Saturday, December 24, 2011

Another anniversary to remember - and holiday gift-giving from daTruthSquad!

At this time of year we at daTruthSquad remember many things - da plight of da taxpayer, those who are in need, and of course, da year 2007 when a group of politicians attempted to systematically remove da Constitution of da United States away from anyone who dared to simply do what our fathers and forefathers asked us to do - tell daTruth!

Yes, it was four years ago when daTruthSquad became a worldwide phenomenon after a group of politicians led by then-Mayor Andy Boy and daQueen sicked their legal bulldogs on a blogger whose sole mission was to inform town residents of a perceived wrong being done at taxpayer expense. In reality, what daTruthSquad was doing was simply exercising our First Amendment rights. What da Manalapan Township Committee wanted instead was to turn da town into Manalapanistan, and take away YOUR right to freedom of speech.

They expected us to hide in da corner and cower to their political might.

They expected us to shut our doors and move to a country that has Democracy as their form of government.

They expected us to be quiet so they could ruin da life of a great attorney and public servant.

They didn't expect we'd stand up against their plans, and be da focal point of worldwide rebuke against da Manalapan politicians who tried to silence a little old lady from Manalapan.

All you have to do to see just how far some politicians will go to keep their actions out of da public eye is to read how da Electronic Frontier Foundation stepped in, and not only had to correct da Manalapan Legal Dream Team who sent what was in effect an unenforceable subpoena, but also stood up to da Manalapan politicians and their Dream Team of taxpayer-funded attorneys and saved da people of da United States before da First Amendment and da Constitution of da United States could be torn to pieces for political gain!

See da Taxpayer-funded complaint written by da Manalapan Legal Dream Team against da Mosked Man here.

Read da 29-page document submitted to da court by da Manalapan Legal Dream Team that they believe claimed without a doubt that da Mosked Man is daTruthSquad - a document they may not have wanted you to see here.

See da now-infamous subpoena da Manalapan Legal Dream Team sent to daTruthSquad here!

See da billing records of one of da Manalapan Legal Dream Team lawyers for yourself here!

Finally, see what da judge had to say in his ruling that saved da First Amendment from da Manalapan politician trash heap!

Of course, as we all know thanks to da great work of real legal eagles at da EFF and legal skills of da Mosked Man indeed da First Amendment was saved, and freedom still rings in da great United States - and da Manalapan politicians and their taxpayer-funded lawyers suffered what may be their most embarrassing defeat - one da world was watching!

No, we will never forget this. It's one of da reasons people should donate to da non-profit EFF so da First Amendment and your rights can be protected!

With da holidays coming up, we have decided to place some goodies under da Christmas tree for da political elite of Manalapan.

For Manalapan Committeeman "Lyin" Ryan Green, we leave a wooden gavel. Since we believe he will be da next to have his mug placed on da wall of shame of Manalapan mayors next to da person who gives him his marching orders, that gavel will come in handy.

For Manalapan Committeeman Farmer Don, he gets free medical benefits. Now that da Manalapan GOP'er political elite doesn't need him anymore, he should have some type of free parting gifts from his alliance with Andy Boy. If he's learned nothing from da Queen's alliance with Andy Boy, nothing lasts forever.

For Manalapan Committeeman and soon-to-be former Land Baron Mayor Andy Boy, we find under da tree a discount coupon for campaign lawn signs. It seems every year, career politician ABL decides to run for some political office, only to be rebuffed by his own party. So, to be fair, if he runs for something in 2012 he may need more lawn signs.

Also, we're leaving another gift for Land Baron Mayor Andy Boy. Since his land grab was given da kiebosh by da Asbury Park Press and even some government bodies, we leave him da deed to all of Manalapan! If he wants something he may not be able to get fairly, then lets just give him da whole town!

For Manalapan GOP'er Grand Poobah and political Sewer Boy Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery, we leave him a brand new $20,000 toilet. Pulling da lever will be da taxpayers of Manalapan, so each time it flushes, Manalapan residents will have a hand in paying for it.

Then, we have da Queen, Michelle Roth. She spent over 10 years with her hands in Manalapan politics. She's a former mayor, former candidate for other offices, and next to Andy Boy maybe da single most polarizing person ever to hold office in Manalapan. For da Queen, we leave her a very large lump of coal.

You see, she was one of da reasons this blog began, so Manalapan residents could read what was really happening behind da scenes. Since we have had such great access to da inner workings of Manalapaan Town Hall we have seen much, and thanks to da help of so many, we have seen maybe too much. As for what 2012 will bring, we at DaTruthSquad expect bigger and hopefully better things. Less corruption, more cooperation. Less politics, more positive acts for da taxpayers. Less "Land Grab", less bickering, less taxes.

Have a happy and healthy holiday and new year to all da TruthTellers from all da many great people who are daTruthSquad.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Will It Be A Quiet Queenly Exit - Stage Left?

So, if anyone was surprised by the outcome of da Manalapan election this year then it's safe to say that you surprise easily. Nobody really expected da Queen to get reelected after da past 7 years of her time on da throne. Da question is, what will happen next?

Yes, there will no longer be Queenly checks and balances, at least after December 31. However, if you think da Queen will go quietly into da night, then we have a bridge on Iron Ore Road to sell you.

Even with da Queen to soon be a former Manalapan Committwoman on da now-infamous Township Committee, da Great Manalapan Land Grab is still a hot topic of discussion. Mayor for Life Andy Boy will be back next year and could very well be da mayor again, and again, and again. But da big question is - will he get da taxpayer-funded 7-figure massive "on your backs" payday for buying land and flipping it in a week and a half?

With da Queen soon to be on da outside looking in, it could be worse. If Executive Session records are somehow subpoenaed, whether redacted or not, then that could possibly change everything and da big question then will be - was there really anything illegal happening, or did anything illegal happen, or was it all just a major ethical gaffe or a minor one, or even one at all? Either way, questions that still deserve answers.

But before we go there, let's not mince words. Da Queen had a 7 year run that included politics before taxpayers, questionable actions regarding da symphony guru and da Rec guy, da "Because I Hate Italians" fiasco, da "Lawsuit to Nowhere" against da Mosked man (with an "accomplice" as da law records state), da "Lawsuit Heard Round da World" against da blogger, lawsuits, countersuits, da accusations against Chief Brown, da now-infamous "alliance" that eventually led to da Democrats completely losing power in Manalapan. If we had more space on da blog we'd add to this list, but you get da point.

To be fair, da Queen will be a historic figure in Manalapan political history. However, with da GOP'ers now writing that history, it may not be too flattering for her.

You also have to ask yourself how da Queen ended up on da short end of da election of 2011. You can say she made her own bed. You can also say that da Manalapan GOP'ers supplied her bedding, pillows and a warm glass of milk. Remember, it wasn't too long ago that da hatred between Mayor for Life Andy Boy and da Queen was so thick you couldn't cut it with a chain saw. But da "Alliance" which allowed both to keep power and keep da late Joltin Joe from becoming Mayor benefitted both for a time, but in da end da power sharing was taken out from under da feet of da Queen, and in effect politically neutered da Manalapan Democrats and left Democratic party boss Gerry "One Bourbon, One Shot & One Beer" Ward now running a decimated party with ZERO township committee representation for 2012. You can call it arrogance to keep power, or taking "naive" to a whole new level to trust Andy Boy and his Poobah, whichever one is actually in charge.

In da end, da big winners are da Manalapan GOP'ers. They have 100% of da power, and they vanquished da Queen and her party boss into da political abyss.

Da big losers - there's a few.

1. Seth Ptasiewicz turned out to be a breath of fresh air in da thick and stifling hot air of Manalapan politics. He's smart, articulate, and if he has a "political" fault, it would be that he actually cares about da citizens and not about party bosses and lining his own pockets, something not everybody in this recent election can say. He also apparently had da courage to post comments here, and made great points. We hope he runs next year, and gets da chance to do some real good "For All Da People."

2. Manalapan residents must now face da dais and see five Andrew Lucases staring back at them. Not one of these people will dare to not side 110% with their party bosses, and that can't be a great thing "For All Da People."

3. Gerry "One Bourbon, One Shot & One Beer" Ward now runs a Manalapan Democrats group that needs 7 more participants to hold a minion. How sad is this group that 8 years ago held complete control of Manalapan politics, and now isn't allowed to sneeze without express permission from da Manalapan GOP'ers. Da "Alliance," da Roth missteps, his own apparent failings in quality candidates and those like Farmer Don who took his backhoe and ran to da GOP'ers, his party is now in ruins and may take years to gain even a little foothold. There are those who say da Manalapan Democrats will now need new leadership. Maybe its time that Ward exits and a real leader steps in - maybe even da Queen herself --- or maybe even Lawrence of Manalapan?

DaTruth is, nobody expected a Queenly landslide victory. Now, with da Queen scorned and in need of health insurance she will now have to pay herself, will she just move out of town and start over, or will she stand and fight against those who have taken her down da road to an election loss? Will she go quietly into da night, or will she lead a charge and fight da Great Manalapan Land Grab? Will she hide in a closet, or become a whistelblower for illegal or unethical activity in Manalapan politics? Will she take over da Manalapan Democrats, or will that person become Lawrence of Manalapan? Will Manalapan cover her legal costs, or will she become da latest person to sue Manalapan Township (and win)? And will da Mosked Man be her attorney?

So many questions, which is what keeps this blog in business and remain Manalapan's home to Freedom of Speech and da First Amendment.

