Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Da Commissar & da Queen's Latest Fleecing of Manalapan

Interesting how it is in da Kingdom that it takes a few meetings to spend millions of YOUR TAX DOLLARS on a piece of land that almost half of which cannot be built on - but when it comes to da Village, which could have implications of actually LOWERING YOUR TAX RATE, a few politicians decide it will take at least 7 years, if ever, to figure out what to do with that - and even then, it could wind up in court that YOU WOULD PAY FOR.

With that said, apparently da latest fleecing of Manalapan is taking place on February 25 at da next Manalapan Township meeting.

One of da ordinances up for bid that YOU DA TAXPAYER will be forced to pay for is in effect DOUBLE DA PRICE for what has become known as da Tillis Tract purchase, or da "Tillis Folly."

Now, please follow below this simple logic, and see if it makes sense to you:

Let's just say, for da sake of argument, you owned a 1.31 acre piece of land in da Kingdom of Manalapan that you wanted to sell, valued at da latest assessment at $238,800. It also had a huge estate on it, valued at da recent assessment at $515,500. According to New Jersey tax records, da home & hand were assessed at $753,300 for calendar year 2009.

Now, da "Queenly salesperson" says she wants to sell that property - ALMOST HALF OF WHICH has DEP issues and CANNOT be allowed to be built on - for, oh, lets say $5 million dollars. You, of course, hearing that reach for da nearest air sickness bag. However, da Queen, seeing you hurling chunks, says while twirling her mustache, that you can instead get that same property for, oh, lets say, $2 million dollars. Da "Queenly salesperson" then says to you, "Hey, c'mon, look at that savings - a $5 million piece of property for $2 million? That's a bargain

Or is it?

Ten years ago, a company called Providence Corporation paid $450,000 for a 25-acre tract of land in da Kingdom of Manalapan - and get this --- 40% of that land is wetlands and cannot be built on or touched! Providence Corp told Manalapan's political elite they want $2.5 million for the property, which includes all those wetlands that can't be touched.

Doesn't that sound familiar?

Both sides could not agree on a price.

Doesn't that sound familiar?

They go to court.

Doesn't that sound familiar?

Former Mayor da Queen says that Providence Corp wants $2.5 million for the property, so at $1.5 million, you da peasants of Manalapan are getting a good deal at $1.5 million!

Of course, this raises some pretty interesting questions.....

QUESTION 1: At da most recent assessment, da land that da Queen and her Gang of Three want to buy with your money was assessed at exactly $864,000. Why are some members of da Commissar's Politburo willing to PAY DOUBLE what that land is worth?

QUESTION 2: Is there any plan in place on how to utilize that land after it is bought for double da assessment price with YOUR TAX DOLLARS?

QUESTION 3: Is this a worthwhile endeavor during what has become da worst recession since da Great Depression, and with New Jersey's budget problems on da state level getting worse?

QUESTION 4: What is da real reason for this land grab?

Well, since you can expect not one of these answers getting answered by da Gang of Three at da next meeting, let's put our "Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler of da Kingdom" hats on and take a crack at them.

ANSWER 1: When you look deep at this deal, there is a "Lynch" connection in there somewhere. Having a "Lynch" connection in any deal is like yelling "He's Wearing a Wire" in a political organization back room. It sounds cool, but it could be a very real & serious problem. However, this question is best answered in Question 4.

ANSWER 2: Da Gang of Three has proposed a number of plans, from a "Tennis Bubble," to houses, to just leaving the space open. Finally, it appears that da 25-acre piece of land, in which only 14 acres is actually usable, may be used for "Rec Center Expansion." Ironically, in da past few years, da Rec has already been expanded, using da land along Route 522 for building da now-infamous "Field of Nightmares" crumb-rubber field - da same type that New York City wants banned, Connecticut and other states are severely questioning, and some countries said "no way" to for health reasons.

