Thursday, December 31, 2009

DaTruthSquad's Predictions for 2010

Once again, daTruthSquad has dusted off our ever-popular Super-Duper-Dusty-Rusty-Trusty-Reliable-Undeniable-Often imitated-Never duplicated daTruthSquad Crystall Ball, and make our predictions for 2010, now that we bid adieu to both Commissar Klauber's & Jon Con-zine's political career and 2009:

In Manalapan, Andy Boy Lucas will become da mayor of da year for 2010, thanks to 2 Democratic votes. His deputy mayor will be Queen Michelle, thanks to his vote, as both will work together to keep their power base secure for another year.

It will only take 30 days for Ryan Green to become disillusioned with da ways of Manalapan Town Hall, and possibly even less time for him to receive some type of scorn and rebuke from a certain former Manalapan mayor.

A flurry of last minute backroom deals by Democrats will happen in the waning days of Jon Corslime's term. Cost for these deals will be over $86 million, bringing scorn from Chris Christie who vows unless they are immediately repealed, he will get that money back from the state in the form of layoffs.

The Legislature will be expecting a state budget of $30 billion. Instead, Christie's first state budget will be $21 billion, with $9 billion being used to cover the current deficit. The Democratic leadership will be outraged when Christie announces a "Fiscal Emergency," ordering a 5-20% wage cut for all state workers, on top of 8,000 layoffs. When the unions object and march on Trenton, Christie scales back some of his demands for givebacks, but orders another 8,000 layoffs.

Municipalities will get aid returned, but at a price. The only way towns get state aid returned is to agree to a complex series of demands, including municipal payrolls reduced by 10%, each town must have a certain percentage of shared service agreements, and towns must actively consider merging.

Christie will also order immediate drastic reductions to Boards of Education, forcing a number of them to merge.

Queen Michelle, ruler of Manalapanistan, fresh off her landslide loss for State Assembly, will run for Freeloader. She will lose by 6,500 votes, while her running mate will win by just 91 votes after 2 recounts.

The age discrimination case brought by Manalapan Police Chief Stu Brown will continue throughout the year. There will be a delay during the discovery portion of the case, after Manalapan balks at the release of minutes from a number of Executive Session meetings and appeals rulings to hand over those minutes well into 2011.

The Mosked Man lawsuit against Manalapan will take bizarre turn after even more bizarre turn. During a Manalapan Township meeting televised, a summons server will come up during the Open Public portion of the meeting, introduce himself, and hand out documents showing both Andy Boy, da Queen, and even one of da Manalapan Legal Dream Team will all be named defendants. Another bizarre turn comes when a citizen, while complaining about da Mosked Man, makes a statement during a Township Committee meeting that da Mosked Man deems a personal direct threat against him. That person is then arrested 7 days later on charges of making terroristic threats, and that person's bail is posted by a member of da Cadre, who is then also named a defendant in da case. It will not be until 2011 when any settlement is even discussed.

Manalapan residents are outraged after they hear da Township Committee's next budget calls for a 13.5% municipal tax increase. It is approved by a 3-2 vote, with Susan Cohen & Ryan Green voting against the increase.

It will rain at Manalapan Day.

Manalapan will make news during the latter part of the summer when FBI agents raid a municipal office. No arrests will be made, and the government will be ultra secretive as to the nature of the raid. However, after the raid, a well-known municipal worker will resign, and allegations that the person was ordered to resign surface.

There will be a contested GOP race for Manalapan Township Committee. It will result in a split GOP ticket. The split also thrusts Manalapan GOP'er Grand Poobah Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery back into the spotlight, and he will survive yet again another no-confidence vote by just one mere vote.

There will be trouble in da Cadre in 2010, after a blog by daTruthSquad is revealed to have inside Cadre information. Ironically, the wrong person within da Cadre is blamed for da leak, and that person then becomes a supporter for da GOP.

Manalapan will be ground zero again for another First Amendment lawsuit. However, this time, when an anonymous blogger is served legal papers, they return da favor, serving them on da person who originally served them, claiming they too were defamed as that person also used an anonymous name to defame da very same person they are suing. When that happens, that same person is served by three others, including da Mosked Man, for defamation -- and, those who are against anonymous writers will be even more outraged when they discover da anonymous writers are being represented by da Mosked Man as their attorney!

Manalapan also becomes known as Monmouth County's traffic nightmare, as Marlboro starts construction of a "Village-type" shopping area on Route 9 within walking distance of Manalapan, Monroe starts building up Route 33, and Freehold expands their businesses on Route 9. Ironically, 14 businesses are forced to shut down in Manalapan due to slow business, meaning even more people must travel through Manalapan to get to shopping areas.

Due to the new census, New Jersey will lose one seat in the US House of Representatives. Due to redistricting, Chris Smith's seat will be absorbed into Rush Holt's district, angering many voters.

Finally, daTruthSquad will, again, break our yearly record for readers, surpassing 2009 totals, which surpassed 2008 totals and 2007 totals and 2006 totals.

Have a happy and healthy and wonderful 2010, and may our troops serving overseas be protected and always in our prayers, and da First Amendment and our Constitution be forever protected by those who wish to do it harm for their own benefit.

And that's daTruth - from daTruthSquad!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

DaTruthSquad's 2009 Year In Review - Da Winners - Da Losers - Da Real Losers

Another year, another frivolous lawsuit, more bickering, less things done, no Village ratables or additional ratables of any kind to offset local taxes, more ratables and better shopping in Freehold. Marlboro, Monroe and Millstone, a probable yes to low-income housing, promises un-kept, age discrimination, and rain at Manalapan Day. Just another year in Manalapan politics.

Here's da highlights (or low-lights depending on what side you're on):

January: Commissar Klauber becomes Mayor of da year, and in one of his first acts tries to enact a rule to "end political bickering." Da only problem, a little thing called da First Amendment, and an even larger thing, one of those opposed to his "silence" tactic was former Mayor George Spodak. Combined, da Snoozepaper, Porky and daTruthSquad stood together, and da Commissar backed down.

From da "History, We Need No Stinkin' History" file - although it happened in 2008 at da end of da Queen's reign of terror, she said to one of her subjects during a public session when asked about legal billing, "YOU’RE COMPLAINING ABOUT A BILL BECAUSE MISTER MOSKOVITZ STARTED A LAWSUIT!"

Yes, in da Queen's world, it was da Mosked Man who sued himself for legal malpractice, and started da "lawsuit heard round da world!"

And you thought it couldn't get any worse - but it's only January!

February: Da Township Committee moves to approve da crumb rubber athletic field that a number of cities and states banned due to health risks. Da Commissar and da Queen hailed da field as da new cornerstone of Manalapan rec. While this was da big news of da time, da even bigger news would come in December when da Queen and Commissar tried to push through a 110-unit low-income apartment building which would be within walking distance of that very same cornerstone!

March: Welcome to "Tillis-Gate," where we wrote, "Manalapan's Gang of Three or Four want to purchase 25 acres of land, in which about 40% or so is completely unusable due to wetlands issues, for twice da price of da going rate, to build a yet-unknown project on it because nobody knows what they want to do with it, to expand a rec center that was just expanded, while home foreclosures in Manalapan are at an all-time high, with a 42% municipal tax increase in da last two years!!!"

OK, let's get this straight -- Da Gang of Three go after an award-winning symphony conductor over $600, stall da Village for years, but they're OK with paying double for land worth half da price, nearly half of which can't be built on, with no plan, and a potential arsenic problem???????

April: Da Queen announces she's running for da State Assembly. Corzine and da Queen - Perfect Together. And they would be - in da loss column in November. Did da frivolous lawsuits finally catch up to her???

May: It's budget time, and da Township Committee decides to keep taxes flat. Andy Boy, da architect of flat budgets of 2005 and 2006 despite da scorn of da Queen, only to turn his back on his tax cutting pledge and raise taxes 42% in just 2 years by denouncing his former pledge and plan now joins da Queen, now saying lowering taxes is right - and so does da Queen and da Commissar! Confused???

June: DaTruthSquad uncovers what da Gang of Three didn't want anyone to know --- da lawyer they approved to handle da case against da Mosked Man resigns three months ago!!!!! In da end, and after an exhausting search, da Gang of Three can't even find one lawyer on da entire East Coast of da United States who would take da case! And, in June, da Commissar admits what they refused to admit before and that this blog has been saying all along - well over $100,000 in taxpayer money had been spent on da whole "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" affair!

July: Snoozer editor Mark Rosman follows da bread crumbs left over by daTruthSquad and reveals that da Queen & Commissar's fuzzy math about da legal costs incurred by taxpayers during "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" don't add up. In a stunning and revealing report, Rosman not only agrees with daTruthSquad that much more money was spent on lawyers than da Queen & Commissar allege, but one of da basis points of da entire lawsuit against da Mosked Man was fraudualant. Rosman says ""Moskovitz said the closing on the Dreyer property occurred on June 8, 2005, which indicates that he followed Shepler's April 15, 2005, directive not to close on the property until she had the preliminary assessment and site inspection report from Birdsall Engineering." This means she received da papers from da Mosked Man on May 26. Da closing was on June 8. Now, say what you want about daTruthsquad, but at least, we and our proud and informed readers know May 26 comes well before June 8 on all calendars -- except apparently -- those calendars used by Manalapan's Gang of Three and their lawyers!

Your tax dollars at work!

August: Here's where "Lady-Gate" starts to take shape. Da Queen wants to suspend da Chief of Police in Manalapan for calling her a "lady." Yes, that's not a typo. da Chief would have an answer to that one in da coming months, and his answer will literally make da Queen's head spin around!

September: "Lady-Gate" explodes all over Manalapan. Following a Queenly mea-culpa that wound up on YouTube, da Queen made direct allegations against Manalapan Police Chief Stu Brown which included :

"Sexual harassment, verbal abuse and abuse of power by Manalapan Police Chief Stuart Brown..."

"Chief Brown has a history of verbally assaulting and threatening women."

"Chief Brown’s attack last September on me..."

"Chief Brown’s rage."

"Chief Brown and his repetitive abusive behavior toward women."

"His demeaning language and threatening behavior."

"I do not want any other women to be victims of Chief Brown’s rage."

