Friday, July 31, 2009

Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Worse For Da Corzin-ator

OK, we have to admit even we couldn't think things could get worse for Governor Cor-slime. It's not often daTruthSquad is wrong, but yes, it's getting worse by da day - and we mean each day this week!

1. President Obama comes to da state, and into Monmouth County to give Gov. Tax-zine a big boost. If a 4 point slide in da latest polling is a boost, maybe Obama should have stayed in Washington.

2. Then comes da biggest political corruption sting in state history! Da majority of people stung are Democrats, including a big chunk of da Hudson County Democratic machine. Among da either busted or under suspicion, da Hoboken Mayor who recently had a big photo op with Con-zine, and right-hand man & DCA head honcho Joe Doria!

3. He says he asks Doria to resign. Instead, he apparently "retires," apparently a probable pension situation so he can keep his well-above-six-figure pension.

4. Corzine-a-roni decides to deflect things by announcing his Lieutenant Governor running mate, who turns out to be the second-oldest New Jersey career politician, Grandmama Loretta Weinberg. Apparently he decided against da contestant from da Apprentice, and we're sure others in da running included Sanjaya from American idol, and da tax cheat from Survivor. Kudos for Corey Booker who's smart enough to not get on da SS Corzine before it sinks.

5. There was supposed to be a major presentation of government money to be made in New Jersey. Biden & Obama were so scared off by da corruption arrests, they moved it to Pennsylvania!

6. Now that former US Attorney Chris Christie, who had a hand in the latest corruption arrests has picked a sheriff as his running mate, and Corzine picked his elderly aunt, Con-zine is now touting himself as da "anti-corruption" candidate best suited to bust up corruption in da state! In addition, anyone who decides to vote for him gets first dibs on a really nice bridge to Brooklyn for sale.

7. Senior Senorita Loretta will love this - Con-zine apparently has signs that read "Obama & Corzine." (special thanks to MoreMonmouthMusings for pointing this out). Apparently his new running mate for Lt. Gov. is President Obama. Does Obama know this? Was Auntie Loretta at an "Early Bird Dinner" at the time? Look for Obama's poll numbers to drop just on this alone!

8. More Cor-slime news - one of da 44 bad dudes at da center of da big corruption arrests turns up dead in his Hudson County home. Reasons unknown. He was a powerful Democratic political "consultant." You can't make this stuff up.

9. A news story says Joe Doria, who "retired" rather than resigning under orders, was allegedly being discussed by one of da 44 arrestees as a potential recipient of cash from da FBI informant. He may have done nothing wrong, but no wonder his home and office were raided by da FBI. Oh, did we tell you that as head of da powerful DCA, it was Doria's job to dole out taxpayer money to municipalities, and was one of da top cabinetmakers in da Corzin-ator's cabinet!

DaTruth is, anyone tied in any way to da Cor-slime will have that slim sooner or later ooze on them. Iroically, one of those on da Con-zine ticket this year is none other than Manalapan's Queen Michelle. Boy, did she pick a good year to try to run for higher office. You know that her GOP opponents will paint her as Con-zine's best friend in Monmouth County, and if they don't, they're crazy. Then again, much like Con-zine, da Queen of Mean's record in politics speaks for itself - and we're talking volumes here.

Now, as all of da TruthTellers know, this is usually da time daTruthSquad takes our yearly sabbatical to our enclave in Truth or Consequences. This year's trip will be especially special, because it seems each year we take our vacation, either a township attempting to take da First Amendment and sticking it into a meat grinder files a frivolous lawsuit, or a former mayor attempts to use that very same meat grinder because they quite possibly feel someone writing complimentary kudos is a no-no. YES - THAT MEANS SAYING NICE THINGS ABOUT SOMEONE COULD POTENTIALLY GET YOU A LEGAL NOTICE!!!!! We'll see what happens this time around.

Anyway, da blog administrator will be on duty at all times. Of course, when daTruthSquad returns, don't be too surprised to read more about Roth & Corzine, frivolous "You're nice" lawsuits, land deals gone bad, political corruption and who knows, maybe even da opening salvo of da return volley in da "Township of Manalapan vs da Mosked Man." Will da Mosked Man file lawsuits against those who went after him for no reason - and who has da potential to be da receiving end of a Mosked Man lawsuit?

