Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Prediction: Rudy's Run to Ruin Runs Out in 48 Hours

You will hear it here first - Rudy Giuliani will come in 3rd in da Florida Primary but too far behind McCain & Romney - in that order - and will lose out on all da delegates Florida has to offer.

He will then decide to withdraw from da run for da White House. He doesn't have both da $$$$$ or da delegates to make a serious run - and da GOP heirarchy backs Mitt Romney.

But then again, not everyone was in Mitt's corner.

You know when daTruthSquad knew when Rudy Giuliani's White House wish was over?

It was da minute that Carolina MachoGrande announced with Declan O'Assemblyman and Jennifer Beck that she was supporting his candidacy. They threw their support to Rudy when he came to Monmouth County to raise $$$$$ for them.

Remember Carolina MachoGrande? She was da one who gave us da "Shock Quote heared 'round cyberspace" by saying of bloggers and anyone who has an opinion, "Da First Amendment didn't mean to provide for anonymous bomb throwing. I’m fairly certain that’s not what the First Amendment or the founding fathers meant when the First Amendment was drafted."

Rudy should have known then.

DaTruth is, Rudy's campaign was over when he started to air those 9/11 political ads this early in his campaign. He put all his eggs in da Florida basket, only to slide down da polls faster than Manalapan's da Capo could chug a pint of his favorite ale.

Rudy never made a clear connection with GOP'ers. They liked him because they believed he could beat Hillary Clinton. But now that Obama is a serious challenge, they don't need Rudy anymore.

Rudy shouldn't mind too much. He'll make a ton more on da lecture circuit, and anyway, he'll need that money to support Judy Nathan.

Da Prediction:

McCain 34%
Romney 31%
Giuliani 15%
Huckleberry 14%

Recently, there was a meeting in Manalapan. One of my TruthTellers told daTruthSquad da meeting reeked of "Tainted Pork." Find out more soon.

And that's daTruth.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Breaking News - State to Drop 65 on Monmouth/Ocean County's GSP!

They Can't Put Da Brakes on Spending - But They Can Put Da Brakes on YOU!

Da brainiacks in Trenton know best. At least what's what they tell us.

They tax us when we're born. They tax us when we die. They Surcharge us while we breathe. And now, they want to save our lives.

DaTruthSquad has learned that da Garden State Parkway will lower da speed from 65 to 55 throughout Ocean and Monmouth County. Da state pension padders say da reason is because a "study" (wonder how much that cost) showed that half of da worst accidents recorded happened here.

Da study also said half of da most prone crash areas are in Monmouth & Ocean County. Maybe that's because 1/3 of da Parkway runs through Monmouth & Ocean County? Maybe that's because many people drive on da Parkway to & from work since a lot of folks moved south? Maybe that's because it appears a lot of people use da Parkway to go down da Shore.

Maybe that's because over 60 miles of da Garden State Parkway runs through Monmouth & Ocean County??

Maybe da state should do another multi-million dollar "special, ultra blue-ribbon award-winning" investigation on why people use Parkway bathrooms?

Hopefully, they won't hire Jim McGreevey to head that study.

Da 55 mph will be in place from Neptune to Toms River where da Parkway is 3 or 4 lanes.

Can you imagine how much money da state will get from speeders here?

Apparently they decided not to make the speed limit 55 around Exit 44 where da speeding Toll Troll has his minor fender-bender while traveling at da speed of sound?

Now daTruthSquad has a wacky thought here. Instead of lowering da speed limit, why not just enforce it in this area? Maybe put more police cars there? Maybe reminder signs that "speed kills as much as higher taxes do"?

Nope, da state knows best. We da taxpayers can't be trusted.

You know da State Police are already using helicopters from what 1 news report said to catch speeders in this area. Can you imagine how much that costs?

Hey, remember da time da helicopter swooped down and stopped that car going fast and da police officer got out and wrote da driver a speeding ticket?

DaTruth is, this is just another waste of time & money for da state, and more restrictions on da people.

Da state says they'll spend $1.2 million on improvements in that area. I'm sure a lot of that will be spent replacing da "65 mile speed limit" signs.

You have politicians saying NJ is broke, so what do we do? They throw money at fixing things that aren't broken, and then tax YOU for it. Have they cut even 1 job in Trenton? Fix a bloated Board of Education system?

Nope - da fix for those problems is to raise tolls 800%!

Here's a question - will Ocean and Monmouth county residents get energy savings rebates from the Federal Government?

DaTruth is, you may not have noticed, but da stretch of road where da speed will drop is also da same area where all da legislators are GOP'ers?

DaTruth is, between arresting Steve Lonegan because he dared to stand up against da Toll Troll and not knowing who gave da order, 800% toll increase proposals, not cuts in government, a budget nearly bankrupt, more Boards of Education in da state than actual towns, still handing out pensions like they're candy, adding surcharges and fees to anything that has a pulse, more corruption than during Prohibition, a demand to reduce trans-fat by da same person seeling 5 Christmas trees so she can call her home a farm, people moving out in droves because they can't afford to live here anymore, this state has a serious problem that it seems every elected political official either can't see or are being told not to look by special interests.

DaTruth is, lowering da speed limit will not make much of a difference at all, except it will make you commute to and from work longer and put more money in state coffers because of all of da speeding tickets that'll be written.

If da state is right and speed kills, then why not lower da speeds on EVERY New Jersey highway? A special "DaTruthSquad Highway Study" showed that more accidents happen when it snows than on a sunny day? Da same study found that rain can cause roads to be wet and slick. Maybe da state should forbid driving in bad weather to lower da number of accidents? Wouldn't that make us safer?

By da way, da special "DaTruthSquad Highway Study" didn't cost any money, so no surcharges will be passed on to taxpayers.

DaTruth is, this is another intrusive measure by da state. Nothing more. If you enforce da rules on da books now, those problems will take care of themselves. If you're in da Legislature from Monmouth & Ocean County, be ready to stand up to this continued intrusion into da lives or ordinary Joe's by da Trenton know-it-alls.

Make it statewide, or nowhere at all -- oh, and inbetween making da quality of life of NJ residents worse than that of a typical North Korean and padding , do ya think you can possibly lower taxes, fix da broken health care & education system, and do something about property taxes better than da band-aid theory -- not that you feel that's all important or anything?

And that's daTruth.

Friday, January 25, 2008

State To Investigate Lonegan Arrest - But More Most be Done!

See what happens when you violate someone’s First Amendment rights - - NJ State Police will now investigate da arrest of Steve Lonegan - and daTruthSquad reports to all the TruthTellers now that more investigations are forthcoming!

