Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Manalapan's 3-Ring Circus Turns Into A "Spodak" Moment

It's obvious after da September 23 Manalapan Township Meeting, that da title of "Mayor" should be replaced with "Circus Master." DaTruthSquad also proposes an ordinance changing da title of "Deputy Mayor" with "Cotton Candy Salesman," "Committeeman should be changed to "Clown," and Township Attorney can become "Carnival Barker."

Yes, TruthTellers of All Ages, da circus is in town, and if you can't be there, it's become "Must See TV" due to the hyjinx, insanity, and atmosphere that makes Ringling Brothers seem third-rate.

Da September 23 meeting started out like all others, that is, until Committeewoman Susan Cohen shocked da room by revealing her eyewitness events for everyone to hear of what apparantly really happened in da room last year between Police Chief Stu Brown and "Clown" Queen Roth. Her response was due to da 7-minute alleged defamation-filled tirade "Clown" Queen Roth prepared well after da meeting started so nobody could have an answer to it.

Cohen said:

"Mrs. Roth is correct that the chief admitted that he raised his voice and also admitted to the comments he made at the meeting. Unfortunately what was left out of Mrs. Roth’s statements was what she said to the chief first, in a raised voice. Mrs. Roth was challenging the chief’s authority over his decision to dismiss his men from the meeting, after the chief felt their presence was no longer required. Mrs. Roth yelled that she did not want the men to leave the meeting, to which the chief answered, ‘I don’t answer to you lady.’ The officer who Mrs. Roth claims was startled was indeed startled, but by Mrs. Roth’s yelling that they should not leave. When the men obeyed the chief and left the room the chief got up, walked over to where we were sitting from the other end of the table and sat down closer to us, leaving a one-chair space between him and Mrs. Roth … The chief did not lurch, lunge or walk in a fashion that was threatening to anyone. When the chief rose to leave the meeting, Mrs. Roth said to the chief, ‘That’s right, go run and hide chief,” (to) which he answered, ‘I am not running and hiding,’ and then she repeated, ‘You go run and hide chief' and he answered, ‘Why don’t you crawl under a rock."

And, Committeewoman Cohen was not done.

Cohen also dropped bombshell evidence regarding who else said what, and how much taxpayers have already paid for lawyers in a case that has barely even started!

"After speaking tonight I expect that I will be chastised, ridiculed, etc. by certain people for doing my job as an elected official and telling the truth. There are legal bills I am embarrassed to say in excess of $11,500 for the one-day suspension of Chief Brown and that is before the appeal to the court."

Now, if Cohen is correct, then that has to put "Circus Master" Commissar Klauber's admission that da entire 25-month Mosked Man law case that included da First Amendment case only cost taxpayers a mere $7,000 into serious question. And, da $11,500 figure was confirmed by South Brunswick Police Chief Raymond Hayducka!

And, Cohen continued -- "Mrs. Roth states that the chief has a history of abuse to women. If this were true, why would she vote to put Mrs. Lovrich in harm’s way by having the chief report directly to Mrs. Lovrich? … As the president of the domestic violence crisis team in Manalapan, I have a zero tolerance for abuse of any kind. There were no threats or abuse by Chief Brown against anyone on that day."

A great point! If, as "Clown" Roth said two weeks prior that all women (and we can also speculate that included she-males, alien women, and women under da age of 500) are all in danger of being in da same hemisphere as Chief Brown, then why put her confidant, Township Administrator Tara Tiara in harms way by voting "Yes" to have da Chief report directly to her?????

Of course, it will be very interesting indeed when four police officers and Tara Tiara are asked to give their sworn depositions in this matter - if it goes that far.

