Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Party Boss - Please Step Forward!

There's an old saying in politics that "if you repeat something enough, people will start to believe it." That has become da First Commandment of Manalapan's Gang of Three (see no evil, hear no evil, and looking evil). That commandment was used in da election of 2006 (Nikki Pezzullo lives in Belmar), da election of 2005 (GOP'ers "spectacularly unqualified candidates), da election of 2004 (insolvency), and yes, even in da case of da Mosked Man, claiming on various message boards da word ("malpractice").

Now, with all the skill of a Democratic graduate of da Michelle Roth "School of Political PR," Manalapan GOP Grand Poobah Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery has taken a page from his supposed rivals and using perfect Democratic "Roth-like" precision launched a tirade against the two GOP'ers who dare challenge his hand-picked candidates.

Iron Girth told da Asbury Park Press, "What it has turned into is a club that will do the bidding of the party bosses, Club President Budai and ex-president Johnson," McEnery said.

Calling Butch Budai, the current president of the Manalapan Republican Club who has as much power as daTruthSquad as to who gets placed on election ballots, or it's past president Steve Johnson a "Party Boss," it's like mistaking Iron Girth McEnery with wafer-thin supermodel Kate Moss.

It's like calling Manalapan's Queen Mayor Roth a "right-wing fiscal conservative."

It's like calling Monmouth County GOP leader Adam "Pu-Pu" Puharic "a uniter, not a divider."

It's like calling President Bush "a left-wing ultra pro-choice liberal."

It's like calling alleged Manalapan and/or Freehold resident Committeeman Andy Boy a "Republican."

It's like calling da case of "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" "cost-effective."

It's like calling da ad-hoc Village Transportation Committee "impartial."

It's like calling da local Snoozepaper "an non-biased factual, actual newspaper (with da exception of Mark Rosman)."

Iron Girth was alluding to the primary challenge gauntlet thrown down by Budai & Johnson, who are challenging His Girthness's hand-picked candidates, Ryan "3rd Place" Green & Blogger Bill Garcia.

Continuing his Democratic Doublespeak, Iron Girth then said to da Press, "They could not convince the legitimate organization, the county committee members, to support them for office, and for many good reasons."

Iron Girth was right about that - that Budai & Johnson were having problems convincing county committee members to support them. Maybe da reason Budai & Johnson couldn't "convince da legitimate organization", as in da county committee members was because in da 11th hour, Iron Girth hired 12 new committee members, and would you believe that they voted for Blogger Bill & "3rd Place" Green? Did Iron Girth mention who was responsible for selecting those 12 "new" members? Da answer to that question is Iron Girth himself.

So, it's no wonder Budai & Johnson couldn't convince enough county committee people. They didn't know who the "new" county committee people were!

Now, if both Budai & Johnson were da "Party bosses" Iron Girth alleged in da newspaper, then why weren't they able to hand-pick 2 dozen people, make them county committee people, and take da vote on a day of their choosing?

Maybe you have to actually be a "Party Boss" like Iron Girth to do that?

As for da "for many good reasons," Iron Girth only says that "Budai and Johnson had not worked well with other volunteer boards and committees in town."

Ironically, both Budai & Johnson remain on volunteer boards and are very respected on those boards. Also ironically, Budai, who was Susan Cohen's campaign manager for Township Committee last year was "fired" from one volunteer committee he served on, as was the wife of Johnson. The person who made that appointment was the Queen Mayor. The person who could have stopped it was Andy Boy, who apparently did nothing to stop it from happening to fellow Republicans. Who ran Andy Boy's Township Committee campaign last year - - Iron Girth.

Also, da last time daTruthSquad checked, it was Iron Girth who made da schedule to vote on candidates, hired 12 new county committee people, and knew in advance da only time Budai would not be able to attend a meeting was da day Iron Girth decided to schedule it - da day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday!

If Budai or Johnson was in fact a "Party Boss," then why was he not able to schedule a vote, hire his own 12 new county committee people, and hire candidates without anyone else's approval?

DaTruth is, Steve Johnson said it best, saying "We are not the renegades, we are the patriots." It's nice to see that someone remembers what our great nation was founded on. The British running the 13 Colonies thought people like Ben Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Paine, John Jay and others who wrote anonymously to let people know they could better their lives were renegades. Now you have people like Iron Girth, who would lead one to believe he was not a "Party Boss" by calling others that title, telling people they shouldn't want to serve the public because they don't think or believe the way Iron Girth does.

