Friday, February 29, 2008

GOP's PuPu Refers To His Own Operatives: Money Hungry or "Mentally Unstable"

Yes, Monmouth GOP Chairman Adam PuPu has stepped in it again - this time with both feet! He didn't violate da Hatch Act this time, but he did violate da bounds of descency!

It was a simple Snoozepaper question about how apparently bloggers are badmouthers and ruining da lives of everyone. His answer you can imagine left anyone working for him at GOP Central scratching their heads wondering if they are da ones who want to "gain monetarily" or are just "mentally unstable," and who exactly has "mental retardation?"

"As a result, people who gain monetarily or are mentally unstable make up the majority of political operatives available to a chairman as willing workers," he said. "Blogs also reinforce lying and slander because the most outrageous and untrue online comments are spread the fastest. If it damages you or your family it will move across e-mails very fast."

What daTruthSquad, and we're guessing some of his "operatives" would like to know is - who exactly was Adam PuPu referring to?

Courtesy of "," a "political Operative" is "One who works for a political organization, often wielding influence out of public view."

Isn't that something a "Chair of Chairs" does, or any Chairman of any group answering to PuPu?

"One who works for a political organization?" I wonder who fits those descriptions???

Was he talking about Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery? Former mayor, "Defendant," and alleged Manalapan resident Andy Boy? Any of da up & coming candidates for Freeloader? Any members of his "inner circle?"

MoreMonmouthMusings called PuPu's statements "disgraceful" and called for his resignation. His blog is a must-read.

DaTruth is, if you're Grand Master Vic, da head of da Monmouth Democrats, you're sitting in your lounge chair sipping Cognac and holding an expensive stogie thinking to yourself, "Did my counterpart just call his entire inner circle a bunch of money grubbing mental midgets?"

PuPu, of course, was answering a question to da local Snoozepaper about their Back Page-supplied story on how bloggers and what they say and write are da sole reason people no longer want to be volunteers. Instead, PuPu may have just alienated every member of his inner circle because of what he said to da Snoozepaper - and some of those people are "volunteers."

Keeping his foot squarely in his mouth, PuPu also took verbal aim at bloggers, saying "Blogs also reinforce lying and slander because the most outrageous and untrue online comments are spread the fastest. Political blogs are a destructive force dumbing down our political discourse in so many ways."

Maybe Adam PuPu has a point? Maybe all of these "Political Blogs are a destructive force?"

DaTruthSquad's next stop was, a fine political website chock-full of news and information - and political blogs.

Former Governor Christie Whitman is on da political blogger list. So is Mike Panter, Carla Katz, GOPUSA New Jersey, and a host of others.

The Republican National Committee has a blog. Many State GOP's have blogs. Campaigns & Elections Magazine have pages of political blogs.

DaTruth is, it's not da blogs and it's not da bloggers that are keeping people from political service. It's people who serve as longtime volunteers who are told by politicians they can no longer volunteer - essentially, being fired as a volunteer. It's politicial bosses who call their own people "mentally unstable." It's political campaigns bankrupt of any instances of truth. It's elected officials who are chastised by fellow politicians because of their political affiliation or whatever backroom deals made them political enemies.

Recently, former Manalapan mayor Porky Spodak gave a 15 minute speech and mention, in effect, that people begin to believe what they repeatedly hear. Porky couldn't be more correct. In January, da Queen mayor of Manalapan said blogs harm volunteerism. Right now, there is a letter in da Snoozer by 1 political party boss condemning blogs, a Back Page story doing da same, and a another political party boss calling blogs a form of "mental retardation."

It's starting to sound very much like an orchestrated campaign against blogs and bloggers, and free speech as well. Maybe if these politicians say it enough, will people believe them?

It seems like some politicians and their handlers are banking on just that.

Finally, let's remember some famous quotes from some famous people who claim to be on da side of free speech.

Former Township Attorney Carolina MachoGrande said, "Da First Amendment didn't mean to provide for anonymous bomb throwing. I’m fairly certain that’s not what the First Amendment or the founding fathers meant when the First Amendment was drafted."

She had Freedom of Speech to say that, not matter how misguided and foolish it sounded.

Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery said, "To prove how deeply we have sunk into the muck, we have a former mayor and township attorney calling another former mayor an idiot for speaking his mind in a public forum. Shameful behavior at best for (Stuart) Moskovitz."

He had the right to speak too, and yes, even to claim da Mosked man is "shameful." By his own statement, it can be alleged one must guess da "founding fathers" were not OK with someone saying bad things about another, unless, of course, it was da GOP Municipal Chairman saying it.

And, another PuPu shock quote, "Finally, blogs are a form of mental retardation because those who post and reply only allow similar opinions to perpetuate on their sites - thereby reinforcing an already weak gene pool," Puharic said.

Since MachoGrande & McEnery have both claimed either on Ch. 77 or in a Snoozer letter to know exactly what da founding fathers meant by "Freedom of Speech," one can only surmise that either it's OK to call someone a "retard" or those who read and comment on blogs coming from "an already weak gene pool" - if you're Monmouth GOP Chairman Adam PuPu, but it's not OK for anyone else to speak their mind about anything else.

DaTruth is, and this is key - - Da Good Old Days of da Good Old Boys controlling what is said and how it's said are over. Da Internet age has allowed anyone with a voice to write their spoken word without fear of retribution - and da courts in cases such as McIntyre vs Ohio and Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man have upheld anonymous writings can stay just that - anonymous and free.

DaTruth is, too, that PuPu has Freedom of Speech, and what he said has certainly offended some. He will have to answer for that. He has been asked on one blog to resign. DaTruthSquad is not asking for that right now, but does expect PuPu to do da right thing and apologize for his statement. If he does not, then it's up to Republicans to either vote this party boss out of office, or agree with him that his own political operatives are "People who gain monetarily or are mentally unstable."

If he remains in office, then we will know with 100% certainty exactly how da GOP body feels and believes what his "inner circle" is truly about.

More on PuPu stepping in it, and what appears to be a coordinated political attack on Free Speech coming soon.

And that's daTruth.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How Da Mighty Have Fallen

New Jersey Monthly this week has come out with their "Top Places To Live in NJ" report. They based their individual town rankings on a variety of factors, including property taxes, population growth, open space, crime rate, and even theatres within 10 miles.

At da bottom of da list - town number 566 - was Chesilhurst Borough in Camden County. Actually, since they pay only $3,500 for property taxes you would think they'd be ranked higher.

