Monday, April 26, 2010

If You Want To Get Reelected, Listen To Da People

If we learned anything about this past school board election, it's that every politician is now on notice that if you even have dreams of raising taxes, you'd better have plans on what you'll be doing with your life after you are voted out of office.

One of daTruthSquad's school board friends in Ocean County tell us that in one town, they had a public question on da ballot to raise a few million dollars to install solar panels and install solar power in all town schools. It failed and was voted down - because it would have raised taxes!

Of course, daTruthSquad has many friends and connections in da school system, and this will be hard on them, and on schools and teachers that will have to do more with less, and in some cases it will be da politicians and not da public that will decide their fates, such as Manalapan.

Da voters have spoken - no new taxes - no taxes of any kind.

So, what will happen in Manalapan, and how will this impact da upcoming election of Mayor Andy Boy?

If anyone is on da hot seat, it's Andy Boy. Last year, taxes were held for da most part in check, however, it was done using a large amount of da township's surplus funds, which of course have to be replenished with taxpayer money. Da tax burden is still on da homeowner, as Manalapan has one of da worst ratables rations not only in Monmouth County, but throughout da entire state! Add to this da fact that $$$$$$ aid from Trenton shrunk by $1 million dollars, and already da GOP-led Monmouth Freeloaders voted to raise county taxes, and now da burden is really on Mayor Andy Boy to make serious cuts or face voters with higher tax bills.

Of course, now add to this da school budget is also in his hands, and da hands of da township committee, which means more decisions in a pivotal election year.

This could also create an interesting problem for Andy Boy in his own political house. Follow da bouncing ball of political bedfellows:

VOTER BOUNCE: Last year, nobody expected this much voter backlash over taxes when last year's budget was put together so da Queen could say she was a "fiscal conservative" - as she does in this video at Brookdale College. Now you have to do more with less, and that less includes a smaller surplus.

MORE WORK BOUNCE: With da school budget voted down, Mayor Andy Boy now has to put a budget together that works for da schools, or he'll have to deal with an angry school board, teachers, and families who liked da teachers who could potentially lose their jobs - and thanks to da passing of da buck by da school board - this is now placed on his shoulders.

SCHOOL BOUNCE: What will Ryan Green, a school guy do? How will he vote if big cuts are made?

BOUNCING OUT: How will Susan Cohen deal with this? She has nothing to lose, since she will apparently not run for office on da same ticket with Andy Boy this year -- and boy will we have a lot on that soon!

DOUBLE BOUNCE: This year's budget actually puts da Queen in a very interesting position. First, if she pushes for a tax decrease now, she may be sacrificing her own year next year when she is up for releection because in recent Manalapan history, da last time there were two flat taxes in a row, da 3rd year was a double-digit tax increase. Next year, da Queen's term is up, so does she want a possible big tax increase or massive township service cuts da year she runs?

DOUBLE CROSS BOUNCE: If da Queen were to lead a chorus that leads to raising taxes, that could mean da kiss of death for GOP'ers running for office this year, and put da Democrats into power by a 4-1 margin next year if they win da seats in November --- so, does da Queen work to help Andy Boy and hurt her own party, or put da screws to Andy Boy and get power back for da Democrats?

WILD CARD BOUNCE: What will happen if an alliance forms between Ryan Green and Susan Cohen, and someone else who wants do what they consider da right thing enters da picture? You need 3 votes to pass da budget, or anything else for that matter.

LEGAL BOUNCE: Da Queen needs good public relations now more than ever after da Mosked man filed hs defamation lawsuit for Police Chief Stu Brown. Will that lawsuit have any impact in all of this? And you know we'll be writing about that too very soon!

DaTruth is, between da school issue, and da fracture in da GOP'ers of Manalapan due to what happened with Susan Cohen, this places Andy Boy in a very difficult position as it is. Add da Wild Card Queen, who is in a position now to be able to tip da balance of power to da Democrats by turning her back on GOP'er Andy Boy, and now things get even more interesting.

DaTruth is, you must remember that any budget sacrifices made this year could put more pressure on raising taxes in da year da Queen will be most likely running for Manalapan Town Hall again. If she wants to run as Mayor next year, she needs Democrats to win this year, or else da GOP'ers will still be in power by 3-2. If she does right by Andy Boy, she could be putting her own political party and potentially her own future into jeopardy. Will she really do that? Will Grand Master Vic and da county Democratic machine allow a scenario like that to happen, especially with a GOP'er resurgance in da county going on?