Now, here's a daTruthSquad guarantee. As we continue toward the June primary, da TruthTellers have intercepted word that voices from the Iron Girth / Andy Boy / Queen Mayor axis will unleash a campaign of da following lies, rumors and scandalous accusations:

"Da Mosked man will be running da Budai & Johnson campaign."

"Da Mosked man will be named Township Attorney in 2009 if Budai & Johnson win."

"Budai & Johnson support a "MegaMall."

"Budai & Johnson will raise taxes."

"Bloggers are spreading lies to support Budai & Johnson

DaTruth is, there are forces at work behind da scenes who want nothing more than to reelect da Democratic Queen Mayor - at all costs. Da surprise is, some of those people are supposed longtime Republicans!

Who are these people, and why are they working against their own party? Da TruthTellers are gathering information. Their names and activities will be released. A hint is in da next paragraph.

Like Hillary Clinton said, "It takes a Village," and it's a "Village" and those who want to insure you are forced to pay more taxes with no new ratables to offset what you will be forced to pay that seek to keep control. DaTruthSquad is hearing from da TruthTellers as to the identities of some of these individuals. But that's for another daTruthSquad, when all of da facts are confirmed and those hidden in "da Village" are exposed.

And that's daTruth.

Friday, April 25, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Iron Girth-Gram Like A Political Party Boss on Steriods

Kudos to the Monmouth Bull Moose, Teddy Roosevelt for exposing this email allegedly sent by none other than Manalapan GOP’er Party Boss Steve “Iron Girth” McEnery to all Monmouth County GOP Chairs. Apparently one patriot, with as much allegiance to Iron Girth as Governor Toll Troll has to cutting taxes made sure McEnery’s penmanship made it to a blog near you.

This is not the forum that I would normally use for this type of info. However, this will be a very difficult election year for all of Monmouth County. As many of you may know, Manalapan will be having a more difficult year because we will be facing a primary. A few Republican malcontents and a number of rejected Democrat losers have joined together to try and split the Republican Party in Manalapan. We have become just another town to face turmoil.

I believe that the loyal Republicans from Manalapan can take a beating and survive. We can deal with our own dirty laundry.

However, none of us need outsiders helping to split Manalapan Republicans. I have heard that Jim Giannell has teamed up with the breakaway's and committed to help fund their campaign. I know Jim likes to play in the shadow (emphasis added) so nothing can be attached to him, accept the good things he likes to take credit for. I would like your help in telling Jim to pay attention to his own business and leave other Towns to work out their own issues. Start supporting the Party and stop prying things apart.

I'm not sure how to say it in Greek, perhaps some one can translate for Mr. Giannell, what goes around, comes around.

Steve McEnery

Chairman, Manalapan

Beside the interesting reference to Greece, one has to seriously question whether Monmouth GOP Chairman Adam “PuPu” Puharic has even an iota of control left over the county Republican party. If he did have any control, he’d either order a frontal lobotomy for Iron Girth or demand he keep his fingers off keyboards and away from pens and other sharp objects.

Da mere fact one of da 50+ Municipal Chairs felt it necessary to release Iron Girth's rant into da open and out of da shadows proves da party has lost control from da top on down. Da email drips of despiration and outright hatred, and shows da great lengths one will go to harm others within their own party, and even more, when one has no control structure in place.

DaTruth is, this email proves da leadership of da Monmouth GOP is out of control, flying down da tracks like a train wreck waiting-to-happen - and November is just around da corner.

Da TruthTellers around da county report this McEnery-gram has enraged a number of municipal chairs because their rank-&-file already feel the GOP will be handing over da keys to da county to da Democrats in November.

In this McEnery-Gram, you have proof-positive evidence that a Party Boss is demanding you either stand in his line or get off the line completely.

Case in point, Manalapan, which has become da Monmouth Tea Party of revolt against Puharic, McEnery, Lucas and their cronies.

In da email, it states, “A few Republican malcontents and a number of rejected Democrat losers have joined together to try and split the Republican Party in Manalapan.”

Apparently it doesn’t mention there that da 2 hand-picked Iron Girth candidates apparently WEREN’T EVEN REPUBLICANS until February!

Apparently, it also doesn’t mention that 12 “hired guns” were brought in and made Manalapan County Committee people in da 11th hour by Iron Girth himself to insure the Iron Girth line won.

Apparently, it doesn’t mention that in a Manalapan GOP Club vote by a monumental landslide the “malcontents” were chosen to represent them.

