Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Unity? We No Need No Stinkin' Unity!

Either this is a case of "This is your brain - this is your brain on drugs," early alzheimers, or more games played by someone desperately holding onto a shread of power.

Recently, daTruthSquad was forwarded by one of da Manalapan TruthTellers an email sent by da Manalapan GOP's Grand High Exaulted Mystic Ruler, da Grand Poobah, Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery. It told of a "Unity Dinner" to be held at a fancy-shmancy restaurant on da evening of December 9.

Da invitation said "I received a lot of interest in a Holiday unity party." It also said it was booked for "December 9th." And, hold onto your oxygen masks -- said da Poobah "will pick up the tax and gratuity." It closed by saying "Maybe we can put the in-fighting behind us and move forward with a better attitude for next year."

Sounds like a great idea. Get da GOP'ers together, eat some nice food, drink some nice drinks, pat one another on da back.

Only 1 small, minor detail missed by da Poobah --- that night his very own Manalapan Republican Club has an already pre-planned joint venture on da books for that very same evening!

Even worse, it appears da Manalapan Republican Club, led by da Poobah's arch-enemy Butch Budai announced via email their event -- 4 days before da Poobah said he would pick up da tax & gratuity for his "Unity" party!

How could da Poobah have made that mistake?

Did he not know what his own Manalapan Republican Club was planning?

Did he not check with any leader of da Manalapan Republican Club?

Did he come home too late from da Queen's election victory party to notice

If this doesn't smell of "hidden agenda," then nothing does.

Both GOP'er websites had da info. Here's da Marlboro GOP invite - which one would think da Poobah must have known about.

Now, this blog has been very outspoken about da need for change within da Manalapan GOP, which has consistently lost election after election with da Poobah running da show. Entering 2009, da Manalapan Township Committee will consist of 3 Democrats, 1 actual GOP'er, and whatever Andy Boy is. Even if da GOP wins da 2009 election, and if da Poobah is running things they have as much of a chance of winning than a 1-legged man in a butt-kicking contest, they still won't have a majority (2 Democrats, 2 GOP'ers, and whatever Andy Boy is).

Now, it would not be possible for da Manalapan Republican Club to move their event, since it's being held with da Marlboro Republican Club, and has a number of guests & companies & speakers attending. It would, however be easier for da Poobah's Posse to move their "Unity Dinner" to another night.

Here's what daTruthSquad expects da Poobah to do:

In da name of "unity,' da Poobah should immediately announce he will move da "Unity Dinner" into January, and - in conjunction with da Manalapan Republican Club - make it da very same night of da 1st Manalapan Republican Club meeting. This way everyone has a good time, and you might actually see some unity there. Whatever day he picks - he should do it this time with da approval of da Club and not what he arbitrarily as Poobah decides to do.

If da Poobah decides to hold a dinner for himself, Andy, 2 or 3 little minions, and maybe da Queen & Sir Lawrence of Manalapan with guest speaker former Mayor Spodak discussing corruption and how to root it out, then it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt he is unfit to hold that office, and he should be asked to step down. If asked and he refuses, then County GOP Commander "Da Ox" should be brought in and demand immediate restructuring of da Manalapan GOP, which should include da ouster of da Poobah from power, and demanding Andy Boy admit his actual party affiliation, because watching his antics at da Manalapan Township meetings, even daTruthSquad can easily figure out he's not acting in da best interest of da GOP'ers, and he's not even acting like an Independent.

DaTruth is, daTruthSquad has called for on 2 other occasion for da Poobah to step down and relinquish his strangehold on power. This is just another instance of dividing his party even further, and if he does not want to heed this blog's call, then it's up to Manalapan's GOP'ers to demand it - or have Da Ox step in to take control over what has become an out-of-control party leadership.

Anyone who knows da Manalapan Republicans know they have enough very competant footsoldiers. What they don't have is a Municipal Chairman who is working "For All da GOP'ers."

What they have now is 2 Republican parties - one led by da Manalapan Republican Club, led by Butch Budai, and da other led by da Poobah and alleged GOP'er Andy Boy. In a town where registered Democrats outnumber registered GOP'ers 2-1, you can't have a GOP splintered by arrogance & ego leaving their footsoldiers on da sidelines and allowing victory after victory by Democrats, da supposed alleged enemy of da GOP.

If da Poobah does not change da date and ring da dinner bell on another night, then it's time da Club & da Ox lead da Poobah out to pasture.