Soon to follow, da Chief also had a reply for da Queen, but unlike her 8 minute mea culpa, his was just two words. When asked who his attorney is as he files an age discrimination case against Manalapan, da Queen and Tara Tiara, he says just two simple words guaranteed to enrage any member of Manalapan's Cadre of Evil- - Stu Moskowitz!

October: Now that da lawsuit against da Mosked Man is over, and his against da town has begun, da "Excuse Train" came barreling down da tracks and derailed directly into Manalapan Town Hall! After 25 months of a case that ended when Manalapan couldn't find a lawyer to handle it, "According to da Queen --- Da Lawyers Told Us To!!!!!!!!!

Now, wait. DaTruthSquad thought that both Commissar Klauber and Queen Roth told anybody that would listen that 5 members of da Manalapan Township Committee voted on this? It used to be da Mosked Man's fault. Then it somehow became this blog's fault for writing about it. Then it went back to being da Mosked Man's fault. Then it became da fault of those da Gang of Three claimed "leaked" info. Then it was back to being da Mosked Man's fault, followed by being this blog's fault. So now it's da lawyers fault? Wait, didn't they stop da case because it was da Mosked Man who didn't go through his insurance carrier, so da Gang-of-Roth thought they would have a hard time recouping da entire $10,500 for da soil cleanup - which was another excuse?

You really can't make this stuff up!

November: While da big news was da absolute landslide losses handed to da Queen for State Assembly and da Commissar in Manalapan, maybe da most interesting bit of news of da entire year was handed to us by none other than former alleged-reporter and current website operator Kathy "Back Page" Barratta, who posted on her blog site, which ironically started about da time da Queen announced her run for State Assembly, was now for up for sale after her landslide loss! Of course, we wouldn't be daTruthSquad if we both did not report da news and also poke some fun at it.

In "For Sale - Controversial Blog - Low Miles - Original Owner, we came up with a "Top-10" Brillo-Blog list, and felt bad that some of those 4 or 5 people who posted there (although we know of at least one who posts comments on this blog site under "anonymous") might have nowhere else to exercise their Freedom of Speech. In da end, and it appears thanks to this blog, Back Page Barratta decided to keep her website running.

December: The big news out of da Manalapan Township Committee was da vote they didn't take - da one for what da fine folks in Englishtown called "Love Canal II." Da Gang of Three wanted to build a 110-unit low-income apartment building, allegedly to try to satisfy a portion of da COAH commitment. Five problems --- (1) With a new GOP'er governor who is against COAH coming in next month, COAH commitments could easily change to da benefit of towns like Manalapan, (2) THERE COULD POTENTIALLY BE CONTAMINATION on da site that could potentially cost $$$$$$$$ 6-figures to cleanup, (3) A large number of residents, including many from Englishtown who would border da low-income apartments are unhappy to say da very least, (4) not even a simple traffic impact study, or any important study for that matter, had been done to size up da impact of everything from traffic, added kids to Manalapan schools, da fact there's no sidewalks for 1/4 mile to da nearest bus stop, and (5) no solid infrastructure to accommodate these folk's needs.

In da end, da Manalapan Township Committee realized all da publicity was something they didn't need (especially since they've had da Village People jumping through hoops for da last 5 years, so da vote was not taken until at least some small study can be done - at taxpayer expense.

DaTruth is, 2009 brought some very interesting results. Da Queen's political aspirations were summarily rejected by da voters by landslide proportions. Commissar Klauber felt da voter's wrath by da same measures. Da daTruthSquad blog has become da most popular website for Manalapan's Freedom of Speech. Thousands of visitors read this site monthly, equally as popular as last year's figures. Da so-called "Manalapan Hate Website" will continue in operation, since it was put up for sale and nobody would buy it or maintain it.

Da commitment of this blog has been maintained. Our TruthTellers, despite their best efforts to uncover them, can be found along with daTruthSquad in Manalapan Town Hall and also within da Cadre. We have successfully been able to uncover wrongs and da doings of those behind many closed doors thanks to their hard work and dedication to da First Amendment of da Constitution of da United States.

Our blog for 2010 remains da same as always, root out corruption within political walls, make sure politicians keep da promises they make, and, to be fair, make sure our readers know what is really happening in Manalapan, and not just what some career politicians or their propaganda sellers want you to know.

A special daTruthSquad Thank You to all of our readers for making this site one of the top information sites in the area, and our TruthTellers for their hard work and dedication in gathering all of the inside information to expose.

Have a Happy & Healthy 2010, and that's daTruth.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Of Mice & Men & Lawsuits - The 2nd Anniversary of Manalapan's "Lawsuit Heard 'Round da World!"

DaTruthSquad has to admit this is a very special week, and also one that gives one pause. It was 2 years ago that da Manalapan Legal Dream Team faced daTruthSquad and da Electronic Frontier Foundation in a Monmouth Court, with da goal of taking da Constitution of da United States, and da Bill of Rights, and makeing little paper airplanes out of them. Da Manalapan Legal Dream Team brought a lawsuit that was ordered by da Manalapan Township Committee with two sole purposes, embarrass da person they were suing for legal malpractice, and expose da writer and/or writers of this blog.

Da Manalapan Legal Dream Team claimed in absolutely no uncertain terms that this blog was written by none other than da Mosked Man himself, and he was in violation of a court order not to discuss da case. Their evidence was not actual pictures or video of da Mosked Man making a blog entry, or even secret video of him penning this blog, or eyewitness testimony from someone claiming he heard da Mosked Man boast this blog was his -- but was da blog itself -- and da inside information from da blog entries -- and their evidence was solely their "belief" that he was da writer.

Making matters worse -- da Manalapan Legal Dream Team had unlimited wealth to bankroll their work, because YOU DA TAXPAYER were paying their bills whether you wanted to or not -- because da Manalapan Township Committee ordered them to do it through their voting!

Two years ago, daTruthSquad was concerned when we received a subpoena from da Dream Team for everything under da sun. Da concern didn't stem from whether we would be pointed to as da blogger, but far worse -- that our First Amendment rights and da rights of others were being violated. Then, daTruthSquad came up with a plan of action that not only turned da tables on da Manalapan Township Committee Gang of Three, and forced da Manalapan Legal Dream Team to actually practice law, but took a plan that da Gang of Three wanted to keep in private and away from da people and exposed all of it for everyone to see!

It was late-September 2007 when daTruthSquad received notice it was being subpoenaed for information that anyone should not have to give. At issue wasn't just what da Gang of Three's Dream Team wanted.

At issue was da rule of law, anonymity, da basis of what was considered then and what was proven to be nothing more than a frivolous lawsuit, and a legal precedent that could take da Constitution of da United States and turn it into toilet paper.

With da EFF on our side, an organization whose purpose is to protect da rights of individuals, we decided to stand up to da bullies using all legal means at our disposal. Da EFF not only said they will not hand anything over and force da Dream Team's legal hand, but they took every shred of legal papers of da case and posted them on da internet for all to see, opening up da door for what became an unprecedented and shockingly revealing look into how da Manalapan Township Committee and their proxy's operate.

Everything from legal notices, to actual or in many cases alleged evidence, and even written correspondence between lawyers was posted for everyone to see! This became something Manalapan residents have never seen before -- exactly how your money was being spent on what may have been the most controversial period in Manalapan history!

While some Manalapan politicians promised transparancy in Town Hall but never delivered on that promise ---- daTruthSquad and da EFF made them keep that promise.

Three months later, in a Monmouth Court, da Dream Team's case now in front of a Superior Court Judge became, in effect, "Yes, da Mosked Man is daTruthSquad beyond a shadow of a doubt" -- to -- "Well, da Mosked Man is probably daTruthSquad" -- to -- "You know, it's a descent bet da Mosked Man is da Squad" -- to -- "Well, there's a one in 10 billion chance da Mosked man could be, but might be, but then again maybe it's da bearded guy in da corner or da guy panhandling outside da court."

Actually, according to da legal papers word for word, da Manalapan Legal Dream Team claimed da following:

In this legal document, da Manalapan Legal Dream Team made all of these claims saying daTruthSquad was da Mosked Man - with no actual evidence!

Now here's da entire transcript from da hearing. yes, it's pretty long, but as you read it, you can see page by page how da Manalapan Legal Dream Team's case began to crumble into dust.

Even before that, it was actually determined that da subpoena sent by da Dream Team wasn't even valid -- AND YOUR TAX DOLLARS PAID FOR THAT!!!

To make a long story short, what they wanted they couldn't get, because even if they could, they never filed da proper legal paperwork - AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE!!!!!

Beyond all that, their case would have set a precedent that would have made those who fought for our freedoms down da road at Monmouth Battlefield turn over twice in their graves. This country was founded by anonymous writers, including those who wrote da Federalist Papers - one of whom became a Supreme Court Justice, and other great patriots who said we don't have to take what da oppressive government of da day were handing us. Benjamin Franklin was an anonymous writer, maybe even da first blogger of da day. In this case, da government of Manalapan was using taxpayer money to fund a lawsuit nobody wanted in order to expose da people who were airing their dirty laundry.

Other times it was tried, in other cases, including a different landmark case in New Jersey. In each case across da nation, those who brought da cases all lost. In this case, not only did da township of Manalapan lose, but it also set a legal precedent that will, and we all pray, last forever -- and it's already been used as evidence in another legal case outside of New Jersey as a precedent!

In addition, what this case also did, and here's where your tax money comes into play again -- by losing this case in da way that they did, it cast da cloud of doubt over their entire legal malpractice case against da Mosked Man, by putting their credibility and theories into serious doubt. In da end, after 25 months of fighting, da Manalapan Township Committee couldn't even find one lawyer in da entire state who would take da case when their "contingency fee" attorney walked off da case!

So now, that case continues, but now it's da Mosked Man suing Manalapan and da politicians who went after him for 25 months of legal billing and to recoup 25 months of lost work due to da severity of da case they brought -- and could cost some a pretty penny to be sure.

As for "Da Township of Manalapan vs da Mosked Man," it cost taxpayers to be sure, and it also made Manalapan a laughingstock, because da story of how da town politicians were suing a blogger they didn't like spread around da world in publications in North and South America, Europe and Asia. During da height of da lawsuit, this blog was getting thousands of hits each day! And, this blog is still here "for all da people."