DaTruthSquad will have that information - and soon. And that's daTruth.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Something Smells Funny At Manalapan's Sewer Authority

Da problem here is - this isn't funny - and it could seriously cost anyone who lives in Manalapan and Marlboro who flush their toilets.

Although their investigation received no fanfare at da time, and flew completely under da radar, da Asbury Park Press recently reported that da WMUA Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler Executive Director Michael Dimino is leaving his post after just two years. Dimino was brought in by approval of da board and attorney/sewer dude Eric Abraham. Now, on da surface, this may only wave a small red flag. Now, here's some more things that daTruthSquad's cleaning person found clinging to da bowl that might get your attention:

1. Dimino - and his $115,000 yearly salary - according to da newspaper, either resigned or was forced out -- nobody knows -- and nobody's talking about it says the Asbury Park Press --- "Board of Commissioners Chairman Eric Abraham declined to say whether the board had asked Dimino, 59, to step down or whether he had resigned."

2. You may not be aware, but your toilet-flushing dollars pay for a public relations service for a sewer authority! A fellow named "Jeff Meyer" is da paid-for spokesman for da WMUA. While it is unknown exactly what Meyer, who has been involved in at least one Democratic campaign in da past, makes as a sewer mouthpiece, a daTruthSquad investigation says da figure could be as much as $12,000 to as high as $48,000 per year.

3. Dimino replaced "FBI" Frank Abate, who went from sewer chief to thief to inmate, following an investigation and raid of da WMUA by da FBI and criminal prosecution.

4. Adding insult to injury, it appears there may be a "negotiation" as to what Dimino will leave with -- and we're not talking about toilet-flushing privileges here. While Dimino has da right to leave a position he's been hired for, don't da people who pay his salary have da right to know if any potential wrongdoing is involved, rather than da "Cone of Silence" treatment?

This begs a number of bowl-stopping questions:

Why is Dimino really leaving? Is he being forced out? Did he do something wrong? Is he ill? Is he taking a better job somewhere else? Did someone else do something illegal and he wants no part of it? Was he looking to pad his pension? Is he retiring? Is there an investigation going on nobody knows about?

Why is Eric Abraham silent about this? Why is da other Manalapan sewer dude, Mr. Toubin, who was put back into his position at taxpayer expense by da Queen, da Commissar, and alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident & alleged Republican/and or Democrat Andy Boy, not talking about it? Why was he put back in via a non-public interview process, as stated by da local Snoozepaper?

Now, according to da guy who speaks on behalf of toilet water, Dimino's departure could not be discussed "for personnel reasons." In other words, they don't want to discuss it.


Why all da secrets? This isn't da White House during George Bush's term? This isn't Dick Cheney's office? This isn't da Manalapan Township Committee executive session? This is a sewer authority, for crying out loud! Their job, for lack of a scientific explanation, is to take crapola out of water! And for that - da head sewer rat making six figures is leaving - and not one person paying a toilet flushing fee is being told why by a paid-for spokesperson!!!

If you're da Queen, or da Commissar, and you have big election campaigns going on this year and these are your supported people, wouldn't you think they're asking questions - or should be?

Will "Sewer-gate" cause da Queen's or da Commissar's political ambitions to get stuck around da U-bend?

Could da "Great Manalapan Sewer Caper" be da Queen's "Waterloo?"

DaTruth is, something smelled fishy when it was discovered a sewer authority had its own public relations specialist. Da fact is -- da guy who replaced da guy who was sent from da sewer to da prison is now leaving under a floater? No reasons why? No word on why someone who may be resigning for whatever unknown and hidden reason, even if it was "personal" and not "personnel" would receive further compensation? And can someone please explain to us all exactly why Dimino's leaving "had been discussed previously - but not publicly?"

One would think that, especially with da sordid past da local sewer authority has (FBI Raid, former head sent to prison, 30% toilet flushing fee increase in 1 year, "Taj Mahal-gate), that da commish who replaces da jailed commish , if he leaves, could do so without cloak-and-daggerisms, and his taxpayer-funded lieutennents (these guys get salaries & health benefits) could be a bit more forthcoming?

Don't da people of Manalapan and Freehold and Englishtown and Marlboro who pay for da service all have da right to know?

