Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Breaking News: Marlboro Planning To Do What Manalapan Won't Do - Puts COAH on ICE!

This is what you can call a tale of two towns when it comes to COAH. In Manalapan, thanks to former Mayor Commissar Klauber and da Queen, Manalapan is fast-tracking an 80-unit low-income apartment building that will tower over any other building in da area. They are doing this, despite doing more studies on how da Village, which will not add to da school roles or have any apartments or people living there, if it is ever built, while "Roth's Rundown Shantytown" will add what could easily be well over 100 kids to Manalapan's already overcrowded schools and potentially cause nightmare traffic jams on Route 522 into Englishtown!

In addition to what Manalapan residents can expect from this 80-unit apartment building, there wasn't even a traffic study done until a local resident demanded one! By da way, it will also cost Manalapan taxpayers $1.6 million from da trust fund to cover costs --- and, not to be left out --- da apartment building at "Klauber's Corner" is designated to be built on a BROWNFIELD, which could possibly have years of contamination on da site that must first be cleaned up!!!!!

Apparently, Manalapan's political leaders, for reasons only they know, want to continue with da process of getting "Contamination Corner" despite a promise made by now-Governor Chris Christie of abolishing COAH. This could mean that da very reason for building this LOW-INCOME HOUSING DEVELOPMENT could be moot.

Now, cross da border into Marlboro, and apparently they got da Governor's message very clear. DaTruthSquad has learned from embedded sources across da border that Marlboro is going to immediately stop all new potential COAH obligations, until they first see what happens on da state level.

What Marlboro is doing makes absolutely perfect sense, and it's also what daTruthSquad has been saying all along, so kudos to Marlboro Mayor Hornik for doing da right thing for his taxpaying residents. DaTruthSquad has been told that under current COAH guidelines, Hornik and his town of Marlboro must build over 1,600 new homes or apartments - to satisfy an obligation that Governor Christie, and Senator Lesniak want to abolish. In fact, Lesniak, whose law firm gave money to help sponsor Manalapan Day last year, as an embedded member of da heritage Committee told daTruthSquad, is da leader of da "Do Away With COAH" law being started in da State Senate!

Now, riddle us this Batman ---- Why is it that da political leaders of Marlboro are putting their taxpaying citizens first and holding off on a plan that could be done away with before this summer ends, while in Manalapan, two Democrats are imposing their will on da GOP'ers and demanding this project continue, despite da fact not a stitch of dirt has been moved and no groundbreaking has been done?????

Now, there has been speculation of a number of reasons as to why Manalapan's political leaders want to continue with what Englishtown residents have dubbed "Love Canal II." People have speculated everything from cronyism to kickbacks to stupidity - keep in mind all of these are completely unproven at this time. However, questions must be raised as to why this project is continuing, with da probability that COAH will soon be abolished - which is da very reason da Commissar & da Queen wanted to build "Mr. Holland's No-pus.".

DaTruth is, it's as clear as Mayor Andy Boy's receding hairline that da Governor wants to do away with COAH, and Lesniak and a huge number of state politicians, including those representing District 12 where Manalapan sits wants COAH abolished. So, with da obvious potential that COAH could come to an end by da summer, why does Manalapan's politicians want to continue with this?

It's time, especially with Manalapan's fiscal house not 100% in order, and da potential for a tax increase looming thanks to all da snow and lawsuits among other things, that Manalapan follow da lead of their neighbors and put a hold on all COAH obligations until da state settles da issue for us.

DaTruth is, if Manalapan continues with their potentially-soon-to-be-abolished COAH plan to build a LOW-INCOME APARTMENT BUILDING on what may very well be contaminated land, it will be da people of Manalapan who will be paying a heavy price for this, not just for da $1.6 million already on da hook, but for extra taxes to cover da added kids in Manalapan schools, crowded roads, potential crime, burden on police and township infrastructure, its close proximity to Manalapan Rec, people walking on Route 522 since there's no sidewalks and no local public transportation in that immediate area of Manalapan - they will have to walk to Englishtown!

Let's face facts, to be fair --- how can Manalapan even proceed with this LOW INCOME APARTMENT BUILDING that satisfies a COAH obligation if Manalapan politicians don't even know what da new rules will be - and even if COAH will survive da summer?