You knew this would happen. Lonegan and another man were holding signs in front of a public building, not impeding da public, in a public place, where a public meeting was being held by Comrade Corzine who wants merely to raise tolls by 800% or so and bankrupt the average Jersey resident.

However, this blatent disregard for a person’s First Amendment rights will have far-reaching implications.

Already, officials in Middle Township where da meeting was held and Lonegan got a one-way ticket to da local jail have issued a formal apology, saying, “Local school and municipal officials, upon consultation with counsel, have determined that Mr. Lonegan and Mr. Grossman [were] engaged in constitutionally protected action," the officials said in a statement. "The school board and township ... offer their sincere apologies for any distress or humiliation the arrests have caused them."

And da outrage continues….

State Sen. Tom Kean, R-Union City, has written a letter urging state Attorney General Anne Milgram to investigate the arrest of former Bogota, NJ, Mayor Steve Lonegan and local radio personality Seth Grossman.

Here’s a copy of da letter & press release Kean wrote….

Editorials are slamming da Toll Troll Corzine and those who arrested Lonegan and violated his First Amendment rights. A Star Ledger editorial demanded a Federal probe.

So, what is really wrong with da Lonegan arrest?

Da answer to that question is – where is da OUTRAGE?

When daTruthSquad received a subpoena demanding da identity by Manalapan’s Legal Dream Team for da sole purpose of outing daTruthSquad, there was no outrage. In fact, one local Snoozepaper even encouraged it in complete disregard for da First Amendment rights! It became a legal battle played out in a Freehold court, but most important, it became a cause-celeb in Cyberspace. Blogs, newspapers, and other media carried da story out of Manalapan and sent it throughout New Jersey, across da country, into Canada, across to Europe and over to Asia. It was read by people from South Africa to Seattle, Manalapan to Malaysia.

Recently, daTruthSquad was asked by da government-owned radio of Colombia to speak about da case. That’s not Columbia University, where students were already talking about it in Journalism classes, but da South American nation where people interested in Free Speech from Medelllin to Bogota will learn what a few politicians backed up with trained attack lawyers tried to do to a voice of dissent with a typewriter.

What do daTruthSquad & Lonegan have in common?

In each case, da establishment tried to circumvent laws that our nation was founded upon in order to silence critics who dared to stand up and say for others, “This isn’t right.”

Free speech and da First Amendment are da backbone of what our great nation was founded upon. Brave men and women have shed blood and died for these simple ideals. People like Lonegan and those of daTruthSquad believe in things like Freedom of Speech, da First Amendment, and standing up for da truth.

Unfortunately for us all, there are people like da Queen, alleged Manalapan resident Andy Boy, their attack lawyer members of da Manalapan Legal Dream team, and those who arrested Lonegan and those who gave da orders to do so use words like “Freedom of Speech, da First Amendment, and standing up for da truth” as punchlines for their twisted quests for power.

Take da lawsuit now known around da world as “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man.” If it weren’t for da Electronic Frontier Foundation, nobody would know da truth since THEY POSTED EVERY SINGLE LEGAL BRIEF AND CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN LAWYERS for all of us to see.

Because of this action da cowardly politicians of Manalapan and their attack lawyers could not hide behind da veil of secrecy in their First Amendment / Land-deal-gone-bad case against da Mosked man! Manalapan residents, and every resident of da world was able to see what these politicians were trying to hide - at taxpayer expense - and judge for themselves.

Why did they do this?

Freedom of Speech

Da First Amendment

That was what da Manalapan Legal Dream Team was fighting against, and what NJ Assemblywoman Carolina MachoGrande said, “Da First Amendment didn't mean to provide for anonymous bomb throwing. I’m fairly certain that’s not what the First Amendment or the founding fathers meant when the First Amendment was drafted."

It’s people like that who say rediculous things like this that allow actions like those against daTruthSquad and Steve Lonegan to happen.

Ironcally, this great nation was founded by those who fought against those who wish to remove Freedom of Speech and da First Amendment from da history of law.

Da unfortunate problem we all face – over 220 years later – we’re still fighting against da tyranny of events like da arrest of Steve Lonegan and subpoenas because “we can.”


Demand Action!

Demand from your elected legislative officials Jennifer Beck, Declan O'Candidate, and Carolina MachoGrande that they demand a state and Federal investigation and Civil Rights probe into da Lonegan arrest. And, demand da very same about what Manalapan politicians tried to do to daTruthSquad.

Show da politicians they cannot hide from da First Amendment - they cannot hide from Freedom of Speech - and they cannot hide from da Truth!

And that’s daTruth.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Jersey: Da "First Amendment Violation State"

Recently, New Jersey has offered apologies for slavery and did away with da death penalty. Unbeknownst to many New Jersey residents, da First Amendment was apparently also done away with too.

If da state's favorite Toll Troll, Governor Corzine, wants to find a new way to reduce state debt without any new toll increases there's a very simple way that won't cost da majority of state residents a dime:

Simply heavily "surcharge" anyone who violates a person's First Amendment rights in New Jersey.

You would think it doesn't happen that much in New Jersey - but guess again.
In New Jersey's monthly, "Let's see whose First Amendment rights we can trample and try to get away with," this past Saturday da honor went to former Bogota mayor Steve Lonegan and radio personality Seth Grossman. They were arrested in front of Middle Township HS in Cape May County. They were told to not hold da protest signs they were carrying, and they refused to comply since they were on public property and outside of da public school. They were arrested, and whether it was on da orders of Comrade Corzine or not, it doesn't matter.

DaTruth is da arrest of an individual carrying a sign on public property, in a public place, outside of a public-owned building where a public meeting was being held and da public was invited to attend is an absolute violation of da First Amendment.

Already there are severe discrepancies between police accounts and those of Lonegan & Grossman. FYI - Lonegan says he has a videotape of the incident which contradicts police accounts.

And some other folks found da First Amendment violations reprehensible.

Sen. Gerald Cardinale, R-Bergen, called for a federal probe of the arrest of former Bogota Mayor Steven Lonegan. Senate Minority Leader Thomas Kean Jr., R-Union, also called for a state probe of the incident.

Da Courier Post also had interesting info regarding potential agenda-setting by da Toll Troll.

Lonegan also said a policeman on scene told him the governor did not want any opponents to the roads plan.

"The governor's people gave my people no direction whatsoever," said Middle Township Police Chief Joseph Evangelista.

"These guys gave me this dopey trespassing ticket, and I had a major violation of my First Amendment rights. ... I think they have the problem and not me," said Lonegan.

Republican senators asked law enforcement to examine the civil-rights angles.

Kean said, "The right to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances is the foundation of our democracy."

"I am deeply disturbed by the arrest," Cardinale said. "Even more troublesome are the published statements and videotape that seem to indicate that Corzine's people conspired with local police. ... Who does he think he is, Joe Stalin?"