At da top of da list - town number 1 - was Chatham - and well deserved. Nice clean town, great Main street area. It was deserving.

DaTruthSquad can remember a time when Manalapan was not just at da top of da New Jersey list, but ranked #2 in da entire East Coast as a great place to live. That was da 2004 Money Magazine ranking -- #2!

Gee, how da mighty have fallen.

NJ Monthly now places Manalapan as da #316th best place to live in da entire state!


That's not just a huge drop -- that's a freefall!

How could Manalapan have gone down da crapper in such a short time?

Did "downzoning" and their supporters have anything to do with that, allowing builders to build it seems like everywhere, including thousands of homes and condos down Woodward Road, which is still closed and will remain that way creating a nasty quality of life issue?

Could it be da current mayor's husband who uttered those now-infamous words "Because I Hate Italians" during a township committee meeting that unleashed a hoard of media types into Manalapan and made "Manalapan" & "hate-speech" inseperable?

Could it be da now-infamous lawsuit, "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man," which has gained worldwide attention because of da use of that lawsuit to attempt to erase da First Amendment from da Constitution?

Does da whole "Village" fiasco, seemingly destined for a "builder's remedy" lawsuit in a courthouse near you have something to do with it?

Soaring property taxes?

Da most home building in da entire county between 2000-2006?

One of da worst ratios of homes to businesses in da entire state?

Let's look at that Manalapan ranking - #316 - closely.

2006 population - just over 37,000. Remember long ago, like 20 years ago, when da population was about 20,000?

2007 median property taxes - just over $7,000. Do you know anyone, except in Covered Bridge or Andy Boy's family farm that pays less than $7,000?

Is there a theatre within 10 miles. Absolutely, but it's not in Manalapan.

Hospital within 10 miles? Absolutely, but it's not in Manalapan.

Gee, that crime rate statistic is pretty high, isn't it?

When you look back at da time since 2004 there are many places to point da finger of blame as to why Manalapan went from #2 on da East Coast of da USA to #316 in all of NJ.

Think about it - any constants in those years?

I can think of two.

Since 2004, da Queen has sat on da Township Committee throne. Even before then, she was a star on da Manalapan Planning Board which approved all of da home building we see - and da Village too.

Then, there's former mayor, "DEFENDANT," and alleged Manalapan resident Andy Boy, who has served on da Committee since 2005.

Freehold, Woodbridge, Voorhees, Livingston, Cherry Hill, Secaucus, and Millburn are all ranked far ahead of Manalapan. Do you find that surprising, since they all have large shopping malls in their towns? Oh, wait - they don't have a proposed Mega-Mall?

Marlboro is also far ahead of Manalapan. They made headlines for corruption recently. Oh, wait - wasn't da WMUA and it's head honcho, both located in Manalapan raided by da FBI?

Kearney has a garbage landfill - and they're much higher ranked than Manalapan!

Jersey City is, well, Jersey City - and they're much higher ranked than Manalapan!

Teterboro has only 18 people and a huge airport with planes rattling each house every day - and they're ranked higher than Manalapan!

DaTruth is, this is another example of how a local government and it's actors can take a quality place like 2004 Manalapan and make it an also-ran in just 3 years.

Think about that da next time you read about a lawsuit over a $15,000 land cleanup costing well over $100,000 of YOUR TAX DOLLARS - da same lawsuit that attempted to take away ALL OF YOUR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS!

Think about it when you have a former township attorney who says, "Da First Amendment didn't mean to provide for anonymous bomb throwing. I’m fairly certain that’s not what the First Amendment or the founding fathers meant when the First Amendment was drafted."

Think about it when those same politicians try to claim "just 1 lawyer is on da case, and they are nnot being paid," when even da Snoozepaper in da now-famous "Rosman Editorial," which became a legal document used against Manalapan, said there was not 1 - BUT 4 LAWYERS!

DaTruth is, da politicians Manalapan has elected has led this town amok. Violating First Amendment rights (politicians voted for that) - homes sprouting up like weeds (politicians voted for that) - FBI raids of offices (politicians appointed him) - da Village people (political) - No MegaMall and all those politically that may have been attached to it (very political) - "Because I Hate Italians" (mayor's husband) - "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" (politicians voted for that) -- these have all happened in da last 3 years.

Read da last paragraph carefully. Can you point to any one or two individuals who have their hands in most if not all of these instances?

DaTruthSquad hates to admit it - but daTruth is - all of da above events happened - all within da last 3 years. Is it any wonder how da mighty have fallen so far so fast?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Porky's Revenge - Part 1

Recently, da Manalapan Township Committee held a meeting and offered a special invitation to former mayor Porky Spodak to appear. At da meeting, Porky exercised his First Amendment rights, but also, through his fine investigating skills was able to catch 2 township committeepeople in doublespeak!

In response to Porky's claims of First Amendment issues at da meeting, Committeeman Cash Klauber replied, "We're not here to try to impinge on anyone's First Amendment rights."


Cash's claim was echoed by da Queen Mayor, "No one is looking to impinge on First Amendment speech."

Double Huh????

Did daTruthSquad miss something here????

Was it not daTruthSquad who received a subpoena from Google sent by da Manalapan Legal Dream Team to hand over their identity because da Manalapan Township Committee voted to know????

Was it not daTruthSquad who was taken to court in December because da Township Committee hired 4 lawyers at taxpayer expense -- a reality uncovered by da now-famous Rosman Editorial????

Was it not da TAXPAYERS of MANALAPAN who were paying for this legal challenge to da First Amendment brought by da Manalapan Legal Dream Team, da team of lawyers voted on by da Manalapan Township Committee to bring "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" to trial????

Klauber: "We're not here to try to impinge on anyone's First Amendment rights."

da Queen: "No one is looking to impinge on First Amendment speech."

To paraphrase something Porky said, "If you say something enough, people may start to believe it."

Porky could not be any more right.

Don't believe for one minute that daTruthSquad, da TruthTellers, and our newest honorary TruthTeller Porky will forget that Manalapan's politicians have spent over $100,000 of taxpayer money on "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man," a land-deal-gone-bad / First Amendment lawsuit.

Never Forget Who Wants To Take Away YOUR Rights!

It's been nearly 2 months since Manalapan went to court, sending their now-famous Manalapan Legal Dream Team into Superior Court determined to erase da First Amendment from history.

