Wednesday, October 29, 2008


History was made in Manalapan when corruption on a grand scale was uncovered in da local Snoozepaper. It was da first time since da famed "Rosman Editorial" that da Snoozepaper had an article in it exposing corruption by Manalapan's political elite. We know it must be true because it wasn't written by Back Page Barratta - it was penned by none other than Manalapan Township Committeeman Anthony Gennaro -- and it exposes corruption in local government on a grand scale!

In a scary account of township officials apparently acting with reckless disregard for taxpayers, Committeeman Gennaro's shocking allegations prove beyond any doubt da lawsuit which has garnered worldwide attention, "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" is nothing more than a political vendetta -- led by Manalapan's elected officials known as da "Gang of Three -- and paid for by taxpayer money!

Gennaro wrote a letter to da editor of da Snoozepaper, that actually printed it! In it, Gennaro's claims are not only serious, but can easily be deemed violations of da public trust!

GENNARO SHOCK QUOTE #1: "This has become a case where several committee members have attempted to control how elected officials do their jobs."

GENNARO SHOCK QUOTE #2: "I was recently challenged when simply qualifying my vote on a "ratifying resolution" that retroactively attempts to rewrite history."

GENNARO SHOCK QUOTE #3: "How can anyone claim that our government is transparent and fiscally responsible when elected officials are denied access to legal documents, and legal counsel is allowed to function unmonitored?"

GENNARO SHOCK QUOTE #4: "On behalf of the taxpayers of Manalapan, I believe that neither their interests nor mine were properly represented."

HISTORY: In 2007, a small alliance of folks who apparently have no plans to invite former Manalapan mayor & township attorney Da Mosked Man to a backyard BBQ hatched a plan to go after da person they claim cost Manalapan money in a land-deal-gone-bad scheme. They wanted a judge to slap a gag order on da case so nobody involved in it could talk about it. Unfortunately for da Gang of Three, daTruthSquad kept their ears down and blogged about it. Da scheme for da political elite backfired when they decided to believe daTruthSquad was actually da Mosked Man, da defendant in da lawsuit, so they sued daTruthSquad too.

What da Gang of Three didn't expect was in their actions, they were taking da First Amendment of da Constitution and throwing it on "da Barbie" next to da shrimp. Da Gang of Three's "Manalapan Legal Dream Team," at TAXPAYER EXPENSE, compiled scores of pages of exhibits and evidence making their claim that da Mosked man was daTruthSquad. Their actions were challenged by da Electronic Frontier Foundation, which not only challenged their claim, but also posted all of da legal documents on their website for everyone to see!

Since then, others have come forward to expose shocking allegations.

ALLEGATION #1: Da Deputy Mayor, who is a friend of da Mosked Man has to leave da room when da case is discussed, but a current Committeeman who is an actual defendant in da case is still allowed to vote to keep da case moving forward!

ALLEGATION #2: A former Manalapan mayor told da Township Committee in an email that this case could cost taxpayers "over $200,000" according to evidence uncovered by Deputy Mayor Susan Cohen - all for a soil cleanup costing $10,500!

ALLEGATION #3: Amazingly, evidence brought to da court by two current elected officials claim they aren't being given access to township information on da case, and township lawyers paid by taxpayer dollars are not discussing da case with certain township officials!

ALLEGATION #4: Although township officials claim not one cent was being paid to lawyers due to da case being done on a contingency fee, da now-famous "Rosman Editorial" verified what daTruthSquad claimed - that is - lawyers are being paid despite township officials claims.

ALLEGATION #5: Considering that a total of 4 township attorneys were employed during da time of da land deal issue, and a number of engineering officials at taxpayer expense who either did no tests on da land or were not told to do any despite da knowledge of an oil storage tank, and even one township attorney who claimed da Mosked Man did nothing wrong, Manalapan politicians only singled out da Mosked Man for their lawsuit.

ALLEGATION #6: An engineering firm that donated money to Manalapan politicians charged approximately $65,000 for a soil cleanup that only cost $10,500, and actually came in under budget.

DaTruth is, what Committeeman Gennaro did in his letter to da Snoozepaper, and his brief brought to da court is what every taxpayer should expect from their public officials. He has exposed corruption on a grand scale - and he should be praised for doing his duty for da citizens he serves.

Accordingly, it is obvious that this wrongdoing must be offered da attention it deserves.