DaTruth is, Manalapan Republicans are a microcosm of da County GOP’ers. Those very few in power will do and say anything to keep their grasp on power, whether it’s bringing in “spectacularly unqualified” candidates that can be controlled, or sending inflammatory emails, or casting out people who can make a difference for da better like Anna Little.

Then you have da footsoldiers of da party who are upset with losing Freeloader elections, running candidates they don’t support, being treated unfairly, or being chastised for merely having an opinion.

DaTruth is, you da people have an opinion and it matters. That is why daTruthSquad and da Electronic Frontier Foundation fought GOP’er then-mayor Andy Boy Lucas and his “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man” when he and his Township Committee wanted to expose this blog and its readers and commentors. People like Iron Girth and the alleged Manalapan and/or Freehold resident Lucas want only their voices heard – and we da people will not allow that.

We da people also have a way to put an end to cronyism and da hijacking of our political parties. If you want change in Manalapan, vote against da Iron Girth candidates. If you want change in the county GOP, demand new leadership in June. Make your voices heard, and gather enough voices, and that change will happen.

By da way, local Snoozepaper editor Mark Rosman may have fired da latest salvo in da "Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man." It's a daTruthSquad you won't want to miss - coming soon.

And that’s daTruth.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Landmark Legal Decision: NJ Supreme Court Stands Up For Internet Rights

DaTruthSquad can remember when there were a handful of anti-Mosked Man cronies who supported da way da Manalapan Legal Dream Team, on the behest of da Andy Boy & Queen-led Manalapan Township Committee sent their attack lawyers to unmask not only da identity of daTruthSquad, but also asked for a laundry-wish-list of information about those who read or even post on this site.

There were a small minority of those who felt that having someone's private information violated was absolutely justified, that is, as long as it was in that small minority's best interest.

However, there were some others, using established case law, state law uphed at it's highest level, and also laws upheld in the nation's highest court who felt differently.

In a case that vindicates everything daTruthSquad believes in, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that yes - you da people whether you use your real name online, a fake name, or even like our Founding Fathers were to remain "anonymous" - you have an expectation of privacy when you're online, and if someone, even as large as da Manalapan Legal Dream Team wants to have that information for whatever reason, they can't just go and hand out subpoenas like candy --- they need a grand jury warrant to gain access to your private information!


Last year, DA MANALAPAN LEGAL DREAM TEAM, as a part of da now-famous "land-deal-gone-bad-so-let's find-out-who-da-blogger-is" legal case of "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man," simply sat at their desk and fired off a subpoena, sent it all da way to California, and demanded from Google a laundry list of details about da blogger known as daTruthSquad, and those who comment on it.

They also wanted to obtain "copies of posts and comments," "emails sent" to daTruthSquad, "da source of da information posted on da blog" (daTruthTellers), and da open-ended "any other information associated with this account."

How strong was da subpoena sent by da Manalapan Legal Dream Team to Google?

In this letter dated November 8, 2007, da Manalapan Legal Dream Team admits they will have to send another subpoena since the one they originally sent was flawed and unenforcable according to da law!


Now, da EFF representing daTruthSquad and Free Speech gave every possible opportunity for da Manalapan Legal Dream Team to focus on da terra firma and not on da First Amendment. Da Dream Team's last reply, saying da EFF was making “time-wasting, unproductive, and unprofessional threats” is an absolute must-read on how YOUR TAX DOLLARS are being spent.

Superior Court Judge Flynn made his ruling crystal clear from da bench, saying,"And I [...] recognize that there are First Amendment issues with regard to disputes with the past administration. And that anyone [...] has a right to make their feelings clear. And they have a right not to be intimidated by the issuance of discovery requests in order to shut them down. For that reason, in many ways, the authority cited by the intervenor is correct and accurate. And first of all the [...] blogger, if in fact it’s an individual person, and I’m assuming absent any evidence that it is another individual person, has a right not to be drawn into the litigation and forced to reveal identity or to impede on his or her First Amendment rights simply on a suspicion..."

In the case before the NJ Supreme Court, a woman was charged with second-degree computer theft after she hacked into her employer's computer system from her home computer. Police got her identity from Comcast by submitting a municipal court subpoena. The NJ Supreme Court said while the police had the right to investigate, they should have used a grand jury subpoena.

From the Newark Star Ledger report, "The New Jersey Supreme Court is the first in the nation to recognize a reasonable expectation of privacy when using the internet anonymously," said Trenton-based attorney Grayson Barber, who represented six privacy rights organizations as a friend of the court. "'I think this reflects the reality that most people do expect a measure of privacy when they are using the internet anonymously."