And that's daTruth.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Manalapan Ex-Mayor Exposes More Problems for da Queen - Opens Pandora's Box Further

There are a lot of people who may disagree with da tactics and execution of former Manalapan Mayor George "Porky" Spodak, but what he did at da early-November Manalapan Township Committee meeting to some was partisan, but to many others he exposed corruption in Town Hall and kicked open da Queen's Pandora's Box of secrets that could very well be da lynchpin for an investigation.

Here’s da story.

It was soon after da Queen read her disclaimer about people speaking in Town Hall during the open public session having a maximum of 5 minutes to speakand that it would be enforced.

The enter "TruthTeller" Spodak, who sat down, and began to discuss the events that occurred recently in court involving Committman Gennaro & Deputy Mayor Cohen.

Cohen & Gennaro, who as Township Committeepeople allegedly did not have calls returned to them and apparently would not get proper legal guidance from da Taxpayer-Funded Manalapan’s Legal Dream Team regarding da money being spent by taxpayers in da now-infamous “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man” case, went directly to da judge with their statements and concerns.

In a somewhat terse exchange between Spodak and Gennaro, Spodak held in his hand legal documents from da case - and here's what was said during da meeting:

Gennaro: How did you get a copy?

Spodak: None of your business.

Gennaro: How did you get it?

Spodak: I got it.

QUESTION - How is it a citizen in the community, albeit a former mayor got his hands on sensitive legal court documents that could have come from da Township Committee’s super-secret Executive Session – or from da ACTUAL case itself?

How did Porky get his paws on those legal and obviously sensitive documents? Did someone steal them from da court and give them to Porky? Were they stolen from Town Hall? Did he find them sifting through a dumster on Taylors Mill Road? Was anyone heard to say, "Hey, meet me behind Town Hall at midnight, and bring da package - and no cops?

Da fact he was in possession of those documents -- and da Queen and her court jesters didn't even bother to ask da important questions Mr. Gennaro clearly did means either da Gang of Three doesn't care how an average citizen came into possession of those documents, or did Spodak inadvertantly have potentially uncovered corruption in Town Hall?

Either way - anyone reading this blog should get into contact with da Monmouth County DA, Anne Milgram, or Chris Christie and this should be brought to their attention!

Soon after that exchange where it became apparent Spodak would not reveal his source as to how he got his hands on those documents, Gennaro said that since he was not able to get information from Manalapan officials or lawyers paid for by Manalapan taxpayers, he gathered info on da case from all of da legal papers displayed on da Electronic Frontier Foundation website!

Spodak, in his presentation, also specifically mentioned daTruthSquad’s October 27 blog, entitled, Gennaro & Cohen Unlock Da Queen’s Pandora’s Box,” which specifically mentions how & why Gennaro & Cohen went to da judge, after they were kept in da dark about events in Town Hall by other members of Manalapan’s Township Committee, and da taxpayer-paid lawyers of da Dream Team.

That’s also da “same website that daTruthSquad and da Mosked Man used in their defense,” said Spodak about da site where people have been able to learn about da case when da Township Committee, using taxpayer money, attempted to remove da First Amendment from da Constitution and silence this blog.

Then, Spodak showed in spectacular fashion why Township Attorney Kennedy has been a valuable asset to Manalapan, and da Queen clearly allowed a violation of meeting rules on public speakers.

Anyone speaking in open session has only 5 minutes to speak, known as da “5-minute rule.” Kennedy let da Queen know on at least 3 occasions that Spodak was passing, then well beyond da 5 minute rule. Even members of da audience were trying to make that clear to da mayor, who threatened to “have them removed” if they spoke up further. Da Queen allowed Spodak to continue despite knowing she was permitting a violation of da rules – and despite being told by da Township Attorney -- more than twice -- that she was allowing da violation of that meeting rule!

Using a stopwatch, Spodak spoke, excluding breaks in his conversations, for at least 12 minutes 37 seconds, although some TruthTellers allege it was closer to 15 minutes – obviously well over da 5 minute rule!

That was a direct violation of da rules regarding public speakers, clearly displayed by Spodak happening as da Queen presided over da meeting which nearly went out of control, making those threats to have people "removed."

Then da Asbury Park Press, in their interview with da Queen, told da newspaper, “Asked what the cost of the lawsuit would be to taxpayers, Roth would only say that attorney David Weeks, who has regularly represented the township in court, will be paid on contingency if the township recoups damages from Moskovitz."