DaTruthSquad has never asked of their readers anything, except to read da blog and find out what is really happening through our number of sources. Now, daTruthSquad is asking "For All Da People" to get involved - and it is "For All da People."

DaTruthSquad wants every person who reads this blog to send a copy of da letter Committeeman sent to da Snoozepaper to da following offices. DaTruthSquad has provided da links to make it easy for you - and - you can send this anonymously. Simply click the link and follow da prosecutor's simple directions. Five minutes of your time could save you $$$$$$$ of tax dollars:

Da Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office.

Da New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice.

Christopher Christie at da US Attorney's Office.

New Jersey Common Cause.

Da only way YOUR TAX DOLLARS will stop being wasted is for you to become directly involved. On all of these sites, your anonymity is kept safe. It's time da proper authorities get involved and uncover what Manalapan politicians are really doing with YOUR TAX DOLLARS.


And that's daTruth.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Cohen & Gennaro Unlock Queens Pandora's Box

There were a lot of charges levied in da now infamous "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" lawsuit, outside of da "it's da Mosked Man's fault." One of da well-hidden - hope nobody finds this out little nuggets from this lawsuit is how information is shared - or not shared - between members of da Manalapan Township Committee "ruling elite" and those left to apparently fend for themselves.

DaTruthSquad has discussed this situation at length. Da local Snoozepaper, not surprisingly, avoided this issue. However, they can't hide behind da pen of Back Page Barratta anymore.

It what is obviously a major affront to da "transparency" of da Queen's administration, and adds kerosene to da fire in da belief that this is nothing more than a political vendetta for a few politicians financed by taxpayers, Manalapan Deputy Mayor Susan Cohen and Committeeman Anthony Gennaro were forced to file their own briefs in court in da case that has garnered worldwide attention -- because -- they're being "kept in da dark" by da attorneys being paid-for with taxpayer dollars -- and da Township Committee Elite who won't apparently give them straight answers!

In addition, their briefs also opened up da Pandora's box about da crux of this case -- is it really legal malpractice, or a few political elitists trying to toss dirt on their political opponent at taxpayer expense?


No, it's not da Mosked Man we're talking about. Committeeman and former mayor and alleged Manalapan and/or Freehold resident Andy Boy was named a 3rd party defendant in da lawsuit. Even though he's a defendant, he still gets to vote on this lawsuit and all taxpayer-funding issues. Cohen, meanwhile, who is da Deputy Mayor, was forced out of executive sessions because she a "friend" of da Mosked Man.

"In one of the first legal briefs he filed with the court regarding Manalapan's litigation against him, Moskovitz asserted that Cohen had been "ordered" out of a Township Committee executive (closed) session when the remaining members of the governing body and other municipal representatives were going to be discussing the township's litigation against him. At the time, when asked for comment on the claims contained in Moskovitz's legal brief, Cohen confirmed his assertions and said she left the room when the Moskovitz litigation was being discussed. She said it had been the consensus of the others present at the meeting that she was compromised because her relationship with Moskovitz was personal, in that they are friends, as well as clients of Moskovitz because Cohen's husband has and will continue to retain Moskovitz for certain business affairs. Speaking at that time, Cohen said, "was told I had to leave the room because there was a conflict of interest. I was told that by everybody. I wasn't arguing the point, so I left."


Da crux of this issue actually goes back to 2001, when da Mosked Man, as a member of da Township Committee accused then-township attorney Norman Kauff of wrongdoing. Kauff would later leave his office before his term expired. Kauff - and you have to follow da bouncing counselor here -- is listed as "being "of counsel" to the firm of Daniel McCarthy, one of the attorneys involved in the Manalapan v. Moskovitz case." "Cohen states in her certification that when Kauff served as Manalapan's township attorney, Moskovitz "disclosed that Mr. Kauff was over billing the township and in 2001, Mr. Moskovitz exposed that Mr. Kauff was increasing his pension by being salaried as the township attorney. … Mr. Kauff is of counsel to the law firm of Rogut, McCarthy, Troy, whose partner, Daniel McCarthy, a major contributor to various campaigns in Manalapan, is the driving force for this lawsuit."

Note da words "major contributor to various campaigns in Manalapan."

Then you have McCarthy helping bring in David Weeks and his law firm. It only adds more questions to a lawsuit that seems to have "politics" written all over it.