Only one problem - they had to prove their case in front of an actual judge in an actual court, and as they found out, there's a big difference between an actual court of law presided by a law-abiding judge, and da Snoozepaper where only bad news about da Mosked Man seems to appear.

Since da Manalapan Legal Dream Team lost their first round against da Mosked man - at TAXPAYER EXPENSE - it seems like a total news blackout has been imposed by da Queen and her court. This makes sense because after numerous stories about da Mosked man in da Snoozepaper, it doesn't look good when you send your two best Dream Team lawyers to court, only to lose - at TAXPAYER EXPENSE.

Maybe that's why da Manalapan Township Committee is currently operating on "silent running."

Recntly, daTruthSquad found a blog site that reminded us all exactly what da case brought by da Queen Mayor, "Defendant" and alleged-Manalapan resident Andy Boy, and da Manalapan Legal Dream Team was about.

A new legal case being disputed in the small town of Manalapan, New Jersey, however, is a perfect example of what happens when you think you can use the law for your own ends. In this case, it's the town of Manalapan-or more specifically, local government officials-wanting to save face from a pesky local critic.

Officials in Manalapan has filed a subpoena for Google to disclose the true identity of "daTruthSquad," as well as communications, and "all other information associated with the account." The reasoning they give for their right to discovery of this identity and other information is that the lawyer himself, Moskovitz, is the actual writer of the blog in question.

However, Moskovitz has stated under penalty of perjury that he is in fact not "daTruthSquad". Despite this, the township continues to claim legitimacy for its discovery attempts, and refuses to withdraw the subpoena to Google for the blogger's identity.

Lawyers for the EFF filed a motion to quash the discovery subpoena, on the grounds that the blogger has a constitutional right to free speech, which isn't given up if he chooses to exercise it anonymously. There are many legal precedents for anonymous free speech that extend beyond print media, though anonymous free speech on the Internet is still a relatively untested issue.

EFF staff lawyer Matt Zimmerman said regarding the case, "Bloggers, as well as everyone else, have a First Amendment right to speak anonymously. Litigants don't get a blank check to pry into the private lives of critics when they say things the litigants don't like. The fact that it is the government trying to abuse the discovery process makes this attempted invasion of privacy all the more repugnant."

One recent case that would support the battle to protect anonymous blogger speech is the case of "Orthomom," a blogger who made critical comments against a county school board trustee who was the incumbent in a county election. In that case, the New York Supreme Court found that "[t]he relief sought by [the plaintiff], on the eve of a school board election, would have a chilling effect on protected political speech."

The EFF lawyer's statements ring true when it comes to determining the difference between a legally legitimate complaint and an illegitimate attempt to take away someone else's legal rights protected by the U.S. Constitution. In this case, it's pretty clear that the township of Manalapan hasn't got a leg to stand on.

Now, this "Total Lawyers" blog isn't written by some guy living in da gully along Woodward Road. These are REAL lawyers discussing REAL issues. Of course, this particular case has generated a lot of discussion not only in Manalapan, but throughout New Jersey, and news accounts show da story of "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" has been written about or discussed on da radio in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Bloggers and news companies carried da story around da world with da kind of negative publicity that even da most capable public relations or "investor relations" firm couldn't stop if it tried.

DaTruth is, da case of "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" is still going on, still costing taxpayers "in excess of $100,000," and that quote was 2 months ago. Since then, former Manalapan Mayor Andy Boy has become "Defendant" Andy Boy as he was served with papers by da Mosked Man in relation to this case. There is debate whether YOU DA TAXPAYER will be paying for Andy Boy's legal defense. It's a case that is closing in on being a year old and there is no end in sight to both da case and DA AMOUNT OF TAXPAYER MONEY BEING SPENT ON IT.

And, if you missed it, da Township Committee approved da official cleanup of da Dreyer Patch. That will cost da astronomical sum of $15,000 dollars.

Soon enough you will be receiving your next mortgage payment. That of course will be followed by a municipal tax bill. Remember, that municipal tax bill includes da "in excess of $100,000 for this case against da Mosked man. There are those who don't want you to know about it. There are those who do not report on it in their Snoozepaper so far this year at all, and there are those who hope you will forget about it.

Don't fear.

Thanks to Porky, da Manalapan Township Committee and da Gang of Three (hear no evil, speak no evil, and looking evil) were exposed as trying to cover up da First Amendment Fiasco they're making taxpayers pay for. If you forget, daTruthSquad will remind you. And, even if you don't read this blog, when you get your next tax bill you'll feel the reminder being siphoned from your wallot.

And that's daTruth.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Porky's Got a Point

There were two writings in da rcent local Snoozepaper that made great points. Before they are discussed, let it be known Snoozer editor Greg "Bozo" Bean & daTruthSquad don't always see eye to eye. As a matter of fact, it was Bean who wrote of your's truly, "I wouldn't mind seeing da Truth Squad drive off a nice, steep cliff. Given the opportunity, I might even give him (or her, or them) a little push."

But what Bean-O did recently write about life in Manalapan's political landscape would scare up a "For Sale" sign on a home faster than you can say "Porky Pig."

And, by da way, you didn't see daTruthSquad call a legal eagle calling a lawyer about what da Bean-counter said about your's truly. He has Freedom of Speech, so if he wants daTruthSquad to drive off a cliff, or even if he wants to push daTruthSquad off that cliff, it's his right to talk about it. However, daTruthSquad will be a bit more careful when standing close to one.

"About the only place in the county with a tougher crowd would have been Manalapan, which he wisely avoided. In Manalapan, local politics is so nasty that those involved are rumored to eat their own young, and the crowd that turns up at Township Committee meetings isn't significantly more civilized. If Corzine held a town meeting there all that would be left of himat the end would be a pile of bones and gristle."

DaTruth is, Bean-O is right about this.

Case in point, a fellow named "Porky" who is a former Manalapan mayor back in da days of "Star Wars" and Ronald Reagan's first term. Recently, a story penned by none other than Back Page Barratta described how George Spodak "lobbied" to have da "library built on Symmes Drive" in Manalapan, and how he "signed da deed," and how his accomplishments include "da Manalapan road department," and "da construction of da Municipal Building."

There are other things that were said, but that's for another daTruthSquad.

However, da former supreme leader of Manalapan also said this, "Spodak contends that if the defamation of individuals on the Internet is allowed to continue it will discourage people from entering public service for fear of becoming the target of anonymous attackers. It is the threat to that legacy that led Spodak to hire an attorney in order to pursue legal redress against anonymous Internet attackers who have accused him of committing crimes while in office and other contemptible acts. He said he has directed attorney XXXXX XXXXXX to pursue whatever legal avenues may be available in an effort to identify the person or persons he maintains have defamed and/or libeled him.

