Monday, September 27, 2010

A September BaconHead With A Side Order of "Bean"

As you may have seen in da comments section of this blog, there was a note from fine American Art Gallagher regarding an attack on his blog, MoreMonmouthMusings.

Now, in our great nation we great Americans have da right to do some pretty unbelievable things. One of those things is da freedom to be able to think for ourselves. Another is to actually stand by and even show support for a political party or a candidate for political office. No laws broken here - just facts from our founding fathers.

Senor Gallagher has that right. However, since he is not a "newspaper man," then there may be a small fringe out there that for some strange and potentially possibly personal reasons who don't believe he has that right - and maybe for a reason you might not think.

Recently, Mr. Gallagher and his fine and upstanding blog came under attack by former Snoozer editor, or as some call it, coupon weekly's Greg "Bozo" Bean. As MoreMonmouthMusings wrote on his blog, "The threats are real, only if you believe the convoluted logic of former Greater Media editor Greg Bean who awakened out of his semi-retirement to write a scathing column about me, this blog, our anonymous contributor Abram N. Spangel, and GOP 12th district congressional candidate Scott Sipprelle. I don’t know what it is with those Greater Media has beens, but Greg Bean and Kathy Baratta sure are obsessed with this blog."

Adding to this, "Has-Bean" made contact with MMM, and according to MMM said, "I am truly disgusted by it, and by you. Until today, I had some respect for your views, but that’s completely out the window. This is lower than daTruth Squad’s nutty (expletive), and that’s saying something."

Honestly, da rantings and ravings of "Has-Bean" are about as important to daTruthSquad as whether our favorite ice cream place on Business Route 33 has 31 or 32 flavors - but he does have da same rights as all of us to speak what he believes, thanks to da very First Amendment Manalapan lawyers tried to destroy. We believe it's something deeper. Now, if daTruthSquad can theorize, maybe there's a very good reason that they don't like MoreMonmouthMusings, or this blog either.

Here's daTruthSquad's theory:

Before ad advent of things like personal computers, smartphones, and basically any technology and da blogisphere after 2002, we only had newspapers to tell us things. We took their word to be true, because there was no real way to prove otherwise, and they cornered da market on local information. Then as these "newspapermen" watched in horror, along came blogging.

All of a sudden, proud newspaper folks now had something they never had before -- direct and almost instant competition. We didn't have to wait one week like a weekly coupon clipper does. We were instantaneous. All of a sudden, bloggers were breaking da news of da day faster than da newspapers could keep up. Was it "Has-Bean" or a blogger named Drudge who broke da Monica Lewinsky story? Was it "Has-Bean" or daTruthSquad who broke da whole "Because I Hate Italians" affair? Was it "Has-Bean" or daTruthSquad who showed everyone exactly what da whole "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" lawsuit was all about? And, in some cases, proving that in some cases some newspapers may have had agendas.

Now, to be fair, someone like former Snoozer editor "Has-Bean" has da absolute right to say this blog is "Bull-@#$%", because much like we can nickname him "Has-Bean" we believe in da First Amendment. Everybody, including "Has-Bean" has da right to their opinions and beliefs, and we will not take away "Has-Bean's right to his opinions. That would be against what our Founding Fathers stood for when a number of them were anonymous bloggers of their day. "Has-Bean" has said many unusual things about this blog, as claiming once that what is written here "pulls da wings off flies" and that somehow we are a "dry gulcher." We could question what that meant, however those comments are so outwardly bizarre and we don't even have da first clue as to what he meant, so why bother.

What we do know is that this blog is actually indebted to "Has-Bean," since it was in one of his somewhat bizarre rants and off-on-a-tangent hysterics about this blog that we give him credit for inventing da word "BaconHead," a word that cannot even be found in da Webster's dictionary. Much like MoreMonmouthMusings, we also know that BaconHead winners "Has-Bean" and his former cohort Kathy Barratta for some strange and unknown reason seems to have a slight bit of disdain for this blog, and apparently they don't care much for MoreMonmouthMusings too.

