Thursday, April 30, 2009

Manalapan's Queen May Be Biting Off More Than She Can Chew

Times should get very interesting in Manalapan within the next 2 months, and da most interesting point of all will be - how will da Queen position herself.

Issue 1 - Da Town Budget:

Da Queen has never - ever - voted against a tax increase. In fact, TruthTellers have made it very clear that in 2005, she was against da Municipal Tax Decrease brought forth by former Committeeman Joltin Joe and then-Republican Andy Boy, going so far as talking during town meetings against their actions.

So, now that she's running for state office this year, isn't it surprising that da Queen, during an April meeting, said "she" would be introducing da next budget. Surprising indeed!

Da Queen will have to deal with apparently lower cash-on-hand, hardly any money coming from Municipal State Aid, enough lawsuits to fund to keep lawyers in Ferrari's for 50 years, da question of whether to fund da pensions or not, fire people or not, what to do with Englishtown - all while running for state assembly.

So, what will she do? DaTruthSquad expects she'll pull a Corzine and suspend da pension payments - which will have to be paid in full well after she's no longer on da Township Committee - meaning she'll leave that mess for someone else.

Firing anyone? Not anyone close, but folks in DPW? Construction Department??

It would be pretty ironic if she tries a budget gimmick - something she railed against in 2005 & 2006.

Issue 2 - Da Lawsuits:

What will happen with da Mosked Man lawsuit? A lot has been said about it, but legally, not much can be done except to either move forward or drop it - and that won't happen.

DaTruth is, da very minute da Mosked Man sued Committeeman Andy Boy, it forced da suit to continue until either a judge tossed da town's case out citing no merit, or da discovery process allowed too much light to shine on anything da town's politicians don't want people to see. If you're da Mosked man, you actually want this to continue, despite da taxpayer expense, because da case da town must prove is much harder to prove than da Mosked Man's case to prove his innocence. And, if there's ever a countersuit, or more defendants are brought in by da Mosked Man, da meter on this $10,500 soil cleanup might possibly go well into da mid-six figures - all for lawyers!

As for da Queen, is it possible she'll be made a defendant in this case? Only da Mosked Man knows for sure.

Issue 3 - Da Past:

Already, a lot is being said about da ouster of da township symphony conductor (Asian), da Larry Roth "Because I Hate Italians" comment that caused protest marches in Manalapan (Italian), work for a mining company and their alleged treatment of workers (African), and other ethnic incidents over da years.

Will this become a factor in her campaign?

DaTruth is, it's a slippery slope, but those who don't like da Queen could and probably will bring allegations to da surface. So, don't be too surprised to hear about these things in da future.

Issue 4 - Da Opponent:

Ironically, da Queen's opponent for State Senate will be current GOP'er Assemblywoman & former Manalapan Township Attorney Carolina "Anonymous Bomb Throwers" MachoGrande, who actually said da founding fathers of da Constitution didn't think about those types of people when framing our greatest document. FYI - she's also in da middle of a Legal Malpractice Lawsuit - not da Mosked Man's - da one SHE'S BEING SUED FOR!!!!

If someone knows about "where da bodies are buried," it's an attorney. This one in particular worked closely with da Queen. Accordingly, da Queen also worked closely with her. So this could make for a very interesting situation indeed. It also could make for a very nasty race, which is how da Queen ascended to power in 2005, running what was considered by many then to be one of da township's nastiest races ever.

DaTruth is, this time around, da Snoozepaper won't be all da help it was in da past, since there's an actual journalist reporting on Manalapan this time around.

Will da Queen turn her back on her Democratic budgeting principles?

Will da Queen become more intertwined in da Mosked Man lawsuit?

Will there be a catfight between da Queen and MachoGrande?

Will da past come back and haunt da Queen?

Stay tuned. This could be da most talked-about election in da state - outside of da governor's race.

And that's daTruth.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Referendum Against Wasser - Wasser's Rubber-Stamp Horvath Voted Out In Manalapan By A Landslide!

