Thursday, January 29, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Manalapan Dream Team Lawyer Inadvertently Forces Commissar Klauber Into a First Amendment Corner

Interesting to see what happens when daTruthSquad & da Snoozepaper are working together to solve Manalapan's First Amendment quashing. Following da news here on this blog, and da subsequent well-written editorial by news guy Mark Rosman who brilliantly spanked da Commissar where it hurts da most, Manalapanistan lawyer-Mayor Commissar Klauber wrote his own mea culpa in da Snoozepaper this week!

In a letter allegedly penned by da Commissar entitled "Mayor's goal is to end political bickering," da Commissar claims he is merely trying to lay down some ground rules for open public discussions, which, under his Gang of Three predecessors, former Mayor da Queen and former Mayor alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident and alleged Republican/and or Democrat Andy Boy, had turned into free-for-alls, with at least one person in particular coming up and bashing other residents, all to da glee of da former mayors.

Da Commissar says, "As I stated at the Jan. 14 Manalapan Township Committee meeting, I believe that the public has the right to come forward and be heard at our township meetings and those who do should be treated with courtesy and respect."

Now, daTruthSquad is willing, as a sign of da Obama times, to allow da Commissar to stand by his words. Da question is - does he really mean this - and will this also include "comedy routines" by da Gang of Three?

As we have all witnessed in da past, one individual in particular has come forward and spent well beyond da allotted 5 minutes and either made sometimes baseless allegations against public officials, or worse, verbally slammed local townspeople for what they have asked during meetings.

Will da Commissar say to any person, including former town officials who come up and spew hatred & venom to "Shut up?"

DaTruthSquad can guarantee that if bashing residents during da open public session is tolerated by da Commissar, this letter he wrote to da Snoozer will be front & center reminded to him by this blog - and others we are certain.

Now, apparently learned when he took "Evade Questions 101," Commissar Klauber did not come clean and say he would actually allow da First Amendment to flourish in his kingdom of Manalapanistan. However, he may be forced to - and by one of his own supporters!

Records indicate at da December 3 meeting, former Manalapan mayor George "Porky" Spodak said during da very open public session that da Commissar wants to control that he had every right to discuss da "Township of Manalapan vs da Mosked Man" legal case that has become da biggest thorn in da sides of da Gang of Three. Porky even asked da Township Attorney sitting 10 feet from him if there is anything stopping him from speaking about da Mosked Man case, and specifically brought up da First Amendment. Da attorney, ironically it was Manalapan Legal Dream Team member McCarthy, told Porky he had every right to discuss it!

Thanks to Manalapan Legal Dream Team member McCarthy - one of da lawyers in charge of da First Amendment-Land-deal-gobe-wrong case of "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man", all peasants in da Kingdom of Manalapanistan have da legal right to ask questions about da Mosked Man case! Manalapan's own on-da-payroll attorney says so!

DaTruth is, you can think whatever you want about Manalapan Legal Dream Team member McCarthy, but what he did on December 3 has placed Commissar Klauber into a corner. McCarthy specifically told former mayor Porky Spodak he had every legal right to ask questions and talk about da Mosked Man law case. This means if Porky has that right - then you da reader also has that right.

Ironically, Manalapan residents owe a debt of gratitude to both former mayor Porky & da Queen Mayor for da questions that lawyer-Mayor Commissar Klauber will now certainly be asked.

You see, it was former mayor Porky who challenged da legal scholars of Manalapan and who was told he most certainly has da right to discuss "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man." And, it was da Queen who, for whatever reason, decided da 5-minute rule never applies to him, gave him more than enough time to proclaim his & everyone's First Amendment rights to discuss and ask questions of da case!

Thanks must go to TruthTeller Spodak for standing up for your rights to ask questions of da Manalapanistan Township Committee.

So, if da Commissar is looking for someone to blame, it's not Mr. Rosman nor is it this blog -- da blame goes directly to his core political base and his own Gang of Three founding member!

Now, what if da Commissar follows through on his threat to not allow da flag of da First Amendment to fly in Manalapan? What if he tries to silence you if you step forth before da Committee during da open public session and talk about da Mosked Man case? What rights do you have?