ANSWER 3: Hmmmm, lets see. Spend millions of dollars on a project with no plan, when credit is tight, and home foreclosures are rising, and municipal taxes in Manalapan have soared 42% in just 2 years, and da current state budget has nearly a $3 BILLION deficit, and higher taxes and less money to municipalities has already been proposed, and no end in sight, and even pundits are saying da worst is yet to come? I guess if you're a Gang of Three member, put this all together, and da timing couldn't be better!

ANSWER 4: DaTruth. Ask yourself this question - "Why would you pay double for what something is worth, putting yourself deeper into debt, and have no plan to use that something once you purchase it?" If you can answer that question, without being unethical, criminal, or just plain in need of mental evaluation, then you deserve a chance of being on da Manalapan Township Committee. This is something NOBODY can figure out using ethical standards, moral values, an abacus, or a Ouija board. Will Manalapan face a lawsuit if they don't pay? Yes, but that situation has happened before, or should daTruthSquad dare to say, is still happening, as a part of da Mosked Man's "Land-deal-gone-bad-First Amendment lawsuit."

DaTruth is, no matter how much anyone protests, da final vote will be 4-0 with 1 abstention - and that is a daTruthSquad guarantee.

Da bigger question is this - before da vote, demand exactly what da Gang of Three plan on doing with this land. Don't be too surprised if da answer is, "We don't know." If da answer is, "Expand Manalapan Rec," then ask if da Gang of Three's master plan is to expand Manalapan Rec so there is only a park where Manalapan once was, because while a park is nice to have, having no infrastructure with da park is like building a gas station and not budgeting space or money for gas pumps. Manalapan has one of da least business bases in da entire state, meaning you pay more and neighbors in Monroe, Old Bridge, and Freehold get more bang for their municipal tax dollars than you da Manalapan peasants do.

Oh, and by da way, wouldn't "expanding a park" look real good on some "I'm running for political office" election brochure?

Could that be YOUR TAX MONEY at work?

Apparently that's OK for folks like da Gang of Three, who get free health benefits and refuse to part with them despite all having white collar jobs. Being a peasant, that shouldn't be OK with you. Demand accountability from da Gang of Three. Just don't expect to get any.

And that's daTruth.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Porky Poo-Poo's Against Those Who Attempt to Quash Free Speech - And Agrees With daTruthSquad!

Apparently not much is going on in Town Hall that da latest meeting was barely over 40 minutes long! I would hope that Manalapan's esteemed public servants on da town dole don't bill for da entire hour - that is, except for da new Township Attorney.

Da last meeting also took a very strange turn, one that had us all looking toward da back corner of da room, expecting to see Rod Serling smoking a cigarette, for watching former Manalapan Mayor George "Porky" Spodak discussing da First Amendment was truly a turn into da Twilight Zone.

When da Mayor Commissar called out his name, everyone in da room and those who witnessed da events unfurl on TV, or on smuggled DVD's outside da Kingdom, expected da usual gross display of berating township residents, or picking on actual GOP'ers and not those who pretend to be. Instead, welcome to da Manalapan version of da Twilight Zone...

First, Porky shuffles up to da microphone, but instead of a shovel, this time he brings a bag with him. When he opened da bag, inside were a stack of towels. At first, daTruthSquad must admit we all thought we were watching an infomercial for da fantastic "Sham-Wow." But then Porky said they were "crying towels." Unbeknownst to many, at least one town official not in attendance and a famous "BaconHead" award winning journalist not in attendance might need them most.

Then, Porky began discussing appointments of volunteers to da various town committees. He specifically stated that those said appointments were very "basically political" made by those in power from 2004 to 2007. Porky also questioned whether "you would appoint someone who lied to da committee?" While he didn't mention any volunteer or prospective volunteer by name, it is indeed a serious charge worthy to note. It then became apparently obvious to many at that point why alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident & alleged Republican/and or Democrat Andy Boy was conspicuous in his absence from da meeting. Possibly somewhere, unknown to anyone, poor Andy Boy was recuperating from da bus tracks left on his back by bus driver "Porky," because in 2007, those "political" appointments Porky discussed happened when alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident & alleged Republican/and or Democrat Andy Boy was Mayor!

