Thursday, March 26, 2009

Corzine and Da Queen - Perfect Together

We have to admit daTruthSquad is troubled about da state of New Jersey, and Manalapan too. Have you checked your wallets lately?

Homestead Rebates - CORZINED!

Property Tax Relief - CORZINED!

Aid to Manalapan - CORZINED!

Added surcharges - COURTESY OF CORZINE!


We're losing more money because of Corzine, and we being told we must give more to Corzine.

Any help from our local town leaders?

(insert sound effects of crickets here).

Does Corzine, who apparently never met a tax he didn't hike, have a protege in Manalapan? A student of his "Corzine-nomics?"

DaTruthSquad's embedded sources are hearing da Manalapan Township Committee is already beginning to think about a budget, and without Trenton aid, and with no business ratables to speak of since Manalapan has one of the worst ratable ratios in da entire state, da burden of paying for Manalapan will be shouldered even more this year on da homeowners. Early estimates are a municipal tax increase of 12 to 26 percent.

Scared yet?

This may scare you more: On Thursday, an Inquisition will be held in Town Hall. led by da Queen herself, da Township is going after Manalapan Police Chief Stuart Brown. What did Chief Brown do to gain da scorn of da Queen?

Did he not bow before her?

Did he dare not open da door of her limo when she showed up at Town Hall?

Or, was it da fact he was doing his job???

Was it his support of da Manalapan anti-pedophile ordinance that da Queen and her cadre worked hard to block, which if da Queen was successful would have allowed pedophiles to move into any house in Manalapan?

Was it da fact he told da truth about Manalapan's "Phone-gate," when the Manalapan Police Department's emergency line was shut off allegedly for lack of payment - as he was told by Verizon - who promised it would never happen again --- until it happened again within 2 months!

And yes - despite da Queen's "Dog & Pony Show" with a Verizon head-honcho -- it did happen again just 2 months later!

That's right, and daTruthSquad will admit it for everyone to read - Manalapan Police Chief Brown has a problem --- and that problem is he's too damn honest! He does da right thing too much! He cares about da people he's sworn to protect too much!

What kind of a prson is this running Manalapan?????

DaTruthSquad can only guess that Chief Brown isn't da type of person da Queen would like on her side.

Now, Chief Brown is being hauled into da Manalapan Inquisition, with Queen Torquemada as his Grand Inquisitor. Here's your tax dollars at work. Village - stall it and any revenue da town can use for 5 years. Frivolous lawsuits - hey, they're OK because it benefits da lawyers who give donations to da Cadre, and da taxpayers foot da bill. Historic First Amendment lawsuits - again, da taxpayers are paying for it anyway. Paying double for land, half of which you can't even build on - taxpayers are paying for that too, and da Queen will get her name on a plaque.

Here's what daTruthSquad wants all of da TruthTellers to do.

At da next and at every Manalapan Township Committee meeting from now on, have 10 people each week come up during da open session and give a solid 5 minute testimonial on how important Chief Brown is, and how wrong it is for da Queen to try to tarnish his great name. Spend an hour at each meeting talking about Chief Brown. Have police officers from other towns come in and do da same at every meeting. Organize friends, and political groups to do da same. You can even read da very same testimonial, and they can't do anything to stop your First Amendment rights to Free Speech.

How important is this -- da Queen wants to run for da State Assembly in District 12. By bringing this up at every meeting, with them televised, it will be on da record, and da Queen and da Cadre can't do anything about it.

By da way, how important a public servant is Chief Brown? Even Mike Panter has stood up and sung his praises!

The hair-raising feeling that someone is watching you is a terrifying reality for one woman who lives in Marlboro.

"Her experiences, combined with the help of Marlboro police Detective Sgt. Paul Reed, Marlboro police Detective Ross Yenisey, Manalapan Police Chief Stuart Brown and state Assemblyman Mike Panter (D-Monmouth and Mercer), have led to the drafting of a new law that would issue stricter penalties and change the definition of stalking."

DaTruth is, what da Queen is doing is wrong. She didn't like da Mosked man, so she and her cronies concocted a lawsuit, knowing she had taxpayer money to fund it. She didn't like daTruthSquad, so she and her cronies tried to take daTruthSquad on in court using taxpayer money - and lost big. She and her cronies did what they could to stop da Manalapan anti-pedophile law - even scaring people in da process, but that law, apparently written by da Mosked Man, has already survived a court appeal while others were thrown out of court and taken away, putting other town's residents and their children at risk.

