Tuesday, December 30, 2008

DaTruthSquad’s 2009 Crystal Ball Predictions

2008 was a very interesting year, so can 2009 top it? Let's have some fun and take out da dusty & rusty & trusty extra-double-magic Crystal Ball, a prognostication tool used to attempt to predict da future, and lets see what it will predict.

Re-org Day will be an extra-special affair. With 3 Democrats, 1 Republican, and whatever Andy Boy is these days, there will certainly be a Township Committee with a Democratic feel. Embedded Cadre sources say da Queen liked being mayor so much, she will be appointed mayor again by a vote of 3-2. At da Queen’s side will be an unhappy Cash Klauber, who will run for reelection as “Deputy Mayor.”

Why will Cash be unhappy? Embedded Cadre sources say he wants to be mayor, but he will have no choice but to bow to da Queen.

As for Township Attorney, da Crystal ball says that honor may go to none other than Manalapan Legal Dream Teamer McCarthy. Immediately there will be Republican backlash, claiming an alleged conflict-of-interest, but that will not deter him from taking da post so generously offered by da Committee.

Lone Committee GOP’er Susan Cohen will be frozen out of any important jobs.

2009 will also be a “Triple Witching” year (Obama is President, Corzine is Governor, and da Queen rules Manalapan). This means your taxes could go up so fast your wallot will leave burn marks as it fires out of your back pocket!

In da spring, da Crystal Ball says da Township Committee will announce a serious budget shortfall, blamed solely on da economy and a lack of funds from Trenton to subsidize da fact Manalapan has no business ratables. Da Queen mayor will allege all Committeepeople on da budget committee to work hard to find ways not to raise taxes – again. Of course, their actions will instead lead to what da Crystal Ball sees as a massive 23% municipal tax hike, blamed on da economy and not anything being done in Manalapan.

Da Crystal Ball also sees Township Committee troubles for Manalapan Police Chief Stuart Brown, who will have to defend himself against new allegations from da Gang of Three. Is it possible da union representing police will get involved? Stay tuned.

In addition to da police, da local volunteer fire department will also be subjected to da Cadre microscope. What is in store for da guys & gals who put out fires & don’t get paid for it? Stay tuned.

Da crystal ball also sees two new lawsuits springing up from incidents involving da Township Committee. One will involve a recently fired long time employee. Da other may be between two private citizens, one of whom during a Township Committee meeting was alleged to claim the plaintiff was something he is not. This person will hire none other than da Mosked Man as his attorney - on a contingency fee basis - much to the ire of da named defendant, and he will also sue da Manalapan Township Committee for allowing the event to happen.

And speaking of lawyers, one under da microscope for alleged legal malpractice (not da Mosked Man) will have a very difficult time holding on to her State Assembly seat, eventually losing it to a female Democrat known very well to Manalapan residents.

Da Manalapan Republicans will yet again run a divided primary against da grand Poobah, who will run a woman well-known to many GOP’ers as this year’s candidate against da “renegade Republican” in da primary. Da difference between 2008 & 2009 is - this time da "renegade" will be victorious by a very slim margin.

Another no-confidence vote will be taken against Steve “Iron Girth” McEnery. This time, da crystal ball says he will come up 3 votes short and lose his chairmanship, which will be taken over, although da Crystal Ball is cloudy, by a current or former Republican Club officer.

Da crystal ball also sees, during da year, calls for one of da Manalapan Township Committeepeople to resign to actions they allegedly took in da past which has been deemed by da public as a violation of da rules of conduct. This committeeperson will refuse to resign, and da opposing political party will use that during da election process.

Da Queen mayor will be tabbed to run for State Assembly. She will be on a ticket with former Assemblyman Mike Panter. Late during da election, allegations will surface which will lead to a split victory in November, with both Panter & da woman who replaces Carolina MachoGrande elected. Da Queen will lose by 7,000 votes, and lose Manalapan in da process.

Also, da Crystal ball also sees da Queen Mayor ordering da arrest of a person during a Manalapan Township meeting, claiming that person was being "disruptive."

Da crystal ball also sees a raid of a local government office, with agents seizing records of two separate situations, including one which involves a legal case.

Finally, as many TruthTellers have asked, what will happen with da now-infamous "Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" lawsuit? According to da dusty, trusty Crystal Ball, da case will not end this year. It will not be until late in da year that even depositions will happen - this after a judge approves a wider-ranging probe of da crux of da lawsuit. Da Mosked man will be handing out subpoenas like they were candy on Halloween, and will include at least 2 former mayors, all members of da Township Committee, at least 2 former members of da Township Committee, and also 2 former Manalapan Township attorneys. Depositions will run well into 2010, which will be for another Crystal Ball.

