Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Excuse Me Teacher, What Is "Evidence?"

Simon Says - Any Evidence, Perhaps???

Anybody who knows anything about Manalapan's school district knows two things - Great Teachers and James Wasser. Now, add a third - Tenure-Gate.

It seems da principal of Manalapan High School has not been behind his desk lately. In fact, Principal Jeff Simon hasn't been allowed to walk the halls of his high school since December when he was put on paid leave. Why was Simon put on paid leave? Da problem was - nobody knows why - apparently not even Simon's lawyer!

So, Simon says, I'd like to know why I can't work but am still getting paid to do nothing. Simon says - Hire a Lawyer. Da question is - who should Simon hire?

Simon says - get da best lawyer available? Simon says - Hire da Mosked Man!

Does Simon really need a lawyer? Simon says - You Bet'cha!

Da other day, it was reported in da local online newspaper that da Board of Education voted in CLOSED session after a meeting to certify tenure charges against Simon, and then walked into a crowded B of E meeting to let everyone know what they did without public knowledge, to da dismay and ire of da people in attendance. It seems, in reality, da board had no choice, as da Mosked Man had done what any good legal eagle would - asked them if before da Mayan calendar predicts a doomsday that they might find in their hearts to actually charge his client with something!

So, not only did da B of E announce three tenure charges that have been filed against Simon by the Freehold Regional High School District Board of Education - they also announced they have a high-powered (and guess who's paying for this one) law firm of Schwartz, Simon, Edelstein & Celso handling their case!

Now, da even bigger question -- Did Simon deport children? Did Simon leave his wife like that California teacher for a student? Were "Birthers" looking into Simon's birth certificate? Is he daTruthSquad?

As far as can be determined, none of these claims were made, although da process is still young.

Here's what Simon has allegedly been accused of --- (1) alleges mishandling of student activity funds and accounts --- (2) alleged missing money from a Manalapan High School event --- (3) alleges he took $2,000 from da till of a high school play, and (4) placed kids at risk.

Now, to be fair, these are all serious charges on da surface. Also, to be fair, in one of these charges, Simon had originally made whistelblower claims against da very person who now claims he took da money.

Simon claims, and it was apparently done 2 years ago, according to da Manalapan Patch, "Simon alerted Board Secretary and Business Administrator Sean Boyce about Louise Dellasala, who had opened a checking account in both her name and “Manalapan High School” as well as gained a debit card from the account and established a credit card in her name and the high school’s name."

According to da Mosked Man, "She had access to all of the money, she handled all of the money, she’s got these bogus accounts and she’s the accuser saying he stole the money." Could this be a "he said 2 years ago/she now says" situation? Moskovitz adds, "all play funds are collected after the play has completed its run. Dellasala approached the play director and asked for the money before the play completed its run; the play director did not comply and rather gave Simon the funds once the play run had ended. Simon later gave the funds to Dellasala when she requested it. In Dellasala’s affidavit, she indicates that Simon provided her with money to deposit, but she later found envelopes in a plastic bin drawer beneath Simon’s desk that listed the amounts of the funds on them and she is alleging that Simon provided her with $2,000 less than the amount listed on the envelopes."

Now, it appears both Simon and his extremely highly competent counsel are not going to take this sitting down - and while we're at it - what was she doing looking under his desk for things?

Simon and da Mosked Man attended da B of E "surprise," and tells da newspaper he is “unfairly being victimized by a retaliatory, revengeful act in violation of the Conscientious Employee Protection Act”. Simon went on to say that “not a single one of the 12 charges is valid, truthful, substantiated with evidence, warranted, legitimate, or reason for tenure charges to be brought against [him].”

To be fair, da B of E released a statement of their own, including "Many of the comments and allegations (made by Simon) are highly inappropriate and wrongly impugn the credibility of employees in good standing." So, they are standing with da people Simon accuses.

Of course, da Mosked Man would never let an inflammatory statement like that sit by, sending out one of his own from da Patch that says "Not one word of Mr. Simon's certification is untrue. Not a single word. Had the District truly wished to 'take the necessary steps to preserve and protect the integrity of this institution'as they claim in their press release, they would not have maliciously impugned the character and reputation of a highly respected principal with not a shred of evidence other than the bald statements of those with an improper ax to grind, they would have taken action against those who in fact have perpetrated misdeeds at taxpayers expense, they would not have insisted on voting to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on this witch hunt prior to hearing the public, knowing hundreds of people were in the auditorium waiting to be heard on the matter, they wouldn't have chosen to cavalierly jeopardize the admissions to the colleges of their choice of dozens of students who deserve better from their school district, and they wouldn't do all of this at the direction of a law firm they had removed as Board counsel due to bad advice, poor judgment and questionable billing in the past."

Now, if you didn't think this would get even more interesting, you probably don't know much about Manalapan buearacrats.

First, you have one person alleging a crime was committed by Simon - a person who Simon alleged some wrongdoing about that person 2 years ago. Then, you have another school individual who claims Simon walked off with a couple of hundred dollars - and that person too was once disciplined by Simon!

Oh, and then there's da other "wrongdoing" alleged committed by Simon which includes "alleged mismanagement of several fire drills." Yes, that's not a typo. He allegedly "risked the safety of students and employees" during those fire drills."

DaTruth is, you have in Simon a highly popular and hard-working leader, who now faces charges against him brought by someone he had already whistleblew on and another whom he once reprimanded. And, you have da district now contending that he ran fire drills that somehow put kids at risk - an allegation that yes, we have to admit, even shocked daTruthSquad!!! By da way, they have apparently not yet released why they believe there was "alleged" fire drill "mismanagement." Was he not wearing a shiny red fireman's hat?