Anyone who's hired anyone from a lawyer, to Joe da Plumber, to an accountant, or contractor knows if they don't return your phone calls, won't talk to you, or refuse to discuss things with you, you fire da bums. If, however, you're a town committeeperson, or even a Deputy Mayor, and people you pay with taxpayer money won't give you da time of day, that borders on criminal. That's exactly what Gennaro & Cohen are alleging. "Both Cohen and Gennaro state in their certifications that they took it upon themselves to submit the documents because they are both of the opinion that the attorneys who are litigating the malpractice action for Manalapan against Moskovitz are not keeping them (Cohen and Gennaro) informed of developments in the matter. They allege that they are deliberately being left out of the loop."


This is bombshell evidence --- If you think Manalapan's political elite didn't know taxpayers would be on da hook for $200,000 -- YES $200,000 -- you can thank former mayor Drew Shapiro for that. "In his certification, Gennaro, too, refers to Shapiro, citing an e-mail sent by Shapiro in which Gennaro says Shapiro claimed the cleanup of the contaminated soil could end up costing Manalapan $200,000, and that is why special counsel was asked to "review the file." The allusion is to the file regarding the township's purchase of the property under the terms of the contract drawn up by Moskovitz. Gennaro states in his certification that McCarthy had not notified the Township Committee of "the possible impact of the state tort claims act or Manalapan's local ordinance regarding Mr. Moskovitz's right of indemnification."


So, in effect, you have lawyers running amok, and according to da briefs filed by Gennaro & Cohen they're being paid taxpayer money but not informing da people guarding da taxpayer money. If this doesn't scream out for an investigation by ca county DA, Anne Milgram, or Chris Christie, nothing does.

DaTruth is, when you have sitting township committeepeople who admit they have to get their information from blogs, a California legal website, or a newspaper -- and not from their own lawyers & fellow members of their own Township Committee, then you can call that a number of things, collusion, unethical, and a number of other unflattering things, but in da end, since taxpayer money is funding this fiasco, it can also be called "FRAUD."

Here's what daTruthsquad would like to see:

1. DA NEW JERSEY BAR ASSOCIATION GET INVOLVED. If da lawyers under Manalapan employ aren't doing right by their clients, then these lawyers need to be sanctioned for their behavior.

2. DA MONMOUTH COUNTY PROSECUTOR GET INVOLVED. If it is discovered that taxpayer money is fueling a political vendetta, then that is fraud and Manalapan taxpayers should & must be reimbursed.

3. DA STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL OPEN AN INVESTIGATION. Using taxpayer money for political vendettas is fraud and could be treated as a crime. Much like Wayne Bryant, Sharpe James, and John Lynch - POLITICIANS MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS! Those who perpetrated this act should be prosecuted to da fullest extent of da law. Da only way to truly find this out is to open up a state investigation.

4. DA FEDS SHOULD GET INVOLVED. Da Feds already know how to get to Manalapan. They were here for Frank Abate and his WMUA-gate. It's time they make a call on Town Hall and check records there.


DaTruth is, what Gennaro & Cohen did may be unprecedented, it may prove there's something unethical going on in da Kingdom, and it definitely proves there's about as much transparancy in da Queen's administration as you'll find in a 500-foot thick cinderblock wall lined with 1,000 feet of steel. If this isn't resolved soon, and unless da Mosked Man isn't found guilty, then when he replies with his own lawsuits as anyone would expect, what taxpayers have spent thus far on Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man will be pocket change compared with da settlement he will get.

And, daTruthSquad urges you to read da facts for yourself. Da Electionic Frontier Foundation has legal correspondence, A SLEW OF COURT RECORDS & DOCUMENTS, actual legal briefs filed by Manalapan's Legal Dream Team, and da first judge's outcome all available online for anyone to see -- AND YOU CAN'T SEE THAT ANYWHERE ELSE!

You need to see exactly what your elite politicians demand you pay for. Anf that's daTruth.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Are Da Manalapan Republicans Even Trying?

During a recent drive around da Kingdom, you'll see a small numbr of signs here and there for da Queen and her Dutch running mate, and even a number for Obama. However, you'd have to really strain those eyes to find da rpecious few G&G signs, looking like holdovers from da primary.

Da question raised by a number of TruthTellers is - "Are there even GOP'er candidates in this election?"

DaTruthSquad has investigated, and da results are both surprising & disturbing.

ISSUE 1 - Does Blogger Bill Garcia even know he's on da ballot? According to an ELEC filing on October 6, his campaign had $1,084.68 in it - and that includes $844.68 transferred in from da primary - meaning he has raised, according to this sole filing just $240! Does he expect to win with $1,084?

