Friday, May 30, 2008

Da "Axis-of-Taxes" Presents: Bigger Budget - More Taxes - More Taxpayer Burden

As daTruthSquad listened intently to how Manalapan's peasants will be gouged for more money to pay for da luxury of having da Queen as their mayor, it became clear that we, da peasants, will be paying more on top of last year's 28% tax increase. Even daTruthSquad couldn't believe da ears, until we all read what was a shocking expose in of all places - da local Snoozepaper!

Da best possible analogy of da budget da Queen Mayor introduced is: You just lost your job, your wife just went on disability, you have a child who's going to college, you just wrecked your car so insurance rates will be going up, and da stocks you invested in are having a bad year. So in spite of all of this, let's put a pool in da backyard and take that dream trip to Thailand.

Da good news here is Back Page Barratta did not report on this story for da Snoozepaper. Da better news is, thanks to da intrepid non-biased reporting of Mark Rosman, here are da important points you need to know about da people voted in charge of spending YOUR MONEY!

Manalapan’s 2006 municipal budget: $28.8 million supported through the collection of $11.9 million in local property taxes.

Manalapan’s 2007 municipal budget: $29.7 million supported through the collection of $15.2 million in local property taxes.

Remember, da 2007 budget crafted GOP'er Andy Boy-led 28% tax increase was da reason Manalapan received a 28% tax increase - da biggest single tax increase in town history!

And now, Manalapan’s 2008 municipal budget: $31.6 million supported through the collection of $17.98 million in local property taxes

These are da facts, and they're not in dispute.

Now here's daQuestions:

1. You have Mayor Roth in an Asbury Park Press story blaming the tax increase on Governor Toll Troll because he sliced less-than-one percent out of Manalapan's budget. However, daTruth is Manalapan's budget increased by nearly $2 million from 2007 to 2008, and what Manalapan lost in state aid was just over $376,000. Da loss of state aid is less than 19% of da total budget increase - why is da budget going up another 81%?

2. As Rosman precisely wrote, "In 2008, the municipal tax rate is projected to rise from 25 cents per $100 of assessed valuation to 28.4 cents per $100 of assessed valuation. That means the owner of a home assessed at $431,133 will pay $1,225 in municipal taxes in 2008, an increase of $147 from the $1,077 paid in 2007." Why such a huge increase on top of last year's 28% tax increase? Where did last year's tax increase go?

3. If you do da math, you will see without dispute that da burden on Manalapan's taxpayers has increased each year since 2006. In 2006, 41% of da budget was on da shoulders of da taxpayers. In 2007, just over 50% of da budget was shouldered by da taxpayers. Now in 2008, 57% is da tab taxpayers must pick up to fund da Manalapan budget. Why? Where are da real cuts?

4. If you're going to fund lawsuits against da Mosked Man, spending at least $130,000 and probably well more to recoup just $10,500, and $4.5 million on a field that could potentially have health risks plus maintenance fees every year, then maybe da townspeasants should have had da right to vote on it rather than have 3 people make it their political mandate?

5. How long can Manalapan depend on a pizzaria, a diner, a dry cleaner, Value City, and Wegman's to support it's tax base? According to Monmouth County records, Manalapan has one of da worst rations of business ratables to taxpayers in all of Monmouth County! Recently, a news report said Woodbridge receives about $3 million in tax ratables from a business park da size of da proposed Village in Manalapan! FYI - Da Woodbridge budget is about da same as Manalapan's.

Now, here's daTruth:

1. You can blame Governor Toll Troll for a lot of things, and he'd be deserving. But, to blame him and his Trenton minions for Manalapan's tax increase is like blaming da Mosked Man for da Lindbergh baby kidnapping and World War 1. Sure, there are some who can blame him for everything too, but it wasn't Corzine who told Manalapan to spend more than it brings in, and da Mosked man wasn't alive for da Lindbergh baby kidnapping and World War 1.

2. No dispute - there was a 28% tax increase in 2007 and one of its architects was then-Mayor Andy Boy. Why raise taxes so much, only to have anothertax increase on top of it for 2008. Could mismanagement be one possible answer? Spending millions on a new ballfield and hundreds of thousands of dollars on what many have called a political vendetta lawsuit is not money well spent if taxes going up is da result.

3. In 2006, 41% of da budget is paid by Manalapan taxpayers. In 2007, it increases to 50%. In 2008, it's 57%. It shows without dispute in only da last 3 years - da Manalapan taxpayer has shouldered an additional 50% of da burden! Where has da Township Committee been in trying to find new sources of revenue? Why has there been delay, delay, delay in a Village project that 6 politicians don't want but da peasants are demanding? Unless new ratables are brought in soon, expect to pay even higher local taxes with increases each year.

4. One can be given da impression Township officials have no clue how to balance a checkbook. You say there's less money, so you spend millions on a football field? What Manalapan seems to be doing in effect is taking their $10 in their checkbook and spending $18. They can do that, because when da bank calls and ays you're overdrawn, they simply get da money from YOU!