Apparently those aligned with da Toll Troll were trying to take a page from da local leaders of Manalapan, New Jersey which recently tried to take daTruthSquad to court, demanding da identity of da blogger as a part of a land-deal-gone-bad case that will cost Manalapan taxpayers $15,000 for soil cleanup but according to one politician bringing da case, it has already cost taxpayers "over $100,000."

Of course, as you know now, da highly paid "Manalapan Legal Dream Team" under da leadership of Daniel "Bud Abbott" McCarthy and David "Lou Costello" Weeks went to court one month ago and da presiding judge reminded them there was just one little roadblock in their path, a little-known piece of parchment paper that some NJ politicians apparently missed when they played hooky from their 3rd grade history class -- DA FIRST AMENDMENT!

By da way, if Mr. Lonegan or Mr. Grossman need any advice, daTruthSquad knows a little something about taking on First Amendment bullies. My guess is da ACLU is also chomping at da bit to represent you too.

Because of da arrests of Grossman & Lonegan, a clear violation of First Amendment rights, daTruthSquad wants all da TruthTellers to contact their state representatives to demand both a state and Federal investigation into their arrests. Remember, if it can happen to folks like da former gubernatorial candidate Lonegan, da radio guy Grossman, and da blogger daTruthSquad, it can happen to you if you dare defy da politicians who attempt to control our lives.

DaTruth is, da only way this will stop is if you stand up.

Take a page from Monmouth Superior Court Judge Terence Flynn, in his ruling from da bench, "And that anyone [...] has a right to make their feelings clear. And they have a right not to be intimidated by the issuance of discovery requests in order to shut them down. For that reason, in many ways, the authority cited by the intervenor is correct and accurate. And first of all the [...] the blogger, if in fact it’s an individual person, and I’m assuming absent any evidence that it is another individual person, has a right not to be drawn into the litigation and forced to reveal identity or to impede on his or her First Amendment rights simply on a suspicion."

Stand up for Steve Lonegan, Seth Grossman, bloggers everywhere, and da First Amendment of da Constitution of da United States. And, don't be afraid to stand up to elected bullies.

And that's daTruth.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Where Did Da Missing Pages From Da Super-Secret Plan Go?

(a parody of da Corzine “Hike da tolls 800% + plan)

As we all know by now, New Jersey’s amazingly out-of-touch Governator Toll-Troll Corzine has decided da best way to handle a near-bankrupt state is to not cut da spending, but instead force everyone to pony up more money to pay for da politician’s spending sprees.

As daTruthSquad discovered, thanks to da Star Ledger, while Middlesex and Monmouth Counties will pay 29% of da 800% toll increases according to EZ Pass records as shown by da Star Ledger, residents of Salem, Sussex & Warren County will shoulder a combined 0.8% of da toll hikes!

Now, daTruthSquad and da TruthTellers got wind of some other ways Toll Troll Corzine had to fix da state’s budget woes. That information was smuggled out of Trenton and found its way into da hands of daTruthSquad. Let’s see what ideas Toll-Troll Corzine decided to not use:

** A special tax on Republicans. It was proposed that any registered GOP’ers would have to pay an extra 2% of their income, but since there aren’t that many GOP’ers, da idea was scrapped.

** Selling da naming rights of all NJ roads. It would have happened, until da folks at a certain Chocolate company demanded to rename Route 1 “Da Hershey Highway.”

** Selling da naming rights to state politicians. While da Toll-Troll administration had no problems with with a billionaire paying to rename Assemblyman Declan O’Candidate “Dork-lan,” da idea was scrapped when a rich member of Gay Women’s Alliance wanted to rename Senator Ray Lesniak “Les-bian,” and a rich GOP’er wanted to rename Governor Corzine “Pathological Liar.”

** Da Bush Administration put da brakes on a proposal to sell da naming rights to da state. It was feared “Western Saudi Arabia” would not sell well with da state’s Jewish community.

** There were rumors of placing a tax on using bathrooms on da Jersey toll roads and adding a “surcharge” for da use of toilet paper. That idea got flushed.

** A proposal was made to “surcharge” anyone convicted of a crime and have the criminal pay all court costs. That was defeated unanimously by Democrats fearing individually they may have to burden most of that tax.

** There was another proposal to tax anyone who was simply arrested for no reason. Republicans demanded that be removed, as it would be unfair to Steve Lonegan.

** There was a proposal for a “Birth Tax” on anyone being born in New Jersey. However, NJ hospitals feared they would lose patients to out-of-state hospitals, and da Democrats feared da next step would be a new “Death Tax.”

** Unbeknownst to Democratic leaders, Corzine also had in his super-secret plans a “Death Tax.” It would tax anyone who died in NJ. When Democrats got wind of that idea, they feared it would include politicians who were “dead-up-from-da-neck-up,” so it was dead on arrival.

Other ideas included a special “surcharge” for anyone named “Steve Lonegan,” demanding anyone not working a state job or receiving state benefits pay an extra $2,500 per year just to live in NJ, and a special tax on anyone making over $15 per hour, unless they voted Democrat in the past 2 elections.

There were also a couple of other proposals that were mysteriously not in da Corzine “Super-Secret” report.

There was a proposal was submitted that would have had the state government cut 10,000 jobs, put a cap on the amount of pension money being given to any state worker, have them pay a portion of their health care costs, and demand state spending be cut by 10%.

Apparently da worker who submitted that idea was immediately fired and replaced by a new worker paid twice da amount of da fired staffer. Ironically da new employee has da last name “Katz.”

DaTruth is, while this is merely a parody and comedy spoof, da reality is this toll-road toll-hike scheme can also be considered a comedy spoof, da difference is da Corzine plan isn’t funny. Da Corzine plan will force many small businesses out of business, and mid-size businesses may have to relocate out of state. That will force prices up, and along with higher toll prices means WE PAY MORE for goods and services.

DaTruth is, due to da tolling situation folks in just a few counties will bear more of a burden, which is unfair and will probably be fought in court.

And can we stop arresting Steve Lonegan. What does that prove? If you speak out against da Toll-Troll, you get a one-way ticket to da dungeon? You would think da Toll-Troll would have learned something from da Manalapan government that took on da First Amendment and lost - and they used da Manalapan Legal Dream Team!

While you can applaud da Toll-Troll for wanting to do something, daTruth is not making any cuts to da government which caused all of da problems to begin with is just another example of another politician out-of-touch with what da common folk have to deal with and beholden to da politicians who put him in power.

Da best way to stop da Toll-Troll is to make your voice heard. Let every politician know if they support this, they will lose their jobs in Trenton. Go to da Toll-Troll “dog & pony show” when it comes to your county and let da Toll-Troll know they must cut state jobs and state spending first.