DaTruth is, average citizens deserve da right to speak their mind without fear of retaliation or retribution. We have all seen vitriol on other Internet message boards by "Gang of Three" supporters, and even in da local Snoozepaper in their so-called reporting on this blogger. Imagine if you will if everyone was forced to use their real names? Imagine da retaliation that some could muster against them? While da Gang of Three in Manalapan may not want you to know that, our Founding Fathers certainly did!

Remember, it was Revolutionary War heroes such as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and others who wrote anonymously to alert da public to what was really happening in their cities and towns. If it weren't for them, we might all be singing "God Save Da Queen" at sporting events and in da classrooms.

DaTruth is, what da court said in this Cape May County case is, if you feel a law has been broken, and da keywords here are "law broken," then police should, and da keyword here is "police" have every right to conduct a legal investigation - just do it within da law.

Da difference here is what da Manalapan Legal Dream Team did was decide arbitrarily that da Mosked Man may or may not be daTruthSquad, so let's spend taxpayer money and find out anyway, even if we don't send a legally valid subpoena.

While we're on that subject, do you wonder exactly how much money da Manalapan Township Committee, led by da Queen Mayor and alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident Andy Boy spent on da case of "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" using YOUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS?

A number of politicians are on da record saying no money has been spent. Can that be true? If it is, then why have there been bills paid to members of da Manalapan Legal Dream Team? How much are those bills? What "itemized services" do those bills cover?

Maybe it's time Snoozepaper editor Mark Rosman does another investigative report to uncover that? Maybe Bozo Bean should ask that question? Maybe da Asbury Park Press?

If they don't - or won't - then maybe you should. Go to a Manalapan Township Committee meeting and ask that question for yourself. See how da Queen Mayor answers it - or doesn't answer it.

Maybe it's time for a Freedom of Information Act inquiry into how much taxpayer money has been spent on da Dreyer Patch and da "Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" lawsuit for a site cleanup that costs a mere $15,000, which is what they agreed to pay for da cleanup of a home oil tank on da property that everyone knew was there yet agreed to still buy da property to expand da Rec Center.

DaTruth is - it's your money and it's being spent by politicians. You not only should know how it's spent, but you have da right to know how these career politicians spend every dime of YOUR MONEY.

It's when we don't ask questions, or blog, or point out what we believe to be wrong, or stand up against the political machine acting in its own self-interest, or question what propoganda shows up in a local Snoozepaper - that's when Democracy falters. Great patriots like Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and a host of others well known and lesser known who shed blood on battlefields from Yorktown to Monmouth wrote, fought, and died so we may have da right to speak out - and yes - anonymously.

Never forget what they fought for, despite what da political machine tells you - and that's daTruth!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Roth Blames Manalapan’s Money Troubles On Andy Boy Lucas!

Da other day daTruthSquad needed a little laugh, so reading da local Snoozepaper there it was. Intrepid BaconHead Award-winning press release specialist Back Page Barratta wrote another quality press release about Manalapan’s Queen Mayor’s trip to Trenton to discuss with Governor Toll Troll how da loss of municipal aid will hurt her kingdom.

Apparently while she was there, she became a graduate from da Corzine Fuzzy Math Academy, because while Roth cries tears about losing $376,000 in state municipal aid, she will spend $4.5 million to make more upgrades to Manalapan Rec, widen Route 522 in front of her “Field of Nightmares,” and fix a pond.

Wait, she’s not spending da money --- YOU ARE!!!!!

Apparently when she went to Trenton with Tara Tiara and Deputy Mayor Susan Cohen among others she must have been behind da wheel of a large bus. Alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident Andy Boy wasn’t in that bus.

Instead, he was tossed under da bus by Roth!

Speaking to all da other mayors throughout da entire state and Corzine, she said da 28% Manalapan tax increase, da largest in town history, was necessary in order to undue the damage that was done by the irresponsible (municipal) budgets that were passed in 2005 and 2006."

Who, according to that quote attributed to Roth by da Snoozepaper was responsible for those budgets and cast da deciding vote to pass both of them?

Andy Boy Lucas!

Roth told da Governor and all da mayors in New Jersey all her town’s financial troubles were because of Andy Boy’s budgets!

She could have blamed the economy. She could have blamed high oil prices. She could have blamed George Bush. No - - SHE BLAMED ANDY BOY!

Poor Andy Boy. Those tire tracks driven by da Roth Express must have hurt.

Why in da world would da Queen Mayor go out of her way to place every iota of blame squarely on her alleged friend Andy Boy? Was that not a part of da backroom deal?