And that's daTruth.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Shunning Queen Michelle Could Be A Big Oops For Manalapan's GOP

On da surface, it looks like a strong rebuke and positive move for da Manalapan GOP. They decided to vote unanimously to tell their insurance carrier that they're "Mad as hell, and they're not going to take it anymore" from Queen Michelle Roth. Da Queen was sued by a former Colts Neck Mayor who was none too thrilled about comments she made at a county-run meeting regarding da process of how da Great Manalapan land Grab is being handled. They want da Queen to stand up to her own words and pay da price for saying them.

Again, sounds like da right thing to do. Sounds like a positive move, much like putting your land into Farmland Preservation.

But, as we all know, "positive moves" and "on da surface" and "unanimous resolution" could be nothing more than a ploy to discredit your political opponents. And, in this case, poking da cage that da Queen is in could create a political backlash da kind of which Manalapan has not seen -- since 2007!

Now, to be fair, no taxpayer wants to pay for another Manalapan lawsuit brought on by some politician. However, this one came with some twists and turns not readily mentioned by da Manalapan GOP'ers in their unanimous resolution. However, also to be fair, lets discuss these twists and turns.


Yes, daTruth is it was a nuanumous resolution. Da final vote was 3-0. Three Land Baron Mayor Andy Boy henchmen voted to force da Queen to reach into her purse and put her pennies where her mouth is. Da three headless horsemen were GOP'er Ryan "Big Oops" Green, GOP'er Jordan Moskowitz, and Democrat Farmer turned GOP'er farm boy Donnie Holland. Da Queen wouldn't dignify it. Land Baron Mayor and GOP'er Andy Boy abstained. Why?????


One could surmise that da reason Andy Boy abstained from da vote against da Queen is so it would seem he is above da political shananigans.

One could also surmise that da reason Land Baron Andy Boy abstained was because he is da now-infamous name behind da Great Manalapan Land Grab.

However, one could also surmise, maybe quite hidden from view, that Land Baron Andy Boy is also facing da very same situation that da Queen is - being a named defendant in a case against Manalapan Township!

Yes, it seems some have forgotten da case of Moskovitz vs Manalapan, da return volley in da now-infamous Manalapanistan vs Moskovitz lawsuit that set da blogisphere on fire when then-Mayor Andy Boy led da charge to attach a blogger, one that even Andy Boy at da time said cost "over $100,000" and that was over a year before da township legal dream team had to drop da case due to - of all things - not having enough of a case to move forward!!!!!!

Great job by da taxpayer-funded Manalapan Legal Dream Team for this one.


Here's one for da Manalapan Township legal eagle - is this legal? Da Manalapan Township Committee could pass a resolution saying da earth is flat, Chris Christie is anorexic, and all toilets throughout da kingdom of Manalapan will forever now be called "Andy's" and not "John's." Sounds great - but that doesn't make it legal. In da end, it will be up to Manalapan's insurance carrier to make da determination as to how to handle da Roth case, not a Democrat farmer-turned-Republican at da right time or a guy who once approved to have his own sister take a high-paying job in town before he claims he realized he didn't recognize her name on the list (they have the same last name). So, pass any resolution you desire. However please remember that just because you spend taxpayer time and money to pass whatever partisan politics makes you giddy, it doesn't necessarily make it legal.


Now, this is da quote from da resolution itself --- "Da Township Committee hereby expresses its opinion that the comments made by Mrs. Roth concerning Mr. Stuart were unrelated to any item of township business; were made as a result of Mrs. Roth’s own personal and political motivations; and should not result in defense or indemnification by the taxpayers of the township. The Township Committee determines, as a matter of township policy, that it will inform the township’s insurance company, Garden State Municipal Joint Insurance Fund, that it will not impose the $10,000 deductible cost on the taxpayers of Manalapan and that the insurance company should look to Committeewoman Roth for reimbursement of these costs."

OK - let's examine this a bit more carefully:

1. "Da comments made by Mrs. Roth concerning Mr. Stuart were unrelated to any item of township business."

Does that include da Great Manalapan Land Grab - in which da Queen is a sitting member of that very same Manalapan Township Committee and a representative of da people?

2. "(comments) were made as a result of Mrs. Roth’s own personal and political motivations."

Could it just be that da Queen was speaking up "for all da people" on a polarizing issue? Does this mean da First Amendment in Manalapan is OK and a great document, only if you are a GOP'er and not a Blogger or Democratic Township Committee person because speaking your mind or daTruth can get you sued at taxpayer expense?

3. "The Township Committee determines, as a matter of township policy, that it will inform the township’s insurance company, Garden State Municipal Joint Insurance Fund, that it will not impose the $10,000 deductible cost on the taxpayers of Manalapan and that the insurance company should look to Committeewoman Roth for reimbursement of these costs."

If this works for one - should it be da model for all???? Does this mean that if Democrats take over power on da Township Committee, they can draft a resolution and vote on party lines that Mayor Andy Boy reimburse all money spent defending him for da Mosked Man vs Manalapan lawsuit? What's next - will da GOP'er led Manalapan Township Committee draft a resolution saying any former mayor over 200 pounds can't speak at any meetings? Will da GOP'er led Manalapan Township Committee draft a resolution saying only political party chief grand poobahs are da only people who can be approved to be a sewer authority commissioner at taxpayer expense?

DaTruth is, if you say a sitting township political leader cannot object to anything da opposing party is approving at breakneck speed, then you no longer live in da United States. Your new change of address will include da words "North Korea" or Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics." In 2007, a blogger named daTruthSquad was harassed and sued by Manalapan politicians, all because da blogger decided to do da unthinkable -- openly discuss a law case that lacked legal jurisprudence - and tried to do an end-around of the Constitution of the United States. That blogger fought back - and not only beat da Manalapan Legal Dream Team, but also set a legal precedent that is still used as a First Amendment model today!

Love or hate da Queen, you have to still stand at her side and admit you cannot stifle anyone's First Amendment rights. Even though this blog has had our disagreements with da Queen and her court, we still must stand with her right to open up her mouth and allow words to escape. She is, at least for now a member of da Manalapan Township Committee, and is a dissenting voice against 4 guys who seem to go goose step for goose step with what their party leader desires. It is also very ironic that this so-called resolution to stifle free speech comes almost 4 years to da day when daTruthSquad began our historic fight against da 2007 Mayor Andy Boy-led Manalapan Township Committee in a case that garnered worldwide attention. Da Manalapan Legal Dream Team and da career politicians who brought this case may try hard to forget it, but that will not happen. Free speech is alive and well and will continue to live in Manalapan - despite da best efforts of those who attempt to make Manalapan their own little kingdom and Manalapan tax coffers their own little piggy bank

It seems that too many great Americans have fought and died for that right, and it seems that in Manalapan, it is da Manalapan Republican politicians who tend to forget both recent and US history. It's a shame, but it appears that it is also daTruth.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


It appears that those who drink da GOP'er "Kool Aid" may need to reach for a much stronger beverage. As daTruthSquad predicted would happen Manalapan Land Baron and Mayor For Life Andy Boy "ABL" Lucas will be brought before da State Ethics Commission to answer questions regarding what has now been called by many "Da Great Manalapan Land Grab!"

This is just da latest saga in da soap opera of Manalapan politics - but one that could be a serious game-changer for da upcoming election, and could also seriously impact what is fact becoming viewed ss a political vendetta lawsuit thrust upon one of da key whistleblowers of da Great Manalapan Land Grab, none other than da Queen of Manalapan, Michelle Roth.

First, lets look at da history of "Da Great Manalapan Land Grab:"

FEBRUARY 2011 - Da first glimpse of something smelling worse than appointing your political party boss to head up a sewer authority happens, when ABL was forced to recuse himself after he had already voted to give himself a massive tax break on property he owns - da farm in da middle of da Great Manalapan Land Grab! Da improper moment, exposed by da Queen, forced a re-vote that was approved when da GOP'er majority voted in favor of it.

APRIL 2011 - As da Great Manalapan Land Grab begins, ABL decides to run for more than one higher office, only to be rebuffed by da GOP'er county committee. How can da darling of Monmouth County GOP'er politics be rebuffed by his own? Cound da Great Manalapan Land Grab have had something to do with it?

MAY 2011 - Da Great Manalapan Land Grab now gets newspaper attention after da DEP looks into a wetlands issue. What is da GOP'er response - they blame da Queen for "tramping through this farm in the middle of the night with a flashlight, just looking for something to bust Lucas's chops with." proving you really can't make this stuff up!

JUNE 2011 - Readers of daTruthSquad speak out by da dozens over Da Great Manalapan Land Grab, standing by Committeewoman Roth and her claims that there's something that needs to be investigated here.

SEPTEMBER 2011 - This Great Manalapan Land Grab has become an out of control story that even da local Snoozepaper can no longer ignore. What some have called a politically motivated lawsuit, da Queen now faces a defamation lawsuit at da hands of former Colts Neck Mayor Stuart (no relation to da Mosked Man). He claims his "personal reputation has been forever damaged" by da claims allegedly made by da Queen.

What were those claims????

It appears that according to da real local information source da Manalapan Patch, "Roth had publicly criticized Stuart's role as a sitting member of the MCADB, suggesting that he exhibited a conflict of interest by helping Lucas fast-track the property. She called it "flipping" the land into the farmland preservation program within nine days. She has suggested that Lucas saw a financial gain from the transaction."

