Monday, September 29, 2008

Assault & Intimidation - Must Just be Another Typical "King James" Wasser Meeting

The following is a mock dramatization of a recent Freehold Regional School District meeting:

Heading into da parking lot, you pass a sign that says "No Intimidation Zone" on it. After parking your car, a "School Meeting Security Guard," a large man dressed in black wearing Jackboots writes down your license plate number. You walk to the building where the school meeting will be held, followed by 2 "School Meeting Security Guards" writing down your description. You reach the door, where a "School Meeting Security Guard" orders you to place your hands on the wall as you're patted down. You then proceed through a metal detector, and into a room where a smiling "School Meeting Security Guard" performs a body-cavity search.

Once that painful experience is over, another "School Meeting Security Guard" takes an oral DNA swab. On your way to sign in to speak to the honored board members, led by Dr/Mr/High Exalted King James Wasser, you pass by a large sign that reads, "Intimidation Of Any Kind Is Unacceptable At This Meeting!" You are then shown by "School Meeting Security Guards" a collection of "Missing Persons" pictures, cemeteries, and pictures of rotting corpses. As you sign in, another "School Meeting Security Guard" whacks a Singapore cane on a large padded dummy positioned on the other side of the table. On da table are thumbscrews, a noose, a pair of pliers and a blowtorch. You are then led by another "School Meeting Security Guard" dressed up like Satan who takes you to your assigned seat, which is stained with a red substance that looks like blood, who says to you, "Please allow us to notify your next of kin if you plan on speaking here tonight"

Sounds intimidating, does it not?

Now, to be sure, this is not how a typical Freehold Regional High School district meeting is held. However, there are some who are not happy with da way they're treated at these meetings - and with good reason!

Recently, da Asbury Park Press reported that a person at one of these meetings was taken away by ambulance after he claimed he was assaulted by a "School Meeting Security Guard."

Even better than this, a Manalapan resident asked a question of the so-called administrators. He was reportedly told - and get this - "I'M NOT HERE TO RESPOND TO YOUR QUESTIONS!"

Now, here's some daTruthSquad questions for you to ponder:

1. Who is paying for the phalanx of these ""School Meeting Security Guards" who oversee the proceedings where you're apparently allowed to ask questions - if you dare - but then told "I'm not here to respond to your questions?"

2. Why isn't the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Offfice investigating the alleged assault by a "School Meeting Security Guard" of a man there to watch the proceedings?

3. Should the ACLU be contacted regarding what one Manalapan teacher said was the "Administrators' intimidation tactics are keeping people from speaking their minds?"

4. Is it time the state steps in and takes over the Freehold Regional High School District?

5. What could potential lawsuits cost taxpayers?

Now, here are daTruthSquad's answers........

1. If these "School Meeting Security Guards" are paid for with taxpayer dollars, that must stop at once. There is no reason anyone should fear or face intimidation by one of these folks, and that practice must end. It's easier and less likely to receive retribution making fun of McCain, Palin, or Obama than asking questions of da Freehold Regional School Board!

2. If this person was assaulted, and an investigation proves it, that particular "School Meeting Security Guard" should face criminal charges, and whoever hired him should be asked to resign. Something like this should never happen, and the simple fact that any person was taken away on a stretcher after da lights in da room are purposely turned off is proof enough that da situation is out of control.

3. If this teacher's claim is verified, she should immediately be given her job back with compensation, and whoever orchestrated her plight should be fired with just cause.

4. Absolutely - YES. The district has shown, led by the incredibly poor example of Dr/Mr/High Exalted King James Wasser's claim that "BSU" (da unaccredited fly-by-night Breyer State University) is how someone should get a degree, that they cannot both police themselves and put da children before their own egos. Da state has taken over less complicated school districts for even less cause. Wasser and his henchpeople have shown they cannot be trusted to run a treehouse, much less a school system.

5. This is New Jersey, where anyone can sue anyone for anything even without factual evidence (more on that coming soon). And yes, we da taxpayers will be on da hook!

DaTruth is, a person allegedly assaulted at a meeting for simply videotaping it, da entire situation with Breyer State and bogus degrees, da arrogance dripping from da top on down, da intimidation at meetings and apparently against at least one teacher - these individually would be reason enough to allow for concern. All of these together indicates a pattern - and that is doing both a disservice to da kids they are supposed to have da best interest of, and da taxpayers they are supposed to serve.