Accordingly, 2009 will set a record for OPRA requests in Manalapan - topping da record set in 2008. More and more, TruthTellers want to know da real truth about what is happening in their kingdom.

DaTruthSquad wishes you a Happy & Healthy 2009.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Da Ultimate Fighting Championships Manalapan Style - A Manalapan Township Meeting!

Sitting in da Manalapan Township arena and watching da events unfurl during da last Manalapan Township Committee meeting on December 17, one might think instead of a town meeting where so-called professionals conduct business we were all instead at a wrestling event or Ultimate Fighting steel cage match.

Da meeting was quite normal, that is, until da peasants of Manalapan were allowed to speak to da grand-high-exalted-mystic Township Committee leadership. That's when a disclaimer should have been read, saying, in part, "Those who bow before us must wear body armor and a helmet, because da verbal assaults we will levy at 'ye' may inflict serious pain & damage."

One woman came up, and when she asked her questions of Manalapan's elected power brokers, many simply went unanswered with blank stares.

Another woman stepped forward into da steel cage of death. She asked a simple question as to what volunteer committee she would be able to join? She wanted to volunteer to help da town. Instead of an answer, she heard da sound of crickets.

That same woman then asked a question about lawsuit billing in da Mosked Man case. On that one, she did receive an answer from da Queen of Mean. Fortunately for that woman, who did not wear her Kevlar vest nor matching face protector, she wasn't boiled in oil or led into da stocks for public humiliation. Since apparently those items were not in da budget, she was instead humiliated by da Queen of Mean herself!

"It's getting to be a little comical with you," da Queen of Mean said to this innocent woman who's crime was she merely asked a question of a township official. Da Queen of Mean then said, "We have been very patient with you all year."

"It's getting to be a little comical with you?" "We have been very patient with you all year?" Nice to see Manalapan residents are shown da utmost respect by elected town officials!

Da good news is, da Township did not start deportation to Middlesex County proceedings. Da bad news, of course, it didn't end there.

Da next contestant into da squared circle of death brought with him evidence of a letter signed by alleged Republican and/or Democrat & alleged Manalapan and/or Freehold resident Andy Boy, which said he would resign if he violated ethics, especially knowingly discussing topics from the dredded Executive Session. Da contestant alleged that very thing, saying, "(Andy Boy) provided info from executive session considered privileged info. At meetings he and former committeeman Joltin Joe talked about meetings, including executive session." That, da contestant said, violated da Manalapan Oath of Confidentiality, which Andy Boy allegedly signed. Those statements were backed up by Deputy Mayor Susan Cohen.

Andy Boy's reply was - what about those who haven't signed it? Apparently he's read da Cadre's book, "Deflect & Accuse."

Ironically, that is da very same situation that "drew" both rebuke and censure from da Gang of Three. One can only surmise that violations of Executive Session are only violations when they pertain to da Mosked Man law case, or people other than da Gang of Three.

Which, of course, brings us to da now-infamous "Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" legal case heard 'round da world, because knowing all they'll hear is da lovely sound of crickets, you know somebody was going to bring it up.

When the contestant in da steel cage match asked about the bills, a snippy sounding Queen of Mean said bluntly, "You're complaining about a bill because Mr. Moskovitz started a lawsuit."

"You're complaining about a bill because Mr. Moskovitz started a lawsuit???????"

Yes, you heard that right -- according to da Queen of Mean, she said for all to hear that it was da Mosked Man who started da lawsuit!

Now, da last time daTruthSquad checked, it was "Da Township of Manalapan" who, as plaintiff, brought da case, against "Da Mosked Man," who is da defendant, meaning - not da person who brought da lawsuit. Did da Queen of Mean suddenly leave da same planet we're all paying taxes on and land in some parallel alternate universe?

Apparently, if da Queen of mean is correct, da local Snoozepaper has been wrong all along. How could Back Page Barratta miss that headline?

Of course, da meeting on da mysterious planet Queenie didn't end there.

Another person came up, this time da head of da GOP'ers club. He had a few questions for alleged Republican and/or Democrat & alleged Manalapan and/or Freehold resident Andy Boy. Andy Boy, who has known this individual for years, then proceeded to mispronounce da citizen's last name, calling da citizen, in effect, a bathroom fixture.

Apparently both facts and respect for citizens have no place in Township meetings.

Da final person to come up was, in fact, best prepared to fight his way out of da Extreme Insult Cage Match, bringing with him a shovel, scissors da size of garden shears, and a list of things to say, showing out of all da citizens who stepped into da steel cage of death, he was da only one properly prepared for an Ultimate Fighting Cage Match to ensue. What he didn't bring was a timer because he spoke for over 10 minutes, and a lawyer because he may need one for guidance.