Again, da only way to put a stop to da persecution of Manalapan Police Chief Stuart Brown at da hands of Queen Torquemada is to make sure at every meeting, da Queen is reminded of how important Chief Brown is to Manalapan -- and if she dows run for higher office, tie Chief Brown around her neck so all da voters will know.

And that's daTruth.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Clearly, something smells funny about Cleary and da Sewer Authority

According to da local Snoozepaper, "The WMUA's legal case against Cleary and Abate no longer exists."


OK, let us all remember just because they wrote a press statement, it doesn't mean that you're getting all da facts in it. According to da fantasy land at da WMUA, because they came to an agreement, that by da way also says attorney Cleary did nothing wrong, it never happened.

So, when da last of da soldiers comes home from Iraq, does that mean da Iraq War never happened?

If Governor Clown-zine promises to lower YOUR TAXES as he did when he ran for governor, then it must have happened?

Of course, it's a very interesting thing that this happened at this very time. Does it have something to do with da upcoming Manalapan election? Or a state assembly election?

At first it didn't, but a subtle quote from attorney to da stars Eric Abraham may come back to haunt da Commissar - which daTruthSquad will have more about later.

Does it have something to do with a former Township Attorney who likened folks like daTruthSquad to "Anonymous Bomb Throwers?"


Da District 12 elections are this year, and an incumbent named Carolina MachoGrande is running for reelection to her large seat in Trenton as an assemblywoman. Her first year has been spectacularly insignificant, as she has really done nothing of importance in Trenton for anyone, especially those in her district. Her highlight during her first year in office is actually a lowlight --- she's da DEFENDANT in a legal malpractice lawsuit!

DaTruthSquad first broke this amazing story in December, when it was discovered that MachoGrande was ground-zero in an earth-shattering lawsuit that questioned da head of da law firm that she formerly worked for. That very same person, James Cleary, was given benefits from current jailbird "FBI" Frank Abate, who ran Manalapan's Sewer Authority, and there were serious questions as to if he deserved them.

Apparently, he didn't.

Da Snoozepaper says Cleary paid back every penny of benefits he received, and if he did that, da question then becomes "Why?"

Da lawyers who filed da LEGAL MALPRACTICE lawsuit against MachoGrande want to know more about those who put her in that position to fail. Her boss at da time was Cleary, and da lawyers against both him & MachoGrande want to know about anything that can be deemed "political," as in "political connections."

As da Law Journal stated, "The Cleary firm was eligible for this appointment by virtue of its political activities rather than by virtue of its qualifications as an insurance defense firm," the complaint says. The Carpenter case was a tough one, the complaint said. "It required skillful defense counsel rather than political appointees, a fact which PMA knew or should have known. In the subpoena for Cleary's deposition, the plaintiff asked for copies of the firm's Web-site postings and ads for the past five years, a list of all government appointments received by any lawyer in the firm for the five years ending Dec. 31, 2005, and a list of all political contributions by lawyers in the firm. Voorhees' certification in defense of the request doesn't include documents supporting his argument about politics. But he says the firm's reputation as a municipal law and real estate firm and an Internet blog that describes the firm as a "Republican Power House" raise questions about whether the firm was qualified to handle the Carpenter case."

DaTruth is, with Cleary being looked at in da MachoGrande LEGAL MALPRACTICE case, having da WMUA sewer benefits caper hanging over his head would make matters worse for him, so it would benefit him to "Cleary" it up and get it out of da way. However, using YOUR TAX DOLLARS, da WMUA stripped itself of any future leverage by allowing him to say there was no wrongdoing, which is something da Manalapan Township Committee should get them before and ask them under oath!

Of course, that's going to happen about as fast as da Mosked Man case being settled, which brings us to da Mosked Man case.

Abraham, who we all know is no stranger when it comes to da Mosked Man, said in his press release, "The WMUA Board of Commissioners is pleased to bring this matter to a close, ensuring that the ratepayers' financial interests were protected while avoiding a lengthy and costly legal battle."

It seems da sewer boys were smart enough to avoid what da Manalapan Township Committee is mired in - a lawsuit with no end that, even though it started 18 months ago, may actually just be beginning! When will da Mosked Man start adding more 3rd party defendants? Who will be subpoenaed by da Mosked Man to tell what they know under oath and under penalty of perjury? What is da Mosked Man waiting for?