5. One word - RATABLES! Manalapan has none. You need to go shopping, you go to Freehold. You need groceries, you go to Marlboro. Route 9 is a traffic nightmare because people are traveling through Manalapan to the towns that have what they need. Manalapan's tranquil country roads are jammed with traffic heading to other towns so Manalapan residents can do their shopping. Da way Manalapan's town leaders seem to want it, if you need a slice of pizza, you can get it in town. If you need anything else, get in your car, burn gas and time, and go to Marlboro or Freehold to spend your tax dollars and help keep their property taxes down.

DaTruth is, it's actually shocking that a prosecutor hasn't looked into how Manalapan's government is run. You have a lawsuit in which one sitting committeeman is a DEFENDANT and he continues to vote for da lawsuit to continue on your tax dollars. You have a mayor who blames someone else for her husband saying "Because I Hate Italians" and doesn't blame him, blames Corzine for Manalapan's tax increase, except it amounts to 1% of da budget and she won't tell you that. Outside of Mr. Gennaro and Mrs. Cohen, there is no voice for da people, and unfortunately, that does not create a majority.

Speaking of which, Deputy Mayor Susan Cohen did something at da last meeting every Manalapan resident should be proud of -- she asked of her fellow committeepeople to give up their free health benefits that cost da town about $100,000 or more every year. Where did da resistance come from to quash her idea to save Manalapan's peasants money? Mayor Roth, who owns her own business; Cash Klauber, a partner in a law firm; and Andy Boy, who owns his own business and huge Manalapan farm!

Special interests are keeping da Village from being built. Shared services aren't happening fast enough as promised by candidates who won election. Morristown & Bayonne have major solar power initiatives in place - promised & delivered. Manalapan politicians like Cash Klauber & da Queen Mayor made promises - but obviously not kept. And Manalapan residents pay da price.

And, unless things change, you can clearly expect to pay higher taxes not just this year, but for years to come as those who control da town will remain in power for another 3 years at least. Da Queen mayor was against da tax decrease in 2005, and voted against da one in 2006. Andy Boy helped craft da cuts in 2005 & 2006, then helped craft da largest tax increase in town history. Cash Klauber, while on da committee has never voted to lower taxes. Just imagine how much higher your taxes will skyrocket with this "axis of taxes" in place.

And that's daTruth.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

"Roth"ed Again - Manalapan Police Phones Turned off - "For Lack of Payment!"

You can't make this stuff up.

Only in Manalapan can this happen - da Manalapan Police Department lost their phone service for almost 4 hours when it was turned off by Verizon -- for lack of payment, according to da Asbury Park Press!

The Asbury Park Press says "Police Chief Stuart Brown said he filed a complaint with the state Board of Public Utilities regarding the May 14 shut-off, which Verizon customer service representatives initially told a shift supervisor was due to nonpayment."

Of course da newspaper tried to call Manalapan's administrative department, which handles such things as paying bills, but nobody was available.

This begs some very serious questions:

1. With da phones to Manalapan's vital link - da police department - turned off, were Manalapan's residents lives put at risk?

2. Exactly who - give daTruthSquad a name here that da town residents pay for using their taxpayer money - is responsible for this?

3. Why were ANY bills to a public utility in arrears so much that they turned off da service?

4. Where was da Queen Mayor when da police department phones were cut off?

5. Will anybody lose their jobs over this?

DaTruth is, unless Bozo da Clown or a 1st grader were in charge of running Manalapan, this could not and should not happen!

Of course, this question will be asked at da May 28th budget meeting, when Manalapan residents -- as daTruthSquad told you weeks ago would happen - will hear first-hand that your taxes are going up again -- this after last year's mammoth 28% tax hike engineered by Manalapan's Gang of Three (hear no evil, see no evil, and looking evil).

As for how this could happen, daTruthSquad has received "talking points" as to how da Manalapan Police Department phone service could have been shut off for non-payment.

Talking Point #1: "It was unfortunate, but apparently those phone bills wound up under massive files of "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" lawsuit, so in efect Stu Moskovitz is to blame."

Talking Point #2: "If we weren't so cash-strapped paying lawyers and spending well over $100,000 to recoup $10,000 from Stu Moskovitz, this would never have happened."

Talking Point #3: "Somebody inadvertantly put peanut butter on da phone bill, and da Queen Mayor ate it."

Talking Point #4: "Da Township Administrator has 2 bill piles - 'Lawsuit against Moskovitz' pile of bills that most be paid immediately, and 'all others' that can wait."

Talking Point #5: "How does anyone in their right mind think we can pay a bunch of lawyers suing Moskovitz and still have enough money to pay the Police phone bill too?"

Talking Point #6: "Da dog ate last year's 28% tax increase."

Talking Point #7: "Police phone bill - we no need to pay no stinking Police phone bill."