Soon after Porky parked his political bus, he then discussed da Revolutionary War in great detail, saying "Da streets and snow were red with blood" in Trenton, and during da Battle of Monmouth, fought right down da street from Manalapan Town Hall, there was "blood in da fields." At least one of da TruthTellers speculated how he knew so well of da descriptions, almost like he was there in da 1700's. However, further review of da Porky dossier notes that while he may have seen many wars during his long life, da odds against him being there on that hill in Freehold is quite remote, and before anyone speculates, there is absolutely no basis in fact that he supplied meat products to both sides.

However, it soon became clear where Porky was going with his discussion of da Revolutionary War, because --- and hold on to your war bonnets & steak-on-a-stick --- it has been da very same discussion by Porky in da past discussed by daTruthSquad regarding those who sacrificed their lives so we, da people, can enjoy da First Amendment rights they laid down their lives for!

You see, when da Commissar took office, he specifically said he was going to not allow discussion of any kind about da lawsuit that has placed Manalapan on da map of shame - Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man. Apparently, Porky was none-too-thrilled his own First Amendment rights were being violated, so he took it upon himself to return that volley back to da Commissar.

Porky said, despite da fact no folks were humming da "Battle Hymn of da Republic," "We, da residents of this town have da right under these documents to speak about this (da Mosked Man) litigation."

Then, da Township Legal Eagle chimed in, citing Section 10:4-12a of da code, saying "In terms of litigation, da committee shouldn't enter into discussion, but residents have da right to come up & say 'I like or don't like this case.'"

What this means, in a nuthouse or nutshell, is that da town career politicians may have learned a very valuable lesson from patting themselves on da papoose in public, because their happy pats were replaced by ones handed down with a judge's gavel, and so far, while it my not seem this way to some, da person who seems to be in da driver's seat here is actually da Mosked Man.

Despite what has been reported in one local bird cage liner, da Mosked man was apparently given da green light to hand out subpoenas like Easter eggs. This means, anyone may be brought in to testify - - former Township Attorneys, former or current engineers, even former Manalapan mayors or other committee people, and other town officials. It is quite possibly that it's not a question of if - but of when.

DaTruth is, in da last 2 months, you've seen daTruthSquad remind da residents of da Kingdom of how important their First Amendment rights under da US Constitution is. That was followed by a brilliant editorial by an actual accredited journalist, Mark Rosman, in what can easily be called, "Da Shot Heard 'Round Manalapan," in what he clearly calls - "the prohibition on speech that has been placed on Manalapan residents by their new mayor."

Rosman's editorial clearly showed that exactly what daTruthSquad was claiming all this time was indeed happening - people's First Amendment rights were being toyed with!! Why else would Rosman's brilliant editorial say in no uncertain terms - "the prohibition on speech that has been placed on Manalapan residents by their new mayor!"

Now, that is followed by a former Manalapan mayor, who inadvertently put his political party's own mayor (da Commissar) and former mayor with apparently more loftier political ambitions which may come out soon (da Queen) in a very bad situation. It will be interesting indeed to see how da politicians handle this - do they tell Porky to back off and be silent? Do they tell Porky he is only allowed to verbally spar Republican Committeewoman Susan Cohen? Or does Porky follow this blog's lead and keep charging forward in defense of da First Amendment?

DaTruth is, while Porky did make points with his stance on da First Amendment that made Porky an honorary TruthTeller, at da same time, it also made certain career politicians look bad. Making matters worse, da proceedings were not covered by da typical award-winning transcribe, but instead by an actual journalist known for getting it right. That makes it even harder for da Gang of Three to have daTruth directed in their favor.