Oh, and before this blog continues, a set in "Stone" definition of "Perjury" is: When a person, having taken an oath before a competent tribunal, officer, or person, in any case in which a law of the U.S. authorizes an oath to be administered, that he will testify, declare, depose (deposition), or certify truly, or that any written testimony, declaration, deposition, or certificate by him subscribed, is true, willfully and contrary to such oath states or subscribes any material matter which he does not believe to be true; or in any declaration, certificate, verification, or statement under penalty of perjury, willfully subscribes as true any material matter which he does not believe to be true; 18 USC. In order for a person to be found guilty of perjury the government must prove: the person testified under oath before [e.g., the grand jury]; at least one particular statement was false; and the person knew at the time the testimony was false. The testimony of one witness is not enough to support a finding that the testimony was false. There must be additional evidence, either the testimony of another person or other evidence, which tends to support the testimony of falsity. The other evidence, standing alone, need not convince that the testimony was false, but all the evidence on the subject must do so.

Now that we've dispensed with da legalities, then da real fun began. Da open public session is announced, and shortly after a police chief discusses da Brown case, up bellies former Mayor Spodak to da buffet.

Spodak begins to read allowed alleged emails from da Mosked Man, to someone he does not disclose, and who rides in to not only challenge da man who claims to not have a computer, but da Mosked Man himself! Da Mosked Man then challenged Spodak about da emails, and then may have added a whole new "Spodak Moment" to da whole proceedings by "putting da Township Attorney and Township Committee on notice."

What did da Mosked Man mean by this - putting both da entire Township Committee and Township Attorney Coo-Coo-Cucchiaro on "notice?"

While that issue was never further discussed in the circus, could more litigation be forthcoming?

DaTruth is, this isn't going to go away easily. It might have, that is, until da "Wrath of Roth" spent 7 minutes during a YouTube moment two weeks prior blasting Manalapan Police Chief Stu Brown, claiming da following:

"Sexual harassment, verbal abuse and abuse of power by Manalapan Police Chief Stuart Brown..."

"Chief Brown has a history of verbally assaulting and threatening women."

"Chief Brown’s attack last September on me..."

"Chief Brown’s rage."

"Chief Brown and his repetitive abusive behavior toward women."

"His demeaning language and threatening behavior."

"I do not want any other women to be victims of Chief Brown’s rage."

And speaking of da Queen "Clown," is it us or did her business office suddenly move to a new location??????????

DaTruth is, this might have been a case that could have been settled, but now it will probably take much more - including what one could easily suspect is a full clearing of Chief Brown's name and once-spotless reputation by both "Clown" Roth and da rest of da 3-Ring Circus.

And, considering what Chief Brown alleges in court papers, that daTruthSquad is now in possession of, there may be more fireworks to come during da next 3-Ring Circus meeting.

Oh, and yes, daTruthSquad promised to let everyone know about da Chief's lawsuit against Manalapan, and also da Queen Clown. That will be in da next daTruthSquad (unless there's a new 3-Ring Circus story before that). However, here is one alleged claim made by Chief Brown's attorney in his discrimination case:

"n. Defendants conspired with a former dispatcher to create a sexual harassment incident ........ The Plaintiff (Brown) insisted that the matter be investigated by internal affairs. The file disappeared. When he (Brown) questioned the Internal Affairs officer1 as to the location of the file, he was told that the Administrator (Tara Tiara) had it. She refused to give him a copy. This is a violation of NJ Attorney General guidelines. Even worse, this confidential file was turned over to Roth and reviewed by her in violation not only of Attorney General guidelines but in violation of the Chiefs privacy rights."

Of course, it should be noted that what appeared in Chief Brown's legal complaint against is an allegation that first must be proved. However, this is just one part of da basis of a lawsuit Brown has filed against Manalapan Township, da Clown Queen, and Tara Tiara. And, thanks to a certain Cadre TruthTeller who was responsible for bringing this document to daTruthSquad.

And, if you think this is going to open up a new ring in that 3-Ring Circus, then you'll love what will also be found in that legal complaint - and probably at da next Manalapan Township Committee meeting! Will da "Wrath of Roth" strike back? Will there be a mud-wrestling steel-cage match between Roth and Chief Brown? Will former Mayor Spodak be on the undercard in a bare-knuckles fight with da Mosked Man? Can Manalapan hold these fights for charity - or to help lower taxes? Will Clown Andy Boy ever decide where he stands in da Chief Brown case? Will someone ask Tara Tiara her side of da story?