Talking Point #8: "Heck, we blame Moskovitz for everything else. Don't we have scientific studies from da Snoozepaper saying Moskovitz is to blame for Global Warming?"

DaTruth is, for something like this to happen, and as da Asbury Park Press said, "Verizon customer service representatives initially told a shift supervisor was due to nonpayment," shows nothing less than complete ineptness in Town Hall if in fact nonpayment is da true reason. Under normal work environments, a major mistake like this should warrant a person to be fired. Who in da Township Administrator's office is responsible? Who got paid for "not thinking" and let something like this happen? Where was da Queen Mayor? Isn't it her job to oversee da town and its bills? Are taxpayers paying "late fees" for taxpayer-paid town officials ignoring Police phone bills?

If Manalapan residents let this slip under da rug of ineptness without any response, then you as Manalapan residents deserve every penny of last year's 28% tax increase, da "forever" lawsuit against da Mosked Man, da Fields of Nightmares, and whatever tax increase da Queen will orchestrate this year to pay - or in this case - not pay town bills!

May 28 - Manalapan Town Hall - BE THERE IN PERSON - don't miss it! And that's daTruth

Friday, May 23, 2008

DaTruthSquad Embedded Sources Right Again - Manalapan Will Get ANOTHER Tax Increase!

As you may have already read in da Thursday Asbury Park Press, and of course not in da local Snoozepaper, Manalapan, as promised by daTruthSquad weeks ago will be raising taxes - AGAIN!

Manalapan's Queen of Budgets told da Asbury Park Press in a story titled "Manalapan Expected to Raise Tax Rate, "We got smacked with the state aid," said Roth, adding the township lost more than $376,000 in aid this year. "Our gasoline is up by 30 percent, our electric costs are up and we just got word from New Jersey Natural Gas that rates are going up by 7.5 percent for the average homeowners. We signed most of our contracts at a 3.5 percent increase. "There's got to be a give," Roth said, adding the township is fiscally healthy because of tough decisions made last year to eliminate positions and trim $1 million in spending. "We have to balance a budget."

You have to admit da Queen is a consummate politician. She knows how to write a statement, you have to give her that. However, da most interesting statements made by da Queen were da ones she didn't say.

Here's what that statement would look like if da Queen said what she obviously left out.......

"We just got smacked with da state aid. Those damn Trenton politicians cut exactly 1 percent of our entire municipal budget, so that cut, since Manalapan only has a supermarket, diner, and a pizzaria in town that can be considered a ratable will have to come from my peasants - I mean, da townspeople."

"Our gasoline is up 30%, electric costs are up, and all those promises made by Cash Klauber for solar power, well, you know they were political promises so he could get elected, it's not like you're actually supposed to keep those promoses, right? And we signed most of our contracts at a 3.5% increase rate, not the 7.5 we're going to have to pay, so for our complete mismanagement of da budget again for all da people those increases will have to absorbed by my peasants - I mean, da townspeople."

"There's got to be a give, how else can we afford to spend millions of dollars on a ballfield and sue Stu Moskovitz 'For All Da People?'"

"We raised taxes 28% last year, the biggest single increase of taxes in town history. We had no choice. We needed that money to fund the politically connected lawyers and engineers we're using in the "Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" lawsuit. We've spent well over $100,000 on that so far, but I know it's money well spent so we should be able to get back that $10,000 we spent for the leaky oil tank we knew about yet bought it anyway - and if not, we'll just keep making da taxpayers pay."

Of course, da Queen nor any other township committeeperson never made these quotes, but they do serve da truthful purpose.

Da Queen is claiming we got shafted by da state, but in fact just 1% of da entire 100% of da budget came from that lost state aid.

Da Queen claims, as she told da Press, "What we can control, we've tightened," and "We have to balance a budget."

By daTruthSquad estimates, taxpayers have so far been forced to shell out at least $130,000 on da now-infamous "Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" lawsuit, which started out as a land-deal-gone-bad lawsuit and morphed into a precedent-setting First Amendment law case -- all at taxpayer expense -- and there's no end in sight as da Gang of Three (hear no evil see no evil, and looking evil) control da votes to continue da lawsuit no matter what da cost to clean up a $10,000 mess.

Speaking of out of control, what about Manalapan's Field of Nightmares, costing da residents millions? Manalapan is bonding over $4 million dollars for this - plus hundreds of thousands of dollars in maintenance every year, so we can only believe that somehow da Queen "tightened" that too. Maybe she's "tightened" da legal expenses on da Mosked Man lawsuit too?

But here's da good news - with that field Manalapan can hold sporting tournaments! Maybe da out-of-towners who come to Manalapan can stay at our hotel? Shop and spend money at our shopping area? Enjoy Manalapan's entertainment?

But wait - Manalapan's "hotel" is located in Freehold. Oops, Manalapan's shopping area is also in Freehold, unless they go to Value City. Oh, and unless they want to take part in Manalapan's "entertainment," they'll be driving down Manalapan roads to the movie theater (Freehold or Marlboro), "Main Street" (Freehold Boro), fine shops (Old Bridge), or mall (Freehold).