This last speaker/fighter harkened us all back to da days before a certain resident moved into Manalapan, proving it's AOK in da Queen's court to insult and ridicule any resident of your choosing - that is - as long as they're not members of da Cadre - and then set his sights on da person alleged Republican and/or Democrat & alleged Manalapan and/or Freehold resident Andy Boy has a problem pronouncing his name. That citizen was called a plagiarist, alluding to a letter to da Snoozer editor penned by da citizen. He then said about da person Committeeman Andy Boy confused with a bathroom fixture, "He plagiarized Mr. Lucas letter as his own. He lied to da News Transcript. He cannot be trusted."

Now, in his defense, this last speaker did not yell "fire" in a crowded theatre, and he did not break any existing laws. He did, however, claim that a well-known Manalapan resident and business person and community leader committed "plagiarism," "lied" to a newspaper, and "cannot be trusted." DaTruthSquad contacted a legal eagle about this for guidance, and was told, "Da target of these criticisms could potentially have a legal case, but would in fact have to prove damages from da alleged statements. If da Township facilitated da matter in any way or did nothing to distance themselves from what was said, they could possibly be attached, but that would be a decision for a judge."

Now, daTruthSquad cannot and will not hand out free legal advice, but in this case, if that citizen has questions they should consult a qualified attorney, but make sure if a case does commence it's done on a contingency fee, because as we all learned in November, 2007 from a former Manalapan Township attorney, "There's nobody more determined than a lawyer working on a contingency fee."

DaTruth is, not only did not one member of da Manalapan Township Committee say anything during this situation, nor with any of da other 8 citizens singled out for complaints, but da Queen of Mean threatened to have anyone disturbing da speaker removed from da room! How can any resident feel easy about walking into da steel cage match that awaits them, simply to talk and ask questions of a mayor and alleged town leaders?

And, if you expect 2009 to be any different - think again. DaTruthSquad's embedded Cadre sources have learned that da Queen of Mean has enjoyed her time on da throne, so much so, she may feel "entitled" to another term as supreme ruler of Manalapan. It is very possible that da Queen will again be mayor in 2009, no matter if Cash Klauber, up for reelection, wants it or not. Stay tuned for an upcoming daTruthSquad for more details on this.

If there is a silver lining here, it's that daTruthSquad through embedded Township sources that there have been more OPRA requests for information about situations regarding Manalapan government than ever before! This means da peasants aren't sitting around believing everything they hear from these career politicians. They are instead investigating for themselves. And, maybe all of these brave patriots who stand in da squared circle of death facing da Queen of Mean and her court jesters are getting under their skin enough to have them say such things as "It's getting to be a little comical with you," and "We have been very patient with you all year," and comparing your name to a bathroom fixture.

Due to da hard work of Manalapan's TruthTeller's, it seems that maybe, just maybe, these career politicians won't be able to get away with everything. And, be a TruthTeller and keep asking questions during meetings. Those who hide in corners and lurk in shadows don't like anyone to shine a light on their activities.

And that's daTruth.

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Epitome Of A Public Servant

When Mr. Anthony Gennaro first became a Manalapan Township Committeeman, this blog nicknamed him “Jack of Clubs,” believing he would be a Queen clone. With complete surprise, but for all da right reasons, that perception changed within 3 months in office.

Manalapan residents realized exactly what they had in Mr. Gennaro shortly after Sir Lawrence of Manalapan stood up and proudly proclaimed “BECAUSE I HATE ITALIANS” in a response to a question from an Italian-American committeeman.

Remember, it was daTruthSquad that first sounded da alarm about what was said, who said it, and how it was said which ultimately led to mass protests and an onslaught by da news media demanding answers.

DaTruthSquad learned soon after from embedded Cadre sources that Mr. Gennaro was thrust squarely into da middle of that fiasco by da Queen, Sir Larry, and da Cadre leadership. They reportedly, without any remorse or regret, demanded Mr. Gennaro stand by da Queen & Sir Larry, despite of what was said, because of politics.

Then came da news media interviews by da Queen, which were more reminiscent of a Sarah Palin interview with Katy Couric. Da Queen, instead of showing remorse and apologizing for her husband, instead blamed an Irishman for her husband saying “BECAUSE I HATE ITALIANS.” Gennaro apparently realized what he had gotten himself into with da Queen and her cadre. He had a choice – kick his integrity to da curb and stand with someone who mocked his heritage, or tell a longtime friend they should atone for their sins or risk losing his friendship – or far worse, paint a bullseye on his back and become da target of their venom.