Da problem with da Queen's statement is that quote to da newspaper is in direct conflict with da now-infamous “Rosman Editorial,” where Mark Rosman clearly showed that there were 4 lawyers paid with taxpayer dollars in da Mosked Man case - an editorial that actually became part of da legal case in da "Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man lawsuit!

Now, as for Spodak, between his statements about da alleged actions of Gennaro & Cohen and Gennaro’s reactions, they both claimed there were leaks in Manalapan Town Hall.

Spodak may have singlehandedly uncovered that, because it seemed at times to da untrained eye that da Township Committee’s Gang of Three knew exactly what Spodak was going to say, since they immediately added to their schedule without any previous discussion a resolution of censure for Gennaro and Cohen - something daGang of Three didn't even discuss with their Township Attorney!

DaTruth is, Spodak may have exposed exactly what this blog has been saying, which is there are leaks in Town Hall of information winding up on blogs - something they have blamed on da blogs - and da case against da Mosked Man has serious problems attached to it, which will be for another blog, and through his own actions, Spodak exposed that da Queen does not enforce even da simplest rules, da “5-minute rule” for public hearing speakers – something Spodak should be commended for.

As for da censure vote, how da Gang of Three were so prepared for what Spodak was going to speak about is a mystery.

Maybe all 3 are clarvoyant? Did they all go to a spiratual healer before da meeting? Were da answers to their questions about Spodak mysteriously uncovered using a oijia board prior to da meeting? Was devil worship involved?

Regardless of if or how they knew, daTruth is it was obvious it was as partisan as petty partisan politics could possibly be.

And - to show pettiness to its core -- one of those censured wasn’t even there!

Cohen, as stated by a speaker after Spodak - who stayed within da 5 minute rule - was hospitalized due to an illness and wasn’t even present to defend herself!

As da local Snoozepaper wrote, Gennaro was basically left to fight da Gang of Three alone & 1 against 3. “Gennaro's reaction to the censure was, "You people do what you want."

How can you have fairness when you need 3 votes to approve having a toilet flush and you have “Da Gang of Three” in power?

Fortunately for Manalapan's taxpaying residents, Gennaro & Cohen also made it clear they were above da petty partisan politics of da day.

Gennaro said to da Press, “As part of our oath of office, we all swore to be fair and impartial, to act reasonable, responsibly and do the right thing on behalf of the taxpayers," Gennaro said. "I will always tell the truth, regardless of the consequences, on behalf of the taxpayers of Manalapan."

Cohen said to da Press, "I did what I thought was right for the people of the township who elected me to represent them."

Those statements clearly and without a doubt show they truly care about da taxpayers of Manalapan, and "For All Da People" they serve.

Ironically, da Snoozepaper did not have a direct quote from either Gennaro or Cohen for their censure report outside of what was said during da meeting.

And fortunately for Porky, da way da Snoozepaper reported on Porly's exploits in Town Hall it almost felt like he has his own public relations staff on hand with another Snoozepaper "Front Page" story about his exploits in Manalapan Town Hall – even going as far as printing snippets of his “resolution,” claiming Cohen & Gennaro's actions were “tatamount to an act of treason.” Da way da writer wrote their story, entitled, “Ex Mayor Lobs Attack At Two Town Officials,” da only thing missing from Porky Spodak was his red, white, and blue cape, and da missing “S” on his shirt, and that he leaped tall buildings and bent steel in his bare hands getting over to Town Hall!

DaTruth is, after these unbelievable exploits, an investigation into da actions of Manalapan Town Hall and da Queen’s administration is warranted even more than ever. Thanks to da outstanding work of Mayor Spodak, we have clear evidence da Queen violated her own meeting rules, exposed how partisan da Mosked Man case is by da Queen-led Township Committee voting to censure two people who were obviously denied information - and one who wasn't even there - allowed Andy Boy, told by a judge to refrain from da case to comment on it and bring da censure motion, and da Queen refused to answer how much taxpayer money was being used to pay for da case!

Mayor Spodak, in his actions may have opened up another pandora’s box for da Queen. If da Manalapan Township Committee is ever investigated by da county or state, or even da Feds for their actions, you can thank people like Mayor Spodak for bringing things out into da open.

And, as Mayor Spodak pointed out, and Mr. Gennaro proved, it appears even government officials get information hidden from them and from da public by reading this blog! Freedom of speech is important, and remember – it was da Queen herself who gave her blessing to Free Speech by saying during da meeting we all have “da right to free speech,” and she would not take away that right! She actually said that during da meeting!

