Thursday, June 25, 2009

DATRUTHSQUAD EXCLUSIVE: Da Manalapan vs. Moskovitz Will Continue - No Matter If Manalapan Politicians Want It To End!

You may have read the story in da local Snoozepaper, but one thing is definitely for certain - da 2-year long Manalapan vs. Moskovitz "Land-deal-gone-bad-First Amendment" lawsuit will not be ending. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know this for certain. All you have to do to know for sure --- is to read da Snoozer story for yourself - - and read between da lines.

"According to Township Attorney Ron Cucchiaro, who explained the matter during the committee meeting, Moskovitz will be asked to sign off on the stipulation of agreement. If he does so, the case ends. If he does not, the case will continue."

REASON #1: In order to have a lawsuit - you need a lawyer - and Manalapan Township has NONE! DaTruthSquad previously let you know that Manalapan contingency fee attorney David Weeks wanted out of da case after two years and no end in sight. Apparently this was such a strong, no-chance-of-losing, slam dunk, can't-miss, easy victory case, that after a nearly 4 month search, Manalapan Township was unable to even find one attorney in da whole United States that would take this case!

"Mayor Richard Klauber said at the committee's June 24 meeting that the $100,000 figure includes the engineering fees, testing and the cleanup of the contaminated property. He said the township has spent $7,000 on the legal case."

REASON #2: Da money spent on da case doesn't add up. Without a lawyer handling da case, it can easily be surmised that current Manalapan Township attorney Ron Cucchiaro must be da point man for this lawsuit - and since he's on da town payroll, is he handling this case pro bono? Also from da "Hey, I'll work for free department," Manalapan refuses to discuss how much money was spent during da "First Amendment" portion of this case, which included more than one 50+ page legal brief and other briefs and court appearances which da politicians apparently want people to believe was out of da goodness of their hearts?

"We learned that he doesn’t have malpractice insurance and I don’t know if we could ever collect a judgment from him personally,” Klauber said."

REASON #3: Manalapan Township knew shortly after their lawsuit against Moskovitz started, he decided not to include his insurance carrier in da case. Why did he not include da insurance carrier? One can surmise he did not include the insurance carrier because tere was no need to have them involved in what was considered a frivolous case -- One has to wonder whether former Manalapan Township Attorney Don Lomurra, who was the attorney for Manalapan when da judge ordered da Dreyer Patch sale, informed his insurance carrier too?

"Mayor Richard Klauber said at the committee's June 24 meeting that the $100,000 figure includes the engineering fees, testing and the cleanup of the contaminated property. He said the township has spent $7,000 on the legal case."

REASON #4: If da Commissar is correct, then we can only surmise that da lawyer Moskovitz, who allegedly sent kids to Ivy League schools and has a big home, can't afford bus fare from Manalapan to Marlboro. His house isn't worth $100,000? His law office and legal practice isn't worth that? If all this is true, then I'm sure da Brooklyn Bridge is Manalapan's next big purchase.

"Klauber said. “It is now in the best interests of the township to not go forward.”

REASON #5: Da Commissar's statement isn't that bad, but please substitute "Klauber & Roth" for da word "township." Da very last thing "Candidate for Township" Klauber & "Candidate for State Assembly" Roth want is to have this 50,000 pound albatross hanging over their heads -- and da possibility they too could potentially become "defendants" in this case. And, FYI - daTruthSquad has learned, despite an apparent media blackout in this case by da Manalapan Township Committee, that current Committeeman Andy Boy Lucas isn't da only 3rd party DEFENDANT in da Mosked Man case. Da fear is more will be named, and da alleged media blackout wouldn't be able to hold.

And, maybe da lynchpin reason this case will continue, Queen Candidate & Manalapan Township Committee Judge, Jury & Executioner Michelle Roth's "take foot and jackhammer it into da mouth" statement - "This was always a case of malpractice committed by Stuart Moskovitz. He failed to include proper safeguards for environmental contingencies in the purchase contract of the Herbert and Dreyer houses."

REASON #6: A representative of Manalapan comes out and says "this was always a case of malpractice committed by Stuart Moskovitz." If you're da Mosked Man, are you going to let this go without a response?

So, let's recap before we go forward.