And, to be fair, they have da right our Founding Fathers gave us to not like this blog or any other. However, from a purely psychological standpoint, one might think that they may think they are bigger and better than bloggers, because they use actual paper and maybe even typewriters to write what they wrote, and we bloggers use cyberspace?

Then, of course, there's da anonymity factor. As we learned in 2007 when da Manalapan Township Committee and their Manalapan Legal Dream Team attempted to sue this blog for what it was writing, a move that garnered worldwide scorn and outrage and even set a lstate and national legal precedent -- all while costing Manalapan taxpayers $$$$$$$, anonymity was not only upheld, those who tried to take it away were held to ridicule. And, lets not forget one of those, along with da Manalapan Legal Dream Team who wanted to remove da First Amendment-protected anonymity was "Has-Bean."

Sometimes, some people forget there were great patriots who blogged and wrote anonymously. People like Supreme Court Justice John Jay, founding fathers like Alexander Hamilton and Ben Franklin, folks that maybe "Has-Bean" might consider da "dry gulchers" of their day, and even a fine upstanding Monmouth County guy like Art Gallagher who rests on his shoulders da responsibility to tell daTruth and tell things like it is. All of their sacrifices and hard work and dedication to daTruth is what keeps daTruthSquad going - and we could not be here without them.

DaTruth is, despite what some who wear those funny paper newspaper hats might think, blogging is now not just on-par with newspapers, in some cases we in da blogisphere have pushed beyond paper pushers and maybe even dare we say have pushed beyond weekly coupon shoppers like da Snoozer. While we don't know da exact number of MoreMonmouthMusings readers, we know that number is quite large - and we also know statistically that daTruthSquad does pretty well too -- and our blogs don't litter driveways, get caught in da blades of lawnmowers or get shredded by snowblowers or just turn to mush on wet lawns.

This, of course, brings us to da September BaconHead Award.

Like we said before, anybody can be a blogger and blogs are everywhere. In fact, during a recent meeting in Manalapan of GOP'er candidates last week at da Monmouth County Library, at least three bloggers were in attendance. Two of them have blogs, or claim they do on their campaign website - Andy Boy & Jordan "Stu." Da other, of course, was daTruthSquad who was also in da County Library in a quiet and unassuming way milling about room and striking up a chat with some people in attendance, and we must admit there were a lot of people there.

Da BaconHead Award was created, ironically, to highlight da blunders or bizarre behavior or actions or statements of people who stick their foot deep into da hole of "duh." Many great Americans have won this award, from "Has-Bean" to da Queen to even former Governor Con-Zine, and it doesn't take someone with or without a brainpan to know why.

In this particular case, as MoreMonmouthMusings so eloquently pointed out, "That's why Greg Bean is not fair and biased. He's just biased, but tries to create da illusion that he's not. He's unfair and biased, like so many others in da media." Our friend and fellow blogger Art Gallagher has that right to make that statement. Honest Art also said, "I don't know if Bean really champions infanticide." If he does or not we don't care. That's up to him, which brings us up to this important point.

In this great nation of ours, we have da right to think and believe many things. We can believe in infanticide if we so desire, or -gasp - even decide to trust da blogisphere over coupon clipping weekly so-called newspapers. And, while we can't scream "fire" in a crowded theater, we can blog. DaTruthSquad has always had this underlying suspicion that folks like "Has-Bean" don't like bloggers because we do something that he does - write an "editorial" of da events of life. Are we stepping on "Has-Bean's" toes? Who is to say. However, you have to admit it makes a great theory.

DaTruth is, if Has-Bean wants to have only one source of information that people must and should read, then it's a sad assessment but he may be living in da wrong country. Here in da great US of A, we have this little thing that da Founding Fathers thought of called da First Amendment, freedom of choice, liberty, and yes - hard to believe - but we even have da right to read and dare we say - even write blogs! If Kommissar Has-Bean wants people to read his and only his scribings, then maybe he should consider a change of address, such as buying a new home on Barratta Alley" at Ahmadinejad-acres" in Tehran, or considering a job with da government press in North Korea. There he can guarantee he will have no other opinions getting in da way of his. In this nation, we have da right to disagree with opinions, and yes even blog about them, without da fear of being locked away eating half-cooked rice with da occasional luke-warm pumpkin soup in a North Korean labor camp.