She used gimics, including advertising and ridiculous robot-calling, and in the end, her ties to Mr/Dr/Lord James Wasser cost her the job she's held for 30 years. In a stunning development that will have implications for da Queen, da Commissar, and also da Manalapan Republican Party, newcomer Jennifer Sutera beat Wasser-puppet Pat Horvath by a landslide to win her seat on the Freehold Regional High School board!

Sutera won, despite Horvath & Wasser's backing by da Queen and also by alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident & alleged Republican/and or Democrat DEFENDANT Andy Boy! Da landslide also have a victory to local school board hero Joey DePasquale, who was reelected with da most totaled votes despite an alleged AndyBoy-supported candidate who didn't stand a chance.


Sutera's win will remove da rubber stamp that Horvath used for anything and everything Wasser wanted. In da end, da people realized what was going on and voted for change in large numbers.

However, this win wasn't just a victory for Sutera, who ran a very clean, very fair, and very honest campaign despite being outspent by a drastic margin.

Another winner is Butch Budai, who solidified himself as the person who now, withoutthe title, controls da Republican Party in Manalapan. He has now run more victorious campaigns in da last 30 months than current GOP leader, Grand Poobah Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery, has won since 2004!

In addition, GOP Committeeman Andy Boy, who was exposed for supporting Democrats, solidified da fact his power as a GOP'er was also vanquished by Budai, and now has become to many just a Republican-in-name-only.

There will be more about da shift of GOP'er power in Manalapan in an upcoming daTruthSquad.

As for Sutera, she single handedly now becomes a focal point on da school board. No longer will Wasser be able to rubber-stamp his will and desires on da taxpayers. In addition, by electing Sutera, it means that Wasser's tenure as school board dictator will most likely come to an end when his contract ends in 2011. If Horvath was elected, she would have most likely supported another Wasser tenure, which would have been da single worst thing for all da kids and taxpayers.

DaTruth is, this was a tremendous victory for both da kids & da taxpayers. Under Horvath, da school tax levy continued to rise, and Wasser's perks increased despite a severe economic hardhip levied against da taxpayers. And, despite a smoke-and-mirrors campaign run by Horvath, with support from Manalapan's Gang of Three, and obviously a lot of money, da victory went to da person best suited to help da kids and not help da politicians.

Congratulations to Jennifer Sutera for her tremendous victory against da Horvath, and congratulations to Butch Budai for cementing his place as da Defacto leader of da Manalapan Republican Party.

And that's daTruth.

Monday, April 20, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Manalapan Town Hall Apparently Backs Horvath????

A number of TruthTellers have received on Monday a computer-generated call from none other than Wasser puppet Patricia "Wasser" Horvath. Da call, according to a number of caller ID's actually came from Washington, DC, a company called StarNet, and not from Monmouth County or even from Manalapan or Englishtown!

Instead of looking for some unemployed Monmouth County kids or adults, she instead outsourced her propoganda campaign to Washington, DC, da capital of political antics!

In da call, she specifically articulated her "experience" (in raising budgets and taxes), among other lowlights.

However, da big-money spending campaign of da Horvath, which has included newspaper ads, and now even computer-calls, may have crossed da lines of descency.

Horvath also said, "For any questions, call (Manalapan) Town Hall for information."

Does this mean that Manalapan Town Hall endorses her?

It makes it seem that da call may have even come from Town Hall, which it actually didn't, but gave that impression. And, what "information" can we all get from Town Hall? It's obvious that's a little too open-ended for da voters.

As we all know, da last three mayors (Lucas, Roth, Klauber) have been silent on da Wasser issue. There are even rumors spreading throughout da Internet that alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident & alleged Republican/and or Democrat Andy Boy "DEFENDANT" Lucas might have a "Horvath" sign on or near his property.

By making da claim that you can "call Town Hall" to get information, it gives da direct impression that Manalapan Town Hall is backing and supporting her campaign, which could allegedly be a violation of election law. This almost harkens back to da day when Monmouth Democratic Chairman Grand Master Vic used da Manalapan Township logo for a political mailer against an Italian organization to smear their then-president during da Larry & Michelle Roth "BECAUSE I HATE ITALIANS" affair.