Of course, if da Queen is right, then why would she approve bringing legal action against daTruthSquad in 2007 in a case that cost taxpayers a lot of money - and thanks to da hard work of da Electronic Frontier Foundation - was tossed out of court saving Free Speech for another day!

It’s good to know da Queen herself approves of free speech, which is exactly what this blog is all about, and why daTruthSquad will continue to bring you daTruth.

And that’s daTruth.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Monmouth GOP Needs To Investigate Da Manalapan GOP Leadership

Da talk in Manalapan is about da victory of Barack Obama, but what is also being discussed is how a Democrat with more baggage than Delta Airlines can win an election - especially when da GOP won da big elections in Manalapan - and in da surrounding towns!

It appears John McCain scored a victory in Manalapan, and even Dick Zimmer who lost by a landslide in New Jersey apparently did very well in Manalapan! It show Manalapan is a GOP town -- that is -- unless you run for local town office.

So, how is it McCain & Zimmer scored in Manalapan, but da 2 GOP hand-picked candidates of GOP Grand Poobah Steve McEnery both lost?

DaTruthSquad has investigated this matter, and da findings are shocking.

ISSUE 1: Da Campaign.

Locally, this may have been by far da worst-run campaign in town history! Green & Garcia couldn't be found, even if their faces were put on da side of milk cartons. Their signs appeared to be da same ones from da primary, and looked it. Their ELEC Reports show they didn't raise enough money to get them bus fare to Sayreville. They sent out one mailer in da last week of da campaign. Their "listening tour" reportedly attracted about 10 people to da Library, and that figure included them and their alleged campaign manager. Da senior GOP'er in local government, Andy Boy, didn't even have a campaign sign in front of his alleged Manalapan home through da weekend before da election!

Needless to say, it's tough to win if you don't campaign, and whoever gave them da advice on how they ran their election should be very suspect.

ISSUE 2: Da Competition.

G&G were running against Da Queen. She was running on a record of raising taxes over 40% just in da past 2 years, voting against da tax decrease of 2006, and being outspoken about not wanting a tax decrease in 2005, as well as voting to raise taxes in 2004. She is da catalyst of da now-infamous "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" lawsuit, which has cost Manalapan taxpayers at least $125,000 already -- but we don't know exactly how much since she refuses to tell anyone how much it's cost.

Her record also includes spending over $1.6 million after bonding for a piece of land valued at just over $750,000. She is a key player in blocking da Village from being built, which is why Manalapan has one of da worst ratable rates in da entire state and why homeowners pay more of da town bills than business does!

Her record also shows she was a proponent of spending during one of the worst economic times since, as Obama put it, since da Great Depression!

And, let's not forget her place in da "Orthodox Issue" and "BECAUSE I HATE ITALIANS," da issue that put Manalapan on da ethnic-slamming map!

She won election, despite enacting record-high town budgets using record-high homeowner tax money and voting "YES" to da biggest tax increase in town history! And, da campaign manager of da G&G Boys managed his campaign even worse than da McCain campaign - because he couldn't beat - or did he even try to beat - da biggest taxer & spender in Manalapan government's recent history.

ISSUE 3: Da Campaign Manager.

How is it that, in a GOP area where McCain & Zimmer did very well in Manalapan, and in bordering Englishtown, Freehold, and Colts Neck their local GOP won majorities in their towns, HOW IS IT POSSIBLE DA MANALAPAN GOP LOST DESPITE ALL OF DA GOP GAINS IN DA AREA?

After da first contested primary in memory for da GOP, a vote was held to see if da GOP Grand Poobah would keep his job. He won da controversial vote by a single vote! In da process, he lost his footsoldiers and folks who would always be at hand to help a campaign. He didn't raise any money. Da proof there are ELEC Reports showing Green dipping into his own pocket to pay for his own fundraiser!

At town hall, he has never stood up to protect fellow GOP'er & Deputy Mayor Susan Cohen, who is constantly taken to task by a number of da Queen's Cadre membership. She was excluded from information on "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" lawsuit, to da point where she and Mr. Gennaro had to see da judge in da case and attempt to add their briefs to da controversial case!

He was a key player in da failed-freeloader election of Andy Boy Lucas - da first GOP Freeloader loss in 20 years, and da catalyst for da Democrats to now mount 3 straight winning elections to take over county leadership. His support of former County GOP Chairman PuPu propelled him to become da "Chair of Chairs," a job he immediately lost when PuPu lost his grip on power.

DaTruth is, there was a reason daTruthSquad called for Da Poobah's resignation.