So, for thinking that anonymous bloggers such as Abram N. Spanel, daTruthSquad and alike aren't deserving to share da same oxygen as a "paper boy," and maybe for even thinking that what eventually winds up in his bathroom's U-bend isn't all that odiferous, while we don't have any brain pans available, we do have a supply of BaconHead Awards --- and Greggo "Has-Bean" Bean, you sir are da proud recipient of da September award --- and we suspect there's probably more than enough room on your award wall to hang one of these.

And that's daTruth.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Will da Manalapan Democrat Candidates Please Stand Up

At one of our recent TruthTeller Pizza and Pasta get togethers, one of our TruthTellers asked a question that left us all puzzled. Da Question was - Who is running against da Yorktowne Club darlings?

We started looking at each other a bit perplexed. We weren't sure at first, but it wasn't until we looked back at the unofficial Monmouth County election records from June that we found these two guys actually won an election, albeit unopposed. We decided to look into their campaign further, and here's what we found.

ISSUE 1: CAMPAIGN WEBSITE. After an exhausting search of a number of internet search engines, we couldn't find any campaign website for the unknown candidates. Their GOP'er challengers Andy Boy and Jordan "Stu" Maskowitz have one. Theirs has pictures and alleged facts and everything. As for da unknown Democratic candidates - Nothing. No websiteto be found, no platform to be found, no nothing to be found. Whatever their "message" is, it's apparently not getting out through the worldwide web.

ISSUE 2: DEMOCRATIC PARTY WEBSITE: An internet search did uncover da website for da Manalapan democrats. We're happy to tell you that indeed da Manalapan Democratic Party has a website. Da bad news, it brings you directly to a very nice smiling picture of former Manalapan Township Committeeman and Mayor Commissar Klauber! Apparently, nobody told them they may want to update that site, especially since nearly 11 months ago, their candidate Commissar lost that election!

ISSUE 3: WHO ARE THESE GUYS: We had to do some digging, but we did determine that da two unknown candidates actually live in Manalapan (unlike questions raised in two other recent elections). While we wouldn't know them if we tripped over them, we are going to give them da benefit of da doubt that they actually know they are running against da GOP'ers. As for their names, some people who comment on this blog have affectionately began referring to them as "Beevis and Butthead." Until they solve da perils of Issue #4, then we'll either refer to them as da mythical cartoon characters or just as "Da Unknown Candidates."

ISSUE 4: ARE THEY CAMPAIGNING? Your guess is as good as ours.

ISSUE 5: THROUGH DONATIONS, CAN THEY AFFORD CAB FARE TO OLD BRIDGE? According to da latest ELEC report for candidate "Beevis", he placed "-0-" in da boxes for "Total Contributions" and "Total Expenditures" in one report, and in another report, admitted to $1,750.00 in "Total Contributions." We also uncovered that $1,500 came via a single check from the "Manalapan Democrats." As for candidate "Butthead," he also had one ELEC report where he said he raised -0- to date, but a subsequent report showed he was able to scratch together $2,000. However, $1,500 of that money also came from one check from da "Manalapan Democrats." Then another subsequent report shows that figure was raised to $3,500.00, but also included a campaign payment of $1312.50 for "signage," paid to someone who appears to have da same name as their party boss.

So da good news is they have cab fare. Da bad news is a big majority of that $$$$ came from da local party and not from da public. Da worse news is both Jordan "Stu" and Andy Boy both each has raised more $$$$$$, and their reports are nicely typed.

ISSUE 6: ELEC REPORTS: Apparently they learned from a certain 2006 candidate that those records probably should be filed. They seem to be up to date, so they get brownie points for following da rules. We will not take off any points for handwriting.