Manalapan Committeeman Green - you campaigned about this issue and came out against it. It's time you demand from da rest of da Manalapan Township Committee they follow Marlboro's lead and suspend all COAH plans, especially "Klauber's Corner" until da state tells us what to do by their lead, which will be to abolish COAH. Mayor Andy Boy, you say you're a GOP'er - prove it! Use your clout as mayor and lead da charge to stop COAH and this apartment building that both da Queen and her older-right-hand are pushing hard to keep.

If Manalapan's GOP'ers don't want to be perceived as puppets of da Queen and her cadre, it's long time they come out from underneath her shadow and stand up against her and da Commissar's plan that so many people in Manalapan and Englishtown have come out against.

It's time at da very next township committee meeting that Green, Lucas and Manalapan's great townspeople demand this COAH conundrum be halted TFN until da state decides what they first want to do with COAH. Anything else, especially allowing this to continue - at taxpayer expense - will be to da detriment of Manalapan residents, and taxpayers who will have to foot da bill!

And that's daTruth.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Joe Da Plumber Was A Tool

It took more than a year for da guy who became a symbol of da failed campaign of John McCain to discover that da plumber was a tool. One of our TruthTellers sent to daTruthSquad a TV story about a political rally attended by a guy named Joe Wurzelbacher, who is well past his 15 minutes of fame. In da 2008 campaign he traveled with and attended rallies for John McCain and Sarah Palin, who is also well past her 15 minutes.

Joe Da Plumber said at da rally, "John McCain is no public servant. I don't owe him s$%t. He really screwed my life up."

OK, now it can be said he may quite possibly be getting his lines from a certain local Manalapan PR firm, but let's look at his statements closely.

ISSUE 1: "John McCain is no public servant."

Like or hate his politics, this guy has been serving Arizona and da nation for over 20 years, and spent a bunch of years in da Hanoi Hilton as a POW. DaTruthSquad doesn't always agree with his politics, but you have to have a ton of respect for da guy. Saying "John McCain is no public servant" is like saying "Alleged Republican/and or Democrat and alleged Manalapan and/or Freehold resident Andy Boy needs a serious haircut" or "Gee, da Queen is looking quite anorexic today" or "Wow, John Corslime really did a fantastic job fixing New Jersey's budget mess."

ISSUE 2: "I don't owe him s$%t. He really screwed my life up."

Hmmmm, lets analyze this. (A) You were an out of work plumber's assistant! (B) You were in debt. Seems to us you're not exactly winning any "My Life is Fantastic" contests here. Now, you're turning your back on da guy who gave you fame and made you da cornerstone of his campaign, and was beloved by his VP candidate who is now da darling of da GOP'ers and Tea Party Partiers?

Joe da Plumber's life wasn't being documented in Lifestyles of da Rich & Famous before he ran into Barack Obama. It would seem to us he's trying to appeal to some political base, like da hard core GOP'ers. What about those GOP benefactor who offered to pay his owed taxes? What of da free travel to attend those McCain / Palin campaign rallies across da USA?

Now this same plumber's assistant has his own agent, wrote a book, became a motivational speaker and even showed up as a supporter for Steve Lonegan when he was running for governor! Not bad for a guy who allegedly made about $40,000 in income in 2007, according to newspaper reporting.

Seems to us that maybe in 2007 and a chunk of 2008 Joe da Plumber didn't have a life. However after a chance meeting with Obama, and becoming da focal point of McCain's failed campaign, all of a sudden Joe da Plumber is now someone making a lot more money than da average person.

Who knows, maybe McCain and Sarah Plain will be better off without him?

To be fair, Joe Da Plumber probably is a nice guy deep down who just happened to be on da right street at da right time when a presidential candidate named Barack Obama was walking down it. Has Joe da Plumber benefitted both historically and financially since that fateful day?


Joe da Plumber was created by PR folks whose job it was to create something to help their candidates who were trailing in political polls. Unfortunately for McCain and Palin, they staked their reputations, and their election hopes, on a plumber's assistant who wasn't an actual licensed plumber. And, it cost them big.