However, anybody living in da Queen's kingdom must wonder how Manalapan could have squandered all da money generated by both da revaluation and da 28% tax insult (increase) Manalapanites suffered through last year? Maybe da Mosked Man lawsuit costs more than we all thought?

DaTruth is, Committeepersons Gennaro & Cohen hit da financial nail on da head. Manalapan has no real ratables. According to Monmouth County, Manalapan ranks in da top 5 towns at da BOTTOM of da list of least ratables in da county. More than 88% of Manalapan's budget does not come from ratables, whereas Freehold gets about 40% of its money from ratables! Manalapan residents eat & shop in Freehold and Marlboro and Old Bridge, and clog up Manalapan roads to get to the towns that have the items they need.

By da way, congratulations in order for Woodbridge, NJ which has allowed a company called ProLogis to develop just under 300 acres and put up 5 warehouses. It's estimated those 5 warehouses will bring in roughly $3 million per year in new taxes and ratables. That's Woodbridge's tax dollars at work. Woodbridge is already using da money coming in for town & school enhancements that homeowners won't have to pay for.

In effect, Woodbridge recently built a business "village" on a piece of land in relation to da size of da proposed "Village." Now Woodbridge receives approximately $3 million in tax revenue from that business "village." Oh, and if you're counting, da Woodbridge municipal budget is about da same cost as Manalapan's!

And, even funnier, their school system is putting in an artificial turf field this year too. Da difference is - they're paying for it in cash with their ratables and not bonding so da taxpayers DON'T have to pay for their town improvements!

That, of course brings us to da Village, or as da folks who helped da Queen get elected, da MegaMall. DaTruthSquad has learned that due to all da delays, da Village in fact will have to reinvent itself and could quite possibly revert away from the "Main Street concept" and could potentially become just another strip mall. Maybe that's what da folks who want da Monroe MegaMegaMall and their Manalapan political supporters wanted all along?

So what are da peasants of Manalapan to do? Go to da May 28 meeting at Manalapan Town Hall. Don't be surprised to see candidates Butch Budai & Steve Johnson there. Voice your concerns to da Manalapan Township Committee. Ask Cash Klauber where his solar systems are saving money for da peasants? Ask alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident and "DEFENDANT" Committeeman Andy Boy if he as a Republican supports another tax hike like the 28% he helped architect? Ask da Queen if she prefers Grey Poupon, and remind her that she has said on da record that da tax decreases of 2005 & 2006 were to blame for da 28% tax inferno of 2007, so does that mean Andy Boy is to blame since he voted for them and helped craft them?

DaTruth is, you may be hard pressed to get a straight answer, so seek out Butch & Johnson for daTruth - because they know daTruth.

And that's daTruth.

Monday, May 19, 2008

URGENT UPDATE: Connecticut To Investigate "Manalapan-Style" Field

Republican leader Steve Johnson has railed about the possibilities of serious health issues related to the "Manalapan-Style" field demanded by by da Queen Mayor and alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident "Defendant" Andy Boy. So has Committeeman Mr. Anthony Gennaro. Both were scolded by angry posters on a message board that they had in effect no clue as to what they were talking about, and by da Gang of Three on da Manalapan Township Committee, which took da implied "Nobody is dead yet from it so it must be OK" attitude.

Well, nobody may be dead yet, but unlike Manalapan's Gang of Three, others are taking da potential seriously.

DaTruthSquad has uncovered that da Connecticut State Attorney General and have agreed to study the potential environmental and health risks linked to artificial turf.

”What we don't know may hurt us - and our children,” Blumenthal said in a news release Friday.“This study will help answer profoundly significant questions that are urgent, because right now our children are using these fields and communities are deciding whether to spend millions of dollars on installing more of them.” The attorney general said he is concerned primarily by the results of a state study that found that rubber crumbles in the turf may contain toxic chemicals that could sicken people or contaminate groundwater. Last year, the Connecticut Agriculture Experiment Station completed a study determining that the recycled tire crumbs used to soften the synthetic turf fields can emit four volatile organic compounds which can release gases into the air when heated by the sun. The gases could cause short-or long-term health problems."

Note da key words here - "a state study that found that rubber crumbles in the turf may contain toxic chemicals that could sicken people or contaminate groundwater."

Da exact same type of fields Connecticut will investigate is da same type of field da Gang of Three are demanding for da Field of Nightmares!

Now Manalapan officials claim they did a proper investigation and found nothing wrong with da field. Maybe that's true. What is not known is how much Manalapan spent on their "investigation," if da person doing da investigation was competent, if a Oujia Board was used, or if they just held a Seionce to channel the energies of anyone who died from using the field and nobody answered.