For that, untold "hundreds of thousands of dollars" will be spent at taxpayer expense to go after Manalapan's High School principal, who, ironically, is now is on unpaid leave after his lawyer demanded to know da charges against his client.

DaTruth is, and this is from da Manalapan legal eagle's themselves, claiming their charges might be "perhaps, criminal in nature.” Note da word, "perhaps." "Perhaps" they are, "Perhaps" they are not. Here are some other questions to "perhaps" consider - Who "perhaps" directed the secretary to go through da office of da principal to locate alleged envelopes? Did these alleged envelopes actually "perhaps" exist? What "perhaps" was the status of the whistleblower claim made by da Principal against da secretary prior to "envelope-gate? How far did da "alleged investigation" into Simon really go? Who actually did da "investigation, who "perhaps" ordered it, and were actual crime-fighting investigators even "perhaps" involved? Did da board "perhaps" just take da word of employees who were either disciplined/and or whistelblew on?

Any lawyer will tall you it's not whether you are guilty or not - it's what you can prove. In this case, are the charges actually able to be proved against Principal Simon? Is da B of E's 120-minute closed-door meeting worth a six-figure taxpayer-funded investigation? Is it possible da B of E is either, knowingly or unknowingly, moving forward without all 100% of da facts proven in da allegations?

DaTruth is, we have seen in da last five years well-over six-figure taxpayer-funded lawsuits fought by da Township of Manalapan against daTruthSquad, against da Mosked Man, against da former Police Chief, and also ridicule heaped on Manalapan and da Manalapan-Freehold Board of Ed over "Diploma-Mill-Gate." Now, we have da principal of Manalapan High School facing charges, with allegations in part brought by someone he whistleblew on, and another he once reprimanded. There are too many questions indeed that are going unanswered, and those are just in this blog!

Now, to be fair, nobody is saying that da teacher and da secretary have done anything improper, and we will not be saying anything regarding that nor should we. What is being asked is - is da "evidence" that has been submitted bonafide, da character of da witnesses completely unquestionable, and is this a case that deserves to be given merit? Those are questions any lawyer representing a client would in all liklihood ask. Have those questions been asked?

Maybe it's time da state performed an impartial investigation into this. Otherwise, taxpayers could, "perhaps" be potentially on da hook for a six-figure fishing expedition.

Simon says - do da right thing and properly investigate this matter. Let daTruth be told.

And that's daTruth!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Da GOP & Manalapan GOP - Family Resemblences?

Now that Manalapan for the first time in a number of years has a mayor that will work in da best interest of all da people, and one who will put da people before da land grabbing self interests, we can take da time to look at what you could actually call an offshoot of Manalapan politics -- da Republican primary for president of da United States. If you look at da four participants, you could actually see a bit of Manalapan in each and every one of them.

Thanks to da GOP'ers and their efforts to one-up each other at da expense of their own party.....

First, you have Ron Paul, who, if he lived in Manalapan would best resemble one of those called a "renegade" back in the 2007-2009 era of Manalapan politics. Yes, Ron Paul is a Republican, and that cannot be denied. However, he is also not one of those GOP'ers who fit into da mold of da current politburo of Manalapan GOP politics. He's cast as an outsider, as he was at CPAC. He's cast as someone not in da mainstream of da GOP's far right establishment, much like some of Manalapan's great GOP foot soldiers were in 2007-2009. Because of that, he has as much chance to win as Land Baron Andy Boy has of having longer hair than Mrs. Land Baron.

Next, you have Rick Santorum. He's ultra conservative. He's apparently never met an earmark he didn't like. He'd spiral woman's rights back to a day when man shot dinner, and woman plucked it and cooked it while wearing da Muslim equivalent of a Burqa. In a way, he's da Jordan Moskowitz of Manalapan politics. Santorum has principles he believes and doesn't shy from and will stand for them like Jordan "Stu." He's a man's man, like Jordan "Stu." He believes in law and da truth, and has never voted for a Manalapan earmark as far as we know.

Then, you have Newt Gingrich. It seems da Newtster has never met a reality he's like to change and make into his own. It seems as if da truth, to Newtonian, is whatever best suits him at that given moment, much like a former recent Manalapan mayor. While he went after Bill Clinton for having "sex with that woman" who was not his wife, Newton was busy cheating as Speaker of da House - da #3 position in politics - cheating on his own wife with "that woman" who would become wife #2, before he left her for wife #3 (or was that cheated on wife #1 for wife #2)? While Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery has never cheated on his only wife, his hair color and prodigious girth are most like da eye of da Newt.

Which brings us to Willard "Mitt" Romney. He claims he's a working man, just like us. He claims to be an ultra-conservative, and just a guy like any guy. I guess that means every father in Manalapan has eight-figure trust funds for each of their kids, administered by some blind trust guy who parks more money in da Cayman Islands than we'll all ever see in 20 lifetimes. He governed from da left (appeasing Democrats), even though he now claims he's always on da right (to appease right wing Republicans). He was for universal health care and abortion before he was against it.

Now, who does he remind you of??????????

DaTruth is, while none of the GOP'er candidates for President reside in Manalapan, their current politics are akin to what we've all become used to in Land-Grab Acres. Da way things are, this primary will go straight through to da convention, with Mitt being bashed for being too rich, too out of touch, too left and too unelectable for GOP'ers, while Santorum is bashed for being too close to earmarks, too out of touch, too right and too unelectable for independents. Then there's Newt, who is too untruthful, too right while being too left, married way too many times and too unelectable for everybody, and Ron Paul seems to be too much of a wack-a-doodle for everyone in da GOP who isn't too libertarian. Add to all of this an economy growing, and unemployment falling, and businesses getting busier, and all of a sudden 4 more Obama years is becoming too much a possibility.