Being a tool for PR hacks isn't a good thing. Maybe Joe da Plumber is just finding that out.

Remember back in September when a former New Jersey State Assembly candidate sounded da alarm about a predator in our midst in Manalapan? Do you remember da words of da Queen during a Manalapan Township Committee meeting?

"Sexual harassment, verbal abuse and abuse of power by Manalapan Police Chief Stuart Brown..."

"Chief Brown has a history of verbally assaulting and threatening women."

"Chief Brown and his repetitive abusive behavior toward women."

"I do not want any other women to be victims of Chief Brown’s rage."

Remember da statement that an investigation was under way to seek out female victims of Chief Brown that was started prior to September of last year? What ever happened to that investigation who we were all led to believe was to keep da women of Manapapan safe from da Chief's "rage?" It's February now - Are da women of Manalapan safer today than they were last year? Can women of any age walk da halls of Manalapan Town Hall safer now without da alleged threat of "rage?" Why has not even one word been said about this investigation into da Chief? Where are da results? Were any other women identified?

You know, living in Manalapan for da decades we have, one might even begin to think or even speculate da Queen's pleas to make Manalapan safer from da Chief were a cleverly planned PR stunt to gain da women's vote prior to an election where candidate Roth seemed to be trailing. Was da Chief da Queen's Joe da Plumber?

Unfortunately, for da fine folks of Manalapan, we may never know. However, due to da actions of some politicians, Manalapan is in da crosshairs of an age discrimination lawsuit, one which, if da Manalapan Legal Dream Team loses again, could cost taxpayers dearly in either a settlement, or a court's judgment.

That, unfortunately, could be da other side of PR. And no, we haven't forgotten. And that's daTruth.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

People In Glass Township Committees..........

Recently, da Asbury Park Press printed a story in their newspaper about former Manalapan Township Committeeman Joltin Joe Locricchio. They reported that Joltin Joe "was charged with driving while intoxicated after causing a head-on motor-vehicle collision and fleeing the scene." According to their report, Joltin Joe was claimed to be "highly intoxicated," and "was issued summonses for driving while intoxicated, leaving da scene of a motor vehicle accident, failure to report a motor vehicle accident, reckless driving and careless driving, Lt. Drucker said."

Obviously, this is a very sad state of affairs for Joltin Joe, and of course his family and children. He will have to make a court appearance, and rightly so. To be fair, if all charges are verified, accurate, and true, and he is found guilty by a judge, he will have to face what could quite possibly be a harsh punishment, which is why we in this great nation have laws and punishments to fit crimes that are alleged and must first be proved in a court of law before guilt and a sentence can be doled.

One should feel for he and his family, and especially his children in this time of trouble Joltin Joe faces. If indeed da charges brought against him are verified and he is found guilty, then we all hope and pray he gets da help he needs to get his life and his family's life back in order, and we thank our maker that nobody was injured, or worse.

Unfortunately, however there are those including some in glass houses, that feel it is either fine to kick someone when they are down, or maybe steal that person's crutches, or to laugh at da poor person begging in da street, or make jokes at da pain others feel, or care nothing while others suffer.

Now, daTruthSquad will never turn to da so-called "Hate Website," that is a choice we make because of its content, which in this great nation we have da right to choose, but we do know some TruthTellers who check it for alleged hatred in its postings. Da one thing we at this site will never do is post passages written by their bloggers there, especially passages that we feel can be deemed as hateful. However, what some who have posted there have written about a human being who has, if da charges against him are proved, has hit rock bottom, instead of pity, they have laughed. Instead of showing concern, they give an impression to be throwing a party. Instead of hope for a recovery for da individual, they instead cast possible character assassinations and make heinous statements without verifiable fact, in fact, they give da impression that what happened was something good.

Maybe that's why da blog owner, after da November election when da two local candidates that had all da support of that blog lost by landslide proportions, tried to sell da blog, not one person even offered 5 cents for it.

One poster on da alleged "Hate Website" wrote Joltin Joe "lied and lied," and also called a person at his lowest an "ultimate loser."

