Saturday, October 30, 2010

An October BaconHead - With A Side Order Of Ethics

Talk about a no-brainer! Da Choice of da October BaconHead Award winner was unanimous, and da answer was as fast as you can say "ETHICS."

However, before we go to da BaconHead Award winner, lets investigate daTruth about da two recent political mailings being received this week by Manalapan residents.


In this ad you wouldn't even know Mr. & Mrs. Maskowitz had a baby boy named Jordan. It was all about Andy Boy and his land grab. Let's investigate daTruth in da Quotes on da mailer.

SHOCK QUOTE #1: "Land Baron Andy Boy is trying to use OUR tax dollars to get 95 acres of land for free AND a property tax break."

DATRUTH: There's actually a lot of truth here. Yes current Mayor Andy Boy is trying to purchase 95 acres of land in a very questionable land grab, and yes, if he gets his way, it will be placed into Farmland preservation which means he can get over $1.2 million in taxpayer money from da state for that land - and keep da deed to it - plus a huge $$$$$ break on property taxes on da land.

SHOCK QUOTE #2: From an Asbury Park Press editorial by their own staff on da land grab - "Proposed land deal with Mayor raises ethics concerns in Manalapan" and "Sure smells like a conflict."

DATRUTH: This isn't from some politician. This is from da editorial staff of da Asbury Park Press. Need we say more.

SHOCK QUOTE #3: "After acquiring the land, Lucas pushed it into farmland preservation program even though it was not on the list."

DATRUTH: This is a quote from da Asbury Park Press - and cannot be refuted.

SHOCK QUOTE #4: "Lucas participated in the open space purchase process that could reduce the amount of money available to him for his land."

DATRUTH: One word - ETHICS. Two words - RECUSE YOURSELF. If you are knowingly going to be involved in a processs like this, you cannot be involved in it at all, including voting on or persuading votes on other land. This means da shock quote has accuracy.


DATRUTH: This is highly damning. This is from meeting minutes and shows corroborates Shock Quote #4.

Overall, this mailing has - unfortunately for da GOP'ers - too much of daTruth.


On this one, you find Mommy and Daddy Lucas praising their beloved little boy.

SHOCK QUOTE #1: "We raised our son Land Baron Andy Boy on this farm. We taught him da value of hard work and to give back to da community which has given so much to him."

DATRUTH: There is some truth here. Land Baron Andy Boy lived and lives on a farm. We'll give his mommy and daddy da benefit and agree they probably did teach him da value of hard work. However, da part of da quote "da community which has given so much to him" isn't 100% accurate - yet. Once he receives over $1.2 million in taxpayer $$$$$ for da land grab - then YES - he will indeed get something back from da community - huge sums of $$$$$$$ with tax breaks too!

SHOCK QUOTE #2: Recently some politicians who are supported by developers attacked our son for standing up for our town and saving one of da last remaining farms in Manalapan from developers."

DATRUTH: While there are probably a lot less farms in Manalapan than there were 50 years ago, there are still many farms, including that of current Township committeeman Don Holland. And, as for da "politicians" who are "backed by developers," those claims came from da Asbury Park Press newspaper that investigated da land grab. Da newspaper article included a quote from da Queen - but also more from Andy Boy himself. However, da investigation was done by da newspaper, which isn't a "politician" and obviously isn't "backed by developers."

DaTruth here is, it was both da newspaper and daTruthSquad that exposed this land grab - not some politician supported by developers. In fact, now there are questions about da whole deal itself.

1. While Land Baron Andy Boy said he got approval from three attorneys on da deal, do we know for sure if he actually disclosed to his barristers that the company he and his family bought da land from is majority owned by both Land Baron Andy Boy and his parents - according to former Manalapan mayor Beth Ward?

2. If that statement is correct, then why did Andy Boy go on da record saying da seller wished to keep da sale price secret - if he was da seller of da land?

3. Why did he not recuse himself during da entire process of either Farmland Preservation or Open Space - especially if he knew if his land was a part of the process

4. Why has the town placed itself in da crosshairs of potential lawsuits by da other property owners in da process who can now claim bias on da part of da township? Where was da township attorney in this process? We know if we were da landowners in this situation, we'd be contemplating this.

DaTruth is, this entire process is now tainted and should be stopped immediately and no land should be bought due to the ethical lapses here. As hard as it is to believe, da Queen is 100% right on this one. Da mere appearance of impropriety is glaring, and da process does give da appearance of being tainted. Think about this - da sitting mayor of a town stands to make millions on a land deal using taxpayer money - with what appears to be a serious appearance of manipulation by at least one or more members of da Manalapan Township Committee - during an election year. If this doesn't get da state to investigate Manalapan politics for corruption, then nothing will.

This, of course, leads us to our October BaconHead Award winner.

At one time, this election was an afterthought. Now, it has come down to whether you want someone who puts da town ahead of their ambitions, or a person content with making millions of taxpayer dollars using their position in da town.

As it was recently reported in da Asbury Park Press, "Lucas said he never cast opinions on da properties or allowed himself to be polled in those discussions." However, you have to ask yourself - what was he doing in those discussions to begin with, if he was an active part of da process? Ironically, it was da Queen herself who may have made da defining statement of da whole situation when she said "Mayor Andrew Lucas manipulated da public process by participating in discussions on da three properties that competed with da tract of land he owns" in da process. What he said actually doesn't matter. he was present - he was there - and his mere presence taints da entire process to da point where Manalapan could potentially face lawsuits because of his mere presence in da process.

One thing you can say about our BaconHead, he's consistently in da middle of Manalapan politics.

2004 - He's carried over da finish line by Joltin Joe and wins a seat on da Manalapan Township Committee.

2005 - Takes township committee meeting abuse from da Queen and former mayors Jim Gray and Gorgeous George Spodak.

2005 - Gets nailed by da local Snoozepaper for "E-Mail-Gate."

2006 - Turns his back on his Republican running mate and begins laying da foundation for an alliance with da very same people who ridiculed him in 2005 to secure becoming mayor in 2007.

2007 - Led da charge to file da "Lawsuit to Nowhere" against da Mosked Man, and also led da charge to file da lawsuit against daTruthSquad in da "First Amendment Lawsuit Heard Around da World" that brought scorn and ridicule to Manalapan, and may have been da singular moment in da entire "Lawsuit to Nowhere" dooming it to failure.
2007 - In da midst of da lawsuit, as mayor he turns his back on a campaign pledge to not raise taxes and creates and enacts one of da largest municipal tax increases in town history - nearly 28%!