What Manalapan knew, thanks to this blog & Mr. Gennaro, was that last year, da "Connecticut Agriculture Experiment Station completed a study determining that the recycled tire crumbs used to soften the synthetic turf fields can emit four volatile organic compounds which can release gases into the air when heated by the sun. The gases could cause short-or long-term health problems."

But again, See-No-Evil, Hear-No-Evil, and Looking Evil, known as da Manalapan Gang of Three wanted nothing to do with some study performed by experts in their field. Da Gang of Three also don't believe da Connecticut Attorney General, or a number of high-ranking Connecticut lawmakers. They also don't believe anything da nvironmental Protection Agency is saying out of Washington, DC, who announced it has begun exploring synthetic turf's potential toxicity. That move echoed earlier decisions by two state agencies to study the environmental and health impacts of the fields. The focus: whether components of the rubber such as lead, zinc and arsenic could cause harm if inhaled by players as vaporized gas or washed into groundwater.

Oh, and did daTruthSquad tell you that one of da prime reasons that alarm bells were set off in Connecticut was because New Jersey's Department of Health & Senior Services asked da Consumer Products safety Commission to look into da rubber pellet turf for safety issues?

Oh, and did daTruthSquad also mention California also has questions about synthetic turf fields too?

Oh, and in New York City too.

Oh, and did daTruthSquad tell you they're also studying this same thing in Montreal?

Remember, just because da local Snoozepaper doesn't print it, it doesn't mean it isn't really a "non-starter."

While it is still unknown if da rubber pellet fields in question are safe or unsafe, it's obvious there are too many more questions than answers, which is why both da Connecticut investigation and da EPA believes investigations are warranted. What is also unknown is why da Manalapan Township Committee is rushing at breakneck spped to install a field that is raising so many questions.

DaTruthSquad wonders if people like da Queen Mayor, alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident "Defendant" Andy Boy, and Cash Klauber would sign an agreement holding themselves and whoever it was they commissioned using tax dollars to study da effects of da rubber pellet fields be personally responsible for all medical health problems related to da field? They may be quick to sign da agreements to get their names on signs on da field, but would they put their reputations and vast wealth behind it?

DaTruthSquad believes we all know that answer.

DaTruth is, Manalapan's politically connected leaders were made aware of these problems, thanks to da independent investigation launched by Committeeman Gennaro that fell on deaf ears. They also heard from Steve Johnson, who directed his concerns to these same political leaders who, in effect, told him to get lost. Why were these two individuals ingored? Why weren't their concerns listened to? Why weren't they taken seriously?

It could very well be that da fields are OK and not a real health risk. But again, why not wait for da Federal studies into this issue? Why not make sure things are OK from da Federal level, before you place da entire town on da hook if we find out there are actually health issues here? If we do find health issues, will da Mosked man somehow be blamed?

DaTruth is, what da TruthTellers and da people of Manalapan need to do is show up at da May 28th Manalapan Township Committee meeting. That's da night they let da peasants know about da budget they've secretly been working on, and let us know what tax increase da Manalapanites will suffer with -- on top of last year's 28% tax increase! One reason you'll be paying more taxes - da Field of Nightmares. Another reason, da now-worldwide famous "Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" First Amendment & Land-Deal-Gone-Bad lawsuit that could very well have cost taxpayers over $150-200,000 dollars for da $10,000 cleanup of a home oil storage tank.

Again, you won't read about it in da local Snoozepaper. That's a shame, as is scraping one of those Snoozepapers off your wet driveway. Da Snoozepaper has to know all of this. Why won't they print a story on da potential health risks? Since Back Page Barratta for some reason isn't asking da hard questions - you will need to. Ask exactly how much money has been spent - down to da penny, on da "Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" lawsuit and demand evidence? Ask why Manalapan won't wait for da Federal studies on crumb rubber fields to be done before you spend millions of dollars on this "Field of Nightmares" and its upkeep? Ask why Manalapan WILL be getting another big tax increase -- on top of the 28% wallot-breaker Gang of Three led tax increase of 2007?

Go to the May 28 meeting and ask before they stick that vacuum nozzle in your wallot and siphon more money out of it for their lawsuits and pet projects. Ask to see da report Manalapan did on da Field of Nightmares health issues! Ask why Manalapan will be receiving ANOTHER tax hike - on top of last year's astronomical 28% wallot-breaker tax hike! Ask why da Queen keeps blaming "Defendant" Andy Boy for the budgets of 2005 & 2006 that she claims forced Manalapan to raise taxes 28% - and why he says nothing! Ask exactly how much Manalapan's Gang of Three has spent on "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man," for a mere $10,000 soil cleanup!

Don't be too surprised if they refuse to answer any of these questions. If they do - da silence will be their answers. And that's daTruth.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

BREAKING NEWS - PuPu Exits Stage Left!!!!!