In layman's terms, a sitting Manalapan Township Committee person who is an elected public official whose job it is to stand up for da people she serves and their taxpayer money apparently questioned at a public hearing what has been called a questionable land deal, and subsequently asked questions whether it was possible da person who did da survey on da land who was also da same person allowed to vote on its passage had possibly committed a any type of conflict-of-interest by casting a vote on it!

Da question is - isn't it da job of a paid public official to question what they believe could be either something they believe is wrong, may be a mishandling of taxpayer money, potential or perceived misuse of taxpayer money or what they perceive to be a potential waste of taxpayer money or even worse, a perceived conflict of interest?

Now, to be fair, nobody is questioning former Mayor Stuart's real estate appraisal business, how he does his real estate appraisal business, or whether he should have done da survey in da first place. This is America, and we are sure he is a very capable survey guy. We've never heard complaints about this guy before in regards to his business. Who knows, maybe if daTruthSquad wants to flip farmland in da future or any other type of survey work we too might call on Mr. Stuart.

But, also to be fair, isn't it da job of someone elected to watch da millions of dollars of money of da taxpayers to question whether something might be a possible conflict?

Isn't it also interesting that this lawsuit was served during a recent Township Committee meeting, and isn't it even more interesting it comes less than two months before her seat in town hall is voted on????

Stuart made news last year, when sitting Monmouth Freeloader Lillian Burry wanted to make him da replacement for Manalapan's James Gray as county clerk. Both Burry and Stuart served on da same Colts Neck Township Committee at one time, and both are GOP'ers. Even a GOP'er politician questioned that possible political appointment.

Let's also not forget one GOP'er sho has supported his fellow GOP'er - Manalapan GOP'er Grand Poobah and Chairman Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery, who received a political appointment to da Sewer Authority that taxpayers pay for with their toilet flushing fees! He claimed under statement he had da proper experience for this job because he was a "manager" in da past. One can only believe that this means any 18-year old shift "manager" at a fast-food burger joint is now equally capable of being a "oommissioner" at da WMUA - another reason da state needs to take a serious look at politics in a small town!

DaTruth is, this proper investigation by da State Ethics Board into da Great Manalapan Land Grab is long overdue. We said before da state must look into this - for right or wrong. DaTruth also is, da lawsuit brought forth by former Colts Neck Mayor Stuart could potentially have been da final straw in da process, and may have potentially been da lynchpin into getting da State Ethics Board investigation!

Think about this -- every GOP'er dominated committee in Manalapan and Monmouth County has already voted in favor of Da Great Manalapan Land Grab and in favor of fellow GOP'er ABL completely in lockstep. Now, all of a sudden, a sitting township committee woman is sued because of questions she raised about da Great Manalapan Land Grab. Whether da case has or doesn't have merit is not da issue at this time. What is at issue is Da Great Manalpan Land Grab, and now taxpayers will finally be heard on da state level by da State Ethics Board - thanks to Michelle Roth!

DaTruth is, daTruthSquad has said all along that there are serious question during this entire process that must first be asked and answered - was there a conflict of interest on da part of Mayor ABL in any part of the process? Mayor ABL has refused a number of requests, even one for a former Manalapan mayor to simply do what all taxpayers must do - release da purchase price of da land in question. Mayor ABL has steadfastly REFUSED to release da purchase price. Why?????

Is there something to hide about this?

Was da land purchased below market value?

Was it purchased seriously below market value?

Was something not above da board

These questions would never even be asked if ABL simply did what every taxpayer must do - release details for da public record of a land transaction.

However, this was not a simple land sale. What is at question is as da Asbury Park Press wrote "Roth said Lucas participated in discussions on properties that could have been awarded money from the township’s Open Space and Farmland Preservation Trust Fund, the same pot that funds farmland preservation in Manalapan. At least three properties — two privately and one county-owned — which could have been preserved as open space through the fund were passed over after those discussions"

That is obviously a serious charge, and despite any questions, all GOP'er members of da Manalapan Township Committee still voted in favor of their GOP'er mayor doing da deal. Nobody questioned it, that is, except for daTruthSquad, another former Manalapan mayor and Committeewoman and Michelle Roth.

And, why should Michelle Roth be praised for her actions in this case ---- as da newspaper says "The committee specifically wants the state to look into Township Committeewoman Michelle Roth’s claims that Lucas participated in executive session discussions on properties that could have competed with his for funds."

Also at question was da land sale itself. Da purchaser was ABL and his family. Da seller was a company called Diamond Developers, a company that it has been reported is partially owned by ABL and his family!

And, making matters worse, it was a former Manalapan mayor who stood up to ABL and said there are serious questions of transparancy here, saying "Mr. Lucas, without planting one seed in the ground, you flipped—and the word is ‘flipped’—100 acres of land in a land scheme, a deal, in nine days. $1.15 million of farmland preservation funds for your efforts at taxpayers’ expense,” said former mayor Spodak. “This means you’ll receive a 100 acre farm and probably, the way, I’m figuring it, a house for free while the rest of the hard working residents pay for theirs. You’re not being transparent; that’s the biggest problem."

DaTruth is, there's more than one hero here. One hero is former Colts Neck Mayor Stuart, who shined possibly da biggest light of all on this Great Manalapan Land Grab by filing da interestingly-timed defamation lawsuit against da Queen for questioning da land deal in da first place. Another hero is Manalapan Deputy Mayor Ryan "Big Oops" Green, who may have oopsed himself into this by suggesting that da township not pay for da lawsuit against whistleblower Queen Michelle, making even more news about da Great Manalapan Land Grab come to light. Another, former Mayor Spodak took a lot of rebuke at a recent meeting yet still stood up to be heard on what he apparently believes is a "land scheme." Of course, da person who scattered da roaches and protected taxpayers was none other than Michelle Roth herself, for relentlessly pursuing something she believed is an injustice against Manalapan and state taxpayers, and is paying da price by being sued for it - standing up to cronyism "For All Da People."

Now, da State Agriculture Development Committee, which one of da final hurdles in da Great Manalapan Land Grab apparently listened to folks like Michelle Roth, and has decided to place a hold on their decision about providing Manalapan Mayor ABL his grand-prize winning $1.15 million to preserve da farm he refuses to divulge da price he paid for it, and only owned it just over a week!

Think about this --- food rots in less time than it took Manalapan Mayor ABL to buy just under 100 acres of land at a-yet-undisclosed price - and flip that land into a taxpayer-funded payday. Now, its up to da State Ethics Board to sort out da details. A bright light has been shined on this Great Manalapan Land Grab, and in this case daTruthSquad can't take all da credit. Credit for this goes where credit is due --- Former Mayor Spodak for wanting to know for da citizens daTruth -- former Mayor Stuart for wanting to right a perceived wrong and having it become a public spectacle -- and yes, Committeewoman Michelle Roth who under enormous pressure stood up to da GOP'ers and said in effect that "People" are questioning it - da "DEP" is questioning it - more than one "former mayor" is questioning it - da Asbury Park Press has questioned it - "daTruthSquad" has questioned it.

That's a lot of questions - and still no solid answers as to why taxpayers should hand Manalapan Mayor ABL a million dollar taxpayer-funded payday.

And that's daTruth.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Goofy Gridlock Isn't Just in Congress

Ask any TruthTeller and they will tell you that you probably couldn't pass a declaration in Congress that says "America is da best country in da world" without debate and scepticism, and even then da vote might be split depending on who first sponsored it. Of course, that's da high-priced, benefits for life, pensions galore, free health care people we send to Washington, DC. Interestingly, you can find da very same thing happening in some small towns like Manalapan, New Jersey.

Recently, Manalapan's Queen of Politics came under fire for what was called a "conflict of interest." It's not da first time she's come under fire for something political. And as you know, this blog has posted more than once things da Queen had her tentacles in that seemed a little unsightly. However, in this case, we had to investigate, and what we uncovered was what you have to call a "$50 conflict," an "attack dog," and a severe case of "forgetful-itis."

Here's how this breaks down:


At da meeting of da Manalapan Township Committee last month, Mayor for Life Land Baron Andy Boy presided as da GOP'er-led council wanted to add what is in effect a "commuter tax" of an added $50 each year to the commuter parking permits. Da lone objector it seems was da Queen, but it was soon revealed by Mayor for Life that a "citizen" approached him and told him that da Queen had one of those commuter tags, and she should have not voted against da $50 increase - and not have voted at all, citing da "conflict of interest" call. Of course, even if da Queen were in Bangadesh, da 34% increase would have passed. However, she took rebuke not just from Mayor for Life Land Baron Andy Boy, but also from Mayor for Life Lap Dog Ryan "Big Oops" Green, who da great Manalapan Patch wrote "said that “it is difficult to take [Roth’s] comments seriously because she has a personal financial self-interest in the outcome - hence, a conflict of interest.”

DaTruth is, she does have one of those tags, and probably should have recused herself. Any lawyer will tell you if you sniff any smell of something that can be considered a potential conflict, just don't vote on it. Now, da Queen isn't a lawyer, but da township does have one on da payroll and apparently he never told da Queen to go to da bathroom when da original vote was taken. So, yes, da Queen is guilty of a $50.00 conflict in da court of public opinion.

However, if da Queen is guilty of da $50.00 conflict, then Land Baron Mayor for Life Andy Boy is guilty of much more, one would have to ponder. Remember, he voted to approve a land grab of over $1 million dollars this year - and that was for himself before he was told he too must recuse himself from da vote he already submitted to approve and a new vote had to be taken!