2007 - Questions are raised if he's actually living in town when he is served legal papers at a home in another city - at a home where his wife was allegedly residing.

2008 - Backs again as an architect da second double-digit municipal tax increase in two years.

2008 - As in 2007, voted for a lawsuit that he was a third-party DEFENDANT in, which begs da question as to what his legal council told him to do in this regard.

2008 - For da second time in 3 years, turns his back on a running mate and sides with his Democratic alliance against Susan Cohen.

2009 - Does nothing when da WMUA has more ethical issues, while Lord-God-King-Doctor-Mr. Wasser makes our school district da laughingstock of da nation, and while taxes are lowered and he is ridiculed by da same people who gave him grief about his flat budgets of 2005 and 2006.

2010 - Possibly under orders of his handlers, breaks da nearly 4-year old alliance between himself and da Queen in order to pass his flat budget during his own election year.

2010 - Nailed by da Asbury Park Press for attempting to profit on a land-grab deal involving a questionable land purchase. No price for da land was divulged because he claimed it was da seller who wanted to not release any information. It is later discovered by a former Manalapan mayor that da seller was a LLC that is majority-owned by da Lucas family - information that was never refuted by Land Baron Andy Boy at da meeting where she exposed this!

Da Huge Question here is - if he is reelected, what will we have to add to his timeline for 2011, 2012 and 2013 when he would be in office?

DaTruth is, as a sitting mayor, Land Baron Andy Boy had no place in steering this land deal into any position where he could have gained monetarily. Some might call that a conflict of interest. While it is not illegal to own land or try to get land into Farmland Preservation, da mere appearance of him being a part of da process taints da entire process and calls into question who participated, and who voted for what - and even more important - why they cast their votes da way they did. Were they asked to? Were they coerced? Did they not know all da facts? These are only three of da many questions that can be asked.

DaTruth is - is this Land Baron worthy of your vote? As we have all learned over da years, members of da Manalapan Township Committee have received censure for a lot less than this - and they did not commit any crimes or were alleged to have done so. As for whether he will remain on da Manalapan Township Committee, and if he will receive a windfall of $$$$$$$ from da now-talked-about land deal, we'll know for sure if ethics are a question for voters on Tuesday.

However, win or lose, one thing is for certain: If he wins da election, Manalapan residents deserve whatever they get in da next three years and should never be surprised about news accounts of ethical lapses in Manalapan Town Hall, because that's what we should come to accept and expect - because we will have voted in favor of that type of government. If he loses his election next week, Land Baron Andy Boy won't go home empty-handed. He still stands to reap over $1 million in taxpayer money for his land grab deal, and he also gets, for all he has done this month to put Manalapan back on da map for all da wrong ethical reasons - - Land Grab Manalapan Mayor Andy Boy is da unanimous winner of da October 2010 BaconHead of da Month!

And remember - don't forget to vote! And that's daTruth.

Monday, October 25, 2010

DaTruthSquad's Coveted Election Endorsements of 2010!

Well TruthTellers, it has come down to this. We're a week away from da 2010 election, and what kind of a political year we've had so far.

In Manalapan, it started out a decorated police chief under fire by da Manalapan Township Committee under Baron Mayor Andy Boy, and morphed into a lawsuit against da town brough by da police chief's attorney - who in a shock to those being sued was none other than da Mosked Man himself, who just happens to be da arch rival of both Land Baron Andy Boy and da Queen. Then came what many knew would happen, but didn't expect now - da dissolving of da alliance between Land Baron Andy Boy and da Queen. Not only did Land Baron Andy Boy run over da Queen and her party boss, Gerry "One Bourbon, One Scotch & One Beer" Ward, but then he drove da bus in reverse and grinded da tires.

This, of course coming after da Manalapan Democrats selected two spectacularly unqualified candidates to go up against da revered darlings of da Yorktowne Club - Andy Boy Lucas and Jordan "Stu" Moskowitz.

Da problem with da dissolving of da alliance is, you never, ever, ever underestimate da Queen. You knew she had something up both her sleeves after being da victim of Land Baron Andy Boy's treachery, and apparently her sleeves were full of trouble for Andy Boy, who dug a big hole for himself with "Farmland Preservation-Gate!"

Now, a week before da election and this blog has been busier this month than it has been da whole year, da Asbury Park Press news team and editorial division is working overtime tracking down da ethical lapses of Manalapan's Land Baron Mayor, and da local Snoozepaper is probably doing something this month, whether its news or not can be debated.

So, without much ado, here's what you've all been waiting for, daTruthSquad's annual and highly coverted election endorsements!

CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT 6: Tea Partier Anna Little vs Big Pockets Frank Pallone. Any reader of daTruthSquad knows we've been fans of Little Anna since she faced former Manalapan GOP Commissar PuPu and his enforcers and told she cannot run for office. We liked her then, and as an outsider looking in to da GOP'ers once again she beat da odds and chopped down da hand-picked GOP'er to run against Pallone. Our endorsement goes to Anna Little, because when it comes down to da people, she will do what she believes and not what da party bosses want her to do.

CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT 12: "Hedge Fund Manager" Scott Sipprelle vs Rush "Greg Bean" Holt. Considering da fact Holt once voted against Israel and for da Palestinians should have been enough for "HFM" to cakewalk his way onto an Amtrak train to Washington. Then came da dispicable exploitation of an American hero. However, his campaign hasn't taken any traction, and those "Hedge Fund Manager" commercials have people talking. While Holt doesn't deserve a trip to Washington this time around, Sipprelle hasn't done enough to win this campaign. We flipped a coin, and Sipprelle won best two-out-of-three, so we'll back him.

MONMOUTH COUNTY SHERIFF: Eric Brophy vs Shaun "Marlboro" Golden. Since Golden didn't answer those Marlboro questions, then we want more transparancy. Brophy's our guy.

It's Clifton & Arnone for da GOP'ers against D'Amico and Venables for da Democrats. We all know as much about these guys and gal than we know about Off Track Betting in da Himalayas. We decided to do something interesting here, so we are going to endorse da one with da least and most letters in their last name. Therefore, our endorsements go to "John D'Amico" (10 letters) and Janice Venables (14 letters).