DaTruth is, da Jennifer Sutera campaign should immediately file a complaint with Manalapan Township, da state Board of Education, and da state election board. At da very least, this crosses an "ethical" line, and if this is da Horvath's "experience," than daTruthSquad for one wants nothing to do with her, and neither should you.

This "computer-call" wreaks of despiration, following what has been a perfectly run campaign by da Sutera camp.

Ask yourself this --- how much money is da Horvath and her handlers spending on a simple school board election? If she wins, who will be be forced to be beholden to because of all da money spent?

DaTruth is, this almost smells like a Queen-run campaign tactic - to misdirect and confuse voters to believe Manalapan Town Hall supports a certain candidate.

It's high time to remove people like this from political office, because her "compu-call" actions prove beyond a doubt her campaign handlers are treating this like a political appointment, and politics has no place with our children!

You should make every effort to vote on Tuesday afternoon, and vote out cronyism which has no place with our children. After 30 years of this type of politics in da schools, it's time to vote da Horvath out and send a strong message to Wasser, Klauber & Roth that their brand of politics is no longer desired in Manalapan.

And that's daTruth.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Did Da Colts Neck Kid Counterfeiters Really Do Anything Wrong?

Like many of our TruthTellers, daTruthSquad was surprised when news of da arrests of two young, impressionable Colts Neck High School students was reported by da Asbury Park Press newspaper. According to news accounts, da sophomore & junior passed funny money in da school's cafeteria, and got caught. Da 16 and 17 year olds were arrested, and charged with forgery. Apparently da bills they passed looked pretty real.

But here's da "money" question - Did these kids really do anything wrong?

DaTruthSquad gave this some thought, and da answer has to be - Yes.

Was printing and trying to pass funny money wrong? Well, it was wrong, but maybe they had an excuse.

What did these two young, impressionable kids really do wrong?

Da answer is --- They followed da bad example of a role model - da school superintendent!

Dr/Mr/Lord James Wasser got bonuses and a higher salary by using a degree from a bogus school - a diploma mill. He used his bogus degree - ATTAINED at TAXPAYER EXPENSE - from da school that has been kicked out of more states and countries than almost as many people who've crossed da Queen and her cadre.

He used that bogus degree to get a $700 month luxury car lease that TAXPAYERS PAY FOR (Approved by da Horvath).

He used that bogus degree to take trips on da TAXPAYER DOLE (Approved by da Horvath).

He's shown as much remorse about da whole "Diploma-gate" affair as Jeffrey Dahmer would at an all-you-can-eat buffet that he cooked himself.

And yes, this bogus-educator is da top dog when it comes to your kid's educations!

So is it really a stretch that two probably-impressionable kids in high school would take it upon themselves to print funny money and try to pass it as da real thing?

Maybe da problem is, they printed out da wrong thing. Maybe if they printed up high school diplomas from Breyer High School, and sold those to their friends, they would have been OK. Who knows, maybe Dr/Mr/Lord Wasser would have bought one to be able to say he graduated High School?

DaTruth is, daTruthSquad in no way condones what these two kids did, although I'm sure their lawyer is already preparing "Da Wasser Defense." However, anyone who doesn't condone what these kids did also must not condone what Dr/Mr/Lord Wasser has done while holding down a 6-figure TAXPAYER-FUNDED job, with a TAXPAYER-FUNDED luxury vehicle, and TAXPAYER-FUNDED trips -- all approved by folks like da Horvath who deserve nothing more than to be handed her walking papers by da voters of Manalapan.


With this in mind, da election for school boards happens on Tuesday. One way to show your displeasure with da antics of Dr/Mr/Lord Wasser is to start voting out all da people responsible for him living high on da hog -- people like da Horvath.

Anyone who picked up a wet & cold Snoozepaper off their lawn read da propaganda da Horvath answered when talking about da election. Here's some lowlights:

"I am familiar with labor issues and negotiations, NJ statutes 18A, personnel matters..."

OK, so basically, da Horvath is saying she's either responsible for making sure your taxes are going up, or she's saying she's "familiar" with it, meaning she hasn't done anything about it. Whatever "Statute 18A" is, nobody really knows for sure, but we can hope it has something to do with education and not counterfeiting. And, as for "personal matters," one can only guess that means she knows where people go after meetings.