Senor Spodak said, "if defamation of individuals on the Internet is allowed to continue it will discourage people from entering public service for fear of becoming the target of anonymous attackers."

However, daTruthSquad feels Spodak didn't take that statement far enough.

Recently at a Township Committee meeting, an unknown individual walked up to da podium and asked about da ongoing "Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" trial of da century about a town suing a public servant, as well as if da Mosked Man, a public servant attended a Republican celebration. Finally, this unnamed individual focused his attention on Committeeman Anthony Gennaro, a public servant who has proven throughout his term in office he may have more integrity than anyone serving that post since 8-track tapes were popular. The unnamed person said, "I heard Mr. Gennaro is not running for office. Thank you for your 2 years of service, and thank you for not running. Again, thank you for not running."

That was in the opinion of many an unwarranted, unnecessary, unneeded, and unprofessional slam against an upstanding public servant.

So, here you have an unknown individual who's name escapes daTruthSquad, who verbally questioned the ethics of one public servant for who may or may not have been invited or just showed up at her party, and attacked the integrity of another public servant who decided, because of attacks like this did not want to run again for office.

DaTruthSquad believes whomever that person was, they should seriously heed da words of Mr. Spodak. Maybe former mayor Spodak should seek that person out and speak to that person who questioned the integrity of Deputy Mayor Cohen and in a needless and shameful way made an underhanded remark to Commiteeman Gennaro. This is EXACTLY why people are hesitant to be a public servant.

DaTruth is, you can blame anonymous people on da Internet for many things, but scaring off potential volunteers or public servants isn't one of them.

Or, maybe a finger should be pointed at da Queen mayor?

In January, da Queen Mayor told da Asbury Park Press that she hoped blogs and internet forums are did not keep people from getting involved in local politics and volunteerism.

"This behavior keeps talented and qualified people who would otherwise be willing to serve as elected officials (feeling) compelled to stay on the sidelines for fear of attack with fabricated and severely distorted information," Roth said. "We are proud that rather than stooping to this level, our committee has shown the courage, strength and leadership to cast aside or stand up to these bullies and seek common ground with those who are generally considered to be the opposition."

Do those words sound familiar? Blaming the Internet? Blaming "cyber bullies?"

You know, it can be said that "I think by repeating their slanderous and demeaning accusations someone in our town may start to believe them." Now where did daTruthSquad read that before?

Da problem isn't necessary folks who post messages on Internet forums. A bigger problem is allowing unnamed people to make accusations without evidence in public at Township Committee meetings taped and shown on TV.

Where was da Queen when this unnamed individual went up and criticized both Deputy Mayor Cohen and Committeeman Gennaro?

She was sitting right there next to them. So was former mayor, "defendant," and alleged Manalapan resident Andy Boy.

DaTruth is, when this unnamed individual went after Cohen & Gennaro, the person did so in complete violation of da Queen Mayor's edict as stated in da Asbury Park Press! Even worse, this very same individual was granted a "special session" to comment on individuals - a special session granted by da Queen Mayor. It's like da child who learns to hate because hate is in da home. How can da leaders of da Township Committee expect people to act in a civilized manner when they themselves allow these actions to happen?

It's easy to give a "sound bite" as presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says. What's hard is to do what is right and actually back up those words with actions. Freedom of Speech allows us all to say what is on our minds. However, when we say to da Asbury Park Press, "our committee has shown the courage, strength and leadership to cast aside or stand up to these bullies," you need to back up those words with deeds. Apparently, da Queen Mayor forgot what she said last month.

Hopefully, reminding her of her own quote will help make future Manalapan Township committee meetings more civilized -- and daTruthSquad calls on Snoozer editor Greg "Bozo" Bean to join daTruthSquad in just that - demanding no more hate-speech and vicious comments directed toward our elected officials and especially our volunteers at these meetings presided over by da Queen. Mayor Roth said it - now she needs to back up her own words with deeds!

Of course, da Queen could claim these folks, like that unnamed person has First Amendment rights -- da same rights she and former mayor, "Defendant," and allaged Manalapan resident Andy Boy tried to take away from daTruthSquad last year.

Yes, there is a lot of sniping on da Internet, which if daTruthSquad remembers it was former Vice President Al Gore, a registered Democrat like Roth, who claimed to have invented it. It's easy to blame anonymous posters on da Internet for all da ills of da world. However, da problem begins at home, and "home" is da Manalapan Township Committee meetings. Fix da problems in your own house before you take on da world.

And that's daTruth.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

More Questions For Porky to Ponder

There was a time daTruthSquad would have never been invited to a BBQ held at da palatial Greg "Bozo" Bean estate. Remember, this was da same guy who once wrote that "I wouldn't mind seeing da Truth Squad drive off a nice, steep cliff. Given the opportunity, I might even give him (or her, or them) a little push. But I do wish that despicable, loud-mouthed blogger - da Fraud Squad - wasn't riding in a new, taxpayer-funded Cadillac."

Now, all of a sudden da head of da local Snoozepaper has had an epiphany, actually agreeing with daTruthSquad! They say in politics that if you repeat something enough, people will believe it. Maybe Bean is reading this blog enough and has seen da light of truth - finally!

In a recent Bozo-editorial, Bean commented on Governor Toll Troll's foray into Marlboro where da crowd didn't have pitchforks, but from what my TruthTellers say it was close. Then, Bean wrote that da Toll Troll was lucky he didn't hold that meeting one town over in Manalapan, writing, "In Manalapan, local politics is so nasty that those involved are rumored to eat their own young, and the crowd that turns up at Township Committee meetings isn't significantly more civilized. If Corzine held a town meeting there all that would be left of him at the end would be a pile of bones and gristle."

As for da analogy of "Cannibalism is alive and well and living in Manalapan Township meetings," it may be personified by a person whose legacy is meat products, and of course, double & triplespeak from da town leaders.

Since da Queen's administration took control from former Mayor, "Defendant," and alleged-Manalapan resident Andy Boy, it seems a public relations lid has been covering da meetings. Where once it seemed like a sneeze from former Republican Committeeman Joltin Joe was questioned as a distraction and made front-page news, it is now a Six-Figure Taxpayer-Funded Trial of da Century, Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man, that is still going on and still being put into da forefront by a former mayor who gaveled from either the 1880's or 1980's and apparently does not read either this blog or da Snoozepaper, because at nearly every meeting this year so far he has thundered to da podium and asked about da trial, and of course confirmed by name if indeed one of da defendants in da case is da Mosked Man.