All this - and more from Manalapan's 3-Ring Circus. And, that's daTruth.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: State Assembly Candidate Roth's Police "Rage" Allegations Challenged - By Someone Who Was Actually There!

At da last Manalapan Township Committee meeting, Committeewoman and State Senate candidate Queen Michelle Roth shocked everyone by making completely shocking and devastating allegations against Manalapan Police Chief Stu Brown. In a prepared, apparently rehearsed and definitely calculated speech, da Queen leveled charges against Chief Brown that - if true - would make him da worst enemy of women since Jack Da Ripper or da Hillside Strangler. In her "campaign speech," Roth directly and without hesitation in her power as a Manalapan political office holder directly accused Police Chief Brown, saying:

"Sexual harassment, verbal abuse and abuse of power by Manalapan Police Chief Stuart Brown are a big problem. " "The public need to know that Chief Brown has a history of verbally assaulting and threatening women." "... not aware of the full scope of the serious issues we face with Chief Brown and his repetitive abusive behavior toward women." "I do not want any other women to be victims of Chief Brown’s rage."

This, of course, raised da following immediate questions:

1. Why in 29 years of da Chief being on da job has no other person come forward outside of a career politicians in an election year?

2. Any "evidence" of da Chief's "history of verbally assaulting and threatening women?"

3. Any "evidence" of "Sexual harassment, verbal abuse and abuse of power by Manalapan Police Chief Stuart Brown," other than that of da Candidate Queen?

4. Why was Tara Tiara so silent????

These claims were reported by da local Snoozepaper in a very well-written report by actual newsperson Mark Rosman, while a Snoozer editorial by Baconhead Bean seemed to blame this blog for everything wrong in this world of Manalapanistan. Then, enter da Asbury Park Press to provide both a little sanity - and even more evidence that something is rotten in Roth-ville.

Da Asbury Park Press - in a direct followup proving this blog was absolutely 1000% correct in da last blog, "And Da Academy Award Goes To --- Queen Michelle Roth!!! ," added da smoking gun that could bring down not only da case around da Queen, but could put Manalapan on da hook for what could be a multi-million dollar lawsuit for defamation!

Committeewoman Susan Cohen, who has a rock-solid reputation where it comes to da protection of women, told da Asbury Park Press - and this is important -- "Cohen, however, testified in the disciplinary hearing that both the chief's and Roth's voices had been raised at the 2008 meeting. She said in a phone interview that Roth on Wednesday left out key facts and gave an inaccurate account of the 2008 incident."

Note - Committeewoman Cohen specifically says that Roth "left out key facts" and "gave an inaccurate account of the 2008 incident."

Now, reverse back to da so-called "independent" Millburn person who, after hearing what must have been reams of data from da Roth camp that any person with female anatomical parts is in grave danger of being within 50 miles of Chief Brown, handed out a penalty of: (a) Flogging -- (b) Firing on da spot -- (c) Dropped from a plane into da Tora Bora region of Afghanistan -- or (d) still only handed a token one day suspension!

Why then was he only given a one-day suspension, if even she-males should be concerned about their safety following da Roth-O-Gram at da first September meeting?

Why then, was this case not deferred to da Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office?

Why was this case, if even anyone with long hair is in severe danger of Chief Brown, suggested by da Queen's prepared and rehearsed statement, did da "independent" person not even demand counseling?

Why was Chief Brown, who according to da Queen's statement is a "rage" machine certain to go postal if any person who even dreams to be female enters da room, not admonished for his alleged actions?

Could it be, as this blog has alluded to -- that this suspension case brought by Manalapan against Chief Brown isn't what it seems?

Now, da township has ordered it's labor attorney McLaughing to da bank to investigate this matter. According to da newspaper, McCheese has been "investigating" this - under orders of da Queen and McTara, since sometime in April! How long does it take to investigate one allegation? What is McStretching-this-out waiting for? What is he McWaiting for? If this situation is as dire as Queen McRoth alluded to, then what is taking McDragging-His-Feet so long, especially if women are at risk and in peril as Queen Roth suggested?

