Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We Missed Da Convicted Felon – So Let’s Blame da Deputy Mayor

Da most recent Bozo-torial in da local Snoozepaper regarding da way Manalapan Deputy Mayor Susan Cohen handled Manalapan's buy of a piece of land at taxpayer expense was more a work of fiction than da Poseidon Adventure. Da Bozo-torial in question, instead of admitting they got scooped instead lashed out like a 2-year old denied candy by their parents. Instead of admitting it got scooped by a better and actual newspaper, it dissected da way Manalapan Deputy Mayor Susan Cohen handled da vote, and then her statements to another and more qualified newspaper regarding who has their tentacles in this land deal.

Forget da Brooklyn Bridge – If you believe that Bozo-torial’s slant, then they have a 25-acre tract in Manalapan to sell you, and you’ll buy it for 2-times da valued price --- OH, sorry. Da Manalapan Township Committee, funded by its taxpayers – IT DID JUST THAT!

Unfortunately for da Snoozepaper readers, while it attacks Susan Cohen in a petty, juvenile, nasty and partisan way, it does nothing in regards to da knowledge a convicted felon's history in this deal, and that a former Manalapan mayor of da party pushing this land deal, thanks to political donatons, already profited from it! In fact, da only things missing from da Bozo-torial was daTruth and da name “Mosked Man.”

Da problem, as printed on da right side of this blog under da heading "Da Hidden Truth" is that da Snoozepaper reporter in question never asked any questions, and apparently neither did her editors. If they did, their “happy-happy-joy-joy” press release about da Manalapan land deal might have included such interesting tidbits, such as (A) da role of da CONVICTED FELON, (B) which party got POLITICAL DONATIONS, (c) who paid 2 TIMES WHAT DA LAND WAS WORTH, and (D) NOBODY HAS EVEN A CLUE AS TO WHAT THEY’RE GOING TO DO WITH DA EXPENSIVE LAND!

Entitled, "Speaking Up At The Right Time," it claims "During the July 16 public meeting, Cohen never mentioned her concerns about any alleged connection between former Middlesex County Democratic power broker John Lynch and the Providence Corporation and the Manalapan Democratic Party. She made no claims that Lynch was "wheeling" money into Manalapan Democratic campaigns in order to influence elections or to seek favors in return for the cash."

However, Cohen certainly did when she spoke to da Asbury Park Press when they interviewed her about da deal. This leads to da following questions - all of which da Snoozepaper reporter either did not ask for whatever reason:

1. Obviously all 5 members, including Mayor da Queen knew whose tentacles were attached to this land deal. Why did not ANY of da 5, including da Queen or da Township Attorney say anything?

2. Why was this information not disclosed to ANYONE before da vote or during da public hearing?

3. Is it possible that some on da Committee did have knowledge of da Lynch Mob's ties, and kept it from others on da Committee? This could mean that Cohen found out after da fact & da vote, which would be good reason to allow da Asbury Park Press to interview her.

4. Instead of da obvious childish partisan attack by da Snoozepaper against Cohen, why not ask why da reporter who said in her report that everybody was happy and life was peaches & cream (da Gang of 3 portrayal), yet had no mention in her story about whose tentacles were attached to this deal, or better, which CONVICTED FELON was attached to this land deal?

5. Where is da outrage by da Snoozepaper editorial staff, not at Cohen but at what has da appearance of political cronyism at its best by a political machine?

6. And what of da former Democratic mayor, who in 2003 received a large donation from da “New Beginnings” PAC run by John Lynch. He would later win that campaign.

Now, here are some more wild accusations made by da Snoozepaper with ABSOLUTELY NO MERIT:

"It seems as if Cohen was handed a script to follow after the July 16 committee meeting and then spoon fed that story - juicy as it was with alleged political misdeeds - to a daily newspaper, which lapped it up and ran it a week later as news."

This is an accusation that most certainly demands an apology from da Snoozepaper to Mrs. Cohen. Anyone who knows Mrs. Cohen knows her reputation, integrity and honor are beyond reproach. She brings class to what is a very classless Township Committee, and has been nothing less than a breath of fresh air where professionalism & dependability come into play. And as for spoonfed, and a great example of not doing your homework and dropping da ball, please read da story that spawned this whole situation.