Even though they were longtime friends, what they didn’t know about Mr. Gennaro after all those years is he has more integrity than any of them realized, and instead of politics, he put da people first.

His decision came during da most attended Manalapan Township meeting in history. With TV news crews, newspapers, and radio newspeople in attendance and cameras rolling, and a standing room only crowd and hundreds more outside da building, Mr. Gennaro chose his integrity & heritage and turned his back on da Cadre – which had already turned their backs on him, resigning from da Manalapan Democratic Party.

His decision was “da shot heard ‘round Manalapan.” It showed he had more integrity than da entire committee combined. And, while it made him an enemy of da Queen and her Cadre, it made him a hero to anyone who believed a political representative could not turn their back on backroom deals - because he stood up "For All Da People."

For da next 2 years, Mr. Gennaro didn’t do what was right for a political party or for a backroom deal. Instead, he voted with his conscience, acted as a professional, served his office with dignity not seen in Manalapan Town Hall in a very long time, and became an example of how someone serving in a political office should handle themselves.

Gennaro ran under a banner of “For All da People” when he ran for office in 2005. While his running mate, da Queen, used that slogan as a punchline, Mr. Gennaro tirelessly worked “For All da People.”

He crossed party lines when he believed it was in da best interest of da people of Manalapan. He was outraged over tax increases that were too high and worked & voted for lower taxes, and stood up against what he believed was corruption in Town Hall, knowing full well that vile and repugnant retribution against him would certainly follow.

However, Mr. Gennaro didn’t care about the politics, or the retribution that would certainly follow no matter how sick, twisted, and vile it would get. He cared about the townspeople.

When Gennaro & Susan Cohen went to da judge in da Mosked Man case, he didn’t do it because he wanted his name in da newspaper. He did it because he believed a serious wrong was being committed – not against da Mosked Manbut against all da people of Manalapan. It’s obvious Gennaro knew ihis actions would infuriate people like da Queen, Andy Boy, and Cash Klauber, but he didn’t care about their anger – he cared about da use of da people’s tax money in what has obviously become a political vendetta and anti-First Amendment lawsuit.

When an obviously planned “censure” motion was brought forth, Mr. Gennaro proved beyond a doubt he would not yield to corruption. He told da Gang of Three “Do whatever you want,” when da vote was to happen. He proved he was doing what da people, and not da political stringpullers, wanted him to do – and he proved he was above da sniping and shameful display of da Gang of Three.

Mr. Gennaro was also truthful. When he was asked, he told people on da record he was not being given information that other Township Committeepeople were privy to. He even said on more than one occasion he had to get information about da Mosked Man lawsuit from this blog because important township details were being hidden from him!

Da fact this blog was a source of information for Mr. Gennaro, and other politicians, news people, and other people & professionals, because of this blog’s embedded Town Hall sources, proves beyond a doubt there’s something very wrong with da way Manalapan’s Queen & Crown Prince are running things.

Mr. Anthony Gennaro spent 3 years dealing with abuse from people who wouldn’t know character, honor, and integrity if they were rapped over da snout with it. He proved to be da type of public servant we all need. He cares for his townspeople, and it showed. He was professional in every detail and aspect.

What not many people know about Mr. Gennaro balanced his duty to his town with da duty he has to his family. His father, a great man, has been ill for years and Mr. Gennaro has been da type of son any father would be proud to have. Taking care of his family was balanced with attending meetings, working on budgets, and making sure that he did what he felt was in da best interest of Manalapan residents. Mr. Gennaro should be da blueprint that anyone seeking office should follow. He proved he is a man of his word, with convictions and beliefs that specify that as an elected official, it was his duty to represent "All da People," no matter what.

Mr. Gennaro, on behalf of da TruthTellers, daTruthSquad wants to thank you for your dedication to “All da People” during your term in office. You handled yourself with grace under pressure, you were 110% fair and 110% working for all da people. It has been a long time that an elected representative was someone you could tell your children to be like. That person is you, Mr. Gennaro.

Your service to Manalapan will be missed greatly due to your diligence, integrity, and ability to do what is right for da public you served with honor and distinction.

Thank you, Mr. Gennaro, for being the kind of representative we can all be proud of. And that is daTruth.

With humble regard,


Friday, December 12, 2008

Is a Manalapan Dream Team Lawyer Working For Free?

Thanks to da old phrase, "Step 1 - Take Foot & Step 2 - Insert Foot in Mouth," there are even more twists and turns in da ongoing saga of “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man” taxpayer funded lawsuit. Da latest twist came out of a random series of events that alone, would have gone completely unnoticed. However, thanks to a surprising TruthTeller who was trying to make a point in favor of da Gang of Three’s agenda, it now may have thrust Committeeman Cash Klauber directly into da crosshairs of da lawsuit – and at da same time, squarely put his own integrity on da line!