Don't be too surprised if that wait is extended into an election campaign, because, daTruth is, it actually benefits da Mosked Man not to rush this into a court. By taking his time, this drags out, and allows him to further investigate through OPRA, Subpoena, and testimony under oath who knew who, who did what, who failed to do what they should have done, what was not done, and who should have actually been blamed. For those who say, "Delay, Delay, Delay," that's actually a schrewed move by da Mosked Man, and one that can potentially backfire on anyone planning to run for releection, or an assembly election as a Democrat if they deem that an option.

DaTruth is, da Snoozepaper got this one wrong. Even though da lawsuit against Cleary by da WMUA is "over," da legal problems may only be beginning for some.

And that's daTruth.

Friday, March 13, 2009

"Arsenic" On Da Land Manalapan Is Paying Double For????

You have to give credit where credit is due for Manalapan's Mayor Da Commissar. You know this will certainly ruffle some feathers in his own cadre, but he let da cat out of da bag anyway.


On da site Manalapan is paying double for??????

Are they kidding?????????

In Manalapan, it’s not lawyers running amock – it’s da politicians, and a recent move by da Commissar, da supreme ruler of Manalapanistan, who may have inadvertently handed an important clue to da Mosked Man in da now-infamous, “Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man” legal case heard round-da-world.”

Manalapan has da Tillis Tract, 25 acres of land in which about 13 acres are completely unbuildable & untouchable due to wetlands. There are some who think Manalapan is paying way too much in these economic times, some who think we’re spending too much money on land with no planned use, and a certain few others who think this is da greatest thing since da Gatling Gun.

However, da land raises two big questions – what of da wetlands, and is there any contamination?????

And - ask yourself this --- If it wasn't important, why would da Commissar even bring it up????

Da Commissar at a recent meeting said da Township Committee won’t make any final decision (like we all know what it will be) about da Tillis Tract “until it gets an environmental all-clear from da state,” according to da APP who wrote another hard-hitting Manalapan story.

Da Asbury Park Press wrote, "Before it buys the land, Klauber said, the governing body wants a "no further action" letter from the state Department of Environmental Protection regarding arsenic contamination found on the tract."

Let daTruthSquad say this again ---- ARSENIC????????


We're not talking about "Play-doh" here, or "spare tires," or even "crumb rubber," which as we have been told by da Manalapan Township Committee's Gang of Three is not a health risk.


DaTruthSquad can’t recall da then-MAYOR in 2004 or 2005, saying they needed any “environmental all-clears” when, much like being told by a court order they much purchase da property, they went ahead and made a controversial land purchase.

DaTruthSquad can’t recall da then-ENGINEER in 2004 or 2005, saying they needed any “environmental all-clears” when, much like being told by a court order they much purchase da property, they went ahead and made a controversial land purchase.

DaTruthSquad can’t recall da then-ANYONE in 2004 or 2005, saying they needed any “environmental all-clears” when, much like being told by a court order they much purchase da property, they went ahead and made a controversial land purchase.


In that case, which has spawned a lawsuit which was morphed into a landmark First Amendment case that Manalapan’s Legal Dream Team lost (at taxpayer expense), da town’s lawyers are blaming da attorney who took over for da original attorney for all da problems with “contaminated” land, which everyone knew about because it was a part of the original record. Da town could have easily gone after da former landowners for da $10,500 to fix da problem, but instead have spent, as Committeeman Andy Boy said, “well over $100,000.”


So, let daTruthSquad get this straight....

Manalapan's Gang of Three or Four want to purchase 25 acres of land, in which about 40% or so is completely unusable due to wetlands issues, for twice da price of da going rate, to build a yet-unknown project on it because nobody knows what they want to do with it, to expand a rec center that was just expanded, while home foreclosures in Manalapan are at an all-time high, with a 42% municipal tax increase in da last two years already in place and another massive municipal tax increase (which they'll blame on Trenton) on its way, aon top of what Governor Tax-zine wants to toss on us all, while paying for da most controversial lawsuit in county history which made worldwide news, and oh - by da way - there may be arsenic on da site??????

Are they kidding?????

DaTruth is, Manalapan should probably buy da Tillis tract anyway, and use da land to build a tent city for all da people who's homes are foreclosed on because they can't afford their skyrocketing taxes!