"Given the known facts of the matter, it appears that Cohen was more committed to carrying the water of her political cronies than she was to serving the interests of the voters who elected her."

If da Snoozepaper did their 1st grade homework, they'd know da "political cronies" they mention REFUSED to back her or lend her any support because they knew she would not walk in goose step with them. If anyone at that table TRULY serves da voting public, it is Cohen and Independent Anthony Gennaro who are both not beholden to "political machines" and are in fact enemies of them.

Oh, and if that doesn't help you realize da Snoozer wouldn't know "political cronyism" if it fell over it, here's da Asbury Park Press story about da ties between Da Lynch Mob, da head of da Pucci Posse, and why some in manalapan want Monroe's MegaMegaMegaMall built a stone's throw from da Manalapan border so Manalapan's Village can't be built. THIS IS DA STORY THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW!

"Cohen never mentioned her concerns about any alleged connection between former Middlesex County Democratic power broker John Lynch and the Providence Corporation and the Manalapan Democratic Party."

What da Snoozepaper neatly avoids to mention is that NOBODY in da Manalapan government said anything about da Lynch Mob's ties! This means either da reporter didn't know and she didn't do her job, or da Manalapan government didn't know which means they weren't doing their jobs, or they did know and they were doing their jobs for a certain political party, any of which is grounds for an investigation, each more serious than da next.

DaTruth is twofold.

One, da local Snoozepaper was caught asleep at da switch because they missed da facts, rather worse, their report seemed more scripted than anything else. They missed da connection, and da competition wiped da floor with them. Da Snoozer editors have da right to be angry, but not at Mrs. Cohen. They should be asking their reporter why they should be paying her salary, and why da hard questions are not being asked. They got scooped – and scooped badly by da competition – and they looked real bad in da process.

Two, da Snoozepaper should have taken a hard & serious look into da Providence Corporation, and who has their tentacles in it, and who has received political donations from it and those whose tentacles are in it, because if they did, da name "LYNCH" would have popped up right next to da words "CONVICTED FELON," which to some might just be a serious red flag.

Over da years, daTruthSquad has had da dubious distinction of being da target of written attacks by da local Snoozepaper editor for what has been written in this blog. It was twice written that daTruthSquad "pulls da wings off of flies" by none other than da Snoozer editor. Whether daTruthSquad sits around daTruth Ranch doing what they claim is irrelevant. Attacking Susan Cohen because their own newspaper missed da real story about da Tillis-Gate land deal is very relevant and juvenile. Hiding daTruth about "Da Township of Manalapan vs da Mosked Man" and not reporting da well over $100,000 that has been spent for a $10,500 cleanup job isn't just relevant, it's beyond reproach.

DaTruth is, this Bozo-torial shows exactly what da local Snoozepaper really is. It showed its true colors by attacking Susan Cohen. It showed by attacking Susan Cohen it has an agenda. It showed by attacking Susan Cohen it missed da real story. It showed by attacking Susan Cohen apparently does not care about da real news or da fact they missed that a CONVICTED FELON has ties to a land deal, it gives da appearance it does what it is told by da very "political cronies" it claims tells da person who answered another reporter's questions.

DaTruth is, pure & simple, that da local Snoozepaper missed da REAL story, which da other newspaper didn't miss. Da Snoozepaper got scooped – pure & simple.

* Da real story is not that Susan Cohen didn't say anything during da vote -- it's that NOBODY ON DA MANALAPAN TOWNSHIP COMMITTEE - DA MAYOR - DA ATTORNEY - DA TOWN ADMINISTRATOR - SAID NOTHING!

*Da real story is not that da Asbury Park Press got it right, and they did, it's that da local Snoozepaper didn't come close!

*Da real story is not Susan Cohen's integrity, which is beyond reproach, it's instead why Manalapan in da first place bought a piece of land for an overinflated price from a company with ties, according to da Asbury Park Press to CONVICTED FELON John Lynch!