DaTruth is, this situation had become a Mc-Laughingstock, even before Roth signaled her "Brown-out" alert that even women in Mongolia aren't out of da reach of Chief Brown's "rage." However, by making her prepared speech, she instead as added a new dynamic into this - and that is - she potentially put Manalapan on da hook for what could be a potential 7-figure lawsuit for defamation, unless it's proved that da Chief is actually da president & CEO of da "He-Man Women Hater's Club."

Proof of da last statement - that actually came from da guy who loves to use da word "vitriol." Baconhead Bean wrote that in his last diatribe. And, he's right - at least about that, when he wrote, "If these allegations against Brown turn out to be false, Moskovitz will likely be the lead counsel in the biggest lawsuit against Manalapan to date."

Interesting too, is that in da last Asbury Park Press story, both Queen Roth and Township Attorney Coo-coo-Cucchiaro both said that "litigation and personnel issues previously prevented them from disclosing details about past situations involving da Chief," and "since Brown and his attorney released information" about da case, "they were comfortable disclosing more information about da events."

Holy Double-Speak and Psyco-babble Batman!?!?!?

Ask yourself this -- why was it that when da 25-month long Mosked Man case was going on, da Township Committee would not allow ANYONE to discuss ANY litigation with anyone -- despite da fact that da Electronic Frontier Foundation provided everything from lawyers letters to actual case evidence on their website for anyone to read? However, now it's OK to discuss pending litigation in da open in Town Hall during meetings - because da Queen says so?

Now, Queen Roth has an even more serious problem. By allowing her mouth to runneth over, she now puts Township Administrator Tara Tiara in da direct line of legal fire. If it is proved that her testimony is not truthful, which could happen if Committeewoman Cohen's testimony is accepted as factual, then da question of - is or did Tara Tiara cover anything up by anything he might of said - or didn' say??? How can Tara Tiara keep her job if her sequence of events doesn't match that of Cohen's, if Cohen's sequence is considered valid? By Cohen saying what she did, and handling it as graceful as she did, it could potentially put Tara Tiara's reputation into question.

DaTruth is, there's some things about this case that are being kept hidden from da people of Manalapan, as well as da voters of da 12th District. Why -- because if it's proved that this is nothing more than an election stunt, if true, could be damaging not only to Queen Roth, and Tara Tiara, but to da people of Manalapan who may be on da hook for paying a defamation case if one arises.

Why does daTruthSquad bring this up???

Because, daTruthSquad has come into possession of information regarding this case - from a member of da Cadre. Once da shocking information is double-verified, it will be presented here - so stay tuned. And, they can't come close to trying to put a gag order on this blog - or any blog - since da Queen has already spoken at length about it in da September meeting!

Shocking allegations are on da way -- and that's daTruth.

Monday, September 14, 2009

And Da Academy Award Goes To --- Queen Michelle Roth!!!

One - She owns her own public relations company. Two - She knows how to skilfully play to an audience. Three - She must have cornered da market on crocodile tears, and she knows how to use them.

Two weeks ago, she was faced down by a myriad of townspeople, all irate over her actions against highly decorated and immensely respected Manalapan Police Chief Stuart Brown. One by one, people came up and demanded to know why she was taking this highly unusual action of suspending Chief Brown, for calling her of all things, "lady." One by one they spoke, and through it all she never looked up. Roth could have been doodling or doing crossword puzzles for all we know.

Now comes da first September Township Committee meeting, and again people speak and she says nothing -- that is -- until two hours pass. Then, in an extraordinary moment, Roth asks to speak - and boy does she.

In a slow, deliberate, and tense speaking voice, almost sounding as if she was under duress or scared for her life, Roth began to speak about da alleged actions of Chief Brown not just toward her --- but all women e--- verywhere!