If you’re Andy Boy, you have to be steamed. Roth didn’t blame da Mosked Man for anything – she spanked Andy Boy 110% - in front of da Governor and all da mayors!

In da process, she also placed Manalapan GOP’s Steve “Iron Girth” McEnery and his new protégé’s Ryan “3rd place” Green and Blogger Bill Garcia behind da political 8-ball since she effectively and without hesitation blamed Republicans for Manalapan’s money troubles.

What will da Poobah’s protégé’s do about this? What will Iron Grith do? What will Andy Boy do to disavow this?

Nothing – and not because they can’t – it’s because they WON’T!

DaTruth is, da Queen and Andy Boy are a team, two-thirds of da Gang of Three. Andy Boy has burned bridges and has no ally with Mr. Gennaro, and neither with fellow GOP’er Susan Cohen. With Cash Klauber doing what he is told, that leaves Roth his only friend. So, much like a young Kevin Bacon pledging the Omegas in "Animal House," da Queen will blame him, and he will simply say, “Thank you Queen. May I have another!”

So, when it comes to why after 20 years a handful of little underprivileged kids from Englishtown won’t be receiving their $575 subsidy for attending Manalapan’s camp, and Manalapan can’t afford to put a cop in Manalapan High School even through the Freehold district will pay for part of it, and while pleading poverty in Trenton with da other mayors Manalapan residents will have to pay even more on top of last year’s historic 28% tax pillaging of our pockets, Manalapan residents are safe in da knowledge that da Queen and Andy Boy will spend $4.5 million for even more Manalapan Rec expansion, on top of da millions of $$$$$$ they spent last year on it!

And remember – you can’t do anything about it because da Queen has 3 votes thanks to Andy Boy, da person responsible for da budgets that placed Manalapan in da hole it's in!

And who did da Queen Mayor throw under da bus in front of da Governor and all those mayors for Manalapan’s money troubles?

Da person who cast da deciding votes on those budgets ----- Andy Boy!

And who didn’t receive even one iota of blame ----- da Mosked man!

Who else didn't receive any blame ----- da Bloggers!

And who will do nothing about it ----- GOP’er Poobah Iron Girth!

How do we know they will do nothing? Here’s da proof.

DaTruthSquad dares a response from either Andy Boy, of course if he's physically able to after having da Roth Express run over him, or Iron Girth. Write a letter to da Snoozepaper. Make a strong statement at da next Township Committee meeting. Post a stern message on this or another blog of your choice.

DaTruth is, if you stand up to da Queen Mayor, you will prove that no exploratory surgery is needed and indeed you both may have a spine, or by inaction, you’ll prove what real GOP’ers believe, and that is you have sold out your party for your own gain, and that da Queen Mayor is right, and da person who cast da deciding votes for da 2005 & 2006 budget is da one who has caused Manalapan’s money woes.

Now, all da good citizens of Manalapan have to do is wait and see which Andy Boy and Iron Girth show up. And, if you're Iron Girth protege's Blogger Bill or Ryan "3rd place" Green, you may want to remind your commanders that you will have to spend the next 6 months fighting off these allegations if they don't act.

DaTruthSquad guarantees 2 GOP'er candidates will take notice and act. Don't be too surprised if it's not da candidates under Iron Girth's midsection.

And that’s daTruth.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Da Hidden Truth About Da Manalapan GOP Civil War

War has been declared within da Manalapan GOP, and my embedded GOP'er sources tell daTruthSquad it won't end with da primary, no matter who wins in June, and it was a strategic maneuver, but it appears it wasn't orchestrated by who da local Snoozepaper woul lead you to believe.

It appears if da Poobah keeps control, the “reform faction” candidates as they’re being called by da local Snoozepaper may possibly run on their own line in the fall as “Reform Republicans.” If party boss Steve “Iron Girth” McEnery’s line fails in June, they too will take a second line on the ballot – and there’s a very important reason for that – he may be forced to – and it’s not GOP’ers that may be doing the forcing!

There has always been a simmering feud within da Manalapan GOP, but it blew its stack when a series of events drove a wedge wider than da girth of da Poobah himself between da factions. Thanks to da TruthTellers, it appears da series of events happened this way:

1. It became clear in January that 2 figures were emerging for da GOP to run for Township Committee. One was Butch Budai, who just happened to be da campaign manager for Susan Cohen's victorious campaign last year. He's also da current club president and doesn't see eye-to-girth with da Poobah or alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident & DEFENDANT Andy Boy. Da other is Steve Johnson, who just happens to be outspoken about da Field of Nightmares supported by da Queen Mayor & alleged Manalapan and/or Freehold resident & DEFENDANT Committeeman Andy Boy. He's also a former club president, and like Budai, his wife was fired from her volunteer position in Manalapan by da Queen Mayor this year.