It happened in da first December Manalapan Township Committee meeting. A citizen went before da committee for their 5 to 18 minutes of fame, and brought up da question of how much da lawsuit has cost.

That question brought up a volley of responses, first by Cash Klauber, who claimed on da record that da town has only spent $6,000 of taxpayer money on da case – specifically, for an “expert” witness. Cash sounded very sure of himself, and nobody should immediately jump to any conclusions that he was making a false statement, since he did sound that sure of that figure, almost like he was told that, or at least that's the impression it gave.

Let’s first examine that Cash claim.

Now, personally, I’d love to believe Cash and take his statement for daTruth. However, da last time something like that happened, a soldier kneeling next to General George Custer said to him, “Look, over da ridge – I think they’re friendly Indians.”

FACT: da “expert” witness in this case has been identified as Robert Renaud, who, according to Snoozer editor Mark Rosman in da now-infamous “Rosman Editorial,” which became evidence in da even more-infamous legal case, has been paid approximately $6,400 at $350 per hour for his “expert” testimony.

CASH-ISM – if Cash is accurate, then it must be surmised that another Manalapan Legal Dream Team member, attorney McCarthy, has done a ton of legal work for absolutely no pay whatsoever!

According to evidence compiled by daTruthSquad, one can only surmise that Mr. McCarthy submitted to da court a 29-page “Legal Certification” THAT WAS COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE TO MANALAPAN & ITS TAXPAYERS.

McCarthy said in his allegedly 29-page “free” certification, “By letter dated July 13, 2007, I advised defendant that my firm was Special Counsel to da Township in this matter and that we would reply to his demand for indemnification. I further requested that Defendant communicate directly with my office regarding matters pertaining to this action …”

So, according to Cash’s statement, McCarthy wrote this 29-page Certification, and ordered da Mosked Man to communicate with “his office,” at any time, and he would not charge a dime for his services & time?

Da Legal Value MenuSince apparently Mr. McCarthy had free time and apparently according to Cash's statement apparently not in the charging mood, on December 21, 2007, why was he in court speaking on behalf of Manalapan to da judge in da case against daTruthSquad, when McCarthy alleged in his legal filings that da Mosked Man was daTruthSquad?

Da certification clearly came from McCarthy's firm - and not da contingent fee-based Weeks form, so, either Mr. McCarthy is doing a ton of legal work for absolutely no pay, as Cash alleged since only da “expert” was paid, according to Cash, or there’s a serious problem with his statement that may warrant an investigation.

Now, one might find this surprising, but daTruthSquad actually has respect for Cash Klauber - and a little sympathy too since any aspirations by Cash becoming Mayor of Manalapan in 2009 are about as thin as a receding hairline. DaTruthSquad would like to believe that Cash merely did not have all da facts at his disposal when he said that da case of “da Township of Manalapan vs da Mosked Man” has only cost $6,000 over da past 2 years. So, lets, for da sake of argument, take Cash at his word again.

First – If Cash is correct, and Township taxpayers have only paid for an “expert,” then there should be absolutely no payments made to Mr. McCarthy for his 29-page “Certification,” nor for his appearances at any of da courtrooms during da case. A completely transparent outside forensic audit of all payments made to McCarthy over da past 3 years should commence immediately to prove that either Mr. McCarthy is working out of da kindness of his heart, or Cash’s statement may have been in serious error.

Second – This situation alone should negate any possibility of Mr. McCarthy or anyone from his firm becoming Township attorney, specifically due to what can be perceived as a conflict.

ThirdDa Rosman Editorial stated that “victories (against Moskovitz) come with a price of keeping MachoGrande, Renaud, McCarthy, and Weeks working and da meter still running.” This means either Cash is right and Rosman was 100% wrong, or Rosman was right and Cash has been given wrong information – and if that is da case – who gave Cash that alleged wrong info?

DaTruth is, there has been a concerted effort to not let anyone know exactly how much this case against da Mosked man has cost from da very beginning. It was Andy Boy in 2007 who said and was quoted as saying da case has cost taxpayers, "over $100,000!" DaTruthSquad may not be "Mr. Wizard" when it comes to math, but any 2 year old will tell you there's a big difference between "$6,000" and "over $100,000."

When Carolina MachoGrande wasn't calling anonymous bloggers "Bomb Throwers," she also is quoted as saying this case wasn't costing any money, since da lawyer was on a contingency fee. This means that same lawyer must not have charged for anything as of yet, because all da money according to Cash has gone to da "expert."