In one instance, she spins a tale about an alleged meeting, where a supposedly irate Brown ordered four of his officers out of a room in such an intimidating fashion one officer's gun got caught on his chair as he got up. Roth claims in that meeting he said to her, "I don’t report to you, lady," and then walked toward her and shoved one of his big male fingers in her face, saying "I don’t answer to you, lady," and "Why don’t you crawl back under your rock, lady."

Of course, before she spun this particular tale, Roth not only lowered da boom on Chief Brown, making such outrageous claims about his character you'd have to wonder how any woman would live in da same town as he does.

Roth said, "Sexual harassment, verbal abuse and abuse of power by Manalapan Police Chief Stuart Brown are a big problem. Bringing this problem public creates a safer working environment for all the women of town hall and protects our residents and our township. The public need to know that Chief Brown has a history of verbally assaulting and threatening women. Chief Brown’s attack last September on me was not the first time he was threatening to a female employee of Manalapan … It is this governing body’s responsibility to make sure that this despicable behavior stops and that no other woman becomes a victim of Chief Brown’s rage."

She continued, "Those who came forward to defend the chief at the last meeting were probably not aware of the full scope of the serious issues we face with Chief Brown and his repetitive abusive behavior toward women. I say this because I cannot fathom anyone, male or female, who would support and defend someone who is abusive to women. Defending individual rights and keeping people free from harassment and intimidation, especially by a police chief who has sworn to uphold the law, is the responsibility of every elected official. I will continue to protect all the women employed by Manalapan against Chief Brown’s abuse, his demeaning language and threatening behavior. I do not want any other women to be victims of Chief Brown’s rage.”

"Sexual harassment, verbal abuse and abuse of power by Manalapan Police Chief Stuart Brown..."

"Chief Brown has a history of verbally assaulting and threatening women."

"Chief Brown’s attack last September on me..."

"Chief Brown’s rage."

"Chief Brown and his repetitive abusive behavior toward women."

"His demeaning language and threatening behavior."

"I do not want any other women to be victims of Chief Brown’s rage

It's obvious to any TruthTeller that each of her words were chosen both carefully and calculated. There's only four minor itsy, bitsy problems with her nearly 7 minute speech in public and on TV.

1. She has zero evidence she presented - except for that of Township administrator Tara Tiara - meaning unless there's an audio tape of da event it's "she claims he said."

2. Since this is a legal case, why is it that they did not allow any discussion whatsoever about da Mosked Man law case, but this one is an open book, albeit a trashy novel, for all to read and hear?

3. It could potentially open da door to a defamation case, which would unfortunately, and any half-good lawyer would do this - sue da township since it was one of their paid agents (Roth) who made da claims.

4. Since it's ana election year, and there's less than 60 days before da levers are pulled, she can claim Chief Brown is a space alien and get away with it - as long as she can swing a vote or two to her side.

Now, if da Queen is accurate in any way, then one would think that they'd be digging up Chief Brown's backyard to search for Jimmy Hoffa?

Will Manalapan's Township Committee demand they search his office for clues to da Lindbergh baby kidnapping?

Will a blue-ribbon committee be formed to uncover da whereabouts of Chief Brown when da Hindenburg was landing in Lakewood to see if he was out of his jurisdiction?

Will Commiteeman Andy Boy & Roth use taxpayer dollars to hire BaconHead Award-winning reporter Kathy Barratta to follow da Chief to restaurants to see if he tips waitresses below 15%?

Should Manalapan hire a private investigator to see if Chief Brown ever dipped any girl's curls in ink wells as a child?

Is Chief Brown really a space alien from da planet "Womenhater?"

Will they try to subpoena da Chief's internet service provider (using taxpayer money of course) to see if he is daTruthSquad?

DaTruth is, what we all witnessed in Town Hall that night was a calculated and desperate hatchet job by da Queen, calculated because she wants to turn da tide of resentment against her - and calculated, because as a career politician and current candidate for da state's 12th District, she appears to be looking for sympathy votes from women, a major voting block.