Yes, indeed. Something smells funny - again - at da Sewer Authority -- and daTruthSquad will keep our noses down despite da odors to track da stench wherever it leads.

And that's daTruth.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Evidence Proves Da Mosked Man Not Guilty - And Da Transcript Uncovers it!

Lookout - DaTruthSquad & Da Transcript Are On Da Same Page!

Normally, when one reads da local Snoozepaper, their big-cheese editor has been known to send da real news to Planet Bean, and discuss his love and admiration for daTruthSquad. In one ranting, it was his opinion that it might not be too bad if daTruthSquad were to drive off a cliff, and he might even want to give daTruthSquad a little nudge, meaning, never turn your back on da Beanmeister, or you could wind up in da great Bean-yond.

However, there are times when rational, logical, and actual newspeople's heads prevail. One instance was when Snoozer editor Mark Rosman wrote an editorial so powerful and accurate it became an exhibit in a legal case heard around da world, "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man." In another case, it was a news story that --- and his boss may not like this --- just proved datruthSquad right for da last two years!

ISSUE 1: ATTORNEY COSTS ARE APPARENTLY BEING CLOAKED IN SECRECY! In this well written investigative report by Mark Rosman, he proves that there is a severe discrepancy between what Manalapan Mayor da Commissar and Queen Michelle allege da town has forced taxpayers to spend, and what was actually spent.

Rosman writes "Township Committee members have said the legal fees associated with the case have been between $7,000 and $7,500." This is what Klauber ($7,000) and Roth($7,500) have gone on da record saying.

However, then Rosman writes, "Moskovitz said Manalapan has paid $6,600 to one attorney, plus several thousand dollars to an attorney representing Lucas in the third-party action, plus unknown amounts paid to two former township attorneys in 2007 and 2008."

Now, if you remember da earth-shattering "Rosman Editorial," so powerful it became evidence in a law trial, Rosman wrote in September 2007 -- 22 months ago -- that he PERSONALLY saw attorney billing records that would prove Klauber & Roth wrong, saying "I have seen two bills Renaud has submitted for payment. They total more than $6,400 at $350 per hour." He also adds Manalapan Dream Team Union County Attorney Daniel McCarthy billed at $130 per hour, and former township attorney Carolina MachoGrande at $135 per hour."

In addition, Manalapan taxpayers were also paying for da lawyer representing Committeeman Andy Boy Lucas. It was also alleged that da First Amendment portion of this case easily cost over $10,000, especially since as daTruthSquad proved, Dream Teamer McCarthy submitted over 50 pages of legal briefs, and also was in attendance at da hearing in Superior Court (which he lost). Did he do all that work for free - considering he was allegedly paid $130 per hour for his services? Why won't Klauber & Roth release his billing records?

Da Mosked Man told Rosman he believes da total billing for Manalapan Legal Dream Team lawyers has to be at least $30,000. There are some who have speculated that figure to be well over $50-75,000 of TAXPAYER DOLLARS!

But, as those records remain hidden - we will all never know.

ISSUE 2: NO INSURANCE INVOLVED IS NO EXCUSE! It has been alleged by da Manalapan Township Committee that da reason they decided not to pursue da case, because, as they claim, since da Mosked Man decided not to include his insurance carrier, da Township Committee believes they would not, if they even could win da case, collect $10,500 from him. However, as both da Snoozer & Mosked Man both made this known - that the insurance information was known when this case first started 25 months ago!!!!

In effect, da Manalapan Township Committee is claiming they decided not to pursue a case based upon information they clearly knew 2 years ago!

ISSUE 3: DA MOSKED MAN ALLEGEDLY VIOLATED AN ORDER BY DA THEN-TOWN ADMINISTRATOR. Guess what - Rosman found out daTruth about this too, and daTruth is, da Mosked Man was in da right all along!

According to Rosman, "Ms. Shepler explicitly stated in her email to Mr. Moskovitz that obtaining the preliminary assessment (and site inspection report) was a condition of (a) Green Acres grant" and that Moskovitz " ... went forward with the closing on the Dreyer property despite Ms. Shepler's request that he hold off on the closing until Ms. Shepler received the preliminary assessment from Birdsall Engineering and despite his independent obligation to obtain the report before closing."