If you want to know how things will turn out in this year's election, keep a very close eye on da Queen. In theory, she controls more of da destiny of this year's election that many would be led to believe.

More on da Chief's defamation lawsuit, Manalapan's budget, and how many people will be running for those two seats at da Manalapan Township Committee table coming soon.

And that's daTruth.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Your Local School Budget Could Soon Be In Da Hands of Da Queen and Her Court

On April 20, hopefully people will go to da polls and vote on their school budget. While we are not saying whether you should vote for or against da school budget yet, you should exercise that right that soldiers and people have died for.

As teachers go, da one thing we can tell you is that teachers work much more than da "bankers hours" some might lead you to believe. Teaching includes grading papers, setting up lesson plans, working on classrooms, before and after hours work with students, and things like that, not done while you're teaching a class, but before or after school. Those hours aren't always factored in to da "bankers hours" some think teachers have. Teachers work hard, but in this case we believe teachers are getting da short end of da stick.

Don't hold da teachers responsible for what union leaders say. While our dues go to da union, and their salaries, our "dues" are really paid in schools in our work and dedication for our students.

With that said, we are not against something that Manalapan school board member Joe D'Pasquale did in voting against da budget. In fact - he did da right thing. Da board did da wrong thing in passing so much money onto taxpayers. He stepped up and made things clear enough for them to go back and trim some of that bloated budget. Da shame of it all was that not enough was done to trim money from da real fat of da budget - da hierarchy that oversees da schools. Because of that, and da way da union has handled things, we believe da vote will end in a failed budget.

Of course, if that happens, then da school budget for Manalapan and Englishtown will be placed in da hands of da town's township committees, including da hands of well-known "fiscal conservative" Da Queen.

Imagine that - da school budget in da hands of da Manalapan Township Committee during an election year with taxes a HUGE issue. Indeed, da circus could be coming to town in a big way.

We can only hope that if this budget gets voted down, then da township does da right thing and not sacrifice teachers.

We must also remember this. Da budget da way it is now cuts money on da lower schools, and not on da upper schools. Like us, when you have older kids and kids not in these particular Manalapan & Englishtown public schools, those cuts may not affect us, which may lead to you voting NO. That is another fault of da budget that should have been examined more closely. We are concerned now that da younger students in this education system will be shorted by this current budget, and in this time, they need da guidance to learn and to learn how to learn.

DaTruth is, Joe D'Pasquale has da right idea. We can't just keep putting more debt into da hands of da taxpayers, and just because da state isn't giving us money, doesn't mean we have to take it from your pockets. Thank goodness he led da charge to change things. This means there's hope. We can only hope that type of hope exists on da Manalapan Township Committee, so in these very tough times we can keep a few more dollars in our pockets. Maybe as some have posted on this blog, Joe D should run for Manalapan Township Committee. He's an example of da right kind of person who should be representing us. We know Ryan Green. He's a good man too who we believe will do da right thing if it comes to his table for discussion.

Governor Christie has da right idea. We have to learn how to do more with less, and we have to start stripping da buracracy that has harmed this state so much. We have to follow that lead on da local level too. It may be painful, but that is daTruth in this state. If this budget is voted down, we can only hope that when da budget is re-done, it will cut da real fat from da budget and make sure teachers have what they need, and da kids have teachers in their classes, not computers teaching them.

So, we will not tell you how to vote, but you may want to share how you will vote here for all to see. What we will say, is you should vote, and Joe D' had da right idea. If da budget is voted down, we'll have more to say then, especially about what should and what will happen next.

* Remember, da Manalapan-Englishtown school board already wants to raise taxes and raise da general fund!

** Remember, Freehold Regional wants to also raise da general fund!


**** Remember, da Manalapan Township Committee hasn't even proposed a budget yet. It's time to vote out ANYONE who raises our taxes, whether we live in Manalapan anymore or not. Politicians should remember something a former Manalapan mayor no longer in office forgot ------- They Work For Us

And that's daTruth.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

RIP Joe Locricchio - The Savior of The Manalapan Republicans

There was a reason da Manalapan Democrats, and even some Republicans had such disdain for Joe Locricchio, who passed away last week of apparent health-related issues at da young age of 45.