Da reality is, come October when both sides negative campaigns are in full swing, da GOP won't be able to say da Obama folks are lying or being too negative, because they will most likely be using commercials released by da GOP primary campaigns who were bashing their standard-bearer from January to da convention. And, da closer da primary stays, with Mitt not able to seal da deal, Rick wanting to take women's right and stow them in da stone age, Newt changing his tune like Pandora changes songs and Ron being Ron, then da Obama campaign will have more political ammo than da GOP ever had with candidates named Dukakis and Tsongas and Kerry combined, and it will be a bad night for GOP'ers in November.

Of course, you can also add to this that for da first time since Kennedy was President, a Democrat has kept our great nation safer than his GOP'er counterparts (nailed Osama, other big al-Qaida names, made "drones" a household word) and seems to be bringing us out of da great Recession while saving da auto industry and da banking industry and many other industries, all of a sudden he doesn't seem like this radical, out of control Muslim / Communist / Socialist / Marxist / Leninist / anti-American / anti-Business / anti-Job / anti-Jewish / anti-Democracy / anti-White / pro-Radical / pro-universal health care / pro-tax / pro-social warfare / pro-Europe / pro-Islamist guy who would doom America making us unsafe, unsuccessful, unDemocratic and unlike what da hard right of da GOP want us to believe we actually are.

DaTruth is, as da GOP campaign against itself continues, President Obama is looking better and better each day. Da polls say it, da people and Independent voters seem to say it, and soon da Obama campaign spin machine will be saying it too.

Maybe Mitt and Newt can move to Manalapan and run for Township Committee? Of course, it'd be tough for Mitt to own more land than Land Baron Andy Boy wants to own, and even Newt is smart enough to know da name of his own sister and not vote to give her a high-paying township Rec job.

And that's daTruth!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Da Color Of Failure Is Green

You have to admit that Manalapan's GOP did something right in empowering da GOP'ers "First Lady" as Mayor during the town's annual reorganization. After two years of rule under da wealthy landowner and soon to own more land Land Baron Andy Boy, Manalapan handed da keys to da mayor's office to Susan Cohen, da most highly qualified person of da now all-five super majority ruling class of 2012. Rest assured, Manalapan's elegant First Lady will represent not da interests of her party bosses, but instead work for da people of Manalapan, a very refreshing change to say da very least.

Now, who is da color of failure in Manalapan Green?????

Gather around da campfire TruthTellers and hear a tale of woe as only daTruthSquad can tell it:

Once upon a time, a young man flush with political ambition and a thirst for power saw how some benefited and wanted in to da party. So, in walked Ryan Green. He quickly rose through da political ranks, dutifully at da side of his somewhat rotund party boss backing his political masters at each turn.

He rose through da ranks to become "Deputy-Lucas," but that is not where our story ends.

In a thirst for power, he saw a Monmouth County Freeloader position may be within reach. Believing he was perfectly suited to be a Freeloader, Green tossed his beret into da ring and proclaimed with perceived political backing "Yes, I want to be a Freeloader!!!"

However, his ascention to da ranks of da Freeloader Board would prove not just to be a failure, it would prove to be both a miserable and an embarrassing failure, and prove even more to be an extremely embarrassing failure that would make da Manalapan GOP look like a rudderless ship.

Finding his own campaign gaining all da traction of a mule stuck in 10 feet of mud, da "Green Brigade" launched a political cheap shot at front runner Serena DiMaso, claiming she was part of a group attempting to sell Green Acres-funded land with a last-minute accusation that they must have at da very least assumed would throw a wrench into her very positive-run campaign. Green's Hornets tried everything, except maybe calling DiMaso a "Vulture Capitalist" or a "Socialist Marxist Communist."

However, DiMaso, who you can call da "Susan Cohen of Howell" for her elegance, grace and willingness to stand for all da people, instead fired back calling what Green's Goblins did nothing in effect nothing more than 11th hour politics by a failed candidate who couldn't tell da difference between a tomato and da Empire State Building. She released a statement, saying "The Plum Lane property that Ryan ‘read’ about was not purchased with Green Acres money. It was donated to the Township and is surplus land" and then said "If Ryan wanted to engage in a genuine debate about open space, why wait until the 11th hour with a press release? I saw Ryan on the campaign trail three times this week. He has my number and my email. He could have brought this up anytime. This type of last minute distortion is very disappointing coming from a so called Republican. Maybe Ryan’s ambition and NJEA DNA is more dominant in his character than his status as a Republican, especially one who promised to run a positive campaign. If he broke this promise to a fellow Republican, what promises will he break to the Monmouth County taxpayer? ”

Poor "Lyin' Ryan." He should know after working hand-in-hand with da Manalapan GOP Axis of Evil that rule #1 is "When your already deep in a hole - stop digging," and rule #2 is "If you are a perceived Crony Capitalist who backs a land grab that made statewide headlines as a perceived 7-figure partisan political payout, don't shine a light on what you did by falsely claiming someone else is doing it too - especially if they are not."

Well, TruthTellers, da proof is in da GOP'er pudding on this one.

Da GOP'ers all pulled up to da trough and had their nominating event. With daTruthSquad neatly tucked away in da corner and unknown to da GOP'ers in da room, we all watched as da official proceedings took place. Da nominations began, and while da great Jennifer Beck nominated Serena DiMaso, since it appears nobody else wanted da honors, da Manalapan Party Boss Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery nominated "Lyin' Ryan," becoming da only actual party boss who did not hold a county or statewide office to make a candidate nomination!

Then, da vote. With nearly 500 county committee people and a room filled with dignataries and others, and let's not forget daTruthSquad neatly tucked away, Serena took nearly half of all da votes in da first round of ballots - Serena with 243, Howell Mayor Walsh with 140, another guy with 64 and trailing da pack - there was Lyin Ryan with a mere 39 votes!