This is da one you've all been waiting for. One one side you have former state trooper Jordan "Stu" Moskowitz and current Manalapan Mayor Land Baron Andy Boy Lucas against vertically challenged Mark "Beevis" Eiger and 22-year old Evan "Butthead" Dworkin.

This one can't get any more bizarre. One one side, you have a guy who gets da state Cadillac benefits plan for life, along with Manalapan's current mayor who bought nearly 100 acres of land from a developer in a questionable deal that we were first told da seller wanted to keep da details secret, so secret that there wasn't even info available from da county records - until a former Manalapan mayor came forward and told us all da developer company LLC is actually majority-owned by Andy Boy and his family!

On da other side, you have one guy who needs a stack of New York City phone books to stand on just to be seen, and a 22-year old kid touting his "experience."

And no, we didn't make any of this up.

A poll of our TruthTellers back in September found we didn't know anything about da Democrats, who we felt were selected to be sacrificial lambs for da GOP'ers for their alliance. After da alliance dissolved, it left da darlings of da Yroktowne Club against two guys we wouldn't know if we tripped over them. Then came October, and "Land Baron-Gate" and everything's changed. So, here's where we stand. In one candidate, we don't know if da ethical cloud will spout a full-blown investigation or just blow over. Another candidate is so young he may be a year removed from pimple cream. Then, you have da person many commenters here on this site really wanted, Joe DePasquale, and someone even floated da idea of da Ghost of Joe Locricchio running! This is how bizarre this race has turned.

So, here's our endorsement: Land Baron Andy Boy does NOT deserve even another minute on da Manalapan Township Committee. He was directly responsible (and even became a third-party defendant when he was sued and we da taxpayers paid for his attorney too!) for da Lawsuit to Nowhere costing taxpayers even by his own words "at least $100,000," siding with his alliance partner and turning has back on two former running mates (Joltin' Joe and Susan Cohen), silence in da Wasser issue, silence in da case against Police Chief Brown, having his own intern at taxpayer expense, and now buying land from what appears, according to a former Manalapan Mayor, to have been an LLC that he is a majority stakeholder in, and trying to get that land into Farmland Preservation so taxpayers would have to pay him for da land to da tune of over $1 million!!!! To give this career politician any more time in da mayor's office could mean even more taxpayer money directed toward either his purposes or even his piggy bank.

While we had high hopes for Jordan "Stu" Moskovitz, he has become a major disappointment after claiming he would not take health benefits if he wins, but failed to mention his benefits he receives as a former police officer. Apparently, da apple doesn't fall far from soybean farmer Andy Boy's tree here.

Evan Dworkin is about 22 years old, and while we don't criticize age, when he said during da debate he would use his "experience." What experience? He's fresh out of college and appears he may live in his parent's house. We will give him credit for being a nice kid, but we have bunions older than him.

And, while Mark Eiger may be so short da township may need to lower da table so he can be seen, he actually has financial experience needed for these tough times. So, while we joke about his vertical challenges, he by default is da best equipped to be a functioning member of da Manalapan Township Committee.

So, here's how we rate da candidates - and others - in order:

1. Mark Eiger: Da best mentally equipped to join da Manalapan Township Committee and deserves your support and our coveted endorsement.

2. Joe DePasquale: Not running, but is still a better choice than Butthead or da fleecer of Manalapan and his crony, and has a solid tax-cutting record on da school board. He deserves a write-in vote at da very least, and equally important, he's alive and well.

Tie - 3: Da Ghost of Joe Locricchio: He's deceased, and yet still leaves comments on this blog (apparently from heaven). Despite living "above" Manalapan, we at least know what we will get from him, and how much real damage can a dead man do on da Manalapan Township Committee? Considering what we've seen from those who are alive on da Manalapan Township Committee, how much worse can he really be?

Tie - 3: Evan "Butthead" Dworkin: He probably won't take benefits (he still may get that tough his parents for his entire term in office thanks to Obama). While we don't know what we will get from him, a big difference between Dworkin and da Ghost of Joe Locricchio is that daTruthSquad has confirmed through a variety of scientests that he's actually alive. For that reason alone, we're willing to take a chance on him.

5. Jordan "Stu" Maskowitz: If Andy Boy is not elected, then there's hope he can actually be his own man and do da right thing. If Andy Boy is somehow reelected, which would prove that ethics are best left in da toilet with da plunger pushed down, then it appears he may become nothing more than a puppet of puppet master Andy Boy and his handlers. Unfortunately, voting for him isn't worth taking da chance, which is why Jordan "Stu's" stock has fallen so far.

DaTruth is, it's truly a shame of da rise and fall of Mayor Andy Boy. Once touted by his own party for greatness, he has in effect worked da system for his own benefit. Questions regarding his Farmland Preservation-Gate seems to be gaining strength almost daily. Former allies, including two former Manalapan mayors are now coming out against him, and a third former Manalapan mayor may have dropped da bombshell evidence to-date about who da "seller" of da 95 acres of land he just bought was.

Remember what Sir Walter Scott said: "Oh what a tangled web we weave. When first we practice to deceive."

Who will win da October BaconHead of da Month award? Stay tuned - that and possibly more evidence in "Farmland Preservation-Gate" may be coming very soon.

And that's daTruth.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: DaTruthSquad's Truth About da Manalapan Mayor Andy Boy Lucas Land Grab

It's da talk of Manalapan-land. How did current Manalapan mayor and candidate Andy Boy Lucas come into possession land that could offer up a more than $1 million taxpayer-funded payday? Were any laws broken? Is this unethical? Will Andy Boy become da richest mayor in Manalapan history? We decided to look into who was saying what about this "Land Grab" issue, and what is propaganda and what is daTruth.

A disclaimer -- Not only is daTruth in da eye of da beholder, but SHOCK QUOTE #4 may blow da lid off this entire situation!

SHOCK QUOTE #1: Da Asbury Park Press writes "At least two properties — one privately and one county-owned — which could have been preserved as open space through the fund were passed over, after conversations in which Lucas was involved, according to township documents."

DaTRUTH: This is correct. According to information from da August and October 13 Manalapan Township Committee meeting, there were three properties that could have been chosen - two for Open Space and Baron Andy Boy's land grab. However, based upon da "farm" issue and not da "open space" issue, and no overall criteria divulged by da committee, da other two properties were rejected.