Oh, and this is da most important thing daTruthSquad can tell you – whatever you do, whatever you say, under no circumstances --- DO NOT STAND ANYWHERE CLOSE TO STEVE LONEGAN for fear of being arrested like he was.

Let’s hop da Toll-Troll and his Trenton politicians come to their senses. And that’s daTruth.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Manalapan Legal Dream Team Presents: "Evidence? We don't need no stinking evidence!"

When you read da transcript of da court proceedings featuring da Manalapan Legal Dream Team trying in vain to take da Constitution of da United States and fold it into a paper airplane, you're reminded of da movie "Blazing Saddles."

Remember da scene when Hedley Lamarr was recruiting criminals, thugs, and deviants in order to deputize them so they could terrorize a town. When he handed one of them a deputy's badge he replied, "Badges? We don't need no stinking badges."

Fast forward to da Manalapan Legal Dream Team on December 21 in Superior Court, da reply would have been, "Evidence? We don't need no stinking evidence."

Before da Dream Team lawyers even set foot in court, their court documents regarding "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" went from a "land-deal-gone-bad" and somehow became "Let's unmask da blogger who knows too much” – and remember – YOU TAX DOLLARS ARE PAYING FOR IT.

Here's some of da evidence put forth by da Dream Team so you can read for yourself what they considered "evidence."

In Dream Teamer Daniel McCarthy's Certification, he stated da following on page 3 of his 29-page TAXPAYER-FUNDED brief:

"The blog is entitled 'daTruthSquad' and appears to have been written by da defendant."

FYI - 20 of those 29 pages had nothing to do with anything "land" related, but did include copies on every page of daTruthSquad's blog.

In da Dream Team's TAXPAYER-FUNDED Order to Show Cause, Dream Teamer McCarthy went above and beyond to make direct claims that da Mosked man was daTruthSquad. Some highlights include:

"Defendant has discussed various aspects of this matter on his internet blog, daTruthSquad...."

"Regarding Defendant's internet blog, daTruthSquad, defendant uses da anonymous forum to dissect da specific allegations asseted against him, offering his opinion and analysis of da validity of each claim."

In fact, if you click on this, you will see there are 18 specific times McCarthy's more than 50-page legal brief contained direct references that this blog is da Mosked man's -- and McCarthy as shown in da now-famous "Rosman Editorial" is being paid by da hour using TAXPAYER MONEY!

There's only one little, tiny, insignificant problem with every allegation saying daTruthSquad blog is da Mosked man's blog -- EVIDENCE!

And, in court, evidence is something that comes in handy – especially if you want to win your case.

That's something da Dream Team learned, also at TAXPAYER EXPENSE on December 21.

Interesting, once in court da Manalapan Legal Dream Team showed their case was merely one of "Well, maybe it is." Read da quotes carefully.

WEEKS: "You come to da inescapable conclusion that (daTruthSquad) is either Mr. Moskovitz or his alter ego."

MCCARTHY: "You come to da inescapable conclusion that it's Mr. Moskovitz or someone connected to Mr. Moskovitz."

WEEKS: "I never said that it's, that he is da blogger. I don't know that."

WEEKS: "We read da blog and said, boy, da author of that thing sure looks to be Stuart Moskovitz. Is it? I don't know."

Now we've gone in court papers from "Defendant further uses da blog," "In violation of (da court order) defendant posted an entry in his internet blog," "Regarding defendant's internet blog," "Defendant's writings are da agitated ramblings of a seemingly unstable person," and "In da BaconHead of Da Week, defendant tells his side of da story," to "I never said he is da blogger," and "I don't know."

Then, to really show how YOUR TAXPAYER MONEY is being spent, when da court asked, "What things are you asking for," Dream Teamer Weeks showed exactly what this case could very well be about. Weeks said, "What really, just da identity."

So, they didn’t want to know about da land deal, da 2004 court order, and cleanup costs. Dream Team member Weeks said in court for all to hear what he was using TAXPAYER MONEY to discover - "What really, just da identity."

In 2006, da Queen of Manalapan made headlines demanding a forensic audit of da Manalapan Symphony. It appears there were questions about receipts totaling under $1,000.

Here’s a quote made by da Queen in her public relations circular, da Snoozepaper.

Roth said, "However, it is our responsibility to make sure taxpayer dollars are prudently spent."

Here da Queen claims it is “our responsibility to make sure taxpayer dollars are prudently spent.”

However, as we all learned in da now-famous “Manalapan legal Drem Team Presents – Who’s My Client,” da lawyer hired and approved by da Queen and her Gang of Three, when asked by da Judge no less --- not only admitted in court on da record he had no idea who his clients are --- and he doesn’t have any contact with them – and da lawyer couldn’t even tell da judge who Manalapan’s mayor was or if da committee knew what he was doing in court that day!

DaTruth is, Manalapan taxpayers were siphoned for tens of thousands of dollars for what Dream Teamer Weeks admitted in court was da chance to get da name of daTruthSquad"What really, just da identity." Months of legal work and hundreds of pages of legal briefs were generated for one sole purpose, and on December 21 it had absolutely nothing to do with a land-deal-gone-bad.

Former mayor and alleged-Manalapan resident Andy Boy is on da record as saying da case of “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man” has ALREADY cost taxpayers over $100,000 – and da TAXPAYER-FUNDED meter is still running! Da contract for da soil cleanup has already been approved for $15,000, less than 1/6 of what da court case has already cost!

It’s time for da Manalapan Township Committee to discuss this matter in an open forum. Is it time to drop this case? Is it time for a forensic accounting of da legal bills submitted by every member of da Manalapan Legal Dream Team? If investigating da Manalapan Symplony over a few hundred dollars is justified, then what of da Manalapan Legal Dream team and over $100,000?

Da requests for legal billing can be done with an OPRA request of Manalapan Township. Maybe it’s time someone did that.

DaTruth is – IT’S YOUR MONEY! You have da right to know why your taxes went up an unbelievable 28% last year, and da right to know why over $100,000 has been spent on litigation to unmask a blogger as a part of a land deal legal battle.

Something is indeed rotton in da state of Manalapan. And that’s daTruth.

Monday, January 14, 2008

DaTruthSquad's 10-Step Plan For Toll-Troll Corzine

Here's an interesting point of view on da Corzine Toll Scheme - is it biased to where certain counties pay more and many others pay practically nothing to fund it?

A special DaTruthSquad investigation shows just that -- and Monmouth County winds up shouldering da 2nd-biggest burden in da state!

According to EZ Pass data obtained by da Star Ledger newspaper - 2 counties in particular will pay about 29.2% of da toll burden into this scheme -- Monmouth & Middlesex County, while Salem, Sussex, and Warren County residents will only shoulder 0.8% of da burden COMBINED!

