, that credit should be given, and it will be given right now.

On September 26, an editorial appeared penned by Snoozer editor Mark Rosman. DaTruthSquad may not have always agreed a level playing field was found in regard to some of Mr. Rosman's writings (remember da mea culpa of "Because I Hate Italians" being a "non-starter"). However, in this case, not only did Mr. Rosman expose what was not known to da general public, he gave great insight on what da future holds for taxpayers in Manalapan, and for that he deserves praise.

Here is what da following attorneys or law firms hired by da town of Manalapan are charging for their services in "Da Township of Manalapan v. Da Mosked Man," according to Mr. Rosman's investigative skills:

Robert Renaud - $350 per hour.
Township Attorney & Assemblywoman-elect Carolina MachoGrande - $135 per hour.
Special counsel Daniel J. McCarthy - $130 per hour
Special counsel David Weeks - a contingent-fee basis

Since no retraction of this editorial was ever printed, daTruthSquad must assume his facts are not in dispute. DaTruthSquad encourages everyone to read his editorial carefully, but remember, especially da taxpayers of Manalapan, da meter is running.

In an upcoming "Da Fleecing of Manalapan," daTruthSquad will discuss further da money trail and how this affects all da taxpayers in ways you may not know.

Now, to answer a question you also deserve to know - Why did daTruthSquad take an extended vacation?

In July, when daTruthSquad's site was spammed by comments that daTruthSquad felt were beyond da bounds, it got to da point where it became too hard to have da blog administrator check da site several times per hour. So, daTruthSquad decided to take additional time away from da blog.

However, when it became clear this blog was somehow being intertwined in da legal battles in "Da Township of Manalapan v. Da Mosked Man," it was decided a few more weeks was in order. Around that time, daTruthSquad received an email saying a civil subpoena demanded information about da blog. At that point, it was decided that daTruthSquad would need to seek out advice from a legal expert on free speech matters.

As daTruthSquad discovered, there were things that yes, even daTruthSquad, was not aware of in regard to "Da Township of Manalapan v. Da Mosked Man." As daTruthSquad further investigated through da use of databases available to anyone and other forms of searching, daTruthSquad discovered that daTruthSquad couldn't find even one case where a governmental entity, in this case an entire town, desired to do away with part or parts of da First Amendment, and daTruthSquad was not alone in that endeavor.

DaTruth is two-fold: (a) When "da 800lb. gorilla" knocks on your door sent by those who don't like you, make sure you have a way to repel da hairy fella, or at least enough bananas to keep him occupied, and (b) when he is sent by political individuals running a town with unlimited money (your tax dollars) to fund da activities of that "800lb. gorilla," or in this case several "800lb. gorillas," have plenty of bananas and a zookeeper skilled in da ways of zoo management.

DaTruthSquad will not reestablish da comments section yet, but in time it probably will appear. As for now, daTruthSquad believes that those taxpayers funding what has been called "a fishing expedition" against daTruthSquad in this particular matter deserve to know how their hard-earned money is being spent. Part 2 of "Da Fleecing of Manalapan" will disclose that further.

And that's daTruth.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Silence - Or The Town Will Pay To Silence You

In life, if you don't like what someone says, you have da right not to listen. If you don't like what da blog says, click on "exit." If you don't like what is on TV, change the channel, or on da radio, then listen to something else. If you don't like what da newspaper says, cancel da subscription. If it's a free newspaper, then leave it on your wet lawn. These are all very simple rules, and yet they're not even rules. It's common sense.

Over 229 years ago, a great battle was fought against British troops under da command of Sir Henry Clinton by Continental soldiers led by General George Washington. Da Continental soldiers faced 100 degree heat and hardened British troops. They fought and bled on that hallowed land. In da end, Washington's troops suffered 361 casualties, including 37 that died of heatstroke, others killed by British troops, or maimed, or injured.

I can tell you these brave men, and a woman known as "Molly Pitcher" didn't fight and die for nothing. They went into battle to repel an invading army. They went into battle because they believed in something even bigger than they were.

After that battle was won, a group of individuals got together and worked on a document that would become da law of our land. The Constitution of da United States has lasted through the Civil War, 2 World Wars, conflicts on our soil, and disasters. The Constitution has been amended only 27 times since it was adopted in da name of "Da People." Da first 10 amendments, all added on December 15, 1791 are known as Da Bill of Rights. Da very first amendment includes da Freedom of Speech. Other amendments would abolish slavery and give women rights. Basically, all of da amendments gave people freedoms and more rights - and never did any amendment take any rights away.

Now you have to remember that solders have died on battlefields on our soil, and in other lands to protect that very document and what it stands for. One of da men who wrote da laws of our land was a gentleman and hero named Benjamin Franklin.

You may not know this, but in 1722, a series of letters appeared in a newspaper called da New England Courant which discussed events and poked fun at various aspects of life, much like what daTruthSquad has done. Da letters were funny to some, and made others quite unhappy, especially Harvard University. Da letters were penned by a middle-aged woman named Mrs. Silence Dogood. Nobody knew who she was, because she did not use her real name. People were fixated on Mrs. Dogood, who as we would later find out was neither a middle-aged woman, nor was she a woman at all. Mrs. Silence Dogood was da pseudonym of a 16-year old boy - a boy named Benjamin Franklin, who by all accounts may have been da first blogger on American soil, and a hero of daTruthSquad.

Recently, a town in da United States has decided to, in my opinion, turn their backs on da very same document that our great country was founded. Da town has decided it did not like what a certain blogger has written, and they have decided that "For All Da People," they will remove that blogger's right to free speech, to tell all sides of a story, to even describe what da future might be like.

What da town is trying to do is silence Silence Dogood. It is saying that, in essence, if we don't like what you are saying, we will spend da taxpayer's money to silence you. It is saying, in essence, we will not care about how much of da townspeople's money we will spend, because whether da town likes you or not, 3 people who run da town don't like you, so we will spend that money to silence you and reveal your identity - and more.

Should this worry you? Absolutely, because it can happen to anyone, whether you write a blog, or even comment on a blog or leave a comment on any website. A town has retained a large law firm in an effort to gain private information about a blogger, about da blog, including IP addresses and many other items related to da blog. Exactly how much da town has paid in their lawsuit so far is unknown. Before it's over, you can expect that figure to increase - a figure you da townsfolk and not those who vote in a local government setting are paying for.

DaTruthSquad has not forgotten, and some fine folks who know a little something about da First Amendment and right & wrong recently reminded daTruthSquad about that. They fight for da bloggers against those who wish to do away with da First Amendment of da laws of our land they know too well when rights of individuals are removed it damages all of us. And, those who wish to remove an individual's First Amendment rights tarnishes da memories of da very same Americans who shed blood and died in battles from Monmouth to Baghdad, Iwo Jima to Berlin.

What is this lawsuit da town is funding about - read this for yourself! In essence, da removal of freedom of speech of an individual - and those who comment on what is written. Apparently da 3 folks who voted to have over 34,000 people pay for their lawsuit may have forgotten those who shed blood right down da road on Monmouth Battlefield and what they died for.

DaTruthSquad is back -- And that's daTruth.