SHOCK QUOTE #2: Da Queen Michelle Roth says "He manipulated the public process . . . and violated the public's trust by not disclosing this at our meeting, in order to line his own pockets. What kind of ethics are these?" Roth said. "His conflict of interest has compromised the township."

DaTRUTH: Ask any lawyer, and they will tell you a case can be made for suing a ham sandwich. Da "non-disclosure" issue is a damning one, and a case can be made that indeed not disclosing ye as a sitting mayor could get over $1 million in taxpayer money for that land quote - "bought by you from Diamond Developers" is damning. That issue alone is at da crux of this entire matter - How did Mayor Andy Boy purchase da land from a developer and is able to keep da purchase price a secret? This alone should be forwarded to da county and state to be investigated - but fortunately we have an answer to that from a very unlikely source.

SHOCK QUOTE #3: Baron Andy Boy said "there was no public use deemed valuable enough for those (unpreserved) properties."

DaTRUTH: Da question is - Who "deemed" this? When was this "deemed?" Did Baron Andy Boy vote or bring any influence to a vote on any other farmland or open space preservation property which, if voted against, could or should he have abstained from or not discussed whether publicly or privately?

SHOCK QUOTE #4: Courtesy of former Manalapan Mayor Beth Ward, who Andy Boy beat thanks to da top of his ticket, da late Joltin' Joe Locricchio, "When you sought out legal advice from the township and the county, did you make it clear that you OWN a 40% stake in Diamond Developers at Burke Farm LLC?"

DaTRUTH: Holy "I OWN DIAMOND DEVELOPERS" Batman! All of a sudden, a former Mayor comes out from wherever she was hiding and drops what could be da biggest "Conflict-of-interest" bombshell on da whole "Land Grab-Gate" affair. Even in his reply, Baron Andy Boy AT NO TIME DID NOT DENY he owned a large majority of da development company that sold himself da very land in dispute!!!!!

To be fair, would it be fair to say that something might smell fishy if current Manalapan Township Committeewoman Michelle Roth forms a "LLC" called "daTruthSquad Developers" (has a catchy ring to it), and goes out and buys 100 acres of land in da very same town she lives in. Now, she takes that very same land, and offers it up into a state plan which will pay her using taxpayer money for that land to what could be a potential $1.5-2 million dollars - but doesn't tell people she owns a large stake in da company selling da land to herself? And coincidently, she also sat in on meetings where da land issue may or may not have been discussed. Then, when pressed on da matter, she refuses to say how much she paid for da land, except to say "da seller wishes to keep that info a SECRET," knowing full well da seller and da buyer was da same person - herself!

According to da Asbury Park Press, Baron Andy Boy replied by saying "Lucas, a financial consultant, declined to say whether he paid anything for the property beyond about $42,000 in back taxes. County land records do not show a sale price for the property" and "Lucas said the seller insists that those figures remain confidential."

Interesting here, since it appears there is a probability that Baron Andy Boy Lucas is both da buyer and in some interesting way potentially da seller here too - and it's worthy to note he did not in any way at that time dispute that claim by former Mayor Ward!

Now, da question becomes - Is former Mayor Ward telling daTruth - or is current Mayor Andy Boy?

SHOCK QUOTE #5: In da Asbury Park Press it is written, "Under pressure from residents at Wednesday's Township Committee meeting, Lucas said he paid "a little less than" the $1.6 million at which he said the property had been appraised."

DaTRUTH: Here's what Baron Andy Boy admitted - "Lucas said he paid "a little less than" the $1.6 million at which he said the property had been appraised." Now, daTruthSquad has learned through a source that Baron Andy Boy and his family paid da $42,000 in back taxes, and a mortgage on da land was taken out for da sum of approximately $525,000. Now, our math skills may be that of a 2nd grader, but that leaves about $1 million unaccounted for. He says he "paid a little less" than da $1.6 million da property was appraised for. How much of that missing $1 million did he and his family pony up???? So far, Baron Andy Boy who ran on a platform of transparency has REFUSED to discuss that missing $1 million from da financial picture. Why? We will, however, give him da benefit of da doubt here, since "$1 million dollars" is in fact a little less than $1.6 million dollars!

SHOCK QUOTE #6: Says da Land Baron at da October meeting, "He said his family, longtime farmers in the township, made the purchase this way, not to hide anything, but because "farming is one of the most . . . dangerous professions out there.

DaTRUTH: I'm sure First Responders got a kick out of this one. Hmmmmm, lets see, what some of da most dangerous professions???? Prison Guard at maximum security Attica? Nope, no need for any protection here. Soldier on da front lines against al-Qaida clearing IED's? No personal safety issues here. Farmer in Manalapan?

Yes, there's Farmer Andy now, donning his kevlar vest and helmet, grabbing his grenade launcher and calling in reinforcements and Air Force backup with cluster bombs at the ready to tackle that extreme deadly threat of - dare we say - soybean clearing! Wait, his brave trooper assistant cries out in agony as he slips on a patch of manure, obviously left by a terrorist cell or quite possibly a horse. Da smell of crapola permeates his shoes! It reduces even da hard-nosed veteran farmer to tears. A dragonfly is spotted - everyone hits da dirt. Then farmer Andy hears a "snap." Did he step on a trip-wire for a grenade, or merely a tree branch? They begin to clear da soybeans, but slowly in case enemy weeds laying in wait pop out of nowhere.

Yes, farming is dangerous, indeed. Just like that country western song, "Baby, don't let your sons grow up to be farmers .... da dangers are way too severe ... they could get corn in their ears ... or slip on manure - can da soybeans endure, or da tractor could run out of gas!" (song courtesy of TruthTeller "S")

DaTruth is, and this gets more bizarre by da day. You have da Baron Mayor of Manalapan saying "I cannot control one rogue township committee person" as da reason this has become so out-of-hand. You have two former town mayors as upset as that brave trooper who slipped on da manure demanding answers to questions - and basically getting none. You have a newspaper doing what it's supposed to do - investigate and write about news of da day, and they are branded as having their strings pulled by a "rogue committee person." You have Democrats being blamed for what Baron Andy Boy did, and da Democratic campaign, which includes one guy who's so short he can't be seen in a soybean field and da other who's so young he may not have even been born when Reagan was President, which at times didn't even realize that this was their election. You have da running mate of Baron Andy Boy, Jordan "Stu" Moskovitz saying nothing about the issue in public except to say "there's much more pressing issues" than this at da debate. You have Baron Andy Boy worker bees who buzz that keeping all of da eight homes from being built on this land will forever stop traffic jams from forming on Route 9. And, maybe da most bizarre issue of them all is, all of a sudden, da voice of reason on that insanity we call da Manalapan Township Committee is fast becoming of all people - da Queen - Michelle Roth!

