Thursday, June 26, 2008

Breaking News: Menendez Demands Artificial Turf Investigation!

He's a high-ranking Democrat, and he just may have slapped da Manalapan Democrats right across da face.

In a move guaranteed to be poo-pooed by Manalapan's "Axis of Evil" (see no evil, hear no evil, and looking evil), Senator Robert Menendez sent a letter to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. In it, da Democratic Senator urged the agency to expand its investigation into possibly hazardous lead levels in artificial turf.

All of a sudden, da things that gentlemen Steve Johnson & Butch Budai were saying sounds a bit more compelling now.

It's of course surprising their calls weren't listened to, especially since "we work for them."

Da Courier Post reported that while da Centers for Disease Control said no cases of elevated blood lead levels in children have been linked to artificial turf, da health officials remain concerned because exposure to lead is cumulative, and children are especially susceptible.

Ironically, a "daTruthSquad blue-ribbon special edition" study shows that on average, more kids will be playing soccer or other sports on da Manalapan artificial turf field than people above da age of 50. Think about it - whose more likely to be seen spending a few hours kicking a soccer ball around on Manalapan's soon-to-be field of nightmares -- da Queen and Sir Lawrence or a pair of 10 year olds?

You think you'll ever see alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident Committeeman Andy Boy passing da soccer ball to his party boss Iron Girth?

Will da members of da Manalapan Legal Dream Team take on a bunch of 5th graders?

Now Menendez isn't some rogue politician looking for votes - and he's not alone!

The Oakland-based Center for Environmental Health filed a legal action with the state on Monday demanding that 15 retailers and manufacturers cease selling and producing artificial turf containing lead — a potent neurotoxin. The turf is typically used on athletic playing fields and as indoor/outdoor grass carpet. The center is also demanding a recall of lead-containing turf and posted warnings where the product is sold.

And, for da naysayers who claim it's just one or two that are bad, please not da word "all" used in da next paragraph!

Now artificial turf used on all types of indoor and outdoor playing fields and surfaces have joined the list of lead culprits. This week a California based environmental organization, Center of Environmental Heath, filed legal action in the state of California demanding that 15 retailers and manufacturers to stop selling and producing the artificial turf containing lead.

They tested not one, or 2, but 50 types of artificial turf! That's not individual fields -- that's TYPES of artificial turf!

As for da health risks, da "Centers for Disease Control estimates that more than 300,000 U.S. children have elevated blood levels of lead. It harms the nervous system, and studies show it can also impair the immune system. Excess lead exposure in children is linked to lowered IQ and test scores, memory problems, hyperactivity and behavioral problems, including juvenile delinquency. In adults, it's associated with cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and kidney failure in those with chronic kidney disease, as well as with Lou Gehrig's disease."

So, why is da Manalapan Township Committee in such a rush to get that field of nightmares installed? Why are they picking your pockets for da millions of $$$$$$$$$ to make it happen?

And, another question --- who will da new field be named after? Will it be a relative of or an active member of da "NoMegaMall" alliance?

DaTruth is, da whole process has been far from transparent, and since it only takes 3 votes to have da First Amendment of da Constitution challenged in Manalapan, da field of nightmares was a done-deal no matter what da cost or health issue.

Oh, and if years from now it's found that da field has any problems, guess who will be sued by da sick kids -- da Town! Guess who will pay da settlement -- You!

Maybe someone other than a hand-picked Gang of Three representative should have checked further into these fields? Maybe someone should file a lawsuit to stop da field of nightmares pending further investigations? Or, maybe Manalapanites should just bury your heads in da sand and not question what your town leaders are doing with YOUR money.

And that's daTruth.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Get Over Your "Stu-phobia" – Remember Carlee

Recently there was a severe thunderstorm that dumped rain on thousands of people watching a fireworks display at Manalapan Day. There was outrage raised on another message board – who’s responsible – mayhem – people’s lives in jeopardy.

Recently Verizon cut off phone service to da Manalapan Police, for what Verizon told Manalapan Police was due to lack of payment. Chief Stu Brown, whose reputation is well beyond reproach was placed in an “Inquisition-like” setting with attack dogs at da ready. There was outrage over da way Brown was treated, and rightly so.

Unfortunately, flying well below da radar screen because da Manalapan Township Committee hasn’t been involved – and they should be – is da sentencing of those who had involvement in da death of a wonderful teenager named Carlee Wines.

Wines was a student at da University of Connecticut, a freshman. She simply walked across da street, and her life was taken by a guy who didn’t even bother to stop to help her as she lay dying. He instead drove off, leaving her to die.

Now in his defense he did make a phone call immediately after hitting Wines with his SUV, but it wasn’t to da police – it was to his parents - that is - after his girlfriend told him to keep driving and get out of the area. Obviously, there’s a peach of a girl any parent would like to have their son bring home to meet his parents.

