Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Surprises for Da Coveted "DaTruthSquad" 2009 Political Endorsements

DaTruthSquad has polled our TruthTellers, and read a newspaper or two. So, with da Governor's mansion, da Lt. Governor's townhouse, state assembly, Monmouth County Freeloader and Manalapan mayor's races all up for grabs, here's da annual daTruthSquad coveted endorsements!

Governor: Chris Christie - da lesser of three evils!

Chris Christie may have been a great US Attorney, but as a campaigner for governor, his campaign has been a failure. In a state which, if it were an actual business could declare bankruptcy, where residents are taxed, fee-d and surcharged to their eyeballs, Christie is running in a dead-heat with da guy who wanted to jump Turnpike tolls by 800% and vows to increase da gas tax (and anything else that moves) after he's reelected! That's not a mandate - that's just pathetic. If Christie can't win in this state by 20 points, it's a loss for him. However, since four more years of Con-zine is worse than being imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay or living under Taliban rule, then we have no alternative but to vote this tax-hiker out. Daggett is exactly like Cor-slime, but without da beard. Chris Christie for Governor, because we don't have any other choice.

Lt. Governor: Kim Guadagno

DaTruthSquad has met both Little Kim & her grandmother, Miss Loretta Weinberg. Kimmie has a big future, and may one day run for governor (depending on this election, that could be 4 years from now). Miss Loretta is too easy to tax, wouldn't make a good governor and not ready for da job at hand.

Monmouth County Freeloader: Who cares.

District 12 State Assembly: Declan O'Scanlan and Carolina MachoGrande

Da current incumbents actually went to Trenton and tried real hard, which is more than some can say. However, here's why daTruthSquad didn't go for their challengers ----

1. When da ultra-liberal NJEA decided to to hand out ANY endorsements in District 12 - and that included a Democratic candidate who works for a school district, that's a very telling sign that there's something wrong with da Democrat's ticket.

2. When one of da candidates utters a rambling, potentially defamation-filled monologue about how dangerous a 29-year veteran of da Manalapan Police Department is, and chooses less than 60 days before da election to do it, it shows it could have very well been a publicity stunt by a PR guru to get votes. Not only did it not work, it could be da very reason their campaign has sunk like da Titanic.

3. Considering how much money Manalapan Queen Michelle Roth has cost Manalapan in lawsuits and bad press alone, can you imagine how bad things could get if she's allowed to run amok in Trenton?

4. When Manalapan Day is sponsored by a Union County law firm, and her biggest support comes from Union County, that spells trouble.

5. You know a ticket is bad when you actually feel sorry for John Amberg because of who his running mate is.

6. Where did Queen Michelle's business move to after it left its Gordon's Corner office? Their PR firm only has a local phone number and email address left to its name.

7. Four words -- "Because I Hate Italians

Even though MachoGrande will carry with her forever her "Anonymous Bombthrower" quote that got her national attention, she's still a better choice thn the person who put her in that position. A vote for da Queen is a rubber stamp of whatever Con-zine wants, and that won't do.

Manalapan Township Committee: Rick Klauber for re-election!

This is not a typo. This is not a joke, and yes, we're all heavily medicated on this one. Yes, da Commissar has been nothing more than a "Yes" vote for da Queen, and as an attorney, he sided with da Queen on lawsuit after lawsuit that so far have done nothing except cost taxpayers money (and will cost a whole lot more it appears). So, why Cash Klauber for reelection?

DaTruthSquad is completely unsure if his alleged challenger, Ryan Green, even knows if he's on da ballot. Klauber out-lawn signed Green by at least 3 to 1. Green has run no ads, sent out no mailings, and not actively campaigned as far as we know. For all we know, he could be on former mayor Spodak's boat in Florida fishing in da Caribbean.

Whoever is running or in charge of spiraling Green's lack-of-campaign into da ground is doing a horrendous job. For Green to take this kind of advice shows he's not ready to be a leader. Less than 14 days from da election, and daTruthSquad has taken to going to da supermarket to see if Ryan Green's picture is on da side of milk cartons! He has done nothing to deserve a taxpayer salary and taxpayer-funded benefits. And, at this point, it is unsure how he would handle the office, and if change in this case would really be worth it.