And, even if one member of da Cadre apparently has had enough of Porky lumbering up to da microphone, as daTruthSquad's embedded sources have learned, he and every TruthTeller has da right to ask questions about da Mosked Man lawsuit.

Yes, it will be interesting indeed to see how da Cadre spin this one, and what, if any retribution from da Cadre, goes Porky's way. People like Porky should not fear, because daTruthSquad will not allow da First Amendment to be quashed and silenced, like some have spent taxpayer money trying to do.

Porky, you or anybody needn't fear da Cadre in your quest for being allowed to speak whatever you want to say regarding matters of this township lawsuit. If you think it's frivolous - say so! Nobody - and that means nobody - should be allowed to take away someone else's right to Free Speech! DaTruthSquad has your back - and daTruthSquad will fight your YOUR right to Free Speech!

And that's daTruth.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Breaking News: "You wouldn't let your children play in a Manalapan junkyard"

There's an old rule in TruthLand - Listen to those around you, because your Truth may not be daTruth, and da person you like least may speak daTruth whether you like it or not.

In New York City, two well known city councilmen have made news recently, and it has nothing to do with a strip club or escort service. It has everything to do with lead - lead found in a playground - lead levels 5 times more than the Environmental Protection Agency allows in playground soil!

Da two councilmen have shut down a soccer field in East Harlem. Yes, a soccer field, that quite possibly can be used for football and other sports too. How bad is da situation with this field of nightmares? Da 2 councilmen want to place a citywide ban on these types of fields.


Sound familiar?

It should, especially to people like TruthTeller Manalapan resident Steve Johnson, and TruthTeller former Manalapan Committeeman Mr. Gennaro.

Sound like a bad dream?

It should, to Manalapan's Gang of Three who, even though they heard a report by Gennaro and commentary and statistics from residents agreed to spend millions of YOUR TAXPAYER $$$$$$$ on 1 field for da ever-growing Manalapan Rec -- made from crumb rubber.

According to da New York Daily News, a study done on da field of nightmares (New York's, not Manalapan's) says "Ingesting lead causes IQ losses in children, said William Crain, a City College professor who co-authored a study on the hazardous chemicals in synthetic turf. The turf also poses another danger: During hot weather, it can reach blistering temps of more than 165 degrees."

Now, there are some who would say daTruthSquad doesn't know much, but mama Truth didn't raise a TruthTeller to hang out anywhere where it was 165 degrees! As for da ingesting part, it has already been proven in study after study that da crumbs aren't permanently attached to da field, therefore they can be ingested, which, da New York study says can lead to IQ losses in children.

Will da Queen allow her kids to play on this field? Will da Commissar? Is this a foregone conclusion for alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident & alleged Republican/and or Democrat Committeeman Andy Boy?

Last year, daTruthSquad shocked Manalapan when this very blog announced da state of Connecticut was investigating da health issues of a field similar to Manalapan's future field of nightmares.

Two months before that, this very same blog found another investigation of this very type of field going on.

In 2007, da New York Times, obviously a newspaper that can never be mistaken for da local Snoozer wrote a story titled "The Carcinogenic Field." One of da findings was as follows: "The second set of experiments identified four chemicals released by crumb rubber in-fill under normal temperatures: benzothiazole, a skin and eye irritant; butylated hydroxyanisol, a recognized carcinogen; n-hexadecane, an irritant; and 4-(t-octyl) phenol, which is corrosive and destroys mucous membranes. Many of the compounds released are considered health risks."

That was written by an accredited engineer, not a financial planner or guy who lives in his parent's house. It was written by former Manalapan Committeeman Mr. Gennaro, long before he was censured by da Gang of Three for exposing what needed to be exposed "For All Da People."

If you want to read more details on this type of field, check out Voters Against Synthetic Turf, which has a myriad of health information surrounding these types of fields.

DaTruth is, this is merely another example of a waste of millions of dollars of taxpayers $$$$$$ being used by Manalapan's Gang of Three to get their names on a big plaque on a ball field. And, it gets worse.