DaTruth is, thanks for all this info cannot be given to daTruthSquad. Thanks to TruthTellers like former mayor Spodak, who continues to bring up this case on a regular basis, questions continue to rise due to da statements made by Manalapan Township Committeepeople.

DaTruth is, it’s also another reason that outside investigators are needed to sort out whether or not this is an actual legal case or a vindictive lawsuit funded by taxpayers whether they like it or not.

And that’s daTruth.

Friday, December 5, 2008

EXPOSED! Now There’s 2 Former Manalapan Township Attorneys Being Sued For Malpractice!!!

Da local Snoozepaper has not dared print this – maybe because of da uproar it could cause a certain member of da Manalapan Township Committee. So, daTruthSquad will.

However, in defense of da local Snoozepaper, this actual real legal case has been kept hidden, for obvious reasons and it's quite possible they didn't even know about it.

It’s an actual case of legal malpractice being alleged – and taxpayers are not footing da bill! It involves a law firm tied to da Monmouth GOP, and a lawyer known very well to da fine folks of Manalapan. Da difference between da case against da Mosked Man and da one against ---- drumroll please ---- Carolina MachoGrande --- is da one against her is not politically motivated, this is a very real case, and it places da Manalapan Township Committee in da crosshairs of a very ethical dilemma - approving da hiring of a township attorney with a legal malpractice case hanging over her head!

Here’s da story.

On May 1, 2002, Carol Carpenter, a 56-year-old woman with diabetes, kidney disease, heart problems and gangrene in her toes was riding in a county medical transportation bus. She was going to a dialysis session when she fell out of her wheelchair and broke her right leg. Two weeks after da accident, injuries sustained in da crash forced doctors to amputate her leg.

Carpenter sued, retaining da Ocean County law firm of Ansell, Zaro, Grimm & Aaron. Representing as da defense in da case was da firm of Cleary Alfieri& Jones. They handed da case to one of their attorneys on staff, a young woman named Carolina MachoGrande.

You may remember that name - she's also da one that compared bloggers and commenters to "anonymous bomb throwers" when Manalapan sued USING TAXPAYER MONEY in 2007 to turn da First Amendment into toilet paper!

In a story not in da Snoozepaper, da story appeared in da undisputable New Jersey Law Journal, North River Insurance Company’s malpractice expert, Robert McAndrew minces no words describing da way MachoGrande handled da case.

A review of the Cleary file indicates that none of the attorneys who handled the case were in the least familiar with the duties of defense counsel, or even the rudiments of litigation practice," McAndrew said. As an associate with one year of experience, Casagrande should have received close supervision, but didn't, and her memos showed she wasn't well versed in the facts, McAndrew said. She suggested the case was worth $100,000 but didn't say why, according to McAndrew. "A look at her analysis of the damages issue also reveals that she had totally missed the point," he added. She focused on whether the injuries led to the amputation, he said. The real issues were whether Carpenter's pre-existing condition put her at risk for losing her leg and the extent of her pre-accident disabilities, he said.”

Yes, before you ask, this is da very same Carolina MachoGrande who, in 2007, was handpicked by alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident Committeeman Andy Boy as da person most qualified to be Manalapan Township Attorney.

Monmouth County settled da case for $450,000, but because that figure exceeded da monetary threshold, da insurance company was on da hook, and they obviously weren’t happy.

As da New Jersey Law Journal clearly states in their blockbuster story:

"A review of the Cleary file indicates that none of the attorneys who handled the case were in the least familiar with the duties of defense counsel, or even the rudiments of litigation practice," McAndrew said.

"Casagrande should have received close supervision, but didn't, and her memos showed she wasn't well versed in the facts, McAndrew said. She suggested the case was worth $100,000 but didn't say why, according to McAndrew."

"A look at her analysis of the damages issue also reveals that she had totally missed the point,"

Now, in Manalapan, you would think that legal malpractice cases grow on trees. That’s not daTruth. It is very rare a legal malpractice case is raised, and even more rare an insurance company brings it against a major firm like da one MachoGrande used to work for – and you know they wouldn’t do it if they thought they had a weak case.

Da insurance company is suing because they feel, in a nutshell, they got poor performance from da attorneys (including MachoGrande) involved. Da problem for some politicians, and those include in Manalapan, is they’re also asking questions that, if da judge allows to be asked, could potentially blow da lid off how politicians and politically connected law firms got involved in this.

Da insurance firm wants to know if MachoGrande’s former law firm obtained da work through political connections? They also want to know if her former firm was incapable of doing the work, or worse, unwilling to do a good job because it was getting a flat rate?

Now, you may be asking, “Does this amount to a hill of Greg Beans to Manalapan?"

OK, follow da bouncing corruption ball.