Now, to be fair, da Commissar hasn't been God's gift to da Manalapan Township Committee either. He promised to clean up meetings - he made them worse. His tax scheme this year is much like da same ones he railed against that were GOP-led - using surplus to balance things out - but since this is a Queenly election year, it had to be done to make them look good. Taxes soared overall during his 3 year reign. Manalapan roads are worse, traffic is worse, business tax revenue is way down, and Manalapan's reputation is much like Camden's without da violent crime - oh, and crime is up.

Overall, Commissar Rick Klauber doesn't deserve to be reelected, but his opponent, thanks in large part to whoever is giving him his marching orders doesn't deserve to be elected even less.

And that's daTruth.

On a side note, da Freehold RHDS came to their senses and decided to stop their absolutely insane subpoena party of anonymous bloggers. Kudos to da Asbury Park Press for da stand they took, and da TruthTellers for voicing their outrage, and da Mosked Man for taking da case (he should know a little something about First Amendment law after all he's been through).

And, to that one inane drone who on da school board who says there was nothing wrong with da subpoena party "if they have nothing to hide," just a reminder --- A thorough investigation shows da FRHSD isn't located in North Korea or da former Soviet Union, and you are not Big Brother. Da school is located in da United States, which has a Constitution, a set of laws, and da First Amendment which we believe you may even teach something about in your school! If you think the notion is OK, then we propose putting cameras in your house, and tracking on your computer and car to track your movements. We're all sure you have nothing to hide -- right?

Friday, October 23, 2009




IT'S ROUND TWO - The Freehold Regional HS District Is Making YOU Pay For Another Taxpayer-Funded Fishing Expedition To Seek Out Anonymous Posters!

Almost two years since da Manalapan Township Committee found out you can't use taxpayer money to go after anonymous bloggers who write things you don't like, da Freehold Regional High School is basically doing the exact same thing!

Da FRHSD ordered their legal eagle to start writing subpoenas, demanding through their taxpayer-funded lawyers that NJ.com hand over da full name, home address and email address of as many as 20 individuals and their NJ.com screen names! Why do these Inquisitors want this information --- because apparently, da high-priced and in some cases six-figured salaried members of da FRHSD didn't like what some citizens who pay their salaries through their taxes in da district are saying!

Did these folks not read newspapers, or radio and TV accounts throughout da world what happened down da road in Manalapan just two years ago?

Question -- Is it possible these folks fell asleep when their history teachers were discussing da First Amendment? Did they call out sick on that day in elementary school? Was da First Amendment not taught in those diploma mill schools that handed out graduate and doctorate degrees like candy?

If what happened to daTruthSquad two years ago didn't chill you to da core - this will. Again, YOUR TAX DOLLARS will be paying for a fishing expedition by those in power who control YOUR TAX DOLLARS to find out who a handful of people are who don't agree with what da FRHSD does during their meetings!

Is this how you want your tax dollars to be spent????

This amazing story - Round Two in da Battle of Free Speech in Monmouth County - was reported in a story by da News Transcript. Their reporter, who apparently is not biased at all and has no allegiances that could cloud her judgment, writes da President of da FRHSD signed off on this fishing expedition.

The subpoena issued to NJ.com states that “I (Lawson), as president of the FRHSD Board of Education, in anticipation of the disciplinary hearing of John Doe and/or Jane Doe to be held before the board, demand that you produce the following materials …” to the district’s counsel.

You can't make this stuff up!

And, making matters worse, daTruthSquad's embedded sources have uncovered that da bureaucrats at da FRHSD believe some of those 20 may be on da payroll, so they want to bring them up on disciplinary charges.

This has been confirmed by da Asbury Park Press, who had in their newspaper a quote from one of these yahoos who think this type of behavior - speaking out about alleged wrongs - should be done in da open because as we all know - there's never repercussions in things like this.

"Howell representative William Bruno on the school board said he was in favor of the Aug. 31 subpoena. "If they have nothing to hide, what's the problem?'' Bruno said."

And here's another little tidbit you can't make up --- 12 of da 20 screenamed individuals are being represented by -- da Mosked Man!!!!

You really can't make this stuff up!