First - Immediately cite da December 3 meeting where da Manalapan Township Attorney told a resident (former mayor Spodak) that anyone has da right to talk about that case, ask questions, and demand answers.

Second - According to da law - If you are denied your rights under da Constitution of da US of A by da Commissar, remind da lawyer-mayor that da New Jersey Civil Liberties Union may not take to kindly to having da Constitution used as toilet paper by a local government Politburo.

Third - Both daTruthSquad & da Snoozepaper (Mark Rosman, not Kathy Barratta) will be watching this closely. Considering da latest by da Mosked Man, which will be discussed here soon, da question on Manalapan minds is - just who won't be served a subpoena and made a 3rd party in this case, because thanks to da judge and da way da Manalapan Legal Dream Team has handled this case, now da Mosked Man has card blanche to subpoena anyone into this case -- and you can bet he'll do it.

So, Commissar Klauber, you wanted to be ruler of Manalapan. Your first official act will go down in history as trying to remove da First Amendment from law in Manalapan. Recent history shows that your attempt in 2007 against da EFF to quash Free Speech failed. This latest attempt, thanks to da precedent set at da December 3 meeting set by Manalapan Dream Team member McCarthy and former mayor Spodak means you have no choice but to stand by da First Amendment and answer questions relating to da case.

Otherwise, it is very possible not being allowed to discuss da taxpayer-funded Mosked Man case could become da next First Amendment case in Manalapan - because that is what town residents want to know about since they are paying for it - and da taxpayers have every legal right to know, as former mayor Spodak said on December 3 and Manalapan Legal Dream Team member McCarthy seconded that motion.

And that's daTruth.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Is Commissar Klauber Violating Da First Amendment?

The following is a dramatization:

Da meeting of da Manalapanistan Township Committee comes to order. As da 5 ruling members ascend their thrones, da mayor commands his subjects to approach da dais - if they dare - to speak before da committee.

First up is a woman who says, I'd like to talk about how our tax dollars are spent, but realizing she is not allowed to broach such issues, instead said how nicely da flowers were in front of Town Hall.

Next up is a man who starts by saying, "I have some concerns about how our tax dollars are spent, but because we're barred from asking such questions, I'd like to say that your haircut, Mr. Mayor, is quite becoming."

Then, a woman approached the table, and demanded that da Manalapanistan Township Committee talk about "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man." Immediately, da woman was whisked away. Her whereabouts are still unknown. She was not seen locked in da Manalapanistan stocks, or chained to da wall of da Manalapanistan Township Committee dungeon. A search could not turn up her remains.

After that, another man came up, looking very intimidated, who said, "I, too have issues with our high taxes. But that's not important to you, so instead, I'd love to say that the carpeting in this room is simply devine."

Another woman stepped forward, sheepishly saying, "I'm so glad you wonderful folks in your thrones found it in your heart not to send swarms of locusts or frogs upon us. My children bless you all daily for not slaying our first born. You are all truly inspirational to us."

Finally, a portly man carrying an engraved broom came and sat down. He proceeded to call taxpaying citizens vile names, compared another to a toilet, and said a certain attorney should be boiled in oil. He was thanked by da Manalapanistan politburo elite, and since his hatespeech was only 4 minutes and 58 seconds long, he was thanked for his promptness to da 5-minute rule, and walked back to his seat.

Of course, this isn't da way all Manalapan Township Committee meetings happen, but it could be after Commissar Klauber deemed da lawsuit an "off-limits" issue banned from discussion in Town Hall.

In other words, Manalapan's lawyer-Mayor has stated that da First Amendment does not apply in Manalapan Town Hall!

Apparently in Manalapan, you can speak only to da Manalapan Township Committee about only what they want you to speak about. That must explain da empty toilet paper rolls in da Town Hall bathroom, but a tray holding copies of da First Amendment is available in each stall.

You know when da local Snoozepaper & daTruthSquad are on da same page, there's something really messed up with this situation, but in this case, da Snoozepaper hit da First Amendment nail on da head.

Da Snoozer's Mark Rosman laid out his case very well:

"I cannot support the abridgement of free speech, and that is what could happen in Manalapan this year if a rule established by Mayor Richard Klauber is not challenged."