Da "Corzine Back-Hand Slap in Da Face Award" goes to Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D-Middlesex), the Transportation Committee chairman. He was all for da plan, and then all of a sudden he got wind that Route 440 would become a toll road - right through da heart of his home Assembly district!

Let's see who else will get their pockets siphoned by da Corzine vacuum?

Anyone who goes to da supermarket, or a department store will see prices soar because trucks are going to have to be reimbursed for their high gas prices and toll costs, and guess who will be paying those higher prices --- YOU DA TAXPAYER!

And, it will be costlier in other ways - LAWSUITS.

One, Steven Lonegan, longtime Bogota mayor and president of Americans for Prosperity, a pro-free enterprise group, announced plans to file a federal lawsuit charging the state with violating the U.S. Constitution by raising tolls on out-of-state drivers.

"This is no longer a toll now," said Lonegan. "This is now a tariff. This is now a tax." Lonegan has sued New Jersey twice before over its borrowing practices.

Now maybe daTruthSquad should get da hearing checked, because daTruthSquad remembers when da Toll-Troll Corzine ran for Governator he said he'd run da state like a business.

On Monday, Citigroup, a business said they're having problems and would have to cut 6% of their workforce, on top of layoffs that already happened. Countrywide Mortgage axed 20% of their worforce, IndyMac sliced 10%. GM & Ford, also business da last time daTruthSquad looked used job cuts to bolster their bottom lines.

Toll-Troll Corzine said da state faces a "financial crisis" and we're "broke." So how many jobs will be cut statewide by Toll-Troll Corzine?


Who is da single biggest employer in da state of New Jersey?

NEW JERSEY - with over 70,000 folks on da payroll and many more grabbing bloated pensions.

Before you force NJ residents into bankruptcy to pay for your Toll-Troll Corzine scheme, how's about you cut da fat first.

Since Toll-Troll Corzine obviously isn't adept enough to handle a simple budget, let daTruthSquad give this a try.

STEP 1: Declare a crisis. Immediately order a HIRING FREEZE, cut 6% of da state workforce (4560 jobs) and order a second round of 6% cuts in 2009 (4560 jobs which can come through buyouts or attrition).

STEP 2: Demand that all State Assemblypeople & State Senators forefit 10% of their pay and overall legislative budgets, with that money going directly to paying down da debt. They created it, so they should pay for it - not us.

STEP 3: Put up solar panels and wind devices along da NJTP, AC Expressway, and GSP. Let da toll roads generate electricity and sell that energy back to energy companies to generate income on a large scale, as well as provide power for da toll road buildings to make them energy self-sufficient.

STEP 4: Raise tolls 10% in 2008, again in 2011 & 2014, with that money ONLY going to da Transportation Trust Fund.

STEP 5: Cut state spending by 10% each year for da next 2 years, and invoke a spending freeze until da debt is paid off.

STEP 6: Cut pensions down to be based on just 1 state job, not 4 or 5, and anyone making less than $35,000 with a state job gets no pension.

STEP 7: If you're convicted of a crime - NO PENSION.

STEP 8: You must work in state government 7 years to qualify to have a pension.

STEP 9: Sell yearly naming rights to all toll road service areas, the AC Expressway, and Route 440 with all money going to pay off the state debt.

STEP 10: Order a combining of all local Board of Educations, 600 of them, and demand towns have joint BOE. If 5 towns did this on a statewide level, the 600 individual BOE's can be reduced to 120. This alone could save da state BILLIONS!

This is just a beginning.

Governor Corzine, if you have any questions on how to cut spending, please feel free to comment on daTruthSquad's blog page. My TruthTellers would be glad to help you with business decisions.

DaTruth is, something does need to be done, but putting da burden on da taxpayers who already suffer with da highest property taxes in da nation, second highest auto insurance, largest tax burden, one of da highest foreclosure rates -- it's too much.

And, making Monmouth residents pay more than 20 other counties is not fair and should be fought by da people.

Also, to all da TruthTellers - if ANY POLITICIAN goes along with Toll Troll Corzine's plan, they should be voted out of office. Follow their actions.

DaTruthSquad will - and that's daTruth.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Da Manalapan Legal Dream Team Presents - "Who's My Client?"

Everybody knows da Abbott & Costello favorite, "Who's on First." Well, if you were in da Monmouth County Superior Court da day da Manalapan Legal Dream Team tried to rid Monmouth County and America of da First Amendment, you would have seen da newest version of that famous skit.

So, without any further delay, here's Manalapan Legal Dream Team members David Weeks (Abbott) and Daniel McCarthy (Costello) starring in --- "Who's My Client???" --- a production of da Manalapan Township Committee --- financed by YOUR TAX DOLLARS!

Now, all throughout this First Amendment battle, legal paper after legal paper submitted into court by da Manalapan Legal Dream Team said in no uncertain terms that da Mosked man was in fact da person behind this blog.

Da Dream Team even went as far as telling Electronic Frontier Foundation attorney Matthew Zimmerman he was making "time-wasting, unproductive, and unprofessional threats."

Thanks to da EFF, however, you da reader were allowed to see exactly how both your tax dollars are being spent and exactly how this land-deal-gone-bad lawsuit became a frivolous attempt at ridding us all of First Amendment protections that countless heroes of America have died for.

Of course, when da competent & law abiding judge entered da court, it was a whole different ballgame for da Dream Team. Check out these following quotes, easily available by reading da actual court transcript available online at the EFF website!

Now all along, da Dream Team made allegations da Mosked man somehow violated a court order. So, da judge asked da Dream Team a question.

THE COURT: "Okay. But at least in terms of Judge English’s order, what you say, you wanted to look at this to find out if he violated the Court’s order. That’s what you said you wanted to find out. The question is, I don’t have anything in front of me that you have submitted, or anything else, saying that in fact there was, even if it was not Mr. Moskovitz, somebody said something, did something on this blog, from the time the Judge issued his order which said that nobody’s talked to them, pending the final hearing in this case, which was on August 20th."

Things got worse from here.

Dream Teamer McCarthy chimed in and inserted "Foot A" into "Mouth B."

MR. McCARTHY: "And in response to that, in actually my firm’s papers to Judge English, we pointed out to the Judge, July 17th the order is entered. On July 18th these’s an article in the news transcript that says, "Reached for comment, Moskovitz said he was immune to any retaliatory measures," et cetera, et cetera. So we were pointing out to the Judge that he’s out there talking to the media."

Da July 18th Snoozepaper Dream Teamer McCarthy is referring to was printed by da Snoozer on either July 16 or 17, meaning da interview with da Mosked man happened BEFORE da gag order went into effect - not after!