DaTruthSquad calls on da ENTIRE Freehold Regional High School District school board to RESIGN! This should be done for da best of both da kids and da taxpayers.

And, Christopher Placitella , da super-genius who said to da taxpayer asking a question, ""I'M NOT HERE TO RESPOND TO YOUR QUESTIONS" should in this blogger's opinion be removed from his position without haste!

Da Asbury Park Press hit da nail on da head with their latest editorial, "Failing Grade for Board."

King James Wasser's statement to another parent, "I do not work for you," (by da way, didn't we hear that at a Manalapan Township meeting?)shows how completely out-of-touch he is and that statement alone demands his removal.

This video, courtesy of Google, says it all - and is MUST-SEE TV!

DaTruthSquad also calls on everyone reading this blog to call da offices of State Senator Jennifer Beck and an actual working Assemblyman, Declan O'Scanlan to formally launch an investigation into how da Freehold Regional High School District school board runs their operation, da alleged assault, and demand da alleged "Dr." resign. Tell them daTruthSquad sent you!

It's time to fix this problem before someone else gets assaulted, intimidated, is da subject of ridicule, a body-cavity search, or worse.

And that's daTruth!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Schoor," It's Only a "Gratuity"

If you ever wondered why some people get away with that they do, look no further than a report in da Asbury Park Press who will spend some time in da Stockade Hilton, for, of all things --- giving someone a "gratuity."

No, da founder of da big firm Schoor DePalma isn't going to jail for tipping his waiter.

Webster's Dictionery defines "gratuity" as "something given voluntarily or beyond obligation usually for some service ; especially : tip.

Instead, according to da Asbury Park Press, "Howard M. Schoor, the founder of one of the state's largest civil engineering firms, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court this morning to mail fraud as part of a scheme to induce Ocean Township officials to do business with the firm he founded."

"Prosecutors originally said Schoor passed more than $15,000 to the pair between 1998 and 2001 to secure contracts on a multimillion-dollar sewer improvement project that could have been worth as much as $850,000 to the firm."

Da good news is da soon-to-be INMATE did admit as a part of a plea deal that he is GUILTY. Da point is, how he pleaded guilty.

"But the plea agreement calls Schoor's actions a "gratuity" and not a bribe. The distiction is that a bribe is money given to induce a public official to perform a specific act, while a gratuity is money given to an official without a specific quid pro quo, attorneys said. Still, it is an illegal act, attorneys on both sides of the case said."

"Howard Schoor accepts responsibility for his payment of a gratuity based on the solicitation by Messrs. Kessler and Weldon," said Schoor's attorney, Justin Walder. "The government and Mr. Schoor agree that all services were performed by Schoor DePalma in a professional and proper manner."

Webster's by da way, defines a "bribe" as "1 : money or favor given or promised in order to influence the judgment or conduct of a person in a position of trust
2 : something that serves to induce or influence"

You be da judge.

Of course, this begs very interesting questions:

1. Da next time you go to da Manalapan Diner, how much should you "bribe" your waitress in lieu of a tip?

2. At Old Silver Tavern, should da waitress be insulted if you leave her a "gratuity" or should you instead try to briber her for better service?

3. At a place like McDonalds, since you don't tip your server, should you instead offer a "bribe" for more lettuce or special sauce?

4. Recently one of da TruthTellers stayed in a fancy hotel, and left a "gratuity" for da person who cleaned da room, and da cleaning woman da next day left 2 mints on his pillow. Should he tell his wife? Did he "bribe" da housekeeper?

5. Imagine what this legal maneuver will do to da prostitution industry. A "John" gets busted for sex with a prostitute, but he's let go because he did not pay her directly for "services rendered." Instead, he simply left her a "gratuity

DaTruth is, if Mr. Schoor pleaded guilty then he deserves to go to jail. However, calling what he did a mere "gratuity" is not justice. It's bending da words of da law to satisfy one individual. What he did was not "tipping."

It will be very interesting, after Mr. Schoor changes his address to da Stockade Hilton, what will happen to those who are also involved in this criminal proceeding.