Did da Mosked Man violate Shepler's order, as Manalapan township alleged?

According to Rosman's investigation - da answer is "NO." "Moskovitz said the closing on the Dreyer property occurred on June 8, 2005, which indicates that he followed Shepler's April 15, 2005, directive not to close on the property until she had the preliminary assessment and site inspection report from Birdsall Engineering." This means she received da papers from da Mosked Man on May 26. Da closing was on June 8. Now, say what you want about daTruthsquad, but at least, we and our proud and informed readers know May 26 comes well before June 8 on all calendars -- except apparently -- those calendars used by Manalapan's Gang of Three and their lawyers!

Can it get worse for da Queen & da Commissar???? Apparently, it's a part of da record that da Mosked Man & Shepler had a conference call a day before da closing -- and everything was allegedly fine with her - meaning Manalapan had no case to begin with!!!! Rosman wrote, "He said on June 7 he had a conference call with Shepler and the town's chief financial officer to make sure everything was in order prior to the closing and said no one expressed any reservations."

This proves beyond a doubt that da Mosked Man acted within da guidelines of what da township administrator told him, meaning he did not do anything wrong. In fact, by following da guidelines, daTruth is his agreement allowed Manalapan to walk away from da deal if something like contaminated soil was discovered, thus, he would have taken Manalapan taxpayers off da hook for any cleanup or damages!

DaTruth is, it's about time da Snoozer stepped up and wrote daTruth. They don't have to come out and say a state and Federal investigation is now more necessary than ever, but what Mark Rosman wrote makes it crystal clear - because what Rosman did is not write propoganda - he wrote daTruth - and should be commended for that!

Did da Mosked man violate da Township Administrator's orders as Roth & Klauber's lawsuit alleged? NO.

Is there what can be deemed a severe discrepancy between what Roth & Klauber allege their lawsuit cost taxpayers, and what was actually spent? YES!

Did Roth & Klauber's lawsuit know 2 years ago that da Mosked Man wouldn't be filing this frivolous claim with his insurance carrier? Da records prove YES - making their excuse mute.

Are da taxpayers of Manalapan on da hook for well over $100,000 of law bills from out-of-county attorneys, including those to challenge da First Amendment, engineering reports done by da companies of political contributors, and potential countersuits? UNFORTUNATELY - YES!

By da way, as daTruthSquad first told all our readers - this lawsuit isn't over yet. DaTruthSquad has learned that da Mosked man will be returning da favor, and apparently is planning to file lawsuits to recoup all da hundreds of hours he spent fighting this case. That itself could possibly cost da township well over $100,000. Why will da township taxpayers pick up da bill?

Because DA MANALAPAN TOWNSHIP COMMITTEE VOTED TO HAVE YOU PAY FOR IT! You da taxpayer financed da original lawsuit for 25 months! In addition, da Mosked man could go after other players in this lawsuit individually, because he did not agree to da terms of da agreement that Manalapan's lawyers wanted to drop da lawsuit, and da judge sided with da Mosked Man by law.

And - daTruthSquad will have a bombshell regarding this lawsuit da town dropped after 25 months. Did upcoming elections featuring candidates Klauber & Roth have anything to do with it? And, will a statement by da Queen come back to haunt taxpayers?

Stay tuned, because as daTruthSquad told you, despite politicians after election glory wanting their folly to simply go away, this case isn't going away.

And that's daTruth.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Money Trouble For Da Manalapan Township Committee - Lawyers Payroll Numbers Don't Add Up


Question: As daTruthSquad has been recently discussing, after just over two years of initiating, fighting, and dealing with da "Land-Deal-Gone-Bad-First Amendment" lawsuit, da Manalapan Township Committee has decided da following:

(a) Their case had no merit and da Queen & da Commissar were forced to concede it was just a political vendetta.

(b) Da Mosked Man agreed to have Commissar Klauber's baby, and paid Manalapan $500 million dollars while admitting guilt.

(c) Aliens from da planet Bean erased any knowledge of da lawsuit from da minds of all involved.

(d) Da Manalapan Township Committee came to da conclusion that a man with a huge Manalapan home, a couple of cars, and a successful law firm, according to them, can't be guaranteed to be able to pay $10,500 for da cleanup of da Dreyer Patch, and therefore they're out of da goodness of their hearts they're going to drop da case.