"I suppose that means Manalapan residents will not be able to ask their elected officials about a payment of $6,264.60 that was made to the Scottsdale Insurance Company and approved by the Township Committee on Jan. 14. The payment was for the defense of Committeeman Andrew Lucas in an ongoing case that involves the township and its former municipal attorney, Stuart Moskovitz. This is a case in which officials have said that the township is not incurring any costs because the attorney who is representingManalapan is handling the case on a contingency basis. Manalapan had already paid more than $6,000 to an expert at the start of the litigation, plus other attorney fees it deemed negligible (that's your money). Adding on that $6,200 payment to defend Lucas, who became a third party defendant, brings the legal bill to at least $12,000 by my account."

By da way, is daTruthSquad da only one scratching their head on this, because wasn't it Commissar Klauber who said taxpayers weren't paying any money for lawyers in da Mosked Man's case? Wasn't it former township attorney, known for her "Bomb Thrower" line that also echoed that?

If Manalapan taxpayers aren't paying a dime on this case, and according to da Commissar haven't been, then why has $12,000 been spent on two different lawyers, and that's only da money that has been leaked out through newspaper reports?

Manalapan's Politburo, by its own admission, has now paid lawyers more than $2,000 than da entire cleanup work at da Dreyer site cost --- and da meter is still running!

DaTruth is, this could become da next salvo in a First Amendment case. What Manalapan's politburo elite want to do is remove da townspeople's right to Free Speech, and take away YOUR rights to ask questions, under da guise of a legal issue, or national security issue, or whatever they simply decide is an "issue." That is not right, and it not only should be challenged, it should be told to everyone.

As a taxpayer, YOU DA TAXPAYER have every right to ask your politicians who you elected questions on how your money is spent. In da past, Manalapan taxpayers were told NO MONEY IS BEING SPENT, as da lawyer is on a contingency fee and only gets money if we win da case. Now we find that over $12,000 has been given to lawyers hand-picked and approved by YOUR POLITICAL LEADERS. DaTruthSquad has exposed this, and da Snoozer (Mark Rosman, not Kathy Barratta) has exposed this too.

What can you do? You can contact da New Jersey Civil Liberties Union, who knows all-too well about First Amendment issues in this particular area. You can also file an online complaint. Obviously, there are other First Amendment organizations that probably would be thrilled to get involved in wanting to know why First Amendment rights are being violated.

At da December 3 meeting, a former mayor told da Township Committee he had da absolute right to speak about da lawsuit. Even sitting-in Township Attorney McCarthy said da former mayor had that right!

Maybe da Commissar-Mayor needs to consult a lawyer of his own?

DaTruth is, by not allowing citizens to discuss an issue, it first slaps da faces of our brave men & women in da military who lay their lives on da line every day for freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Second, it's a complete violation of YOUR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS, and third, it shows in effect that da Gang of Three on da Politburo have something to hide.

It also shows daTruthSquad has been right all along - If you cannot discuss this lawsuit in an open fashion and explain it to your citizens WHO ARE PAYING FOR IT, then there must be something flawed about it or there must be something wrong with it -- or -- there must be something about da lawsuit da Politburo is trying to hide.

Demand that da Manalapan Township Politburo come clean! Demand they drop their rules of what you can and cannot ask, or pack your bags and move to a country where Free Speech is equal to da way da Commissar would like it to be, a nation such as North Korea or Syria, or Iran.

And that's daTruth.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mayor's Statements Issue #1: Da Former Queen Mayor says “Mr. Moskovitz Started A Lawsuit”

It’s been awhile since daTruthSquad took a vacation. Maybe we all should?

After sitting in town hall for the knock down-drag out- wrestling extravaganza - otherwise known as da December 17, 2008 meeting of da Manalapan Township Committee, 5 things immediately came to mind.

*** Thank everything holy this was da Queen’s last as mayor – for now.

*** We’ll surely miss da Queen’s pleasant demeanor toward her subjects.

*** It will be very interesting to see if Commissar Klauber gives anyone, especially former Mayor Spodak more than his traditional 10-17 minutes.

*** We’ll miss da Queen’s distorted view of history.

*** Nothing was reported about it in da Snoozepaper, of course, that's not unusual.

Among da many stories that came out of that meeting, again, none of which will be reported by da Snoozer, includes da claim made by a former GOP’er group president that a current committeeman, alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident & alleged Republican/and or Democrat Andy Boy allegedly released confidential information from Executive Session during GOP’er club meetings.