DaTruth is, daTruthSquad fought this fight not just for us, but for anyone who blogs, anonymously or not. You should have da right to speak out against what you feel isn't right. While you can't scream "fire" in a crowded theater, you can tell people what they may not know, or aren't getting from a local newspaper for whatever reason. You can do this through word of mouth, at a diner, or on a blog, whether you use your real name or not. As Americans, we have that right, and as long as our Republic endures, we always will.

In an ironic twist of fate, there are actually some individual who backed with words or deeds da Manalapan legal case against anonymity, yet post anonymous comments on message boards, contrary to da case they supported -- da height of hypocracy!

DaTruth is, if da axis of evil had won their case (and we all know it would have been turned over on appeal), then da rights we all share would have been seriously violated. Never again would anyone be able to speak out against what they believed was wrong without the extreme fear of reprisal. What Manalapan wanted to do was stop a whistelblower from airing their dirty laundry. In da end, da actions of a few politicians and their took away Manalapan's prestige when word spread around da world of their taxpayer-funded lawsuit attacking Freedom of Speech, and also cost Commissar Klauber his seat on da Township Committee, and da Queen her limousine ride to Trenton.

Through their minions, they claimed that da Founding fathers of our great nation didn't plan this for da Constitution. Apparently, they did not bother to learn a little history that many 3rd graders are taught, such as who da woman was who wrote riveting letters to da editor in a Boston newspaper was about issues of da day, who later turned out to be Benjamin Franklin, or da writers of da Federalist Papers - one who became da first Secretary of da Treasury, another a President of these United States, and da third was da first Chief Justice of da US Supreme Court - all writing under da anonymous name "Publius." Yes, da internet wasn't around in 1787, but da written word was - and those brave and wise men knew their laws must endure - and we thank God their wise vision still does today!

Let us never forget their sacrifices.

So yes, this is an important anniversary, for da patriots, for us, and da rule of law. And it will be remembered always. Our guess is, there are members of da Cadre who will also be remembering that this case quite possibly began their political downfall.

And that's daTruth.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Will Ryan Green Become Da Next Manalapan Township Committee's Tony Gennaro or Andy Boy?

It's a question being asked by those who actually hope da Manalapan Township Committee will do right by them. Now that Commissar Klauber has only one more township meeting to preside over before he is shown da door, what will his replacement, Ryan Green, do?

During his campaign three years ago, Commissar Klauber made a number of promises. However, as we all learned, for some, promises can be like your hair - everyone has hair. Whether your hairline recedes and you wind up looking 20 years older than you really are is another story.

Now, in comes Ryan Green, a young man who also made some promises.

He promised da Manalapan Township Committee would no longer stay da state's joke of jokes.

Will he put an end to "LadyGate" and allow da Chief of Police to not work in fear of some politicians?

Will he vote to end "pay-to-play" - something others have promised but have not delivered?

Will he demand that da people be more involved in town decisions, including allowing for public referendums on funding frivolous "Lawsuits To Nowhere," or land purchases that some would deem questionable?

Will he actually demand da muzzling of anyone who attacks members of da public or volunteers during township committee meetings?

Will he demand that township officials who either start or are a part of lawsuits reimburse da taxpayers for da thousands of $$$$$$$ spent?

Needless to say, Ryan Green will have his hands full there.

Then, there's da factional problems.

Tony Gennaro was living proof that not listening to da party bosses and using your own brain and thinking of what is best for da people you represent was a recipe for disaster - if you're a member of da Manalapan Township Committee. Susan Cohen found out that same fact of life. Will he side with Andy Boy and da GOP/Democratic party bosses, or will he live on da island with Susan Cohen who work "for all da people?"

Who will Ryan Green support for leadership of da Manalapan Township Committee? Da Queen, coming off her historic landslide loss in da State Assembly race will want payback, and that could be as da next mayor. However, she can't do that alone. She'll need two other votes for any leadership position.

In other words, she'll need a GOP'er, or alleged GOP'er, to side with her.

Andy Boy may also want to sit in da big chair again. Now, da Andy Boy / Holland / Queen alliance can divy up da top spots between themselves. Da only problem with that will be, if that scenario happens, Andy Boy will be completely exposed as siding with Democrats to keep power, since both Green & Cohen are GOP'ers. Da difference, though is Green is backed by da Manalapan GOP'er Grand Poobah, while Cohen is on her own doing da people's work. Who will Green side with? That remains to be seen.

Where will Green stand on da issue of lawsuits? Right now, da town is being sued by da Manalapan Chief of Police for discrimination, and da Mosked man wants to recoup 25 months of defending himself aginst a frivolous charge in da "Lawsuit-To-Nowhere" that da town, which brought da case, was forced to stop when their own lawyer dropped da case and after 4 months da town couldn't find even one lawyer in da entire state of New Jersey who wanted to attach their name to it! Then, there's da entire "Lady-Gate" issue.

What will Green do about what Englishtown residents are calling "Love Canal II," da land where da Gang of Three want to build a low-income, over 100 unit apartment building on da Englishtown border and an already crowded road on land that could potentially be contaminated and cost six-figures or more to clean up - with no studies done to see if its even feasible - all for a COAH situation that da new governor wants to change or even do away with anyway?

What will Ryan Green do about da Village? And where will he stand with Marlboro's potential new shopping center on Route 9 which could potentially back up traffic into Manalapan on any given day?

And while we're on da subject of that, where's da outrage from those who don't want da Village? Another "Mega-Mall" within walking distance of Manalapan's border?? This will mean more Manalapan folks getting into their cars to drive somewhere outside of Manalapan for the simple items they need that they can't get in Manalapan, because Manalapan, led by longtime politicians like da Queen and da party bosses, have allowed Manalapan to have one of the worst ratable rations in da entire state of New Jersey!

DaTruth is, this blog had questions about Ryan Green. He won da election, and to be fair, we will give him da benefit of da doubt. However, for those who want to gauge which Ryan Green will show up to represent them, da day in question will be da very first meeting in January when da gang get together and select who gets what job. What daTruthSquad expects is that da Queen will be named mayor, and as for who becomes deputy mayor, that is still a question. If Green supports da Queen, and becomes deputy mayor in return, then we'll all know. If Green watches as da Gang of Three keep power amongst themselves, then we'll know he's on da road to keeping his promises.

Which Ryan Green will show up is a very important question, to be sure. That could go a long way to see whether things really do change in Manalapan, or whether da party bosses will continue to make all da rules as they go along.

And that's DaTruth.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Manalapan Delays A Vote on Approving What Some Call "Love Canal II"

If you were in da Manalapan Town Hall with daTruthSquad during da November 11 meeting, you saw what turned into a contentious meeting, complete with most of da population of nearby Englishtown in attendance (well, about 30 or so). Why were they there?

Da Manalapan Township Committee, led by da lame duck Commissar Klauber and da Queen, who will not be going to Trenton thanks to da voters by a landslide, want to place over 100 affordable housing apartments right on da Englishtown border to make da town's COAH obligation easier. Sounds good in theory doesn't it? If that were all it was, then there probably wouldn't be much of an argument here, but whenever da Queen & Commissar-led Township Committee does anything, check both your wallot and what is being hidden under da rug first.

While there's nothing wrong with trying to do what is right for those less fortunate, why da rush, why that location, and what is in da best interest for these potential new residents of Manalapan?

ISSUE 1: Da Committee was all prepared to vote -- WITHOUT A TRAFFIC IMPACT STUDY! As many as 200 or more cars will be added to a major road out of Manalapan and into Englishtown and their already-overcrowded Main Street! But it's OK, no traffic study needed. It's not like these two didn't bury da Village project in a series of traffic and other studies and reports.

ISSUE 2: One Englishtown politician described da land where this project is to be built as A POTENTIAL "LOVE CANAL" and another as a "ghetto." Why??? Because da land was once home to an oil company, and needs to be cleaned up, and quite possibly at a large cost still to be determined, BEFORE any work is done. AGAIN - NO STUDY OR REPORT ON DA CONTAMINATION DONE! Still OK for da Queen & da Commissar.

ISSUE 3: With a new governor on his way in, who wants to fix COAH and the obligations towns have, why rush this through? It's not like da Queen accepted donations from builders and developers, even those as far away as Philadelphia during her failed State Assembly campaign?

ISSUE 4: Why was this exact location picked? There's absolutely no infrastructure available to the residents who will have little means. Da only shopping within walking distance to them will be a liquor store, ice cream store, and sandwich shop and take-out Chinese restaurant. There's no sidewalks to da nearest bus stop, so they will have to walk in da already-narrow Route 522 about 1/4 MILE to get to and from da bus. And, there's that cozy feeling of living atop a place that is being compared by some Englishtown residents to potentially being a Superfund site.

In da end, though, a cooler and somewhat balder head prevailed as alleged Manalapan resident and alleged GOP'er Andy Boy asked to delay da vote so some of these issues can be explored. Da township committee agreed, and will wait one month - but is one month enough?

Here's our questions:

1. Why was da Manalapan Township Committee ready, willing and able to vote on a plan that apparently doesn't have an overall plan?

2. With a new governor on his way in, why rush will fulfilling COAH obligations that could be lessened next year?

3. Has a study been done to see if any member of da Manalapan Township Committee received donations from any company or individual who could benefit from this project?

4. Why do we not know even da slightest extent of da ground contamination on da site - yet da Manalapan Township Committee was ready that night to vote and most likely approve da plan where hundreds of people -- and children -- will live?

5. What is to stop Englishtown from having their police set up registration checks every morning along Main Street and Route 522 if this project is approved?

6. Over 110 apartments, some up to 3 bedrooms. How many more kids for Manalapan's already overcrowded schools? How many more police will need to be hired? No crime study for low-income housing, but Manalapan's Township Committee is ready to sign off on this?

7. All of these low-income apartments, and no infrastructure to handle their needs? How are these people supposed to get through Manalapan to Marlboro and Freehold to shop and go to da supermarkets? Da only "infrastructure" within walking distance will be a sandwich shop, take-out Chinese food and a liquor store.

8. You had da Manalapan Township Committee ready, willing and able to vote on a project without even having done even one traffic impact study. With da Village, they did so many traffic studies they could wallpaper da Freehold Mall with it and still have pages to spare. What was da rush?