If you said "A," then you're on da right track, but da Manalapan Township Committee's Gang of three would never admit it.

If you said "B," it's an interesting idea, but even if da Mosked Man forked over $500 million, you know Manalapan municipal taxes would still go up double-digits in da very next year.

If you said "C," then you're an avid reader of da editorial section of da local Snoozepaper, or probably a wanna-be investigative reporter living somewhere in a trailer park in Howell.

If you said "D," you just found da Brooklyn Bridge, or da reason Manalapan's Gang of Three is trying to sell you.

As bizarre as that notion is, da Mosked Man unable to pay $10,500, that's not da problem facing Manalapan's politicians. Da big problem, especially for Manalapan politicians up for election this year, is what they have said about the case, which could potentially hurt their election campaigns.

Recently, both Commissar Klauber and State Assembly candidate Michelle Roth have gone on da record claiming what they say exactly what Manalapan taxpayers have paid thus far for da lawsuit "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man."

Commissar Klauber told da Snoozer newspaper that taxpayers have shelled out only $7,000 on lawyers. They reported - "He said the township has spent $7,000 on the Manalapan v. Moskovitz case." Da Queen State Assembly candidate told da Asbury Park Press the figure was "$7,500" that taxpayers paid for lawyers.

Now, that means Manalapan, on a legal malpractice case employing 1 expert lawyer witness, one lawyer who daTruthSquad confirmed worked on da First Amendment portion of da case, another who was a contingency fee lawyer who billed allegedly only for expenses, and 4 township attorneys -- all against one Mosked Man, and they only -- combined -- billed $7,000 or $7,500??????

Does that make sense to you?

Unfortunately for da local Snoozepaper, while they decided to go after daTruthSquad with a vile Bean-fueled editorial focused on this blog, they neglected to check their own archives for a bombshell story that will mean either da Snoozer hierarchy will not stand up and back what they have already written in print, or two Manalapan politicians aren't telling taxpayers daTruth.

Da reason for this goes back to 2007. Snoozer editor Mark Rosman wrote what has become known as da "Rosman Editorial," so powerful and telling it was used as an actual legal exhibit in da "Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" law case!

In his famous editorial, editor Rosman said all da way back in September, 2007 that Manalapan had already been billed $6,400 by "Robert Renaud, an Union County attorney who was brought into the case initially to file an affidavit which states (that it was solely his opinion) that there was a case against Moskovitz."

This, right here, means if Cash Klauber is correct, then over da span of 25 months, Manalapan only spent just a mere $600 on all da other lawyers involved in da case!

This means if da Commissar is accurate, Manalapan, outside of what it paid to Renaud, spent just $24 per month -- less than a dollar a day in da Mosked Man lawsuit! Either this was da most economical lawsuit of its kind in da history of law, or something isn't adding up.

Rosman also stated that former Manalapan Township Attorney Carolina MachoGrande, who became famous for her "Anonymous Bombthrower" comment about bloggers, "Casagrande is billing Manalapan $135 per hour for her services."

Then, you have special council and Union County attorney Daniel J. McCarthy, who Rosman stated was being paid $130 per hour for his services.

This means that combined, they would have burned through da Commissar's leftover $600 in just four billable hours.

Now, here's some questions you can ponder:

1. At da December, 2007 hearing regarding da Manalapan Township Committee spending taxpayer dollars to out daTruthSquad, you will see Dream Team Lawyer McCarthy's name prominently displayed. Did he do this work and come out on the losing end for free?

2. Are we to believe that this 8-page certification of Dream Teamer McCarthy took just seconds to whip up? Or was this done out of da goodness of his heart?

3. And what of this 21 page extravaganza, alleging da Mosked Man is daTruthSquad, because that is what da Manalapan Legal Dream Team believes and therefore, we should all believe it? Was all this work - da copies, da allegations, da sheer volume of pages -- all done for free because this Union County lawyer simply loves Manalapan?

4. And, add to this another Union County Dream Teamer McCarthy job for Manalapan we can only believe - if we believe what da politicians are telling us - was done because of an undying love for Manalapan - - - a 29 page briefing with McCarthy's name on it chock full of alleged evidence that they claim clearly and absolutely shows da Mosked Man is daTruthSquad!