This is not da first time Ryan "Big Oops" Green has come to da aid of his leader, Mayor for Life Land Baron Mayor Andy Boy. He stood by and said nothing by not questioning his leader when da Great Manalapan Land Grab was happening - before - during and after.

Interesting, Big Oops apparently didn't see much "See NO Evil" when another conclict of interest reared its ugly head. This one, interestingly, was picked up not by da highly-paid township attorney, or Big Oops himself. It was uncovered by da Queen, who pointed out that da recently approved July billing paid by taxpayers for da town included a payment of exactly $362 to a company called CME Associates for survey work on the highly controversial Burke Farm in Manalapan.

Now, to be fair that's not a billion dollars, but it is more than da $50.00 Big Oops went on da attack over when it involved da Queen.

Now, to be fair as well, maybe Big Oops just missed this or didn't read it over line by line. He could have a descent excuse.

However, to be equally fair, in case he missed it -- da Burke Farm made news once or twice recently. It might have been something he -- and Mayor for Life Andy Boy should have remembered --- since Mayor For Life Land Baron Andy Boy BOUGHT da Farm in da controversial Land Grab deal! And yes, Andy Boy didn't recuse himself on this vote --- Just like he didn't earlier this year when they had to do a re-vote on da same Land Grab issue!

So, you can guess that when it comes to $50, some in da GOP'er inner circle might want to demand a forensic accounting. But, when it comes to a dollar figure between $352.00 and $1.2 million dollars - that's OK.


Mayor for Life Lap Dog Ryan "Big Oops" Green doesn't have da nickname "Big Oops" for his snappy dressing and good looks. Now, he was quoted by da great Manalapan Patch as saying “it is difficult to take [Roth’s] comments seriously because she has a personal financial self-interest in the outcome - hence, a conflict of interest.”

Hence, isn't that special.

Isn't this da very same guy who voted in favor of da Land Grab? Hence, isn't he also da very same guy who voted to approve a high-priced-well-above-minimum-wage job for a woman? Now, that doesn't sound like anything, unless you know what they won't tell you -- da woman has da last name "Green." Da woman was his own sister! Did he not recognize da last name "Green?" We can only give him da benefit of da doubt and believe he didn't recognize his own last name, or his own sister's first name?

DaTruth is, well, you already know. In Manalapan, it's OK to have your own sitting mayor grab up 90 or so acres of land without reproach, despite smelling a bit like da part of da barn where da bull does #2, but when it comes to owning a commuter parking permit that you pay for each year without using taxpayer money, that's when you have to call in Ken Starr and da special prosecutor.

Only in Manalapan can a Democrat come under fire for wanting to do right by commuters, as long as her name is da Queen, and you can vote on approving your own land grab and not come under fire, as long as you're a GOP'er named Andy Boy.

Maybe that one reason even da county politicians made a claim this year that Manalapan politicians need to keep their politics within da confines of da township borders and not drive their personal issues into Freehold. Maybe we should send all of these members of da Manalapan Township Committee to Washington, DC.

And that's daTruth.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Bruce Springsteen for Governor?

We must admit we bought everything that current New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was peddling. He promised to lower our tax burden. He promised to clean up the mess in da schools. He promised a lot of things. Has he really delivered?

In da two years that Christie ascended to da governor's throne, our property taxes have not gone down enough to buy a candy bar. They have stabilized, mostly due to local towns and cities cutting anything that crawled. However, Trenton's fat, much like da governor's own waistline, remains quite large.

Let's take a look at some of da things Christie promised on but did not deliver on:

ISSUE 1 - MAJOR TAX CUTS: If this promise was kept, then why is it our property taxes have not decreased? When you factor in that da average home price has dropped sharply, then in fact we're all paying MORE to live in our homes, based upon da tax to home price factor. He could blame da towns for this, but all he cut was aid to da cities which offset taxes in da first place. Promise made - promise unkept.

ISSUE 2 - DA BOARD OF EDUCATION: Teachers think Christie is a bully. School administrators will be lining up in droves to vote him back in office. When Christie took over for Con-zine, there were over 600 boards of education among da state's 566 municipalities. Two years later, there are over 600 boards of education among da state's 566 municipalities. Teachers have been cut, but six-figure administrators, their two secrateries each, their air conditioned offices, car and clothing allowances remain as intact as they were during da Cor-slime years. Yes, there are now salary caps, but how many teachers will ever make $175,000 per year? Promise made - promise unkept.

ISSUE 3 - MY SON'S TAXPAYER-FUNDED BASEBALL GAME: Let's see how this sounds .... "DaTruthSquad would have written this blog sooner, but we had to use da NJ State Police helicopter at taxpayer expense to fly across da state to see our kid's baseball game, and when da taxpayer funded helicopter landed a taxpayer funded limosine was waiting to drive us da 500 feet to da bleacher seats while taxpayer funded security surrounded us. Then daTruthSquad had to leave before da game was over to fly at taxpayer expense back to DaTruthSquad-thwacket to meet with political big-wigs from Iowa." DaTruthSquad's question here is - was this da same helicopter that former Governor Christine Whitman wanted to do away with because she believed it was opulance and taxpayer waste? Promise made - promise unkept.

ISSUE 4 - QUALITY OF LIFE: Has yours been any better in da last 2 years? Promise made - promise unkept.

DaTruth is, da Guv made big promises, almost as big as his waistline. However after two years in office, how many of those promises are being kept? Da reality is, unless property taxes plummet by da start of 2013, he may not be able to get reelected dog catcher in New Jersey. Add to this his popularity, once Obama-like is now starting to drop like a 10-pound burrito, and thoughts he may leave da governor's mansion for a chance to take on Obama for president, and he may actually place GOP'ers at risk next year in local and state elections.

Right now, there's no real good choice to go after Obama if you'e a GOP'er. So, with no real good choice for Prez, who do you pick? There's still a natonal movement to get Christie in da race, but to say he won't and then say he will makes him as much a flip-flopper as John Kerry. So, what is our rotund governorator going to do? Does he hear da national call and abandon his promises in New Jersey? Does he stay in New Jersey and face potentially not keeping his promises and possibly get kicked out of office?

A recent poll that placed Christie in an election against Democratic challenger Bruce Springsteen had both potential candidates in a statistical dead heat at 42%! If da Boss of da state can't beat da Boss, how can he remain Boss? You know da Boss (not Christie) would carry Monmouth County. You know da Boss (yes that Boss) will clean up with Democrats and younger voters, as well as da 50's crowd that grew up with him. All of a sudden, going up against da rock star Obama seems to be more paletable than going up against da rock star Springsteen - and all of a sudden, Christie's not looking like a rock star anymore.

DaTruth is, unless Christie gets his act together and keeps his promises, he may be a 1-term governor.

And that's DaTruth!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Da People Have Spoken About Manalapan's LAND-GRAB-GATE Saga

We had a feeling that people would want to know about Land-Grab-Gate, but even we have to admit that we never expected that so many readers would get into da debate of Land-Grab-Gate. We have decided that instead of us discussing this hot-button issue that has Manalapan and others in da state talking, we'll let our readers do da talking - da ones who left over 155 comments!

Here's a small sample of da comments we have received in our last blog post, entitled "BREAKING NEWS ---- Da D-E-P Goes After Mayor A-B-L Involving LAND-GRAB-GATE."

Anonymous said... "Farmer/Developer"? This guy is the consummate politician. All that's missing is him twirling his mustache as he steals milk money from kids to line his own pockets.

Anonymous said... I'm waiting to see who flinches first and demands Andy resign. This is worse than when they sued Moskovitz. It's time that someone investigate the politics in this town. If taxpayer money has to be spent on something, let it be an investigation into Town Hall.

Horace Greeley said... There's nothing like having "fiends" in high office!

Anonymous said... It's good to see the APP aggressively looking into this. The media has always been the watchdog for the people by the people against this sort of political scummyness. Where's the Snoozer on this story? Anyone who believes the news snoozer is anything more than a second rate coupon clipping lawn littering pile of garbage is a fool. Where's Bozo Bean stand on this issue? Thank You APP and Truth Squad!

Anonymous said... I'm not one to ask for an investigation just to ask for one. Too many times they are partisan and a waste of taxpayer money. However, in this case, there's an exception. You have a sitting mayor who has IMHO used his political position to cash in. If he weren't in office, that's one thing. But he is and he obviously IMHO manipulated the process. He was in on meetings by his own admission. Thos meetings determined which piece of land would be chosen. The county agreement for this was IMHO also manipulated by his friend and fellow Republican Don Holland. I believe the cvounty and township should immediately halt this process and not continue until a Federal investigation were to clear any wrongdoing. If Mayor Lucas is above board, he should be the one demanding this to clear his own name - that is unless he has something to hide.


Anonymous said... A-B-L needs to go to J-A-I-L N-O-W I-M-H-O!

Anonymous said.... Cream rises to the top, slimey politicians cling to the bottom. We all know which describes Andy Lucas. As for his new henchman Don Holland, that's embarrassing and sad. He used to be his own man. When Michelle Roth comes out as the ethical person here, you know something illegal has happened.

Anonymous said... I don't blame Don. He IS a nice guy and always tries to do the right thing. Anybody who knows him will tell you that. Unfortunately people like this can often be duped by evil, and in this case ABL. I didn't buy into investigating this further, but now I do.

Anonymous said... Question - How can you be a Republican who says they are fiscally conservative and want to cut taxes when you will add to the tax burden by taking over $1 million in taxpayer money to buy land for yourself? One word -- C-O-R-R-U-P-T!