It would appear that while this individual has just more than a passing interest in da case which has made headlines around da world, better questions are not being asked. So, to make sure that this former mayor is up-to-date with more questions to ask of da Queen's committee, here are some he can thunder up at da next meeting.

Question 1: Why are there 4 (four) attorneys being paid for handling this one very simple "land-deal-gone-bad / First Amendment" case?

It was a question dismissed many times before and after September 26 when da now-famous and quite brilliant "Rosman Editorial" appeared and confirmed in no uncertain terms what daTruthSquad was saying all along.

Residents may not realize four attorneys are working for Manalapan to prosecute this case.

They are Caroline Casagrande, who is the current township attorney and whose bills show that she has conferred with the special counsels who are handling the matter; Robert Renaud, an attorney who was brought into the case initially to file an affidavit which states that he believed there was a case against Moskovitz; and special counsels Daniel J. McCarthy and David Weeks.

I have seen two bills Renaud has submitted for payment. They total more than $6,400 at $350 per hour.

Casagrande is billing Manalapan $135 per hour for her services.

McCarthy is billing Manalapan at a rate of $130 per hour for his services.

Weeks is working on a contingency basis and will recover a fee if Manalapan wins the case against Moskovitz.

Question 2: Although Carolina MachoGrande is now feeding at da Trenton trough as a state assemblywoman, she will still get tickets to da buffet from Manalapan as reports now say da lawfirm she is a partner of will now be handling some litigation during her Manalapan term. Could "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" be one of them?

Anyone else smelling something here?

Question 3: Is Manalapan and its TAXPAYERS liable and "on da hook" for comments made by Manalapan Legal Dream Team member Daniel McCarthy and legal papers he filed in court all alleging that da Mosked Man is in fact da one, many, and only daTruthSquad?

McCarthy said he believed that in blogging anonymously about the matter, Moskovitz was attempting to exert control of the court case outside the courtroom by using the anonymity of the Web site to leak information he wanted made public while remaining critical of the township's case.

The anonymous blogger uses the site to criticize township officials while touting the merits of Moskovitz's case.

According to McCarthy, Moskovitz cannot have it both ways, i.e., claiming that the litigation is harming him professionally while at the same time anonymously authoring an Internet blog that provides continuing coverage of developments in the ongoing litigation.

Question 4: Why didn't "Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, and Looking Evil" not accept da Mosked Man's $100,000 offer? If they truly believe they are spending YOUR money in da best way possible, then why did they not accept "Da Mosked Man's Challenge?"

However, he did add a little fuel to the fire when he made the following offer to Manalapan Mayor Andrew Lucas, Deputy Mayor Michelle Roth and Township Committeeman Richard Klauber.

"I will agree to donate $100,000 to the Manalapan Recreation Center if it is proven that I'm da Truth Squad as long as Roth, Lucas and Klauber agree that as soon as it's proven that I'm not da Truth Squad, they will resign immediately from the Township Committee and agree not to run again or take as an appointment any elected or political office in the state of New Jersey ever again, under penalty of $100,000 in liquidated damages each, should they violate that agreement. I will agree to this as long as and only as long as the three of them agree to it within the next two weeks," Moskovitz said.

DaTruth is, earlier in da year all da ills of Manalapan, New Jersey were blamed by a local politician on blogs and internet message boards. Unfortunately for that politician, blogs and message boards and chat rooms do not attend meetings, hold political office, or thunder up to podiums and accuse public citizens of things or say such statements as "Because I Hate Italians." It is actual Manalapan residents who do that.

It is bloggers and witnesses of all of these events who write on message boards about what they see and hear in meetings, newspapers, and on TV. Blaming them is like your dog for Governor Toll Troll wanting to increase tolls by 800%. It sounds good, and if it's said by someone who works in the public relations field or maybe even writes press releases for companies it isn't daTruth.

DaTruth is, there was a time when da only way you heard about anything in Manalapan or any small town is through a local Snoozepaper or by attending sparsely attended meetings and then only through word-of-mouth. However, now we're in da information age. There is da internet, chat rooms, message boards, videotaped meetings on cable TV - so now whatever some politician tries to hide under da rug can be scrutinized and shown for all to see and hear.

One day, hopefully, there may be politicians who have nothing to hide, or don't make backroom deals, or are solid citizens who truly and passionately care about their town and it's future. Manalapan is quite fortunate that they have two people like that now looking out for their best interest in da form of Susan Cohen and Anthony Gennaro. Until we have enough Susan Cohens and Anthony Gennaros in positions to look out for our best interests, there will always be message boards for people to find out what they are not being told, and bloggers to analyze and inform da public.

Remember, it was not a network news team that uncovered da Clinton - Lewinsky affair, and a blogger named daTruthSquad that first wrote about da infamous "Because I Hate Italians" incident that was not reported by da Snoozepaper until Manalapan was invaded by TV news teams. And, it was also daTruthSquad who nearly had their First Amendment rights taken from them by politicians employing da Manalapan Legal dream Team AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE and it was bloggers that led da charge to tell da whole world about that.

And that's daTruth.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Is Brain Damage a Prerequisite For Being a Politician?

This is a very serious question - Is Brain Damage a Prerequisite For Being a Politician?

Recently, 2 legislative lawmakers got together and came up with a bipartisan plan to rename Route 23 "Robert Roe Highway" after the former longtime politician and US representative. Sounds great on da surface. So does "da Jeffrey Dahmer Restaurant" or "da Jon Corzine Turnpike."

Let's tell da family of da people Robert Roe ruined forever that naming that highway after him is a good idea. In 1993, Robert Roe was driving a vehicle in Rockaway Township when his car crashed into a minivan. The woman and her 15-year old daughter in da van were seriously injured in that crash. Roe was found to have a blood alcohol level of .17 - well above da legal limit of being intoxicated.

Here's what you also need to know - According to da Bergen Record:

"We got hit at 60 mph. He was on the wrong side of the road," Worosila recalled of the accident on May 2, 1993.

Roe, who left Congress several months before the accident, had a blood alcohol content reading of 0.17 -- well above the threshold for intoxication. He lost his license for six months and paid $426 in fines. He avoided a more serious charge, assault by auto, after being admitted into a pretrial intervention program.