And - since Mr. Schoor will surely be going to jail, here's some helpful hints from another INMATE he may know:

1. Get da lower bunk. An INMATE named John Lynch hurt his knee using da upper bunk, and we don't want that to happen to you.

2. When ordered by da guards to shovel snow, be careful. You could get a hernia, and at least in Pennsylvania they don't want to burden da taxpayers with that kind of surgery.

3. Pay off your debts, including da mortgage on any $5 million dollar homes you may own. Poor INMATE Lynch may lose his mansion since he's paying his debt to society, and we want to make sure you learn from his mistakes.

And that's daTruth.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Politics Could Force a MegaMegaMall on Manalapan With No Tax Benefits

Manalapan could soon be surrounded by "Villages," and not one of them may even be in Manalapan!

For the last several years Manalapan has been embroiled in “Village-Gate,” a kind of “do you want the tax ratables or do you want homeowners to keep paying for everything in Manalapan.” There’s da side that says they don’t need shopping there. There’s another side that says they don’t want to travel to Freehold or Marlboro to shop and spend their tax dollars in another town.

Now, da debate may be moot.

According to da Asbury Park Press, which has been very much on top of this issue, da planning boards in both towns will be taking on da issue of which town will get their shopping center.

Da folks putting together da “Village” have offered up a redesigned just-under 500,000 square foot “strip of stores fronting Route 33 at Millhurst Road with larger retailers to the rear.” At one point, Manalapan was offered a larger plan which included a “Village-style” atmosphere, complete with parks and recreation fields, a bandshell, 300 loft-style condos which could have helped COAH obligations, and a movie theater. That concept was shot down by a few politicians who do not want anything built on da site, despite plans which come in within legal specifications and is now being delayed by a “traffic study”, despite da fact da Manalapan Planning Board approved da preliminary plans in 2006.

Also on Route 33’s westbound side, and just a stone’s throw from da Manalapan border in Monroe could sit what has been called da MegaMegaMall, a more-than 500,000 square foot scaled down version of what a developer named Jack Morris wanted to originally build, but pressure there also scaled back the idea. His original Mega-Plan on a 400-acre piece of land would have made da Village seem as big as a “WaWa.”

Wouldn't it be ironic if Monroe's MegaMegaMall gets direct access to Route 33 and da smaller Manalapan project doesn't?

Marlboro has also toyed with a potential "Village" of their own, and one potential site for a proposed Marlboro "Village" could be very close to da Manalapan border!

Now, before we go further, there’s some things you need to know to make an informative decision that you might not read in some other local weeklies.

Issue #1: Who is Jack Morris? Smiling Jack is a very nice guy. He’s also da former business associate of INMATE John Lynch, described as an "Ex-Kingpin" by da Star ledger who is serving time in a Federal Prison for breaking da law, although he feels his creaky knee, balky back, and da fact he may lose his $5 million Mega-mansion to foreclosure should be deemed a “get-out-of-jail-early” card.

Issue #2: Da head of da Pucci Posse. He’s da guy who was a “consultant” to Lynch to da tune of over $160,000!

Issue #3: Manalapan Democrats & Lynch. In 2003, according to da Asbury Park Press, “New Jersey campaign reports show the property owner, Providence Corp.(Manalapan’s other controversial land issue), made a $1,000 donation to New Directions in July 2003. New Directions gave a $1,000 campaign contribution to former Democratic Committeeman and Mayor Drew Shapiro's campaign in November the same year.”

Nothing is ever easy.

DaTruth is, one way or da other, Route 33 is going to become much more traveled, as will all Manalapan roads heading to Route 33. Da question you need to ask yourself is:

1. Where do you want that traffic to be going?

2. Do you want Route 33 West leaving Manalapan to resemble Route 9?

3. Would you rather Route 33 leaving Freehold to be worse?

4. Would you rather have tax money and business revenue stay in Manalapan to ease taxpayer burden

If you answered “Yes” to questions 1 & 2, then you’re a Manalapan resident who supports business in Monroe and have no problem with traffic jamming up country roads to leave town and take its tax money with them.

If you answered “Yes” to questions 3 & 4, then you’re a Manalapan resident who supports business in Manalapan and have a serious problem with traffic jamming up country roads to leave town and take its tax money with them.