Anonymous said... No doubt in my mind now. Manalapan Mayor Andrew Lucas and the Monmouth Agricultural Board should be investigated by the feds. There is no way "Joe Citizen" would get a deal like this.

Anonymous said... You can stomp your feet and shake your heads all you want, it won't change a thing. The Mayor is in power and he's one of the Governor's boys, end of story. Don't hold your breath waiting for an investigation. Don Holland saw which way the wind was shifting and jumped ship to the Republican Party, he's now part of the club that finds these kind of stunts acceptable. I hope Mayor Lucas at least has the decency to thank the taxpayers for buying him a new farm and the new house that will be built on it. Only in New Jersey, ya gotta love it.

Anonymous said... I'm struggling to pay my mortgage and taxes while our mayor gets a million $$ in tax dollars to buy a himself a farm and a new house ? Kick me in the a$$, I should have been a farmer or a politician in manalapan.

Anonymous said... Too many Republicans involved. Lucas is going to get away with this land grab. I rarely agree with Roth on anything, but this time she's right.

Skeletons in the closet said... Seriously, do you think this is Andy's only miscue? Remember, he was for the Village before he was against it. He was enemies with the Roths before he was their friend only to turn his back on them. He was friends with his running mate Joe before he was against him. He was friends with Stu before he turned his back on him. He was a buddy to Steve Johnson before tossing him under the bus. He was a friend of Susan Cohen before becoming an enemy and now a friend again. He was an enemy of George Spodak before becoming his friend only to turn on him again. What of Tara Lovrich? Members of the Manalapan Republican Club? Even Steve McEnery? And there are others. See a pattern here. What have you done for me lately? And what happens when you're not needed anymore? TIP OF THE ICEBERG.

Anonymous said... Four words: PLEASE INVESTIGATE MAYOR LUCAS!

Anonymous said... Four words: VERY, VERY, VERY GUILTY!

DaTruth is, and nobody is going to like this - Manalapan Mayor ABL will get his land-grab, ABL will get over $1.1 million dollars of taxpayer money to pay for it, and he will never disclose how much he paid for it. Why? Because he is following da rules of da system, da system of being a well-placed GOP'er in a system dominated by a "super-majority" of GOP'ers (not us - Lillian Burry - da GOP'er Freeloader was da one who used that term at a GOP'er dominated meeting that progressed Land-Grab-Gate another step further.)

Along da way, you had GOP'ers including members of da GOP'er super-majority Manalapan Township Committee placing blame wherever they could.
In one case, Manalapan Mayor ABL, while facing yet another rubber-stamp panel and apparently with da Asbury Park Press editorial board not there to defend themselves, decided to "stay above it all" - by sifting through da verbal trash and lobbing verbal refuse at da only newspaper who covered da story in Manalapan!

Lucas said in his speech caught on tape by Manalapan Patch, "I just want to apologize for da political rancor you guys are going to have to deal with. I'm sure you've seen some of the untruthful comments that have come through da daily rag (ASBURY PARK PRESS). Just the coverage of that one daily rag (ASBURY PARK PRESS) has referred to this application over 19 times as a "land deal" and only 4 times as "farmland preservation."

So, to recap -- Da "Rag" (ASBURY PARK PRESS) calls Mayor ABL's taxpayer-funded land-grab a "land deal" over 19 times --- Da "Rag" (ASBURY PARK PRESS) calls Mayor ABL's taxpayer-funded land-grab "farmland preservation only 4 times --- and Manalapan Mayor ABL calls da Asbury Park Press a "RAG" 2 times.

And with his lovely wife at his side, ABL then followed that up by, and we must admit no tears were being shed, that one of his "Critics-In-Chief" he blames for alerting da DEP about da ABL problems with da land, which da DEP then decided to investigate. As we all know, it was alleged that da "Critic-In-Chief" was blamed to be none other than former rival / friend / rival Da Queen, who we can only believe somehow must have trodden onto ABL Acres in her evening gown and high heels holding a flashlight in one hand and a pirate's map with an "X" that marked da spot of da illegal wetlands activity in da other.

Another Manalapan Township Committeeman has gone on record saying da price Mayor ABL paid for da land that da taxpayers will hand to him $1.1 million - that taxpayers have no need to know what he paid, saying "It's none of your business."

And, to be fair, you can never have a scenario like this without da GOP'ers blaming da Queen of Manalapan for making this "political" or invoking da "partisan politics" clause in their contracts. And, to be fair, it's not like this excuse hasn't been used before.

DaTruth is, if you sell your home, should you as "Joe Citizen" be allowed to keep all records of your home sale secret, including to da county, only because you're da mayor of a town that has a history of politics-before-taxpayers? In a way, that is what's happening in da Kingdom of Manalapan, and it appears since you're not of da right political party, we don't have that right to know, despite da fact we da taxpayers are paying for it?

Rarely have we ever found da Queen to be right about anything, but in this case when there's too many unanswered questions, both from taxpayers and da Queen, a sitting mayor getting a seven-figure taxpayer funded windfall while in office, and da single biggest controversy since da Manalapan Township Committee sued a lawyer for following to da letter an order of da court, you have to speculate that "if it looks ethically tainted, smells ethically tainted, and acts ethically tainted," then in Manalapan it must just be another afternoon in Manalapan politics.

Of course, da question is - how will this play with da peasants in November, and how does this land-grab look to da voters when it comes to da two GOP'er candidates who support it, and da one who escorted it through parts of da process? Will Land-Grab-Gate harm da political chances of Don Holland and Susan Cohen? How will da Queen position her campaign against them? Will this campaign turn ugly? Could Land-Grab-Gate be da vehicle da Queen rides to a victory against overwhelming odds?

We may know soon enough - And that's daTruth. And, as for a BaconHead Award for da month of June, that goes to none other than da local Snoozepaper, who woke out of a slumber and after a month decided this was actually an item of news that people may want to know about and actually covered it, although one can say there was a twinge of anti-Queenism attached. But kudos to da Snoozer anyway. Better late than never to get da golden opportunity to hang a BaconHead on your wall!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BREAKING NEWS ---- Da D-E-P Goes After Mayor A-B-L Involving LAND-GRAB-GATE

We have probably lost track how many times we've said "You really can't make this stuff up." But - "You really, really, really can't make this stuff up."

In what adds a new twist to da big story of da year in Manalapan, Land-Grab-Gate now takes a new and potentially ironic twist as da New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection announced they've launched an investigation into environmental issues within Land-Grab-Gate!

Da absolutely shocking news comes from da very real and factual Asbury Park Press newspaper from factual and actual and extremely non-biased reporter Alesha Williams-Boyd. It appears da investigation by da DEP centers on wetlands, and if a huge 5,000 square foot area of wetlands was illegally filled in - in violation of DEP rules!

And - it gets worse.

It is being alleged that wetlands land on A-B-L's 7-figure taxpayer-funded property was filled in with debris, an obvious violation of da DEP rules!

And - it gets even worse.

Apparently da DEP "served an address for Diamond Developers a notice of violation in January. Lucas said he and his family bought the property and Diamond Developers at Burke Farm, the limited liability company that owned it, in March 2010." So they didn't go to his palatial estate. They instead went to da developer's office he is an owner of - da same developer that was a part of da sale of da Burke Farm to him - that he owns!

And - it gets even still worse.

Apparently da State Agriculture Development Committee which OK'd spending $1.15 million dollars of taxpayer money for da Manalapan Mayor knew about da wetlands on da land but had NO CLUE as to da DEP investigation! Would they have approved spending all that taxpayer $$$$$$$ for land under DEP investigation? Why did they not know? Who if anyone dropped da ball here????

And - yes, it gets even worse.

You have da Asbury Park Press writing a stern, direct and very blunt editorial on Land-Grab-Gate, not only backing up daTruthSquad in demanding answers, but even going a step further and saying he should abdicate his throne! They wrote "Taxpayers should know how much Lucas paid and see what kind of deal he got. Lucas should have pulled back the application until he is out of office. He didn’t. The township should have asked him to reapply when his career in township politics has ended. It didn’t. Now it is up to the county and the state to halt these proceedings, at least until Lucas leaves office."

And - yes, it can get even worse.

You have to remember that da GOP'er dominated and A-B-L-led Manalapan Township Committee as well as da GOP'er dominated Monmouth County Freeloaders also approved da deal for Manalapan Mayor A-B-L. Did they know that da DEP was in investigation mode and finding trouble on taxpayer-funded A-B-L Acres!?! Does it give da impression that this was fast-tracked for some reason? If that was da case, could da investigation have been da reason? Really - why da rush and fast-track?

And - before you ask - can it truly get worse?

Da next step for this plan to get its next GOP'er seal of approval comes from da Monmouth County Agricultural Advisory Commission - da very same commission that lists it is represented from Manalapan by Democrat-turned GOP'er Don Holland! Told you you can't make this stuff up.

And - yes, oh you know...

F-O-A-B-L (Friends of A-B-L Mayor Andy Boy Lucas) have patted him on da back for going da green thing and preserving land - even though da taxpayers of Manalapan and da state are in effect paying him to do it. We may be wrong on this, but illegally filling in wetlands doesn't sound as valiant and honorable as one might think.

Now, here's da most important aspect of all of this - Who's to blame?

Did A-B-L take da blame for debris illegally filling in a wetlands site? Gee, we wonder who is to blame?