ISSUE 2 - What is Blogger Bill buddy Ryan Green thinking? While he has $2,508.74 in da bank according to an October 6 ELEC report filing, he apparently lent $1,738.47 of that total to his own campaign from his own wallet! Da same report says that exact total was used for a "campaign fundraiser" held September 6. Anybody go to it? In all, he has just $757.80 in his "campaign warchest" with less than 30 days before election day.

Of course, I'd compare their figures with those of Da Queen and Dutch, but they have not filed their ELEC reports as of yet, according to da ELEC website, so kudos to da GOP'ers for actually filing when they are required to by law.

Nothing better than da transparency of da Queen's administration!

ISSUE 3 - Who is running da campaign of da G&G Boys? Well, maybe Manalapan GOP'er Grand Poobah Steve McEnery is too busy to run their campaign. You can't blame him, and this blog certainly won't. You see, he's already busy running another campaign -- DA 2010 MANALAPAN TOWNSHIP COMMITTEE ELECTION OF ANDY BOY!!!!

DaTruthSquad has uncovered an ELEC report received January 14, 2008 for da 2010 primary election of Andy Boy! Da "Friends of Andy Boy" lists da Poobah as his campaign chairman, and da Poobah's daughter as his treasurer, with a bank account already established at a Manalapan bank. On July 14, 2008, $199.48 was transferred from a prior election campaign into this fund. If we have learned anything, we know Andy Boy has apparent intentions to run in 2010, and 2 years ahead of da game he has almost as much money as da current candidates this year have!

ISSUE 4 - Debates or "Town Hall Meetings?" As we all read in da local Snoozepaper and da Asbury Park Press, da G&G Boys refused to debate da Queen and Dutch because "Green and Garcia said they will not agree to a debate that involves a give-and take among the candidates with rebuttal statements." Instead, they promised "Bill Garcia and I are moving forward with our plans for candidate forums in Manalapan between now and Election Day. We want the voters of Manalapan to have the opportunity to hear our plans for the future, as well as question us on the issues that matter most, in a forum that is not dominated by petty, partisan bickering. We plan to hold forums at the Monmouth County Library Headquarters and at Covered Bridge (adult community), and we plan to explore the possibility of doing a forum in Knob Hill (residential development) as well. Michelle Roth and Don Holland will be invited to attend and participate," Green said."

Out of curiosity, with less than 18 days before da election, has anyone yet receieved any word about these "alleged" "candidate forums?" If daTruthSquad could ask a question at one of these "forums," it would be a very simple on -- "On election night, were you already invited to attend da victory party held by da Queen & Dutch, and if so, who handed you that invitation?"

ISSUE 5 - If anyone needs any "shame," ask either of da G&G Boys, because they apparently have enough to spare. A recent letter to da Snoozepaper spanked both G&G Boys for their "fraidy cat" antics regarding da debate. Da writer, Manalapan Democratic Politburo Commissar Gerard "1 Bourbon - 1 Shot - & 1 Beer" Ward wrote "Bill Garcia has only lived in Manalapan for two years, and although he claims he will cut municipal spending in the budget he can't provide a single specific examples of what types of expenses he would cut," and "Ryan Green is no better. He asked us to elect him to the Manalapan Englishtown Regional School District Board of Education only a few months ago, making a long list of promises that he claimed he would pursue if elected, and now says he will abandon that position if he is elected to the Township Committee."

DaTruth is, Ward's statements of da G&G Boys ducking da debate is valid. They are coming across as if they either have something to hide, or can't take da heat - and either way that should invalidate them this race. Was da Queen's move to change da rules at da last minute underhanded, and even smelled of premeditation? It really doesn't matter - because it work to her advantage.

ISSUE 6 - Queenly Cash & Da Nevada Connection. Obviously folks in Nevada are sitting on their hands hoping for a positive outcome in da local Manalapan, New Jersey election. Maybe that's why, according to a Queen ELEC filing dated May 27 "Da Manalapan Democrats" dumped $4,000 into her campaign. Even more interesting, a Queenly filing for her 11-day pre-primary election report, received by ELEC about 2 months after it was due included a $1,000 donation from a guy named "Ward," living in Reno, Nevada. Why would someone in Nevada donate more money that it appears both da G&G Boys have brought in to support a candidate for Manalapan, NJ township committee?