When asked what the "pressing issues" are, da Horvath said, "tax impact on all the districts."

Considering how high taxes are now, and they're going up under her so-called "leadership," then what in da Breyer State has she done in her 30 years?

However, here true colors showed up when asked about Wasser's future - saying "it is inappropriate for me to make a comment pertaining to the superintendent's future in the district."

Not having an opinion about someone who has become da school superintendent laughingstock of da nation, making our schools and kids look bad, doing nothing as drug problems have become worse in da schools, school ratings have dropped, taxpayers taken advantage of - da Horvath's silence is deafening here!

DaTrith is, anyone who's read her propaganda in da local Snoozepaper knows change is needed, starting with her job!!! Da only way to bring sanity to a situation is to vote out those who allowed da insanity to happen. Da Horvath needs to be shown da door, and new blood needs to come in and start doing right by da kids.

Her opponent, Jennifer Sutera, even has her own blog site which you can click here to read - and anyone who blogs definitely gets one thumb up by daTruthSquad. After reading her positions, she gets da other thumb up too. Change is needed more than ever. Da Horvath has proved she's not working in da interest of da kids by not standing up against Wasser's antics. It's time to do da right thing for da kids and get someone in there who will look out for their best education interests and da taxpayer's public interests - AND JENNIFER SUTERA IS THAT PERSON IN MANALAPAN.

And, lets do this before kids start printing up their own bogus degrees.

And that's daTruth.

Monday, April 13, 2009

How Manalapan's Taxpayer Money Is SILENTLY Spent

There are two things for certain in life - death and taxes.

There are three things certain for life as a taxpayer in Manalapan - death, incredibly high taxes, and more money wastefully & needlessly spent on lawyers.

We start first with da now-infamous "Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" lawsuit that gained worldwide scorn for da sidebar lawsuit attempting to erase da First Amendment. You have to remember that da now-infamous was actually about a land-deal-gone-wrong, but thanks to a few elected politicians, and a handful of lawyers called da Manalapan Legal Dream Team, it turned into something else.

Instead of da township committee going after da former land owners for $10,500 to clean up a minor home heating spill, da town instead has spent of YOUR TAXPAYER $$$$$$ at least $40,000 for an engineering assessment from a company that has donated $$$$$ to political causes of da party in power in Manalapan, lawyers who have donated $$$$$ to political causes of da party in power in Manalapan, and went after a lawyer who apparently hasn't donated $$$$$ to political causes of da party in power in Manalapan.

Now comes a number of rumors that da lead attorney in da case - who has been a part of this since it began 2007 - is no longer handling da case. If this is true, then who is handling the case now? What will happen to this case? Will another Manalapan Legal Dream Team lawyer step up and put their name & reputation on the line? Will da township committee hire ANOTHER lawyer at TAXPAYER EXPENSE? If he is bowing out, does Manalapan owe him money? And while we're on that subject, how much money has Manalapan actually paid to all lawyers - including the lawyer for Andy Boy?????

Of course, what was once said by former Manalapan Township attorney Carolina MachoGrande is now even more important, because she said during a township committee meeting that there was only ONE Dream Team attorney working on da case - da one who allegedly isn't anymore. That statement of MachoGrande also directly conflicts with da famous "Rosman Editorial," where his investigative report shows as many as 4 Dream Team lawyers on da Manalapan taxpayer payroll!

And, adding Alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident and alleged Republican/and or Democrat Andy Boy's lawyer at TAXPAYER EXPENSE - that makes 5 attorneys who are/or have fed at da Queen & Commissar-ordered taxpayer-funded trough!

Then, you have da super-secret Inquisition of highly decorated Manalapan Police Chief Brown, at da hands of Queen Torquemada and her court. What is Police Chief Brown being grilled about at TAXPAYER EXPENSE by da 12th District Assemblywoman wanna-be Queen?

Was it because of the 2 times Verizon shut down phone service to the Manalapan Police Department last year that da Chief had every right to be irate about because of da extreme safety of da residents issue?