A poster also made what could be a written attack against current Manalapan GOP'er Mayor Andy Boy, writing, "who threw his full support into electing this person in 2004?" and "Who helped attack his opponents? Yes, Andy Boy was his running mate in 2004, so why bring him into this? It is obvious Joltin Joe and Andy Boy had a falling out in 2006, well after they teamed to defeat da Democrats by a landslide in 2004, so why ask who was supporting him then? There is absolutely no need to be making accusations against Mayor Andy Boy. Yes, both are GOP'ers, but again, unlike that poster, we will leave Andy Boy out of this since it appears there is no evidence he is involved in any way in this case.

Another post made unsubstantiated claims saying he gave campaign money to another Manalapan GOP'er, da very respected Committeewoman Susan Cohen.

There was even another posting calling Joltin Joe a "piece of $#@&." And one that alleged he was under investigation in another county, and had other arrests, although that poster didn't have a shred of evidence to back up their claims.

First, if some blog allows their bloggers to use obscene language, that's their rules. We at daTruthSquad have much higher standards, and we will keep those standards in place.

Second, unlike some other blogs, we at daTruthSquad like to point out a little thing called "evidence," and another little thing called "proof." You see, to be fair, in a court of law any lawyer will tell you that you actually need these things to win a case. Some people will use "proof" and "evidence" as a punch line. However, lawyers, especially good ones, know you need that to win a case.

Finally, daTruth is, if what is alleged to have been da case for Joltin Joe is true, than indeed he will have to face both a judge and punishment. However, that is up to a judge and a court to decide. He will also have to face his family, and ask for their forgiveness. He will need prayer and strength, and spiritual support, for he will need to make amends.

What daTruthSquad finds amazing is, how some, especially those who are quick to revel in da misery of others, how quickly we have forgotten two cases that put Manalapan on da map of shame.

Remember when da husband/and or wife of a sitting township committeewoman said during a Manalapan Township Committee meeting "BECAUSE I HATE ITALIANS?" There were some people, including those who had involvement in da local Manalapan Democratic Organization and da committeewoman too who first said it never happened, that is, until an audio tape of da events surfaced and was even played on da radio. Some of these same people even claimed da room burst out in laughter, until a videotape surfaced showing one committeeman who's face showed he was completely shocked, and no laughter to be heard at all. Then some of these same people claimed da fault for da da husband/and or wife of a sitting township committeewoman saying "BECAUSE I HATE ITALIANS" was because of a senior citizen of Irish descent. Then, in another meeting, a fight nearly broke out involving da wife of da Manalapan Democratic leadership and an Italian-American woman over those hateful statements. Then, whom did they all blame?

That's right, they blamed this blog for exposing what da local Snoozepaper wouldn't. They blamed everyone, that is, except for da person who said such a heinous statement.

Then, of course, there was da law case against daTruthSquad, set in motion by, among other people, da same committeewoman who's husband said "BECAUSE I HATE ITALIANS" who voted to approve it. In what some called a vendetta lawsuit, they tried to have a taxpayer-funded team of lawyers who became known as da Manalapan Legal Dream Team take da First Amendment of da Constitution of da United States and feed it into a paper shredder. They lost that case, too, and in doing so, made history as this case has become a legal precedent that apparently has already been used in other cases to protect da First Amendment from those who attempt to tear its parchment paper to pieces, a new defamation case is currently being brought against some politicians and da town they represented and used taxpayer funds from for bringing that 25-month long case in da first place.

So, yes, people in glass Township Committees should not throw stones, and let's let da judge and da legal system do its job, and kick da character assassinations to da curb. Let's pray this soul gets da help he needs, and that his family, especially his children, endure.

Kicking someone while they're down is not amusing, or funny. It's simply childish, and some people, especially with a history, should know better. And, lets also remember that in both da United States of America, and even in Manalapanistan, people are innocent until proven guilty.

And that's daTruth.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Time For Another Taxpayer-Funded "Study" & Less Common Sense In Manalapan

Recently, one of our TruthTellers was traveling down Woodward Road when on da other side of da road, a reject from da Indianapolis 500 was traveling at warp speed going south toward Route 33. Looking at their speedometer, it seemed like that other guy must have been going a wee bit faster than 35 miles per hour. Unfortunately, and this has been da case even before da road was re-paved, people looking to set new land-speed records have been using Woodward Road as their own personal Raceway Park.