It's true he had his enemies. Manalapan Democrats hated him because he wouldn't agree to backroom deals. He wouldn't agree to helping out their patronage and having da taxpayers pay for it. He said "No" to pet projects and "Yes" to serving da taxpayers.

There were also certain Manalapan "RINO" Republicans who didn't like him either. When some in da party leadership said "jump," he said "jump on this."

From 1999 to 2003, da Manalapan Republicans had as much power in Manalapan as a horse in a glue factory. They lost elections by landslides, while residents lost tax money by a larger landslide. In 2003, a very rotund Locricchio went door to door, using his charisma and charm and his message to change perceptions of voters to cast a ballot for da Republican instead of da status quo. Taking on a popular incumbent, he lost by a mere 60 votes in a contested recount.

All of a sudden, da Republican party in Manalapan had hope.

In 2004, he ran again, believing his message of cutting taxes and getting rid of local political corruption was da right one for Manalapan. His running mate in da height of da election withdrew, and a young unknown named Andy Boy joined da ticket. Locricchio would not only carry that spectacularly unqualified and young inexperienced unknown over da finish line, he brought home a landslide victory for Republicans who won their first two seats since 1998!

Yes, Joltin Joe Locricchio resurrected da Manalapan Republican Party!

Almost immediately, both "Joltin Joe" and Andy Boy found themselves in da middle of a hate storm. At each turn, they were challenged on their tax cutting pledge to lower taxes that were flying through da rooves of Manalapan homes. With true bipartisan support thanks to a courageous "Dollar Bill," and without making backroom deals they cut taxes for da first time in Manalapan memory. During that time, da then-dynamic duo faced incredible ridicule and in many cases ruthless acts of character assassination against them.

In one truly bizarre case, a former mayor lumbered up to da podium and suggested that both Locricchio and Lucas shouldn't even be on da Manalapan Township Committee -- because -- of all things --- they didn't own land in Manalapan! Joe rented a condo (much like Corzine did when he ran for governor), and Lucas lived with his parents. For those reasons, they were some, at least one, who wanted them to resign!!!

However, as many of his enemies soon began to figure out, Joltin Joe was not one to hide in a corner or take undue scorn quietly. He challenged his attackers, and stood up to da bullies who seemed to work overtime to derail his tax-cutting plans.

Then, there were da causes he championed that were harpooned at every turn by some politicians who seemingly did everything they could to stop what he wanted.

When he wanted to get money for a new home to replace da obsolete home of da Manalapan First Aid Squad, he was rebuffed.

In 2005, he voted for and led a charge for a shared services study, da prelude to a plan to lower municipal taxes.

Joltin Joe was also able to get a special counsel to investigate conflict of interest claims against former manalapan Township Attorney "Conflict of Interest" Kinneally.

Joltin Joe tried to attack corruption with the proposal of a Township Ethics Board, a plan he championed but was defeated by a full Democratic majority.

Joltin Joe also worked feverishly on getting Manalapan to adopt the toughest anti-corruption ordinance in the state. That vote was also defeated, also by a full majority Democratic vote.

Why would da Democrats, led by da Queen, not want to have ethics given more scrutiny in Manalapan? Why would da Democrats, led by da Queen, not want to put a stop to local corruption and pay-to-play?

He was also in favor of da Village, something his former running mate was once in favor of before he flip-flopped and is now against. To be fair, some of his handlers were also in favor of da Village before they too became against it. There are some who say that when Andy Boy flipped on da Village, it was a "Gray" day in Manalapan history.

All da while, there were some in da very inner circles of da Manalapan GOP'er leadership who were growing weary of Locricchio getting da headlines and giving da newspaper statements. There were also some who believed his support - or lack of support - on issues close to them, despite not being da issues da people wanted - was not good for them despite being right for da voters. All of a sudden, Joltin Joe was being attacked from within by certain members of da leadership.

Then, came a defining moment in Manalapan history that forever changed da perception of Manalapan from a quiet family oriented town to one that some perceived as a hotbed of hatred and racism.

During a meeting in 2006, da GOP'er Municipal Chairman, da Grand Poobah spoke during da public session and what he said apparently did not make da husband of Committeewoman Da Queen very happy. Larry Roth then went to speak, making claims and accusations. When he was specifically quizzed about a certain issue, Joltin Joe asked Lawrence of Manalapan a simple and innocent question. Lawrence of Manalapan thought for a brief second before uttering da words that are now connected to him forever --- "BECAUSE I HATE ITALIANS!"

