Sunday, September 25, 2011


It appears that those who drink da GOP'er "Kool Aid" may need to reach for a much stronger beverage. As daTruthSquad predicted would happen Manalapan Land Baron and Mayor For Life Andy Boy "ABL" Lucas will be brought before da State Ethics Commission to answer questions regarding what has now been called by many "Da Great Manalapan Land Grab!"

This is just da latest saga in da soap opera of Manalapan politics - but one that could be a serious game-changer for da upcoming election, and could also seriously impact what is fact becoming viewed ss a political vendetta lawsuit thrust upon one of da key whistleblowers of da Great Manalapan Land Grab, none other than da Queen of Manalapan, Michelle Roth.

First, lets look at da history of "Da Great Manalapan Land Grab:"

FEBRUARY 2011 - Da first glimpse of something smelling worse than appointing your political party boss to head up a sewer authority happens, when ABL was forced to recuse himself after he had already voted to give himself a massive tax break on property he owns - da farm in da middle of da Great Manalapan Land Grab! Da improper moment, exposed by da Queen, forced a re-vote that was approved when da GOP'er majority voted in favor of it.

APRIL 2011 - As da Great Manalapan Land Grab begins, ABL decides to run for more than one higher office, only to be rebuffed by da GOP'er county committee. How can da darling of Monmouth County GOP'er politics be rebuffed by his own? Cound da Great Manalapan Land Grab have had something to do with it?

MAY 2011 - Da Great Manalapan Land Grab now gets newspaper attention after da DEP looks into a wetlands issue. What is da GOP'er response - they blame da Queen for "tramping through this farm in the middle of the night with a flashlight, just looking for something to bust Lucas's chops with." proving you really can't make this stuff up!

JUNE 2011 - Readers of daTruthSquad speak out by da dozens over Da Great Manalapan Land Grab, standing by Committeewoman Roth and her claims that there's something that needs to be investigated here.

SEPTEMBER 2011 - This Great Manalapan Land Grab has become an out of control story that even da local Snoozepaper can no longer ignore. What some have called a politically motivated lawsuit, da Queen now faces a defamation lawsuit at da hands of former Colts Neck Mayor Stuart (no relation to da Mosked Man). He claims his "personal reputation has been forever damaged" by da claims allegedly made by da Queen.

What were those claims????

It appears that according to da real local information source da Manalapan Patch, "Roth had publicly criticized Stuart's role as a sitting member of the MCADB, suggesting that he exhibited a conflict of interest by helping Lucas fast-track the property. She called it "flipping" the land into the farmland preservation program within nine days. She has suggested that Lucas saw a financial gain from the transaction."

In layman's terms, a sitting Manalapan Township Committee person who is an elected public official whose job it is to stand up for da people she serves and their taxpayer money apparently questioned at a public hearing what has been called a questionable land deal, and subsequently asked questions whether it was possible da person who did da survey on da land who was also da same person allowed to vote on its passage had possibly committed a any type of conflict-of-interest by casting a vote on it!

Da question is - isn't it da job of a paid public official to question what they believe could be either something they believe is wrong, may be a mishandling of taxpayer money, potential or perceived misuse of taxpayer money or what they perceive to be a potential waste of taxpayer money or even worse, a perceived conflict of interest?

Now, to be fair, nobody is questioning former Mayor Stuart's real estate appraisal business, how he does his real estate appraisal business, or whether he should have done da survey in da first place. This is America, and we are sure he is a very capable survey guy. We've never heard complaints about this guy before in regards to his business. Who knows, maybe if daTruthSquad wants to flip farmland in da future or any other type of survey work we too might call on Mr. Stuart.

But, also to be fair, isn't it da job of someone elected to watch da millions of dollars of money of da taxpayers to question whether something might be a possible conflict?

Isn't it also interesting that this lawsuit was served during a recent Township Committee meeting, and isn't it even more interesting it comes less than two months before her seat in town hall is voted on????

Stuart made news last year, when sitting Monmouth Freeloader Lillian Burry wanted to make him da replacement for Manalapan's James Gray as county clerk. Both Burry and Stuart served on da same Colts Neck Township Committee at one time, and both are GOP'ers. Even a GOP'er politician questioned that possible political appointment.

Let's also not forget one GOP'er sho has supported his fellow GOP'er - Manalapan GOP'er Grand Poobah and Chairman Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery, who received a political appointment to da Sewer Authority that taxpayers pay for with their toilet flushing fees! He claimed under statement he had da proper experience for this job because he was a "manager" in da past. One can only believe that this means any 18-year old shift "manager" at a fast-food burger joint is now equally capable of being a "oommissioner" at da WMUA - another reason da state needs to take a serious look at politics in a small town!

DaTruth is, this proper investigation by da State Ethics Board into da Great Manalapan Land Grab is long overdue. We said before da state must look into this - for right or wrong. DaTruth also is, da lawsuit brought forth by former Colts Neck Mayor Stuart could potentially have been da final straw in da process, and may have potentially been da lynchpin into getting da State Ethics Board investigation!