That answer came from da comments left on da Asbury Park Press story site - and from da Asbury Park Press editorial board! What gives all da appearance of an A-B-L supporter actually posted that they believed Manalapan Township Committeewoman Queen Michelle was da one who turned A-B-L in "tramping through this farm in the middle of the night with a flashlight, just looking for something to bust Lucas's chops with."

Even da editors of da newspaper are stymied, writing "Lucas says he is a victim of partisan politics and is some kind of “green” knight trying to save his town from developers. Really? He and his family own the land. They can prevent it from being developed simply by holding onto it. That way, the money spent to preserve that property could be used to acquire another parcel or be banked until a property in greater jeopardy of being developed became eligible for the program."

Interesting, but when all else fails, and you're facing ethical issues, why is it that every GOP'er immediately points their finger and says "Da Queen Made Me Do It!" It's not like da Manalapan Deputy Mayor, when cornered after it was uncovered that he gave approval for a paid-job for his own sister when he claimed he didn't recognize her name, even though he shares da same last name, it was da Queen who was also blamed for that too using da old "gotcha-politics" line.

So, even Manalapan's GOP'er Deputy Mayor can't screw up without blaming da Queen for it!

This leads us to what else da Manalapan GOP'ers will try to blame da Queen for. Imagine for fun purposes if you will a clandestine meeting in a farm pasture next to a filled-in wetlands. Da group of A-B-L supporters are all huddled together and trying to brainstorm more reasons in their classic "Deflect and Accuse" mode that da Queen is at blame for other things in order to deflect da blame away from A-B-L's Land-Grab & Illegally Fill Wetlands-Gate.

One A-B-L Apologist says "Hey I got one. Let's photoshop a picture of da Queen on da grassy knoll in Dallas on that fateful day in 1963. We'll get some other A-B-L apologist to go on da record she was there."

Another A-B-L Apologist says "I got one. Let's say that police were wrong and it wasn't "Rosenberg" it was Roth" who was involved in da Lindbergh Baby kidnapping."

Another mentally-unstable A-B-L Apologist says "Why don't we say that she made a mistake on da Dreyer property and despite a court order she should be sued for legal malpractice, even though she's not a lawyer. We can sue her and drag her name through da mud for 25 months, and then just withdraw da case because we have absolutely no evidence whatsoever." We can even spend "over $100,000" on a law case instead of paying a $10,500 cleanup. At that point that apologist is reminded they did that once before, and that didn't turn out too good either.

An A-B-L Apologist has another idea "We don't even have proof da Queen was born in this country. Let's pass a resolution to force her to producer her Certificate of Live Birth. We can claim she was born in a hut in Kenya next to Barack Obama. We can call it da "Manalapan Birthers."

Then, a leading A-B-L Apologist comes up with another idea "Why don't we do what we normally do. We'll blame da Queen for everything, and when people start to realize da truth, we'll blame Da Mosked Man. What's he going to do, sue us? If that doesn't work, we'll just blame bloggers. It's not like we didn't do that before."

Let's admit something here. Like or dislike da Queen, it is pretty off da wall to believe she was trudging on private property wearing a black cocktail dress with high heels covered in a trench coat and carrying a flashlight in one hand and bug spray in da other muttering to herself, "There's got to be something illegal here. Maybe I'll click my heels 3 times and I'll find something." Did she click her heels and all of a sudden wetlands on da property mysteriously and illegally filled in? Confiscate her cellphone - does she have da DEP on speed dial?

DaTruth is, you can blame da Queen for a lot of things, but we believe it's safe to say she's not da smoking gun here. Maybe instead of blaming a Queen or a blogger, maybe it would be best that some questions are answered. In fact, we have a few that deserve answers - and so does da Asbury Park Press newspaper:









We can come up with even more questions, but we think you get da point here. Too many questions - NO ANSWERS! So far there's silence from da A-B-L camp. Mayor A-B-L refuses to divulge da sale price of da land. WHY? How could all of da approvals have happened with a DEP investigation hanging over it?

DaTruth is, an investigation by da DEP should just be Step 1. What is now needed is an investigation by Federal authorities to see if there was any wrongdoing in da bidding process, and in da approval process where more than one governing body, led by GOP'ers, all approved thus far spending over $1 million in taxpayer money so a sitting GOP'er mayor could buy land that has more question marks on it that da Riddler's uniform on da Batman series!

We have stated before that it is quite probable that no laws were broken here, but from an ethical standpoint and a transparent standpoint this is bad government at its very worst. If Mayor A-B-L truly wants da land, as da Asbury Park Press stated so well, then "Lucas should have pulled back the application until he is out of office. He didn’t. The township should have asked him to reapply when his career in township politics has ended. It didn’t. Now it is up to the county and the state to halt these proceedings, at least until Lucas leaves office."

We demand that Manalapan Mayor Andy Boy A-B-L come clean. He needs to stop hiding it and tell taxpayers how much he paid for that property! And, due to da possible actions of other committees, it's time that ALL members of da Manalapan Township Committee explain on da record what they know - and what they were not told. Contact da county investigators and da state authorities. It's time to come clean about Land-Grab-Gate, it's time to stop blaming others, and it's time for daTruth to be told.

With all this in mind, it's also and very ironically da end of da month, and we must bestow a BaconHead Award for da month of May ---- so --- without further delay --- For finding new and improved ways of making Manalapan a political laughingstock --- for dragging Manalapan through da debris-filled wetlands --- for trying to get your farmer/developer hands on a cool million dollars of taxpayer money by simply filling out da proper forms --- for allowing "Land-Grab-Gate" to be an albatross to hang around da necks of Manalapan & Monmouth Freeloader GOP'er candidates this election year --- for having committee fiends in high places that approve forms --- and for allowing Manalapan to become da Newark of politics --- da TruthTellers have spoken and you, Mayor Andy Boy A-B-L - get a new "Land-Grab" BaconHead for your trophy case!

And, that's daTruth.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Land-Grab-Gate Is Now A Major Manalapan Issue

There's an old saying we all know: "If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck." Well, there are those who are deep within da Manalapan GOP'ers who want you to believe: "If it quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck, talks like a duck, walks like a duck, has a bill like a duck, swims like a duck and acts like a duck, it must be a golden retriever with a hurt paw."

We at daTruthSquad were talking about "Land-Grab-Gate" months ago, and now it seems like this is all starting to boil over. At issue is a 85+ acre tract of land that is going to be put into Farmland Preservation. That doesn't sound bad in theory, except for a few minor issues, such as da Republican mayor of Manalapan receiving a taxpayer-funded payday of over $1 million, approved by a Republican-dominated Township Committee who have issues of their own, and cleared by a fellow Republican county team. And, of course, that's just da info on da surface!

Now, everybody's climbing on daTruthSquad's Truth Train and admitting that da fish smells from da Mayor up.

Da chorus of "Land-Grab-Gate" is now being led by far from Liberal Asbury Park Press, who wrote a scathing editorial saying "Manalapan Mayor Andrew Lucas may want to paint himself as some sort of ecological hero, preserving farmland from development. But heroes don’t generally pocket a cool million bucks for doing something they could have done for free." They continue, "Taxpayers should know how much Lucas paid and see what kind of deal he got. Lucas should have pulled back the application until he is out of office. He didn’t. The township should have asked him to reapply when his career in township politics has ended. It didn’t. Now it is up to the county and the state to halt these proceedings, at least until Lucas leaves office."

Add Monmouth Freeloader Amy Mallet, whacking Mayor Landlord with a mallot of her own, saying "We have 53 municipalities, we have hundreds of parcels that are available—why this property? The people of Manalapan, Monmouth County and New Jersey appear to be purchasing a farm for the mayor of Manalapan and that is not right."

And, it is quickly becoming clear that Land-Grab-Gate could become da centerpiece of da upcoming Queen for Manalapan Township Committee campaign.

DaTruthSquad has decided to look further into this issue, and here's what we've uncovered:


DA REALITY: No, we didn't make this up. This was actually da essence of a quote said by GOP'er Farmer Don Holland to Democrat Queen Michelle Roth. He said, "Your concern about what Mr. Lucas paid, frankly, I think is none of your business." Maybe daTruthSquad's memory is going, but didn't someone once run on da issue of transparency? Even if not, he is da sitting Mayor who is about to be handed a taxpayer-funded check of 7-figures in da midst of da Great Recession. If this is not da taxpayer's business, then why bother to televise meetings? Why bother to make budgets known online? Why hold public meetings? Maybe we should just close Town Hall and save da money, and have all da meetings in Mayor Andy Boy's kitchen? Mrs. Andy Boy can bake some of her delicious favorites and all will be happy.


DA REALITY: Since there are some who want to hide da numbers from you, we'll give you those numbers and let you decide for yourself. Da township, led by GOP'ers, agreed to approve da GOP'er Mayor to receive approximately $1.152 million dollars of TAXPAYER money to allow him to buy da land and place it into Farmland Preservation, keeping da dreaded developers from building those many 9 homes there. Da land was assessed at $1.3 million. Da land will now be placed into what they call da "PIG" Program (No we can't make that up). What we do know is both da local taxpayers of Manalapan, da County of Monmouth taxpayers and state taxpayers will all be handing over their hard-earned $$$$$ to Manalapan Mayor Andy Boy for this purchase, and it seems as if Republicans have no desire to stand in its way. Making matters worse, there's rumors that da former owner scored a huge payday for this land too, and da whole issue of da "Developer" is another issue that could quite possibly require a formal investigation to straighten out.