So, these 58 pages of work alone - all performed according to da work itself by Manalapan Dream Team Lawyer Daniel McCarthy - and da number of times he was in court in Freehold representing Manalapan -- how much of that $600 that was left over from what was billed by "expert witness" Renaud (according to Rosman)?

DaTruth is, no matter who you believe, whether it's Commissar Klauber, da Mayor of Manalapan who claims only "$7,000" was spent on lawyers for da Mosked Man case, or State Assembly candidate da Queen, who says that figure is "$7,500," it is very difficult to believe that miniscule amount was spent on lawyers for a case that was a First Amendment landmark legal case, and has spanned 25 months - so far - and involving 7 different Manalapan Dream Team Attorneys - all employed by Manalapan Township at taxpayer expense!

It also places da local Snoozepaper in a very awkward position, and raises serious ethical journalistic questions that only da local Snoozepaper can answer. Was Mark Rosman's editorial in September, 2007 a page full of lies? Has all of da Snoozepaper's reporting on this case in 2007 & 2008 & 2009 - and in some of it it actually seemed like da Mosked Man was da Unibomber - been nothing more than propaganda?

Da local Snoozepaper, outside of da famous "Rosman Editorial," have NEVER questioned Manalapan officials about discrepancies in da case. In fact, in questioning da journalistic integrity of their reporting, recently, da former Snoozer reporter who covered da trial for almost all of da two years wrote a page on a blog that was entitled "Can't collect blood from a stone!" talking about da Mosked Man, and saying da Manalapan politician's "points been well made."

DaTruth is, coverage by da media (Asbury Park Press) or da alleged media (da Snoozer) has been limited at best. Thanks to this blog, there have been some patriotic TruthTellers who have OPRA'd information about this case from Manalapan, and discovered there have been other legal bills for this case. It's time for residents to demand da town come clean and show all da bills. It's also time da Snoozepaper puts aside their admiration for daTruthSquad and get da real truth about this case -- how much money has Manalapan really spent on all da lawyers!

DaTruth is - da only REAL way we may ever find out da real truth is if Anne Millgram or da FBI raid Manalapan Town Hall and get da info "For All Da People." Maybe it's time someone says before da Manalapan Township Committee that is exactly what must be done.

It's time that this case is put in the open - especially since taxpayers have been paying for it - and everyone knows exactly what has been paid for with taxpayer money!

And that's daTruth!

*****IMPORTANT DATRUTHSQUAD NOTICE***** Stay tuned for details on another famous Manalapan lawsuit that will be released to da public soon -- and more shocking allegations from da Mosked Man lawsuit -- coming soon!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Another daTruthSquad Exclusive: Manalapan's Attorney Issues Hidden From You For Months - Extreme Billing Questions - And a Bombshell

More bombshell information coming out about da now-infamous Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man's lawsuit. And, one of these bombshell tidbits has been hidden from da public, either due to embarrassment for Manalapan politicians, or fear of political retribution at da polls of people knew.

Well - now you're going to know.

DaTruthSquad - da very first place that you read that da Mosked Man will continue full steam ahead with his lawsuit against Manalapan, has learned that Manalapan Dream Team attorney David Weeks, who came in from a Union County firm on a contingency fee, has decided he (and da guy on his law team who did a lot of da work) no longer want to be a part of it! Now, that's da news -- but that's not da real news.

What is da real news ---- apparently Manalapan Township politicians have been sitting on this information for MONTHS! DaTruthSquad has learned that since at least early April, when Dream Teamer Weeks went before da judge and asked to be severed from this sinking ship, da work on this case has been handled by da Manalapan Township attorney -- who gets paid over $130 per hour for his township work -- information confirmed by da Asbury Park Press.

Now, before you "gasp" and say, "can this get any worse," it gets a lot worse.

Since this lawsuit started, when Bush was President and 25 MONTHS AGO, it was alleged that da Mosked Man messed up and it was all his fault. To some, that may sound pretty good in theory, but "daTruth" trumps any theory.

