Thursday, May 28, 2009

Manalapan Committeeman Andy Boy's "Gray Clouded" Voting Dilemma

There's da old saying about "The Chickens Coming Home to Roost." That saying could describe Manalapan Township Committeeman alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident & alleged Republican/and or Democrat Andy Boy to a "T."

Now, alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident & alleged Republican/and or Democrat Andy Boy has a very politically sordid recent past. He's a graduate of da hallowed halls of Princeton University, which one could allege that character may not be a prerequisite at some schools these days. He was a big-wig with da Manalapan GOP'er club - where he's now persona-non-grata there. Calling da popular current GOP'er club president Butch Budai "Bidet" in reference to a urinal during meetings wore out his welcome, among other things. Being a GOP'er and having a "Vote for (Wasser) Horvath" lawn sign in your vicinity didn't go over too well either.

In 2004, he ran on a ticket of lowering municipal taxes, and won by a landslide with former Committeeman Joltin Joe. He then lowered taxes - not one year - but two straight years. Then, after turning his back on Joltin Joe and Republican practices, he became da architect of da single biggest local tax increase in Manalapan history - followed up by another double-digit tax increase he happily supported - standing side-by-side with da Queen!

Apparently, the "How To Be A Republican" handbook, and even "Republicans for Dummies" is not required reading in da lavish garage office of Andy Boy.

But all of this pales in comparison to his newest dilemma.

When Andy Boy ran his spectacularly unqualified campaign for Monmouth County Freeloader, da person who was his "big" money-raiser was an unknown named Carolina MachoGrande, who da very next year somehow was named to da "no experience necessary" post of Manalapan Township Attorney - and da 6-figure salary it carries! (FYI - she's da very same MachoGrande who called bloggers "Anonymous Bomb Throwers," and is currently da DEFENDANT in a legal malpractice lawsuit not related to da Mosked Man). Macho's a GOP'er, which as we've all learned, considering da way Andy Boy's treated current club president Budai (pronounced "boo-dye" for those life-long residents of Manalapan who may not know) and current Township Committeewoman Susan Cohen, being in da GOP may not mean too much these days.

Then, you have da person who may have become his mentor, current Committeewoman and running for da State Assembly, da Queen. She, a Democrat, is running for da very same seat fully occupied by MachoGrande. Now, following da bouncing ball of hypocracy:

* Andy Boy raised taxes to its highest level ever - Da Queen has always voted to RAISE taxes.

* Andy Boy allegedly supported (Wasser) Horvath. Da Queen had a (Wasser) Horvath) lawn sign in front of her offices.

* Both da Queen & Andy Boy have never formally come out against da practices and da "Diploma-Gate" issue that has been dogging Wasser for more than a year. Their silence has been golden, and will ultimately be remembered in November by voters.

* Andy Boy sided with da Queen to censure Cohen and former Committeeman Gennaro, to raise taxes.

* Like da Queen, who was on da planning board when da Village first came up, Andy Boy was for da Village before he was against it.

* Andy Boy - like MachoGrande, a "DEFENDANT" - but he's a DEFENDANT in da Mosked Man "Land-Deal-Gone-Bad-First Amendment" case, using a lawyer being paid-for by Manalapan taxpayers - a case he's supported and voted in favor of, just like da Queen - even though he was named a "DEFENDANT" in it.

So, Benedict Andy Boy has an allegiance to da GOP'er MachoGrande, but also to da Democrat Queen Roth! Ironically, da Queen & MachoGrande are facing each other, with da winner getting a two-year all-expenses paid trip to Trenton to represent da peasants in a higher-paying taxpayer-funded job.

One is Andy Boy's former fundraiser who he got a job as Manalapan Township Attorney and was a part of da Manalapan Legal Dream Team, and da other is his Manalapanistan mentor & tax hiker. So, what is Andy Boy to do?

Does he support MachoGrande, and turn his back on da Queen and da Cadre that he has sided with?