Walsh, who decided not to allow a runoff, graciously withdrew, leaving Serena just a swearing-in away from becoming a Freeloader!

But, back to Private Ryan.

What became embarassingly clear to everyone in da room was da Green Monster's mere 39 votes. Not only did he prove that his 11th hour political stunt backfired worse than an Edsal with a bad carbourator, he also pulled down some of his supporters with him, but before we go there, why is the number 39 so demeaning to da Manalapan GOP???

Well, TruthTellers, it means that with Manalapan having 52 county committee members, he couldn't even get their full support!!!!! This means that at da bare minimum, 13 Manalapan GOP'er County Committee members -- 25% -- didn't even vote for their own alleged "favorite son!" This means one of two things --- one, a bunch of Manalapan County Committee people picked a very wrong time to all take a smoke break together as da vote started, or Iron Girth doesn't have his own house in order!

Making matters worse, da great MoreMonmouthMusings called McEnery's GOP'er leadership in this case an "embarrassing failure." and Green and McEnery "damaged."

DaTruth is, my TruthTellers, Triple M is right. First, da Green Eggs and Ham team violated Ronald Reagan's 11th commandment. Second, da Green Cheesers picked on da wrong person. Serena DiMaso is beyond reproach, and with style and grace took her size-8 high heels and rammed it squarely in da unprotected hind parts of da 11th commandment breakers. In other words, Green now squarely finds himself in a deep hole that his mentor not only helped him dig, but left both shovels in da hole as evidence! Green Beans had da chance to be da next Manalapan mayor, but instead saw a bigger political salary at da Freeloader trough in his sights, even more high-paying than da town job he voted to have his sister take before that got exposed and Lyin' Ryan was forced to tell da world he didn't recognize his own sister's name!

Instead, da Greenie Baby became political fodder, his "elect ability" for bigger office can now be considered political poison, his party boss was exposed, and even more interesting, Land Baron Andy Boy even seemed to distance himself from this one, not even nominating his now alleged protege, and not even coming out with a statement fro da newspapers standing by his side in da "Green Acres-gate" they tried to tie to Serena, and this of course leads to an even bigger question --- was Andy Boy part of that group who took a smoke break when da vote was going on?????

Or, an even bigger question -- was there another agenda in place to explain Andy Boy's absence from Saving Private Ryan? Under whose orders did at da minimum one-quarter of all Manalapan County Committee folks not vote for their own alleged "favorite son?"

Just another day in da political life of Manalapanistan - and definitely political "Green Meat" food for thought.

And that's daTruth!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Another anniversary to remember - and holiday gift-giving from daTruthSquad!

At this time of year we at daTruthSquad remember many things - da plight of da taxpayer, those who are in need, and of course, da year 2007 when a group of politicians attempted to systematically remove da Constitution of da United States away from anyone who dared to simply do what our fathers and forefathers asked us to do - tell daTruth!

Yes, it was four years ago when daTruthSquad became a worldwide phenomenon after a group of politicians led by then-Mayor Andy Boy and daQueen sicked their legal bulldogs on a blogger whose sole mission was to inform town residents of a perceived wrong being done at taxpayer expense. In reality, what daTruthSquad was doing was simply exercising our First Amendment rights. What da Manalapan Township Committee wanted instead was to turn da town into Manalapanistan, and take away YOUR right to freedom of speech.

They expected us to hide in da corner and cower to their political might.

They expected us to shut our doors and move to a country that has Democracy as their form of government.

They expected us to be quiet so they could ruin da life of a great attorney and public servant.

They didn't expect we'd stand up against their plans, and be da focal point of worldwide rebuke against da Manalapan politicians who tried to silence a little old lady from Manalapan.

All you have to do to see just how far some politicians will go to keep their actions out of da public eye is to read how da Electronic Frontier Foundation stepped in, and not only had to correct da Manalapan Legal Dream Team who sent what was in effect an unenforceable subpoena, but also stood up to da Manalapan politicians and their Dream Team of taxpayer-funded attorneys and saved da people of da United States before da First Amendment and da Constitution of da United States could be torn to pieces for political gain!

See da Taxpayer-funded complaint written by da Manalapan Legal Dream Team against da Mosked Man here.

Read da 29-page document submitted to da court by da Manalapan Legal Dream Team that they believe claimed without a doubt that da Mosked Man is daTruthSquad - a document they may not have wanted you to see here.

See da now-infamous subpoena da Manalapan Legal Dream Team sent to daTruthSquad here!

See da billing records of one of da Manalapan Legal Dream Team lawyers for yourself here!

Finally, see what da judge had to say in his ruling that saved da First Amendment from da Manalapan politician trash heap!

Of course, as we all know thanks to da great work of real legal eagles at da EFF and legal skills of da Mosked Man indeed da First Amendment was saved, and freedom still rings in da great United States - and da Manalapan politicians and their taxpayer-funded lawyers suffered what may be their most embarrassing defeat - one da world was watching!

No, we will never forget this. It's one of da reasons people should donate to da non-profit EFF so da First Amendment and your rights can be protected!

With da holidays coming up, we have decided to place some goodies under da Christmas tree for da political elite of Manalapan.

For Manalapan Committeeman "Lyin" Ryan Green, we leave a wooden gavel. Since we believe he will be da next to have his mug placed on da wall of shame of Manalapan mayors next to da person who gives him his marching orders, that gavel will come in handy.

For Manalapan Committeeman Farmer Don, he gets free medical benefits. Now that da Manalapan GOP'er political elite doesn't need him anymore, he should have some type of free parting gifts from his alliance with Andy Boy. If he's learned nothing from da Queen's alliance with Andy Boy, nothing lasts forever.