* Da real story is that Manalapan taxpayers shelled out $1.4 million dollars for land worth half that according to records, and even admit they have no clue as to what they want to do with it! One committeeman floated da bubble-headed idea of building a "bubble stadium," and another mentioned expanding da already-expanding Manalapan Rec. There was talk of building more homes, and talk about making da land a "revenue stream," and talk about leasing da land to someone else.

I'm sure a lot of regular people do things like spend $1.4 million dollars every day yet not have even 1 clue as to what they want to spend that money on. Even worse - IT'S SOMEONE ELSE'S MONEY - DA TAXPAYERS!

DaTruth is, this is something da fine folks at da Snoozepaper can't blame on Susan Cohen, or da Mosked Man, or anyone else - but themselves. They missed da real story, and blamed everyone else for it - but themselves! It's no wonder all over Manalapan and other towns, Snoozepapers wrapped in plastic are laying on wet lawns or being driven over on driveways, and when it is brought inside, it’s read by more guinea pigs and parakeets in their cages than John Q. Public on their couches.

And that's daTruth.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Manalapan Police Phones Turned Off -- AGAIN!

It was a month ago when decorated Manalapan Police Chief Stuart Brown was brought before da Manalapan Inquisition, having to give his explaination as to his actions in "Verizon-Gate." Both da Queen and her sergeant-at-arms, Cash Klauber thundered away at Brown, even as both his legal rep and da rep for Manalapan alluded things were going too far.

Then, they brought in da rep for Verizon. Da only thing da Gang of Three didn't do was offer him a glass of wine and appetizers. They could not have been nicer to da person representing da company that shut off their police department phones, but da person who went after da people who turned off da phones was himself da target of da Gang of Three.

Verizon PROMISED they'd take steps to insure it would never happen again.

Britany Spears must be running this phone company, because OOPS - THEY DID IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

Da local Snoozepaper reports that INDEED - IT HAS HAPPENED AGAIN!!!!!!

On July 19, after Verizon had it's "coffee & cake" with da Manalapan Township Committee, phone service was cut off to da manalapan Police Department for da 2nd time in 2 months!

This time, service was knocked out for an even longer time than da first outage. While 911 service was unaffected, da main phone number to Manalapan's police who serve 37,000 residents was not working!

Da good news, according to da Snoozepaper report is that your Manalapan Township Committee is on da job. Da story in da Snoozepaper said Manalapan officials were "irked." When daTruthSquad is irked, it's because of silly things like da local Snoozepaper being tossed on a wet lawn, or having to wait 30 minutes because of da Woodward Road closure.

Note to da Manalapan Township Committee: When your police department's phones are turned off for da 2nd time, this coming after a Verizon promise days prior that it would never happen again, and 37,000 people for da 2nd time in 2 months were put at life-and-death risk and in harm's way - it should do more than just "irk" you!

It reports that alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident Committeeman Andy Boy asked da Queen Mayor "that Verizon adjust the bill so that Manalapan is given some credit for the time the telephone service was down."

Da Queen mayor got da rep from Verizon to promise "that Verizon would implement failsafe measures such as an alarm that would sound if the telephone lines were to go down."

At least someone had a little fight in their response. Chief Brown told da Snoozepaper, "“While I understand the issues they face, it doesn’t make it OK. It’s unacceptable that this occurred not once, but twice to a police department.”

As for Manalapan's residents, 37,000 people were put at risk again -- FOR DA SECOND TIME IN 2 MONTHS -- because Verizon shut down phone service.

How will da Manalapan Township Committee handle this now?

Will they invite da Verizon rep for tea & crumpets?

Will they blame Chief Brown?

Obviously there is a serious problem here. Cutting da phones to Andy Boy' house is one thing. Cutting da lines to a pizzaria is one thing. Cutting da phone lines to a police department serving 37,000 residents is a one-time event that should absolutely, positively NEVER happen --- AND IT'S NOW HAPPENED TWICE IN 2 MONTHS!

Manalapan should demand an investigation by da Board of Public Utilities - and demand penalties for allowing this to happen again.