Or, does he side with da Queen, and turn his back on da local, county and state GOP?

It's an interesting question indeed.

Da Queen will be side-by-side with da biggest taxer of them all - Jon Corzine. Will Andy Boy stand side with them? Considering he's da architect of da single biggest tax increase in Manalapan history and turned his back on lowering taxes, he'd fit right in with Corzine-omics.

Will Declan O'Candidate and Carolina MachoGrande get Andy's support, or will he turn his back on da Queen and da Cadre that now pulls da strings and knows about Andy Boy?

Will he support da Democratic Commissar, Cash Klauber for reelection, or will he support da GOP candidate in Manalapan, who will stand with Budai & Cohen, da arch-enemies of Andy Boy?

Of course, these are interesting questions indeed, but these questions hatch others:

If Andy turns his back on da Queen, what will happen to all da secrets she knows about him? Could da Mosked Man case come crashing down on Andy Boy and land nowhere near da Queen?

If Andy turns his back on MachoGrande, what will Oxley & da County GOP do about him? If they do nothing, then Oxley will be turning his back on his own call to unite da GOP.

Will da Manalapan GOP demand Oxley action? How will this affect Manalapan's GOP'er Grand Poobah, who is linked to Andy Boy at da hip, who is now linked to da Queen and her Cadre?

Will Andy Boy denounce da GOP and become a Democrat?

Will he support one candidate, but be a "closet" supporter for da other?

Will there be a "Gray" cloud hanging over his head, making these decisions for him?

Whatever decision Andy Boy makes, how will it affect Manalapan GOP Commandant Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery?

DaTruth is, Andy Boy's "bedfellows issues" have created for him a very serious problem. One way or da other, whoever he doesn't side with will have a big ax to grind against him. Da Queen needs him to bring in some GOP'ers if she has any chance of winning. Da GOP won't want him to come out against his former benefactor. Both sides know if Andy Boy has any skeletons hanging in his closet. Da question is - - which side knows more, and which side upset with his decision of support could use that against him, which could taint da other candidate.

It's looking like 2009 will be a very interesting year MachoGrande and da Queen -- but even more interesting for Andy Boy, indeed. And, either way, one side he disses will not be happy.

And that's daTruth.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Take Out Your Abacus, Because Manalapan's Budget Doesn't Add Up

Da Lobster is 10 pounds - Sounds Good. Da Price of $100 per pound doesn't sound good. Da new athletic field will be da cornerstone of a new park - Sounds Good. Da crumb rubber used in da field could contain potential cancer-causing agents and has been banned by other cities - not so good.

A flat budget during very difficult budget times - Sounds Good. How much will a politically put together budget cost residents down da road? Maybe not so good?

Budgets in Manalapan are a very interesting affair, and they also create even more interesting bedfellows.

In 2004, a budget in great times nearly led to "insolvency," so said current Committeeman Alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident & alleged Republican/and or Democrat Andy Boy, who ran on a ticket to lower and flatten out taxes. He and Joltin Joe won, and in 2005 & 2006, Manalapan was da only town in da entire state to have two back-to-back municipal tax decreases, flattening out taxes both years. In those years, there was one person above all else who railed against both those flat budgets, demanding budget increases in both years and voting from the audience against the flat tax decrease in 2005, and officially voting against it in 2006.

That person - Manalapan's Political Queen - 12th District Assembly candidate Michelle Roth.

Enter 2007 - da year Manalapan will never forget. Da Mosked Man lawsuit began, including daTruthSquad and a blatant and perverse attack orchestrated by da Manalapan Township Committee against da First Amendment of da Constitution! Amongst it all, a municipal tax increase - one of da highest ever recorded in Manalapan history - during one of da better stock market and money years - led by da guy in 2005 & 2006 who cut taxes and da gal in 2005 & 2006 who wanted to raise them!

That person - then-mayor Andy Boy, with da Queen at his side!

Then comes 2008. Da tax-raising alliance of da Queen Mayor and Andy Boy lead da charge to raise taxes again - another double-digit dose equaling over 42% in just 2 years!