Now, we never claimed to be a Harvard graduate, or have an IQ above 200, or be related to Albert Einstein, but when one car does it, it's an isolated event. When everybody's doing it, it's a problem.

So, what should Manalapan do about this? We'll let you choose:

(A) Have da Manalapan Police add 24/7 speed traps and extra law enforcement to da area to ticket, and potentially arrest speeders.

(B) At taxpayer expense, set up a series of trap doors that will swallow up any cars going faster than 40 miles per hour.

(C) Using F-16 fighter jets, allow the US Air Force to target from the skies any car speeding on Woodward Road and use a Sidewinder missile to destroy da vehicle.

(D) Have da township engineer, whose company has donated to political campaigns in da past, to do another taxpayer-funded traffic study or have a government agency consider for us what to do."

Let's see.....

"C" would be something we could sell tickets for, and probably make a lot of money, but da cost of da F-16 fighter and all those missiles would defeat da purpose. "B" would also be costly, and then someone would have to remove da cars that get caught in da trap door, and that costs money. "A" is both da smart idea, and also one that generates revenue for Manalapan. Then, there's "D," which Manalapan taxpayers should be giddy to know is what da town is considering doing.

OK, maybe daTruthSquad isn't da smartest financial wizard living on Iron Ore Road, but you might think that if you weigh too much, you go on a diet. If your leg is broken, it's probably not da right day to run a marathon. If you have dinner at Jeffrey Dahmer's house, you shouldn't eat da liver & onions. And, if there's a lot of people speeding, then it doesn't take a Princeton degree to come up with da solution to have added police on da road where people are speeding.

Instead, Manalapan has asked da DOT to look into da matter, and maybe think about lowering da speed limit or even banning trucks. While da banning trucks would be a novel idea, remember that if they are banned there, they will just travel along Iron Ore Road instead. That idea will probably make our friends in Englishtown even more unhappy with Manalapan.

Instead of all of this government hoopla and da possibility of even more taxpayer-funded studies, why not just let Manalapan Police Chief Stu brown take a crack at this.

Now, this may sound a little silly, but what if you just place 1 cop car on Woodward Road, and make it a target enforcement area, and start handing out tickets like they're candy? You might be surprised, but da mere presence of da police, coupled with da word of mouth that it may take you 10 hours to get through a day in a Manalapan court if you get pulled over, and we can only guess that people will stop speeding on Woodward Road.

Again, this is mere common sense.

DaTruth is, we don't need another taxpayer-funded study or a government office to tell us what we all know Woodward Road can be a drag strip. We don't need to hire an engineering firm to tell us people tend to drive fast on a drag strip. Simply let da Manalapan Police do what they do best - protect da citizens of Manalapan. They have an experienced and decorated veteran leader, and a staff of fine officers who do their job extremely well. They can easily fix in 3 days what a study would take months (and a ton of $$$$) to tell us. Da Manalapan Township Committee would be better served dealing with other pressing township issues, like da COAH Corner Apartment Building they want to construct on Route 522.

Which brings us to this point --- Englishtown residents are more irate than da Italian-Americans after Larry Roth said "Because I Hate Italians" during a township committee meeting. They don't want Klauber's COAH Corner built - and with good reason. And Manalapan residents shouldn't want this either. A potential 3-story apartment building for an anticipated 400-500 low-income COAH residents is something Manalapan taxpayers will be paying for - in terms of more crowded schools since they will pay far less in taxes, Route 522 looking like da Garden State Parkway in da summer, and da obvious health concern being built on a brownfield that used to house an oil company! Oh, and since Governor Christie wants to abolish COAH, and even Democrats are on board with this, why in da world are Manalapan Democrats demanding this apartment tower be built?

Maybe a visit to ELEC records is in order?????

DaTruthSquad will be keeping an eye on this for you. And, in da meantime, all da TruthTellers should go to da next Manalapan Township Committee meeting and voice their opposition to Klauber's COAH Corner, and get them to vote on stoping this befire it starts. And da fine folks in Englishtown are always welcome at these meetings and should be there too.

And that's daTruth.