Thursday, December 30, 2010

DaTruthSquad's Crystal Ball Peeks Into 2011 - And Snow For A BaconHead!

We're at the end of another interesting year of Manalapan and Monmouth County politics. When we look back at 2010, we see President Obama's poll numbers falling, Chris Christie's prospects for higher office rising, a Monmouth County GOP working together, Anna Little working all sides, Manalapan Mayor Andy Boy becoming a Land Baron, Manalapan's Queen knowing exactly what it's like to have done to her what she and others did to da Mosked Man from 2006-2010, Manalapan's da Capo di Tutti Capi putting together maybe da worst-run election race in da last 25 years, but nobody got sued to have their First Amendment rights violated!

So, as we will soon close da chapter that is called 2010 and enter a new chapter in da book of 2011, what will be in store for politics and politicians in our little slice of heaven? To answer that question, we have to go into da garage and take out our patented dusty, rusty, trusty DaTruthSquad Crystal Ball and see what it might see for 2011.

We see - a vision: Mayor "Lyin" Ryan Green will be da next figurehead of da Manalapan Township Committee in 2011, voted mayor by a 4-1 majority. Deputy Mayor will be Jordan "Stu" Moskowitz, also by a 4-1 margin. I think we don't need a crystal ball to know who the "1" will be in those 4-1 margins.

We see - another vision. A soon-to-be former Manalapan mayor will win da lottery! Da grand prize - about $1.4 million in taxpayer money to help him buy a "farm" in Manalapan, meaning he will take over some 90 acres and basically pay nothing. Sorry, Drew Shapiro, but your throne has been abdicated too long so Manalapan now has a new "King."

Here are some other visions:

Da GOP in Monmouth County will have little challenge in 2011 for da seats that will be up for grabs. They will barely break a sweat and win by 17%.

Anna Little will announce that she will run again to take on Frank Pallone for his Congress seat, even though da election is in 2012. Since our DaTruthSquad Crystal Ball is only guaranteed to see 12 months or 12,000 miles into da future, we can't see who wins that one - yet.

Manalapan's election will take a startling turn. Da crystal ball sees Farmer Don Holland will not be running for reelection, and da Queen startles everyone when she announces soon after she wins her primary in June that she is resigning from da Manalapan Township Committee, blaming what da crystal balls claims is partisanship over how da 2011 budget was put together and with parting shots exposes startling revelations about 2 members of da Manalapan Township Committee that da Asbury Park Press find so compelling they will investigate, but da local Snoozepaper will call a "non-starter."

Following da Queen's political maneuver, as DaTruthSquad Crystal Ball sees it, she will instead possibly either plan a run in 2012 for a political office, but as we stated, since our DaTruthSquad Crystal Ball is only guaranteed to see 12 months or 12,000 miles into da future, we can't see which political race that will be - yet.

Following da abdication by da Queen, da Manalapan Democrats will lose again in a landslide, giving da Manalapan GOP a 5-0 supermajority on da Township Committee. One of those two new winners will be from da Yorktowne Club, giving da club even more power on da Township Committee than they ever had.

Now, as we put da world-famous daTruthSquad crystal ball back in it's dusty place in da garage, we take out our also-world-famous BaconHead Award for da month of December.

We ironically end da year on a not-so-surprising note. Word has been released that Manalapan's award-winning police chief has reached a settlement with da town over part of his lawsuit. DaTruthSquad will have an expose on that coming up very soon, because we'll be able to tell you then who stood strong - who caved in like a cheap suit, who was da real winner, who lost, and who really lost. That will be coming soon, and it will be an eye opener!

Now, for da BaconHead:

This one was a tough one, and even da TruthTellers were divided as to who would win this. However, by one thin vote, we have a winner.

There are those who lead, and those who are led, and this winner is both. By following da orders of da capo di Tutti Capi, da Boss of All Bosses, she now finds herself on an island by herself. Her former running mate no longer votes her way - and we're not talking about Mr. Anthony Gennaro. With a GOP'er majority and more in lockstep than they have ever been in years, da Queen may find herself facing da wrath of a unified GOP. Could a "Censure" be far away for her actons in da Chief Brown case?

So, for now being alone in a 5-person room, for being da catalyst in a situation against Chief Stu Brown that tarnished da town and made a winner in a legal battle (AGAIN) for his attorney da Mosked Man, for leading da charge in da original case against da Mosked Man that made him a court room winner (AGAIN) against da town, and because of not just her own actions, but also those of her party leadership she now finds herself low on allies, and her prospects of beating a GOP'er machine even lower leaving her political life one step from being compared to a train wreck, this still does not win da voting for BaconHead!