Now, to be fair, from a legal standpoint what Baron Andy Boy did was not 100% illegal. However, even da attorney for da League of Municipalities says to da newspaper, "New Jersey League of Municipalities staff attorney Matthew Weng, told the Asbury Park Press that Lucas was within his rights to enter into such a deal with his own township. But Weng said he would have advised Lucas wait until he left office, if only to avoid the public perception of a conflict."

So, in effect, you have da sitting mayor of your town who is running for reelection to another 3 year term buying up nearly 100 acres of land - bankingthat land in Farmland Preservation which will fetch him over $1 million in taxpayer money and other subsidies, and then we find out from one former mayor that things aren't right behind da scenes, another former mayor demanding why da sale price was such a secret, and a third former mayor dropping da massive bombshell that da developer company, Diamond Developers at Burke Farm, LLC, has a very large stake of it owned by Baron Mayor Andy Boy, a fact he did not even try to dispute at da October Township Committee meeting!

And, you have a sitting mayor running for reelection who ran on "transparancy" - and it took 3 former mayors to allow us all to see what is really happening here!

DaTruth is, and let us make this very clear. From a legal standpoint as of this writing, we have not uncovered anything that can or oculd be deemed "illegal" that Mayor Andy Boy or any member of his nice family did. It is not illegal to purchase land, or get that land into Farmland Preservation, or even sell it to yourself? However, when you're not "John Q. Farmer" and (1) you are da sitting mayor of da very town you are buying da land in - and (2) there are questions about da price - (3) da fact you stand to get over $1 million in taxpayer money for it - (4) we are led to believe you also own da company or a portion of it selling you da land - and (5) you are running for political office while doing all of this and (6) even da mere perception of you having even one iota of influence in this case, even if it is proven by a reasonable dount that you did not (we have no answer for this one) - means (A) there is no real transparancy and (B) da ethical "cloud" seems to be getting larger by da hour.

DaTruth is, and dare we say da Queen seems to be 100% right on with this - there needs to be a complete stop placed on this proposed land grab and it should be (A) investigated, and (B) most likely finalized when Baron Andy Boy is out of office to remove both da ethical cloud hanging over him, and also da Manalapan Republicans who have steadfastly backed him. At stake is da election and political power of da township. To continue on da same course could invite undue sceptcism and quite possibly, scorn on a political party where it may or may not be warranted, and also scorn on an entire town that certainly does not need a cloud of suspicion hanging over it.

DaTruth is - Manalapan deserves better - da residents deserve better - and da public trust is being violated here not for politics, but for ethics. And, if we can't expect even a glimmer of ethics from our political leaders, then this great town is seriously in jeopardy of being mentioned in da same breath of Newark and Camden for corruption, political machines, cronyism, backroom deals, and polticians that put their own personal fortunes and futures ahead of da people they are allegedly sworn to serve.

And that's daTruth!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

BREAKING NEWS - Newspaper Slams Baron Andy Boy's Manalapan Land Grab Scheme

Holy "I'm da Mayor so I'll get a $1 million dollar huge land grab for pennies on da dollar" Deal, Batman! If you think "Farmland-Gate" is going away any time soon, you can forget about that now. Now it's not just da Democrats going after Baron Andy Boy -- it's da Republican-leaning Asbury Park Press newspaper -- and they not only think this deal reaks of dead fish - they have both barrels blazing!

In a shockingly direct and damning editorial not by some peasant in da Kingdom by by da newspaper itself that could theoretically become be da lynchpin for launching an investigation, da Republican-leaning editorial folks paint not only a grim picture of da events surrounding "Farmland-Gate," they also paint a disturbing picture of da current Manalapan mayor! Here's da editorial - along with daTruthSquad's take:

Sure Smells Like a Conflict:

If it looks like a conflict of interest, sounds like a conflict of interest and smells like a conflict of interest, it hardly matters if the person at the center of the deal insists there is no conflict of interest — especially if that person stands to gain financially.

Gee, not much "Gray" area here. We may not be 100% sure of what the editorial is trying to convey here, but it seems like they keep using da term "conflict of interest" here alot. Do you think this means da newspaper feels there's some type of conflict of interest here? Sure comes across that way to us.

In Manalapan, if Mayor Andrew Lucas' attempt to get property he and his family recently acquired into the township's farmland preservation program — along with the tax break that comes with it — isn't technically a conflict of interest, it certainly has the appearance of someone using his official position to gain special advantage. Lucas should withdraw his application. If he doesn't, the township should put a halt to the process.

"If he doesn't, the township should put a halt to the process." Da question is - will da Manalapan Township Committee go this far, and how will "Lyin' Ryan Green" vote on this? And, somewhere along da line someone on that committee whose job it allegedly is to represent da people should tell da people da whole truth about it - or maybe publically call for a probe and leave that to some state or Federal investigation.

Lucas wants the township to preserve about 95 acres of his newly acquired property, known as the Burke farm, which is contiguous to his own farm. He has applied for farmland preservation through the state's Planning Incentive Grant program, under which the state typically pays 60 percent for development rights, the county 24 percent and the municipality the remaining 16 percent. The tract is currently assessed at $1.3 million.

All we know is he paid $42,000 in back taxes for 95 acres - and that's all we're allowed to know? Hmmmm, where in da entire state of NJ can any of us get a deal like that? You can't even buy 1 acre for that price. Do you have to be politically connected to get a deal like that? You have to wonder just how many games of Monolopy Baron Andy Boy played as a kid? You may think he pulled da card that says "Pass Go and Collect $1 million. Or, many who comment on daTruthSquad seem to feel he pulled da card that read, "Don't Pass Go - Go Directly to Jail!"

Essentially, the mayor could get the property for free at taxpayers' expense and a property tax break on that part of the property actually being farmed.