Here's some truths that will remain self-evident:

ISSUE 1: Why is it Roth, Lucas & Klauber led this assault against Moskovitz for da last two years, and with da lawyers and money spent, and nobody bothered to determine if da Mosked Man would be able to fork over $10,000 if he were to lose da case? This goes directly to whoever "advised" Hear-no-evil, See-no-evil, and Looking Evil about how to handle this case 2 years ago. Did not even one lawyer bring this up? Did not Tara Tiara speak this? Did not Commissar Klauber, himself an alleged attorney, think of this little nugget? This issue alone lends great credence to the "political vendetta" angle.

ISSUE 2: Interesting how da Gang of Three went after their hated rival, da Mosked Man. Apparently, if you were to ask any lawyer in New Jersey - that is, any lawyer who didn't miss da "fraud" class in law school, they would have known that in cases such as this, Manalapan could and should have gone after da land seller, and could have recouped three-times da actual damages in a much easier position to win da case with far less to prove!

ISSUE 3: Da Queen State Senate Candidate actually went on da record with da Asbury Park Press, saying "committee members until recently remained in a 'black box' regarding da case." So, what Committeewoman Michelle Roth was saying, in effect, was that she and her other elected officials were spending taxpayer money � and had absolutely no clue as to what they were spending it on!

And, what in da world is this "black box???" Is this some abyss in Town Hall? Is this where people smoke? Is that a dungeon only elected officials know about?

ISSUE 4: As previously mentioned, Dream Teamer Weeks begged off this case, apparently in early April. Why was that not reported to da people paying for this case -- da people of Manalapan -- for da last several months? Is "transparency" OK, unless a politician wants to hide something?

ISSUE 5: Follow da bouncing ball of corruption here --- Manalapan wants to drop their two-year long case against da Mosked Man, but they can't because they have to have his consent first? If you were ALLEGEDLY guilty as sin, and your accuser comes up to you and says they'd let you go free with no strings attached, wouldn't you be so happy you'd proudly proclaim you would be honored to have Michelle Roth's baby - twice?

Well, that's not da case here, because, as Roth told da local Snoozepaper, da "guilty" Mosked Man, daTruthSquad has learned, will NOT allow this to end! He was told by da township he must first drop all of his 3rd-party lawsuits, including against Committeeman Andy Boy and others, and promise not to sue anyone else. Well, people in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico heard da Mosked Man laughing at that one!

DaTruthSquad has learned through Town Hall and other sources that not only will da Mosked Man demand this continue, he's also planning to add more "3rd party DEFENDANTS" to da already-growing list, and that could include at least one other current township official!

ISSUE 6: How much has been spent by Manalapan taxpayers so far? DaTruth is, Manalapan politicians REFUSE to admit daTruth. Commissar Klauber went on record last week saying so far they've only spent $7,000. Queen Roth this week said it was $7,500. However, an investigation by Snoozer star editor Mark Rosman written in September, 2007 at da height of da First Amendment portion of this lawsuit, proclaimed two years ago that "more than $6,400 had been spent just on da 'expert witness" alone. In addition - �special counsel� David McCarthy, who had a big hand in da First Amendment portion of da case, was billing Manalapan �at a rate of $130 per hour!� Did he write this 29 page brief for free?

This means, very simply put � someone�s not telling daTruth to da public - da very same public that is paying for this lawsuit. Could it be that only $600 has been spent on this case in almost 2 years, outside of what Renaud is owed? Did McCarthy refuse payment and do all work for free?

Any way you slice it � someone�s not telling daTruth.

DaTruth is, it�s becoming more and more clear that this was indeed a political vendetta lawsuit � funded by taxpayer money � and nobody knows how much because Manalapan officials refuse to openly admit it.


As daTruthSquad confirmed, this case will continue. Da next meeting between both sides will happen at da court in Freehold in mid-July, when whichever Manalapan Dream Team lawyer is expected to ask da judge to drop this case. Don�t expect da judge to do it, without at da very least a summary judgement against Manalapan. DaTruthSquad expects unless that judgement includes damages to repay da Mosked Man, this case will continue.

And, there�s even more coming out about this case that daTruthSquad�s embedded Town Hall sources are uncovering � da primary reason Manalapan politicians wanted daTruthSquad out of da picture. Look for more details soon to emerge before da next legal meeting.

And that�s daTruth.