Now - Enter 2009. Da Queen is running for statewide office. All of a sudden, da person who never voted in favor of a tax freeze, never voted for a tax decrease, always voted for increasing taxes - even in fat times - and railed against tax decreases now wants to freeze taxes - in one of da worst years since da great Depression where every town has deficits - and da state is drowning in red ink! Oh, and da guy who was in favor of cutting taxes for 2 years, then denounced those tax cuts for 2 years, now wants to freeze them again?

All of this - coming at a time in New Jersey when da state is teetering on bankruptcy, municipal aid, including to Manalapan, is being cut, and taxes are at their highest rate ever in da state!

Confused yet????????

You're not da only one.

Local Snoozepaper actual journalist Mark Rosman wrote a pretty detailed story on this alleged tax freezing. While he may be in da dog house for not using any Queenly quotes, he did a very valuable service by noting what da tax increases have been for da last 3 years:

Manalapan's 2008 municipal budget totaled $31.7 million and was supported through the collection of $18 million in local property taxes.

Manalapan's 2007 municipal budget totaled $29.7 million and was supported through the collection of $15.2 million in local property taxes.

Manalapan's 2006 municipal budget totaled $28.8 million and was supported through the collection of $11.9 million in local property taxes

These numbers don't lie - according to da Snoozepaper. Note da Manalapan budget went up less than $3 million in that 3 year span, da tax burden placed squarely on da shoulders of Manalapan residents shot up over $6 million dollars!

Da Mayor in 2007? Andy Boy!

Da Mayor in 2008? Da Queen!

Now, here's where you're going to need that abacus:

Da Asbury Park Press also wrote about da alleged Manalapan tax freezing. However, their story not only included Queenly quotes, but also included some of da fuzziest math, usually found in such places as Governor Clown-zine's office.

Check out what da Asbury Park Press wrote:

"Committee members attributed the municipal tax rate increase in part to a decline in revenue. State aid is projected to decrease by $495,826, interest income by $1.1 million and construction fees by $722,900, township officials said.

Committeewoman Michelle Roth said the governing body will counter the projected shortfalls by using construction department employees instead of outside construction contractors for a savings of about $350,000

Da revenue decline, according to da newspaper equals over $2.2 million, but that $350,000 savings - minus having inspectors come in from out of town and paying for those inspectors - according to 12th District Assembly candidate Roth - that should cover everything???????

You can call this a lot of things - but if it walks like fuzzy math, smells like fuzzy math, and siphons money from your wallet like fuzzy math, then even a 2nd grader may be able to figure that out.

Or, maybe these politicians are hoping that none of da electorate has passed 1st grade math.

And, making matters worse, there is da appearance that money set aside in da budget - money always set aside for emergencies, surplus and alike, could potentially be used to fudge da numbers.

Isn't that da very same thing that was a part of Andy Boy's budget process in 2005 & 2006, and a major focal point of argument by da Queen herself as being completely and fiscally irresposible?

DaTruth is, da very same person who railed against freezing taxes during da fat years and raising them to their highest level ever during da very fattest years is now taking credit for freezing taxes during da leanest of da lean years. Are we to believe da Queen has had a conservative tax cutting epiphany? Does da Queen now possess a Lonegan-like approach to budgets? Is she rejecting everything she's stood for in da last 5 years, because unlike those years, she's now running for a state office?

There will be more coming out about da very interesting Manalapan Township 2009 budget. And, even more interesting - is there someone out there who may be against da Queen's election year budget - maybe someone close to da Queen?

Stay tuned - because daTruthSquad has found such a person, and we will be introducing that person - someone who every reader will find shocking - and that person is a member of da Manalapan Cadre --- very soon.

And that's daTruth.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Da Next "Obama" Could Save Da Queen's Political Ambitions

If there's 3 things anyone in da Kingdom of Manalapan knows for absolute certainty, it is that your taxes are sure to skyrocket led by da tax & overspending Gang of Three, da township engineer (gave campaign money to Democrats) is sure to get a lot of work, and da Queen will do whatever it takes to win.