And, talk about parallels -- it appears da Mosked Man already found a problem with da subpoena filed by da lawyers for da FRHSD.

Now, not that daTruthSquad wants to hand out free legal advice, but since we've been though this taxpayer-funded witch hunt before, allow us to hand over some expertise.

First, there's legal precedents against such actions by da FRHSD, where schools have tried to get anonymous source names and came up empty. For details on this - read da EFF's well defended case brought by the Sperry, Oklahoma school district which has parallels to what is happening in Freehold now.

Second, there's also another legal precedent to review, somewhat recent, called "Da Township Of Manalapan Vs Da Mosked Man." You may want to brush up on this one, because it cost Manalapan taxpayers a lot of money and worldwide embarrassment, thanks to da Roth, Lucas & Klauber-led Manalapan Township Committee. Third, they'd better hope da subpoena they submitted is da right kind (da Manalapan Legal Dream Team made that mistake too), or this will become even more embarrassing for da FRHSD.

DaTruth is, it appears here is another situation of some high-priced folks who can dish it out but apparently can't take it. Da FRHSD has spent over a year now battling what may be da worst image problem in da state. It's top-guy was found to have a diploma-mill degree from a school kicked out of a 3rd-world nation, and at least two states, that taxpayers paid for! Da FRHSD became da laughingstock of da nation due to this - is now going after people who are not happy with da very district they pay taxes to maintain!

DaTruthSquad is outraged for two reasons - one, daTruthSquad went through this and knows exactly what it is like to have a government-funded bureaucracy with unlimited deep taxpayer-funded pockets go after you because it doesn't like what you are saying about it, airing it's dirty laundry for all to see. Two, in da United States of America where men and women fight for our rights under our Constitution, some folks apparently think that parchment is nothing more than toilet paper, or something to make a paper airplane out of. Over 200 years ago, men and women died on da hills of da very town where da FRHSD calls home in one of da most important battles of da Revolutionary War. They died so we da people could have freedoms, including Freedom of Speech, freedom to assemble, and freedom to be outraged (if need be) by what our political leaders do.

Let's also remember Superior Court Judge Flynn's ruling regarding da anonymous blogger daTruthSquad in da case of Manalapan vs Moskovitz:

And I [...] recognize that there are First Amendment issues with regard to disputes with the past administration. And that anyone [...] has a right to make their feelings clear. And they have a right not to be intimidated by the issuance of discovery requests in order to shut them down. For that reason, in many ways, the authority cited by the intervenor is correct and accurate. And first of all the [...] blogger, if in fact it’s an individual person, and I’m assuming absent any evidence that it is another individual person, has a right not to be drawn into the litigation and forced to reveal identity or to impede on his or her First Amendment rights simply on a suspicion..."

Maybe it's time that at da next FRHSD meeting, people go up one by one and read da First Amendment of da Constitution to these very taxpayer-funded people who are attempting to take away your liberties. Brave men and women shed blood and die so we can have these freedoms. They should not be forsaken - and daTruthSquad will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you in this battle. We have fought it before - and we will do it again - and anytime people's rights to Free Speech are usurped.

And let's also remember one critical point - You should never yell "Fire" in a crowded theater. That is against da law and not what Free Speech is about. However, in this great nation we live in, we da people do have da right to assemble, have opinions, and discuss our opinions, even if da government or a taxpayer-funded bureacracy doesn't appreciate those opinions. If you doubt that, ask da Marine taking on da Taleban in Tora Bora, or da army medic helping people in da Sunni Triangle, or those who spilled blood in da rice paddies of Viet Nam, or da fields in France, or entombed in da USS Arizona, or on a field over 200 years ago in what is now Freehold and Manalapan, New Jersey. Those patriots will tell you that they fought, bled, scarificed, and even died so you can have da right to speak.

Some folks whose salaries YOU pay for in da FRHSD seem to have forgotten that fact. It's time at their meetings people respectfully remind them.

And that's daTruth!

Monday, October 19, 2009

HELP!!! Even daTruthSquad Can't Keep Up With All Of Da Manalapan Township Committee Excuses!