As daTruthSquad has been saying all along - Commissar Adam "PuPu" Puharic for da good of da Republican Party in Monmouth County must walk da plank. Under his reign of terror Monmouth Republican foot soldiers walked away in droves, donations slowed to a trickle, and 2 of da 5 prized Freeloader seats went to Democrats - a first in over 2 decades!

Along with his other many un-accomplishments, PuPu blamed everyone but himself, for da Hatch Act (first reported here), for losing Freeloader seats, for his ultra-secretive "Vetting process," for failed choices of candidates, and for backing those who led da party astray.

Now news that he will indeed NOT run for reelection as County GOP Chairman!

Here are the excerpts of the letter posted on the GOP website & email statement, including thanking his "cast of characters," many of whom had a hand in destroying da Monmouth Republican party as we knew it:

Wednesday May 14, 2008

When I was elected Chairman of the Monmouth County Republican Committee in June of 2006, I inherited a civil war, a party morally-bankrupt and headed for near certain collapse. I haveoften described my first few days as walking into an old western movie, straight into the middle of a bar-room brawl.

I made two promises. The first was that I would fight with every fiber of my being to keep Monmouth County Republican. There was no burden I wouldn't personally bear. There was no obstacle I would not climb over, or bull through. Everyone who had an earnest desire to work for a Republican victory was a friend.Everyone who harbored a personal agenda not helpful to the teameffort - was not.

We have weathered a terrific storm in our time as Monmouth County Republicans. In the aftermath of Operation Bid Rig, we were forced to retain control of the Freeholder board, recapture every legislative seat, maintain all of our constitutional officers, and keep every party faction from tearing apart the whole. If that wasn't enough, longtime leaders such as Steve Corodemus and Ted Narozanick were not running. Marie Muhler was retiring as our Surrogate. Jen Beck and Declan needed a running mate who would help them secure the victory in the 12th. And Joe Oxley had given his party only three weeks to replace a popular incumbent Sheriff.

To make matters that much worse, we were handicapped at fundraising. Scandals and secret fund accounts forced me to raise campaign dollars with a level of transparency unmatched to this day by any other County political organization. And yet the Democrats continued to wheel $37,000 union checks in while I was grilled daily by the press over $300 contributions. We still managed to raise more each year.

In reviewing the above listed tasks, I hope I make every Bush-hater squirm - mission accomplished.

There was a second promise however. I promised my family that I would not let our personal finances fall below an agreed upon level. I have tried everything in my power to maintain a job that can coexist with the chairmanship. I have held out every hope that this could happen. I waited until this day trying to make the numbers work.

A promise is a promise. Therefore, I am today announcing that I am not able to seek a second term as your county chairman. I want to thank Dana my wife, who stood beside me every day of this two-year journey, and Chuck Casagrande of the Danskin Agency, who has given me a wonderful opportunity here at my new home.

And I want to express my extreme gratitude to the countless Republicans who have been my shield and my sword, my shelter and my rock. There are too many to mention in all, but I want to mention some, who have my friendship forever. Michael Borg (enforcr), Joe Kyrillos, Steve McEnery (Iron Girth), Kathleen Donohue (daughter of Iron Girth), Ron Gravino, Sean Kean, Andrew Lucas (alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident who also raised Manalapan taxes and obscene 28%), Caroline Casagrande (bloggers are "anonymous bomb-throwers" & daughter of his boss), Rob Clifton, Bill Barham (FOC - Friend of Carton), Claire French, Tom Gagliano, John Costigan, Dave Rible, Mary Pat Angelini, Kim Guadagno, Peter Carton, John Cantalupo, Steve Chance, Alan Hodgson, Rich Weiner, Jerry Deltufo, Dan Peters, Mike Skudera, Tom Apostle, Serena DiMaso, Noreen Kelly, John Bennett, Bill Dowd, Fred Neiman, Rick DeMichele, Rob Ortiz, Rich Zeoli, Phil Morin, Keith Davis, Bill Layton, Mark Duffy and John Raue. I did my best. You outdid me. Please forgive me for returning home on my shield.

And to the Monmouth County Republican Party, our best days are in front of us. We have weathered the storm. We will win this year. The county is safe. Never lose faith in the party we belong to. Don't allow cynics to sell out our values to an over-reaching press. Don't trade leadership for the whims of the mob. Thank you for letting me lead this party through some dark days.

I will always be proudest of three achievements in my life. I am blessed to be married to the greatest person in the world. I am thankful to be a father of four outstanding children. And I will forever cherish the time I had as the Monmouth County Republican Chairman. Thank you.

Monday, May 12, 2008

GOP Grumblings – Where's PuPu Planning to Nest?

MoreMonmouthMusings reports on his website that da casa of Monmouth County GOP Head Honcho Adam PuPuPuharic is up for sale. According to Weichert Realtors, da asking price is just over $364,000 for his palatial Aberdeen estate.

Casa da PuPu comes complete with 3 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, a landscaped yard, and even a shed! Thanks to Honest Abe for his added info on this.

DaTruthSquad and all da TruthTellers hope da move by PuPu is a good one.