McCarthy continued to claim daTruthSquad blog entries made after da gag order went into effect violated that order. Da only problem is, da Dream Team lacked one minor thing -- evidence!

When attorney Matthew Zimmerman spoke, he immediately exposed da sham for what it was, and why da First Amendment was being threatened by Manalapan's lawyers.

"And on the issue of credibility, you know I would like to point out the precedent that this would set. It’s true that the plaintiffs in this case invented this accusation with no evidence. They came into court and said, not even an accusation, they simply state it as fact, that Mr. Moskovitz was in fact the blogger. And when Mr. Moskovitz denied it and he said, this is ridiculous, they’re now saying, well, that’s a basis for us to turn around and investigate it. I mean, just think of the judicial -- the impact on Your Honor’s court if every single time someone came into court and made a ridiculous accusation that became an independent basis for someone to investigate the critics in the community."

Then came da trial's defining moment. When da chips were down, Dream Teamer weeks gave us da quote of da trial.

MR. WEEKS: "Now, in balancing it, there’s a real easy way to protect any concerns that the Electronic Freedom Foundation has for their blogger. And that is, Google, who has no problem complying with the subpoena, complies with the subpoena. Sends the information to me. I don’t distribute it to anybody but Your Honor."

Gee, what's next -- "Double-Secret Probation???"

Needless to say, everybody saw through da "Dean Wormer Defense."

But then, da big question emerged from da judge, who asked Dream Teamer Douglas C. Niedermeyer (Weeks) if his clients have any clue as to what da Dream Team was trying to do to da Constitution? Maybe before answering, he should have asked the other Omega House members, or at least called Babs or Mandy Peppridge?

THE COURT: "Does Manalapan know that you’re spending funds, or putting resources into trying to find the identity of a blogger who is critical of their administration?"

MR. WEEKS: "They, I assume they’re aware of this. It’s been in the front page of the Star Ledger. You’d be, have to be under a rock not to know that this is going on. Have I spoken to them directly and do I know what they know specifically? No. But I’m comfortable that they’re aware of it."

WEEKS: "I couldn't tell you da names of da people on their Committee

This wasn't some court spectator or one of da Delta House gang asking this question of da Dream Team lawyers being paid at taxpayer expense. This was da JUDGE!

OK, so here, clearly, da Dream Team admits he hasn't "spoken to them" and isn't even sure "they’re aware of it," and "can't tell you da names" of da people who hired him!


This also means da people who hired their lawyers haven't had contact with them, according to Weeks' court statements. This of course confirms Committeeman Gennaro's claim that he "tried to call Weeks, but he wouldn't return my call."

If you thought that was amazing - Weeks in open court admits he doesn't even know who former Mayor Andy Boy is!

THE COURT: "And a third party. And who did Mr. Moskovitz bring in?"

MR. WEEKS: "When I told you before I didn’t know the names of the people on the Council, I meant it. I think it’s somebody on the Council, but I’m not sure who."

MR. MOSKOVITZ: "We brought a third party claim against Andrew Lucas, the Mayor

Da lawyer represents da town. His clients are da people who voted to approve da case. If he forgot who they are, daTruthSquad has that evidence. In Omega House President Greg Marmalard's (better known as Dream Teamer Daniel McCarthy's) Certification, he stated da following:

"At a subsequent public meeting, the governing body of da township passed Resolution #2007-130, authorizing execution of an agreement with Ruprecht, Hart, and Weeks which agreement was attached and made part of the resolution."

One can theorize that da law firm might have had some idea who their clients are from that resolution. That 29-page legal brief (remember McCarthy is paid by da hour)included 20 pages of copies of daTruthSquad blog! What did da blog have to do with a land-deal-gone-bad case?

DaTruth is, daTruthSquad's legal representation in this case constantly discussed every aspect of da proceedings with daTruthSquad - almost every day in both phone and emails. Why is it that daTruthSquad's attorney kept his client completely informed of every aspect of this case, but da Dream Team, being paid with taxpayer money, doesn't even know who da mayor of his client (Manalapan) is, and won't return da phone calls of another of his clients, Mr. Gennaro?

Da difference between "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" and "Animal House" is this case isn't a movie. If it was, then daTruthSquad believes taxpayer money shouldn't be spared and da part of da Queen Mayor should be played by John Goodman (remember he played Linda Tripp on Saturday Night Live).

But, daTruth is, if da Manalapan Legal Dream Team duo of Abbott & Costello have no idea who their clients are, as Weeks said in open court as da transcript proves, then how can da Township Committee pay them? They already spent taxpayer money, and daTruthSquad must surmise his more than 50-page legal brief wasn't on da house, for six months of demanding da Mosked man was daTruthSquad, and claiming his denials led to a credibility issue.

Making this case a First Amendment case, not knowing who da clients are, not returning da calls of one of da clients, da clients having to read newspapers and da internet to find out what they are paying for -- da question is, on da Township Committee of Manalapan, who is responsible?

It is absolutely reprehensible that your attorney says, "Have I spoken to them directly and do I know what they know specifically? No. But I’m comfortable that they’re aware of it" when asked by da Judge if he knew if his clients knew what he was doing, and "I think it’s somebody on the Council, but I’m not sure who" when asked who Mayor Andy Boy is. Da Queen demanded a forensic accounting of da Symphony for a few hundred dollars, and da head of Manalapan Rec on a platter as well (hopefully not as a snack). Where is da accounting of this case against da Mosked man which has now received worldwide rebuke?

DaTruthSquad believes it's time for da Manalapan Township Committee to show whether this case is a real case or a political vendetta. Da people deserve to know how their money is being spent. Da peasants are suffering under a 28% tax increase last year. Was all that money to pay for lawyers?

Right now, it seems like da plan of da Gang of Three is to not discuss this case against da Mosked man that YOU ARE PAYING FOR, and hoping da world forgets what has already happened here with their lawyers who don't know who their clients are challenging da First Amendment. Da best way to make sure your voice is heard is to blog about it, discuss it, comment about it, write a letter to da editor of a newspaper, or go to Manalapan Town Hall and ask your elected officials about this case. If they won't discuss it, or say "Remain calm, all is well," or refuse to answer your questions - that will be answer enough.

And that's daTruth.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Perception a Problem for Pu-Pu

As you may be aware, this blog was in da forefront of pointing out a Federal law known as da Hatch Act and a certain Monmouth County GOP Chairman who left his government job shortly after word began to spread.

2007 was a very interesting year for Chairman Adam Puharic. Pu-Pu started out his first term promising to right da wrongs of da past. It seems like that's where da problems first began.