At that point, da meeting paused. Tapes of da meeting show Andy Boy looked up in utter disbelief at what he heard. Joltin Joe couldn't believe it either, and had no real replay except to say in amazement, "Yea, whatever."

While a certain few started playing da blame game, with da Roth's blaming an Irishman, da Snoozer editor blaming daTruthSquad and then blaming itself, Italian-American groups were outraged and planned protests. And, Joltin Joe, angered by da comment, made sure that unlike a local Snoozepaper, this injection of bigotry would not get swept under da Manalapan Township Committee rug.

This "BECAUSE I HATE ITALIANS" incident also drove a wedge between da Roths and former Committeeman Mr. Anthony Gennaro, who withdrew from da Manalapan Democrats in protest. Knowing da character and integrity of Mr. Gennaro, he obviously discovered something about his former friends that smelled bad enough to warrant him to put on a gas mask around them.

Of course, after that, da Roth's and their supporters turned on Mr. Gennaro in ways that their former 20-year friendship is now factured beyond repair.

That move, simply put, broke da Democratic strangelhold on Manalapan and da Manalapan Republicans had an opportunity to make things even better in town - unless of course - could it have been a backroom deal between some Democrats and Republicans to seize power and control of things to keep da power within their little circle happened? If that was da case, then that too could be characterized as another "Gray" day in Manalapan political history.

Joe would later be forced to step down from politics due to his ongoing health issues. He wasn't perfect. He had issues of weight, he also smoked. He had other issues that would later come to haunt him. He made mistakes. He was human.

As he has passed away now, Joltin Joe truly left his mark on da world. Left behind was a loving ex-wife, and two young boys who God-willing will turn out to be two fine and upstanding men.

At his wake, when if you looked carefully you might possibly have seen daTruthSquad sitting in one of those fancy funeral home chairs during da evening, there was an outpouring of grief at Joe's passing, and support from friends and even those who didn't always see eye-to-eye with Joltin Joe.

No Roth - No Ward - No surprise.

Joe also left behind a great political legacy. He will be remembered as da only Republican ever to serve on da Manalapan Township Committee who NEVER raised taxes during his time in office! He will be remembered for standing up to corruption, and not handing over his morals to those who thirst for power and to control da town. And, he will be remembered for being da person who put da Manalapan Republicans back on da map.

Simply put, it wasn't da Municipal Chairman who put Manalapan's GOP back on da map. It was Joltin Joe who resurrected da party and breathed life into it - and then handed da torch to others to carry da GOP gauntlet forward.

It was his narrow of narrow losses in 2003 that led to da Manalapan GOP'ers landmark landslide victory in 2004. There is nobody else who can lay stake to that claim. He helped inject new blood into a party getting older. He was one of those who helped revitalize da local GOP'ers club - and he never needed anyone else to carry him over da finish line.

Unfortunately for Joltin Joe, there were some GOP'ers who turned their backs on him, whether it be for lust of power, jealousy, or fear he was taking attention away from them. That was also something that led to his downfall. However, though his sacrifices have come a new generation of people who wish to do da right thing.

Susan Cohen was told she would not have da support of da GOP'er political machine when she ran for office three years ago. She pulled a page from Joltin Joe and stood her ground -- and not only won, but helped carry over da finish line da running mate that turned his back on her.

Patriotic Americans like Steve Johnson and Butch Budai work tirelessly to help keep da GOP strong, despite objections by some in powerful positions politically. Recently, Joey D stood his ground and voted against a school tax increase. Despite being outnumbered, he pulled a page from Joltin Joe and led a fight to get that tax increase lowered. And he's not done fighting yet. As our readers have seen, there are many who want Joey D to take his tax-cutting ways to higher offices and run for Township Committee. Maybe he should.

Now, there are some concerns with folks like Susan, Joey D, Steve and Butch. They apparently have a problem with authority - or, to be fair, their belief that authority isn't working in da best interest of da people. You see, there are those in GOP'er leadership committees who want these four people to "Baa" like sheep and follow orders blindly. Like Joltin Joe was not, these four are not followers. Instead, they put da people first, and there's no place in their lives for backroom deals and corruption. Obviously, Joltin Joe has had an impact.