When you look at da record, how da G&G Boy's campaign was run, how he didn't raise enough money, how McCain & Zimmer won in Manalapan but da G&G boys didn't - it raises serious questions, even as far-reaching as collusion.

Is it even possible that da Poobah wanted da Queen to win? Is it conceivable that da GOP leader wanted da biggest tax & spend Democrat in town history to win?

Two words - Andy Boy.

FACT: In 2007, Andy Boy became mayor, despite GOP objections, when da Queen and her new "Jack of Clubs" Klauber - 2 Democrats - voted him into power. In 2008, Andy Boy did nothing, making da Queen da Mayor. In 2009, it's already expected either Andy Boy or da Queen will be mayor, and whoever isn't da mayor in 2009 could in fact be mayor in 2010. Is that "power sharing?"

FACT: In 2007, alleged GOP'er Andy Boy was one of da architects of da biggest tax increase in Manalapan history. He also was a budget factor in da follow-up tax increase in 2008 -- over 40% in 2 years combined! This means Andy Boy has become da single-biggest "TAX & SPEND" Republican in Manalapan history! His GOP commander - da Poobah - has given nothing but support --- and as daTruthSquad has uncovered, according to already established ELEC Reports, da Poobah has signed on to be Andy Boy's 2010 campaign manager!


DaTruth is, if da state GOP or county GOP knew of his support for these historic tax & spend increases, they'd be through da roof! This means that someone needs to ask da Ox-meister if it's OK to support massive tax increases to pay off controversial land grabs, and even more controversial lawsuits?

Here's what needs to happen.

STEP 1: Da Manalapan GOP needs to hold an emergency meeting and discuss their leadership before 2009. Either they need to formally approve unanimously a "We Love Taxing & Spending to Oblivion" plank, or they need to ask and demand da resignation of Steve McEnery.

STEP 2: Whoever da new leader will be, they need to caucus with Andy Boy and ask him if he's still a GOP'er, and if so, prove it with actions and deeds.

STEP 3: Da "New GOP" needs to demand, with a firm voice, demand da state step in and investigate da Manalapan Township Committee for their handling at TAXPAYER EXPENSE of da Mosked Man lawsuit that has long-surpassed the six-figure mark.

DaTruth is, right now da Manalapan GOP is a fractured group of individuals with no clear leader except for their club president, who still has no power when compared to da Grand Poobah.

Da County GOP has a choice to make as well, do they support "TAX & SPEND" as a GOP platform, or do they reject that philosophy? If they reject TAXING & SPENDING," then da County GOP must either censure da Manalapan GOP leadership, or demand leadership change immediately.

And that's daTruth.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Manalapan's Election: Pick a Finger & Point It At Da Poobah

In da microcosm of da Kingdom of Manalapan, voters had to consider many things. They had to endure a Queen-led tax increase of over 40% in da last 2 years -- a worldwide embarassment out-of-control politically charged and a political vendetta lawsuit costing Manalapan taxpayers well over $100,000 -- more problems (and you'll be hearing about it soon on this blog thanks to my TruthTellers at da Taj Mahal) at da WMUA -- a more-than-million-dollar land grab with absolutely no plan on how to use it or what to do with it -- cronyism on a huge scale -- a leader of da Township Committee more reminiscent of Leona Helmsley -- yet somehow, they still voted for her.

And da question is -- How?

How can someone who carries more baggage than a sky cap at Kennedy Airport during da holidays win? How can someone who blamed everyone else except her husband for saying, "BECAUSE I HATE ITALIANS" win reelection?

Well, let's look not at da person who won, but instead - da person who made her victory possible -- her "campaign manager," if you will -- and it wasn't Gerry Ward.

Since becoming Manalapan GOP Grand Poobah, it's been about nothing but power for Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery. Since 2004 - 5 elections in all - his only true victory that he can point to as his own came thanks to Joltin Joe Locricchio! He ran a campaign in 2005 into da ground. He took da 2006 campaign and divided everyone into a loss. His 2007 campaign was won, not because of Andy Boy, but because of da popularity of Susan Cohen, and he wouldn't have anything to do with her. In 2008, he divided his entire party with two people nobody knew, raised barely enough money for bus fare, and no chance of winning despite a person in Town Hall some people liked as much as one enjoys a strong case of Herpes. And, let's forget being da driving force of Andy Boy's failed Freeloader campaign -- da first GOP campaign in 2 decades that lost to a Democrat!

His thirst for power has damaged da Manalapan GOP to da point of fracture. During da summer, he kept his Poobah-ship by a single vote. He has done more to alienate his base than bring new people in. And, he single handedly allowed da Queen to keep her stranglehold on power in Manalapan.