TruthTellers - you can't make this stuff up! In da ongoing case of da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man, which is now going to become "da Mosked Man vs da Township of Manalapan, Queen & Tara," Manalapan's Queen Assembly candidate has come up with yet another excuse as to why da town and da Manalapan Legal Dream Team pursued this "case to nowhere" for 25 months.

According to da Queen --- Da Lawyers Told Us To!!!!!!!!!

Now, wait. DaTruthSquad thought that both Commissar Klauber and Queen Roth told anybody that would listen that 5 members of da Manalapan Township Committee voted on this? It used to be da Mosked Man's fault. Then it somehow became this blog's fault for writing about it. Then it went back to being da Mosked Man's fault. Then it became da fault of those da Gang of Three claimed "leaked" info. Then it was back to being da Mosked Man's fault. So now it's da lawyers fault? Wait, didn't they stop da case because it was da Mosked Man who didn't go through his insurance carrier, so da Gang-of-Roth thought they would have a hard time recouping da entire $10,500 for da soil cleanup - which was another excuse?

Now, to be fair, we think this Snoozer guy Rosman could have caught da Queen by surprise. Maybe he asked he a question and didn't giver her a week to think about it before writing a press release answer?

So, now we're led to believe as da Excuse Express piloted by da Queen comes "round" da bend, that now they had absolutely no control over this case -- it was da Manalapan Legal Dream Team who did everything without regard to da Manalapan Township Committee? Da lawyers paid for by Manalapan run Manalapan?? Despite being told what was going on, and voting monthly for Manalapan Legal Dream Team legal bills, they had no clue as to what they were paying for??? So da Manalapan Township Committee paid a bunch of Dream Team lawyers and had no clue as to what they were billing untold-thousands of dollars for???? Are we to believe that da standard-operating-procedure when you hire a lawyer is they do "whatever" and just bill you later without telling you what they do?????

We can only speculate now that this is how things are done in Manalapan.

So, this now begs an interesting question --- who really runs Manalapan - da lawyers, or those who pay their bills, being da Manalapan Township Committee? Before we answer that, we thought that in da future, da Queen might need more excuses, so we asked da TruthTellers to come up with some for her to use.

So, to be fair, daTruthSquad has compiled da Top 10 reasons that da town decided to drop da Mosked Man lawsuit:

10. Da dog ate da lawsuit.
9. Someone stole former Mayor Spodak's prized shovel and buried da lawsuit.
8. Fearing da Mosked Man couldn't sell any of his 3 cars, half-million dollar home, his Rolex, vacation property, or his closet full of shoes and sometimes-matching ties, Roth's taxpayer-funded mathematicians figured there was no way he could scratch together $10,500!
7. I can't answer right now. I'm waiting for the Union County Democrats to tell me what to say.
6. I'm busy not paying attention to you so I can do this Suduku puzzle.
5. Will someone please ask former Mayor Spodak to come up and question Committeeperson Susan Cohen about something she has nothing to do with?
4. Sorry, I was talking out of da other side of my mouth.
3. My husband must have lost those papers moving my business office from Gordon's Corner to my house.
2. Larry, go up during the public session and say something about Italians.
1. All of da developers giving me donations, even though I don't take money from developers, they told me to!

It almost harkens us back to da day of da Nurenburg War Trials, when one after another, da evil-doers continued to say, "We were just following orders."

Now that da Queen has an ample supply of excuses, let's look at her statements to actual accredited, employed and non-biased newspaper reporter Mark Rosman.

ISSUE 1: "After following the advice of several township attorneys and after having received an affidavit of merit from an expert confirming that a good faith basis for a legal malpractice claim existed."

DATRUTH: Who were these "several township attorneys" who, if da Queen is accurate, strong-armed da Township Committee into pursuing this lawsuit? That's a question to ask da Queen at da next meeting. We know da 2005 township attorney didn't OK this, because da Mosked Man probably wouldn't OK a lawsuit against himself. This means da 2007 and 2008 township attorneys could all on da hook here - if da Queen is accurate.

ISSUE 2: "The Township Committee instituted the malpractice lawsuit after following the advice of several township attorneys and after having received an affidavit of merit from an expert confirming that a good faith basis for a legal malpractice claim existed."