For Manalapan Committeeman and soon-to-be former Land Baron Mayor Andy Boy, we find under da tree a discount coupon for campaign lawn signs. It seems every year, career politician ABL decides to run for some political office, only to be rebuffed by his own party. So, to be fair, if he runs for something in 2012 he may need more lawn signs.

Also, we're leaving another gift for Land Baron Mayor Andy Boy. Since his land grab was given da kiebosh by da Asbury Park Press and even some government bodies, we leave him da deed to all of Manalapan! If he wants something he may not be able to get fairly, then lets just give him da whole town!

For Manalapan GOP'er Grand Poobah and political Sewer Boy Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery, we leave him a brand new $20,000 toilet. Pulling da lever will be da taxpayers of Manalapan, so each time it flushes, Manalapan residents will have a hand in paying for it.

Then, we have da Queen, Michelle Roth. She spent over 10 years with her hands in Manalapan politics. She's a former mayor, former candidate for other offices, and next to Andy Boy maybe da single most polarizing person ever to hold office in Manalapan. For da Queen, we leave her a very large lump of coal.

You see, she was one of da reasons this blog began, so Manalapan residents could read what was really happening behind da scenes. Since we have had such great access to da inner workings of Manalapaan Town Hall we have seen much, and thanks to da help of so many, we have seen maybe too much. As for what 2012 will bring, we at DaTruthSquad expect bigger and hopefully better things. Less corruption, more cooperation. Less politics, more positive acts for da taxpayers. Less "Land Grab", less bickering, less taxes.

Have a happy and healthy holiday and new year to all da TruthTellers from all da many great people who are daTruthSquad.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Will It Be A Quiet Queenly Exit - Stage Left?

So, if anyone was surprised by the outcome of da Manalapan election this year then it's safe to say that you surprise easily. Nobody really expected da Queen to get reelected after da past 7 years of her time on da throne. Da question is, what will happen next?

Yes, there will no longer be Queenly checks and balances, at least after December 31. However, if you think da Queen will go quietly into da night, then we have a bridge on Iron Ore Road to sell you.

Even with da Queen to soon be a former Manalapan Committwoman on da now-infamous Township Committee, da Great Manalapan Land Grab is still a hot topic of discussion. Mayor for Life Andy Boy will be back next year and could very well be da mayor again, and again, and again. But da big question is - will he get da taxpayer-funded 7-figure massive "on your backs" payday for buying land and flipping it in a week and a half?

With da Queen soon to be on da outside looking in, it could be worse. If Executive Session records are somehow subpoenaed, whether redacted or not, then that could possibly change everything and da big question then will be - was there really anything illegal happening, or did anything illegal happen, or was it all just a major ethical gaffe or a minor one, or even one at all? Either way, questions that still deserve answers.

But before we go there, let's not mince words. Da Queen had a 7 year run that included politics before taxpayers, questionable actions regarding da symphony guru and da Rec guy, da "Because I Hate Italians" fiasco, da "Lawsuit to Nowhere" against da Mosked man (with an "accomplice" as da law records state), da "Lawsuit Heard Round da World" against da blogger, lawsuits, countersuits, da accusations against Chief Brown, da now-infamous "alliance" that eventually led to da Democrats completely losing power in Manalapan. If we had more space on da blog we'd add to this list, but you get da point.

To be fair, da Queen will be a historic figure in Manalapan political history. However, with da GOP'ers now writing that history, it may not be too flattering for her.

You also have to ask yourself how da Queen ended up on da short end of da election of 2011. You can say she made her own bed. You can also say that da Manalapan GOP'ers supplied her bedding, pillows and a warm glass of milk. Remember, it wasn't too long ago that da hatred between Mayor for Life Andy Boy and da Queen was so thick you couldn't cut it with a chain saw. But da "Alliance" which allowed both to keep power and keep da late Joltin Joe from becoming Mayor benefitted both for a time, but in da end da power sharing was taken out from under da feet of da Queen, and in effect politically neutered da Manalapan Democrats and left Democratic party boss Gerry "One Bourbon, One Shot & One Beer" Ward now running a decimated party with ZERO township committee representation for 2012. You can call it arrogance to keep power, or taking "naive" to a whole new level to trust Andy Boy and his Poobah, whichever one is actually in charge.

In da end, da big winners are da Manalapan GOP'ers. They have 100% of da power, and they vanquished da Queen and her party boss into da political abyss.

Da big losers - there's a few.

1. Seth Ptasiewicz turned out to be a breath of fresh air in da thick and stifling hot air of Manalapan politics. He's smart, articulate, and if he has a "political" fault, it would be that he actually cares about da citizens and not about party bosses and lining his own pockets, something not everybody in this recent election can say. He also apparently had da courage to post comments here, and made great points. We hope he runs next year, and gets da chance to do some real good "For All Da People."

2. Manalapan residents must now face da dais and see five Andrew Lucases staring back at them. Not one of these people will dare to not side 110% with their party bosses, and that can't be a great thing "For All Da People."

3. Gerry "One Bourbon, One Shot & One Beer" Ward now runs a Manalapan Democrats group that needs 7 more participants to hold a minion. How sad is this group that 8 years ago held complete control of Manalapan politics, and now isn't allowed to sneeze without express permission from da Manalapan GOP'ers. Da "Alliance," da Roth missteps, his own apparent failings in quality candidates and those like Farmer Don who took his backhoe and ran to da GOP'ers, his party is now in ruins and may take years to gain even a little foothold. There are those who say da Manalapan Democrats will now need new leadership. Maybe its time that Ward exits and a real leader steps in - maybe even da Queen herself --- or maybe even Lawrence of Manalapan?