Making this even worse are da quotes in a recent local Snoozepaper story about this very same land deal. In a story written by thank-goodness-he wrote-it Mark Rosman, da key points he brought up are as follows:

"No formal plan for da use of da land has been announced."

"Da mayor could not provide a specific payback amount since da interest rate is not set until da bonds are sold."

When one local resident brought up renegotiating, that idea was smacked down by alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resient & alleged Republican/and or Democrat Committeeman Andy Boy who said, "It would be quite dishonorable to break a signed agreement."


DaTruth is, alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resient & alleged Republican/and or Democrat Committeeman Andy Boy is absolutely right. So there may possibly be arsenic on da property Manalapan's Gang of Three or Four want to spend millions of $$$$$ on. SO WHAT. It's just arsenic. It's not like it could potentially be a health hazard or something. Arsenic must be safe, because why would da Manalapan Township Committee want to buy da land in da first place? And, as Andy Boy said, "It would be quite dishonorable to break a signed agreement."

Kudos for Da Commissar for coming out with da information about potential arsenic on da Tillis tract. That deserves praise. He may quite possibly face scorn from other cadre members for this, but worry not - for alerting da public with your call for da DEP to investigate this, daTruthSquad will watch da back of da Commissar -- and residents of Manalapan -- make sure you ask da questions at da very next and every other meeting why your elected representatives are so gung-ho on fast-tracking da purchase of land - NEARLY HALF OF WHICH THEY CANNOT EVEN TOUCH -- FOR DOUBLE DA PRICE --- THAT MAY POTENTIALLY HAVE ARSENIC ON IT??????????

Only in Manalapanistan - and that's daTruth!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Da Monmouth GOP May Have Some Very Serious Troubles Ahead

If you’re a GOP’er right now, especially one from Monmouth County and Manalapan, you have some serious concerns to deal with.

First, your national spokesman somehow has become Rush Limbaugh, meaning you have a 1 ton, OxyContin-lovin’, cigar smoking, hardcore conservative, perceived elitist as da face of your party. This guy’s a talk show host with a failed TV show. What happened, Bozo da Clown wasn’t available? Big Bird had another gig?

He just made your national chairman look more wishy-washy than John Kerry. Other politicians are bowing to kiss his ring. Where are da national GOP political “leaders?”

Bobby Jindal was da shining star, until he got exposed as a cross between Mr. Rogers & Kenneth da Page. Tim Pawlenty is world-famous in Minneapolis. Sarah Palin was too busy pardoning a turkey while several others were being slaughtered in a medieval guillotine behind her. Mitch McConnell was busy in his new job, da star of da hit show “Da Invisible Man.” John Boehner was last seen on da side of a milk carton.

So that leaves Limbaugh, da scourge of da Democrats who will single handedly make sure donations exceed even Obama’s September before his election victory.

Yikes. Eight years of GOP control of da White House and absolutely nothing to show for it.

Then, you have New Jersey.

You have 4 guys running against someone who has stocked da public dole with tens of thousands of people, all with da single mission to seek out and discover what da heck happened to his backbone, and none of them could find it but are still getting paid with OUR TAX DOLLARS!

One guy is a proven crime fighter who in polls will probably clean Jon Taxzine’s clock, and is only running because Taxzine, outside of taxing New Jersey residents into oblivion, has done nothing as governor. One is a hardcore conservative who has a date soon with ELEC on his finances. The other two you wouldn’t know if you fell over them.

Then, you have Monmouth County.

Howell’s John DeBella already said he isn’t running, and considering da way he’s been treated in da past, can you blame him? Former GOP’er favorite son Jeff Cantor from Marlboro is now a Democrat. You have a qualified Assemblyman in Declan O’Candidate running for reelection, along with Carolina MachoGrande, who was battling legal malpractice charges and will be forever tied to da First Amendment lawsuit in Manalapan.

Double Yikes.

Then, you have Manalapan.

There looks to be a primary battle brewing, because Grand GOP Poobah Steve “Iron Girth” McEnery would eat his own intestines (unsalted) before he’d back Butch Budai or Steve Johnson for Manalapan Township Committee. Alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident & alleged Republican/and or Democrat Andy Boy would move his wife into her own house in Freehold and continue to live with his parents (why does that sound so familiar) before he’d back Budai or Johnson. A loss by GOP’ers this year in Manalapan would allow someone who has taxed Manalapan more in da last 2 years than any other Manalapan politician in history to get reelected.