DATRUTH: As for da "expert," we can guarantee you that daTruthSquad can find a "legal expert" that can probably claim in a real legal document "for da right amount of money" that with no uncertain terms, Mayor Klauber is a cockerspaniel, Committeeman Andy Boy has more hair on his head than Tara Tiara, and Queen Roth is an actual space alien from da planet Bean. Again, all you need is a lawyer who claims to be an "expert," and some cash to pay them.

ISSUE 3: "Mr. Moskovitz never produced any expert reports to contest ours. Therefore, the township's affidavit of merit was never challenged or refuted by any legal malpractice expert in this matter."

DATRUTH: If we believe da Queen's logic here, then all da Mosked Man had to do is go into his legal database, find a lawyer friend who wanted some $$$$, and have that "legal expert" say da Mosked Man did absolutely nothing wrong, and that would have ended everything?!?!? If that excuse works, then it's probably safe to say there will NEVER be another lawsuit in da United States - ever - since all you'd need is an "expert" to say it isn't a lawsuit, and that ends everything!!! OMG - da Queen has solved Tort Reform!!!! Since that probably wouldn't have worked, then da Queen may want to try another excuse. If your Public Relations database doesn't have any that you haven't used yet, feel free to take one from da Top 10. Oh, and whatever happened to that excuse - "All 5 members of da Township Committee voted on it?"

ISSUE 4: "Several motions to dismiss Mr. Moskovitz's third party complaints against other individuals, however, were granted earlier this year."

DATRUTH: Yes, da 3rd party complaints were dismissed, but much like da Queen's mea culpa in September, some obvious facts were conveniently omitted. First, that happened in June when Manalapan, running dangerously low on lawyers because their Dream Team was unraveling and having nothing to do with da case da Queen says they were running, was having da case overseen by Coo-Coo-Cuccachario, with Commissar Klauber in attendance. Second, they originally made a deal with da Mosked Man to have him abandon da 3rd party complaints, and da town will drop da case and formally and publically clear him of any wrongdoing. Da deal was approved by da judge. It apparently was not approved by one particular member of da committee said "NO WAY JOSE!"

Ironically, by not abiding by their agreement to end da case da way they agreed, it did allow for da 3rd party cases to be dropped - at da Mosked Man's request - because now that actually opened up da door - with da judge's knowledge - that da Mosked Man could personally sue individuals - as well as da entire town - for millions of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. If they agreed to da original agreement, da Mosked Man would have waived his right to sue anyone!!!!! That is why da 3rd party lawsuits were dropped -- so da Mosked Man can sue those 3rd party people - and they may if a judge agrees, have to pay for their own lawyers and not have taxpayers pay for it.

ISSUE 5: "the Township Committee determined it was more fiscally responsible to voluntarily dismiss the action than to expend municipal resources to litigate in the hope a recovery might be available."

DATRUTH: That decision came at da very same time contingency fee attorney Dream Teamer Weeks decided to drop this 2-year old case like a bad habit. This would mean "Hear No Evil, See No Evil and Looking Evil" would have to go to da taxpayeers during an election year and say they would have to pay even more money for lawyers in this case - which they had 90 days to search and came up with NO lawyers who wanted to have their hands soiled by this case! Da Roth public relations team probably figured it was standard operating procedure to blame da Mosked Man for everything anyway (Manalapan lawsuits, Hindenburg didaster, Lindbergh baby kidnapping, stock market crash, global warming, trucks on Woodward Road, da Middle East) - so blame this on him too. If anyone believes da Mosked Man couldn't scratch together $10,500 (da actual cost of da contaminated soil cleanup), then you'll probably believe da news about those new tolls on Woodward Road and Iron Ore Road they're putting up, (but you can use EZ Pass to pay them).

DaTruth is, you either have to be completely ignorant or an avid reader of a certain alleged "Hate" site to actually believe excuse after excuse from "Hear No Evil, See No Evil and Looking Evil." Da reality is, there is now a lawsuit filed by da Mosked Man against Manalapan and others, and da worst of this isn't da actual lawsuit being filed - it's what happens after. Soon, both sides will go into what is called "discovery," when da Mosked Man, or any lawyer could ask for just about anything they want by filing da proper legal papers. In effect, they could possibly be asking for and receiving information from Executive Sessions, other Town Hall info, potentially and possibly personal & financial information about da new "Defendants," and other potentially damaging information.