Bounce: Da firm’s lead lawyer, Cleary, was da council for da WMUA – da very same WMUA that allows Manalapan residents to flush their toilets - and, by da way, under fire for that $165,000 health & benefits package he received that YOU ARE PAYING FOR WITH TAXPAYER MONEY!.

Bounce: Why did Andy Boy believe an attorney (MachoGrande) with no experience in being a township attorney would do da best job? Could it be because she was a fundraiser for his failed Freeloader campaign?

Bounce: When Adam PuPu needed a job after he was “Hatch-ed,” where did he wind up? Working for da firm run by da father of Carolina MachoGrande.

Bounce: In da “vetting” process for Manalapan Township attorney, why was this case not brought up by Andy Boy? How could he have not known since it was Andy Boy who backed MachoGrande? Why in da world would da Queen rubber-stamp this? Did she ask da important questions during da vetting process, like “Hey, you aren’t being sued for legal malpractice, are you?”

Bounce: MachoGrande worked on this case in 2004 – more than 2 years before she was handpicked by Andy Boy to be Manalapan Township attorney!

Bounce: Could da Queen & Andy Boy have conveniently “missed” da fact their hand-picked choice for Township Attorney could have had a legal malpractice issue hanging over her? If there wasn’t a “vetting” process, was this part of a “back-room” deal?

Bounce: Did anyone in a political position (party boss, etc) put up Andy Boy to get her to become Township Attorney of Manalapan?

Bounce: Wasn’t da WMUA raided during this timeline by da FBI for corruption?

Bounce: Why was da MachoGrande legal malpractice case and all of this information hidden from Manalapan?

OK, if you’re tired of “Bouncing,” daTruth is this is just another reason investigators need to swarm into Manalapan like locusts to a cotton field. This story could very well be da lynchpin as to why Carolina MachoGrande was hired to be Manalapan Township attorney – and it all leads back to Andy Boy – who remains a DEFENDANT in da case of “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man.” In fact, he is so intertwined in that case that a judge has ordered him not to participate in any votes in town regarding that case!

Now, this begs a very important question or 2 or more – All of this information about MachoGrande’s was hidden from view. Why? Is MachoGrande still a practicing lawyer? Why was she hired by a politically connected firm during da time this fiasco went down – during her run for da State Assembly? Why has no former mayor in Manalapan asked that of their former mayor colleague Andy Boy? Why has not da local Snoozepaper even once reported on this story? Is it because da Mosked Man isn’t involved in it?

DaTruth is, this could quite possibly be a serious ethical violation – an elected official walking through & hiring a lawyer who was about to face a serious allegation and serious situation – a legal malpractice case – who apparently lacked da proper experience – and da same person who was a fundraiser for that same elected official! How serious is this situation – former Mayor George Spodak recently went before da Manalapan Township Committee to ask that Manalapan no longer do any business with Englishtown that is connected to da Mosked Man – because da Mosked Man is being sued for legal malpractice!

DaTruthSquad encourages all da TruthTellers, including honorary TruthTeller Spodak to demand that da Manalapan Township Committee seek a formal investigation by da state Attorney General into da actions of how Carolina MachoGrande was brought in as Township Attorney carrying more baggage than is handled at Newark Airpirt in a year!

DaTruth is, it’s not a news item everytime da Mosked Man flushes his toilet (although a certain Snoozer may disagree), or a cat gets stuck in a tree, or da Queen Mayor calls for a story to be done to enhance her portfolio. Hiring an attorney with a limited background, facing a potential legal malpractice case at da time, who claimed to not have anything to do with da Manalapan Legal Dream Team yet, according to da Snoozepaper’s famous “Rosman Editorial” was being paid by da hour, and it is still not known exactly how much MachoGrande billed for that legal case or for all da alleged work she performed in 2007 --- NOW THAT’S SOMETHING DA LOCAL SNOOZEPAPER SHOULD BE LOOKING INTO!


And that’s daTruth.

Monday, December 1, 2008

DaTruthSquad's Gobble-Gobble Awards

There are times daTruthSquad wants to bring back da "BaconHead" awards, which became a symbol of abuse of power and everything wrong with politics and politicians. It indeed may make a comeback, as so many TruthTellers have been asking about them. Before da year is out, don't be too surprised to see a "2008 BaconHead Award" winner, and also da "2008 TruthTeller of da Year" award will be handed out.

You can nominate for both in the comment section at any time, and your votes will be counted!

Now, for da First Annual 2008 Gobble-Gobble Awards, for da moves most reminiscent of being a turkey:

Manalapan News Coverage of 2008: Cathy Barratta - Local Snoozepaper!