DaTruth is, da southern part of Manalapan, with 3,000 homes & probably 5,000 cars and SUV's coming in needs a place to shop. Those cars will need to either head down Millhurst Road to da Village, or down every road to Route 33 anyway heading to shop in Monroe or Freehold and take the tax dollars with them.

Da question, if you’re a Manalapan resident, is what town do you want your tax dollars to help, how far do you want to travel to shop, and do you want ratables to help offset Manalapan’s last 2 tax hikes, which equaled 42% over da last 2 years with da Queen Mayor & alleged Manalapan and/or Freehold resident Andy Boy at da help of da ship?

At this point, it really doesn’t matter if you are for or against da Village in Manalapan. One way or da other something big will be built on Route 33. It will either be in Manalapan, Monroe, Marlboro, or possibly all three. Da problem is, where do YOU want to spend your money, and do you want tax dollars to stay in Manalapan so “Manalapan” doesn’t turn into “Tax-alapan?”

With the November election coming, and da Queen Mayor staunchly opposed to da Village in Manalapan and has never spoke out against building in Monroe on Route 33, your vote may decide Manalapan’s fate.

And that’s daTruth.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Parents: Don't Let Your Kids "Wasser" Away Their Education!

If you didn't see a Channel 5 reporter get "Wassered" you may want to click here and see how your tax dollars are being spent on a man who used taxpayer dollars to get a "Doctorate" and get raises from it.

If you didn't read da Voice of Reason blog and watch the YouTube video of Mr. Dr. Mr. Senor Wasser blaming everyone for this situation -- but himself -- and be smug about it -- then check this out!

After discussing this with a number of TruthTellers, it has become clear a stern & serious warning must be issued to da children. While every parent wants their child to get da very best education, NO PARENT SHOULD ALLOW THEIR CHILD TO "WASSER" THEIR CHILD'S EDUCATION AWAY!

And check outside to see if it's raining elephants, because even da local Snoozepaper got it right!

Here are da telltale signs your child is "Wassering" their education away, or you may be inadvertantly be allowing your child to "Wasser" their education into da toilet. If you answer "C" to any question, you may be pulling what is now being referred to as a "Wasser!"

Question #1: You child proudly proclaims their 1st choice for college.
A: Princeton University
B: Harvard University
C: Bogus State University

Question #2: You discuss with your child what school location they could travel to.
A: Rutgers University in New Brunswick
B: NYU in Manhattan

C: Dufus State University at a post office box in Liberia

Question #3: You child tells you about their college thesis paper.
A: 100 pages on "Education Theories for the 21st Century"
B: 100 pages on "Platonian Philosophies and how they relate to today"

C: "Which is better - Heineken or Bud Light in 50 words or less"

Question #4: You child's future college campus is.
A: 1000 acres in Storrs, Connecticut
B: On the banks of the Charles River in Boston

C: A Post Office Box in Tinytown, Idado

Question #5: Your child's university is.
A: An Ivy league School
B: The state University of one of da USA's 50 states

C: Recently kicked out of a Third World Nation.

Question #6: Da cost of your child's education is:
A: $40,000 per year
B: $7,000 per semester with your child living at home

C: A monthly Internet access charge

Question #7: Your child's favorite instructor is.
A: The head of the Business Department
B: The head of the Theater Department

C: Professor Jack Daniels & his collegue, Miller "Bud" Light

Question #8: Your child in 11th grade says to you.
A: I think I have the grades to get into an Ivy league school
B: I need to take an SAT prep course to boost my chances to go to Georgetown

C: Why am I wasting my time in High School? I can do da "Wasser," pay $2000 and get a diploma mill degree from Bogus State in 2 weeks - and I can do it while still in high school!

Question #9: Someone asks you where your child's college is. You reply:
A: Chapel Hill, North Carolina
B: Washington, DC

C: Liberia, oh wait, Alabama, no - now in Idaho, for the time being

Question #10: The esteemed list of graduates of your child's university includes.
A: Franklin Delano Roosevelt & Margaret Thatcher
B: A list of 10 winners of the Nobel Prize

C: James Wasser

DaTruth is, if you picked "C", then you are pulling what has now become famous as being a "Wasser."