You have to ask yourself who else was in on this land grab deal? Da mayor of any town getting his/her own million dollar tax break on land essentially paid for to them by taxpayers? Now we're starting to believe why da newspaper here feels it is a conflict of interest. But wait --- there's more.....

Lucas, who is up for re-election next month, has painted himself as a victim of partisan politics and as a white knight trying to save his town from developers. Lucas and his family purchased the farm from Diamond Developers of Belmar, which had received preliminary approval in 2006 to develop eight single-family homes on the property.

This is literally da taxpayer-funded million dollar question -- why does da developer of all people want to keep da total price of da sale a SECRET - as Baron Andy Boy alleges? What is this developer keeping SECRET from da taxpayers of Manalapan and da state of NJ? Why is this deal so SECRET? IF DA DEAL IS USING TAXPAYER-FUNDED PUBLIC DOLLARS - HOW CAN IT BE A SECRET? What does da developer in this case have to hide? Did they only charge Baron Andy Boy $1 dollar? WE DON'T KNOW -- BECAUSE IT'S A SECRET! How can any land deal, especially one so CONTROVERSIAL and INVOLVING A SITTING MAYOR AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE be such a well-kept SECRET?


Neither of those portrayals undoes the appearance of special treatment. Lucas and his family own the land. They can prevent it from being developed simply by holding onto it. That way, the money spent to preserve that property could be used to acquire another parcel or be banked until a property in greater jeopardy of being developed became eligible for the program.

Another major point - now that Baron Andy Boy owns the CONTROVERSIAL 95 ACRES - they don't have to do anything with it. They could just farm it and leave it alone - but instead of just keeping it in their family, they're in effect selling it back to da state for farmland preservation and pocketing what could be over $1 million taxpayer-funded dollars + tax breaks! Now, to be fair, da GOP'ers are trying desperately trying to paint Baron Andy Boy as a "White Knight" trying to save land from greedy developers. Da Question here is --- who exactly is being GREEDY? And, they forget to tell you he made da deal WITH A DEVELOPER!

Lucas has refused to say how much he and his family paid for the Burke farm. County land records do not show a sale price for the property. Lucas said the seller insists that those figures remain confidential.

Hear that? Sounds like da sound of silence. DA SILENCE IS DEAFENING HERE!!!!! Is Baron Andy Boy trying to say here that da DEVELOPER has some secrets they are trying to keep under wraps? What book are we reading here -- Donald Trump's "Da Art of da Deal" or Baron Andy Boy's "Da Art of Da Steal????" One might think that taxpayers do not want to feel that their hard-earned money is being scammed from them. If he has nothing to hide - and that goes doubly for da developer, then simply tell da taxpayers who Baron Andy Boy wants $$$$$$$ from through Farmland Preservation to simply admit with evidense exactly what he and his family paid for it. Like Desi said, Baron Andy Boy has some "Splaining to do."

Although Lucas didn't vote on decisions on his own property, he led Township Committee discussions on other properties that could have competed for the same pot of money in the township's Open Space and Farmland Preservation Trust Fund — properties the township passed on. Officials have to squint real hard not to see an ethical red flag.

Squint? Apparently there is an ample supply of BLINERS in Manalapan Town Hall. Here's da deal here -- Either all of da members of da Manalapan Township Committee and da lawyer representing da people knew about this - approved it, and did nothing --- or they were possibly misled somehow into allowing this. Either way, unless this is temporarily stopped and investigated we da taxpayers will never know for certain, "Da Soybean King" Baron Andy Boy will become da richest Mayor in all da kingdom - and quite possibly he was aided and abetted in his venture by da Manalapan Township Committee. Because of all da SECRETS, we cannot know for absolute certainty.

Lucas should pull back the application until he is out of office. If he won't, the township should ask him to reapply when his career in township politics has ended.

Da bad news for Baron Andy Boy is da voters could decide his political fate in 30 days. Da worse for Baron Andy Boy is possibly da US Attorney could also decide his fate.

DaTruth is, any good lawyer will tell you that if it looks like a fish, swims like a fish and acts like a fish and smells like a fish, an argument can be made that something's fishy. No matter what Baron Andy Boy's handlers try to say about this, daTruth is - and all politics aside here - Baron Andy Boy is a sitting mayor of a town who is inches away from a seven-figure taxpayer-funded payday on an extremely questionable land grab, land bought from of all things a DEVELOPER who according to da newspaper REFESES TO ADMIT HOW MUCH BARON ANDY BOY PAID FOR DA $1.3 MILLION DOLLAR 95 ACRE PROPERTY - except what was admitted which was $42,000 in back taxes, there's no deed of sale on file with da county like all of us other peasants have to do when we buy and sell land, passed by a Township Committee that MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE KNOWN THEIR OWN MAYOR'S DIRECT TIES TO DA DEAL, and now by design includes da SILENCE AND apparently da support of Baron Andy Boy's former police officer and darling of da Yorktowne Club running mate! Da deal has absolutely NO TRANSPARANCY - something that Mayor Andy Boy campaigned for in da past, and has way too many ethical questions that cannot be ignored.

Unless this deal is is either (A) INVESTIGATED, (B) PUT ON HOLD or (C) CANCELLED outright, we will never know for absolute certainty what was done and who did what.

What we are certain of this -- this is not "politically motivated" as some might lead you to think. If that was da case, then why would a GOP'er-leaning newspaper like da Asbury Park Press, which supports Christie and other GOP'ers turn its back so harshly on Baron Andy Boy?

To be fair, it should be noted that it is not illegal as any lawyer who handles real estate law or municipal law will tell you. However, there is a big difference between illegal and ethical -- and ethically this looks bad, smells bad and tastes bad and has no place in politics. By not disclosing da actual price and hiding da information from taxpayers who will be ultimately paying for it with farmland preservation, it means to us that someone or some entity in this case cannot be trusted. It's time to either come clean, or resign from office and this election for da good of da Republican Party and da people of Manalapan, because you can't have it both ways -- and better yet -- demand yourself da US Attorney step in and investigate this deal and da Manalapan Township Committee's role in it if you have nothing to hide.

And that's daTruth.

Friday, October 8, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Could Manalapan’s Mayor Andy Boy "Land" in Big Trouble????

You have to remember that it was daTruthSquad that first said when da GOP’ers took da unwritten alliance they had between Andy Boy and da Queen and smacked da Queen over her head with it, it would only be a matter of time before da Queen would go to a friendly former Mayor and borrow a shovel to dig up skeletons Andy Boy had hanging in his closet.