DaTruth is, while there is a COAH obligation, things could easily change to Manalapan's COAH benefit next year with Christie as Governor. Even if nothing regarding COAH changes were to happen, what is da rush to build even more homes? Even more important, what is da rush to build these particular low-income apartments?? Why push through with such breakneck speed that no traffic impact or infrastructure or health or ground contamination studies done???

Here you have a project that is obviously causing a ton of angst with da neighbors in Englishtown. You're going to build a low-income 100+ unit project that will directly impact their town, because Manalapan is placing this squarely at da border of their town - and Manalapan has absolutely no infrastructure in that area for those new potential residents. In fact - da only "infrastructure" in place for those low-income residents within a mile of that site will be soda machines at Manalapan Rec!

Why there? Why on a piece of land with potential contamination so concerning to some residents they started referring to da land as "Love Canal II??"

There are some who have called for an investigation into whether some politicians received campaign contributions from builders and developers. Is an investigation warranted?

DaTruth is, you really do have to question da rush to vote on this. If it weren't for da folks in Englishtown coming in force to da Manalapan meeting to make their concerns known, this probably would have been shoved through. Is one month going to change anything?

Da people of both Manalapan and Englishtown should put da Manalapan Township Committee on notice. They need to say out loud that this should be delayed until da lame-duck session is over and a new mayor and Ryan Green are added to da committee.

To be fair, if daTruthSquad were da lawyer for da Englishtown residents, they could consider a lawsuit against Manalapan to ensure da proper studies are done first, and to see if there is any money trail. If this isn't done, then what does this say about a development like da Village, which could become Manalapan's biggest overall ratable, add no extra kids to da crowded schools, yet has been buried in study after study for years? Englishtown residents have da most to lose here. If this is going to be done, it should be done right, with no complaints, and no potential health and welfare risks, and with benefits to those low-income residents.

And that's daTruth.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

DaTruthSquad's Thanksgiving Wishes

It has turned into another interesting year in Manalapan. A mayor was booted from office, his handler was told by voters in District 12 that not only was she not wanted, she was not wanted by 2 out of every 3 voters! Alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident and alleged Republican/and or Democrat Andy Boy's hairline receded further. A woman was upset at being called a "lady," and it cost taxpayers $16,000. A former mayor continues his "First Amendment Lawsuit-To-Nowhere," and another former mayor and former township attorney has a lawsuit pending against Manalapan and some of their politicians, while Manalapan's police chief is also suing da town for discrimination.

Just another quiet Thanksgiving in Manalapan.

With that in mind, daTruthSquad has polled da TruthTellers with an interesting question -- what do some of Manalapan's characters have to be thankful for, and what will their Thanksgiving dinner table look like?????

Mayor Klauber: "Da Commissar" as he is known spent 34 months on da Manalapan Township Committee, and will spend da last 2 as "Lame Duck." He raised taxes two of da three years he was here, and this year used a controversial measure to keep taxes flat - one same one that he and da Queen once reviled. He promised to be da "Solar Committeeman," a promise he really didn't deliver. He promised civility during Township Committee meetings. If that wasn't a turkey of a promise, nothing was. He was, in effect, a failure. You don't even have to believe daTruthSquad on that - ask da voters who voted him off da Manalapan Township Committee island by a landslide. Even Democrats had enough of him. For da Commissar - no turkey for Thanksgiving - you get to eat Lame Duck, and for Manalapan voters, it was cooked to perfection.

Committeeman Andy Boy: When you ask da TruthTellers if someone is a Democrat or Republican, and each time da vote is 50/50, it tells you something. You cut taxes when you first took office, and then was an architect for the biggest 2-year tax hike in town history. Former enemies are now your friends, while former friends in da Manalapan GOP'er club don't want anything to do with you. We're not even sure if you're pro-police like you used to be. For all of this, we serve up a special holiday treat - Turkey and Chicken, you get half of each with extra half & half for your coffee, and waffles for dessert.

Police Chief Stu Brown: You apparently did raise your voice during a meeting, called a woman a "lady," and for that, instead of being locked in chains or face summary execution or a cell in Guantanamo like some may have wanted, you get a paid day off and once you take that day, an unblemished record. You also stood up for your principles, and didn't let a bully try to take your milk money. For that, you not only get a turkey dinner with all da trimmings, you also get our respect.

Manalapan Township Administrator Tara Tiara: Much like da turkey on Thanksgiving, you also find yourself in da center of da rack at 350 degrees. You sided with da Queen, and now find yourself da DEFENDANT in a lawsuit. Because you allegedly can't get along with a member of your staff, you were ready to charge Manalapan taxpayers with hiring a six-figure person whose job it would have been to walk down a hall between your two offices! For Thanksgiving, you get a turkey - minus da legs since during "Lady-Gate," you showed you had none to stand on.

Incoming Manalapan Township Committeeman Ryan Green: You barely campaigned, had no money raised by your campaign manager, didn't look good in da debate, yet took down da Commissar by a landslide. Despite not getting daTruthSquad's endorsement, congratulations on your victory. Now, Manalapan residents will soon see which Ryan Green they elected. Will he stand up to cronyism? Will he stand up against meetings turning into mockeries? Will he keep his promises? Will he side with da Queen and be da deciding vote on her becoming mayor next year? All good questions, but for now, we will give Sir Ryan, a potential white knight, da benefit of da doubt. For Thanksgiving, you are given a dinner with all da trimmings for turning da Commissar into a Lame Duck.

Snoozer Editor Mark Rosman: Since you took over as da Manalapan reporter, you have shown absolutely no bias in your news reports at all, and people have started trusting what they read there. You no longer allow da printing of press releases. Nothing is one-sided. For you, a turkey dinner with all da trimmings for good and extremely unbiased work this year.

Blogger-To-Da-Few Kathy "Back-Page" Barrrattta: You have won several achievements, including a number of BaconHead Awards. You started a blog as an election started, and tried to sell it once da election was over. It has turned into a chat room for da four member "He-Man Mosked man Hater's Club," and it's no surprise that da number of readers of this blog increased. For your Thanksgiving dinner, daTruthsquad offers you da town's biggest turkey - your blog, and stools for da 4 people who post there to join you for a dish of crow.

Committeewoman Susan Cohen: You spoke your mind and received a censure, while da Queen spoke her mind and was defeated in a landslide election. You can say you have served da last 22 months with honor and distinction, and became a role model of honesty as a member of da Township Committee. You said when you were elected that "You Work For Us." For as long as daTruthSquad can remember, you are da only one who not only backed up your slogan, and have done so with distinction. Your only flaw -- you said you won't run for reelection, which is something that isn't in da best interest of Manalapan residents, but understandable considering what you have been put through. You too get a dinner with all da trimmings, and our bountiful thanks.

Committeewoman Michelle Roth: You have had a very interesting year. You have been on da receiving end of two lawsuits, lost your biggest election by a historic landslide, went after da chief of police for calling you a "lady," and became da poster child for why Manalapan politics has been compared to that of places like Camden, Jersey City, and 3rd world dictatorships. Da voters have spoken, and who knows, they may speak again in two years. We could say a lot more, but instead, we'll just serve you up dinner. For Thanksgiving, you get a turkey, but due to all of da municipal tax increases you've handed Manalapan residents, your turkey has no meat - only bones. For your hubby, Sir Lawrence of Manalapan, for everything he has written on da so-called HATE blog, he gets a side dish of crow. And, no Italian take-out food will be allowed on Thanksgiving.

Da Mosked Man: You spent 25 months battling a lawsuit that in da end, da township was forced to withdraw due to no evidence. Da whole event would have been over, with no further legal activity, if not for a member of da township committee who wouldn't agree to da deal brokered by both parties and approved by da judge. Now ,you must sue da town for remedy for their lawsuit, which could cost taxpayers big. You now represent da chief in his discrimination lawsuit against da same people who went after you. While this year has been interesting for you, next year, with both lawsuits entering da discovery phase, which could be revealing to say da least, will be even more interesting. Your holiday dinner will consist of a turkey with all da trimmings, and a special thick steak served on a hot "Stone."

To all our brothers and sisters in da Manalapan Police Department, a safe year and thanks for all of your hard work. To our friends at EMS, thank you for your volunteerism and doing more with less thanks to da township committee. To da citizens of Manalapan and our worldwide readers, our promise to continue blogging until Manalapan is safe and rid of political incorrectness in Town Hall. To da people who continue, even in da face of danger, to supply this blog with inside da Town Hall information, our eternal thanks for being patriots for da cause of justice and rightousness.

DaTruthSquad wishes all of our thousands of weekly readers da very best this holiday. Be safe, be well, and try not to file any lawsuits against anyone, or defame anyone by speaking during meetings.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and that's daTruth.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Da Queen Pens "Da Sour Grapes of Roth"

You can call this a potential new chapter to another Manalapan lawsuit.

Not satisfied with just looking like da town under her leadership has spent over $16,000 so Manalapan Police Chief Stu Brown could get a paid-for one day suspension, Queen Michelle has made her first official statement since losing her State Assembly campaign by a historic landslide, and losing Manalapan voters even worse!

She penned a very tasteless editorial in da Asbury Park Press. In this latest Sour-Grapes-of-Roth-O-Gram, she:

1. Blames da newspaper for leaving out key facts. Isn't that like slipping on da shoe, and blaming da shoe?

2. "The first resulted in an internal affairs investigation." At what time did da Manalapan Police, or any police department Internal Affairs Division conduct any investigation into da Chief? In fact, da Chief was allegedly never given a RICE notice he was even being investigated by a town official - a big-time violations of rules.

3. "The township attempted for 10 months to resolve the dispute with the chief professionally." If that's da case, then why did da Chief feel he was being harassed to da point he felt he needed to file a lawsuit against those responsible for harassment?

4. "The Township Committee cannot and should not "roll over" every time a lawsuit or an appeal is filed." How quickly we forget da discrimination lawsuit filed against da police by 3 kids a few years ago. Da police wanted to fight it and have their day in court, but da Township Committee and da lawyers settled it for $$$$$$$ 6-figures - against da wishes of da police! Nice precedent setter there!!!

Now, to be fair, da Queen has every right to say what she wants to say. Da problem here is, what she has said could be deemed discriminatory and defamatory in nature, and as a township official it could cause trouble. As a township official in da middle of a discrimination lawsuit, and currently a DEFENDANT in that case, it could make matters worse for Manalapan.