DaTruth is, don't be surprised if da next excuse is, "We feel this lawsuit was frivolous, but our insurance carriers told us to settle it and we were forced to do what they told us to."

Apparently in Manalapan, you do what da lawyers tell you to do. And that's daTruth.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Were Da Statements Made By State Assembly Candidate Roth A Public Relations Stunt To Combat Soon-To-Be Released Allegations Against Her?

We all know by now da historic Roth-O-Gram she made at da September Manalapan Township Committee meeting. Waiting until da meeting was almost over, with no way to comment, she lashed out at Manalapan Police Chief Stu Brown, making outrageous claims that in most businesses would have had da person she was talking about arrested. To recap, Roth stated:

"Sexual harassment, verbal abuse and abuse of power by Manalapan Police Chief Stuart Brown..."

"Chief Brown has a history of verbally assaulting and threatening women."

"Chief Brown’s attack last September on me..."

"Chief Brown’s rage."

"Chief Brown and his repetitive abusive behavior toward women."

"His demeaning language and threatening behavior."

"I do not want any other women to be victims of Chief Brown’s rage

Of course, these were both sharp and vicious allegations, to be sure. If true, any person with female body parts from here to Zimbabwe would be in fear of Chief Brown. If true, any mammal of the female persuasion above and below da sea should hide from Chief Brown's alleged "rage."

But, here's da real question --- why did Queen Michelle Roth, da candidate for State Assembly pick that particular, time on that particular day to make da allegations that are sure to add more controversy to Manalapan?


Maybe, just maybe, it was a public relation's "Preemptive Strike!"

When someone tried to blackmail David Letterman, what did he do? He came out and announced it to da whole world - of course - leaving out his mea culpa his bedroom bachelor pad above his New York City TV studio.

Since she knew that in days, da lawyer for Chief Brown would have no choice but to take action against da actions of Roth, Tara Tiara and da Manalapan Township Committee, what did she do? She launched a public relation's "Preemptive Strike!"

But, what did da Queen have to deflect?

Could it be da bombshell allegations that can be found in a lawsuit filed by Chief Brown in a Monmouth County court?????

Thanks to of all people - a member of da Cadre - daTruthSquad has come into possession of a copy of da complaint submitted by da lawyer for Chief Stu Brown in da case of Brown vs Roth, Lovrich & Manalapan Township.

There are a number of allegations made in this bombshell complaint, some of which, if found true, could possibly warrant a criminal probe into da operation of Manalapan. Now, it is very important to note that anyone - anyone can make allegations against anyone else. Da Manalapan Legal Dream Team made pages upon pages of allegations against daTruthSquad in da now-infamous "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" case - all of which were 110% disproved in a court of law.

You can read some of the more rediculous allegations here. It should be noted that these are "allegations," and may be true, and may not be true. Much like da evidence against both da Mosked Man and daTruthSquad, that will be for a judge to decide.

Now, with that said, here's da "worst of da worst" lowlights of da allegations made by Chief Brown and his attorney against da State Assembly candidate Queen:

* Number 9 Manalapan employees Alayne Shepler "harassed to the point of becoming seriously ill, and forced to retire. She was replaced by a younger person approved by da Queen.

* Number 10-13 - Jerry Collincini, the long time Director of Recreation / John Lewis, the only African-American Department head working for the Township was "asked" to retire. / Phil Del Turco, a respected financial officer who managed to keep taxes steady and even lower them, while maintaining the surplus / Mark Micali, the long time zoning officer, currently 57, Mark Solinski, the respected Animal Control Officer, currently 45, and Len Miller, the long time in-house engineer / These are all men - all alleged to have been forced to quit or cut loose, replaced by younger people approved by da Queen.

Then, came even harsher allegations - which daTruthSquad will discuss one by one:

* Number 20e - "Bucks Head Park, residents of the surrounding community appeared at a Township Committee meeting on November 28, 2007 to complain about conditions. They never received a response to their grievances from the Defendants. Unwilling to meet with them herself once she was appointed Mayor, Roth passed the buck to the Chief on March 14, 2008 demanding he meet with residents to eliminate their concerns. After he did so, Tara then complained to him that he had hosted a meeting with the residents and admonished him that the meeting should have been between the Township Committee and the residents."