Of course, money coming in from other places than Manalapan is nothing new for da Queen. In 2004, an ELEC filing received November 22 showed da Union County Democrats sent in $15,000, Somerset County Democrats $600, and a law firm in New Brunswick that had on it's list of attorneys James J. Killeanny III, whose bio says he "concentrates his practice on land use matters" gave $1,000 to da Queen's campaign with Beth Ward "Committee to Elect Roth & Ward."

ISSUE 7 - Who will be Manalapan's mayor in 2009 & 2010? According to daTruthSquad's super-duper extra-magic bright-red 8-ball, da Queen will be mayor in 2009, by a vote of 4-1, and Andy Boy wins 2010 by that same margin of victory. How does daTruthSquad know? Hmmmmmm.

DaTruth is, you have to seriously question why there hasn't even been as much as a wimper from da G&G Boys in this election. Are they unqualified? Are they getting unbelievably bad political advice? Is a 4-year old running their campaign? Are they simply handing da election to da Queen and Dutch under orders? And, why is it not one G&G sign sits on da side of da road near Andy Boy's farm? Or, and da question should be asked - is there some type of collusion between members of da Democratic & GOP'er party to shape and course da election outcome?

Well, Manalapan, you get what you pay for, and for da next 3 years you'll have a mayor with da name of Roth or Lucas running your town.

And that's daTruth.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Your Taxpayer-Funded Circus Is Back In Town

If you had any questions that da case "heard 'round da world," Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man, was nothing more than a political witch hunt, look no further than da latest on da trial found in da local Snoozepaper.

In da latest installment of da "Bungling Brothers Circus," a judge tossed out da written testimony of current Manalapan Township Committee-folk Mr. Anthony Gennaro & Deputy Mayor Susan Cohen, saying "I want to make this perfectly clear. I am not accepting anything from anybody who is represented by counsel."

Of course, buried in da Back-Page Barraatta special was that Cohen based da reason on why she went straight to da judge was because -- and get this -- because lawyers handling da case for Manalapan -- lawyers that YOU PAY FOR WITH TAXPAYER DOLLARS -- weren't returning her calls!!!

"Cohen said she left messages at the office of the attorney who is representing Manalapan in the litigation against Moskovitz. She said those messages were not returned and she came to believe the attorney was not acting in her interests in the matter and therefore did not represent her in the matter."

Da lawyers were not returning da calls of da Deputy Mayor - their client!!!

If you're at a restaurant and da waiter ignores you, do you just sit there or tell da manager his customer is being ignored?

Cohen, according to da Snoozepaper, has had enough with what is looking more & more like a political vendetta waged by circus performers da Queen Mayor, Slick Rick, and alleged Manalapan and/or Freehold resident Andy Boy (aka: DEFENDANT in da very same case).

"She said that after listening to an audiotape of a July hearing, she came away disturbed by the potential escalating costs of continuing the litigation against Moskovitz. Cohen said that is why she voted with Gennaro against a committee resolution on Oct. 7 that was related to the litigation. She said she was hoping to see the matter get dismissed by O'Brien. As an elected official, it is my responsibility to act as the taxpayers' watchdog. I saw this case as a political vendetta," Cohen said."

Now, before we go further, lets go back for a brief historical recap of da case about a $10,500 contaminated soil cleanup that exactly 1 year ago, DEFENDANT Andy Boy said had already cost Manalapan taxpayers "well over $100,000!"

EXHIBIT A: Manalapan's circus performers started with their Township attorney, then hired an expert lawyer, another lawyer, and finally another lawyer, creating da now-infamous "Manalapan Legal Dream Team" to go after their arch-nemesis, former township attorney & mayor Da Mosked Man for what they allege is legal malpractice.

EXHIBIT B: Manalapan's circus performers decide, with their Dream Team AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE, that somehow this blog is to blame for da land-deal-gone-bad. They turn da land deal into a First Amendment case, and shroud it in silence & secrecy, until their plans are exposed by daTruthSquad and da Electronic Frontier Foundation, which fought for this blog in court - and won a major First Amendment decision!

EXHIBIT C: Although Manalapan's circus performers wanted to hide this, every iota of their dirty laundry became available for everyone to see thanks to da EFF!

EXHIBIT D: One of da Manalapan's circus performers gets implicated in da case, as former mayor Andy Boy is named a DEFENDANT - by da Mosked Man himself! And, somehow da Manalapan Legal Dream Team allows DEFENDANT Andy Boy to vote on motions involving this case!