We may never know - because a gag order has been placed on da proceedings! Does something smell fishy?

When Committeewoman Cohen, maybe da most honest and taxpayer-fair member of da committee, who is being kept silent by da gag order tells da Asbury Park Press newspaper, "As soon as I can say something - I WILL SAY SOMETHING ABOUT IT." That speaks volumes right there.

You also have millions of $$$$$$$ spent on what has become known as da field of nightmares, a synthetic turf field that New York City, Connecticut, and other towns & states have banned because of health concerns. Sure, it expands da already large Manalapan Recreation Complex. However, da ultra-high cost and da bonding there of will cost Manalapan taxpayers for years to come.

You also have da Tillis tract that Manalapan TAXPAYERS PAID DOUBLE DA GOING RATE FOR. You know, da same one that da Commissar wants to be sure is ARSENIC-FREE! So what if nearly half da land is unusable? So what if even da Commissar wants to make sure there's no contamination on da site? It's only TAXPAYER MONEY.

Then, you have da next on da long list of Manalapan Township Committee lawsuits in da making - da Gentile property. His property was "downzoned," something supported by da Queen. Meanwhile, da very same Queen allowed Hovnanian to build a small city a bike ride away on Woodward Road. That lawsuit should be a doozie.

DaTruth is, filing a lawsuit just for da sake of filing one is not da best way to spend taxpayer money. Take for example, here's exactly what da Manalapan Township Committee has told everyone about these lawsuits:

How much has da Mosked Man lawsuit cost Manalapan Taxpayers? Da Queen, Andy Boy & da Commissar refuse to answer.

How much did da First Amendment erasure lawsuit case against daTruthSquad cost Manalapan Taxpayers? Da Queen, Andy Boy & da Commissar refuse to answer.

Did da lead attorney of da Mosked Man case resign? Da Queen, Andy Boy & da Commissar refuse to answer.

Why did Queen Torquemada inquisition Police Chief Brown? Da Queen, Andy Boy & da Commissar refuse to answer.

What was da real reason behind da ouster of Rec head honcho Collincini? Da Queen, Andy Boy & da Commissar refuse to answer.

Why did no mayor of da Manalapan Township Committee for da last 3 years (da Queen - Andy Boy - da Commisdsar) - unlike other municipalities, speak up about da bogus-degree-gate of Mr-Dr-Lord Wasser, and da support he received from Pat "Whatever you say Mr-Dr-Lord Wasser" Horvath? Da Queen, Andy Boy & da Commissar refuse to answer.

Why was da legal malpractice lawsuit against current Assemblywoman and former Manalapan Township Attorney Carolina MachoGrande kept secret - only to be discovered by daTruthSquad? Da Queen, Andy Boy & da Commissar refuse to answer.

What was da real situation behind da husband of da Queen saying "BECAUSE I HATE ITALIANS," something they tried in vain to hide, except daTruthSquad blogged about it enough that hordes of newspapers, radio, and TV folks ascended on Manalapan like da plague? Da Queen, Andy Boy & da Commissar refuse to answer.

DaTruth is, there's apparently a lot of things Da Queen, Andy Boy & da Commissar refuse to answer! Ironically, da Queen and da Commissar are both running for elected office this year. Maybe at each and every meeting they should be asked these questions and others, so their silence can be placed on da public record for all to hear!

You, da citizens, have a right to know what your elected officials are doing. Demand answers to your questions, and don't stop asking - because YOUR silence is what some politicians want - so they can cover THEIR silence.

Because - da big problem remains - da politicians file lawsuits to go after those they don't like - or da critics they want to silence -- AND THEY'RE USING TAXPAYER MONEY TO DO IT!

And that's daTruth.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Manalapan Reportedly Facing Big Budget Deficit

Embedded sources in Manalapan's Democratic Party & Town Hall have been telling daTruthSquad for da last 2 months that there is significant worry among a number of individuals that Manalapan may be facing a nearly 7-figure budget deficit for their fiscal year - and approximately $700,000 right now from what we are hearing leaking out of Town Hall!