DA REALITY: According to da developer, da new owner could have built nine (9) mansions on da 85+ acres of land. This is where supporters of da Mayor might say he's doing da township a favor by stopping da development and saving da town from 9 new homes and da kids they will add to da crowded schools. HOWEVER, what of da nearly 100 low-income COAH units they were all in favor of last year? They approved that with no care of adding kids from nearly 100 families into da schools, but those 9 new homes could have created da overcrowding they were most concerned with? Save da town from 9 homes and you're a hero? Allow da town to bring in kids from nearly 100 apartments, and you're also a hero?? Is it us or is this "Lucas-Speak?"


DA REALITY: This statement was made by GOP'er Manalapan Committeeman and Lucas running mate Jordan "Stu" Maskowitz. He says according to da local Snoozepaper, "it was a bold move by the Lucas family to put this land in preservation." Did he receive a doggie treat for saying this? How is it a "bold move?" Were they going to build housing for 50,000 sex offenders there? Were they going to make it a spent nuclear fuel rod burial site? Oh, wait, it's da place where taxpayers are going to pay HIM over $1 million dollars for taking da land off their hands! Bold, indeed. Thanks to Jordan Stu, here's some other situations that our TruthTellers came up with that can now be considered "Jordan Stu bold moves":

1. "I was driving down da road and saw my fuel tank was half-full, so I got a fill-up - BOLD MOVE"

2. "It was raining, so I grabbed an umbrella - BOLD MOVE"

3. "I was going to eat that sandwich that was covered by fire ants, but decided at da last second not to - BOLD MOVE"

4. "I was reading da local Snoozepaper editorials and I got a headache, so I took an asparin - BOLD MOVE"

5. "I'm going to give my sister a $22 per hour job, then say I didn't recognize her name even though it's da same last name as mine (actually happened) until da Queen pointed it out so I blamed politics - BOLD MOVE"


DA REALITY: Here's a bold move - There's courage, and then there's what's happening here. Da Manalapan mayor comes out and instead of being transparent and giving da price of sale like everyone else does when a property is sold, he instead blames da seller of da property and claims they don't want da price revealed. With everything else about this Land-Grab-Gate situation tilting on da unethical, Mayor For Life Andy Boy refuses to reveal vital price information. Even President Obama revealed his birth certificate! What reason could he have for not disclosing da sale information? Could it be that he paid very little - maybe even well under da assessed value of da land in question? Was he given a special deal for political reasons? Was there another reason yet disclosed that could be considered "a problem?"

When you're a lawyer, one thing lawyers seem to like to have a lot of is documentation. Where are da documents? Why hasn't this been posted like all other land sales to da public? By keeping this hidden, even if there was no laws broken (and nobody knows for absolute certainty) by hiding da price it gives creed to belief that there may be something wrong here.. That in itself is a serious problem.


DA REALITY: As daTruthSquad uncovered before, it is not that Mayor Andy Boy bought da land from Diamond Developers. He and his family own a controlling interest in Diamond Developers! And, in one case, he even admitted he should have recused himself on a vote on da land in question, but proclaimed he did not know da block and lot number in question were owned by him! Making matters even worse, da land grab was pushed through in just 9 days into farmland preservation. Da Village project took parts of two decades and is still being debated. Yet, da sitting mayor who stands to reap a windfall profit on land gets that through in just 9 days????


There was never a reason given that Andy Boy has been shut out of running for higher office this year for Monmouth County Freeloader, District 12 State assembly and even District 12 State Senate. Da only constants in da whole equasion are - (1) He has strong political backing, (2) He's a sitting mayor who recently won reelection, (3) He has this ethical cloud hanging over him like a 50,000 pound albatross. Now, da Queen of Manalapan, once thought of as politically doomed may have da issue that can get her reelected - Andy Boy's Taxpayer-Funded Million Dollar Land Grab.

DaTruth is, and to be fair, what Andy Boy did may not be illegal and may not violate any known laws. Ethics however appear to be a totally different matter.

ETHICAL CONCERN 1: By his own admission, although he claims he didn't vote on anything he was in on da process at da very least one point that allowed for da decision to be made on which land to choose for preservation at taxpayer expense, so much so a re-vote needed to be done following objections by da Queen, and his land was chosen.

ETHICAL CONCERN 2: He continues to refuse to disclose how much he paid for da land in question, while normal taxpaying citizens usually must do so.

ETHICAL CONCERN 3: He's being painted as a hero of ecology for damning development for greener pastures by locksteppers within his own political party, however as da Asbury Park Press so aptly stated, "heroes don’t generally pocket a cool million bucks for doing something they could have done for free."

ETHICAL CONCERN 4: Da Manalapan Township attorneys and da committee itself allowed this to progress to what it has become - and he was da mayor during all of it - a sitting mayor who will reap a financial windfall during da worst recession since da Great Depression.

ETHICAL CONCERN 5: Why was da property owned by da mayor of Manalapan chosen over all others?

ETHICAL CONCERN 6: As Freeloader Mallet says, "The people of Manalapan, Monmouth County and New Jersey appear to be purchasing a farm for the mayor of Manalapan and that is not right." Many people seem to see this, unless you're a Republican tied to Mayor Lucas in Manalapan.

ETHICAL CONCERN 7: This is da very same mayor who recently placed his own political party boss as a paid commissioner of da local Sewer Authority! Where's Governor Christie when you need him?

ETHICAL CONCERN 8: He currently owns a major stake in da development company that was behind da sale of da land - to him!

DaTruth is, this is just another issue of politics as unusual in a small town in New Jersey. It was just 4 years ago that Manalapan became da laughingstock of da world for suing a lawyer for following a judge's court order, and going after this blog for exposing aspects of that lawsuit and shining a light on it. Manalapan now faces a lawsuit from both that lawyer for what could be trainload of $$$$$$ for that failed lawsuit, and from da former highly decorated police chief for defamation by a member of da Township Committee. For years now we have highlighted alleged wrongdoing, and then this juicy plum of a story drops in.

Now, to be fair, let's make clear again that what Andy Boy is doing may not be illegal. However, hiding things gives pause for ethics, and to many ethical problems attached to this allows for too much pause. As an elected official, and any past or present elected official can tell you this - we da citizens expect better, and in this case we're not getting it.

This is a very serious issue. Questions have been raised about a sitting mayor who can reap a financial windfall while in office, questions about members of his own party on da Township committee, questions of how it got through da county. It's time for answers, and right now, there are none being provided by elected officials, and that in itself is a concern.

DaTruth is - enough is enough. We believe Mayor Andy Boy should do da right thing and remove that land from da taxpayerfunded Farmland preservation. If he wants to buy it, he can do so with his own money. Da taxpayers of Manalapan, Monmouth County and New Jersey should not be buying him land at any price. if Mayor Andy Boy wants da land so much, resign from office and put on a pair of overalls and farm da land. Da Taxpayers should not have to pay for what is being considered a land grab at taxpayer expense. This situation both looks and smells unethical, and it harms da GOP'ers you claim to support.

DaTruth is - enough is enough. Da County and State should step in and investigate this. If this is or is not illegal, that needs to be established with absolute certainty. As for ethics, enough said.

DaTruth is - enough is enough. It's time for a State or Federal investigation into da goings-on in Manalapan Town Hall. Too much has gone on in years gone by and too many lawsuits, ethical issues, and questionable instances that da only way we'll really know for sure how taxpayer money is being spent is to have da Feds come in and shine a bright light on da books. We are not only asking for this - we are demanding it. Without a qualified and unbiased investigation, taxpayers unfortunately may not be able to believe without a reasonable doubt that their money is being spent wisely - or properly.

It's a shame it has come down to this, but an investigation would be best "For All Da People."

And that's daTruth.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

He Put His Presidency On Da Line To Keep A Promise

Those too young to remember might not know that President Kennedy took a black eye for his failed Bay of Pigs invasion. President Carter's Delta Force-led failed rescue mission to free da hostages in Iran most likely was da final nail in his bid to be reelected. Ask yourself what would have happened if da US invasion of Panama was a dismal failure with hundreds of US servicemembers killed. Could a failure like that have caused President Bush (da first one) not to lead the coalition against Saddam Hussein (da first time)?

Like him or not, it was an extremely gutsy call by President Obama to send an elite squad of America's best deep into Pakistan and surgically strike the head of da snake. It was maybe da gutsiest call since President Kennedy stared down da Russkies during da Cuban Missile Crisis. He never let on during da recent White House Dinner when he made jokes about Fox News and Donald Trump. He never let on while visiting Alabama and the tornado devastation. He made getting this evil personified his mission, and saw it through.

Think about what would have happened if this mission failed and American troops were captured or killed? Most likely, even Sarah Palin would be able to beat him by a monumental landslide in 2012. Our military would have been set back a decade. We would have come across weak to those who are against us. He would have set back da Democratic party for a decade. We would have opened the door to attacks against Americans and American interests like we've never seen before. His critics would beat him with this ad-nauseum.

However, fresh off releasing his long form birth certificate and trashing his rivals at da White House Dinner, President Obama made da single-most important speech of his presidency, and let da world know that time matters not when you harm America. He told da American people he gave da order to go after Bib Laden and take him out and as Commander-In-Chief, he did his job.

You have to give President Obama credit. There are those who hate him or don't like him. However he did make da promise before he was elected that he'd capture or kill Osama and he kept his word. He came across more presidential on Sunday night than Bush ever did in eight years. He proved himself as a leader.