Manalapan reportedly has no lawyer for a case that was to them as obvious easily winable as da receding hairline of Andy Boy. Manalapan wants to end da case, not because they know they can win, but because they fear da Mosked man to them must already be a frequent visitor to soup kitchens and a resident of a homeless shelter.

Now, da Mosked Man's side. Moskovitz told Snoozer report Mark Rosman, "statements by the Township Committee on June 24 regarding this case were offensive and inaccurate in every detail, as have been most statements by township representatives regarding this matter since its inception."

If this is statement by da Mosked Man is accurate, then members of da Manalapan Township Committee, it must be surmised, have not been truthful with da residents of Manalapan. Why would Manalapan be willing to drop da case and not recoup a dime after two years?

Now, for daTruth - #1: There seems to be a serious credibility issue for Manalapan.

DaTruth is, this case went too far beyond da point of no return. When da Manalapan Legal Dream Team decided that they would take da First Amendment and grind it under da tires of a Dream Teamer's SUV, they were embarassed in court by daTruthSquad's legal experts, an embarassment that would become da centerpiece for this whole case. Everybody knows when you lack credibility, your case is in serious jeopardy.

Now, for daTruth - #2: What is happening in court isn't being told to Manalapan residents paying for da case.

DaTruth is, Manalapan apparently was told to replace their contingency fee lawyer, and after 4 months, found no takers. That news apparently never reached Manalapan residents. Current Mayor Commissar Klauber says da taxpayers have only paid $7,000 on this case. If that is accurate, then why did da engineer get paid a reported $65,000 for an engineering study for a $10,500 cleanup? Even da now-famous "Rosman Editorial," which became a part of da Mosked Man legal case, admits da "Money Spent on Lawyers" issue had serious questions attached to it. What did former Township Attorney Carolina MachoGrande bill? What was paid to Union County attorneys in this case? Since manalapan refuses to come clean and itemize all of da legal billing in this case, taxpayers forced to pay da bill may never know.

Now, for daTruth - #3: One word - ELECTIONS!

Currently, Manalapan Mayor Commissar Klauber is running for reelection in Manalapan. Da last thing he, and Manalapan Committeewoman & current State Assembly candidate Michelle Roth need is for da discovery phase of this lawsuit, where da Mosked Man can ask for any and all information he desires, which includes potentially Executive Session discussions, and potentially other information about their tenure in Town Hall they may not want people to know about.

Now, for da question you want to know -- will this case continue?

Da answer --- ABSOLUTELY YES. DaTruth is, there's no reason why da Mosked Man would want this to go away right now. He's holding all da cards. He's added Andy Boy and at least two other current or former Manalapan professionals to this lawsuit. Discovery could allow that list of DEFENDANTS to increase, and could possibly include current or former Manalapan politicians - another reason Manalapan politicians would want this to go away, and a reason da Mosked Man would want this to continue.

Why would da Mosked Man want to sign a "stipulation of agreement" if he did nothing wrong? Would you, if your name and reputation were dragged through da mud for two years?

And, after da Queen's bombshell in da Snoozepaper that da Mosked Man was basically guilty, will he drop this case?

Here's daTruthSquad's take:

1. Da Mosked Man, according to sources, has another meeting with da judge in da case in July. At that time, he will either ask da judge toss da case with cause (that it was indeed frivolous and Manalapan has no case), or he will demand da case move forward and enter da discovery phase.

2. Da Mosked Man, if this moves forward, could potentially add others to da case, which may include current members of da Manalapan Township Committee, former members, or other professionals tied into da events of da case -- a potentially embarrassing situation for da Queen & da Commissar.

3. It would be ridiculous for da Mosked Man to drop da case, because he has already attached 3rd party DEFENDANTS to it, and that could only help his case.

4. He has obviously put in hundreds and even thousands of billable hours into this case, and should be reimbursed for his time by da plaintiff -- YOU DA TAXPAYERS OF MANALAPAN. That bill could easily be 6-figures of taxpayer money if it happens.

5. If you're da Mosked Man, do you let da Queen off da hook for her "guilty" statement?

DaTruth is, this case will most likely continue, and it could get both ugly and embarrassing for Manalapan politicians, so sit back and watch da events unfurl.