2. It became crystal clear to da Poobah that he didn't want candidates he couldn't control. So, he reached out to "independent" Ryan Green, who is running for every possible election in Manalapan this year, and in a year that da powerful political elite have set their sights and their Snoozepaper against da bloggers, da Poobah enlists "unaffiliated" Blogger Bill Garcia, who has his own blog and isn't afraid to leave his religious & personal thoughts on it while removing any mention of daTruthSquad from it.

3. Both "independent" & "unaffiliated" apparently & suddenly change their political ideologies to GOP in late-February.

4. Da Poobah chooses da day to pick candidates. He selects da day between Good Friday & Easter Sunday, which also happens to be da very same Holy weekend Budai was scheduled to be out of town. Because of the religious implications, a number of county committee people who select candidates was unable to attend. They were then kicked to da curb and 12 hand-picked replacements were bussed in on da Poobah Express, handing their votes to Team Poobah.

There have been 2 news reports about this so far, one was a fair & balanced report by da Asbury Park Press. The other was a Poobah press release written as only Back Page Barratta can for her Snoozepaper.

Da Snoozepaper claims they were unable to contact Johnson & Budai, who apparently were quite able to be contacted by da Press and gave what appears to be truthful commentary.

Da Snoozepaper instead decided to only interview Poobah supporters, and interviewed 1 couple who are longtime GOP'ers who are in step with da Poobah. Da other person they interviewed was another Poobah supporter, someone da Snoozepaper described as a "gadfly," which, according to Webster's dictionary, is either "any of various flies (as a horsefly, botfly, or warble fly) that bite or annoy livestock, or a person who stimulates or annoys especially by persistent criticism."

Regardless whether da Snoozepaper claims da person is an annoying insect that bites livestock or one that annoys using criticism, she, according to da Snoozer writer, "was approached by a member of the county committee in an effort to get her to join the reform faction."

It is unknown where da meeting took place in a back alley or at "faction headquarters," which is what one is led to believe when you read da Back Page release.

And, regardless of where da meeting was held - and da fact they've called daTruthSquad worse - da BaconHeads at da Snoozepaper owe that young lady an apology for referencing her as "an annoying insect that bites livestock."

In da Press story, which did not find it necessary to call someone an annoying insect, instead were able to get important interviews with Budai & Johnson, and unlike da Snoozer press release, told both sides of da story by painting a picture of a large number of GOP'ers who are not happy with da current leadership and demand change.

Unlike da Back Page press release, da Press story told us "GOP Municipal Committee Chairman Stephen McEnery said Budai and Johnson caught a case of sour grapes," which underscores the "us vs them" mentality Team Poobah apparently wants to portray.

Unlike da Back Page press release, da Press story reported an extremely important facet, that "Budai and Johnson, a Zoning Board of Adjustment member, also have organized 40 residents to run on their line for the 48 local Republican County Committee seats, they said. The township reported unofficially that 76 people are running in 24 districts for the seats. "Many of us decided to join together to work to return Manalapan to the kind of community we all enjoyed before the party bosses created the negativity that saddens us all," Budai said.

This means either Manalapan is da “Sour Grapes" capital of da world, or indeed da dissent is widespread. Apparently, that is da difference between 1 "newspaper" that you have to pay for, and da other "Snoozepaper" which gets tossed on your wet lawn whether you like it or not.

Now, here's what daTruthTellers know that da newspapers didn't know.

It appears there's a reason some in da GOP "Grand Old Poobah" party don't want Budai & Johnson on da ticket, and it surrounds both da Democrats - da Village - and da Mosked man.

Da Democrats desperately want to keep control of Manalapan, and they want their Queen to stay in power. Recently Democrats went to bat for alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident Andy Boy after da Mosked man served him papers naming him as a DEFENDANT in da case of "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man," and da person who stood by "Republican" Andy Boy's side was none other than Manalapan Democratic Chairman Gerard Ward!

In a Snoozepaper letter-to-da-editor, Ward wrote, "I stand shoulder to shoulder with Chairman Steve McEnery and the Manalapan Republican Party in support of Andrew Lucas."

This of course is a far cry from another letter Ward wrote about his new comrade a few short years ago when he said of his pal Andy Boy, “However, Mr. Lucas’s lack of qualifications for elected office is astounding. Mr. Lucas isn’t even a homeowner — he is a 20-something man living at home with his parents.”