Then of course, you have da parents of da guy who took Wines’ young life. Instead of telling their son to do da right thing, they instead gave him advice on where to have his car fixed to conceal da crime. Obviously, da apple didn’t fall too far from da tree.

If you think these folks don’t belong under some jail somewhere, what may be worse is da court proceedings.

First, da girlfriend who told da killer to flee. She was sentenced to up to just 6 months in prison for acting as an accomplice. Her sentencing has been postponed – and how much you want to bet she doesn’t get da “max?”

Then, you have da parents.

"Mr. Alvino told (the friends) that he loves his son very much and wanted to do what was best to protect him," the police affidavit filed in Superior Court in Connecticut said. Donna Alvino said "she would do everything in her power to protect her son and that money was no object," the affidavit said. "Mrs. Alvino told them that she had a mechanic friend from home who will fix the car and have it detailed so that no one would be able to tell that it was involved in the incident."

For helping their son conceal a murder, they had to pay a fine! Apparently it was determined by some judge and prosecutor that young Carlee’s life was worth about $4,000 dollars, because that was the fine given to them!

Meanwhile, da Long Island punk who hit Carlee, and instead of calling 9-1-1 called his girlfriend for escape advice and his parents for car cleaning options received not a 37-year sentence – but a 37 MONTH sentence! Oh, daTruthSquad wonders if Mr. Murderer can get out early for good behavior?

One has to seriously question where justice was on this one. Did justice take a lunch break? Did it take da day off to watch a Mets game? Was it doled out by da Manalapan Legal Dream team?

DaTruth is, daTruthSquad, like other TruthTellers have mentioned, want to see some outrage from da Manalapan Township Committee. You'll spend well over $100,000 to sue a former town official you don't like in an attempt to recoup $10,500. You'll try to blame da police chief because you were out to lunch at da time Verizon clipped da phones off. It's looking more & more that da Gang of Three has a problem with anyone named "Stu" - but they should be thinking about someone named "Carlee."

Here’s an idea – pass a resolution renaming da municipal court room in honor of Carlee Wines. At least this way maybe when a Manalapan judge dispenses justice, it will be handled better than what da Wines’ family and friends have had to endure. Pass a town government resolution expressing outrage at da judge’s decisions – sign it – and then send it to them! Even better, use da land designated for da Village and turn it into a garbage dump, and name it after da judges. This way we can all look at da trash and know what kind of justice they handed out, and da politically-connected "No MegaMall" boys & girls won't get da stores & eateries they don't want.

Yes, it’s true Manalapan has its share of problems, from Verizon-gate, to “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man,” to government investigations over da Village, to Andy Boy’s Freehold-gate, a 28% tax increase followed up by a 14% tax hike, “Field-of-Nightmares-gate,” and whatever and whoever is allowing houses to sprout like weeds in a certain part of town near a certain Village that can’t get built because some politically-tied-in folks would rather see a Mega-Mega-Mall on da other side of Manalapan’s border that won’t give Manalapan a dime but will give Manalapan Route 9-like traffic.

Yes, Manalapan has its unfair share of problems. However, if we don’t honor Carlee and don’t make some noise regarding the parking ticket-like sentences being handed out to those who harmed her, you can add this as another problem facing Manalapan.

It's time Manalapan's Gang of Three put their "Stu-phobia" aside and think about a young girl whose name was Carlee. And that’s daTruth.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Da Queen and Her Court Are Setting Precedents

DaTruthSquad was reading recently about one of da Queen’s political counterparts. This individual, for whatever reason was none too happy with some peasants who, for whatever reason decided to question and mock authority.

Da politico in question, although it’s not known whether taxpayer money was being used to finance his case, went to a judge to unmask some folks who decided to poke some fun at a politician.

Fortunately for da Chicago fellows, da Electronic Frontier Foundation was in a position to lend a hand.

In da case of Dominic v MySpace, da case would never even make it before a judge and jury. Realizing what one might suspect would be da enormous cost involved, and da unliklihood of winning, da politician simply did da right thing in this case and voluntarily stopped da case, dismissing his own claim.

Unlike da case in Cicero, Illinois, da case of “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man” continues to barrel its way through da legal channels, and at every turn it is not da Queen or alleged Manalapan / and or Freehold resident Andy Boy taking money out of their own pockets to pay da Manalapan Legal Dream Team for their services. YOU DA PEASANTS of Manalapan are da ones paying for it with ANOTHER DOUBLE-DIGIT TAX INCREASE!

In a story written about da Cicero case, it states that, “This case isn’t the first time the EFF has gone to court to argue that public officials are going beyond the law in trying to unmask Web speakers. Late last year, the organization successfully backed a blogger in New Jersey when town officials there were trying to discover his or her identity.”