An additional claim made by Deputy Mayor Susan Cohen was that Andy Boy also released Executive Session info to her!

Of course, this is da very same type of thing that earned a Gang of Three censure for Cohen & former committeeman Mr. Gennaro. Like one of da TruthTellers, who identifies themselves as "Da Gunslinger" said, "It's only censure if someone other than da Gang of Three does it."

Another was da Queen’s tactful, sincere, pleasant, and sympathetic way she touched da hearts of her subjects when they addressed her during meetings.

“I’m running this meeting – not you,” she responded to one person who dared speak during da public session.

“It’s getting very comical with you,” she said to another of her royal subjects.

And, responding to yet another, she said, “We’ve been very patient with you all year!”

On a good note, nobody was hit over da head with Porky’s prized shovel during da meeting, and da apparent resolution to place 16th century stocks in front of Town Hall to house those who dare question da Queen’s court was not voted on.

Then, of course, you have da Queen’s semi-distorted view of history.

In what was surely an award-winning "Baconhead" performance, when another royal subject dare to ask a question before da Queen & her court, this one regarding da now-infamous “Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man,” specifically questioning a bill incurred by township taxpayers regarding da lawsuit, da Queen made sure everybody knew exactly whose fault this lawsuit was – not da reasons – but who actually started this whole fiasco…….


No, there was no typo there….


OK, let daTruthSquad get this straight?

Is it that da Mosked Man had so much time on his hands, he decided to sue himself on behalf of all Manalapan residents?

Was it da Mosked Man who then sued daTruthSquad, claiming this blog was actually his?

Then, one can apparently surmise by da Queen’s logic that it was actually da Mosked Man who called bloggers, “Anonymous Bomb Throwers?”

Then, when “he” lost his First Amendment case in December, 2007, it obviously then was alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident & alleged Republican/and or Democrat Andy Boy who filed a 3rd party lawsuit against himself?

That’s right, peasants! Your current committeewoman who YOU elected said that da Mosked Man started this whole Land Deal Gone bad – First Amendment lawsuit because “HE STARTED” it!!!!!

It almost harkens us back to da day Sir Larry said “BECAUSE I HATE ITALIANS” during a meeting. First, da Queen and her Cadre denied it. Then, after it made every newspaper other than da Snoozer, her blame-game included:

1. An Irishman.

2. A funny joke.

3. A bad joke.

4. It was never said.

5. It was said in jest

DaTruth is, after she said that, daTruthSquad nearly fell out of our chair. Poor budget managementblame it on Republicans. No money blame it on Trenton. Don’t want to talk about it blame it on da residents who dare speak during meetings. File a lawsuit that even da judge in da case alleges may be political just say da target of da lawsuit is da one who brought it!

DaTruthSquad would have to doubt that there has never been such a distorted view of history ever in Town Hall than what has transpired during da last 2 administrations. However, since da Snoozepaper has either decided not to or just won’t hold those who distort this history accountable for their actions, that duty falls on daTruthSquad. That is why daTruthSquad has decided to use this blog to continue to expose corruption not only in Manalapan, but everywhere corruption and distortions of daTruth rears its ugly head.

Oh, and if you need to know da real truth about da case of "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man," click here to see all of da evidence for yourself - directly from court records.

Former Queen mayor, alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident & alleged Republican/and or Democrat Andy Boy, da Cadre, be fairly warned – corruption, distortions of daTruth, and misdeeds against taxpayers may go unnoticed by a local Snoozepaper, they will not go unnoticed by this blog and other bloggers, as well as da TruthTellers who are embedded in all corners of Manalapan and around da world.

And Commissar Klauber, let’s hope you see da light, because what da Cadre might not tell you is, there actually are folks who would like you to do da right thing and succeed. There’s still hope for you, or at least we all hope so.

And that’s daTruth.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Goon for Governor!!!!!!!

Rarely has a public official come forward and told daTruth. Manalapan had one in former Committeeman Mr. Anthony Gennaro. Now, Monmouth County and Marlboro has one in former Marlboro representative on the Freehold Regional High School District Board of Education.