Manalapan should also put Chief Brown in charge of their case, because unlike da Gang of Three, Chief Brown won't be asking softball questions, he won't be singing Verizon's praises, and he won't be serving cappuchino and croissants.

DaTruth is, Manalapan should also haul da Verizon rep - and his boss - and his boss into Town Hall, and they should be asked questions. However this time, one of those asking da questions should be Chief Stuart Brown, because after what he was put through by da Gang of Three, he has 7 deserves da right to ask da questions to Verizon!

It's very fortunate that nobody was hurt or died because phone lines to da local police department were cut off -- FOR DA SECOND TIME! If anything, it also shows that leadership and concerns of da Manalapan Township Committee was completely ignored. That was wrong, and Verizon must be held accountable. Manalapan deserves more than to have Verizon simply "adjust a bill." Da town of 37,000 residents, all put at risk because of Verizon's 2nd police phone outage in 2 months deserve much more.

And that's daTruth!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More Political Cronies Schemes - Less Money For You

Here we go again with Governor Toll Troll. Another week, another scheme to take more of YOUR money out of your pockets to make his political cronies and those he serves (not da taxpayers) happy.

Corzine, or whomever is pulling da strings wants to take da Turnpike and segregate it into those who pay and those who pay more. Those who pay more will have special lanes solely for them, leased for billions of $$$$ to a private company. Those lanes, of course would come from current Turnpike lanes, placing more traffic now into less lanes while people lighting cigars with $20 bills would breeze by, in theory of course.

DaTruthSquad was at da a Manalapan dining establishment last Sunday afternoon eating dinner and overhearing people talking about it. One said, "let them do it. I don't drive da Turnpike anyway."

You may not drive da Turnpike, but like da "Andy & Roth-i-nomics" that have led to more than 40% municipal tax increases over da last 2 years (28% & 14%) in Manalapan, you still have to pay, even if YOU don't take da Turnpike.

Delivery trucks use da Turnpike. They pay more - YOU pay more.

Company vehicles use da Turnpike. They pay more - YOU pay more.

Less lanes for peasants mean YOU burn more gas. More gas used - YOU pay more.

Now, here's an interesting question. Why not go to a bank and tell them you want to borrow money to pay for your bills. You of course want to borrow more than you're worth. You think they'll give you that money?

Apparently folks like Governor Corzine does, because much like running New Jersey like Enron, he's doing da same thing.

He has an out-of-control pension system, more state workers than needed, a former girlfriend that even a union doesn't want to have running it claiming corruption. Yet, he passes a budget that does nothing to lower da state debt, and only cuts jobs on attrition and not outright. It does nothing to stem da pension problem that could have 20% of future budgets going solely to pay pensions.

So how does da NJ Governor fix it?

He ignores it, but wants to raise tolls like he promised all along - that is - after he got into office.

In a way, his "Enron-like" business management style of New Jersey has trickled down to Manalapan, where leaders in that small town also believe in tax now, pay now & later.

There are more "For Sale" signs in front of homes than you'll ever see signs that say "Vote for Green & Garcia." Without a proper ratable infrastructure, people have to drive to Marlboro & Freehold to shop for staple items, or just to shop if they have anouth cash. To get there, they have to drive in traffic because roads like Woodward Road has been closed it feels like since Shapiro was da mayor (although it hasn't been that long), and with 3,000 homes & McMansions being built right now in a small southrn part of town, those folks too will need groceries and their 5,000 cars will join yours on Manalapan roads.

So, what are Manalapan's town leaders like da Queen and alleged Freehold/and or Manalapan resident Andy Boy doing about it?

They're spending millions of $$$$$ of YOUR tax money on an artificial turf field. They're spending hundreds of thousands of $$$$$$ on "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" land-deal-gone-bad-First Amendment lawsuit that even Back Page Barratta wrote in da local Snoozepaper that da judge claimed "politics that affects this entire lawsuit," and may have set da ball rolling for additional Manalapan "defendants" by saying, according to da Snoozepaper, "Whether it's politically motivated or not, I don't care. If they're responsible parties, they should be in the case. File the motion," the judge said.