Ask yourself this - would any lawyer worth their weight in Spam allow anyone they represent to not only say whatever they wanted about a case they were being sued in, but put it in writing and in that, take pot shots at the person bringing the lawsuit?????

Any lawyer, or first-year law school student, or any college student with a descent GPA who wants to go to law school will tell you, there's 3 things you NEVER do - especially if you personally have been named in a lawsuit:




So what did da Queen do????


"Because of Brown's prior behavior" ... "for his behavior and treatment of women." Let's see, da man has 29 years on da job, and how many compalints have been filed against him by people other than da Queen????? It appears, unless da township committee is hiding something, that number is "ZERO!"


She claimed da newspaper is hiding something on purpose, writing "I will fill in the details the editorial overlooked or ignored."


Did she hire a lawyer to represent her whose name is I.M. Stupid? Is she getting advice from fortune cookies? There are probably two-year olds at da pre-schools who are much smarter and know better than whoever's advising her. One can only imagine what da Manalapan Legal Dream Team thought of this after they fell out of their chairs reading it.

So, now that da Queen has inserted both feet and her pen in her mouth, how will da Mosked Man, who is representing da Chief as his attorney handle this? Since he was also defamed in that same editorial, what will he do since he also has his own legal case against da town and da Township Committee??

If you were in his shoes, what would you do? Would you use this editorial as evidence of a pattern of abuse by da Manalapan Township Committee?

DaTruth is, da Queen's editorial could be a potential problem in either legal case. Da very simple rule is -- you NEVER speak out while a legal matter is in motion. But then again, who is daTruthSquad to be handing out free legal advice to da Manalapan Legal Dream Team or their clients?

So we tried to figure out what da Mosked Man will do in this situation, from a legal perspective, asking our Legal TruthTellers for their opinions.

OPTION 1: Da Mosked Man could potentially use this editorial as evidence in da Chief's harassment case, showing that "pattern." That might be a stretch, but it is possible.

OPTION 2: Da Mosked Man could attach this to his own case, alleging da Queen defamed him. If daTruthSquad were a judge, this might be hard to prove, but again, in New Jersey, you can sue anyone for anything it seems.

OPTION 3: Da Mosked Man could write his own rebuttal editorial for da newspaper. We suspect he won't however, because when someone makes a mistake, you don't make da same mistake.

OPTION 4: Da Mosked Man will attend a Township Committee meeting, and interrupt a former mayor when he speaks to interject datruth instead of accusations. Hey, this is New Jersey, and anything is possible.

DaTruth is, on da surface, da Queen has put herself and da legal cases that she's a DEFENDANT in in a pretty bad spot. She talks about da legal case involving her and Chief Brown negatively, and she also speaks poorly about da Mosked man, who has filed a lawsuit against da town because of da actions of da Township Committee in da original "Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" frivolous lawsuit that after 25 months, da Township was forced due to their own persuit to drop da case! It will be interesting indeed how da Township must proceed in each case now that da Queen's pencil runneth over.

How does Manalapan proceed from here?

DaTruthSquad polled da TruthTellers, and we came up with some intriguing options on how to fix this case - and have a little fun too:

OPTION 1: Da Mosked Man and da Queen will be in a Steel-cage wrestling match at next year's Manalapan Day for charity. We came to da conclusion that if this happened, we expect da "Killer Queen" would actually beat da "Marauder Mosked Man" after she was illegally handed a "foreign object" by a cadre member sitting in da first row.

OPTION 2: In a "Thunder-Dome" setting, two people enter and one person leaves. We concluded that da Queen, both bigger and possibly heavier than da Mosked Man, could beat him with her breath.

OPTION 3: We decided to make both face their worst possible fears, and see who survives. We will send da Mosked Man on a fishing trip alone with former Mayor Spodak, after he has fully read da Brillo Blog. Da Queen's task will be to take her husband to Little Italy. Da advantage here goes to da Mosked man.

DaTruth is, what da Queen did with this editorial will quite probably only make matters worse. Yes, we just poked some fun at it, but daTruth is - this isn't a laughing matter. In da end, it will be da taxpayers of Manalapan who will have to pay for any judgment in this case, including fees for lawyers - and that of course for da taxpayers is nothing to laugh at. It will be interesting to see how da Manalapan Legal Dream Team handles this dilemma. We do expect that will be da last editorial da Queen will be writing for a while. We'll have our sources in Town Hall watching for da next move by both parties, and you'll hear daTruth about it here.

And that's daTruth.

Friday, November 13, 2009

For Sale - Controversial Blog - Low Miles - Original Owner

Want To Buy A Brillo Blog????

DaTruthSquad was recently checking out da "For Sale" section of a local newspaper looking for some office equipment, when all of a sudden an ad caught our eye:

"So-called HATE website for sale. Original owner. Low miles. Easy to maintain due to low readership. Hardly any posters. Bad reputation. Asking $500,000, but willing to accept pre-chewed bubblegum, wet leaves, hair gel or change of a nickel. Contact ASAP as I seriously need a life. Call as fast as you can."

Now, ironically, another website is also for sale, this one by a resident of Howell that allegedly discusses things in Manalapan. Da website has been called many things. It was started by a former "BaconHead" award winning reporter to discuss Manalapan topics. However, once it joined da blogisphere, it had an interesting impact on that blogishphere that made one website that caters to Manalapan useless, while driving up da readership levels of another website across da board.

Since it was daTruthSquad that has seen its reader numbers and unique visitors and returning visitors strongly increase even more than average since da inception of da Brillo-blog, we really can't be too unhappy with it. We do, however, feel bad for which has had post after post deleted until it has become meaningless for Manalapan residents.

However, da brief and what can be construed as an apparent unhappy short life of da Brillo-blog cannot be ignored.

There were a certain number of postings made, some of those none-too-kind to say da very least, about a certain Manalapan attorney who represented a father in da case of his son, a former Manalapan Mayor (he won that), battled da Manalapan Legal Dream Team for 25 months (he won that too), has a lawsuit pending against Manalapan Township and a sitting Committee member, and represents da Manalapan Chief of Police in a discrimination case against Manalapan Township and da Township administrator. There are also some none-too-nice threads and comments about this very blog, but we're all big girls and boys and we all believe in Freedom of Speech, so we can take those stick & stones.

Of course, that blog started at about da very same time daTruthSquad was da victim of some very persistent spammers who posted vile, hateful comments. Of course, when those spammers were uncovered and blocked, ironically, spamming of this blog became non-existent.

In da end, when you look at da Brillo-blog folks who have been making da most comments, you have a former multiple BaconHead Award winner, a guy who once said "Because I Hate Italians" during a Manalapan Township Committee meeting, a former fund lawyer once a party to fraud and deception charges who knows what it's like to spend quality time in litigation brought against him and his cohorts by da government's Securities & Exchange Commission, a current Manalapan political leader who has brought more lawsuits himself against Manalapan Township than da Mosked Man (and all didn't fare very well at all, except taxpayers paid for their defense), and another public citizen who proclaimed his support for da Queen, despite being an alleged GOP'er.

DaTruth is, besides littering Manalapan with hundreds of "Alleged Truth" signs allegedly paid for by some mysterious benefactor, this Brillo-Blog really didn't do much, except galvanize those who were against da Queen Roth's ascent to da State Assembly throne in Trenton to vote against her in a historic defeat. It didn't help Commissar Klauber either, who lost his election by a landslide of lawn signs. And, ironically, da Brillo-Blog was born around da time da Queen decided to make her run for State Assembly, and now is for sale shortly after her amazing historic landslide defeat.

We can only speculate that da old phrase, "Timing is Everything" is alive & well.

DaTruth is, we at daTruthSquad are unhappy to see da Brillo-Blog go away. Considering da increase in readers this blog has seen since da Brillo-Blog scrubbed its way into Manalapan, we really can't say anything too bad about it. Considering how it apparently rubbed some da wrong way, it could have actually impacted da election of da very same people it appeared to support. Of course, considering how much support da GOP received from Italian-Americans and uniformed officers, they really couldn't have helped much.

Obviously, this blog would also like to help if da Brillo-Blog owner would like to sell that blog. We've asked some of our TruthTellers to see how much da Brillo-Blog could fetch on da open market, or even what it would be good for. Here's what our TruthTellers discovered:

* Da Brillo-Blog and a mop will clean most dirty floors.

* Da Brillo-Blog and 25 cents will get you candy out of da candy machine at da local supermarket.

* Da Brillo-Blog and $8.00 will get you through da Lincoln Tunnel, without EZ Pass.

* Da Brillo-Blog, added to 100 pennies, equals $1 dollar.

* Da Brillo-Blog, if printed, can be used to cover your head when it's raining.

* Da Brillo-Blog, if printed, will turn yellow when covered in mustard.

* Da Brillo-Blog, if printed, is a waste of perfectly good paper.

* Da Brillo-Blog cannot be used for a "I'm really stupid because" defense any accredited attorney who has not been taken to task by da SEC in any legal case, because despite da obvious, any competent judge won't fall for it.

* Da Brillo-Blog, guaranteed to help your chosen candidate (Roth & Klauber) lose their election in a landslide.

* And finally, Da Brillo-Blog, used in conjunction with a very strong laxative, will give you relief when you need it most.

Yes, da Brillo-Blog is for sale, according to a post on that blog as told to daTruthSquad. We enjoyed da competition. We wish it well.

And that's daTruth.

Monday, November 9, 2009

DaTruth Revealed About "Lady-Gate" - And How Much Taxpayer-Funded Vendettas Are Costing

It became known as "Lady-Gate." News of Lady-Gate began when Manalapan Township Committee "Lady" Michelle Roth, who would later lose her State Assembly campaign by near historic proportions, claimed women basically weren't safe when in direct proximity to Manalapan Police Chief Stu Brown.

Of course, it escalated from there. Now there's rumors of an "investigation" of Chief Brown and alleged handling of other women in Manalapan Town Hall. Interesting how for 29 years of his employment, there wasn't a blemish on his record - not a word on how women from Marlboro to diamond mines in Zimbabwe and South Africa and all points in-between should fear for their lives, as we were led to believe by some.