Da case, of course, CONTINUES AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE, however some of those whose job it is to watch YOUR MONEY aren't sure your money is being spent wisely anymore.

Now, in what has all da appearance of having to fix up another problem at taxpayer expense, da Manalapan Township Committee, after da Mosked man claimed in February their hiring of Dream Team lawyers wasn't "kosher," leaders of da circus had no choice but to hold a vote on October 7 to "clarify" - legally - what they were doing - something they've been doing for da last 18 months! Da vote was 3-2, because 2 members of da committee have decided da "circus" has turned into a "freak show."

Making matters worse for Manalapan - and da TAXPAYERS - is what da judge said about da case according to da Snoozepaper --- "There seems to be a dispute between the parties as to the authorization of this lawsuit," O'Brien said.

Of course there is a "dispute," as da judge calls it. Da party authorizing payment of da legal bills can't even get a returned phone call from da Dream Team!

DaTruth is, this heading-toward 2 year legal fiasco has no end in sight, has all da smell of a political vendetta, and those with da vendetta are shoving a vacuum nozzle into your back pocket to siphon out YOUR MONEY to pay for their endeavors.

So, with that vacuum nozzle squarely sucking your wallet dry, including municipal tax increases of over 40% in just 2 years to help pay for this lawsuit, what can you do about it?

1. Da ringleader of Manalapan's 3-ring circus is up for reelection this year. You can decide to withhold your vote for da Queen Mayor! Nothing says you have to vote for her. However, you should vote since we have brave men & women fighting overseas for that right - just vote for someone else.

2. You can call da state Attorney General and demand they come to Manalapan and investigate da Manalapan Township Committee and specifically look into this case. Obviously, there's something very important in those private "Executive Sessions" that caused enough concern for 2 sitting Committeepeople to call their paid-for lawyers -- get no reply -- and instead go to da judge!

3. You can repeat "Step #2" and call the Monmouth County Prosecutor.

DaTruth is, something is very wrong with this case if (a) your taxpayer-funded lawyer allegedly doesn't return your call, (b) a contaminated soil cleanup costing $10,500 to clean can wind up costing "well over $100,000" - and da meter is still running, (c) one of da attorneys involved says "Spite and malicious intent are all over this case" - and that lawyer is NOT a member of da Dream Team, and (d), a town's Deputy Mayor can't even get straight answers about a case she needs to vote on and have taxpayers pay for!

If someone you employed didn't return your call, yet you still kept paying them large sums of money, would you want to still pay them?

If you're a Manalapan resident - da answer is YES - because that is exactly what is happening by your political leaders -- AND YOU ARE PAYING FOR IT!


And that's daTruth.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Da Latest Manalapan Observations

There’s nothing better than driving daTruth mobile through Manalapan to see exactly what is happening, because a little tour of town can allow one to see more than some want you to see.

First, we start with signs. Lots of those “Getting da job done” Queen and da other guy signs. To their credit, da TruthTellers report in almost 11 G&G red weatherworn signs aroun town, probably left over from da primary.

Second, we have “Where da signs are.” There are an unusually high number of those Queen & da other guy signs in traditionally Republican parts of Manalapan, especially near da homes within close proximity to where alleged Manalapan and/or Freehold resident committeeman Andy Boy lives. Note to G&G – if you’re going to simply mail this election in and let da Queen win, let da Manalapan residents know so they don’t need to waste their time.

Third, we have, “Where da signs are NOT.” It is very nice to hear from a number of TruthTellers that there is a sign for da Queen at da Union HQ at Route 33. It was not, however, a surprise. What was a surprise was there is not even 1 sign anywhere on da property of alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident Andy Boy’s family farm for da G&G boys. Is he supporting them? There’s a lot of real estate there – but not even one G&G or any other GOP’er sign for that matter. Is Andy Boy supporting da Queen? Obama? Zimmer? Lautenberg? Da Communist line?

Fourth, speaking of support, does Dr/Mr/Lord/King James Wasser have a friend in Manalapan? As far as daTruthSquad has heard, there hasn’t been even one town resolution against King James and his tyrannical rule has been levied by da Manalapan Queen & her court. Why? There was earlier this year a resolution passed by a 4-1 vote supporting da State Police in Wall Township (da lone vote against da police was cast by none other than Andy Boy). Why all da outrage from Marlboro, Freehold, and other towns, but only da harmonious sound of crickets by da Queen?