Now, led by da Queen and Andy Boy, they want to purchase a 25-acre tract of land and, according to da Snoozepaper story they have plans, but at what cost?

First, they have questions according to da Snoozepaper about how to fund buying the more than $1 million parcel. They have to consult lawyers to see if just what they want can be done, which costs lawyers fees. Second, they haven't a clue whether they'll buy da land or lease it. Either way, it will cost you $$$$$$$. Third, they're thinking of using da land for "recreational use" and putting up "some sort of bubble stadium." Didn't they just spend millions of $$$$$ on an artificial turf field and other recreational upgrades? Fourth, they believe this will bring in revenue.

Do they think chips & soda will balance Manalapan's budget? Better yet, do they charge Manalapan residents to use their own town's recreational facility? Charge da peasants $10 to jog? Make them pay $20 per kid for each soccer game their kid plays in?

DaTruth is, while it is all well and good to want to make Manalapan da "recreation town," peasants get thirsty after jogging, and kids get hungry after soccer games. Parents can't get their groceries and snacks at Manalapan Rec. They must for da most part drive out of Manalapan to get what they need as staple items.

Remember, even alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident Committeeman Andy Boy claimed his then soon-to-be wife was living in Freehold to be close to her job!

Right now, as 3,000 more homes, 5,000 more cars, and probably another (rough estimate) 10,000 people will be added to Manalapan's population, Manalapan has 500,000 square feet of business space sitting weed-infested becase a handful of politicos apparently would be happier with a Mega-MegaMall on da border with Monroe on Route 33 than businesses down da street from them in Manalapan where their tax money can stay in town.

Right now, a town like Mount Arlington is facing a 40% municipal tax increase because they lost their state funding. Manalapan is going up 14% because it lost barely 1% of it's budget from da state. Unless da mindset of politicians change in Manalapan (and throughout da state), then it's safe to say "For Sale" and "Out of Business" signs will become da new moniker of New Jersey, and Manalapan.

And that's daTruth.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

And The Next to Be Called “DEFENDANT” is….

While the latest story in da local Snoozepaper by Back Page Barratta called “Judge Tells Attorneys to Depose Moskovitz” seems to point fingers at da Mosked Man, it appears in reality it may be da Mosked Man himself who may be pointing fingers soon enough.

Buried in da story was da fact da judge in da case is not taking sides, but also is apparently thinking less that da case is political and thinking more that da case should not just proceed, but become larger in scope so da truth can be told. According to da Snoozer, da judge told da Mosked Man, who questioned why only he was being targeted in this legal bruhaha, said da Mosked Man could go after others who may have allegedly been a part of da great "land-deal-gone-bad!"

Judge O'Brien told Moskovitz that if he (Moskovitz) believes there are other responsible parties and the township has not brought them into the litigation, then Moskovitz ought to take it upon himself, as his own attorney in the matter, to cite or bring these other individuals into the litigation. "Whether it's politically motivated or not, I don't care. If they're responsible parties, they should be in the case. File the motion," the judge said.

This one particular move could have far-reaching effects not only in Manalapan politics, but in your pocketbooks too.

Engineering work for da Dreyer Patch was performed by CME, da current town engineering firm. Will they become a Mosked Man “Defendant?”

Current Manalapan Mayor da Queen was not only on da Township Committee in 2004, but also on da planning board and she’s running for reelection this year. Will she become a “Mayor-Defendant?”

Alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident Andy Boy is already a “Defendant” in da case. His lawyer tried to have him removed, citing “a fishing expedition.” Andy Boy is still a “Defendant, and his lawyer was told to depose da Mosked Man

Truth be told, it seems this case isn’t just not going away any time soon, but it may be growing larger and wider-ranging. Da case which started out with a “fishing expedition” in a brazen attempt to unmask daTruthSquad and those who post on da site using taxpayer money may soon become a “Manalapan Political Who’s Who of Defendants" if da Mosked Man starts pointing his finger.

Da judge also slapped Manalapan Legal Dream Team lawyer Len Garza for “repeated motions in the matter and told Garza he was not going to put up with any more motions to compel compliance. He told Garza that he should just depose Moskovitz under oath.”