Let's face reality, police for years are looked at with some scorn now and then. There's da "Blue Wall of Silence," and so many cases of abuse against cops, many of which are usually questioned for lack of evidence.

In this case, it appears at least for now on da surface this is a "she said - he said" -- and -- she can get away with making any outlandish claim she desires, because even if da Chief files a defamation lawsuit - da lawsuit itself would never be heard before election day in a court of law!

Now ask yourself this --- da big money question -- if da Chief's actions were as dire and scary as Roth claimed, why then would an independent person simply say he only deserved a one-day "token" suspension? Wouldn't da county and state and US Attorney be investigating da Chief if it was really as bad as Roth claimed? Wouldn't he have been removed as Chief pending a serious investigation? Why did this independent person bypass Roth's outlandish claim that "The public need to know that Chief Brown has a history of verbally assaulting and threatening women?" If someone has a "history" of this type of action, and it "wasn't da first time," why only give da Chief a one-day token suspension?????

Oh - and one more question - did da Queen or Tara Tiara even bother to tell da independent person about da Chief's alleged "history of verbally assaulting and threatening women?" If so, where's da investigation? If not - WHY WITHHOLD DA INFORMATION???? Was that hearing too far from election day? Did da "history of verbally assaulting and threatening women" just slip both their minds? Why not discuss this when three weeks ago, most of Manalapan showed up in support of da Chief?

And, if da Queen is right - then wasn't she putting Manalapan's women at risk by not mentioning this to da investigator? Wash't she and Tara Tiara then putting Manalapan's women at risk by not mentioning this for two weeks after da August meeting??

Questions - indeed?

Ironically, it was highly qualified reporter Mark Rosman who made da statement of da whole report in da local Snoozepaper.

Rosman asked Brown's attorney, da Mosked Man himself, about Roth's statements and he said, "Mrs. Roth’s comments regarding the chief in open session at the (Sept. 9) Township Committee meeting continued the pattern that has marked her tenure in office of reckless, defamatory and false statements attacking her ever-increasing list of perceived enemies. They also continue the pattern of harassment against the chief in her continued effort to force him to retire and to replace him with a chief of her own personal choice."

However, da Mosked Man also hit a home run by challenging da current township attorney's approval of Roth actions and statement, saying - and this is important - "It is unfortunate that the township attorney, who so often has cautioned the Township Committee members not to discuss litigation in open session, inexplicably refused to advise Mrs. Roth that she is not above the rules."

Rosman then called Manalapan Township Attorney CooCooCucchiaro, who "said it was the opinion of attorneys that the age discrimination lawsuit filed by Brown contained statements and/or information relating to matters at town hall that gave municipal officials the right to respond and to discuss the issue of the police chief’s behavior in public session."

However, Rosman, who obviously here has no agenda, except that of a reporter reporting on a sensational story and gathering da facts and not da fiction, wrote "Matters of ongoing litigation are generally discussed in executive session, out of view of the public."

Wow, a reporter without an agenda. Refreshing, isn't it.

And, daTruth is, Rosman is dead-on 200% right. Why is it that when questions week after week and month after month for 25 months were brought by townspeople to da Township Committee about da Mosked Man case, such as how much was being spent, why it was even being done, da answer every time was tht they could not discuss ongoing litigation. If that is da case, then one can speculate that you cannot discuss ongoing litigation, unless that is, you're running for State Senate as a candidate?

By da way - if you have any doubts about da Queen and her truly awe-inspiring acting skills - watch the video from Town Hall for yourself on YouTube!

DaTruth is this -- If Chief Brown, as State Senate political candidate Michelle Roth claimed, "has a history of verbally assaulting and threatening women," and it "wasn't da first time," then why did da Queen and Tara Tiana potentially put thousands of Manalapan women at risk for potential harm, if their claims are accurate? Why wait until 50 days before her election to let da world know this? Why discuss an ongoing legal case in public, when da public and members of da Township committee were chastized for da very same thing in da Mosked Man case?