However, we do have a winner:

For leaving da state of New Jersey as a blizzard of historic proportions is bearing down on his kingdom - and being in all places DisneyWorld - and allowing his Lt. Governor - da job whose it is to be in da state when he can't and we pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money for that office holder who ironically heads to sunbathe in Mexico during da Christmas Blizzard of 2010 - and for becoming da new poster child for "Where's Waldo" for spending so much time out of state, da winner of da December 2010 BaconHead of da Month is ----- New Jersey Governor Chris "Where's Waldo" Christie!

Remember - coming up next week we'll have an expose on da Manalapan vs Brown law case that made little headlines but again brought big scorn on a town that loses yet another lawsuit - and we'll tell you HOW and WHY right here!

Happy New Year - And that's daTruth.

Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Not Da Police - It's Common Sense - And An Anniversary To Remember

Our TruthTeller friends in a number of Monmouth and surrounding county towns are all saying the same thing - there have been a number of home break-ins and car break-ins lately. Maybe it's because of the holidays? Maybe it's also because we're not being vigilant enough? However crime is everywhere, and even Manalapan is joining the list of town dealing with break-ins.

Recently, three people were allegedly robbed at knifepoint in the parking lot of Wendy's in Manalapan, with the bad guy getting away with $1,700 dollars in cash. Let's face reality - anyone carrying $1,700 in cash can afford to eat at more upscale eateries and can afford more than da 99 cent value meal.

There were a number of car break-ins recently. However, leaving things in your car at night may be a reason for that. Let's face reality - if you leave your computer or GPS in your car at night, you might as well leave a neon sign above your car that says "Rob Me."

There have also been a number of home break-ins too. In one case, a teenage girl came home to hear male voices inside her house. She ran to a neighbor to call police.

If all of this doesn't have you worried, it should. Any lawyer will tell you that while you can sometimes win a case without evidence (unless you're da Manalapan Legal Dream Team), it's a lot easier to win it if you have da facts on your side (and there not made up facts). In many of da car break-ins, cars may have been locked but valuables were easily in view, and to a bad guy, leaving valuables in view is like leaving millions of dollars in tax money available for someone who wants to buy land. Our TruthTellers also have heard that most if not all of da houses broken into did not have alarm systems - or they weren't armed or active. Again, you can place a big neon billboard that says "Rob Me" with an arrow pointing to your house for that.

Now, it has come to our attention that on a different website, someone posted a comment blaming police for not doing enough to stop these robberies. To be fair, da last time we were in a court of law, we don't recall any crook saying they rather rob a home with a security system, or break into a car knowing there's nothing inside of it. To blame da police is both childish and expected by some on some websites, but we know our readers know better.

DaTruth is, if you leave out food on your porch at night, odds are you'll become da favorite stop for squirrels, raccoons and other furry friends. Da other day, we were driving home off Route 33 and we see outside of someone's house da box for a big screen TV. It told me that whoever owns that house is now in possession of a TV any bad guy would love to have. Let's face reality - da police cannot be everywhere, and they can't hand out common sense either.

Many of our police TruthTellers say da same thing - use common sense. Don't leave valuables of any kind in your car - day or night. Always lock your doors, and if you have a home alarm, keep it armed day and night. Don't put things out in da trash that some bad guy could see, like da box for a 60 inch TV. And, remember to keep an active eye out for yourself and your neighbors. If you see something suspicious, call da police. Da robbery you potentially stop could have been your own, or your neighbors.

And, don't blame da police. I'm sure they didn't tell you to leave your house unlocked if you have little kids and you're not at home, or to take your entire bank account to a fast food restaurant, or buy a 60 inch TV and take out an add in da newspaper to tell everyone. It's no their fault if you tell da bad guy through your actions that you're a safe mark to rob.

DaTruth is, it's very easy to turn da odds down of you getting robbed. Don't carry much cash. Lock your doors day and night. If you don't have an alarm, get one. If you have one, use it. Don't leave anything in your car either in your driveway or in a parking lot. And if you see something, say something.

We at daTruthDquad with everyone a happy holiday. And wait, very soon we'll have not only our year end BaconHead Award winner, but we're also taking our famous crystal ball to look ahead at what 2011 will be like in Manalapan for da Queen, da Land Baron, his henchmen and others.