DaTruth is, this election was expected to be fairly quiet anyway, but that would favor da GOP'ers due to da wave of GOP-ness going on in da county. To be fair, one has to remember these candidates were chosen when there was an unwritten alliance in place and da Queen and Mayor Andy Boy were chummy. Unfortunately for da Queen and da Capo di Tutti Capi, that alliance rug was pulled out from under them after da fact, leaving their unknown and apparently underfunded candidates according to da ELEC reports up against da darlings of da Yorktowne Club.

Is it safe to say this could turn out to be a very one-sided election, and potentially a landslide win for da GOP'ers? Da answer to that is --- unless da "Spectacularly Unknown Candidates" actually become candidates and make some noise. Even da Manalapan Democrats website has no info about them as of this date - just about their 2009 candidate - and he lost!

Honestly, we're not even sure if they are going to put up a fight, or even some token resistance. So, in order to make this a more lively election campaign, daTruthSquad is going to go out on a limb here and make a friendly wager with da Unknown Candidates and da Cadre too.

Ready ---

If both da Manalapan Democrat Unknown Candidates defeat both of da Manalapan GOP'ers, then daTruthSquad vows not to blog at all about Manalapan for all of 2011 - one full year - 365 days!

If either "Beevis or Butthead" as some people call them beat current Mayor Andy Boy, then daTruthSquad will not blog about Manalapan for six months!

Knowing da love, admiration, and respect da members of da Cadre show daTruthSquad, then if this friendly wager doesn't get them to actively campaign and try to make an actual election out of this, then nothing will.

Remember, members of da Cadre, if both da Manalapan Democrat Unknown Candidates defeat both of da Manalapan GOP'ers, then daTruthSquad vows not to blog al all about Manalapan for one year! If either "Beevis or Butthead" beat current Mayor Andy Boy, then daTruthSquad will not blog about Manalapan for six months!

Da next move, of course, is up to da Cadre and their candidates. All of a sudden, da stakes for their candidates, and their Queen, just got a whole lot bigger!

And that's daTruth.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Manalapan Democrats Fire da First Salvo in Da Election of 2010

You knew that da Manalapan Democrats had something up their sleeve. Now we know what it is. Tactic #1 - Show GOP'ers break da rules! Or, "Find Da Oldest Dirt You Can Find!"

Even though they won da election of 2006, da Manalapan Democratic leadership led by da Capo di Tutti Capi, da Boss of all Bosses Gerry "One Bourbon, One Shot & One Beer" Ward hasn't forgotten alleged improprieties they believe were allegedly orchestrated during da election by Manalapan GOP'ers and their then-candidate Little Nikki.

Now, nearly 4 years later, da Capo has fired da first shot.

Da Manalapan Democrats have filed a complaint with ELEC, saying da Manalapan GOP'ers broke da election rules on more than one front. Da Asbury Park Press, not da local Snoozepaper, got da news.

Da newspaper says that:

ISSUE 1: "Among the charges are that Pezzullo failed to report a $500 contribution made in September 2006 from the law offices of Cleary, Alfieri, Jones & Hoyle, now Cleary, Alfieri and Jones of Matawan. The firm's partners include politically connected attorneys Salvatore Alfieri, a former Marlboro Republican County Committee Chairman, and James Cleary, a former attorney for Monmouth County and the Western Monmouth Utilities Authority."

ISSUE 2: "Pezzullo never reported the address or reason a check for $1,708 from her general election campaign account was made out to Martin Mabe of Manalapan" who was her alleged campaign manager.

However, this may not be all. DaTruthSquad has heard from an embedded source within da Cadre that da Manalapan Democrats also questioned who paid for a plane that had a banner attached to it on election day. They were also not impressed with some responses that Little Nikki gave on some of their questions, and possibly unanswered questions.

Here's what daTruthSquad knows:

1. There are open questions as to who was da actual treasurer of da Little Nikki campaign. It could be possible that Little Nikki may not have known who was doing what behind da scenes. Regardless, as da "name" on da candidate form, that should not excuse her from not knowing.