Questions - indeed --- and that's daTruth!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Breaking News: More Potential Corruption Concerns For Manalapan's WMUA

You won't read about this in da local Snoozer, and certainly not on "Da Lies About Manalapan" website.

As many of our readers know, this blog has spoken out more than once about da WMUA, Manalapan & Marlboro's sewer authority. They've been raided by da FBI, their chairman sent to da Stockade Hilton, built a "Taj Mahal" with taxpayer sewer fees, hiked flushing fees 30% in just one year, and had a lawyer of theirs investigated over his pension. They also have a paid spokesman - making somewhere between $25-50,000 annually!

That's right - a person whose job it is to speak on behalf of bile and other things that flow through sa sewer authority! That person is Jeff Meyer, who, by da way, is very popular with Democratic circles. As daTruthSquad found out, he's heavily involved with da Burlington County Democrtic machine, knows da Democratic players in Manalapan quite well, and -- oh yeah -- did you know he's apparantly under investigation by ELEC for his alleged involvement with former 30-day Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano III, da guy who bacame da poster child for da last slew of corruption arrests in July!

Da Asbury Park Press writes that Meyer "is named in an ethics complaint" with ELEC. Meyer, says da newspaper, says he quietly "resigned from da Burlington Democrats for personal and professional reasons" in August. However, da newspaper says it was Democratic Committee Chairman Rick Perr who demanded Meyer resign. Apparantly, da Burlington GOP claims both Perr & Sewer spokesman Meyer both "failed to disclose in state reports their controlling roles in 'New Frontier," da PAC through which Meyer said he raised funds for Cammarano and others."

Published reports show New Frontier gave $15,000 last year to Cammarano's election fund.

Now, it appears WMUA Commandant Eric Abraham, who was placed in his position that comes with a pension by da Manalapan Democrats, says they will now reinvestigate whether da sewer authority really needs someone to speak for da stuff that flows through it.

Why is this important?

DaTruth is, this is a credibility issue. Da guy who Democrats have made, using homeowner's money, as da spokesman for all things that flow through your toilet has an apparent direct connection to da poster child of da latest corruption sting, and there's obviously a severe discrepancy as to whether Mr. Sewer Spokesman resigned on his own, or was forced to by members of his own party.

DaTruth is, and this blog has been saying this all along - why in da world does a sewer authority even have a well-paid spokesman? Was this a political reward? Was this party patronage? Who has approved this? Does your toilet really need a well-paid spokesman? Has this person ever worked on any Manalapan political campaigns (the answer might surprise you)?

Da smartest thing da Manalapan Township Committee - especially Mayor Da Commissar can do - is demand da WMUA remove da spokesman position and save da townspeople money. If da Commissar's silent opponent can make any gurgling sounds, then that person should speak out and demand it as well if da Commissar fails to act.

Da smartest thing da District 12 GOP candidates can do is also to make this public, and lay da blame for a raw sewage spokesman who has obvious political party ties directly to da high heels of "Lady Queen" Michelle Roth. Add to this da possible alleged ties to Hoboken's Cammarano, and you now have political corruption to play with as well.

As for Eric Abraham, da Commissioner of Raw Sewage - he should do da smart thing and remove da politically connected sewer spokesman before any damage can be inflicted on members of his own political party.

DaTruth is - this blog has been calling for this "sewer spokesman" situation to be investigated for some time. Apparantly it was a "non-starter' for da local Snoozepaper, but now is da time to act if Democrats don't want to wind up with raw sewage on their faces come da November election.

Now this is not to say Meyer is or is not a bad person. What is does say, is politics-as-usual has to end, politicians need to be held accountable, and as this blog has said all along - da local sewer authority does not need a paid-for spokesman to talk about things that travel through your toilet and come out da other end!

And, kudos to da Asbury Park press for doing their homework and uncovering corruption. Apparantly some newspaper has to.

It's time to jettison da sewage speaker for Manalapan - and that's daTruth!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: The NJEA Hands Out Their Endorsements - and Roth is Snubbed!!!!