Speaking of lawsuits, daTruthSquad will soon discuss another celebrated lawsuit that tries to set fire to da First Amendment. Da shocking events of that case will be detailed soon.

And that's datruth.

Spammers Beware - Da TruthTellers Have Uncovered You

First, thanks to TruthTeller "R" for bringing the fantastic Italian dishes to our latest meeting of da TruthTellers.

Now, as our readers are aware, there has been a serous effort made to spam this blog site. A large number of references were made to a person who was claimed to be a "pedophile," and others.

DaTruthSquad has uncovered a small group of individuals whose apparent job it was to spam this site with comments. From what we have determined, these spammers were under orders from members of Manalapan's Cadre, fearful that this blog, due to the reporting of what goes on behind da scenes in Manalapan Town Hall and da inside activities of certain career politicians who would not like da voting public to know da real truth of their activities, to work 24 hours a day to fill the "Comments" section of this blog with disturbing messages of hate in order to get readers not to read this blog.

Unfortunately for them, their plan backfired on three fronts. First, stats show readership of this blog increased by over 37% from the same time a month ago. Second, due to their writings, and mistakes made within them, their plan was uncovered, as was who apparently is behind it. Third, unbeknownst to them, daTruthSquad has an embedded Cadre source.

Usually if you wait long enough, or give someone enough rope, they will make the mistake that allows themselves to be caught. In this case, that is exactly what transpired, with da help of a Cadre insider.

As for who is behind the anti-semitic, anti-gay and perverted spamming activity, your Cadre code of silence has been breached.

Know full well your spamming days are over, and da apparent spammers are known. Until further notice, DaTruthSquad will only allow comments to be posted relevant to the blog topic. All comments will be checked by the blog administrator prior to posting. Da new system initiated by daTruthSquad does not allow for the commenter to be identified (unless you identify yourself), thus allowing for complete anonymity.

Da First Amendment is alive and well and living in Manalapan, Marlboro, Monmouth County and throughout the great United States. Now, comments will continue to be posted on the site, but only after they are screened for material that is not permitted on this blog - "For All Da Readers."

And, politicians should be fearful, because this experience has only galvanized da TruthTellers to dig deeper into how their government is operated - starting with tomorrow's expose.

Truth be told, this blog will continue to be both da voice and information location it has always been - and it belongs to daTruthSquad and da TruthTellers and "For All Da People," - not da Cadre and their career politicians.

And, that our readers - is daTruth!

Friday, June 19, 2009

A DATRUTHSQUAD BULLETIN - PART 1: Magicians Con-zine And His Manalapan Apostles - Making Magic With Our Budgets

New Jersey is a very interesting political state, but you don't need daTruthSquad to tell you that. Governor Con-zine first tells us his stewardship during these financially tough times has put New Jersey in a great position to not have to suffer through da recession. Then came news of da $2 billion budget deficit. Governor Con-zine tells us to elect him, and he'll decrease property taxes 40% in 4 years. In 4 years, we're all lucky if our taxes ONLY went up 40%. Instead of increasing property tax rebate checks, Governor Con-zine took out his magic wand and made them disappear. Now, all of a sudden, a windfall of $400 million, what his apostle Codey calls "Christmas in June."

Don't you wonder where da money he will give back to people to buy their votes came from?

Da very same can be said in Manalapan.

Over da last two years, Manalapan taxes under da administration of alleged Manalapan/and or freehold resident & alleged Republican/and or Democrat former mayor Andy Boy in 2007, and da former mayor & current Assembly candidate da Queen raised taxes in two years more than any other 2-year administration in Manalapan history!

Now, before daTruthSquad goes any farther - a little history:

ISSUE 1: In 2004, then-Republican Andy Boy ran on a promise to NOT RAISE TAXES. That promise was lambasted by then-candidate Da Queen as irresponsible. Andy Boy, thanks to Joltin Joe, won da election, and for two years in a row, taxes were lowered - da only town in da entire state to do it! In each year, tax decreases and flat taxes were vehemently opposed to by da Queen.

ISSUE 2: In 2006, Andy Boy was still against tax increases. But, in 2007 in a desperate desire to be mayor, he apparently formed an unholy alliance to gain Democratic support to become mayor. He then raised taxes over 25%! He did so by turning his back on his tax decreases, and siding with Da Queen who said those decreases and flat taxes hurt da town.