Welcome to “Payback – Cadre Style!”

In a potential case that could have more twists and turns and could potentially make Manalapan da poster-child for corruption in Monmouth County politics, da Asbury Park Press is looking into a land deal gone bizarre between a developer and Mayor Andy Boy. However, thanks to a blast of robo-calls alerting Manalapan residents to this deal, all of a sudden Andy Boy’s next election campaign may be in da Stockade Hilton.

Da “Land Deal Gone Bizarre” centers around a piece of land that Lord Andy Boy owns and wants to get into Farmland Preservation. Now, on da surface, that doesn’t sound like anything bad.

However, as daTruthSquad investigates this further, between da allegations and da excuses, da only thing daTruthSquad can say with absolute certainty is that there are are very good attorneys who have offices in Freehold, and he may need one of them.


We’d be glad to tell you, but Andy Boy has refused thus far to tell people how much da land cost, except to say he paid da $42,000 in back taxes owed on da land - and we know that because da newspaper tells us!
According to da Asbury Park Press: “County land records do not show a sale price for the property” – despite da fact da land was purchased by Andy Boy “and his parents” back in MARCH!

Question – why hasn’t a land deal been placed into da public record EIGHT MONTHS after da alleged sale was made?

Oh, did daTruthSquad tell you da land in question has been assessed at ONE POINT THREE MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When pressed by da newspaper, Manalapan Mayor Andy Boy blamed not one but two people! First, he blamed himself, saying he “always intended to disclose that he owned the property.” Then, he decided to blame da Queen for something he’s hip-deep involved in.

Let’s look at these excuses.

EXCUSE #1 – Andy Boy said he would have told us. When? After he is reelected? Why wait? Why hide this land deal gone bizarre? Why is there no record of da land cost? Did he ask da advice of fellow “Birds of a Feather” Lyin’ Ryan for a list of excuses he didn’t use, since he neither blamed himself nor da Queen for his “Disclosure-Gate” fiasco.

EXCUSE #2 – Apparently when in doubt, blame Michelle Roth. Da GOP’er blames da Democrat, saying “I think it is very unfortunate that Mrs. Roth and her partisan operatives would choose to cast aspersions when my family and I are actively fighting overdevelopment.” That’s a great excuse, however it does not explain how much $$$$$$$$$$$ he can potentially make on this land deal, even if it does go into farmland preservation.

Since it is becoming evident da Manalapan GOP’ers are running low on excuses, here’s a few they can use, courtesy of our TruthTellers:

1. “I didn’t release any information because I thought I gave the Township Clerk the information to review.” (forgot that was used by Lyin' Ryan)

2. “Da Queen is casting aspirations when my family and I are actively fighting overdevelopment.” (actually used this, but forgot he voted to build a “Mega-COAH-Low-Income” controversial housing project)

3. “Da dog catcher took my deed to da land.”
(forgot he was on da township committee that fired da town’s animal control guy)

4. This was da obvious fault of da Mosked Man, and we’ll file a lawsuit against him.” (We all know where dealing in court with da Mosked man gets mayors (Lucas) and former mayors (da Queen and King Shapiro)

5. “I’ll write an editorial to da Snoozer and put it in an email to have someone else send in to da Snoozer and have them explain my position.” (forgot that he was involved in “Email-Gate in 2005)

6. “It depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is.” (forgot that didn’t work too well for Bill Clinton)

7. “This is not my doing. This is da fault of da Great Satan.”
(unsure if he’s claiming this is a member of da Cadre, but using excuses from Mahmoud Ahmedinijad to justify what you did is never a good idea)

8. “This was da obvious fault of da Mosked Man, and we’ll file a lawsuit against him.” (forgot he already blamed da Mosked Man for this – obsess much?)

9. “I’m sure Manalapan Democratic candidates Beevis and Butthead are behind this.” (he forgot that they forgot that they are actually candidates in an election)

10. “This is not my fault. I called John Lynch and Sharpe James for advice.”
(never call for advice people who could potentially become your roommates)

DaTruth is, while da excuses are funny, this is a very serious situation. Whether Andy Boy voted or didn’t vote on this while on da township committee isn’t da point. What is da point is – here you have a sitting mayor who gets a HUGE TAX BREAK for owning a farm that grows soybeans and claims to be buying land for farmland preservation – but he cannot explain why there’s no actual sale price on da books in da county, and da fact he can expect to make a windfall of $$$$$$$$ on da sale of da land to farmland preservation!

Even da attorney for da state League of Municipalities is saying in not so many words that if this smells like corruption and looks like corruption that there may be some smoke and fire here! Matthew Weng says in da newspaper story that “he would advice an official to wait until they are out of office to enter into a for-profit deal with their town.”

Da situation here is da members of da Manalapan Township Committee, including members of his own party, had two other properties to choose from that could have been preserved as open space, but they instead voted for this one – and allegedly these votes came “after conversations in which Lucas was involved.”

DaTruth is, in this case there can be no option. Mayor Andy Boy may be left with two options. First, for da best of da Manalapan Republican Party he should resign immediately. If he is reelected (it’s not like anyone’s running against him), then da Manalapan GOP’er Grand Poobah can place someone in his seat next year. At da very worst, at da next meeting, da Manalapan Township Committee should order their township attorney to contact da Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office to open an investigation into this “land deal gone bizarre.”

While it is important to note that as of da writing of this blog da Manalapan mayor has not been accused and/or charged of any crime, it is clear that he can make a profit on this questionable land deal, there is an obvious issue of disclosure that needs to be addressed, and da timing of this could not be any worse. If da mayor were a true GOP’er, than he himself would order da investigation to clear his name if he isn’t guilty of a crime.

However, as da Queen made very clear in da newspaper story, “He manipulated da process and violated da public trust by not disclosing this at our meeting in order to line his own pockets.”

If da Queen is correct here, then both Mayor Andy Boy and Manalapan itself could potentially be in trouble. And, if da Queen's version of events are found to be accurate, this could put an end to Andy Boy's career politician political career.