This may be a serious sign that da campaign to get Michelle "Da Queen" Roth elected to da NJ State Assembly has trouble. Da NJEA, one of da state's two or three most powerful unions has handed out their coveted endorsements. Out of 40 state legislative districts, candidates, mostly Democrats, in 38 of those 40 districts received ringing endorsements from da NJEA.

Ironically, two districts were left without NJEA endorsements.

One of them was District 12.

It was expected that Declan O'Scanlan and Carolina MachoGrande would have as good a chance of getting an NJEA endorsement as a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest. Both lean toward vouchers and school choice, which isn't popular in NJEA circles. DaTruthSquad has learned from GOP'er sources they knew their candidates wouldn't be getting da NJEA endorsements. However, we are told they were as surprised as anyone that da Democrats in District 12 didn't get ANY endorsements from da NJEA!

Da Queen's co-hort in this contest is himself a teacher, and Roth is a Democrat's Democrat, as liberal as da day is long.

Da big question is --- why didn't Roth or her running mate get da coveted NJEA endorsement????

Could it have something to do with her lack of taking any stance at all while "Diploma-Gate" and "Wasser-Gate" was happening in her own school district?

Was it her support for Pat Horvath, a pillar of support to Grand High Exaulted Dr/Mr/Lord/Divine Ruler/Chairman Wasser who lost by a landslide in da last school board election??

Or, and this question must be asked --- did da NJEA's pulling da support rug out from under da Queen's glass slippers have anything to do with da lawsuit she is now embroiled in against Manalapan Police Chief Stu Brown, who she pushed to have suspended because da Chief called da Queen -- and cover up da ears of children on this one --- a "lady???"

In all, da NJEA supports 47 Democrats, and 24 Republicans. No Roth. No Amberg. No Democrats at all in District 12.


One has to at da very least speculate as to why da NJEA decided not to back Roth in District 12. Why did da NJEA turn their backs on both Roth and her teacher running mate? Do you smell something strange too?

Da NJEA didn't even spend a sentence as to why they were not picking any candidates in District 12 -- and before you jump to da conclusion about da other district they didn't pick anyone - read it for yourself:

"Endorsements in what some insiders see as a competitive 36th District - that's Assemblyman Fred Scalera (D-Nutley) and Assemblyman Gary Schaer (D-Passaic) - will be announced at a "later date," according to the NJEA."

Da NJEA backs Governor Con-zine, which is as surprising as a backroom deal in Trenton or acne on a 15-year old. Da NJEA also backs his grandmother, Lt. Governor running mate Miss Loretta.

No Roth. No teacher running mate. And, apparently no "later date."

DaTruth is, one has to speculate that da situation with da Chief of da Manalapan Police Department may be carrying some weight here. If da NJEA, or any organization, were, hypothetically of course, to hand out an endorsement to Queen Roth, then you would have to think that endorsement would also be an endorsement of da way da Queen conducts business in Manalapan -- which obviously includes da handling of Chief Stuart Brown, one of da most decorated, most respected, and maybe da best police chief Manalapan has ever had.

One would have to think that to endorse da candidate, any candidate, would mean endorsing their actions too. In this case, a suspension of a police chief for getting out of a chair in a meeting and calling a woman, "lady."

DaTruth is, there's a reason that blogisphere cohorts who support da Queen are trying desperately not to have some information get out. It's why this blog site itself has been attacked - unsuccessfully - by spammers. It's why postings on's Manalapan board disappear faster than they can be written. It can also be speculated as to why da "Hate Mosked Man" website has appeared with da same 4 posters posting.

DaTruth is, there is a very logical reason that da NJEA withheld their endorsement of da Queen and her teacher running mate, and are shunning District 12. You might say, da NJEA may have simply decided to "Brown out" District 12.

Obviously they must have had a very good reason to shun da Queen and her teacher running mate. However, even if they do not post a reason, da simple fact da Democrat-dominated NJEA decided not to back da Queen and her teacher-running mate speaks volumes - and sends a very clear message.

And that's daTruth.