Katie Goon has had enough. She was tired of the politics. She was tired of a superintendent and others who showed students it was OK to cheat by getting bogus degrees from an alleged "university" that changed locations as much as da typical person changes underwear.

Goon was tired of having so-called "education professionals" putting themselves first and students last. She was tired of the rhetoric. She was tired of the seeing da students ignored.

During da last meeting, ironically held at Manalapan High School, Goon read a prepared statement.

Over the last six months, I have been extremely perturbed," Goon said. The politics of other board members have gotten in the way of goals she had wished to accomplish, she said. Goon alleged that other board members have feared more for themselves and their family members in making decisions for the district than for the students. Goon said she holds "sincere hope'' that her successor will rise above the politics of the district. There was no immediate reaction from other board members.

Goon then submitted that statement to the board, which to nobody's surprise then voted to accept her resignation.

Why should da Freehold Regional High School District Board of Education not accept her resignation?

DaTruth is, Katie Goon is absolutely nothing like da folks who sit on that board. For one, Goon has a conscience. For another, she actually cares about the students. Accordingly, Goon didn't want to serve da students by lining her pockets with $$$$$$ and taking as many trips on da taxpayer dime as humanly possible.

Yes, Goon is very different from da "educators" who run da Freehold Regional High School District Board of Education.

You can watch Katie Goon for yourself - in her own words, by watching this video.

At da Manalapan Township meeting on December 17, a person who dared to speak before da Manalapan Township Committee's Gang of Three specifically asked da Queen Mayor why she hasn't spoken out about Superintendent "Bogus Degree" Wasser? Her reply was silence.

Manalapan's representative on that same school board has not only been silent on da matter, but her silence is a slap in da face to da students she is allegedly supposed to be watching out for.

While Manalapan's leaders have been silent, thankfully, Katie Goon has not been silent. She has been a force for change, but her efforts were rebuffed by individuals, who as she so elequently said, "Everyone (on that board) is more concerned with themselves or their family members. This prevents them from accomplishing da job they were sent there to do. It has made them powerless to make positive changes."

Katie, you will be sorely missed as an advocate for da students not only of Marlboro, but for Manalapan and da other towns that make up da district. It is now time for da Marlboro mayor, and all da other mayors of da towns who fall within da district borders to stand together and call Trenton. They must demand that da state step in and take control of da Freehold Regional High School District Board of Education. It's obvious now more than ever that da people assigned to watch over your tax dollars and da children are incompetant and cannot effectively do da jobs to which they were assigned.

DaTruthSquad now calls - again - for da resignation of Mr. So-called Dr. Wasser and his cronies. It's time that with one voice, da residents, da parents of those kids, and da politicians also stand up and demand action from Trenton.

Katie Goon, thank you again for your service to da children. And, if you wouldn't mind, please consider running for Governor. Honesty such as yours is about as hard to find as an amoeba in da political universe that is Monmouth County & New Jersey.

And that's daTruth.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Corzine's Worst Fears - Here Comes Christie

Today the legendary Chris Christie has finally decided to toss his crime-fighting hat into da ring and challenge da budget-challenged Jon Corzine for da chance of running a state teetering on financial insolvency.

Christie's new website says, "New Jersey is broken. State government is too big and with huge deficits. We’ve lost 14,000 jobs since 2000 because we’re no longer competitive with our neighboring states. And high property taxes are driving families out of New Jersey. We can change this. With strong leadership we can win the fight for Governor and change this state for the better."

Da good news for GOP'ers is this gives them a candidate with name recognition to rally around with a proven record of going after bad guys and sending them to the Stockade Hilton.

Da bad news for GOP'ers is, during a recession, this guy doesn't have deep pockets and can't finance his own campaign, so he will need both cash & foot soldiers to get da job done.

He does have in his favor da recession, and da fact Corzine won't do what it takes to straighten out New Jersey's dire financial situation. Corzine tried desperately to get a job with any Democrat who could beat Bush. Fortunately for da nation (but bad for New Jersey), Obama was too smart and could see that Corzine didn't have what it takes to serve in his administration.

Look for da national GOP to get heavily involved in this race. Like Barack Obama said, for New Jersey, this could be "Change We Can Believe In."

And that's daTruth.