Finally, this week is a very memorable one for us at daTruthSquad. It was 3 years ago this week that a landmark legal case was won for us when da Manalapan Township Committee went forward with a lawsuit challenging da First Amendment of da United States (at taxpayer expense). That one case would also have severe ramifications in da case these same alleged barristers had going against da Mosked man. They lost their First Amendment case, thanks to both their own case which had no place in any court of law, and da Electronic Frontier Foundation who proved we all have a right to write, have an opinion, and make that opinion known, even if some politicians don't like daTruth to be told.

Over da holidays, take da time to read about da case from da Electronic Frontier Foundation website. It is an eye-opening account of how you da taxpayer paid for a case that could have had a major impact on First Amendment rights of every person, and as you read both da actual legal briefs and actual letters between all da lawyers involved, da actual court transcript of da case - who said what and how some couldn't believe what was being said - and da judge's complete decision - all things that normally you never ever get to see - and you will see for yourself that 3 years ago indeed a band of politicians and their taxpayer-funded lawyers set out to tear apart da Constitution of da United States and da Bill of Rights, again - AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE!

It's a walk down memory lane and then some from a case that could not beat da rights of our First Amendment, and also sunk any credibility da politicians legal eagles had in da Mosked Man's case, ultimately losing that case even before it could see a court room!

And that's daTruth.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

DaTruth Is - Christie's 1,000% Right About School Head Honcho Pay

New Jersey's Governor has actually had to defend himself, not just about trips to support other GOP'ers, or dealing with da fun left behind by John Tax-zine and his over-taxing of state residents, or da "Tunnel to Nowhere." Instead, he has to roll up his big sleeves and defend his plan to not pay school superintendents over $200,000 each year for whatever it is they do!

Now, we in da Manalapan and Freehold are know a little something about school superintendents. Because, we had da poster-child of what a school superintendent should not be.

We had King-Lord-Mr-Doctor-Grand High Exaulted Mystic Ruler Wasser.

He gets his Doctorate degree from a school that has traveled more than most Manalapan residents - and BTW, it's new address is now in Los Angeles. His exploits were so outrageous that even area TV stations did news reports on him. He and his backers brought shame and ridicule to our beloved school system and our district. And we had no choice but to foot da bill and pay his 6-figure pension when he "retired."

Now, da Governor wants to place a cap on what we pay these so-called qualified applicants. And, hard to imagine, there are those who feel that's wrong! They believe some of these guys should make over $200,000 each year, claiming better talented people will not take da job if its below $175,000.

To those people we say one thing -- King / Doctor / Mr. / Lord James Wasser could always come out of retirement for you.

DaTruth is, if we can't find people who can run a school district for $175,000 or less, than we're seriously doing something wrong. Nearly 10% of this entire nation is unemployed, and how many people don't even get unemployment benefits anymore? How many employed people who are underpaid are going to food pantries to get extra help? How many foreclosed houses are there in da state? How many people have their heat set at 60 degrees to save money? If a school district can't find a qualified person to run their district for under $175,000, then you can only surmise that either they're lazy in their jobs, or dare we say cronyism could be a possibility?

It might surprise you that da average salary for a school superintendent of a district of 25,000 students or more was $211,000. That detail comes from American Association of School Adminostrators, who claim in their data that school districts of 10,000 - 24,999 students, da median salary is $164,300. Add to this, da Los Angeles Unified School District has over 694,000 students and over 45,000 teachers --- yet only has one (1) superintendent!

New Jersey has over 550 towns and 600 school districts - and we have 600 school superintendents!

Now, according to da NJ Department of Education 2009 data -

Number of schools in NJ - 2,485
Number of districts - 604
Number of kids in all da schools - 1,380,000

So - a little 2nd grade math here ----

In New Jersey, we have twice da amount of students in da entire state that da Los Angeles Unified School District has, but we also have over 600 times da amount of school superintendents!!!!!!!!!

Is it any wonder that we pay so much in taxes in New Jersey!

DaTruth is, Christie is onto something here. We need to cut da fat in da schools -- NOT DA TEACHERS -- but da fat. Too many principals, too many superintendents, too many assistants. Does a school administrator need two assistants at $125,000 annually? Do we need 600 superintendents? If da big Guv wants to really fix this mess, how about cutting da number of districts in half by 2015? How much will taxpayers save if we cut 300 superintendents at $175,000, and at least one assistant at $125,000 each year?

How's about $90 million annually (simple math) - just for these 600 jobs - not including benefits or pensions or administration buildings or property or administration maintainance or secretaries and other incidentals too numerous to name -- that's just salary - with no teachers cut!!!!

DaTruth is, it's time to cut da fat. It's best for da taxpayers. It's best for da teachers. It's best for da kids.

And that's daTruth.