"He got a slap on the wrist," Worosila said.

Roe, now 83, did not return a phone call to his consulting firm in Wayne. Stephen "Skippy" Weinstein, Roe's attorney in the 1993 case, declined comment.

Worosila escaped injury in the accident, but his daughter suffered fractures of the ribs, shoulder blade, tibia and fibula, along with a lacerated spleen that had to be removed. His wife, Julia, broke her pelvis in two places.

Yes, Assembly Minority Leader Alex DeCroce backed da bill, and so did John Wisniewski, and Governor Jon Corzine signed it into law!

What's next - a state-run driving school named for Zulima Farber?

Ironically, da minute da newspaper found da outraged family, all of a sudden DeCroce now admits he knew about Roe's night-on-da-town where he admitted drinking at home and again at a bar before plowing into da family's minivan at what was reported to be 60 mph. He claimed, "he deserved da honor because of his lengthy public service."

Great! Should we name a Turnpike rest stop after Jim McGreevey? After all, he was a public servant and he frequented some of those rest stops.

And who was in charge of da vetting process here? Who were da brain-e-acks in DeCroce's, co-sponsor John Wisniewski's and Corzine's office that missed that small tidbit?

Yes, in New Jersey, we want to name a highway after a person found guilty of DWI who wrecked both a minivan and da family that was in it.

You want to bet MADD is hopping MAD about this?

There are some things that politicians might want to rename - also at taxpayer expense like da new "Robert Roe Highway" signs that cost YOU $2,500.

In Manalapan, you can name da Italian-American Association after Larry Roth, da husband of Mayor Queen Roth who uttered da now-famous phrase, "Because I Hate Italians."

In Newark, da Federal Court Building could be renamed for former Sen. John Lynch, da head of da Lynch mob convicted in that very building of corruption.

DaTruth is, naming a road for someone convicted of DWI is an absolute travesty that must be investigated. Nobody can be that blind, and da fact that 3 prominent politicians and their staffs had no clue -- all at TAXPAYER EXPENSE -- is a slap-in-da-face to da family that was ruined by Robert Roe and da taxpayers who put up with these political shenanigans.

Speaking of shenanigans, did anyone go to da Manalapan Township meeting on Wednesday? Former Mayor George Spodak demanded and received 10-15 minutes to speak about whatever was on da mind of George Spodak, a wish granted by da Queen and her court.

What did Porky say? There will be more to come on that soon.

DaTruth is, politicians - and former wannabees - are costing da state money, but they are also costing YOU money on da municipal level. Take as an example da case that garnered worldwide attention, "Da Township of Manalapan vs. Da Mosked Man." It's a case brought by politicians against a former Township attorney about a piece of land a court ordered da town to buy where tainted soil was found, which somehow became a First Amendment case of mammoth proportions.

Da "Love Canal of Manalapan" will cost da astronomical figure of $15,000 for soil cleanup. However, it will cost at least $50,000 for "engineering" work, and former Mayor, current "Defendant" and alleged Manalapan resident Andy Boy is on record claiming da case against da Mosked Man has already exceeded $100,000 when you add in da legal bills involved by da 4-member Manalapan Legal Dream Team. Da case is still ongoing, and da meter is still running - and YOU are still paying!

And, FYI, there has not been even one story about "Da Township of Manalapan vs. Da Mosked Man" in da local Snoozepaper since a judge threw out da First Amendment challenge brought by da Manalapan Legal Dream Team against daTruthSquad, who da Dream Team claimed in court records was da Mosked Man himself!

We obvoiusly must not only demand more from our politicians, on both da local and state level, but also from da local newspaper folks that claim to cover towns like Manalapan.

DaTruth is, naming a road after a convicted DWI offender is a travesty. It's also another stain on da record of Governor Toll Troll. If we don't demand more from these people, then be prepared to check your wallet for a vacuum hose. It will be siphoning money out as you read this blog, and local newspapers like da Snoozer will continue reporting on cats in trees and new guardrails on Smith Street, but not what matters.

And that's daTruth.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

DaTruthSquad's Take on da Toll Troll's "Bi-Toll-ar" Disorder

It's obvious to any TruthTeller that an 8% toll hike is one thing, and an 80% toll increase is something very different. 800% - that is simply delusional.

Let's look at this in simple terms.

A can of soda costs 80 cents. Would you pay 85 or even 90 cents for that same 12 ounce can of soda? You probably would.

Now, would you pay $6.40 for that very same 12 ounce can of soda?

Governor Toll Troll believes you will.

Maybe da reason is because to da bricklayer in Brick, da painter in Parsippany, and da meatpacker in Manalapan, asking them to pay over $6.00 for a 12 ounce can of soda is out of da budget. For someone who picks food out of his teeth with $50 bills, he doesn't see da problem.

Unfortunately for da toll troll, da problem lies where his office is.

In Trenton, there's one thing our elected politicians, much like da ones in Manalapan know how to do with ease, and that is spend other people's money. In Manalapan, they spend well over $100,000 on a frivolous lawsuit using TAXPAYER MONEY. In Trenton, they just spend - because there's nobody to stop them, including Governor Toll Troll.

New Jersey's poster-troll for How-To-Run-a-Business says da best way for his kingdom to cut a massive budget debt - debt created by politicians - was not to take da money from them - but to take it from us. It's something Trenton politicians have been doing for a long time, so why should now, or this governor, be any different.

There are some of us who don't know how to pay tolls. We just speed up da Garden State Parkway oblivious of what exit we're passing at over 90 miles per hour. Then, you have da average state resident who doesn't want to spend 5 hours in traffic, but now will have to take out a home-equity loan just to spend a weekend on LBI - and that's just for the tolls!

Here are some other figures to ponder: Would you pay ...

$12 for 1 slice of pizza?

$16 for 1 loaf of bread?

$32 for 1 small latte?

$9 for 1 small value-meal fast-food french fry?

$64 to use da Outerbridge Crossing?

$80 for that 1-way bus trip from Manalapan to NYC?

$280 for1 mezzanine-level seat at Shea Stadium?

Apparently, Governor Toll Troll believes you will. He wouldn't know a household budget of da average middle-class family if one rapped him over da snout. This is da same guy who reportedly gave more money just to his "girlfriend" Carla Katz that da average person makes after-taxes in 15 years.