ISSUE 3: Here's da issue that means everything ---- daTruthSquad knows why Andy Boy was able to not raise taxes in 2005 & 2006. DaTruthSquad is currently investigating da 2009 Manalapan budget, and as you will read below, da following word best decribes da 2009 budget ---- H-Y-P-O-C-R-A-C-Y!!!!!!

A special blue-ribbon daTruthSquad investigation HAS UNCOVERED A SIGNIFICANT LINK BETWEEN DA MANALAPAN BUDGETS OF 2005 - 2006 & 2009!

In 2005 & 2006, a revolt led by da Queen said da budgets of those years were detrimental to da town. Da reason --- they used large sums of surplus money to flood da budget with extra cash, giving da illusion that spending was being capped, while in reality, it wasn't. She was actually right, and due to a draining of surplus money, which, much like da state coffers, has to be replenished, taxes in Manalapan soared - despite da fact those years were some of da most robust in da nation.

Now, in 2009, a budget being brought by da Commissar Mayor and da Queen will not raise taxes this year, but much like a Ponzi scheme, it comes with a catch.

Da catch --- da reason taxes are being held flat --- da Commissar & da Queen are using about $4 million dollars from da surplus to balance their budget --- da very same surplus-raiding plan da Queen was adamently against a few years ago!

Why are they doing this ---- another catch ----- both da Commissar (running for reelection in Manalapan) and da Queen (running for State Assembly) are BOTH RUNNING FOR POLITICAL OFFICE!

Much like Governor Con-zine, it appears they're trying to buy your votes.

DaTruth is, this situation is going to get worse. $4 million of your dollars is being used as AN ELECTION GIMMICK. During a severe recession, where businesses in Monmouth County are closing and in Manalapan, which already had one of da very worst ratables ratio in da entire state - da Queen and da Commissar are going against their principles to show themselves to be some type of budget guru.

DaTruth is - it won't work.

Meetings of da TruthTellers has uncovered a person "in da know" in Manalapan who has been against this very type of budgeting - and this person apparently is a member of da Cadre. Thanks to "TruthTeller S," more information is being mined about this person, and their identity will be released soon - along with evidence!

Look for more details in "Part 2."

Now, for something completely different....

Following da last daTruthSquad posting, a debate ensued regarding some comments being posted. It is obvious that this blog is widely read, considering over 200 comments being left in just 7 days. It's also obvious that some people are using da "comments" section to attack people not being discussed in this blog.

Freedom of Speech is what this blog was founded upon, and what this blog has fought for. Therefore, it has been decided by a majority vote of da TruthTellers, thanks to da debate regarding this issue, that a minor change must be made in da 'Comments" section.

Until further notice, daTruthSquad has issued an executive order to da Blog Administrator to closely monitor all postings. Any posting using obscene or questionable language of any kind will be deleted.

Deleting a comment is not an infringement of Freedom of Speech, if that comment is obscene or not viable to the conversation of da blog. There is in fact no reason why anyone cannot start a blog of their own. In fact, daTruthSquad encourages everyone to exercise their First Amendment right. We're witnessing that in Iran, and we fought for that in Manalapan - and won a historic legal case that has now become a legal precedent not just in New Jersey, but through courts across the nation, thanks to the fine men and women and supporters of the EFF.

This blog has been and will remain a home for Free Speech - and to expose daTruth about politics and corruption.

And that's daTruth.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Now Da US Government Has Problems With Da Fields of Nightmares

I'll leave it up to da TruthTellers on this one, so let's take an opinion poll:

Question - Who do you feel would have da most knowledge, rationality, common sense, and judgment when it comes to an issue of engineering that could possibly become a health issue?

(a) An expert in Public Relations and career politician.
(b) A lawyer who specializes in "Automobile Accidents; Slip and Fall" cases.
(c) A 30-something guy who lives with his wife, and mommy & daddy.
(d) An experienced and respected engineer with over 20 years of experience.

Well, peasants, if you picked D - you're wrong! True, this person has all da experience and knowledge you'd ever need, in addition to a plethora of studies that raised more "Red Flags" about crumb rubber than da People's Republic of China. But, in da end, da Public Relations expert, da lawyer, and da farmer/money "expert" whose office is above his garage - they all knew better.