One has to admit her coverage is second to none, because as many TruthTellers have said, nobody's coverage of Manalapan could be any worse when it comes to certain issues. When a former Manalapan mayor speaking from anywhere between 5-15 minutes during those 5 minute public sessions can get so much time on Page 1 of da Snoozer in a given year, then he either has one heck of a public relations person, or da Manalapan Township Committee on its own couldn't make news if it showed up for a meeting naked. One could speculate her news motto could potentially be -- "If da Mosked Man is not yet done, stick former mayor Spodak on Page One!"

Following da Judge's Order to a 'T' Award: Alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident Committeeman Andy Boy!

Right after da judge tells him he must not participate in votes relating to da Mosked Man case, he motions to have fellow GOP'er Susan Cohen and Mr. Anthony Gennaro censured. So you know, that censure motion and vote was in direct relation to da Mosked Man case.

Da "Say To Da Blind Man - I See Your Point" Award: Andy Boy, Cash Klauber, and da Queen!

Not only did they vote to censure Susan Cohen, but they did so when she wasn't even there to defend herself! She was reportedly hospitalized at da time and recuperating from alleged heart issues. One must theorize that buying a dog and then kicking it after you didn't feed it for a week it wasn't in da budget.

Da "Recession - We No Need No Stinkin' Recession" Award: Da Manalapan Township Committee!

In these hard economic times when 401k's are now worth 201k's and Manalapan foreclosures are at an all-time high, da Queen and her followers vote to buy a piece of land for almost 2 times it's value, bond for it making it cost even more, and then find out there may be environmental issues attached to it. Oh, and did daTruthSquad mention they have no actual plan in place for what they really want to do with da land?

Da "Trust Us - We Know How To Handle YOUR Money" Award: Manalapan Mayors Roth & Lucas!

Let's see....Raise taxes about 28% in one year, then the very next year raise them again by 14% with no increase in services or quality of life? And you thought the price of a barrel of oil at $140 was high.

Da 2008 Manalapan Legal Dream Team Lawyer of da Year: Carolina MachoGrande!

A blockbuster upcoming edition of daTruthSquad will have more on Macho's Grande newest problem. Stay tuned.

Da 2008 Manalapan Legal case going nowhere award: Coming Soon!!!!!!

Hint - It's not da case you think, but it could very well lead to others.

Da "I'm a leader but I damn well wish someone would follow me" award: Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery

He wins a confidence vote by a single vote. Enough said.

Da Worst Political Strategist of 2008: Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery

McCain/Palin win Manalapan. Zimmer beats Lautenberg in Manalapan. And da Queen carrying more baggage than Samsonite and American Tourister can make in 40 years combined take down da Iron Girth-led disciples Green & Garcia. There were actually times you had to scratch your head during da campaign and wonder who da Girth-meister really wanted to have win that election considering da kind of campaign he was responsible for.

Da 2008 version of da "Nuclear Family" award: Andy Boy

Last year, he got married but apparently after da wedding lived with his parents for months while his new blushing bride lived in neighboring Freehold to be closer to her job while he was running for political office. Now, it appears they all live in some form or another in Andy Boy's parent's house, which is now his house by deed, which begs da question - who gets da master bedroom?

Da 2008 "picture's still on da milk carton" award: Sir Lawrence of Manalapan

There was a time you'd see Sir Larry at da Queen's side (we're not going any further with that). But since he uttered da now-infamous words, "BECAUSE I HATE ITALIANS" - da only place you expect to see Sir Larry is on da side of a milk carton with da caption, "Have You Seen This Man?"

Da best TV show in Manalapan for 2009: OPRA

No, not "Oprah" as in Oprah Winfrey, but Opra, as in Open Public Records Act. Following daTruthSquad's order, it seems that there are OPRA requests being made in Manalapan Town Hall. However, that shouldn't stop anyone from making their own or others. Da more questions you raise, da less they will be able to hide da answers, and since da local Snoozepaper is either unwilling or cannot ask da real questions, da old rule applies -- If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

DaTruth is, an OPRA request is easy to start. I urge all da TruthTellers to investigate something if they feel that a wrong has been committed by career politicians. Investigations into da likes of INMATE JOHN LYNCH & DA CONVICTED FELONS SHARPE JAMES & WAYNE BRYANT all began when someone decided it was time to investigate what they perceived was wrongdoing - after public citizens blew da whistle and folks like Chris Christie heard that whistle.

In Monmouth County, that whistle has blown enough that political cronyism has taken GOP'ers out of power on da county level. Losses like da one Andy Boy suffered for Freeloader was da opening salvo in da Democratic takeover and ouster of political cronyism. Da louder you blow da whistle, da more people will hear it.

And that's daTruth.