Da Manalapan Legal Dream Team was also denied on da motion to have more details on da Mosked Man’s malpractice insurance carrier.

“O'Brien said he was denying that motion due to the fact that the township did not need to know why Hudson Insurance had denied coverage to Moskovitz in this matter. Garza said the request had been made because the township's attorneys believed they were entitled to know the circumstances that resulted in oskovitz's carrier denying him coverage in this matter. "As far as I'm concerned, you're only entitled to the copy of the policy, Mr. Garza. You're not entitled to any correspondence between the carrier and Mr. Moskovitz," the judge said.”

But da most damaging situation for Manalapan residents is that da case will not only continue – AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE – but could add more Defendants as da days go on.

Another important question – and it’s one that should and must be asked at da next Manalapan Township Committee meeting is – who is paying for Andy Boy’s legal bills in this matter? Is he paying out of his own pocket? Or, are you, da peasants of Manalapan paying for Andy Boy’s legal bills in da case of “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man?”

Exactly how much has been spent thus far on this case? Da Manalapan Township Committee has not released that figure, but Andy Boy said in da fall last year that Manalapan taxpayers have forked over “at least $100,000!”

DaTruth is, you have to read deeper into da Snoozepaper story, past da points that were echoed by Mosked Man lovers on another message board saying “Da Mosked man is going down.” Da judge clearly stated he was not happy with da way da Mosked man answered some questions, but he was also not happy with da Manalapan Legal Dream Team or Andy Boy’s legal eagle either.

Andy Boy’s lawyer called his client’s addition as a “DEFENDANT” a “fishing expedition.” He was denied, and told to depose da Mosked man.

Both da Mosked Man & Andy Boy’s lawyer’s tactics were called “Clintonistic” by da judge. For an alleged GOP’er to have his lawyers’ tactics to be called “Clintonistic” would be like having Jon Corzine be called “Karl Rove-like.”

Da judge has also had enough with Manalapan Legal Dream Team tactics, as da Snoozepaper says he “was getting tired of repeated motions in the matter and told Garza he was not going to put up with any more motions to compel compliance.”

And of course, da biggest single aspect of da story is not “Judge tells attorneys to depose da Mosked Man.” Da lead was buried once again, as it was da judge according to da Snoozepaper who tells da Mosked man basically to prove this is not a political vendetta lawsuit, as it has been alleged. Now, da Mosked Man free reign to add DEFENDANTS to da lawsuit – and da big question is – who will be served next?

What has now happened is da Manalapan Legal Dream Team has been put on da defensive. They now have to prove that, in effect, da Mosked Man “acted alone.” So, here are some questions to ponder:

1. Who did da engineering work on da Dreyer Patch, and why was da extent of da problems not detected then? How much was that firm paid, and why hasn't da Manalapan Township Committee demaded a refund for that work as they have from da Mosked Man?

2. Who was da Township attorney in 2004 who dealt with da court order to sell da property to Manalapan as-is? What was that person's involvement in da case before it was unceremoniously dropped in da lap of da Mosked Man?

3. During da Queen's 2005 election campaign, she often mentioned in political attack ads blamed GOP'ers Andy Boy & Joltin Joe for spending $1,000,000 of taxpayer money to buy just one acre of land. Could that same acre of land actually da Dreyer Patch where her now-infamous "Field of Nightmares" is going to be built and is da center of this whole land-deal-gone-bad controversy?

4. What did da Queen, who was on da Manalapan Township Committee in 2004 and also on da Planning Board and is now running for reelection really know?

5. What did da 2004 Township Administrator know?

6. If something was indeed wrong, why was it not discovered by the 2006 Township attorney?

7. What did former mayor Drew Shapiro know in all of his years on da Township Committee?

8. What, if anything, was said during da super-secret "Executive Session" of Manalapan Township meetings in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 that should be made known now about this case?

DaTruth is, da Mosked man may need more fingers to point.