In their legal brief, da EFF said, “Litigants may not use the discovery power to uncover the identities of people who have simply made statements the litigants dislike.”

That, of course, is eerily reminicient of what happened in Manalapan, New Jersey last year. Da Manalapan Legal Dream Team, under da orders of da Township Committee tried to use da discovery process to unmask not only daTruthSquad, but anyone who posted anything within da blog! They wanted anything and everything – and as da EFF discovered, they didn’t even file da proper legal subpoena to get what they so desperately wanted!

DaTruth is, history was made in Freehold, and Manalapan will always be a party of it.

On that cold December day, when Judge Flynn made his ruling from da bench a precedent was made throughout da land that politicians cannot use their powerful bully pulpits and attempt to silence critics because they dare to not agree with them, or not bend knee to kiss their rings. It means anonymity is once again as safe as da founding fathers of the United States wanted it to be. It says that, yes – you can speak your mind, even if those elected officials who spend YOUR taxpayer money don’t agree.

Da very unfortunate problem in Manalapan, and many other towns like it, is that politicians seize power and use it for their own gain.

Ask da farmers who got “down-zoned,” and ask Hovnanian who is building McMansions on postage stamp-sized land right down da road.

Ask da developer of da Village in Manalapan why not one store bringing much-needed revenue has been built yet.

Ask yourself why your taxes will have leaped over 40% in da past 2 years this year.

Ask yourself why traffic is getting worse in Manalapan.

Ask yourself why you have to go to another town just to get your basic staple items.

Ask yourself why da politically appointed head sewer rat at da WMUA was arrested in a Federal raid?

Ask why at least $130,000 has been spent on a lawsuit with a “Manalapan Legal Dream Team” group of lawyers – whose sole purpose is to recoup $10,600?

Ask why da Township Committee spent some of that money attempting to flush da First Amendment down da toilet? Ask why farmers don’t like da “down-zoning?”

Ask yourself why some wanted to hide under da rug da “Because I Hate Italians” fiasco?

Ask why a former Recreation Director was sent packing?

Ask why a famous symphony conductor was questioned over $4,000 covering at least 5 years?

Ask why Manalapan’s decorated and well loved police chief is under fire from da Queen?

Also, ask why da Chris Christie’s people were investigating Town Hall regarding da Village

Yes, those are a lot of questions for one small town to be asking. Investigations – frivolous lawsuits – sky-high tax increases – people being tossed under da “Roth Express” – and this is just da last 5 years!

Now, ask why da local Snoozepaper has not once, as far as anyone knows, made an OPRA request to find out exactly how much money has been spent on “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man?”

DaTruth is, there is much more to come. And if those in da media won’t look into it, then maybe as bloggers and peasants it’s our job to uncover da Truth.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another Win For Da "Roth-McEnery" Ticket

Apparently it's good to be da Queen of Manalapan these days. First, she and "whoever" her running mate is wins da unopposed Manalapan Democratic primary. On da very same night, she also claims victory in da Manalapan Republican primary as da "Puppet Ticket" of Manalapan GOP head honcho Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery beat Butch Budai & Steve Johnson.

Now, a week later da Queen emerges victorious again, this time as her new benefactor Iron Girth holds on to his power for dear life winning by a single vote to keep his job as GOP'er Grand Poobah.

Here's da bad news: Da win for Iron Girth all but seals da deal for da Queen to be reelected for another three years of tax increases and other wallot-sucking courtesy of your local government-at-work. Da good news is that Iron Girth's straglehold on power may be eroding faster than you can say "Tax Increase."

DaTruthSquad has already heard rumblings around da county from others in power that it will be very difficult for da "Chair of Chairs" to keep his county power if his own GOP'ers in town is tearing itself apart at da seams. In addition, since soon-to-be-and-it's-too-bad-it-didn't-happen-sooner leader Adam "PuPu" Puharic is abdicating his throne, if indeed it is da Ox coming to da rescue he'll have to clean so much house Iron Girth may be shoved to da curb anyway.

Manalapan's reputation within da county GOP has become very sullied as it is.

1. DaTruthSquad has heard a number of municipal chairmen have had enough with da PuPu-Iron Girth way of running da GOP, which has resulted in two lost Freeloader seats, a Democratic revival in da County, and an apparent deficit in da finances.

2. You also have a county GOP trying to figure out what happened to alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident Committeeman Andy Boy, who not only set da record for raising taxes in 1 year in Manalapan, but followed it up by leading da charge for another mammoth increase! Thanks to Andy Boy, da GOP now has da moniker of being "Tax & Spend Liberals!"

As for da Manalapan GOP, it continues to tear itself apart. Many people were at da meeting Monday night, including daTruthSquad, saw when da vote of county committee people went down showed an unmistakable and undeniable rift had formed. Da Poobah only won by a single vote, which is hardly a vote of confidence.