Hypothetically speaking, if it's later (or sooner) found that Manalapan's field of nightmares is a health risk, or could lead to contamination of nearby farms, or causes health & respiriatory issues for kids, Manalapan will not be able to recoup even one thin dime from this Gang of Three production.


Because more than enough studies showing potential risks had already been done - before da Manalapan Township Committee voted to do it. They even heard from their own township engineer who cleared it. They also heard from their own fellow Township Committeeman who had a large number of reservations and demanded a health study be done before they voted. They also heard from a number of residents who had health reservations about Manalapan's Crumb Rubber Paradise.

In da end, they decided to not pay one bit of attention, because, as anyone has seen driving down Route 522, there's already a big sign with da former mayor's name on it sitting alongside da Field of Nightmares, and you can expect another is going to be in da budget.

DaTruth is, like it or not, your career politicians have decided health issues be damned, this field is coming soon, and you will pay for it with your taxpayer dollars -- by da way -- during da worst economic times since da Great Depression.

Oh, and daTruthSquad did a little more investigating and came up with these little tidbits sure to please every Manalapan taxpayer about da multi-million $$$$$$$ Field of Nightmares:

Nearest overall place to eat: A burger joint/ice cream store in Englishtown.

Nearest Manalapan restaurant: Da one da Department of Health shut down last year.

Nearest place to shop with more than 10 stores: Freehold Raceway Mall

Next closest?: It will be built in Monroe by an associate of CONVICTED FELON John Lynch.

Nearest place for traveling teams to stay: Freehold's Radisson Hotel.

Is it daTruthSquad, or are all da ratables for Manalapan's field in towns other than Manalapan so Manalapan residents won't get any tax benefits?

DaTruth is, this is just another situation of local government run amok that needs to be investigated by state & Federal authorities. Why, when everyone was saying "Wait just a minute," did da Gang of Three career politicians decide to not listen to a highly qualified and trusted engineer sitting at da very same table they sit at, and go ahead with a project costing millions of $$$$$$$$ during da worst economic times since da Great Depression?

This is another reason you should attend da Wednesday Feb. 11th 8:00 P.M. Manalapan Township Committee meeting for a scheduled hearing on da purchase of property known as the Tillis Tract. This is another "expansion" project of Manalapan Rec by da Gang of Three, for land appraised at less than half of what Manalapan is apparently overpaying DURING DA WORST ECONOMIC TIME SINCE DA GREAT DEPRESSION - WITH NO ACTUAL PLAN ON HOW TO USE DA LAND, and, just wait to find out da details about this land that you don't know yet.

Da Field of Nightmares - a Manalapan Gang of Three Career Politicians Production! You might as well not allow these politicians to take your money - just stick da vacuum nozzle in your back pocket and let it suck your wallet clean, because that's what will happen when da next township budget gets put together in a few months.

And that's daTruth.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

An Official DaTruthSquad Challenge to Career Politicians

First, daTruthSquad would like to share with you a proposed campaign mailer intercepted from a potential political candidate:

Vote for me - I want to represent you on da Manalapan Township Committee!

I'm not doing it because I want to lower taxes, make Manalapan better, build parks, have better schools, or improve township services.

I'm running for Manalapan Township Committee because my ego is bigger than Cleveland, I care about taxpayers as much as I care about the hungry in Africa, and screw our schools. I NEED FREE HEALTH BENEFITS AND THE EXTRA MONEY - AND I WANT MY PICTURE HANGING IN TOWN HALL!

Unfortunately, that may be the most honest and accurate of any political campaign slogans over the last 6 years!

Here's a little history lesson from daTruthSquad:

In 2006, Commissar Klauber told da Snoozepaper he was running because "he believes elected officials should be looking to "creative" ways to effect tax relief," after he was told residents badly needed tax relief. He would also use solar power to power Manalapan schools, and push for a rail line through Manalapan.