Unfortunately, da story does not end there. At da last meeting of da TruthTellers, someone asked da silver dollar question – where is PuPu moving to?

If you’re a GOP’er wouldn’t you like to know? Actually, you have da right to know.

What if PuPu were moving to Ocean County, or Mercer County, or Brazil? If he lives outside da county borders, he cannot be county chairman (although it apparently didn’t matter in da last Manalapan election). Reports have said this move has been kept quiet. Why?

PuPu has complained, according to our friend Musings that his move is some sort of “a security issue.” DaTruthSquad had no clue of PuPu’s self importance, however, we will give PuPu da benefit of da doubt on this one. If it is such a “security issue” for you, then feel free to hire your “enforcers” to help you move. We’re sure da exercise for them couldn’t hurt, although it wouldn't surprise anyone if da last time Iron Girth grabbed a couch it was to take a nap on.

Now that da poop is out of da bag, it’s time for PuPu to come clean and let his GOP’ers know where he will be moving. Remember, one usually puts their house for sale when they plan to move somewhere, and da people who elected him have da right to know if he’s leaving da county.

He has said he’s running for reelection, so what if he’s moving out of da county? He would be wasting da time of every GOP’er.

DaTruthSquad believes that this move will be a good thing, but it should also include PuPu moving out of his Freehold GOP office. Under his “leadership,” da only 2 Freeloader seats to be lost in da last 20+ years happened, and da party is tactics and attacks against fellow GOP’ers have fractured da party worse than even daTruthSquad has witnessed here over da last 3 decades! If this party has any chance of winning in November, and even that may be out of reach now, new leadership is vital in order to attempt to regain control of da Freeloader board when da Democrats take over in January.

While it was tough to sort through da myriad of them only to pick da 5 best-fo-da-worst PuPu blunders, daTruthSquad has come up with “Da PuPu’s Top 5 Worst BaconHead Moves as GOP Commissar.”

#5 - - Saying we needed Rudy Giuliani to run for US Senate in NJ against Lautenberg. By saying we need a New Yorker, he basically says there are no good GOP’ers in da house.

#4 - - Adding da words “vetting process” to da GOP’er lexicon, insuring candidates like Anna Little are shoved out of office and people like Andy Boy Unanue are asked to carry da GOP’er flag.

#3 - - 2 words – HATCH ACT!

#2 - - 2 other words – Anna Little

And #1 - - - Describing with absolute & complete clarity exactly da type of people who are a part of PuPu’s inner circle by allowing da following words to escape when his foot became un-lodged from his mouth, “people who gain monetarily or are mentally unstable make up the majority of political operatives available to a chairman as willing workers.”

DaTruth is, Adam PuPu has had 2 years to keep his promise of uniting da party and making it stronger. His 2 years as Commissar have left da Monmouth GOP fractured and teetering on losing control of da county for da first time since Reagan was President. Da party needs new leadership. Da party needs to remove da perception of bullying, strong-arm tactics, elitism, cronyism, nepotism, Carton-ism, McEnery-ism, and da many other “ism’s” that have turned away hard working footsoldiers of da party.

If Adam PuPu wants to move out of Aberdeen, that’s his choice. For da best of da Monmouth GOP, he also needs to hang a "For Sale" sign at his desk and move out of his Freehold office.

And that’s daTruth.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Republican Candidates Beware - Andy Boy Votes To Send State Police Packing

Apparently this one didn't mean much to da local coupon clipper, but you ask some TruthTellers and you watch their jaws drop in horror. It involves da police, and a lone township committeeperson who turned their back on da proud men & women who keep us safe.

Here's a little history:

For some time, there has been talk about shutting down da State Police barracks in Allenwood (Wall Township). Da land is valuable, and there are some who would like to sell da land, kick out da police, and build something that can bring in revenue for da taxpayers while making some developers $$$$$$.

There are a lot of folks against it. Local residents depend on da state police as their own police force. Unlike a town like Manalapan, some towns have little or no local town police. Those same police also help patrol da Garden State Parkway. But more important is their work in da local communities they serve.

State Senator Tom Kean, a GOP'er, came out strongly against kicking da State Police to da curb, and he wasn't alone.

Da Asbury Park Press wrote a scathing editorial against da closure of da Allenwood barracks saying, "The four squads of troopers at Allenwood responded to 6,226 calls in 2007, not including traffic tickets and assists to motorists. The Allenwood closing could strain other area law-enforcement agencies if State Police coverage is diminished or delayed. And the lack of a strong, permanent State Police presence close to the junction of Interstate 195 and the Garden State Parkway is troubling."

Da key point in da whole problem is this - "The closing — part of a state effort to save money — came after the state and the property owner could not agree on terms to renew the Allenwood lease."

You have a state that's paying - using TAXPAYER MONEY - over $80 million to fix up a park in Trenton, over $7 million for a failed study on raising Turnpike tolls 800%, politicians still celebrate Christmas in Trenton every time a budget passes, yet for some strange reason they don't have 2 nickels to rub together to protect citizens?