Fifth, congratulations are in order to da local Snoozepaper. As of October 10, there has not been even one political advertisement in da paper now notorious for soaking up dew on wet lawns, or if dry, absorbing whatever da parakeet drops. There was a time when da Snoozepaper was oversold on political ads they had trouble finding places for them. One could consider they’re just not as relevant as they used to be. Feel free to debate why.

Sixth, congratulations are in order for da Queen & her court. Wall Street is collapsing, taxes are up over 40% in just 2 years in Manalapan (under da rule of Andy Boy & da Queen), and even though da economy is a disaster and we’re probably into what could be a deep recession, Manalapan is bonding for everything under da sun and spending money like it’s from a Monopoly game. From da artificial turf field and it’s road to nowhere, to da Tillis tract and da “Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man” lawsuit which gained worldwide scorn, apparently if Lehman Brothers, AIG, or any bank teetering on disaster needs an infusion of cash, talk to da Queen and her court, because it seems like they have a ton of taxpayer money to spend. Every town in da nation - every home except for da filthy rich - every middle class household watching every penny -- yet Manalapan's Queen and her court say "Spend-Spend-Spend!!!" Makes you think.

Seven, da debate – or lack of debate. Why did da G&G Boys bag da debate? They claim da debate format favors da Queen, but da silence of not debating favors da Queen, because her “real” record will not be displayed for all. Blame here has to go to da campaign manager of da G&G Boys, and that of course begs da question, whose campaign is he actually running anyway? If you fear debating da Queen, then why run against her anyway? If you don’t campaign, or send out political information about yourself, or have signs ready 28 days before da election, or can’t generate publicity about yourselves, why are you running?

Eight, da G&G Boys. At da Halloween store they’re selling G&G costumes. 2 ghosts! You never see these guys. You never hear these guys. You wouldn’t know them if you tripped over them. No campaign literature. One of my TruthTellers reports they couldn’t even find a link to their campaign website on Blogger Bill’s blog! If their goal is to hand da election to da Queen, then they’re doing a fantastic job. And, if they are, whoever is running their election should have their Republican credentials revoked, or at least, seriously questioned.

Nine, da Queen. Talk about luck. She has no competition. Obama is starting to look like a runaway winner. She doesn’t even have to campaign. Congratulations to Manalapan, where da Queen will reign for another 3 years! Three years from now, you’ll look back and say, “I can remember da days when da Queen only raised da municipal taxes only 16 percent. She was pretty thrifty back then!”

DaTruth is, and this is directly from da daTruthSquad crystal ball – Da Queen will be handed a 2nd consecutive term as mayor, and Andy Boy will be handed da mayor’s gavel in her year 2.

Da campaign of da G&G Boys is nothing more than a sham campaign, because they'd actually have to campaign in order to have a campaign! By ducking da debate they show fear of da Queen. Maybe try da "town hall approach?" Unless you have Sarah Palin wowing da crowds for you, like McCain found out, that won't work for you either. Whoever is running your campaign is leading you down da road to a big loss - and that needs to be seriously questioned.

So, daTruthSquad is going to give from free simple advice to da G&G Boys:

1. Since you're actually candidates on an official ballot, try campaigning. Other politicians have found that it might actually get you some name recognition.

2. Stop hiding behind your campaign manager and not only accept da debate - demand it. Bring evidence of what da Queen has done to this town as your props. If you can't find da evidence, contact actual GOP'ers like da guys who ran against you in da primary and seek out their advice. They both have lived in town long enough to kno what is really happening in Manalapan.

3. Get campaign literature that shows da point of what da Queen and her court are spending on - and let Manalapan residents know. Promise lower taxes. It once worked for Andy Boy and Joltin Joe.

Thanks to da current G&G Boys campaign strategy, “Power to da People” is alive & well in Manalapan! Da only problem, da “people” are da Queen & Andy Boy, or should he be called, da boy King?

And that’s daTruth.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Disgraced King James Needs to Abdicate His School Throne

Every day it seems he's becoming da Barry Bonds of school superintendents - well known, but someone nobody wants to invite or be seen or associated with.

Every day it seems King James, da Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler of da Freehold Regional School District finds another way to disgrace his position, his district, and humiliate both da taxpayers and da kids he is allegedly supposed to be setting an example for.