Joe, you have passed away, and while your death was a shock to many know in your passing that there were many who understood your message. In your short time here, you were da reason da Manalapan GOP'ers became strong once again. Your plan to cut taxes saved Manalapan residents a lot of $$$$$. Your calls to stop corruption, while not stopping it, slowed it down for two years. And da fact you had enemies showed you were on da right track.

Rest in Peace, Joltin Joe, da resurrector of da Manalapan GOP.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We Need People Like Ryan Green and Joey D Looking Out For Us To Stop Manalapan's Political Bait & Switches

It almost seems like Manalapan's newest housing development will be built before da architects finish drawing up da plans. Manalapan's fastest housing development in history continues, despite concerns of traffic, overcrowded schools, no nearby shopping for the low-income COAH residents of the Roth-backed COAH "Contaminated Acres at Love Canal II" apartment tower and complex at Route 522 by the Englishtown border, despite heavy resident objections from both Manalapan and Englishtown residents, and of course, about 50 years of petroleum contamination on da site that first needs to be cleaned up. But, to people like Committeewoman Michelle Roth, contamination at her "Love Canal II" development apparently isn't that much of a concern.

However, it is a concern to brand new Committeeman Ryan Green, who has challenged the political establishment elite after his constituents told him of what can be deemed a colossal "Bait & Switch."

DaTruthSquad has been told by embedded sources that in what can be described as a "Bait & Switch," da Ingerman company changed da name of da company that would present da proposal to da Manalapan Planning Board. When people who were planning to protest da COAH apartment tower, instead of Ingerman they saw MBI Development - a company they never heard of before. Figuring the apartment tower wasn't on da schedule, they didn't go to da meeting. It seems is "Bait & Switch," by whomever set it in motion, worked to perfection, because those who would have objected to da plan they don't want didn't go to a meeting they thought wasn't going to discuss it.

You have to ask yourself who approved this name change on da Manalapan level -- and equally important -- why it was not questioned?

Then, of course, there's da latest bombshell uncovered by daTruthSquad related to Committeewoman Michelle Roth's acceptance of donations from COAH developers who did business in Manalapan. Question - how did da Queen vote on their projects as a member of da Planning Board, and as a member of da Township Committee? That's a question that should be asked at da very next meeting.

DaTruth is, it's obvious a "Bait & Switch" happened here, because da Manalapan Planning Board and their political leaders must have known da population of Englishtown would have shown up with an equal number of Manalapan residents irate over this low-income COAH apartment tower being built - larger than any other residential building in da area - and da corresponding traffic issues, and potential health issues from ground contamination that first must be taken care of.

Making matters worse was da recent daTruthSquad revelation about campaign contributions da Michelle Roth campaign accepted from developers -- developers specializing in COAH --- and --- da uncovering of a video of then-candidate Roth talking about how she is against this type of growth and da problems it brings with it --- all da while accepting campaign $$$$$$$ from da very same development she was talking against!

And yes, it was a video that definitely caught some members of da Cadre off guard.

Then, you have what happened with da Manalapan Enshishtown Board of Education. They decided to vote 6-2 to not cut any money from their already-bloated budget, despite da state's dire financial situation. One of those two "No" votes was Joey D, who not only stepped up to da plate, he hit a Home Run.

It was not through da local Snoozepaper, but through budget hawk Joey D that word spread like wildfire that da board was trying to slam a hefty tax increase on Manalapan residents. Through his hard work and dedication, and a little help from daTruthSquad, da Board of Ed has now reversed course due to public scritiny and is now cutting their budget - which will result in savings for Manalapan taxpayers!

It was also readers of this blog who responded, and for that we thank you. Here's a sample of da comments left on this blog to da school board's tax increase -- BEFORE THEY RESCINDED IT!

Anonymous said ... Joey D for Mayor of Manalapan! A man who will stand up to the scum who want to raise our taxes and take our hard earned O.T. money. Let these losers get a real job. NO TAX INCREASES> LOWER OUR TAXES! Only a man with a stiff spine and balls can lower taxes. That man is JOEY DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

Anonymous said ... If Joe D is the catalyst for stopping this tax hike in its tracks, then he should run for township committee. Not only will he have my vote, but as a Republican I'll take that vote from Andy who has raised my taxes.