However, the above statement regarding not being able to figure out da lease, could potentially allow a developer to swoop in, and daTruthSquad hears it may be to build a bunch of new homes.

How ironic - we kick out da police, then build a bunch of new homes and have people move in but not provide them proper police protection! Who could possibly be pathetic enough to support that?

Well, developers will love it, because they'll make $$$$$$, and some politicians who support those developers will love it because they'll get campaign $$$$$$$.

Now, let's fast forward to a Manalapan Township meeting back in March......

One of da 5 members of da Manalapan Township Committee announced a resolution condemning that decision to close da Allenwood barracks. After making that motion, each member of da committee had their chance to make a statement for or against, and even ask questions so they could make their decision.

Do you wonder who was da lone individual who wanted to hand da police their eviction notice?

If you said Mr. Anthony Gennaro - you're wrong. He's a friend of da people who protect us and he voted to pass da resolution opposing kicking da State Police out of Allenwood.

If you said Susan Cohen - you're wrong again. She too was adamant against what da state wants to do to da state police, and she like Mr. Gennaro voted proudly to pass da resolution opposing kicking da State Police out of Allenwood.

If you said da Queen Mayor - and this may shock you - you're wrong again! Not only did she read da resolution, she too voted to pass da resolution opposing kicking da State Police out of Allenwood.

If you said Cash Klauber - this won't shock you - but you're still wrong. DaTruthSquad can't remember a time when Cash didn't vote da same way da Queen has.

So, since da resolution condemning da eviction of da State Police passed 4-1, let's see who voted to kick da police in their backsides?

If you said alleged Manalapan / and or Freehold resident and alleged GOP'er Committeeman Andy Boy, you'd be right!!!

Now, why would Andy Boy, an alleged GOP'er in a party that is allegedly pro-police decide that having da state police in nearby Allenwood isn't worth da cost to da citizens?

Maybe that's a question da local Snoozepaper should have asked? We all sure wish they did.

Maybe that's a question that should be asked of Andy Boy at da next Township Committee meeting?

Maybe that's a question his protege candidates, Blogger Bill Garcia & Ryan "3rd Place" Green should be asking of their key supporter?

Maybe that's a question Blogger Bill should be blogging about?

DaTruth is, dissing da police demands a response. Why did Andy Boy vote against supporting da State Police? What was his reasons? Anyone who watched da meeting knows he asked Tara Tiara 2 questions regarding da resolution? What questions did he ask? What was Tara's response?

In an editorial, State Senator Tom Kean hit da nail on da head. Closing the Allenwood Barracks is more than just another slight to Monmouth County; it is a dangerous decision that will impact the safety of the entire region. It is worth noting that, just recently, a known member of the Surenos 13 street gang from Philadelphia was apprehended in Wall Township. In addition, our area has a number of sites, such as the Monmouth Executive Airport in Wall, which could be an inviting target for terrorists. One cannot help but wonder about the logic of reducing police presence in our area given the level of violent crime presently taking place in Asbury Park. Equally troubling is the impact that this decision could have on Trooper safety. For instance, a Trooper who pulls over a vehicle on Route 35 in Neptune Township would depend on back-up responding from Hamilton Township in Mercer County or Sayreville in Middlesex County.

Then again, considering all the problems noted at Thompson Park & Manalapan High School, what has Committeeman Andy Boy done? Well, give that man a "BaconHead" because so far, he's done nothing.

And, if anyone should know this it would be former failed-Freeloader candidate Andy Boy, but Upper Freehold, Rooselelt, and Millstone have no police departments of their own. They rely on the State Police for protection!

DaTruth is, da two people who should be concerned da most is Blogger Bill & 3rd Place Green. They are da ones who have to stand with Andy Boy, as he and Iron Girth are their biggest backers. Da simple fact more than a month has gone by and not one word from 3rd Place Green and not one blog from Blogger Bill shows either they support kicking da State police out of Allenwood, or they had no idea about Andy Boy's vote, meaning they are out of touch with what is happening in da very same Town Hall they hope to occupy.

Da editorial ended with da sentences, "Meanwhile, Kean and his bill's co-sponsor, Sen. Robert Singer, R-Ocean, should insist Fuentes level with everyone affected by the Allenwood decision by justifying it in terms of finances and public safety."

Da very same can be asked of 3rd Place Green or Blogger Bill. They should insist their mentor Andy Boy come clean and answer as to why he wants to evict da police. If they don't disavow their mentor, then it will be very difficult for anyone who stands with da police to support their candidacy. You know their primary opponents, da very qualified Butch Budai & Steve Johnson will be asking those questions. You also know if they do get through da primary, da Queen will certainly be asking those questions - which begs da question - is it even possible these 2 guys are in da race to throw it to da Queen?

And that's daTruth.