DaTruth is, what makes this even worse is this person who made being a "Wasser" famous is not someone selling fast food after midnight on Route 9, or a convicted felon sent to jail for fraud. This person, now famous on YouTube and Channel 5 news is the top person making over 6-figures as the head of a school system! He blamed everybody for this situation but himself according to the videos, and was even so bold to vow he will be resigned to another 5 year contract in 2011! It was only after newspaper, radio, and TV media reports spurred by a number of bloggers that he finally decided to agree with the state and give up his bogus "Doctor" title.

Thanks to "Diploma Mill-gate," Freehold's school system and those town who use it have become da laughing stock of da nation. It wouldn't surprise anyone if Obama or McCain use it as political fodder at this point. You know Letterman and Leno certainly will.

DaTruthSquad is calling on Mr. Wasser and his #2 to do da right thing and resign, not because it's da right thing to do, but for da good of da children you are allegedly supposed to be setting an example for. Da example you are setting now is a horrible one - getting taxpayers to pay for a dimploma-mill paper saying you're a "Doctor", and making taxpayers foot da bill for that and all raises.

So parents, for da good of your children, don't allow your kids to "Wasser" their all-important education away.

And that's daTruth.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Balky Knee & He May Lose His $5 Million Mansion! Reason Enough To Free John Lynch!

"If you can't do da time....."

It's an old saying, and it couldn't be closer to daTruth when it comes to a certain head of da Lynch mob, former State Senator and Democratic power broker John Lynch. He's currently holding da title of "INMATE" at da Stockade Hilton for his crimes after he pleaded guilty to taking thousands of $$$$$$ in kickbacks. Now his lawyer is saying prison time has been too harsh on da INMATE.

According to a Star Ledger story, a Federal judge has been asked to release Lynch because prison life has been too tough on him.

And before you go there, no, he's not in SuperMax, or Attica, or Rahway. And no, he's not in Cellblock "C" with murderers & rapists & guys who steal Cable TV. He's actually at a minimum-security prison "camp" east of Pittsburgh.

Now to be fair, he has had his share of health issues while in his "camp." According to the Star Ledger, Lynch "was assigned to a top bunk, then tore a ligament in his knee getting out of bed. Last winter, he suffered an abdominal hernia while shoveling snow on the prison grounds, but was told by officials he's not eligible for surgery to repair the injury."

Now before you start feeling too much pity, the Star Ledger also says his family is having money issues, much like da average state resident these days. "And while he's been locked up, Lynch's family has auctioned assets to stave off foreclosure because they can't sell a $5 million new home he began building in Lawrence Township before he pleaded guilty to tax and fraud charges."

Guess everybody in prison has $5 million houses these days after they leave jail???

Lynch's attorney is painting a gloom-and-doom portrait of a man who was once "The" political power broker in da state.

"But Arseneault's letter was striking because it painted a pathetic portrait of a man once widely feared and respected as one of the most influential figures in New Jersey politics. The attorney wrote that Lynch's financial situation had "severely deteriorated," in part because of his imprisonment. He also cited a host of ailments, including the knee and hernia injuries, and said precancerous cells on Lynch's face, scalp and neck put him at risk for melanoma."

Of course, what if every attorney for every INMATE sent a letter like this to a judge. There wouldn't be any inmates left in prison!

Now, daTruthSquad does feel bad for da INMATE Lynch's physical condition. However, nobody ever said prison was a country club, despite where Lynch is serving his time. And, da last time daTruthSquad checked his pocket copy of da Ten Commandments, "Thou Shalt Not Steal" was #8 on da Top-10 list.

DaTruth is, giving in to this INMATE sets a horrible precedent. Da guy with da creaky knee from climbing out of bed and hernia from shoveling snow and can' pay for his $5 MILLION DOLLAR MANSION deserves to be cut a break? What about da poor inmate raped or stabbed in state prison? What about da guy cut up while making license plates in metal shop? Don't they deserve to be cut loose too?

Letting Lynch free because he may lose his $5 million dollar mansion is an affront to da very reason he was sent to jail in da first place! Lynch broke da law by his own admission. Lynch broke da public trust. If he is cut a break because of his balky knee and back and da potential loss of his $5 million dollar mansion, then I think every jailbird in every prison should start sending letters to lawyers about their hard lives and why they need to be cut a break.

If John Lynch wants to da right thing, let him serve his entire sentence where he is. He did da crime, so he should do da time - even if they foreclose his $5 million dollar mansion!

And that's daTruth.