Pu-Pu backed a certain Manalapan committeeman for Freeloader. Da reward for Pu-Pu was that he can put on his resume he piloted da ship when da first GOP'er Freeloader candidate in over 20 years LOST an election, and by a wide margin at that!

However, da loss by Andy Boy could not have been da fault of one of his best fundraiser folk, an unknown named Carolina MachoGrande, who ironically 2 months later became Manalapan Township attorney!

Andy Boy, da Freeloader loser that year had a running mate. Her name was Anna Little. Unlike Andy Boy, she won by a wide margin. Little Anna made headlines of her own when she was unceremoniously denied da opportunity to keep her Freeloader seat since she was unable to pass Pu-Pu's highly controversial "vetting" process. Two controversial members of that "vetting" process were Manalapan Mayor Andy Boy, who ascended to that throne with da help of two rival Democrats in da well-reported "backroom deal," and da newly appointed "Chair of Chairs," Manalapan Municipal Grand Poobah Steve McEnery, who would later gain da nickname "Iron Girth" for his part as "da enforcer" in da Pu-Pu production of "You can't run because it's MY party."

Without da Little Anna star power on da ticket, for da second straight year a GOP Freeloader candidate lost an election - in fact da only GOP'er loss on that ticket was for Little Anna's seat!

Da good news for Pu-Pu was da "hand-picked" trifecta of Jen Beck, Declan O'Candidate, and Manalapan Township Attorney Carolina MachoGrande (former Andy Boy fundraiser) won their state office elections.

Of course, it was right after da election, and now as Township Attorney / Assemblywoman-elect that MachoGande, now also a member of da now-infamous Manalapan Legal Dream Team made da comment "heard 'round da world", "Da First Amendment didn't mean to provide for anonymous bomb throwing. I’m fairly certain that’s not what the First Amendment or the founding fathers meant when the First Amendment was drafted."

Shortly after da election which sent MachoGrande to Trenton, it was reported by da Asbury Park Press quite innocently that everyone's favorite Pu-Pu was back on his feet with a new career and a new job.

"Puharic, who resigned under fire from a job as public affairs specialist for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which critics said was a violation of the Hatch Act, said he now works for the Wall-based Danskin Insurance Agency, an insurance and real estate firm, and handles "commercial accounts. Puharic said he is not involved with any of the company's government accounts."

Like they always say "it's who you know." Da head of da Danskin Agency, a well-known and it has to be said a good business of its type, is Benjamin H. Danskin. Here's da bio on Mr. Danskin from his own website.

"Benjamin H. Danskin has served the community of Wall Township as Committeeman and Mayor; the County of Monmouth as a member of the Board of Chosen Freeholders; as County Clerk, as a member of the Board of Elections and the Republican Party as Monmouth County Republican Chairman. He is currently County Treasure.

As an elected member of the Monmouth County Board of Freeholder Ben served as the Director of Public Property. He supervised the planning and construction of the Court House Addition, the construction of the Eastern Regional Reference Center of the Monmouth County Library in Shrewsbury, the planning and supervision of the New County Jail, the preparation of plans for the construction of the Monmouth County Juvenile Detention Center and the updating and remodeling of areas of the Hall of Records."

Obviously, Mr. Danskin has a long and storied career in da county political picture. This is da big cheese Pu-Pu will have to answer to. Of course, there are other folks with big corner offices in da Danskin Agency. Here's da bio of another:

"Charles Casagrande brings to his position as Secretary/Treasurer of the Danskin Agency a lifetime knowledge of the Wall Township Southern Monmouth area and a strong background of professional insurance and risk management experience.

After receiving his degree in history from Manhattan College, New York, he joined the Danskin Agency in 1973. Since 1975 he has been Insurance Manager of the agency, responsible for the overall management of health, life, personal and commercial lines as well as its government division."

Wait, what was that last name?????

Isn't there a former Manalapan Township attorney and State Assemblywoman-to-be with da same name?????

Irony can be a very ironic thing sometimes.

Wow, Pu-Pu had a person named "CasaGrande" as a part of his GOP team, and now a "CasaGrande" has a person named "Pu-Pu" as a part of his team. A Hollywood writer couldn't make up a better script.

Now, you can imply anything you like, because this nation has something called da First Amendment of da Constitution. You know da First Amendment - that's da little piece of parchment that da Manalapan Legal Dream Team tried to have removed from da legal landscape, only to have a judge "Pu-Pu" that idea.

But for da GOP, there are bigger worries.

Worry #1: Da Monmouth Democrats have spent da last 2 elections making sure every voter knows what "Club Monmouth" is and what "Da Old Boy's Network" is. It was a liability that cost da Monmouth GOP 2 Freeloader seats in 2 years, and is one seat shy of losing power held for over 22 years. Now you have Pu-PU getting a job with a prominent business that just happens to be headed by a former GOP Freeloader & Party chairman, and also headed by a guy named "Casagrande" who shares da same name as a "vetted" member of Team Pu-Pu who just became a state Assemblywoman.

Worry #2: Freeloader Director Burry, one half of da Barham & Burry Circus will be running for reelection. She will have to be a hand-picked candidate, because it would look extremely odd that da highest-ranking county GOP'er couldn't survive Team Pu-Pu's "vetting" process. Question is, what's happening with Bill Barham? Are members of Team Pu-Pu singing, "Won't you go home Bill Barham, won't you go home?" (LightShines, feel free to have at that one)

Worry #3: Hypothetically, what if Barham resigns and doesn't finish his term? This means Pu-Pu hand-picks someone to keep that Freeloader seat warm? Wouldn't it be ironic if that were Andy Boy, who rumors say is a lot closer to Freehold these days than he was 1 year ago. Imagine this scenario - Andy Boy's fundraiser was MachoGrande, who he then hires as Township Attorney, while Pu-Pu takes a job with da elder MachoGrande, then Andy becomes a temporary Freeloader.

If it walks like Pu-Pu, and it smells like Pu-Pu, then, well, you know.

DaTruth is, da GOP'ers could find themselves dealing with a PR fiasco. Da Democrats have had 2 years to drill into da voter's heads da phrases "Club Monmouth" and "Da Old Boy's Club." Da perception is corruption, and da GOP needs to work on cleaning that perception up before it takes 1 more Freeloader seat - and county power - away from them for what could be a long time.

Perception is everything, and that's daTruth.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

DaTruthSquad Special: Volunteers “Fired!”

Da admission must be made right now that daTruthSquad was trying very hard to not bring back da popular BaconHead of da Week. But this latest story from da Asbury Park Press is like bringing da mountain to Manalapan.

Who are these BaconHeads trying to fool?

If you read the Thursday Asbury Park Press, you read a very interesting tale about “bipartisanship” in Manalapan fostered by Manalapan’s new leader, da Queen Michelle Roth.