2. There are also open questions as to who was da actual campaign manager. Da name listed on forms that daTruthSquad saw through da complaint was Martin Mabe. However, was he really in charge of da campaign? There are some who believe that he may have been da "MINO" - "manager in name only." That is a question nobody really knows da answer to, but it appears da Capo may try to use this in some way.

3. Why bring da complaint now - 4 years later when many people wouldn't know who or what a "Nikki Pezzullo" is?

DaTruth to Question 3 is simple. During 2007, 2008 and 2009, da theory that there was an unwritten alliance becomes more clear. Why pick a fight with da guy who brought da pizza to da pizza and beer party? Da losers of those election years had about as much of a chance of winning as a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest. However, since da Manalapan Democrats were butt-kicked out of da alliance by Team Andy Boy and his handlers, da gloves are off and now, we see three plus years after da fact, da dust was blown off this complaint and now it becomes news in da newspaper - and here on daTruthSquad - which it seems is what da Cadre really wants.

Next question - will this matter?

DaTruth is, by itself, this news is about important as finding out Governor Christie has a weight issue, or that New Jersey borders da Atlantic Ocean. However, when you have a Capo and a Queen who most likely feel betrayed by Team Andy Boy and his GOP handlers, and da Manalapan Democrats who were in alliance-mode selected two guys to run against Andy boy who we wouldn't know if we tripped over them, it means da Manalapan Democrats need to make a political case that da GOP'ers are just a bunch of good old boys who never met a rule they didn't break. It seems like their plan will begin here, with a candidate who ran during da middle of George Bush's second term.

Now, while da Little Nikki campaign appears at least for now to have nothing to do with Mayor Andy Boy, it appears that da Cadre plan here may be to tie in one of Mayor Andy Boy's handlers. A common link between da Little Nikki campaign and Mayor Andy Boy is da Manalapan GOP'er Grand Poobah, Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery. Even though Little Nikki, according to daTruthSquad sources has had nothing to do with da Manalapan GOP since after da election of 2006, Iron Girth is a link between both candidates whose both presence and girth cannot be ignored.

What will they dredge up next?

DaTruth here is, anyone who knows da Queen and da Capo well know they don't use a rest room without a plan. First, you had da silver haired guy with da silver shovel dig up startling news about Manalapan Township Committee GOP'er "Lyin" Ryan Green's missing information on his financial disclosure form. "Financial Disclosure-Gate" was a black eye to both Green and Andy Boy who supported him. If you're into betting, you'd have to wager that da Democrats will again send their shovel guy up with more questions to ask.

Why are they doing this?

DaTruth is, da Manalapan Democrats have no choice. They are facing a current two-time Republican mayor along with da darling of da Yorktowne Club with two Democrat guys that you wouldn't know if you were sitting on their laps at da Olde Silver Tavern. They are so unknown that someone in our forum recently nicknamed them "Beevis and Butthead." Nobody knows who they are, where they live, what they do. Whoever these "Unknown Candidates" are, they have to work 10 times harder because they have no name recognition, da Yorktowne Club is backing da GOP'ers, and da Capo and his leaders have an ax to grind against those who pulled da alliance rug out from under them. So, a negative campaign is coming soon to Manalapan.

DaTruth is, this was not unexpected. We saw this coming after da alliance fell to dust and left da Queen on da Manalapan Township Committee island by herself. Da busting up of da allliance made da Capo look like an amateur, and left da Queen without any defenses on da governing body. Now, da only thing they have before da Queen's election campaign next year is to damage any way they can da GOP'ers campaign this year - which apparently includes da perception campaign launched by da Manalapan Democrats that da Manalapan GOP'ers somehow are rulebreakers.

Unfortunately for da Manalapan Democrats, their plan for Kingdom domination starts with nearly 4 year old information that people most likely won't care about. Where will it go from here -- wait for da next Manalapan Township Committee meeting --- if that one isn't canceled too like last week's.

We'll know more during da open public sesson.

And that's daTruth.