That's why last week, see no evil, hear no evil, and looking evil held a celebration and ribbon cutting to open Manalapan's Field of Nightmares, a crumb rubber athletic field that even a former mayor traveled from his Florida exile to attend.

Ah, but if you're waiting for da caveat, you won't have to wait for long. Even as da former township committee man and current reputable engineer Anthony Gennaro sounded his concerns, which fell on deaf ears, da City of New York, da State of Connecticut, and a number of other towns, cities, states, and nations showed concerns so serious they even banned da same type of field Manalapan was welcoming with both open arms and over $5.6 million of taxpayer money!

Now, another bunch of folks who apparently to da Manalapan Township Committee, know about as much about health issues as da Township Committee knows about winning lawsuits, is stepping up to da plate and saying they too have concerns.

You probably have never heard of this small and apparently inconsequential government agency. It's called da ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY!

DaTruthSquad has uncovered a report by da EPA that says their "scientists are worried that they don't have enough information about potential health risks from chemicals in the rubber material, which is popular because it decreases playground injuries and is low maintenance and weatherproof."

The report cites an internal report which states da EPA is now doing a study "of air, water and surface samples at four fields and playgrounds that use recycled tires. The study was prompted by other research suggesting potential hazards from repeated exposure to bits of shredded tire that can contain carcinogens and other chemicals, according to the documents. The EPA scientists cited gaps in scientific evidence, despite other reviews showing little or no health concern. They urged their superiors to conduct a broad health study to inform parents on kids' safety."

Other examples:

In Danbury, Connecticut, a health warning was placed at a crumb rubber field by da city's own health department!

There are still ongoing concerns about staph infections and other bacterial issues, that you can read about.

And, then there's da New York study that showed temperatures in da shade on a field were 86 degrees, but in da middle of da field in direct sunlight, temperatures reached 160 degrees!!!!!

Why in da world would they do this, when da lawyer, PR wizard, and farmer/offoce-on-top-of-da-garage guy all said it was OK?

Apparently, Manalapan's Trio of Trouble" know more than da City of New York, which has gone as far as banning more crumb rubber fields like Manalapan's due to their health concerns, and also da Denver EPA office came to da same conclusion.

FYI - Da Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility is demanding a "full blown" study into crumb rubber tires used for these fields.

However, da Manalapan Trio of Trouble can feel safe that a group is on their side. A group called Da Synthetic Turf Council says crumb rubber fields don't come with health risks.

Gee, whiz, daTruthSquad can now sleep safer at night.

DaTruth is, thanks to da Trio of trouble, da money is spent, and even if da worst happens and these da field has to close, Manalapan taxpayers probably won't recoup a dime because they were warned by a former elected official (Gennaro) and at least one Citizen Activist.

What Manalapan should now do is shut down da field, pending da EPA report and its findings. This should done for all da Manalapan kids and familys, and "For All da People."

DaTruth is, asbestos was once known as da "magic mineral." People were told it was safe as mother's milk. We were also told dumping chemicals was safe, until cancer clusters formed.

So, Manalapan residents, thanks to da Trio of Trouble have paid millions of $$$$$$$ for a field that da EPA is looking into, and other places have banned.

Is da field safe? It possibly could be, or maybe it isn't. Tests and more studies will need to be done, and are being done now.

Did Manalapan jump da gun and approve something without all da facts being known? Maybe that's a question best suited to ask da Manalapan Township Committee.

DaTruth is, it bears a striking appearance that a number of quote "improvements" were made in da time leading up to da Queen's political aspirations to become a State Assemblyperson. This "Field of Nightmares" is one of them. Millions of $$$$$$$$ have been spent to increase da size of a park, while no effort is being given to improving da town's business infrastructure (or lack thereof). That is a main reason da people of Manalapan pay a larger majority of local municipal taxes than other towns, like Freehold and others. Because of Manalapan stalling and delaying da Village, Monroe is off to da races building their own "Village" on da same road Manalapan's "Village" would have been built on, right near da Manalapan border so Manalapan residents can subsidize Monroe taxpayers. Marlboro has been building a bigger business base, and da Freehold Mall has expanded (so they can handle Manalapan shoppers).