DaTruth is, nobody expected a Queenly landslide victory. Now, with da Queen scorned and in need of health insurance she will now have to pay herself, will she just move out of town and start over, or will she stand and fight against those who have taken her down da road to an election loss? Will she go quietly into da night, or will she lead a charge and fight da Great Manalapan Land Grab? Will she hide in a closet, or become a whistelblower for illegal or unethical activity in Manalapan politics? Will she take over da Manalapan Democrats, or will that person become Lawrence of Manalapan? Will Manalapan cover her legal costs, or will she become da latest person to sue Manalapan Township (and win)? And will da Mosked Man be her attorney?

So many questions, which is what keeps this blog in business and remain Manalapan's home to Freedom of Speech and da First Amendment.

And that's daTruth.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Shunning Queen Michelle Could Be A Big Oops For Manalapan's GOP

On da surface, it looks like a strong rebuke and positive move for da Manalapan GOP. They decided to vote unanimously to tell their insurance carrier that they're "Mad as hell, and they're not going to take it anymore" from Queen Michelle Roth. Da Queen was sued by a former Colts Neck Mayor who was none too thrilled about comments she made at a county-run meeting regarding da process of how da Great Manalapan land Grab is being handled. They want da Queen to stand up to her own words and pay da price for saying them.

Again, sounds like da right thing to do. Sounds like a positive move, much like putting your land into Farmland Preservation.

But, as we all know, "positive moves" and "on da surface" and "unanimous resolution" could be nothing more than a ploy to discredit your political opponents. And, in this case, poking da cage that da Queen is in could create a political backlash da kind of which Manalapan has not seen -- since 2007!

Now, to be fair, no taxpayer wants to pay for another Manalapan lawsuit brought on by some politician. However, this one came with some twists and turns not readily mentioned by da Manalapan GOP'ers in their unanimous resolution. However, also to be fair, lets discuss these twists and turns.


Yes, daTruth is it was a nuanumous resolution. Da final vote was 3-0. Three Land Baron Mayor Andy Boy henchmen voted to force da Queen to reach into her purse and put her pennies where her mouth is. Da three headless horsemen were GOP'er Ryan "Big Oops" Green, GOP'er Jordan Moskowitz, and Democrat Farmer turned GOP'er farm boy Donnie Holland. Da Queen wouldn't dignify it. Land Baron Mayor and GOP'er Andy Boy abstained. Why?????


One could surmise that da reason Andy Boy abstained from da vote against da Queen is so it would seem he is above da political shananigans.

One could also surmise that da reason Land Baron Andy Boy abstained was because he is da now-infamous name behind da Great Manalapan Land Grab.

However, one could also surmise, maybe quite hidden from view, that Land Baron Andy Boy is also facing da very same situation that da Queen is - being a named defendant in a case against Manalapan Township!

Yes, it seems some have forgotten da case of Moskovitz vs Manalapan, da return volley in da now-infamous Manalapanistan vs Moskovitz lawsuit that set da blogisphere on fire when then-Mayor Andy Boy led da charge to attach a blogger, one that even Andy Boy at da time said cost "over $100,000" and that was over a year before da township legal dream team had to drop da case due to - of all things - not having enough of a case to move forward!!!!!!

Great job by da taxpayer-funded Manalapan Legal Dream Team for this one.


Here's one for da Manalapan Township legal eagle - is this legal? Da Manalapan Township Committee could pass a resolution saying da earth is flat, Chris Christie is anorexic, and all toilets throughout da kingdom of Manalapan will forever now be called "Andy's" and not "John's." Sounds great - but that doesn't make it legal. In da end, it will be up to Manalapan's insurance carrier to make da determination as to how to handle da Roth case, not a Democrat farmer-turned-Republican at da right time or a guy who once approved to have his own sister take a high-paying job in town before he claims he realized he didn't recognize her name on the list (they have the same last name). So, pass any resolution you desire. However please remember that just because you spend taxpayer time and money to pass whatever partisan politics makes you giddy, it doesn't necessarily make it legal.


Now, this is da quote from da resolution itself --- "Da Township Committee hereby expresses its opinion that the comments made by Mrs. Roth concerning Mr. Stuart were unrelated to any item of township business; were made as a result of Mrs. Roth’s own personal and political motivations; and should not result in defense or indemnification by the taxpayers of the township. The Township Committee determines, as a matter of township policy, that it will inform the township’s insurance company, Garden State Municipal Joint Insurance Fund, that it will not impose the $10,000 deductible cost on the taxpayers of Manalapan and that the insurance company should look to Committeewoman Roth for reimbursement of these costs."

OK - let's examine this a bit more carefully:

1. "Da comments made by Mrs. Roth concerning Mr. Stuart were unrelated to any item of township business."

Does that include da Great Manalapan Land Grab - in which da Queen is a sitting member of that very same Manalapan Township Committee and a representative of da people?

2. "(comments) were made as a result of Mrs. Roth’s own personal and political motivations."

Could it just be that da Queen was speaking up "for all da people" on a polarizing issue? Does this mean da First Amendment in Manalapan is OK and a great document, only if you are a GOP'er and not a Blogger or Democratic Township Committee person because speaking your mind or daTruth can get you sued at taxpayer expense?

3. "The Township Committee determines, as a matter of township policy, that it will inform the township’s insurance company, Garden State Municipal Joint Insurance Fund, that it will not impose the $10,000 deductible cost on the taxpayers of Manalapan and that the insurance company should look to Committeewoman Roth for reimbursement of these costs."

If this works for one - should it be da model for all???? Does this mean that if Democrats take over power on da Township Committee, they can draft a resolution and vote on party lines that Mayor Andy Boy reimburse all money spent defending him for da Mosked Man vs Manalapan lawsuit? What's next - will da GOP'er led Manalapan Township Committee draft a resolution saying any former mayor over 200 pounds can't speak at any meetings? Will da GOP'er led Manalapan Township Committee draft a resolution saying only political party chief grand poobahs are da only people who can be approved to be a sewer authority commissioner at taxpayer expense?