Da newspaper report told you many things voters would want to hear. Unfortunately, one thing da “Shock Quotes” made by da Queen and her right hand, former mayor Andy Boy didn’t tell you was – daTruth!

“She said she hoped that "intimidation and bully tactics" in the news media, at town meetings and on the Internet did not keep other residents from getting involved in local politics and volunteerism.”

Da last time daTruthSquad checked, da one thing that can be said about this blog is it never fired anyone – especially a volunteer. Da very same cannot be said about Manalapan’s Queen of Mean.

Immediately after taking da oath of office, two prominent volunteers where unceremoniously “fired” from their non-paid positions. DaTruthSquad will let you judge to see if “bipartisanship” was a reason for their dismissal.

What da newspaper story didn’t tell you was two prominent people were “fired” from non-paying volunteer jobs – da very same volunteers she blamed daTruthSquad for staying “on the sidelines for fear of attack with fabricated and severely distorted information."

Let daTruthSquad tell you about two of those volunteers kicked to da Queen’s curb.

One is a gentleman named Butch Budai. As da President of da Manalapan Republican Club, it was very bipartisan of da Democratic Queen to fire him. Of course, Budai was also Susan Cohen’s campaign manager, which put him at odds with Andy Boy since both GOP’ers ran separate campaigns. Budai also had another person who could pull some strings working against him. Manalapan GOP’s Grand Poobah did not back Cohen but did back Andy Boy.

Budai was not in favor of having to fill out a “job application’ to be a volunteer, but did so anyway because HE WANTED TO SERVE. He has a long record of volunteerism in Manalapan. Budai has also been rumored to be thinking about running against da Queen for Township Committee.

So what is da criteria for being a Manalapan volunteer?

Maybe we should also ask Helene Johnson. She too has a long history, along with her husband of being a Manalapan volunteer. She’s sharing da curb with Budai. Why?

Before we talk about da lovely Helene, let’s chat about her husband.

Steve Johnson has been quite vocal about da controversial synthetic athletic fiend at Manalapan Rec, a $4 million dollar + field heavily supported by da Queen & Andy Boy. Senor Johnson, my TruthTellers report is seriously considering running for Township Committee, and would oppose not only Roth, but da Poobah and Andy Boy too.

So, why kick Helene Johnson, who also filled in da application to da curb? I guess her many years of volunteer service doesn’t count for much.

Both Budai & Johnson are GOP’ers. Again, very bipartisan of you Senorita Queen.

Now don’t think daTruthSquad forgot about that newspaper story. There’s enough Shock Quotes in there to make even Carolina MachoGrande blush.

Roth Shock Quote #1: “I am extremely pleased to be a part of a committee that has accomplished so much last year, and I believe will accomplish more this year.

DaTruthSquad seriously doubts she’d know daTruth if she took a bite out of it.

DaTruth is, da committee under da Queen & Andy Boy last year raised municipal taxes by 28% - a record for da town! Let’s also not forget a First Amendment lawsuit against daTruthSquad that, as a part of da “land-deal-gone-wrong” lawsuit has “cost over $100,000.

You had da bruhaha over da Manalapan Symphony. If you have any questions, read da editorial from da Snoozer penned by da former conductor.

Roth Shock Quote #2: "This behavior keeps talented and qualified people who would otherwise be willing to serve as elected officials (feeling) compelled to stay on the sidelines for fear of attack with fabricated and severely distorted information,”

Da Queen here is talking about what former Township Attorney Carolina MachoGrande calls “anonymous bomb throwers,” or people who blog or write comments on sites like daTruthSquad or NJ.com.

Now, da last time I checked, daTruthSquad has NEVER fired a volunteer, or raised taxes a record 28%, or forced a symphony conductor to hand in their baton, or spent over $100,000 according to Andy Boy for a land-deal-gone-bad / First Amendment lawsuit. Da Roth Administration can’t say da same.

Roth Shock Quote #3: "We are proud that rather than stooping to this level, our committee has shown the courage, strength and leadership to cast aside or stand up to these bullies and seek common ground with those who are generally considered to be the opposition."

How quickly some forgot da famous words of Manalapan Historic Figure Larry Roth, da husband of da Queen, whose 4 famous words were not “Da British are coming,” but instead were “Because I Hate Italians.”

DaTruth is, it’s very easy to blame someone else.

Of course, one of da best Shock Quotes saved for last was reserved for former Mayor Andy Boy. This of course you cannot make up…

Andy Boy Shock Quote #1: "I know I can go home tonight and sleep well knowing Manalapan is well taken care of" with Roth and Cohen at the helm, outgoing Mayor Andrew Lucas said.

As one of da architects of da single biggest local tax increase in Manalapan history, it’s good to know wherever Andy Boy does calls home, wherever that may be, daTruthSquad is glad he does find a way to sleep at night.

DaTruth is, firing such quality people from being volunteers like Helene Johnson and Butch Budai brings Manalapan down a level. These two people worked tirelessly for da Recreation Committee, among others. They deserve to be applauded. They deserve to be praised. They do not deserve to be told, “Your free services are no longer required here.”

Da fact Budai and Helene’s husband are rumored to be pondering a run for Township Committee means da firings can be considered political. DaTruth is, telling such giving people like Butch Budai and Helene Johnson to take a hike isn’t bipartisan. It’s just mean – and it’s da reason people sit on da sidelines and decline to serve. It has nothing to do with this blog or a citizen’s opinions, no matter what career politicians may believe.

And that’s daTruth.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Surprise Second Scenario

And it all hinges on Mr. Anthony Gennaro.

DaTruthSquad has learned of an interesting scenario that would if anything enrage da Queen and propel Mayor Andy Boy into another term as Manalapan mayor.

Da secret deal has Manalapan GOP Grand Poobah Iron Girth McEnery working da crevases in an attempt to swing Mr. Gennaro and Susan Cohen into voting for Andy Boy.

Remember, this past year saw Andy Boy treat Mr. Gennaro and Mrs. Cohen worse than Michael Vick did his kennel club. Da question is, who do they not like more, Andy Boy or da Queen?

Remember, if you think Andy Boy treated Gennaro & Cohen bad, da Queen would, if elevated to mayoral royalty probably would make Vick seem like da president of PETA compared to Andy Boy.

Da scenario would have Susan Cohen becoming Deputy Mayor, and special treatment for Mr. Gennaro.

Da other scenario is da backroom deal that makes da Queen da Mayor and Andy Boy her Deputy. A GOP'er top 2 in town would energize da Manalapan GOP, and also make Andy Boy look very good in da county GOP eye. It might also save Iron Girth's job.

Winners and losers will be known tonight. And that's daTruth.