But, at least Manalapan has what they don't -- a crumb rubber field that generates about enough income to pay bus fare from Manalapan's vacant Value City to da Shoppes of Old Bridge.

And that's daTruth.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Governor Clown-zine Says He'll "Be Fighting For You"

Considering his last 4 years in office, you'd think Governor Clown-zine would think before he spoke, or he actually believes what he is telling all of us. He told da crowd after skating through his mostly unopposed primary that -- and get this -- Republican's "values are out of step with New Jersey," and da best was that "Democrats Deliver" and "I'll be fighting for you."

DaTruthSquad watched da TV very carefully. After picking up da jaw from da floor, DaTruthSquad was desperately looking for da mustached man holding a shovel picking up da manure which was piling up with each sentence. DaTruthSquad was waiting for da person performing sign language to just start bursting out with laughter. DaTruthSquad expected sooner or later, daTruth would eventually pass by his beard.

Guess again.

Let's investigate and let Clown-zine's deeds do da talking.

Issue 1: Four years ago, Clown-zine ran on his PROMISE that he would reduce property taxes by 40% over 4 years.

REALITY: It may in fact be da truth - because Clown-zine NEVER SAID WHICH 4 YEARS HE WAS TALKING ABOUT! As for what "Democrats Deliver" ...

* Property tax increases each of Clown-zine's 4 years in office!

** A tax increase - with da money to go directly to property tax relief!

*** A draconian cut in aid to municipalities, forcing them to raise taxes!

**** Turnpike & Parkway toll increases!

***** Agreeing to Port Authority bridge & tunnel toll increases!

****** No more Property Tax Rebates

******* And, on da eve of his primary and facing da possibility da CWA would picket his party and block VP Joe Biden from appearing for his photo op, Clown-zine made a sweetheart deal with da union - which will include concessions that will cost taxpayers MILLIONS OF $$$$$$$$$ --- ALL FOR A PHOTO OP!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup, that's what "Democrats Deliver" according to Clown-zine.

Now Clown-zine also took swipes at da GOP'ers. He said that da GOP'ers "values are out of step with New Jersey."

Hmmmmmmm, lets see.

GOP'ers want to lower taxes. According to Clown-zine, LOWERING TAXES MUST BE OUT OF STEP FOR NEW JERSEY.

GOP'ers want to lower tolls. According to Clown-zine, LOWERING TOLLS MUST BE OUT OF STEP FOR NEW JERSEY.

GOP'ers want to cut Trenton fat. According to Clown-zine, CUTTING DA BUDGET MUST BE OUT OF STEP FOR NEW JERSEY.

GOP'ers want to reduce da government trough that is da single largest employer in da state of New Jersey. According to Clown-zine, CUTTING GOVERNMENT MUST BE OUT OF STEP FOR NEW JERSEY.

GOP'ers want to create business in da state. According to Clown-zine, A BETTER BUSINESS BASE MUST BE OUT OF STEP FOR NEW JERSEY.

Clown-zine wanted to raise Turnpike tolls by 800%. Well, da GOP was against that, so they must be completely out of step with da rest of New Jersey.

Getting it yet????

DaTruth is, 4 years ago, da residents of New Jersey went to a used car lot, and were sold a bill of goods by a rich dude who wanted to pad his ego with another cool sounding job. As da state deficit soared, Clown-zine said all was well. As da budget we currently have has a $2 billion hole in it, we're borrowing more money to pay for it!

DaTruthSquad will readily admit that we had one put over on us 4 years ago, and as anyone knows, "Fool me once - shame on you. Fool me twice......."

President Obama was right -- Change is needed. It certainly was in 2008. In New Jersey, change must happen, because it doesn't then tax hikes, property tax increases, toll increases, worse quality of life, TruthTellers packing up and moving (North Carolina is looking better all da time), and businesses packing up too will be all too common for da next 4 years.

Whether you like Christie or not, can he do any worse?

DaTruth is, Clown-zine fooled us once.

And, watch for what could be da muddiest campaign in NJ history to unfurl, not just in Trenton, but in da 12th District too. When you have da record that folks like Clown-zine and Manalapan's Queen of Higher Taxes has, mudslinging is better than da actual truth.

And that's daTruth.