Think about this -- every GOP'er dominated committee in Manalapan and Monmouth County has already voted in favor of Da Great Manalapan Land Grab and in favor of fellow GOP'er ABL completely in lockstep. Now, all of a sudden, a sitting township committee woman is sued because of questions she raised about da Great Manalapan Land Grab. Whether da case has or doesn't have merit is not da issue at this time. What is at issue is Da Great Manalpan Land Grab, and now taxpayers will finally be heard on da state level by da State Ethics Board - thanks to Michelle Roth!

DaTruth is, daTruthSquad has said all along that there are serious question during this entire process that must first be asked and answered - was there a conflict of interest on da part of Mayor ABL in any part of the process? Mayor ABL has refused a number of requests, even one for a former Manalapan mayor to simply do what all taxpayers must do - release da purchase price of da land in question. Mayor ABL has steadfastly REFUSED to release da purchase price. Why?????

Is there something to hide about this?

Was da land purchased below market value?

Was it purchased seriously below market value?

Was something not above da board

These questions would never even be asked if ABL simply did what every taxpayer must do - release details for da public record of a land transaction.

However, this was not a simple land sale. What is at question is as da Asbury Park Press wrote "Roth said Lucas participated in discussions on properties that could have been awarded money from the township’s Open Space and Farmland Preservation Trust Fund, the same pot that funds farmland preservation in Manalapan. At least three properties — two privately and one county-owned — which could have been preserved as open space through the fund were passed over after those discussions"

That is obviously a serious charge, and despite any questions, all GOP'er members of da Manalapan Township Committee still voted in favor of their GOP'er mayor doing da deal. Nobody questioned it, that is, except for daTruthSquad, another former Manalapan mayor and Committeewoman and Michelle Roth.

And, why should Michelle Roth be praised for her actions in this case ---- as da newspaper says "The committee specifically wants the state to look into Township Committeewoman Michelle Roth’s claims that Lucas participated in executive session discussions on properties that could have competed with his for funds."

Also at question was da land sale itself. Da purchaser was ABL and his family. Da seller was a company called Diamond Developers, a company that it has been reported is partially owned by ABL and his family!

And, making matters worse, it was a former Manalapan mayor who stood up to ABL and said there are serious questions of transparancy here, saying "Mr. Lucas, without planting one seed in the ground, you flipped—and the word is ‘flipped’—100 acres of land in a land scheme, a deal, in nine days. $1.15 million of farmland preservation funds for your efforts at taxpayers’ expense,” said former mayor Spodak. “This means you’ll receive a 100 acre farm and probably, the way, I’m figuring it, a house for free while the rest of the hard working residents pay for theirs. You’re not being transparent; that’s the biggest problem."

DaTruth is, there's more than one hero here. One hero is former Colts Neck Mayor Stuart, who shined possibly da biggest light of all on this Great Manalapan Land Grab by filing da interestingly-timed defamation lawsuit against da Queen for questioning da land deal in da first place. Another hero is Manalapan Deputy Mayor Ryan "Big Oops" Green, who may have oopsed himself into this by suggesting that da township not pay for da lawsuit against whistleblower Queen Michelle, making even more news about da Great Manalapan Land Grab come to light. Another, former Mayor Spodak took a lot of rebuke at a recent meeting yet still stood up to be heard on what he apparently believes is a "land scheme." Of course, da person who scattered da roaches and protected taxpayers was none other than Michelle Roth herself, for relentlessly pursuing something she believed is an injustice against Manalapan and state taxpayers, and is paying da price by being sued for it - standing up to cronyism "For All Da People."

Now, da State Agriculture Development Committee, which one of da final hurdles in da Great Manalapan Land Grab apparently listened to folks like Michelle Roth, and has decided to place a hold on their decision about providing Manalapan Mayor ABL his grand-prize winning $1.15 million to preserve da farm he refuses to divulge da price he paid for it, and only owned it just over a week!

Think about this --- food rots in less time than it took Manalapan Mayor ABL to buy just under 100 acres of land at a-yet-undisclosed price - and flip that land into a taxpayer-funded payday. Now, its up to da State Ethics Board to sort out da details. A bright light has been shined on this Great Manalapan Land Grab, and in this case daTruthSquad can't take all da credit. Credit for this goes where credit is due --- Former Mayor Spodak for wanting to know for da citizens daTruth -- former Mayor Stuart for wanting to right a perceived wrong and having it become a public spectacle -- and yes, Committeewoman Michelle Roth who under enormous pressure stood up to da GOP'ers and said in effect that "People" are questioning it - da "DEP" is questioning it - more than one "former mayor" is questioning it - da Asbury Park Press has questioned it - "daTruthSquad" has questioned it.

That's a lot of questions - and still no solid answers as to why taxpayers should hand Manalapan Mayor ABL a million dollar taxpayer-funded payday.

And that's daTruth.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Goofy Gridlock Isn't Just in Congress

Ask any TruthTeller and they will tell you that you probably couldn't pass a declaration in Congress that says "America is da best country in da world" without debate and scepticism, and even then da vote might be split depending on who first sponsored it. Of course, that's da high-priced, benefits for life, pensions galore, free health care people we send to Washington, DC. Interestingly, you can find da very same thing happening in some small towns like Manalapan, New Jersey.