If that doesn’t put da last nail in da Municipal Chairmanship of Iron Girth, then nothing ever will.

DaTruth is, da state, Monmouth County, and a town like Manalapan are all in trouble. Da state is losing jobs in da private sector at an alarming rate, but public jobs seem to be increasing somehow, and we all pay for that. Corzine has been even more of an embarrassment as a leader than Jim McGreevey was. Corzine's only savings grace is he doesn't frequent Turnpike rest stops, unless to grab a Cappuccino.

Da County GOP has yet to recover from da party patronage that led to Democratic victories for Freeloader, and 2 years of PuPu in charge will probably take 5-10 years to recover from. Running candidates like Andy Boy for Freeloader was da lynchpin for da losses because they began with him, and you can mark this as a guarantee that da decision to have Carolina MachoGrande in Trenton will be another loss this year.

Then, you have Manalapan. Running for election last year was a person whose husband became famous for saying "Because I Hate Italians," and voted to raise taxes each year she was in office, including da largest single increase in Manalapan history. She won, because da GOP had no leadership at da top, and da County GOP DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about it despite knowing what was at stake and da vulnerability of da Queen.

In Freehold, 67% of the tax base comes from residents -- but in Manalapan, 92% of da tax base comes from residents - one of da worst ratable rates in da entire state. Da career politicians have decided it's better to have businesses in nearby towns, forcing Manalapan residents to clog roads to get to Freehold, Marlboro, Old bridge, and soon-to-be Monroe, unless they need a slice of pizza or go to Target. Da Queen, da Commissar, who is running this year on da worst tax platform ever, and Andy Boy are da big offenders for this, shunning businesses and development, unless it involves Hovnanian homes or other houses being built, because apparently it's what their handlers want. Da County GOP needs to be sent a stern message -- either step in and fix da leadership issues with Iron Girth, and demand Andy Boy pick a political party and stand by ALL GOP'ers, and run a candidate who can actually win, or expect absolutely NO GOP support in Manalapan for this election.

This is something that any real Republican should bring up to da Ox when da meeting on March 10 happens.

DaTruth is, there's too much to lose for GOP'ers in this year's election. A loss by da GOP against Taxzine means 4 more years of higher taxes, more Democratic party patronage, more businesses leaving New Jersey, higher tolls, surcharges, and worse quality of life.

DaTruth is, a loss by da GOP for Freeloader means da Democrats in Monmouth County will be entrenched for years to come.

DaTruth is, if MachoGrande runs for reelection, you can guarantee her seat will be lost to da Democrats, even if da Queen runs against her.

DaTruth is, control of da Manalapan Township Committee is at stake this year, because a GOP win means 2 guaranteed GOP'ers, along with Andy Boy if he decides to be a GOP'er, will control da Township Committee. And - this year - as guaranteed by daTruthSquad, a Commissar-led Municipal tax increase will be at least 14%, and could be much higher.

DaTruth is, da state, county, and local GOP better get their act together if they have any hope of digging themselves out of da hole they've put themselves into.

And that's daTruth.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Memo to Manalapan's Career Politicians Regarding Who & What Has Rights

Memo: To Manalapan's Career Politicians
From: DaTruthSquad
RE: First Amendment Rights

It seems Manalapan's Politburo isn't alone in their "deny-at-taxpayer-expense" First Amendment trashing. Lawrence Township didn't take a blogger, or a writer, or a speaker, or an anonymous commenter to court demanding to take their free speech away and flush it down da toilet. In fact, they didn't even take a person to court.

Instead, da politicians of Lawrence Township hauled a 10-foot inflatable rat into court, and demanded that non-living, non-eating, full-of-air but not breathing rat have its free speech taken away -- despite da absolute fact it never said even one word!

Da rat is used by a union during protests, and da town felt da union didn't have da right to have da non-speaking rat used in a protest. Da town protested, and da union took them to court, and da town took them to court, and all da way to da NJ Supreme Court! Yes - you da taxpayer paid for a case of a town wanting to take away a 10-foot inflatable rat's rights!!!!!!