How was that? Look around da Kingdom.

1. During da campaign there were more "For Sale" signs on lawns than Green & Garcia signs.

2. At Andy Boy's Manalapan residence on da roadside, there wasn't even 1 G&G sign.

3. They had 1 mailer, and other than that, did you know there was even a local election in town?

4. They ducked a debate with da Queen which would have got them face time, and potentially da few votes that would have made da difference.

5. Thanks to da division he caused within da local GOP, they had no foot soldiers to help them.

6. According to their ELEC reports, da most money brought in at 1 time was from Green himself who paid for his own fundraiser!

This is da advice he was giving out as leader? If this guy were with General Custer, he probably would have been da one saying, "Look, over da hill - I think they're friendly Indians."

A number of TruthTellers told daTruthSquad they actually believed it was in da Poobah's best interest to have da Queen ascend to da throne, because it guarantees Andy Boy's power base through his alliance with da Queen.

One TruthTeller actually was overheard saying, "I think we have da only Republican leader in da nation who applauds tax increases and wasteful government spending!"

Thanks to da Poobah, he allowed a candidate with more baggage than carried by UPS in a month to win an election, despite da fact she hasn't seen a tax hike she didn't vote for. It was da Poobah who was da dividing force between Joltin Joe and Andy Boy's separation. He turned away folks like Steve Johnson & Butch Budai, two of da harder-working footsoldiers in da Manalapan GOP. He was da person who guided Andy Boy's campaign that was da first losing Freeloader campaign in 2 decades. He had a hand in da rise, and especially da fall, of former county GOP leader Pu-Pu.

Then, you have da GOP leader's belief system. In 2005 and 2006, it was all about lowering taxes, a mantra of da GOP. However, in 2007, when his boy Andy Boy was one of da architects of da highest single tax increase in town history, all of a sudden tax increases were as welcome as flies on a manure pile to him! In fact, da Poobah obviously liked GOP-sponsored tax increases so much, he sided with Andy Boy in 2008 for another one!

DaTruth is, if Manalapan gets another double-digit tax increase, don't thank da Queen. Da fault squarely lies on da shoulders of a GOP leader who hasn't said word-one about a GOP-led "Largest municipal tax increase in town history," followed by a second GOP-led double-digit tax increase! It begs da question: Could da GOP Poobah have had a hand in da Queen's campaign?

Did you notice da Queen hardly campaigned? She was nowhere to be found -- but even less able to find were da Poobah's candidates, as da Poobah ran their race like a 1-legged man in a butt-kicking contest. Da Queen didn't have to campaign, because da poobah must have known that with a win by da Queen, plus her alliance with Andy Boy, means each of their chances to be mayor again, were intact.

DaTruthSquad can make this guarantee today -- either Andy Boy or da Queen will be Mayor in 2009 - and da other will be Deputy Mayor. If it happens, then we will all know it's about 2 people keeping power at all costs.

DaTruth is, da Manalapan GOP needs to make a serious decision. Da Poobah has proved that unless Joe Locricchio is on da ticket, he can't win an election he runs. In 2008, Manalapan's GOP lost a chance to gain a clear majority on da Township Committee. Right now, da split is 3 Democrats, 1 Republican, and whatever Andy Boy is. Manalapan lost a chance at lower municipal taxes, less cronyism, no more "land purchases to nowhere," and no 6-figure political vendetta lawsuits funded by taxpayers, and that loss comes at da feet of da leader of da GOP.

Da thanks for all of this - squarely resting on da prodigious girth of one GOP Grand Poobah.

Da time has come for da Manalapan GOP to strip for good their Poobah of his power. Da fruits of his labor is another failed campaign, a split party, and failed leadership. When a GOP leader not only sits by but publicly approves tax & spend increases on a massive scale, he has placed da principles of da GOP into da toilet and not bother to flush. He's violated da public trust of every registered GOP'er with his actions, all of which apparently benefits da Queen and her lawsuit sidekick, DEFENDANT Andy Boy.

It's time Steve McEnery resign and someone who has da faith, desires, and confidence of their entire party be put into that leadership post. He has clearly shown he can no longer lead his party effectively. His "my way or da highway" approach to leadership has allowed da Manalapan GOP to disintegrate. He needs, for da first time in years, to do da right thing for da good of da party - and not for himself.

Steve McEnery needs to resign as Manalapan GOP leader.

And that's daTruth.