Remember, over da last two years, Manalapan, led by Finance Committee financial extra-super-duper money pro wizards alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident & alleged Republican/and or Democrat DEFENDANT Andy Boy and da Commissar have raised municipal taxes an astronomical 42% over just da last 2 years, both draconian increases supported and voted for by da alleged soon-to-be State Assembly candidate, da Queen.

Now, with all that extra money COMING DIRECTLY OUT OF YOUR POCKETS to fill da Manalapan coffers, how is it you face what could be another massive tax increase?

No, this isn't an April fool's joke - but da joke could be on Manalapan taxpayers.

Of course, da next question has to be - "Where is da Money?"

Da embedded daTruthSquad sources were proven correct again as to why is Manalapan facing such a huge budget deficit, as da Commissar recently let slip during a meeting!

How can this happen after two of da largest budget increases in Manalapan history back-to-back? What is Manalapan spending money on that is draining its financial resources? How much are da many lawsuits, including da Mosked Man lawsuit (which daTruthSquad will be discussing in detail soon enough)?

Now, with Governor Clown-zine preparing New Jersey for the worst - higher taxes and no property tax rebates, Manalapan residents will be hit by a double-whammy of financial mismanagement!

FYI - will da Queen's State Assembly slogan be - - "Higer Taxes and da Queen - PERFECT TOGETHER?" Or will it be, "Open up your wallets, because da Queen Express is coming through," or "I'd TAX YOU TO OBLIVION - but oblivion isn't high enough!"

DaTruth is, daTruthSquad knows of one way off da bat that YOUR TAX DOLLARS were wasted. Recently, Manalapan Police Chief Stu Brown was ordered to face da Inquisition, led by Queen Torquemada. Why was a day wasted, with workers, including lawyers, on da payroll clock? Why is this meeting being cloaked in absolute secrecy? Why can't da Queen Torquemada and her Inquisition discuss what they did USING YOUR TAX DOLLARS?

Then there's da Gentile lawsuit - WHICH A NEW ATTORNEY MUST TAKE OVER! How long will this go on? Why is Manalapan fighting it so hard? Is it because the Gentile's are allegedly Republican-leaning?

Then there's da money being spent on da Tillis tract, double what it is worth! Then there's da Field of Nightmares - another 7-figure bill for da township and another nice plaque with da Queen's name on it.

Let's not forget da Village fiasco, with more traffic, enginnering and land use studies done - many at taxpayer expense - and more to come - than was needed it seems to build probably any other shopping center in da history of New Jersey.

Of course, there's also da Mosked Man lawsuit - you know da one - da land-deal-gone-bad-First Amendment-3rd party defendant-never-going-to-end lawsuit that da Commissar claims isn't costing any taxpayer money for lawyers, but by Mark Rosman Snoozepaper estimates already has and by daTruthSquad rough estimates has paid taxpayer money to lawyers to da tune of over $35,000, and even Committeeman Andy Boy told da Snoozepaper - without retraction - that da case to clean up a $10,500 heating oil leak has cost Manalapan taxpayers "well over $100,000!

And by da way - who is representing Manalapan now? Is it Manalapan Legal Dream Teamer Weeks????? Will a new lawyer be on a contingency fee too?

How could this have happened?

Of course, Manalapan's "BLAME FIRST, TAX SECOND, AND ASK QUESTIONS LATER" Gang of Three will blame da recession, George Bush, Trenton, daTruthSquad, Governor Clown-zine, da Mosked man. Those drinking Cadre Kool-Aid won't know better, but da TruthTellers will.

At this point, da best thing anyone can do is demand answers at da town meetings. Demand how to know how da money is being spent. Demand to know how this budget deficit happened - and don't take excuses for an answer. Ask them at every meeting - and don't take "No" for an answer!

DaTruthSquad's sources are saying municipal taxes could easily be increased another double-digits - AGAIN - for da 3rd year in a row! Now, ask yourself who has been on and leading da Manalapan Township Committee each of da last 3 years. Three names come up ---


That's a legacy da Queen and da Commissar will have to run on for their election campaigns - and that's not Manalapan's only legacy that will be tied to them.

And that's daTruth.