So, why would da Queen run for da 12th District Assembly, even with her track record of raising taxes to oblivion, and other issues such as the "Because I Hate Italians" fiasco that maybe they found funny but anyone who was there heard no laughter in da house? Why would she spend da time to run with someone like Gov. Clown-zine at da top of da ticket?

Maybe it's because he may not be on da ticket after all?

A number of daTruthSquad's embedded sources are hearing that a re-run by Tax-zine will only happen if Lonegan upsets Christie in da GOP primary.

It's easy to paint Lonegan as a super-Conservative who will ban abortion, tax da seniors, and have Dick Cheney advising him, or, at least that will be what da campaign literature will probably say.

It's not so easy to go up against a proven corruption buster like Christie, who has appeal to Democrats and especially Independents.

So, what might happen?

Will Clown-zine take a job with da Obama administration? Will he take another government job? Will he wind up back with Carla Katz?

Here's what daTruthSquad is hearing. If Lonegan beats Christie in da primary, he stays in da race and wins a second term. If Christie wins da primary, then in August before Labor Day, he gets a "job offer" he can't refuse, and drops out of da race, or leaves for "health issues." Da Democrats then hand da gauntlet to Newark Mayor Cory Booker, who uses his Obama-like personality and routs Christie in November, becoming New Jersey's first black governor and da newest rising Democratic rising star.

Mark daTruthSquad's words on this one.

Can this all be true?

Look at da signs:

1. Booker is already on record as saying that "the state will go bankrupt in 10 or 20 years because NJ can no longer afford the mounting costs of public worker benefits."

2. Booker is already on record as saying that "Operations need to be streamlined in a state with 566 towns and cities, 617 school districts and 21 counties."

3. Booker is already on record as saying that "We’re the most inefficient state in the country. We have more government per person than we need. You would never manage a business the way we manage our government."

4. Booker is already on record as saying that "There should be a tax revolt in the state of New Jersey!"

Already, Newark's popular Democratic mayor sounds like he's more of a fiscal conservative than Lonegan - and more of a Republican than Christie!

DaTruth is, Booker was sounding more like he's running for statewide office and less like a mayor of a overwhelmingly Democratic stronghold. Was his interview with Bloomberg an audition? Is he da trump card for da Democrats, who know by all polling know that Clown-zine will lose by over 10% to Christie now, and that will get worse when folks don't get their Homestead Rebate checks in October.

With Tax-zine on da 12th District ballot, will da Queen of Manalapan have a prayer against da GOP? Will her prayers be answered if a young Obama-like Cory Booker were at da top of her ticket? If Booker's da choice, faster than you can say "Anonymous Bomb Throwers," Roth would prevail.

DaTruth is, while Booker could save da Queen's campaign and salvage a very weak Democratic ticket in Monmouth County, Commissar Klauber will most likely lose against GOP Manalapan challenger Ryan Green.

Watch da primary closely. If Christie beats Lose-again, don't be surprised if Clown-zine drops out before da summer ends. If Lonegan surprises Christie, then Tax-zine will run his campaign against Karl Rove, Cheney, Bush, and anyone else except for Lonegan - and will easily.

Of course, with Tax-zine still in da race, that could cause trouble for da Queen, and da rest of Grand Master Vic's Democratic ticket.

And, by da way, this election also holds a serious problem for someone not running this year in Manalapan. Who is that person, and why will they be "exposed?" Stay tuned for da next daTruthSquad.

And that's daTruth.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Forget Da Vacuum - Da Queen's & Her Gang Are Going To Eat Our Money This Year!

Recently, a well-known politician said that "New Jersey will go bankrupt in 10 to 20 years because we cannot afford our employees as a state."

Was it (A) Chris Christie; (B) Bozo da Corzine; (C) Manalapan's Queen, state assembly candidate Michelle Roth; (D) Newark Mayor Cory Booker; or (E) da fat lady at da Circus?