If anything was made clear by da Snoozepaper story, it's that this case, being paid for with YOUR TAX MONEY is not going away anytime soon. It's also clear that there is much hidden that some people know that many aren't aware of. If da Mosked Man starts pointing fingers, it will be very interesting indeed who he points fingers at, and what is ultimately discovered during testamony.

DaTruth is, "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man," a First Amendment-legal malpractice-land-deal-gone-bad lawsuit which has been talked and written about around da world may only be beginning - and Manalapan residents will continue to pay every penny of it.

And that's daTruth.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

An Independence Day Message From daTruthSquad

"Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one." This was said by Thomas Paine, a great Patriot and who some might call "an anonymous bomb-thrower" of his day.

Due to da daTruthSquad’s close proximity to Monmouth Battlefield, it is important that we remember the brave souls who gave of themselves in opressive heat, battle weary individuals who, because of their great sacrifice allow us to live free.

This weekend we will be having BBQ’s, going swimming, meeting friends, enjoying family, and if we can afford da gas, traveling. Da souls that perished during da Battle of Monmouth died so we can do these things.

We’ll be watching tennis, or even playing some. We’ll be watching baseball, or even going to a game. Da souls that perished during da Battle of Monmouth died so we can do these things.

We’ll enjoy da company of children & grandchildren. Da souls that perished during da Battle of Monmouth died so we can do these things.

We’ll be watching fireworks light da sky and be in awe of what we see. Da souls that perished during da Battle of Monmouth died so we can do these things.

Their brave & noble sacrifices give us these opportunities.

It is unfortunate that there are some in our midst that seem to forget what these brave souls stood for – and what they did not stand for.

They did not stand for their town to grow without a proper plan to balance da burden on homeowners with those in da business world. Without a solid foundation of ratables, homeowners face da burden of paying for da whims of da politicians and their “panacea” of desires.

They did not stand for frivolous lawsuits, especially those that challenge da right of free speech and liberty. Last year, a gang of politicians decided to have their henchmen legal “dream team” of lawyers challenge da First Amendment of da Constitution of da United States, and, it continues to drain town tax dollars still! Much like those who did not favor “No taxation without representation,” they continue to use YOUR money to fund their political vendetta.

Da souls that perished during da Battle of Monmouth died not so these politicians could erase liberty and free speech from our Constitution. Some politicians have forgotten what these brave souls gave their lives for.

DaTruthSquad, and da TruthTellers, have not forgotten. Fortunately, some brave patriots like those from da Electronic Frontier Foundation know what liberty and justice is all about. They understand what da souls that perished during da Battle of Monmouth died for.

Imagine, for just a moment if you did not have freedom of speech. You could face scorn, prison, or even death just because you did not agree with those in power – whether they be in Washington, DC, Trenton, or at the corner of Route 522 & Taylors Mill Road. Life is like that everyday in some countries in Africa and da Middle East and Asia. During Saddam’s reign of terror in Iraq, if you disagreed with him he tortured or killed your family.

Now, imagine da Manalapan Legal Dream Team was successful. Anonymity would be taken away. You could not disagree with politicians without placing yourself or members of your family in harm’s way. Liberty would be removed, and da souls that perished during da Battle of Monmouth would have given their lives for nothing.

Da precedent-setting legal case that received worldwide attention was not just a victory for daTruthSquad. It was in fact a victory for anyone who reads this blog or others like it. It was a victory for Benjamin Frankin, John Jay, and Alexander Hamilton, da bloggers of da day. It was a victory for anonymous writers around da world. It was a victory for anyone who sees an injustice and lets others know what is wrong in their midst.

It was also a big victory for da souls that perished during da Battle of Monmouth who died so we can do these things.

DaTruthSquad, for one, will be found on Monmouth Battlefield this weekend. DaTruthSquad will also be paying a visit to da Old Tennent Cemetery. DaTruthSquad will also be saying a prayer for da men & women in our armed services fighting & risking their lives in places like Iraq & Afghanistan for da cause of liberty so we can live in freedom.

DaTruthSquad can only hope that you do da same, and continue to speak out against what you feel is wrong & stand up to those who oppress.

Da souls that perished during da Battle of Monmouth died so we can do these things.

And that’s da truth!