DaTruth is, if you say a sitting township political leader cannot object to anything da opposing party is approving at breakneck speed, then you no longer live in da United States. Your new change of address will include da words "North Korea" or Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics." In 2007, a blogger named daTruthSquad was harassed and sued by Manalapan politicians, all because da blogger decided to do da unthinkable -- openly discuss a law case that lacked legal jurisprudence - and tried to do an end-around of the Constitution of the United States. That blogger fought back - and not only beat da Manalapan Legal Dream Team, but also set a legal precedent that is still used as a First Amendment model today!

Love or hate da Queen, you have to still stand at her side and admit you cannot stifle anyone's First Amendment rights. Even though this blog has had our disagreements with da Queen and her court, we still must stand with her right to open up her mouth and allow words to escape. She is, at least for now a member of da Manalapan Township Committee, and is a dissenting voice against 4 guys who seem to go goose step for goose step with what their party leader desires. It is also very ironic that this so-called resolution to stifle free speech comes almost 4 years to da day when daTruthSquad began our historic fight against da 2007 Mayor Andy Boy-led Manalapan Township Committee in a case that garnered worldwide attention. Da Manalapan Legal Dream Team and da career politicians who brought this case may try hard to forget it, but that will not happen. Free speech is alive and well and will continue to live in Manalapan - despite da best efforts of those who attempt to make Manalapan their own little kingdom and Manalapan tax coffers their own little piggy bank

It seems that too many great Americans have fought and died for that right, and it seems that in Manalapan, it is da Manalapan Republican politicians who tend to forget both recent and US history. It's a shame, but it appears that it is also daTruth.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


It appears that those who drink da GOP'er "Kool Aid" may need to reach for a much stronger beverage. As daTruthSquad predicted would happen Manalapan Land Baron and Mayor For Life Andy Boy "ABL" Lucas will be brought before da State Ethics Commission to answer questions regarding what has now been called by many "Da Great Manalapan Land Grab!"

This is just da latest saga in da soap opera of Manalapan politics - but one that could be a serious game-changer for da upcoming election, and could also seriously impact what is fact becoming viewed ss a political vendetta lawsuit thrust upon one of da key whistleblowers of da Great Manalapan Land Grab, none other than da Queen of Manalapan, Michelle Roth.

First, lets look at da history of "Da Great Manalapan Land Grab:"

FEBRUARY 2011 - Da first glimpse of something smelling worse than appointing your political party boss to head up a sewer authority happens, when ABL was forced to recuse himself after he had already voted to give himself a massive tax break on property he owns - da farm in da middle of da Great Manalapan Land Grab! Da improper moment, exposed by da Queen, forced a re-vote that was approved when da GOP'er majority voted in favor of it.

APRIL 2011 - As da Great Manalapan Land Grab begins, ABL decides to run for more than one higher office, only to be rebuffed by da GOP'er county committee. How can da darling of Monmouth County GOP'er politics be rebuffed by his own? Cound da Great Manalapan Land Grab have had something to do with it?

MAY 2011 - Da Great Manalapan Land Grab now gets newspaper attention after da DEP looks into a wetlands issue. What is da GOP'er response - they blame da Queen for "tramping through this farm in the middle of the night with a flashlight, just looking for something to bust Lucas's chops with." proving you really can't make this stuff up!

JUNE 2011 - Readers of daTruthSquad speak out by da dozens over Da Great Manalapan Land Grab, standing by Committeewoman Roth and her claims that there's something that needs to be investigated here.

SEPTEMBER 2011 - This Great Manalapan Land Grab has become an out of control story that even da local Snoozepaper can no longer ignore. What some have called a politically motivated lawsuit, da Queen now faces a defamation lawsuit at da hands of former Colts Neck Mayor Stuart (no relation to da Mosked Man). He claims his "personal reputation has been forever damaged" by da claims allegedly made by da Queen.

What were those claims????

It appears that according to da real local information source da Manalapan Patch, "Roth had publicly criticized Stuart's role as a sitting member of the MCADB, suggesting that he exhibited a conflict of interest by helping Lucas fast-track the property. She called it "flipping" the land into the farmland preservation program within nine days. She has suggested that Lucas saw a financial gain from the transaction."

In layman's terms, a sitting Manalapan Township Committee person who is an elected public official whose job it is to stand up for da people she serves and their taxpayer money apparently questioned at a public hearing what has been called a questionable land deal, and subsequently asked questions whether it was possible da person who did da survey on da land who was also da same person allowed to vote on its passage had possibly committed a any type of conflict-of-interest by casting a vote on it!

Da question is - isn't it da job of a paid public official to question what they believe could be either something they believe is wrong, may be a mishandling of taxpayer money, potential or perceived misuse of taxpayer money or what they perceive to be a potential waste of taxpayer money or even worse, a perceived conflict of interest?

Now, to be fair, nobody is questioning former Mayor Stuart's real estate appraisal business, how he does his real estate appraisal business, or whether he should have done da survey in da first place. This is America, and we are sure he is a very capable survey guy. We've never heard complaints about this guy before in regards to his business. Who knows, maybe if daTruthSquad wants to flip farmland in da future or any other type of survey work we too might call on Mr. Stuart.

But, also to be fair, isn't it da job of someone elected to watch da millions of dollars of money of da taxpayers to question whether something might be a possible conflict?

Isn't it also interesting that this lawsuit was served during a recent Township Committee meeting, and isn't it even more interesting it comes less than two months before her seat in town hall is voted on????

Stuart made news last year, when sitting Monmouth Freeloader Lillian Burry wanted to make him da replacement for Manalapan's James Gray as county clerk. Both Burry and Stuart served on da same Colts Neck Township Committee at one time, and both are GOP'ers. Even a GOP'er politician questioned that possible political appointment.