Da latest comes from his demand to take a taxpayer-funded, over $2,000 trip to San Diego to make a presentation at a conference. King James said he's "entitled" & deserved to go on this trip and insisted da taxpayers pick up his expenses. Da only problem - da conference organizers don't want him anywhere in da same time zone as that conference!

Da Asbury Park Press says Wasser's invitation was revoked - da reason - his reputation obviously proceeded him!

"Wasser "would hamper the credibility of the presenters involved," a letter dated Tuesday to Wasser from the NSBA stated. The letter referred to the situation and the publicity that surround Wasser's credentials. The letter, written by NSBA Conference Programming Manager Bethany Kashawlic, said the "difficult" decision was, in part, a product of talks with the New Jersey School Boards Association. "(The NJSBA) leadership agrees that placing you on our educational program would not be of service to the local school board or to the Association at this time," Kashawlic wrote to Wasser."

Note the statement - King James "would hamper da credibility of da presenters involved!" It's not like they said, "We ran out of hotel space," or "there's not enough food for everyone." Kashawalic didn't mince even one word -- "hamper da credibility!" She's saying King James is a credibility issue!

What does that say about da person in charge of leading da kids? What kind of role model does he become?

Unfortunately, da story doesn't end here.

Da very dim bulbs on da school board, in "lick his boots" fashion, have already spent YOUR MONEY - passing a resolution to pay for King James' Excellent Adventure - even though he's barred from speaking there! Will King James do da right thing and not go, even though da convention already made him "persona non-grata?"

Don't count on it.

He already said, according to da newspaper, "I am entitled to attend two national conferences a year," Wasser answered.

Aren't da taxpayers "entitled" to have a superintendent who isn't da product of a diploma mill banned from 2 states and 1 African nation?

Aren't da kids "entitled" to have a school leader they can look up to and respect as a role model?

And, aren't da teachers and people who go to meetings allowed not to be intimidated

A recent letter to da editor appeared in da local Snoozepaper, sent by a teacher who has been put through da wringer by da power-hungry. She defied an alleged direct threat to be transferred because she dare say what she believed - and paid da price.

"A few years ago, while still at Freehold Township High School, the decision was made to do away with the physical education supervisors. That group asked its members to attend the board meeting, not to speak, but to show support by their presence. Hours before the meeting, word leaked out that any supervisor attending that meeting would be transferred.

"That threat, whether real or imagined, worked because the only supervisors present that evening were the six phys ed supervisors losing their jobs, the president, vice president, secretary and the treasurer of the supervisory group, and me. Within a month, my transfer was put on the table with the other two officers who were math supervisors.

Read her letter closely, and especially how she claims she was treated during a bereavement leave. It goes directly to how King James rules his school Kingdom.

And, kudos to State Senator Jennifer Beck for pushing da "diploma mill" bill that will make sure no other school district is "Wassered" like da taxpayers in Monmouth County are being taken advantage of.

DaTruth is, King James has gone from a bully to an embarrassment, and like this blog - and many others - have called for, it is time for him - for da good of da taxpayers and especially da kids - to step aside.

Ex-Dr. Mr. King James should not be allowed to go to San Diego at taxpayer expense, to a convention that revoked his invitation to present. He should do right by da taxpayers for that.

Da Asbury Park Press said clearly in an editorial that this board "displayed contempt for taxpayers," and reminded us all that King James "works for da public."

"Add to that some remarks made by board members and Wasser that displayed a contempt for taxpayers. "I'm not here to respond to your questions," board member Christopher Placitella told a resident who chastised the board for approving a list of bills without knowing the details of the items, including a bill for more than $1 million. "I do not work for you," Wasser told a resident who complained about his upcoming trip to San Diego, partially district-funded. But Wasser does work for the public."

You see, da Asbury Park Press has it right. It appears King James has forgotten that he works for da public - and not as da king on his school book throne.

It's time to demand - in a strong voice - that unless King James abdicates his throne, that da state be asked to come in and take over da district - place someone else in charge - and remove him from power. This should be done for da taxpayers who are fed up with his tactics and bullying and intimidation, and most important, for da kids who need a positive role model, and unfortunately, only have King James to show for it.

And, instead of firing King James so he can go home with a heap of severence, pay him but change his job title. Make him a school garbage collector. Apparently he knows how to make a mess of something. Now he needs to learn how to clean it up. At least that would be an effective use of taxpayer money.

And that's daTruth.