Somebody who apparently gets it, one of da judges, wrote, "The Court also has concerns that the ordinance is overly broad. Ordinances that foreclose an entire medium of expression will be upheld only if narrowly drawn to accomplish a compelling governmental interest. The Lawrence Township sign ordinance is overly broad because it has almost completely foreclosed a unique and important means of communication. Non-verbal, eye-catching symbolic speech represents a form of expression designed to reach a large number of people. The Township’s elimination of an entire medium of expression without a readily available alternative renders the ordinance overbroad."

In effect, even a 10-foot inflatable rat in New Jersey has free speech!

In Manalapan - twice in da last 2 years - both current career politicians and a former longtime politician have taken on da First Amendment, but these cases aren't about an inflatable rat.

In da first case, which became known worldwide and could very well have set a legal precedent, da "Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" morphed from a "land-deal-gone-bad" lawsuit into a First Amendment case - one paid for by taxpayer dollars - and one that Manalapan's career politicians lost and lost huge. When it came time for da taxpayer-funded Manalapan Legal Dream Team to show their legal evidence as to why this blog was either owned or operated by da Mosked Man, their answers ranged from, in effect, "it could be," "it may be," and "it might be," and because they weren't sure, despite having no real evidence, they basically asked a judge to force da First Amendment into a shredding machine.

Obviously, and you can read da judge's decision here, they lost and lost huge! It's a must-read as to why da Manalapan Legal Dream Team, whether under orders or not, tried to take this blog and silence it, because it was outspoken about something it appears some folks didn't want out open in da public.

Now, there are actually some in this great nation of ours that have differing views on free speech. Despite great men and women putting their lives on da line in far away places like Mosul and the Kyber Pass, and those who gave their lives down da road at Monmouth Battlefield, there are still a certain few who claim that Freedom of Speech is something that only they can hand out, or toss on a frozen lawn.

It wasn't that long ago that the Politburo representing Manalapan, New Jersey took a blogger to court, demanding their identity, and did so without a formal vote. Their Legal Dream Team filed paperwork that was proved to be improper and unenforceable, attempted to gain information on others that would have had our Founding Fathers spitting in their graves in disgust, and used innuendo and guesses and "a mere suspicion" (da judge's own words) as their evidence -- all AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE --- and told those same taxpayers they weren't really paying for it, but we all know da real truth there.

As we all know, and da Judge's ruling affirmed it, da First Amendment a piece of toilet paper, and those heroes who shed their blood for our freedoms didn't die in vain. You can read it here for yourself:

"And that anyone [...] has a right to make their feelings clear. And they have a right not to be intimidated by the issuance of discovery requests in order to shut them down ... has a right not to be drawn into the litigation and forced to reveal identity or to impede on his or her First Amendment rights simply on a suspicion ... There’s no factual basis at this point, other than a mere suspicion for the justification ... To allow the subpoena would be undue and unjust infringement on the blogger’s First Amendment rights ... And ultimately that even if the information were obtained, it would be so remote to the actual elements of this litigation that it would not be admissible under any circumstances."

How many thousands of dollars were spent by da Politburo for this? Only they know, because as we have all learned, they refuse to divulge that information.

DaTruth is, there are some who actually believe that because some people believe they have da right to know, they should be denied because they would like to keep their "activities" hidden. They can say they run a "transparent" government, but they use that word much like a comedian uses a punch line.

Each meeting, folks walk up and ask da questions, only to return to their seats following blank stares by their elected officials, or in one case, their name mispronounced (after knowing that person for years).

There are even some who may blog, but who will even post apparent lies and accusations on this blog's comment section. Should daTruthSquad remove those posts?

Absolutely not, and they aren't removed. Why? Because of da First Amendment. Honorable men & women died so we could have that freedom. Great judges and lawyers have stood up and affirmed that freedom.

DaTruth is, blogs can have an agenda. DaTruthSquad's agenda is to seek out daTruth and expose corruption, and also expose what some in positions to inform try very hard to hide. Can newspapers have agendas? Of course they can, and at some of those newspapers, even da reporters can have hidden agendas. Former mayors, townspeople, anyone who steps forward at a Manalapan Township meeting can have an agendas, hidden or otherwise.

When there is suppression about the other side to the story, like the reports on crumb rubber fields and potential health issues, a husband of a former mayor who says "BECAUSE I HATE ITALIANS," da Mosked Man court case they always bring up but never want to discuss, events in town hall, the "Hatching" of a former county GOP Chairman, unkept election promises, and issues of Freedom of Speech - yes, as fast as da Commissar could "second that" will daTruthSquad be on da case.

And that's daTruth.