His accomplishments: No rail line meetings, no solar power, and taxes up 42% over the last 2 years -- and he was a prime member of da budget committee ordering those hefty increases! Fortunately, he never promised to run Manalapan like a business, because if he did, that business model would be Enron!

In 2005, da Queen of Mean told da same newspaper she was running "I think there are ways to streamline town hall." Did she keep her promise?

Her accomplishments: Town meetings resembling a steel-cage wrestling match, a lawsuit that became a worldwide phenomenon, an assault on da First Amendment that garnered worldwide rebuke, and while voting against tax decreases, voted for every tax increase while on da committee!

Then there's alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident & alleged Republican/and or Democrat Andy Boy, who vowed to lower taxes if elected while in office.

His accomplishments: He was da co-architect of da double-digit tax increases with da Commissar, a Republican maneuver that would have caused Ronald Reagan to vomit his tapioca pudding and make Reagan & Abe Lincoln do summersaults in their graves! He also painted his fellow GOP'ers "Gray," turning his back on any GOP'er elected to da Committee while he's been there.

By da way, these three are who Manalapanites fondly call "Da Gang of Three."

Since it appears these career politicians never met a campaign promise they couldn't keep, da TruthTellers have spoken up and are demanding action. So, daTruthSquad is picking up da gauntlet.

DaTruthSquad has already heard from our embedded sources within da confines of Town Hall. It already appears that da current economy, coupled with da Corzine-o-nomics that is taxing state residents into oblivion, along with da tax-and spend-too-much philosophy of da Manalapan Township Committee is making da town forecast bleak, with an expected double-digit municipal tax increase of anywhere from 11-28 percent! Obviously, that's too much for Manalapan residents to absorb, so daTruthSquad is offering a challenge to da Township Politburo:

DaTruthSquad Budget Challenge #1: All Committeepeople must forfeit their health benefits (ironically, da Commissar, Queen, and Andy Boy, despite their vast wealth & businesses, are da only ones who take them).

DaTruthSquad Budget Challenge #2: Impose a 5% salary decrease for all non-union township workers. Leave da police alone, but no new police hires TFN.

DaTruthSquad Budget Challenge #3: Any township employee earning over $100,000 per year, or making over $100 per hour, must take a 10% cut in pay. All engineers will also receive a 10% cut in salary.

DaTruthSquad Budget Challenge #4: All Committeepeople must cut their current stipend in half. It's time to prove to everyone that you're either doing this job to serve da people, or serve your own ego and line your pockets.

DaTruthSquad Budget Challenge #5: Vow to Manalapan residents any tax increase will be no more than 4%, and do whatever it takes to accomplish that.

Now, daTruthSquad could come up with more challenges, but knowing da Gang of Three, there's as much of a chance of Manalapan holding da line on taxes as a 1-legged man winning a butt-kicking contest.

But, this point is important --- each of these 5 "Challenges" violates no laws or anti-trust statutes, or obligations of any kind. Recently, Middletown Republicans touted a plan to stop paying their Committeepeople - who - by da way - make half of what Manalapan politburo members make - - and they don't get health benefits!

DaTruth is, by their own words, not one of da Gang of Three apparently have even tried to keep any of their campaign promises. Taxes were not lowered, except when Joltin Joe Locricchio made that happen & Andy Boy was actually following Republican mantras. Township costs have not been kept in line, because with even more houses & not enough ratables there's even higher taxes. Covered Bridge still does not have their promises kept, and while Manalapan's foreclosure rate is da highest in town history, taxes still go up double-digits, as they have in da last 2 years under da Commissar's watch and when Andy Boy was mayor.

It's time to hold these career politicians accountable. They must know that either they cut costs at any cost, or be prepared to be kicked off da gravy train and let someone else do da job "For All Da People."

Da TruthTellers will be watching, so Manalapan politicians - take daTruthSquad's Challenge - "For All Da People."