Manalapan's Township Committee, led by da Queen, wanted to even go as far as add what would have been a $$$$$$$ 6-figured salary person to act as a go-between between da Chief and another $$$$$$ 6-figure individual, Township Administrator Tara Tiara.

In da end, it appears it was Brown who sought an end to this - to this chapter - as da township was spending even more $$$$$$$$$$ on lawyers fees.

Now, of course you can't go to da bathroom in Manalapan Town Hall it seems without a conspiracy theory. Manalapan's spin zone blames -- and gee what a shocker this is -- da Mosked Man for everything going on here. Da Asbury Park Press says that da lawyer Bitterman made da offer to "step down from the case during Thursday's court proceedings because he thought attorney Stuart Moskovitz, who is representing the chief in a separate, ongoing age-discrimination lawsuit against the township, interfered with Bitterman's ability to counsel the chief toward reaching a settlement."

Now, before you go believing what you might read on da so-called "Hate" website, this case isn't over. While da Chief will accept a one day suspension, and attend a session for a day, which is not in any way an admission of guilt - both days are days he will receive his full salary for!!! He isn't getting docked even one cent's pay!!!!

Why did he do this???

He did this because it isn't costing him anything - in fact, he basically gets a day off with pay out of it -- but for him, it also ends this small chapter in da story, and from da looks of it, at least for da moment slow da meter from running all over da wallots of da taxpayers of Manalapan.

How much has "Lady-Gate" cost Manalapan taxpayers for legal bills???

So far, low estimates have this bill at between $15-16,000, and da clock is still ticking. It will go even higher, because what da Mnalapan Township Committee could not do is come to a settlement in da Chief's age discrimination claim, which will go forward.

Why will it go forward?

Because da judge in da case tossed out da Manalapan Legal Dream Team's argument that da Chief's case was a frivolous one and had no merit, meaning obviously there was more than enough merit for it to go forward!

According to what da Asbury Park Press wrote, da Manalapan Legal Dream Team lawyer argued that a prior incident, and Tara Tiara's claim was good enough. Da problem here, and any 1st year tort lawyer would see this, is that da "prior incident" was one that da Chief was da one who submitted da claim, and Tara Tiara's "investigation" was not admissible as well since there was no detail about it.

FYI - da Tara Tiara "investigation" could come back to haunt Manalapan Township and da Queen and Tara Tiara, because it appears da Chief was never given a RICE notice as per da law, meaning he never knew he was even being investigated for claims he never knew about from people he may or may not even know! That's something that could be traced right back to Tara Tiara, because she's da Township Administrator and da direct superior of da Chief in Manalapan's pecking order of personnel!!!!!

Now, let's see what your nearly $16,000 YOU DA TAXPAYER has spent has gotten for you:

1. A one-day all-expenses paid suspension for da chief that YOU WILL PAY FOR, valued at about $575.00 before taxes!

2. A one-day all-expenses-paid "counseling" course that da chief will be paid for, also valued at about $575.00 before taxes THAT YOU WILL PAY FOR!!

3. Da Chief didn't even have to plead guilty to anything -- he only had to admit he "raised his voice" during a meeting!!!

4 So far, about $15,800 in legal bills THAT YOU ARE PAYING FOR!!!!

So, let's recap:

*** Da Chief still gets full-pay for his extra day off - and gets full-pay to attend a "counseling" session for "raising his voice." And, da discrimination case he has against Manalapan Township, Tara Tiara and da Queen still continues!!!!!

*** I guess for folks like da Queen, Tara, da Commissar and their supporters, that's money well spent -- expect it's not their money --- IT'S YOURS!!!!!

*** And yes, da meter is still running here.

DaTruth is, this deal was da best possible deal for Chief Brown. He basically gets two days off WITH FULL PAY, and his discrimination case against Tara Tiara and da Queen will continue! Yes, he does get a small one-liner on his personnel record, but at his age and years of experience, does that really matter? Will that really be a detriment to him?? Will he not get a pension because of it??? Does it tarnish him even da slightest???? Basically, YOU DA TAXPAYER have and are paying still for another Gang of Three sponsored witch hunt at taxpayer expense.

Now, those who guard your pursestrings, being da Queen and Tara Tiara and da Commissar, said they pursued action against da Chief to "protect da township from future lawsuits that could involve da chief's behavior toward other women, said da Asbury Park Press newspaper.

We can actually only hope and pray that da Tara Tiara and Queen's "Blue Ribbon Five Star Turn-over-all-rocks Inquisition-like Please-someone-find-evidence" Investigation (ALSO AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE) finds something against da Chief, because if not, not only will this completely exonerate da Chief, but it will be unbelievably costly to da Taxpayers who will have to foot one huge settlement check to da Chief for what they are putting him through --- and remember who da Chief's lawyer is --- Da Mosked Man, da arch-nemesis of da Queen, da Commissar and Tara Tiara.

Doesn't it sound more and more like politics as usual in Manalapan????

What will Ryan green do about this? How will he and Andy Boy vote on this once da Commissar is relieved of his township duties in January?? Will Andy Boy or da Queen be mayor and/or deputy mayor next year??? How much (and daTruthSquad believes da overall figure is already into six-figures) has Manalapan really spent on lawyers this year????

Many questions, not enough answers from township officials - and that's daTruth- da "Real" Truth.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Team Roth Drags Down Da Entire Manalapan Democratic Ticket!

Klauber is clobbered and Roth is routed!

Well, TruthTellers - YOU HAVE SPOKEN!!! You can fool some of da people all of da time, bully most of da people most of da time, and take politics deep into da bowels of da gutter, and it doesn't mean you'll win a New Jersey State Assembly election. In what was a resounding mandate by da people of Monmouth County in District 12, including Manalapan, Queen Michelle, Ruler of Manalapanistan wasn't just resoundly defeated for election to Trenton -- it was a landslide against her - and those who took orders from her!

It became for voters a "You can't be serious" moment. Michelle Roth, who never voted for a tax decrease in all her years on da Manalapan Township Committee, who didn't even get a coveted NJEA endorsement despite da fact her running mate works for da Board of Education, and her PR machine helped out by da Union County Democratic machine, it was her anger, angst and lawsuits against Manalapan Police Chief Stu Brown and his attorney, da Mosked man that may have doomed her campaign.

Da good news - Manalapan and Monmouth County will be represented in Trenton by proven tax cutters. Da bad news, da Queen, with her ego severely bruised, will probably become da next Mayor of Manalapan in 2010.

And, Roth's coattails pulled Commissar Klauber into da pit of despair too!

Much like Roth losing by a 2-1 margin, da Commissar lost by a Manalapan landslide!

Da Commissar, who signed off on everything da Queen did and said, joined her in da loser's column on election night. Yes, daTruthSquad endorsed him because of da way Ryan Green ran his campaign, but in da end, he too was kicked in da end by da "Stop Taxing Us Into Oblivion" express. Ryan Green, who hardly campaigned, was out-lawn-signed by a good 4-1 margin by Klauber signs, and didn't even do well in da debate, "Rothed" da Commissar in da election in a landslide 2-1 Manalapan margin.

DaTruth is, da Commissar has nobody to blame but himself. He never stood up to da Queen - even during his term as mayor. Like Con-zine pandering to his cronies, da Commissar too was not given a mandate by da voters, and was taken down by his associations and his tax and spend ways.

So, what sunk Team Roth?


It's hard to get upset with an esteemed public servant like Chief Brown, with his 29 years of faithful service to Manalapan. It's political suicide to badmouth a highly respected police officer and leader for calling you "lady" during an election year. Roth decided to do that in da most important election of her life. It not only backfired, it dragged down da Commissar with her. And Chief Brown may be da single-biggest reason, outside of taxpayer angst, that both da Queen & da Commissar lost by landslides!


She took on da First Amendment using taxpayer money - and lost. She took on da Mosked Man for two years using taxpayer money - and lost. Taxpayers, it seems, have spoken.


A number of people at one point called her "friend," that is, until "friend" became "fiend" and friendship was run underneath da tires of da Roth Express. Ask Mr. Gennaro. Ask Mrs. Schepler. Ask a certain member of da Cadre who provided details of da Mosked Man lawsuit to daTruthSquad. Ask a former Manalapan conductor. Ask Mr. Collincini. Ask Chief Brown. Ask any taxpayer hemmoraging $$$$$$$ to pay Manalapan municipal taxes. Ask them all, and they will tell you da tires from da Roth Express were grinded on them. Apparently, those with tire tracks on their backs have now spoken, too.


DaTruthSquad has heard from a number of TruthTellers who all said da same thing. This website made them decide to vote against da Queen, due to da rhetoric directed toward a certain few. People saw that da "truth" was not on that site, but on this one.

DaTruth is, da Roth landslide loss wasn't unexpected. Her campaign funding dried up soon after da whole Chief Brown affair began. Her traction with pro-police voters fell to zero. Democrats upset with her shenanigans turned their backs on her. Taxpayers saw through da lies, and those nifty, colorful mailers sent out by da GOP didn't help her either. Niether did da Asbury Park Press calling da Roth-led Manalapan Township Committee "one juggler shy of a circus."

DaTruth is, da folks daTruthSquad heard from who spoke of da Commissar all said da very same things -- He's a nice guy who stood by when wrongs were being done and turned his back on those wrongs. He left his legal ethics in his briefcase and stood by da Queen. In this case, he has nobody else to blame but himself. Even though he had more money, more signs, many more mailings, and an opponent who barely campaigned, he lost by a landslide. In da end, da only constant in all of this is his constant siding with da Queen.

Now, a new chapter in New Jersey turns. Governor Clown-zine is ousted. Da Queen is embarassed by landslide proportions. Da Commissar is ridden out of town on a taxpayer-funded rail. Which leads us to da next question -- when will "Da Wrath of Roth" rear its ugly head????

And, one more thing --- If you're a Democrat, and you have had any hint of corruption stain on you, look over your shoulder because you know Christie will be looking for you. And, in Manalapan, he and whoever he brings in as an attorney general now has da people's mandate to root out that corruption.

And that's daTruth.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Surprises for Da Coveted "DaTruthSquad" 2009 Political Endorsements

DaTruthSquad has polled our TruthTellers, and read a newspaper or two. So, with da Governor's mansion, da Lt. Governor's townhouse, state assembly, Monmouth County Freeloader and Manalapan mayor's races all up for grabs, here's da annual daTruthSquad coveted endorsements!