And that’s daTruth.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Who Are Those "Bloggers" Running For Da Manalapan Township Committee

Anyone driving down Woodward Road or near Route 33 has seen an abundance of lawn signs for da Democrats and Republicans in Manalapan, as da election is now less than 30 days away. For da most part we know who is running for da Manalapan Township Committee. Representing da GOP'ers is current Manalapan Mayor for this year Andy Boy with his running mate, da darling of da Yorktowne Club, Jordan "Stu" Maskowitz. As for who is representing da Capo di Tutti Capi, da Boss of all Bosses Gerry "One Bourbon, One Shot & One Beer" Ward has handed us two guys we call "Da Unknown Candidates," or as some on our comment section call them - Beevis and Butthead.

We have already discussed da two "unknown candidates." You can call them "Beevis and Butthead" or even "Spectacularly Unqualified" or just "Rocky & Bullwinkle." We have not discussed da GOP'ers. So, lets do that.

A special daTruthSquad investigation has uncovered a "Manalapan 2010" website for Lord Lucas and da "Masked" Man. What we have learned from their website is da following:

1. We are fairly certain that neither Jordan "Stu" Maskowitz or Andy Boy have "dabbled in witchcraft" or hired illegal aliens to be maids in their households, as far as we can determine.

2. Jordan "Stu" Maskowitz has much more hair than Andy Boy.

3. They have a platform called "Pride," which says they will (P) protect open spaces for our children and our quality of life, (R) reduce the potential for wasted time and money through technological reforms, (I) increase efficiency and affording greater transparency through technology in government, (D) define pride in one word MANALAPAN and (E) ensure quality in township infrastructure at every level to make sure Manalapan works for YOU!.

What does this mean? First, we have learned they can spell. Second, they have chosen five topics here that both GOP'ers and Democrats, including Andy Boy himself, for da most part have run on before! This means - and clearly - that nobody who has been running for office since maybe da Mosked Man seems to be doing anything to solve da issues they have run on in da past!

To be fair, and Democrats whomever they are who are running may wish to take note if indeed they really are campaigning - not one place is da words "Cut Taxes" found in their platform. Neither is anything about "Property Taxes," including what they pay -- or don't pay. To not include a pledge to cut taxes in their platform is either a mistake, or a general slap-in-da-face to GOP'ers but a question that must be both asked and answered!

4. They also have a news site webpage entitled "Latest News." One thing we can say is it is full of news. Another thing we can tell you is that it contains absolutely not one stitch of news about these two particular candidates, unless one of them was involved in da serious car accident on their news page, or da other one plays football for Manalapan High School.

5. On a good note, we found out that da two GOP'er candidates apparently are aspiring bloggers! On their website they also have a "Blog" page called "Our Blog." It is great to see that both Andy Boy and Jordan "Stu" are bloggers! We at daTruthSquad not only welcome da competition, but we salute da fact they apparently support blogging by becoming bloggers themselves! One word of advice --- We can however only hope and pray da Manalapan Township Committee doesn't try to sue you for what you write. If they do, we can definitely recommend an excellent First Amendment attorney. And, Andy Boy and Jordan "Stu," you can also look up da Mosked Man. We hear he's a very good attorney, and he seems to do very well going up against Manalapan politicos.

Oh, and since you two guys are new to blogging and da blogisphere, we should note that da one thing missing from your "blog" page is --- well --- an actual blog!!!! Now, daTruthSquad as you know knows a little something about blogging, so what you may want to do is type some sentences and make them into a blog, make sure you don't upset da Manalapan Township Committee with what you write, post them, and guess what --- you have a blog!!!! If you like, maybe you can even hire daTruthSquad to blog for you. We can always meet in Freehold during business hours to discuss da matter.

6. Their website also contains "About Andy Boy" and "About Jordan "Stu" pages, containing the usual blah, blah, blah about each of them.

7. Their website also includes some photos, links to other GOP'er candidates and a page where you can get one of those fancy GOP'er lawn signs.

It contained some interesting tidbits and was nicely laid out, but then again, there are some things it did not contain. Let's see what their website didn't contain:

ISSUE 1: TAXES! Despite Andy Boy's blah page about himself claiming he passed a budget "under his leadership" with no tax increases (unlike prior years), there have been some questions raised about how that was done and even if it was an election year stunt. Cutting taxes is not to be seen anywhere on their platform, so we must ask ourselves da question - since it's not on their platform, will they cut taxes in da future? "Cutting taxes" not mentioned by a GOP'er is like Stalin not mentioning da word "Socialist."

ISSUE 2: TECHNOLOGICAL REFORMS! What new technological reforms are they talking about? Are both of these guys sequestered in Andy's barn somewhere in Silicon Valley coming up with new and improved technological advances? You have to admit it was a great line. You also have to admit it completely lacks any substance and evidence of their new technological creations.

ISSUE 3: GARBAGE-GATE! As we all know, Manalapan's trash boys who once refused to pick up 50 gallon garbage cans will now again take them. If you ask those who claim to be GOP'ers, they might tell you that it was Andy Boy who solved this issue. We should then thank Andy Boy for reminding da garbage boys that they're supposed to be picking up trash.

ISSUE 4: FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE-GATE! While it was not Andy Boy who allegedly bungled his own financial disclosure statement, he has shown 100% support for da guy who did it - his current right hand man, Lyin' Ryan. This could potentially open da door for da old "cronyism" claim from Beevis and his running mate what's his name - or, at least it should if they were actually campaigning.

ISSUE 5: SURPRISES! Three questions you will need to ask yourself over da next 30 days - (1) What will da silver haired guy with da silver shovel dig up on da GOP'ers, now that da alliance is over and he has da green light to farm for clues, (2) What will da Queen say during a Manalapan Township Meeting that will make news, and (3) what legal maneuver does da Mosked Man have up his sleeve, and will he be rolling up his sleeves and become part of this election process?

DaTruth is, these two darlings of da Yorktowne Club will win because GOP'ers have gained strength in da town and county, and even if they both moved to Freehold next week (no pun intended) they'd both still win. You have to question though what their platform says, or especially what it doesn't say. Also you must question Manalapan's financial picture. From what our embedded Cadre sources are saying, apparently they will be.

As for da alleged Democrat candidates for da Manalapan Township Committee Rocky & Bullwinkle or da unknown candidates, who some that comment on our blog have nicknamed "Beevis and Butthead," da only thing daTruthSquad only knows for certain that they are running for office -- Because They Care -- because that's what their lawn signs say!

And that's daTruth.