Let's also not forget one GOP'er sho has supported his fellow GOP'er - Manalapan GOP'er Grand Poobah and Chairman Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery, who received a political appointment to da Sewer Authority that taxpayers pay for with their toilet flushing fees! He claimed under statement he had da proper experience for this job because he was a "manager" in da past. One can only believe that this means any 18-year old shift "manager" at a fast-food burger joint is now equally capable of being a "oommissioner" at da WMUA - another reason da state needs to take a serious look at politics in a small town!

DaTruth is, this proper investigation by da State Ethics Board into da Great Manalapan Land Grab is long overdue. We said before da state must look into this - for right or wrong. DaTruth also is, da lawsuit brought forth by former Colts Neck Mayor Stuart could potentially have been da final straw in da process, and may have potentially been da lynchpin into getting da State Ethics Board investigation!

Think about this -- every GOP'er dominated committee in Manalapan and Monmouth County has already voted in favor of Da Great Manalapan Land Grab and in favor of fellow GOP'er ABL completely in lockstep. Now, all of a sudden, a sitting township committee woman is sued because of questions she raised about da Great Manalapan Land Grab. Whether da case has or doesn't have merit is not da issue at this time. What is at issue is Da Great Manalpan Land Grab, and now taxpayers will finally be heard on da state level by da State Ethics Board - thanks to Michelle Roth!

DaTruth is, daTruthSquad has said all along that there are serious question during this entire process that must first be asked and answered - was there a conflict of interest on da part of Mayor ABL in any part of the process? Mayor ABL has refused a number of requests, even one for a former Manalapan mayor to simply do what all taxpayers must do - release da purchase price of da land in question. Mayor ABL has steadfastly REFUSED to release da purchase price. Why?????

Is there something to hide about this?

Was da land purchased below market value?

Was it purchased seriously below market value?

Was something not above da board

These questions would never even be asked if ABL simply did what every taxpayer must do - release details for da public record of a land transaction.

However, this was not a simple land sale. What is at question is as da Asbury Park Press wrote "Roth said Lucas participated in discussions on properties that could have been awarded money from the township’s Open Space and Farmland Preservation Trust Fund, the same pot that funds farmland preservation in Manalapan. At least three properties — two privately and one county-owned — which could have been preserved as open space through the fund were passed over after those discussions"

That is obviously a serious charge, and despite any questions, all GOP'er members of da Manalapan Township Committee still voted in favor of their GOP'er mayor doing da deal. Nobody questioned it, that is, except for daTruthSquad, another former Manalapan mayor and Committeewoman and Michelle Roth.

And, why should Michelle Roth be praised for her actions in this case ---- as da newspaper says "The committee specifically wants the state to look into Township Committeewoman Michelle Roth’s claims that Lucas participated in executive session discussions on properties that could have competed with his for funds."

Also at question was da land sale itself. Da purchaser was ABL and his family. Da seller was a company called Diamond Developers, a company that it has been reported is partially owned by ABL and his family!

And, making matters worse, it was a former Manalapan mayor who stood up to ABL and said there are serious questions of transparancy here, saying "Mr. Lucas, without planting one seed in the ground, you flipped—and the word is ‘flipped’—100 acres of land in a land scheme, a deal, in nine days. $1.15 million of farmland preservation funds for your efforts at taxpayers’ expense,” said former mayor Spodak. “This means you’ll receive a 100 acre farm and probably, the way, I’m figuring it, a house for free while the rest of the hard working residents pay for theirs. You’re not being transparent; that’s the biggest problem."

DaTruth is, there's more than one hero here. One hero is former Colts Neck Mayor Stuart, who shined possibly da biggest light of all on this Great Manalapan Land Grab by filing da interestingly-timed defamation lawsuit against da Queen for questioning da land deal in da first place. Another hero is Manalapan Deputy Mayor Ryan "Big Oops" Green, who may have oopsed himself into this by suggesting that da township not pay for da lawsuit against whistleblower Queen Michelle, making even more news about da Great Manalapan Land Grab come to light. Another, former Mayor Spodak took a lot of rebuke at a recent meeting yet still stood up to be heard on what he apparently believes is a "land scheme." Of course, da person who scattered da roaches and protected taxpayers was none other than Michelle Roth herself, for relentlessly pursuing something she believed is an injustice against Manalapan and state taxpayers, and is paying da price by being sued for it - standing up to cronyism "For All Da People."

Now, da State Agriculture Development Committee, which one of da final hurdles in da Great Manalapan Land Grab apparently listened to folks like Michelle Roth, and has decided to place a hold on their decision about providing Manalapan Mayor ABL his grand-prize winning $1.15 million to preserve da farm he refuses to divulge da price he paid for it, and only owned it just over a week!

Think about this --- food rots in less time than it took Manalapan Mayor ABL to buy just under 100 acres of land at a-yet-undisclosed price - and flip that land into a taxpayer-funded payday. Now, its up to da State Ethics Board to sort out da details. A bright light has been shined on this Great Manalapan Land Grab, and in this case daTruthSquad can't take all da credit. Credit for this goes where credit is due --- Former Mayor Spodak for wanting to know for da citizens daTruth -- former Mayor Stuart for wanting to right a perceived wrong and having it become a public spectacle -- and yes, Committeewoman Michelle Roth who under enormous pressure stood up to da GOP'ers and said in effect that "People" are questioning it - da "DEP" is questioning it - more than one "former mayor" is questioning it - da Asbury Park Press has questioned it - "daTruthSquad" has questioned it.

That's a lot of questions - and still no solid answers as to why taxpayers should hand Manalapan Mayor ABL a million dollar taxpayer-funded payday.

And that's daTruth.