Or, there was Ward’s questioning Lucas’s claim Manalapan was heading toward insolvency – that was – of course when Lucas wasn’t leading the charge to raise Manalapan’s taxes 28%! “How much is our town’s reputation worth? The year before the $12 tax decrease, (Committeeman Joseph) Mr. Locricchio and (Committee Andrew) Mr. Lucas swore we were going insolvent. How is it we went from insolvency to having enough money for a tax decrease?”

And then there was this gem by Ward discussing Lucas’s skills with a budget, Not even their own auditor would back his ridiculous claims and say that the town was in a ‘dire situation,’ ” Ward said. “Why is (Lucas) and his Republican friends so intent on destroying this town’s image just for political gain?”

Another Ward letter to da Snoozer questions whether Andy Boy was covering something up, “It’s a shame [Manalapan Township Committeeman] Andrew Lucas wasn’t born during Watergate and subsequently paid no attention to the lessons learned during that time period. The one undisputable fact to come out of that affair, which both Republicans and Democrats can agree upon, is that you never cover up anything. You will eventually get caught, lose all credibility and the public will never forgive you. Mr. Lucas’ 45 minutes of evading the simple question, “Did you attend the meeting where the future of the Englishtown Police Department was discussed?” was pathetic but not surprising."

Why is it that someone who has spent several years writing less-than-flattering letters about Andy Boy is all of a sudden his pen-pal?

DaTruth is, maybe when all is said and done another Democrat leader is da one who said it best when she said simply, It takes a Village.”

And who was it who said, He was for it, before he was against it?”

It’s nice to see that Andy Boy has more support these days from Manalapan’s Democratic leadership than he does with Manalapan’s Republican foot soldiers. Remember, it was da Queen who cast da deciding vote to make her former arch-rival Andy Boy mayor in 2007, and Andy Boy who cast da deciding vote to make his former arch-rival da Queen mayor in 2008.

DaTruth is, it was Andy Boy who cast da deciding vote to bring his 2004 campaign strategist, da Mosked Man, on board as Township Attorney in 2005, at da same time he was severely criticized in 2005 campaign literature released by da Roth campaign for taking “a limousine ride to Trenton” with da Village developer. What a difference a year or 2 makes.

If da reform candidates gain power, it could put an end to a certain lawsuit known worldwide as “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man,” and prove da lawsuit was nothing more than a political vendetta?

Also, both da Ward & Queen-led Democrats & Iron Girth-led GOP’ers in power fear a win by da reformers will catapult da Mosked Man back into political power in Manalapan, something they apparently loathe & fear.

In an upcoming daTruthSquad, we will have to examine why, when da town leaders have laid da foundation of their battle against da bloggers does da Poobah enlist a blogger as a candidate, how it will look if da School Board guy doesn't win reelection for his school seat yet run on da Poobah's ticket, and whether da GOP’er Poobah wants da Democratic Queen Mayor reelected?

One has to speculate what may be happening in da “back room” where certain deals are struck?

And that’s daTruth.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Manalapan's Poobah Problems Could Impact Commissar PuPu

A civil war has begun in Manalapan within da Manalapan GOP. DaTruthSquad's TruthTellers have been working overtime following da recent events that have left two past presidents off da ballot. What GOP'ers are questioning is how it was done - and why it was done - and who some felt was behind da scenes - all of this has led to a severe rift in da Manalapan GOP that could impact da county GOP when chairman election time comes around.

Here's da story:

As it became time for candidates to show interest for joining da Manalapan Township Committee, two names immediately emerged. One was current Manalapan GOP'er club president Butch Budai, and da other was former Manalapan GOP'er club president Steve Johnson. Those in power immediately realized there were serious problems with both of these guys as candidates, details of which were leaked to daTruthSquad.

Apparently, da reason da GOP'er power trippers didn't want Budai was because he was da campaign manager for da 2007 campaign victor, Susan Cohen. Senorita Susie has a friend and ally, and his name is da Mosked Man, who da GOP'er power trippers felt had a hand in Senorita Susie's victory last year. Budai is also known as someone who will not goose step on cue to da GOP'er power trippers' orders.

As for Johnson, apparently his straight-forward approach, outspoken calls for investigating da safety issue with Manalapan's newest field of nightmares, da synthetic field that both da Queen mayor and alleged Manalapan and/or Freehold resident Committeeman Andy Boy have pushed through despite health objections by fellow Committeeman Gennaro, Johnson, and New York City. He also isn't one to goose step on cue to da GOP'er power trippers' orders.