Governor: Chris Christie - da lesser of three evils!

Chris Christie may have been a great US Attorney, but as a campaigner for governor, his campaign has been a failure. In a state which, if it were an actual business could declare bankruptcy, where residents are taxed, fee-d and surcharged to their eyeballs, Christie is running in a dead-heat with da guy who wanted to jump Turnpike tolls by 800% and vows to increase da gas tax (and anything else that moves) after he's reelected! That's not a mandate - that's just pathetic. If Christie can't win in this state by 20 points, it's a loss for him. However, since four more years of Con-zine is worse than being imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay or living under Taliban rule, then we have no alternative but to vote this tax-hiker out. Daggett is exactly like Cor-slime, but without da beard. Chris Christie for Governor, because we don't have any other choice.

Lt. Governor: Kim Guadagno

DaTruthSquad has met both Little Kim & her grandmother, Miss Loretta Weinberg. Kimmie has a big future, and may one day run for governor (depending on this election, that could be 4 years from now). Miss Loretta is too easy to tax, wouldn't make a good governor and not ready for da job at hand.

Monmouth County Freeloader: Who cares.

District 12 State Assembly: Declan O'Scanlan and Carolina MachoGrande

Da current incumbents actually went to Trenton and tried real hard, which is more than some can say. However, here's why daTruthSquad didn't go for their challengers ----

1. When da ultra-liberal NJEA decided to to hand out ANY endorsements in District 12 - and that included a Democratic candidate who works for a school district, that's a very telling sign that there's something wrong with da Democrat's ticket.

2. When one of da candidates utters a rambling, potentially defamation-filled monologue about how dangerous a 29-year veteran of da Manalapan Police Department is, and chooses less than 60 days before da election to do it, it shows it could have very well been a publicity stunt by a PR guru to get votes. Not only did it not work, it could be da very reason their campaign has sunk like da Titanic.

3. Considering how much money Manalapan Queen Michelle Roth has cost Manalapan in lawsuits and bad press alone, can you imagine how bad things could get if she's allowed to run amok in Trenton?

4. When Manalapan Day is sponsored by a Union County law firm, and her biggest support comes from Union County, that spells trouble.

5. You know a ticket is bad when you actually feel sorry for John Amberg because of who his running mate is.

6. Where did Queen Michelle's business move to after it left its Gordon's Corner office? Their PR firm only has a local phone number and email address left to its name.

7. Four words -- "Because I Hate Italians

Even though MachoGrande will carry with her forever her "Anonymous Bombthrower" quote that got her national attention, she's still a better choice thn the person who put her in that position. A vote for da Queen is a rubber stamp of whatever Con-zine wants, and that won't do.

Manalapan Township Committee: Rick Klauber for re-election!

This is not a typo. This is not a joke, and yes, we're all heavily medicated on this one. Yes, da Commissar has been nothing more than a "Yes" vote for da Queen, and as an attorney, he sided with da Queen on lawsuit after lawsuit that so far have done nothing except cost taxpayers money (and will cost a whole lot more it appears). So, why Cash Klauber for reelection?

DaTruthSquad is completely unsure if his alleged challenger, Ryan Green, even knows if he's on da ballot. Klauber out-lawn signed Green by at least 3 to 1. Green has run no ads, sent out no mailings, and not actively campaigned as far as we know. For all we know, he could be on former mayor Spodak's boat in Florida fishing in da Caribbean.

Whoever is running or in charge of spiraling Green's lack-of-campaign into da ground is doing a horrendous job. For Green to take this kind of advice shows he's not ready to be a leader. Less than 14 days from da election, and daTruthSquad has taken to going to da supermarket to see if Ryan Green's picture is on da side of milk cartons! He has done nothing to deserve a taxpayer salary and taxpayer-funded benefits. And, at this point, it is unsure how he would handle the office, and if change in this case would really be worth it.

Now, to be fair, da Commissar hasn't been God's gift to da Manalapan Township Committee either. He promised to clean up meetings - he made them worse. His tax scheme this year is much like da same ones he railed against that were GOP-led - using surplus to balance things out - but since this is a Queenly election year, it had to be done to make them look good. Taxes soared overall during his 3 year reign. Manalapan roads are worse, traffic is worse, business tax revenue is way down, and Manalapan's reputation is much like Camden's without da violent crime - oh, and crime is up.

Overall, Commissar Rick Klauber doesn't deserve to be reelected, but his opponent, thanks in large part to whoever is giving him his marching orders doesn't deserve to be elected even less.

And that's daTruth.

On a side note, da Freehold RHDS came to their senses and decided to stop their absolutely insane subpoena party of anonymous bloggers. Kudos to da Asbury Park Press for da stand they took, and da TruthTellers for voicing their outrage, and da Mosked Man for taking da case (he should know a little something about First Amendment law after all he's been through).

And, to that one inane drone who on da school board who says there was nothing wrong with da subpoena party "if they have nothing to hide," just a reminder --- A thorough investigation shows da FRHSD isn't located in North Korea or da former Soviet Union, and you are not Big Brother. Da school is located in da United States, which has a Constitution, a set of laws, and da First Amendment which we believe you may even teach something about in your school! If you think the notion is OK, then we propose putting cameras in your house, and tracking on your computer and car to track your movements. We're all sure you have nothing to hide -- right?

Friday, October 23, 2009




IT'S ROUND TWO - The Freehold Regional HS District Is Making YOU Pay For Another Taxpayer-Funded Fishing Expedition To Seek Out Anonymous Posters!

Almost two years since da Manalapan Township Committee found out you can't use taxpayer money to go after anonymous bloggers who write things you don't like, da Freehold Regional High School is basically doing the exact same thing!

Da FRHSD ordered their legal eagle to start writing subpoenas, demanding through their taxpayer-funded lawyers that hand over da full name, home address and email address of as many as 20 individuals and their screen names! Why do these Inquisitors want this information --- because apparently, da high-priced and in some cases six-figured salaried members of da FRHSD didn't like what some citizens who pay their salaries through their taxes in da district are saying!

Did these folks not read newspapers, or radio and TV accounts throughout da world what happened down da road in Manalapan just two years ago?

Question -- Is it possible these folks fell asleep when their history teachers were discussing da First Amendment? Did they call out sick on that day in elementary school? Was da First Amendment not taught in those diploma mill schools that handed out graduate and doctorate degrees like candy?

If what happened to daTruthSquad two years ago didn't chill you to da core - this will. Again, YOUR TAX DOLLARS will be paying for a fishing expedition by those in power who control YOUR TAX DOLLARS to find out who a handful of people are who don't agree with what da FRHSD does during their meetings!

Is this how you want your tax dollars to be spent????

This amazing story - Round Two in da Battle of Free Speech in Monmouth County - was reported in a story by da News Transcript. Their reporter, who apparently is not biased at all and has no allegiances that could cloud her judgment, writes da President of da FRHSD signed off on this fishing expedition.

The subpoena issued to states that “I (Lawson), as president of the FRHSD Board of Education, in anticipation of the disciplinary hearing of John Doe and/or Jane Doe to be held before the board, demand that you produce the following materials …” to the district’s counsel.

You can't make this stuff up!

And, making matters worse, daTruthSquad's embedded sources have uncovered that da bureaucrats at da FRHSD believe some of those 20 may be on da payroll, so they want to bring them up on disciplinary charges.

This has been confirmed by da Asbury Park Press, who had in their newspaper a quote from one of these yahoos who think this type of behavior - speaking out about alleged wrongs - should be done in da open because as we all know - there's never repercussions in things like this.

"Howell representative William Bruno on the school board said he was in favor of the Aug. 31 subpoena. "If they have nothing to hide, what's the problem?'' Bruno said."

And here's another little tidbit you can't make up --- 12 of da 20 screenamed individuals are being represented by -- da Mosked Man!!!!

You really can't make this stuff up!

And, talk about parallels -- it appears da Mosked Man already found a problem with da subpoena filed by da lawyers for da FRHSD.

Now, not that daTruthSquad wants to hand out free legal advice, but since we've been though this taxpayer-funded witch hunt before, allow us to hand over some expertise.

First, there's legal precedents against such actions by da FRHSD, where schools have tried to get anonymous source names and came up empty. For details on this - read da EFF's well defended case brought by the Sperry, Oklahoma school district which has parallels to what is happening in Freehold now.

Second, there's also another legal precedent to review, somewhat recent, called "Da Township Of Manalapan Vs Da Mosked Man." You may want to brush up on this one, because it cost Manalapan taxpayers a lot of money and worldwide embarrassment, thanks to da Roth, Lucas & Klauber-led Manalapan Township Committee. Third, they'd better hope da subpoena they submitted is da right kind (da Manalapan Legal Dream Team made that mistake too), or this will become even more embarrassing for da FRHSD.

DaTruth is, it appears here is another situation of some high-priced folks who can dish it out but apparently can't take it. Da FRHSD has spent over a year now battling what may be da worst image problem in da state. It's top-guy was found to have a diploma-mill degree from a school kicked out of a 3rd-world nation, and at least two states, that taxpayers paid for! Da FRHSD became da laughingstock of da nation due to this - is now going after people who are not happy with da very district they pay taxes to maintain!

DaTruthSquad is outraged for two reasons - one, daTruthSquad went through this and knows exactly what it is like to have a government-funded bureaucracy with unlimited deep taxpayer-funded pockets go after you because it doesn't like what you are saying about it, airing it's dirty laundry for all to see. Two, in da United States of America where men and women fight for our rights under our Constitution, some folks apparently think that parchment is nothing more than toilet paper, or something to make a paper airplane out of. Over 200 years ago, men and women died on da hills of da very town where da FRHSD calls home in one of da most important battles of da Revolutionary War. They died so we da people could have freedoms, including Freedom of Speech, freedom to assemble, and freedom to be outraged (if need be) by what our political leaders do.

Let's also remember Superior Court Judge Flynn's ruling regarding da anonymous blogger daTruthSquad in da case of Manalapan vs Moskovitz:

And I [...] recognize that there are First Amendment issues with regard to disputes with the past administration. And that anyone [...] has a right to make their feelings clear. And they have a right not to be intimidated by the issuance of discovery requests in order to shut them down. For that reason, in many ways, the authority cited by the intervenor is correct and accurate. And first of all the [...] blogger, if in fact it’s an individual person, and I’m assuming absent any evidence that it is another individual person, has a right not to be drawn into the litigation and forced to reveal identity or to impede on his or her First Amendment rights simply on a suspicion..."