Anonymous said ... Joey D is a typical Manalapan working man who sweats for his money not some rich Ivy league out of touch soft handed man. We need someone to fight for the average working class man already. Lower our taxes! Who can it be? It's Joey D!

Anonymous said ... I'd vote for a power washer with one truck and one employee who can stand up to the powers and demand to lower taxes any day over someone who runs a PR firm out of their house and takes money from COAH developers, or a guy who still lives with his mom and dad and wife when she wasn't living in Freehold.

Anonymous said ... Joey D. is smarter than those Ivy league educated tax raising, slum building pieces of $@+t. At least Joey D is smart enough to spend within our means and lower taxes which is something the Ivy league crowd is too stupid to get. Manalapan lower our taxes to set us free, vote for a hard working man it's Joey D. He'll powerwash high taxes down the drain as fast as can be, VOTE FOR JOEY D!

You get it now. DaTruth is ......

* People are upset at how, over da years, their hard-earned tax dollars have been spent on frivolous lawsuits against bloggers and lawyers they don't like (they lost both big - at taxpayer expense because YOUR MONEY paid for it).

** People are upset at how, over da years, Manalapan has raised taxes to its highest level in history.

*** People are upset at how, over da years, Manalapan politicians have promised to lower taxes, only to become da architects who led da charge for raising taxes by double-digits!

**** People are upset at how, over da years, Manalapan has grown into a town full of homes that are still being built by a Planning Board that can't say no to any developer - except for those who want to put some businesses in town.

***** People are upset at how, over da years, Manalapan politicians have said they don't take money from developers, but as DaTruthSquad proved, da Queen not only took $$$$$$ from developers, they also built COAH units here!

DaTruthSquad congratulates Ryan Green for standing up to da political powers that control da Manalapan Township Committee and showing clearly that, much like da back end of da fish boat, something smells funny with this "Contaminated Acres at Love Canal II" COAH apartment tower complex issue.

DaTruthSquad also salutes Joey D'Pasquale. Joey D saw a group of elected officials ready to send your taxes soaring, and said "Not on my watch. Not while I'm standing guard of your wallets." He single handedly put a stop to that tax increase, and spurred debate on how to change things to make them better. That's what we need from our elected officials, He proved he is not beholden to unions or special interests -- and if he's beholden to anyone, it's da hard working taxpayers of Manalapan and Englishtown!

What Joey D did is plain and simple. He stood in front of a moving freight train and dared it to go through him. The six drivers of that train, all ready to make your taxes go sky high, realized that the immovable object watching YOUR TAX DOLLARS was not going to budge, and in fact, exposed to da light of taxpayers what they were really doing -- passing da buck -- and put a stop to it. Joey d's heroic measures SAVED YOU MONEY!

Both Ryan Green and Joey D are heroes to da people - and we thank you for doing what is right.

DaTruth is, if you read a certain website which has come to be known as da "Hate" website by some, they call what goes on in Manalapan politics "bi-partisan." However, if you read between da lines, when you have political elements on different sides of da political spectrum working together solely to keep their political power and not to do what is right for da people, that is called "CRONYISM." There's a big difference between da two.

Manalapan residents deserve much better from their elected officials than hollow promises and people doing what their political handlers tell them to do. Manalapan needs people like Ryan Green to look out for their best interest. Manalapan also needs people like Joey D to continue to make a difference. Otherwise, you can guarantee yourself that taxes will be raised without check, political cronyism will remain da norm, and your elected officials will feel free to take campaign cash from anyone -- including developers.

How do you, da reader of this blog, affect change? You do what Joey D did - - you stand up to da villian and say "Not on my watch!" You go to meetings - you question those in power - you vote those into office that believe what you believe and vote out of office those who do what their political handlers tell them to do.

Remember -- THEY WORK FOR US! They are not supposed to be working for their political handlers, but it seems more often than not what's what we are left with. Joey D got involved, and his dedication just saved every taxpayer in Manalapan and Englishtown hard-earned $$$$$. Finally, an elected official who is working for da people!

Manalapan residents, and da residents of New Jersey said "Never Again" to people like Commissar Klauber and John Con-zine. Voters will be watching both da school tax issue and da "Love Canal II" COAH apartment tower development closely -- and they will remember in November - and quite possibly in June during da primaries.

And that's DaTruth.