Recently, Manalapan's Queen of Politics came under fire for what was called a "conflict of interest." It's not da first time she's come under fire for something political. And as you know, this blog has posted more than once things da Queen had her tentacles in that seemed a little unsightly. However, in this case, we had to investigate, and what we uncovered was what you have to call a "$50 conflict," an "attack dog," and a severe case of "forgetful-itis."

Here's how this breaks down:


At da meeting of da Manalapan Township Committee last month, Mayor for Life Land Baron Andy Boy presided as da GOP'er-led council wanted to add what is in effect a "commuter tax" of an added $50 each year to the commuter parking permits. Da lone objector it seems was da Queen, but it was soon revealed by Mayor for Life that a "citizen" approached him and told him that da Queen had one of those commuter tags, and she should have not voted against da $50 increase - and not have voted at all, citing da "conflict of interest" call. Of course, even if da Queen were in Bangadesh, da 34% increase would have passed. However, she took rebuke not just from Mayor for Life Land Baron Andy Boy, but also from Mayor for Life Lap Dog Ryan "Big Oops" Green, who da great Manalapan Patch wrote "said that “it is difficult to take [Roth’s] comments seriously because she has a personal financial self-interest in the outcome - hence, a conflict of interest.”

DaTruth is, she does have one of those tags, and probably should have recused herself. Any lawyer will tell you if you sniff any smell of something that can be considered a potential conflict, just don't vote on it. Now, da Queen isn't a lawyer, but da township does have one on da payroll and apparently he never told da Queen to go to da bathroom when da original vote was taken. So, yes, da Queen is guilty of a $50.00 conflict in da court of public opinion.

However, if da Queen is guilty of da $50.00 conflict, then Land Baron Mayor for Life Andy Boy is guilty of much more, one would have to ponder. Remember, he voted to approve a land grab of over $1 million dollars this year - and that was for himself before he was told he too must recuse himself from da vote he already submitted to approve and a new vote had to be taken!


This is not da first time Ryan "Big Oops" Green has come to da aid of his leader, Mayor for Life Land Baron Mayor Andy Boy. He stood by and said nothing by not questioning his leader when da Great Manalapan Land Grab was happening - before - during and after.

Interesting, Big Oops apparently didn't see much "See NO Evil" when another conclict of interest reared its ugly head. This one, interestingly, was picked up not by da highly-paid township attorney, or Big Oops himself. It was uncovered by da Queen, who pointed out that da recently approved July billing paid by taxpayers for da town included a payment of exactly $362 to a company called CME Associates for survey work on the highly controversial Burke Farm in Manalapan.

Now, to be fair that's not a billion dollars, but it is more than da $50.00 Big Oops went on da attack over when it involved da Queen.

Now, to be fair as well, maybe Big Oops just missed this or didn't read it over line by line. He could have a descent excuse.

However, to be equally fair, in case he missed it -- da Burke Farm made news once or twice recently. It might have been something he -- and Mayor for Life Andy Boy should have remembered --- since Mayor For Life Land Baron Andy Boy BOUGHT da Farm in da controversial Land Grab deal! And yes, Andy Boy didn't recuse himself on this vote --- Just like he didn't earlier this year when they had to do a re-vote on da same Land Grab issue!

So, you can guess that when it comes to $50, some in da GOP'er inner circle might want to demand a forensic accounting. But, when it comes to a dollar figure between $352.00 and $1.2 million dollars - that's OK.


Mayor for Life Lap Dog Ryan "Big Oops" Green doesn't have da nickname "Big Oops" for his snappy dressing and good looks. Now, he was quoted by da great Manalapan Patch as saying “it is difficult to take [Roth’s] comments seriously because she has a personal financial self-interest in the outcome - hence, a conflict of interest.”

Hence, isn't that special.

Isn't this da very same guy who voted in favor of da Land Grab? Hence, isn't he also da very same guy who voted to approve a high-priced-well-above-minimum-wage job for a woman? Now, that doesn't sound like anything, unless you know what they won't tell you -- da woman has da last name "Green." Da woman was his own sister! Did he not recognize da last name "Green?" We can only give him da benefit of da doubt and believe he didn't recognize his own last name, or his own sister's first name?

DaTruth is, well, you already know. In Manalapan, it's OK to have your own sitting mayor grab up 90 or so acres of land without reproach, despite smelling a bit like da part of da barn where da bull does #2, but when it comes to owning a commuter parking permit that you pay for each year without using taxpayer money, that's when you have to call in Ken Starr and da special prosecutor.

Only in Manalapan can a Democrat come under fire for wanting to do right by commuters, as long as her name is da Queen, and you can vote on approving your own land grab and not come under fire, as long as you're a GOP'er named Andy Boy.

Maybe that one reason even da county politicians made a claim this year that Manalapan politicians need to keep their politics within da confines of da township borders and not drive their personal issues into Freehold. Maybe we should send all of these members of da Manalapan Township Committee to Washington, DC.

And that's daTruth.