If you said Bozo da Corzine, you'd be fooling yourself because he's run New Jersey much like Enron was run, and he's done about as much to help this state's finances as McGreevey did for heterosexuality.

If you said da fat lady at da Circus, yor pick was da very same da Trenton politicians would want you to choose, because they're living in a circus thinking there's nothing wrong with a state that quadruple-dips, judges running amock, rampant corruption it would take 50 Chris Christies to just put a dent in, and folks on the local level who care only about themselves and nothing about da people they serve.

If you said Manalapan's Queen, considering she's never voted against a tax increase, and in 2005 stood on a soapbox in town hall and demanded da town raise taxes rather then lower them, da follower of "Corzine-omics" wouldn't know a budget cut or tax decrease if she ate it or fell over it.

If you said Christie, you'd be close, but even he hasn't spoken in such strong and true terms as da real person who said it.

It was Newark Mayor Cory Booker - and he's 10,000% right!

It's already been made clear that about 10% of next year's state budget - $3 billion, will solely go for salaries & wages!

Now, what about the local level?

Manalapan residents, thanks to da budget geniuses of "Hear no Evil, See no Evil & Looking Evil," also known as da Gang of Three, were da architects of two unheard of double-digit municipal tax increases of over 42% - just in da past 2 years! Now, already facing a 7-figure budget deficit thanks to da way da then-Queen mayor ran Manalapan, da town is probably again looking at another double-digit tax hike!

DaTruthSquad's embedded Town Hall sources say da tax increase facing da peasants of Manalapan could be as low as 13%, and as high as 27%. While other town are considering cutting staff, and even cutting back to 4-day weeks and ordering town hall staff to take as much as a 20% salary cut, da Queen, who will introduce da budget in da coming weeks, said in a newspaper that she's looking at lowering telephone costs!

Gee, whiz, we're all sure that will lower tax bills.

DaTruthSquad's embedded sources also hear a huge tax increase would also be something da Queen can use in her election campaign to Trenton, saying "She can fix & stop" tax increases like this if she's elected. So, a record tax increase would actually be something good for her campaign -- and FYI - she's da one introducing da budget!

DaTruth is, a guy like Mayor Booker has a clue and knows what his town and da state is facing. Bozo da Corzine has done nothing to make da state financial picture better. Manalapan's Gang of Three are da 3 biggest tax hikers in Manalapan history! And, da Queen wants to take her Corzine-omics to Trenton!!

Da shame of it all is da Mayor of Marlboro, who wants to go to a 4-day week and cut salaries & jobs gets it, and that means his residents will get less of a financial tax jolt. Folks in Newark are lucky to have someone like Cory Booker, who knows what is best for his people he serves and da state.

Da real shame for da people of Manalapan is their tax rate is about to explode, and da Gang of Three will be sticking a vacuum nozzle into your back pockets and suck your dollars out faster than da Queen could deny "Because I Hate Italians." Look for da Queen to blame George Bush, Republicans, da Mosked Man, da economy, da greed of Wall Street, daTruthSquad, and anything else that moves -- except for da people who truly deserve da blame --- those who continue to tax and spend on Fields of Nightmares (7-figures), Mosked Man & other Lawsuits to Nowhere (6-figures at least), Land You Can't Build On (7-figures), and other boondoggles at taxpayer expense that cost but have so far shown no return to taxpayers.

Look around, ye peasants. My TruthTellers in da north end of town report Gordon's Corner Plaza has 1/3 of its stores empty. Yorktowne has stores empty. We in da southern end of town have no business base here, so we export our money to Freehold to support lowering their taxes. With no money coming in from Trenton, and no business tax base, guess where 80-90% of da money to run Manalapan's bloated government comes from?


DaTruth is, folks in Manalapan are having a tough time economically. It's about to get a lot worse when da Queen lowers her budget-boom on everyone.

And that's daTruth.