So, Manalapan GOP'er Grand Poobah Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery held da selection meeting specifically on a day when Budai told da Poobah he would not be able to attend, and he stacked da deck by busing in 12 "new & improved hand-picked and-just-picked county committee" people who would vote his way or no way. He then presented his 2 choices for Township Committee.

One is Ryan Green, who has been busy lately running for school board this year. Of course, if he wins da school board and township committee, he'll have to give up da elected school board seat. He's a very nice guy who daTruthSquad hears just switched and became a GOP'er several weeks back.

Da other hand-picked Poobah pal is Blogger Bill Garcia, who like Green took da bus to Freehold at about da same time and became an official GOP'er. Blogger Bill's website mysteriously took off it's link to this site specifically after daTruthSquad mentioned it in a prior blog. DaTruthTellers voted and agreed unanimously to take away some of Blogger Bill's brownie-points for that.

So, after busing in what some have coined "illegal alien county committee henchmen," Blogger Bill and Manalapan's career politician of 2008, Ryan Green, who is running in every possible election in Manalapan this year won da vote, and ironically, those 12 votes put each over da top!

That seems to have upset many in da party. Now it's destined that a GOP'er primary will be held. Sources have told daTruthSquad that there will be a primary this year within da Manalapan GOP. Look for Budai to be one of those participants, and most likely Johnson. While rumors have surfaced about a potential run by last year's surprise candidate "Joey D," it appears he will not run in a primary.

DaTruthSquad is hearing that those opposing da Poobah are hoping to either win a primary outright and blowing da Poobah's hand-picked ticket off da line, or splitting da ticket which would force another year of separate campaigns. And, a rift like last year could be just enough to propel da Queen mayor back into her throne for another 3 years - which, by da way, could be something favored by some who goose step on cue to da GOP'er power trippers' orders.

Now, you must ask yourself why da Poobah would go through all this trouble?

Could da spector of da Mosked man have something to do with it?

DaTruthSquad has learned that apparently da loss last year to Mosked man favorite Senorita Susie hasn't sat well with those who goose step on cue to da GOP'er power trippers' orders - and that includes da Democrats!

Da losses last year by Democrats Drew "I'll use my clout to evict my 78-year old father and hope Covered Bridge doesn't find out" Shapiro and Honest Herb didn't sit well with da Poobah's friend/adversary, Gerard "1 Bourbon, 1 Scotch, & 1 Beer" Ward. It means now that control of da town is up for grabs this year, and da unholy alliance of da Queen, alleged Manalapan and/or Freehold resident Committeeman Andy Boy, and Cash Klauber is in question.

Democrats are still steaming that a certain 78-year old facing eviction selected as his attorney a certain Mosked Man who apparently wiped da courtroom floor with a certain former mayor who sued his father and his lawyer who is a certain political appointee to da Sewer Authority.

There is a genuine concern that if longtime GOP'ers who have been dissed by da Poobah win, they would not have much favor for his protege, alleged Manalapan and/or Freehold resident Committeeman Andy Boy.

And, it goes further.

Recently at da county level, da Manalapan Grand Poobah pulled out all da stops to get his and Commissar PuPu's hand-picked choice for Freeloader on da ballot. Da Poobah did what any whip would do and sought votes stressing his choice was da right choice.

His choice got massacred on da ballot by nearly a 2-1 margin!

This means he has effectively lost his power base and his ability to rally troops to his side. For some in da Manalapan GOP who don't goose step on cue to da GOP'er power trippers' orders, it's a good thing. For Commissar PuPu, this could lead to his downfall, something we'll examine in a future daTruthSquad.

Da big question for those who goose step on cue to da GOP'er power trippers' orders, "How much influence does da Mosked man really have in this year's Manalapan election process?"

Da bigger question for Commissar PuPu is, "How much influence has da Poobah lost in da county, and how can this affect an election for county chairman?"

Another question will be, "As da now-infamous Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man political vendetta lawsuit continues cost Manalapan taxpayers as much as $200,000 before it's over for a mere $15,000 soil cleanup, how will this case and it's out-of-control costs affect da taxpayers as more and more people find out about it?"

Oh, and 1 more question - "Why is it when da Roth/Lucas plan of attacking & smearing bloggers and blaming them for everything including da sinking of da Titanic is in full force does da GOP bring in a Blogger to run for Township Committee?"

There are other questions too, and they will be asked and answered. And that's daTruth.