He's da most powerful governor in da nation. He won't fire even one person in a state government that employs more people than any business in da entire state! He won't make budget cuts, but he will increase da state sales tax like he did last year! Now he wants to increase tolls by 800%, believing that we da peasants can't do anything to stop da big, bad, toll troll.

Now daTruthSquad must admit that daTruthSquad did not attend da Toll Troll's foray into Monmouth County to tell us all how smart he is and why we must pay for his friend's follies. But reading da many news accounts of his "Mauling in Marlboro," it's obvious he still doesn't get it because while da people say no to his face, he still says "What other alternative do I have?"

Here's da alternative, courtesy of daTruthSquad:

First, read daTruthSquad's 10-Step Plan previously blogged. You may get a few ideas from that.

Da other advice daTruthSquad will give is dedicated to every single Democrat in da state. If da Toll Troll's plan is to pass - you da Democrats must pass it. If you do, you will see a voter backlash in New Jersey that will make da "Impeach Florio" revolution seem like a "non-starter."

DaTruth is, Governor Toll Troll said that "pigs would fly" over da state capital before cuts to da budget would happen.

DaTruth is, unless those cuts happen and da 800% fiasco is taken off da table, then da only thing that will be going up is da number of Republicans in da Legislature because da backlash will be directed solely toward Democrats -- on all levels of government.

It's time to start a new campaign - hold every Democrat responsible for da actions of da Toll Troll. Maybe if his buddies are voted out of office and don't get moe pension padding they'll get da message.

DaTruth is, da Toll Troll may be part-right. Pigs will be flying over Trenton -- but it will be Democratic "pigs" flying out of Trenton after they're voted out of office for supporting da Toll Troll's toll scheme.

Governor - there's a cure for "Bi-Toll-ar Disorder." Da cure is to Vote Republican.

And that's daTruth.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Romney to Quit Race!

DaTruthSquad has learned that Presidential candidate Mitt Romney will suspend his candidacy as early as this afternoon.

The news comes after his Super Tuesday showing, which obviously wasn't good, and the severe uphill climb he has against frontrunner John McCain.

Another loser in this is Monmouth County GOP Chairman Adam "Pu-Pu" Puharic, who led the Monmouth charge for Romney, even to the extent of shutting out all others.

DaTruthSquad will have more to follow on that.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Da Purveyor of Pork-Laden Politics

I can remember when I was a little TruthTeller and Grandmama Truth would sit me down and tell me what she thought was important.

She would always say, “Always wear clean underwear in case you’re in a car wreck,” to which daTruthSquad would reply, “If daTruthSquad was in a wreck my underwear wouldn’t be clean anyway.”

She’d also say, “Never, never, never partake in green meat.”

She was definitely right about that.

In da Kingdom, a purveyer of that tainted pork is a former Manalapan mayor who, from time to time saunters up to Town Hall to deliver da results of his many "investigations" into all that is wrong in Kingdom, as only da Prince of Pork can.

In 2007, da Prince of Pork claimed that former Committeeman Joltin Joe did some wrongdoing. Da Prince of Pork handed his “Pork-laden evidence” to everyone but Joltin Joe. Ironically, Joltin Joe’s treasurer and Steve “Iron Girth” McEnery were ready with what they deemed “factual evidence” to counter da Prince of Pork’s allegations.

In da end, da story made headlines in da Snoozepaper written by Back Page Barratta, but that’s as far as it went.

In 2006, again da Prince of Pork went on a mission to Town Hall to root out “corruption.” He claimed for all to hear that both soon-to-be-Mayor Andy Boy and Joltin Joe did not belong serving da public – because, as da Snoozer story says, and as Back Page Barratta wrote, “A former mayor has criticized two Township Committee members for not telling voters they do not own property in the community.”

Apparently da Democratic Prince of Pork missed a little known fact that Governor Toll Troll doesn’t own a home either. Again, a story in da Snoozepaper, but merely fodder for bloggers and others to gain a good chuckle over.

Of course, under da new “Silent Running” strategy of da Queen and her Snoozepaper, da latest production of “Da Prince of Pork Goes to Town Hall” never made da headlines.

So, allow daTruthSquad to break da Queen’s election-year “Cone of Silence.”

At da January 23rd meeting, da Prince of Pork, like all peasants in da Kingdom was allowed to speak, although in his case it showed there may be left of da Prince of Pork’s loin.

As daTruthSquad heard from da TruthTellers in attendance, and saw in da Channel 77 footage smuggled out of da Kingdom, Porky's pork-laden rant started out quite innocently and formally.

"Good evening ladies & gentlemen. Good evening Mayor Roth," said da Prince of Pork.

After that, da intentions of da Prince of Pork became evident for all to see.

Porky then immediately asked about da trial everyone around da world now knows about, "Da Townhip of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man." Da Queen mayor replied, "It's still pending litigation."

Now apparently da Prince of Pork has spent too much time in da pigpen, or at da trough, or just rolling in da mud. Why did he even have to ask da Committee for all to hear?

All he had to do is go to da EFF website, where Porky could have read da ACTUAL TRANSCRIPT OF DA DECEMBER 21 HEARING, or da letter from da Manalapan Legal Dream Team claiming da EFF was sending, "TIME-WASTING, UNPRODUCTIVE, AND UNPROFESSIONAL THREATS," or any of da other letters, supposed evidence, or information supplied by da Manalapan Legal Dream Team in da case.

Porky then went after Deputy Mayor Susan Cohen, asking her and wanting it on da record that da Mosked man was at her victory party. She said he was, and he, like any member of da Republican club was invited to attend. It is common knowledge that da Mosked man is a dues-paying member of da Manalapan GOP'er's club, that is, unless you live in a pig-pen somewhere.

Porky then tried in vain to pin it on da President of da GOP'ers club, saying, "What you're saying is da President of the Republican club invited him."

After realizing he was sipping at an empty trough, he moved on to his next victim, and then da Prince of Pork really put his hoof in it with a shameless slight against Committeeman Anthony Gennaro, saying,

"I heard Mr. Gennaro is not running for office. Thank you for your 2 years of service, and thank you for not running. Again, thank you for not running."

Immediately, Mr. Gennaro showed his class & dignity by simply saying to da Prince of Pork, "That's poor."

While Mrs. Cohen's face showed complete disgust at da comment, showing their apparent lack of class was committee members "See no evil, speak no evil, and looking evil" not saying anything at all.