However, something that may not be spoken is that he put his presidency on da line. If the mission ended in failure, America could have been in danger. If da mission ended in failure, his legacy would be the same as Carter's. If he did nothing, da opposing party could never use "You didn't find Bin Laden" since they couldn't find him for over 7 years either. Instead, Obama made da biggest gamble of his life, sent in the best troops we had on a mission that the planners of the Entebbe raid into Uganda would be proud of, and he just left his legacy on the world for all to see.

Now, to be fair, this should not be all about President Obama. We have to salute every single man and woman in the American military who put their lives on da line every second of every day to keep us safe. We have to salute the heroes of 9/11 who ran into burning buildings to save others. We have to salute every family who lost a loved one on that day who stood by for da last 10 years hoping and praying for this evil to be removed from the earth. And yes, we absolutely have to salute American-born President Barack Hussein Obama for keeping his promise to fight terrorism and taking the battle into da bedroom of the most evil person on da planet, giving da order that sent American military and CIA on da most dangerous and most important mission of da War on Terror, and placing one bullet hole into da head of the snake.

Equally important, the mission that President Obama approved not only cut off da head of evil, it sent a clear message to other would-be terrorists and those who don't like America. He proclaimed in very clear words that it may be a day, a week, or a year or 10 years, but we will find you and we will eliminate you no matter where you run and hide - even if it violates da sovereignty of another nation to do so.

Even more so, he sent a message to da world that said indeed, we do not need to drop a nuke on you to find you and harm innocents that may be in the same area. And, when we find you, we will not harm the innocents you may surround yourself with and shield you with. We will spare them and remain true to our objective to remove da evil of the world.

But, American-born President Obama didn't stop there. Da gamble of his life also included gathering more intel in 40 minutes than waterboarding ever could in 40 years. What those brave Seals brought home with them was a treasure trove of info about an organization that is bent on our own destruction. Computers, thumb drives, hard drives, cellphones - they got it all in da home of evil. So, not only did Obama get his man - he also got intel that we will most likely find will set back al-Qaida for a decade, and could quite possibly or hopefully lead to their destruction.

There are many people who lost loved ones during 9/11, and many more from being exposed to da toxins on da pile afterward. Our readers know some of those people, including many in Monmouth County and in Manalapan. They can rest a little easier tonight knowing the evil one is now swimming with da fishes in da North Arabian Sea. It won't bring our loved ones back, which is what we would all rather have, but it will give us all a little peace.

And, to be fair, thank you again to our American-born President Barack Obama for taking that 3:00am phone call and keeping da promise you made to us. Thank you to da people in your administration who guided you. Thank you to da military who protects us. Thank you to da US Navy Seal Team Six who dropped into a firefight braving da bullets and da unknown and removed evil in this world.

America is a much better place today. And that's daTruth.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's The "Strange Bedfellow" Manalapan Election of 2011

The big news of the election season in Manalapan was da fact that Land Baron Mayor Andy Boy, who just got himself reappointed mayor again was going to run for Monmouth County Freeloader (he lost that election once before) before he was rebuffed by da County GOP'er big cheeses, run for da new District 12 State Senate before he was rebuffed by da guy who will be running for it, run for da new District 12 State Assembly before da County GOP basically laughed that one off too, and then of course in effect actually ran out of things to run for this year. This leaves us with da slate of candidates for da Manalapan Township Committee this year -- and even we must admit it may be one of da better slate of candidates on both sides in a very long time - and one that will produce massive amounts of fireworks to be fair and to be sure.


Running for da Manalapan Republicans is former Manalapan Township committeewoman Susan Cohen and current committeeguy Farmer Don Holland.

Cohen is probably the best breath of fresh air to hit da Manalapan Township Committee since da Mosked Man was a member of it. She has all da positive credentials you need, all da personality you want, and almost assuredly all da dedication to da job you desire in both a candidate and a member of da governing body. Of course, she does have a negative next to her that could be exploited in da campaign - she was once censured by da very same Manalapan Township Committee she is running for -- a vote brought to da floor by none other than current Mayor for Life Andy Boy, a fellow GOP'er.

Farmer Don Holland won 3 years ago when he ran with da Queen as a Democrat. Not only did he change parties and become a GOP'er (da second time a Roth running mate has left da Democrats) but he did so by burning down da house, burning da bridge to da house, and then starting another fire after that one was put out to make sure everything burned as he left da Democrats. In not so many words, he challenged da motives and leadership of da people who run da Manalapan Democrats (da Queen and Gerry "One Bourbon, One Scotch & One Beer" Ward) as he turned his back on them. To be fair, his points were very valid, and much like Mr. Anthony Gennaro who once ran with da Queen and then abdicated da Democrats, he had more than enough reasons. He's also been a very nice breath of fresh farm air on da Committee and has that rare combination of both chutpah and character, and he's not afraid to stand up to party bosses.


Running for da Manalapan Democrats is unknown attorney Seth Ptasiewicz and da Queen of Manalapan Committeewoman Michelle Roth.

Usually when you walk into a court room you have as an attorney a pretty good idea of what you are walking into. You usually either know the judge or you've researched their record. Since attorney Seth Ptasiewicz is an unknown, we did some digging and it seems like this guy isn't a bad egg at all, which of course begs da question - does he know what he's getting himself into? He's a pretty capable attorney who seems to be liked by people, has a good track record in da legal profession as checked out in our handy dandy legal database of NJ attorneys. He's no Mosked Man when it comes to legal experience, but he is licensed to practice law in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, his specialty is Labor & Employment law which could come handy on da Township Committee, been a member of da NJ Bar in good standing since 1994 and New York before that, and has no blemishes we can find thus far. Interestingly, he will be da 4rd running mate for da Queen since 2004 (Beth "Bare Knuckles" Ward doesn't count unless she's attempting to pick a fight with someone at a town hall meeting, one left da Democrats after just 2 months and da other left da Democrats after two years but that second year you can tell he wasn't da Queen's lap dog anymore). Oh, and da guy whose last name you probably can't pronounce has worked as an ethics attorney too (you can't make that stuff up)! Pairing da Queen with an ethics attorney --- doesn't that give you visions of placing da finger in da holy water and it starts to boil?

Then, of course, you have da Queen. She brings with her more political baggage than can be found at Newark, Kennedy, Atlanta, LAX and O'Hare Airports combined. She brings with her more political drama than Imelda Marcos has shoes. She was lurking behind da scenes when Manalapan sued da Mosked Man (we all know how that turned out), when Manalapan decided to try to void da First Amendment and went after daTruthSquad (boy do we all know how that turned out and got worldwide attention), went after da symphony leader, da Manalapan Rec leader debacle, da Manalapan Police Chief, et al. Now, she's da target of one lawsuit that got settled and another that seems to have a long way to go, and da Mosked Man's lawsuit that also has some distance to go before da Mosked Man most likely becomes a wealthy guy. Of course there are positives for da Queen - personally she's lost some weight and looks much more svelte, but politically we can't think of anything.

DaTruth is, this potential battle royal now pairs former running mates (Roth & Holland) who are now on opposite sides of da table and are now rivals, a virtual unknown in Seth Ptasiewicz who appears from a legal standpoint not to be like another former member of da Township Committee who claimed to practice law, a person of absolute moral clarity and cares more for da town that she may care for herself in Susan Cohen who was censured by her once-friend then once-rival Andy Boy because she attempted to do da unthinkable - think for herself and do right by da town, and in da Queen, maybe da most polarizing figure in Manalapan political history.

And, to be fair, let's not forget da stakes in this election.

At stake is either a super-majority of all GOP'ers and absolutely NO Democrats on da 2012 Manalapan Township Committee, da potential end to da reign of Manalapan Democratic leader Gerry "One Bourbon, One Shot & One Beer" Ward who just 7 years ago himself had a 5-0 super-majority, nobody involved in Manalapan politics named "Roth," and a feather for da cap of Manalapan GOP'er leader and current Sewer Rat (Commissioner) Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery.

Will da Queen be forced to abdicate her throne? Will a former running mate take her down? Will common sense prevail and Susan Cohen be brought back "For All Da People?" Will yet another attorney become a member of da Manalapan Township Committee? Will this makk da end as Commissar for Gerry Ward as Manalapan Democratic leader? Will Larry Roth become da new head of da Manalapan Democrats in a power struggle? Will Manalapan become da Medical Marijuana capital of New Jersey? Will we see an emergence of da "No MegaMallers?" Will da Village ever be built? Is there a "Birther" issue in Manalapan's future? Is there a political office Andy Boy hasn't run for yet? Will da Manalapan Patch join daTruthSquad as da only internet trusted sources for information in Manalapan? Will there be controversy in this year's Manalapan election? How much money will former Manalapan Police Chief Stu Brown settle for in da "Rage-Gate" case? How much will da Mosked Man settle for in his defamation case? Will Manalapan residents be on da hook in any of these alleged politically motivated cases?

Oh, what a year this will be in Manalapan politics - to be sure.

And that's daTruth!

And, as for da BaconHead, this month we give that honor to Republicans who actually when polled put Donald Trump at da head of who they would vote for against President Obama in 2012. Let's face reality here -- only in America can a reality show guy who has been involved at least by name with bankrupted businesses and while da country digs out of da worst recession since da great Depression get people to believe that a question about a birth certificate was more important than $5 dollar gas price. Maybe he should run for Manalapan Township Committee instead?