Maybe it's time that at da next FRHSD meeting, people go up one by one and read da First Amendment of da Constitution to these very taxpayer-funded people who are attempting to take away your liberties. Brave men and women shed blood and die so we can have these freedoms. They should not be forsaken - and daTruthSquad will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you in this battle. We have fought it before - and we will do it again - and anytime people's rights to Free Speech are usurped.

And let's also remember one critical point - You should never yell "Fire" in a crowded theater. That is against da law and not what Free Speech is about. However, in this great nation we live in, we da people do have da right to assemble, have opinions, and discuss our opinions, even if da government or a taxpayer-funded bureacracy doesn't appreciate those opinions. If you doubt that, ask da Marine taking on da Taleban in Tora Bora, or da army medic helping people in da Sunni Triangle, or those who spilled blood in da rice paddies of Viet Nam, or da fields in France, or entombed in da USS Arizona, or on a field over 200 years ago in what is now Freehold and Manalapan, New Jersey. Those patriots will tell you that they fought, bled, scarificed, and even died so you can have da right to speak.

Some folks whose salaries YOU pay for in da FRHSD seem to have forgotten that fact. It's time at their meetings people respectfully remind them.

And that's daTruth!

Monday, October 19, 2009

HELP!!! Even daTruthSquad Can't Keep Up With All Of Da Manalapan Township Committee Excuses!

TruthTellers - you can't make this stuff up! In da ongoing case of da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man, which is now going to become "da Mosked Man vs da Township of Manalapan, Queen & Tara," Manalapan's Queen Assembly candidate has come up with yet another excuse as to why da town and da Manalapan Legal Dream Team pursued this "case to nowhere" for 25 months.

According to da Queen --- Da Lawyers Told Us To!!!!!!!!!

Now, wait. DaTruthSquad thought that both Commissar Klauber and Queen Roth told anybody that would listen that 5 members of da Manalapan Township Committee voted on this? It used to be da Mosked Man's fault. Then it somehow became this blog's fault for writing about it. Then it went back to being da Mosked Man's fault. Then it became da fault of those da Gang of Three claimed "leaked" info. Then it was back to being da Mosked Man's fault. So now it's da lawyers fault? Wait, didn't they stop da case because it was da Mosked Man who didn't go through his insurance carrier, so da Gang-of-Roth thought they would have a hard time recouping da entire $10,500 for da soil cleanup - which was another excuse?

Now, to be fair, we think this Snoozer guy Rosman could have caught da Queen by surprise. Maybe he asked he a question and didn't giver her a week to think about it before writing a press release answer?

So, now we're led to believe as da Excuse Express piloted by da Queen comes "round" da bend, that now they had absolutely no control over this case -- it was da Manalapan Legal Dream Team who did everything without regard to da Manalapan Township Committee? Da lawyers paid for by Manalapan run Manalapan?? Despite being told what was going on, and voting monthly for Manalapan Legal Dream Team legal bills, they had no clue as to what they were paying for??? So da Manalapan Township Committee paid a bunch of Dream Team lawyers and had no clue as to what they were billing untold-thousands of dollars for???? Are we to believe that da standard-operating-procedure when you hire a lawyer is they do "whatever" and just bill you later without telling you what they do?????

We can only speculate now that this is how things are done in Manalapan.

So, this now begs an interesting question --- who really runs Manalapan - da lawyers, or those who pay their bills, being da Manalapan Township Committee? Before we answer that, we thought that in da future, da Queen might need more excuses, so we asked da TruthTellers to come up with some for her to use.

So, to be fair, daTruthSquad has compiled da Top 10 reasons that da town decided to drop da Mosked Man lawsuit:

10. Da dog ate da lawsuit.
9. Someone stole former Mayor Spodak's prized shovel and buried da lawsuit.
8. Fearing da Mosked Man couldn't sell any of his 3 cars, half-million dollar home, his Rolex, vacation property, or his closet full of shoes and sometimes-matching ties, Roth's taxpayer-funded mathematicians figured there was no way he could scratch together $10,500!
7. I can't answer right now. I'm waiting for the Union County Democrats to tell me what to say.
6. I'm busy not paying attention to you so I can do this Suduku puzzle.
5. Will someone please ask former Mayor Spodak to come up and question Committeeperson Susan Cohen about something she has nothing to do with?
4. Sorry, I was talking out of da other side of my mouth.
3. My husband must have lost those papers moving my business office from Gordon's Corner to my house.
2. Larry, go up during the public session and say something about Italians.
1. All of da developers giving me donations, even though I don't take money from developers, they told me to!

It almost harkens us back to da day of da Nurenburg War Trials, when one after another, da evil-doers continued to say, "We were just following orders."

Now that da Queen has an ample supply of excuses, let's look at her statements to actual accredited, employed and non-biased newspaper reporter Mark Rosman.

ISSUE 1: "After following the advice of several township attorneys and after having received an affidavit of merit from an expert confirming that a good faith basis for a legal malpractice claim existed."

DATRUTH: Who were these "several township attorneys" who, if da Queen is accurate, strong-armed da Township Committee into pursuing this lawsuit? That's a question to ask da Queen at da next meeting. We know da 2005 township attorney didn't OK this, because da Mosked Man probably wouldn't OK a lawsuit against himself. This means da 2007 and 2008 township attorneys could all on da hook here - if da Queen is accurate.

ISSUE 2: "The Township Committee instituted the malpractice lawsuit after following the advice of several township attorneys and after having received an affidavit of merit from an expert confirming that a good faith basis for a legal malpractice claim existed."

DATRUTH: As for da "expert," we can guarantee you that daTruthSquad can find a "legal expert" that can probably claim in a real legal document "for da right amount of money" that with no uncertain terms, Mayor Klauber is a cockerspaniel, Committeeman Andy Boy has more hair on his head than Tara Tiara, and Queen Roth is an actual space alien from da planet Bean. Again, all you need is a lawyer who claims to be an "expert," and some cash to pay them.

ISSUE 3: "Mr. Moskovitz never produced any expert reports to contest ours. Therefore, the township's affidavit of merit was never challenged or refuted by any legal malpractice expert in this matter."

DATRUTH: If we believe da Queen's logic here, then all da Mosked Man had to do is go into his legal database, find a lawyer friend who wanted some $$$$, and have that "legal expert" say da Mosked Man did absolutely nothing wrong, and that would have ended everything?!?!? If that excuse works, then it's probably safe to say there will NEVER be another lawsuit in da United States - ever - since all you'd need is an "expert" to say it isn't a lawsuit, and that ends everything!!! OMG - da Queen has solved Tort Reform!!!! Since that probably wouldn't have worked, then da Queen may want to try another excuse. If your Public Relations database doesn't have any that you haven't used yet, feel free to take one from da Top 10. Oh, and whatever happened to that excuse - "All 5 members of da Township Committee voted on it?"

ISSUE 4: "Several motions to dismiss Mr. Moskovitz's third party complaints against other individuals, however, were granted earlier this year."

DATRUTH: Yes, da 3rd party complaints were dismissed, but much like da Queen's mea culpa in September, some obvious facts were conveniently omitted. First, that happened in June when Manalapan, running dangerously low on lawyers because their Dream Team was unraveling and having nothing to do with da case da Queen says they were running, was having da case overseen by Coo-Coo-Cuccachario, with Commissar Klauber in attendance. Second, they originally made a deal with da Mosked Man to have him abandon da 3rd party complaints, and da town will drop da case and formally and publically clear him of any wrongdoing. Da deal was approved by da judge. It apparently was not approved by one particular member of da committee said "NO WAY JOSE!"

Ironically, by not abiding by their agreement to end da case da way they agreed, it did allow for da 3rd party cases to be dropped - at da Mosked Man's request - because now that actually opened up da door - with da judge's knowledge - that da Mosked Man could personally sue individuals - as well as da entire town - for millions of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. If they agreed to da original agreement, da Mosked Man would have waived his right to sue anyone!!!!! That is why da 3rd party lawsuits were dropped -- so da Mosked Man can sue those 3rd party people - and they may if a judge agrees, have to pay for their own lawyers and not have taxpayers pay for it.

ISSUE 5: "the Township Committee determined it was more fiscally responsible to voluntarily dismiss the action than to expend municipal resources to litigate in the hope a recovery might be available."

DATRUTH: That decision came at da very same time contingency fee attorney Dream Teamer Weeks decided to drop this 2-year old case like a bad habit. This would mean "Hear No Evil, See No Evil and Looking Evil" would have to go to da taxpayeers during an election year and say they would have to pay even more money for lawyers in this case - which they had 90 days to search and came up with NO lawyers who wanted to have their hands soiled by this case! Da Roth public relations team probably figured it was standard operating procedure to blame da Mosked Man for everything anyway (Manalapan lawsuits, Hindenburg didaster, Lindbergh baby kidnapping, stock market crash, global warming, trucks on Woodward Road, da Middle East) - so blame this on him too. If anyone believes da Mosked Man couldn't scratch together $10,500 (da actual cost of da contaminated soil cleanup), then you'll probably believe da news about those new tolls on Woodward Road and Iron Ore Road they're putting up, (but you can use EZ Pass to pay them).

DaTruth is, you either have to be completely ignorant or an avid reader of a certain alleged "Hate" site to actually believe excuse after excuse from "Hear No Evil, See No Evil and Looking Evil." Da reality is, there is now a lawsuit filed by da Mosked Man against Manalapan and others, and da worst of this isn't da actual lawsuit being filed - it's what happens after. Soon, both sides will go into what is called "discovery," when da Mosked Man, or any lawyer could ask for just about anything they want by filing da proper legal papers. In effect, they could possibly be asking for and receiving information from Executive Sessions, other Town Hall info, potentially and possibly personal & financial information about da new "Defendants," and other potentially damaging information.

DaTruth is, don't be surprised if da next excuse is, "We feel this lawsuit was frivolous, but our insurance carriers told us to settle it and we were forced to do what they told us to."

Apparently in Manalapan, you do what da lawyers tell you to do. And that's daTruth.