Shortly thereafter, a women from da audience came up and said all da right things that should have been said by da Queen mayor in her court, but whose silence was deafening, except when da Prince of Pork tried to rebut da woman's claims and was told by da Queen, "No second bites at da apple."

DaTruth is, da fact there was no outrage by any other member of da Committee speaks volumes about what kind of “court” da Queen is running. It is also interesting that da Snoozepaper would print his rants on other occasions, but why not now? Why no letters to da editor printed?

Of course, there was one letter printed in da Snoozepaper, but it was from 2006 after his “Pulled Pork Property Owner” rant.

DaTruth is, da fact that da Prince of Pork was allowed to get away with what one might possibly consider an "agenda," and that comments like da one against Mr. Gennaro was allowed to happen without any rebuke from da Queen Mayor shows she learned nothing from her husband's "BECAUSE I HATE ITALIANS" rampage thoughout da kingdom, and that her time as mayor anyone will be allowed to take verbal aim at any member of da committee and say vile and disgusting things, it might imagine, as long as it's against certain members of da committee.

Mr. Gennaro, as always showed why he may be da classiest, most honest, and greatest committeemen of da last 30 years by remaining above da vile comments by da Prince of Pork. Da Queen, however, showed exactly why we can all expect "more of da same" during her term of horrors. Her silence as supposed leader is deafening - and da people of Manalapan deserve better.

Now, all of a sudden, it’s “Silent Running” in Manalapan. Not one word about da now infamous and known-around-da-world Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man “First Amendment / Land-deal-gone-bad” frivolous lawsuit which has already cost Manalapan residents “over $100,000” according to alleged Manalapan resident Andy Boy.

In response to da “news blackout,” daTruthSquad will offer any Manalapan resident da opportunity to post their own “letter to da editor” on this site in da comments section. It is obvious that 1 of 2 possibilities are happening here – either nobody’s reading da Snoozepaper so nobody’s writing into it, or da letters against Manalapan's "Trial of da Century" aren’t getting printed.

One way or da other, your voice will be heard here. And that’s daTruth.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Con Man Corzine Thinks "Toll" Jokes Are Funny

I think someone better get a room for da Toll Troll next to Britney Spears, because da latest misstep by Con Man Corzine shows this guy is either completely out of touch or has a severe case of “bi-toll-ar disorder.”

Da yearly chamber of horrors train from Trenton to Washington was headlined by da newest comedy sensation, Con Man Corzine. On da train of fools, Corzine somehow got da Chamber of Commerce to sign off on his toll scheme, but while da news folks made that their headline, it was a comment da Toll Troll made that da Star Ledger picked up on that shows that if there is a bed in da nut hut next to Britney because this guy's has serious reality issues.

According to da Star Ledger, "At a breakfast before the train left the station, Corzine joked he was taking the rails through New Jersey "so I don't have to pay any tolls."

Da real funny thing is, nobody was laughing -- and neither was Corzine!

So, da Toll Troll thinks he's da "Larry Roth" (remember "because I Hate Italians") of Trenton, da newest comedy sensation who won't lose a wink of sleep as he raises our tolls by 800% and da price of everything else by who-knows-how-much, and he also has da gaul to crack jokes about it!

Well Toll Troll, nobody's laughing.

There is nothing funny about tolling certain peasants of New Jersey into oblivion.

It was da Star Ledger who did a study using EZ Pass data that showed 29% of da toll scheme would be paid for by da residents of Monmouth & Middlesex County, while combined, da residents of Sussex, Salem, and Warren County would put in just 0.8%

Making matters worse, his ever-changing toll scheme one day has Route 440 in Middlesex County getting a toll, and da next day, it's Route 295 that will get it. What's next, Tennant Road in Manalapan has a toll too?

(I hope Queen Mayor Roth didn't hear that one.)

Da thing that really bothers me is da way some Democrats are playing da role of "Sammy da Sheep" in this Corzine production of "Pee on da Peasant."

DaTruthSquad can remember when a former Manalapan mayor rumbled up to da podium at a town hall meeting and claimed that 2 elected officials on that committee shouldn't be there since they were not property tax payers.

Of course, that purveyor of green meats and other pork byproducts neglected to mention that his Trenton leader is also a "renter." Ironically, I don't hear Curious George badmouthing da Toll Troll – or alleged Manalapan resident and “defendant” Committeeman Andy Boy.

DaTruthSquad can also remember when da Toll Troll was running for comedian/dictator. He said he would run New Jersey "like a business."

One of my TruthTellers reminded daTruthSquad of a story about a business in 1995 that was "buffeted by declining profits." Da business in question decided that to deal with da situation, they would cut 10% of their workforce.

Wow! What a concept! Budget problems, and they cut a bunch of jobs and also trimmed expenses! What kind of company would come up with an idea like that?

According to da New York Times --- IT WAS GOLDMAN SACHS

Gee, you must be wondering who came up with a business decision like that. DaTruthSquad wonders who became Chairman & CEO of Goldman Sachs in 1994 and was calling da shots?

Can you say - JON CORZINE!!!!!!

Of course now, da Toll Troll had no problem cutting jobs and trimming spending when times were tough at Goldman Sachs. However, as governor of NJ, and as da largest employer in da state with out of control spending and a budget teetering on bankruptcy status, da Toll Troll says to all da peasants of da state, “No comrades. Pigs will fly first.”

Is someone pulling his strings and telling him to stick it to da taxpayers? Is da governor Carla Katz? Did he hit his head during da accident where he wasn’t wearing his seatbelt? Is he simply using da “Give them da Shaft” business model?

His tax, surcharge, and toll increases will make Jim Florio seem like a fiscal conservative!

As for da Toll Troll’s followers, daTruthSquad has learned that he invited 150 mayors to “Drum-tax-it” and they all shared his fallacy of passing da tolls onto us. I wonder if one of those mayors was Manalapan’s Queen Michelle?

Maybe someone should ask he, since Manalapan is in Monmouth County which is where a majority of toll money will come from. Don’t expect Back Page Barratta to ask that question. As a reporter, apparently asking questions is not a part of da job, that is, unless you are interviewing people about da Mosked man.

DaTruth is, you may think da Toll Troll’s toll scheme has nothing to do with Manalapan. But don’t forget da peasants of Manalapan pay tolls, and daTruthSquad and all da TruthTellers would like to know where da lovely Queen Mayor stands on this.

Fortunately for alleged Manalapan resident and “defendant” Andy Boy, there are no tolls between Manalapan & Freehold – at least not yet.

And that’s daTruth.