In fact, daTruthSquad has already heard rumors that some key GOP'er members may split and form their own GOP'er club. If that's a fact, then it will be even harder for Iron Girth to have any county power if he can't keep his own house in order.

Da only good news in da Kingdom is da fall elections. Although this is not scientific, and shows Manalapan voters are not always in tune with da facts, if current trends follow through, da Queen will actually lose da election.

In 2005, GOP'ers led by Joltin Joe and Andy Boy lowered taxes, but da GOP'er candidates lost da election.

In 2006, GOP'ers led by Joltin Joe & Andy Boy again lowered taxes, but Little Nikki still lost da election.

In 2007, thanks to GOP'er Andy Boy taxes were raised to their highest level in history, yet Andy Boy still won.

In 2008, taxes are again being raised, and again it's led by Andy Boy. Will da Queen break da 3 year cycle?

DaTruth is, this year da Queen has an ace up her sleeve. Da "G&G Boys" with a campaign run by Iron Girth stand as much chance of beating da Queen as a 1-legged man in a butt-kicking contest. You already saw in da primary G&G couldn't raise cab fare much less any solid donations. Would you fork over $150 to have a stale sandwich with Ryan Green? Would you donate $200 to drink bitter beer with Blogger Bill? Do da words "Spectacularly Unqualified Candidates" ring a bell?

Da smartest thing any GOP'er can do is save your money to pay for da $4 dollar gas and not bother with da election this year. Da Queen could move out of town and still win da election with votes to spare (that sounds familiar, doesn't it)? And this year, she won't need GOP'ers on her side with a "NoMegaMall" campaign, although they'll probably be resurrected anyway.

And that's daTruth.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Da Queen Wins Democrat & GOP Primary At Da Same Time!

No, that's not a typo. Running unopposed, da Queen Mayor and her running mate Dandy Don won the Manalapan Democratic primary for Township Committee. However, that's not da news.

Da big story happened on da GOP'er side, where Poobah Puppets Blogger Bill Garcia and Ryan "3rd Place" Green took first place against Butch Budai & Steve Johnson and will face off against the Democrats in da fall.

DaTruthSquad congratulates da Queen Mayor who is guaranteed to be reelected in November. You can mark daTruthSquad's words on that - because - could that have been da plan all along?

Using a completely negative campaign, including calling his opponents "insurgents" although stopping short of using da word "terrorist," Manalapan's Grand Poobah's hand-picked candidates won da primary 28 & 26% to 23 & 22%. A number of rumors surfaced at da last minute, including that da Budai & Johnson campaign was being run by da Mosked Man. Obviously, all da name calling and even letters sent by da Poobah and other district members and what they contained did not cross da Christian ethic line, since not a word was said by Blogger Bill either in public or on his blog.

DaTruthSquad has seen many elections in da Kingdom, and this was da first contested primary in memory. Da question now is - will there be an Independent bid in da general election?

Da answer is - no.

If Budai & Johnson were to run they'd get a descent number of votes, bu da question is, will they, and will it be enough to siphon votes away from da Poobah Puppets and take enough votes away from da Democrats to have a chance. Da odds would be against them. Da Poobah Puppets have as much chance to beat da Queen mayor as Manalapan getting a tax decrease with da Queen as mayor.

So, all hail da Queen. And hail those who have helped her most.

Da question is - how many of those little helpers are calling themselves Republicans?

There was a little helper who was a part of da "No MegaMall" group who is a leading GOP'er.

Alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident Andy Boy was a leading architect as mayor of da largest single tax increase in Kingdom history. On top of that wallot-breaker, he's leading da call for another tax increase! And da fact he sits on da dais between da Queen Mayor & Cash Klauber gives you an idea of where his allegiance may be.

So what will da next move be for da Manalapan GOP "insurgents?"

DaTruthSquad has heard a strong rumor that da group plans to take a page from Marlboro and split from da "MegaMall Republicans." By divesting themselves of the "old guard" and those who call them "insurgents," da "real" Manalapan GOP would (a) prosper with younger and better foot soldiers, (b) allow them to regroup for 2009, (c) siphon off potential workers and $$ from da Poobah Puppets and da Poobah himself, (d) go into 2009 with established leaders such as Susan Cohen, Budai, and Johnson, and (e) immediately take da power away from da Poobah, who would lead a group of 8 to 10 people including himself, his daughter and 2 Poobah Puppets.

It seems the best way to solve da problem of dealing with da Poobah may be to NOT deal with da Poobah. A separate party gives the "insurgency" as da Poobah calls them a better opportunity to grow and removes them from potential ethical problems that could arise from Team Poobah.

As da Queen wakes today, thanks to Andy Boy and da Poobah, Manalapan will be getting another big tax increase, more votes to continue "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" lawsuit, and another 3 years of da Queen's reign.

And that's daTruth.