So, what is being alleged here is da Queen wouldn't in effect leave her throne to meet with da peasants, so she ordered da Chief to do it, but never told Tara about it, placing da Chief in a bad light, and making him look bad, allegedly on purpose, to his boss (Tara Tiara).

* Number 20n - Defendants conspired with a former dispatcher to create a sexual harassment incident. The former dispatcher confronted Plaintiff at a bar, physically pushing him out the door and verbally assaulted him accusing him in front of other officers of having made a rude remark to her; a remark that would have been heard by the other ten officers had it been made. The Plaintiff insisted that the matter be investigated by internal affairs. The file disappeared. When he questioned the Internal Affairs officer1 as to the location of the file, he was told that the Administrator (Tara) had it. She refused to give him a copy. This is a violation of NJ Attorney General guidelines. Even worse, this confidential file was turned over to Roth and reviewed by her in violation not only of Attorney General guidelines but in violation of the Chiefs privacy rights.

If there's even a hint of datruth here, then this one mostl likely could require a state-led investigation due to alleged "NJ AG guidelines" violated. And, why would Roth review this case in da first place? Can't Tara Tiara handle her 6-figure job by herself? Shoulnd't a lawyer be looking into it? Da privacy issue alone is enough to make you sick with fear on what anyone can find out about you by simply being elected, using that elected position as a position of power.

* Number 20q - Roth falsely accused him in front of other chiefs of police of placing a 4th sergeant candidate into the interview selection process without authorization. The authorization had been provided by Tara.

Were da words "I'm sorry" left out of Public Relations school? Was this rectified? Apparently not, which leaves da Chief in a bad situation among his peers.

* Number 20t - On February 8 2008, Roth solicited directly from DSG (name omitted) a breakdown of what the Detective Bureau needed from the capital budget, deliberately circumventing the Chiefs authority and undermining his chain of command.

So, we can only guess at town hall, it's OK to get anything and everything from da town clerk with no need to go to da mayor, Tara Tiara, or any hired professional? If true, then yes, they tried to usurp his position. If it's da way things are, then there's no need to follow any chain of command, if those at da top don't follow it either.

* Number 20w - On June 13, 2008, Roth told detectives that if they don't have a car available, they can use the chiefs car.

If daTruthSquad's car is in da shop, does this mean I can go to Town Hall and anyone there can just give us Roth's car keys? Now, what if "any" person uses da Chief's car and crashes it? Who will have their name all over da accident - da Chief. Would you lend your car that you are responsible for to just anyone? Hey Queen, can we borrow your car this weekend? Oh, wait - at Manalapan Town Hall, we don't need to ask da Queen -- someone else will just give us da keys!

* Number 20y - Michelle and Tara presented false information to the County Prosecutor's office, including a claim that Plaintiff had agreed to accept a one day suspension for his "actions."

Hmmmmmm - - allegedly presenting false information to da County Prosecutor?????? This isn't a problem at all, if da County Prosecutor is "Mr. Smithers" and da Queen is played by Homer Simpson. If that were da case, Tara Tiara would be in da corner saying "DOH!" Since Manalapan isn't the ficticious Springfield, then maybe da County Prosecutor has a question or two to ask???? If not him, then maybe Annie Milgram????

* Number 20z - On April 22, 2009, Township Labor Attorney "McLaughlin out loud" falsely told the 1st Assistant Prosecutor that the Chief "reneged" on a one day suspension "deal" when the Chief had never agreed to such a thing.

Again, this is an alleged event. However, fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice........

* Number 20aa - Roth made false accusations to professional associates of Plaintiff, that he was having a sexual affair with one of the Township attorneys.

You kind of knew sex would rear its ugly head in these allegations somewhere. At this point, it's probably safe to say da Queen has made soooo many accusations, we really can't tell anymore which is daTruth is and which is a "Roth-ism." It also doesn't beat the ever-popular "Take da Chief's car."

* Number 20bb - Roth told the first assistant prosecutor that Plaintiffs ski trip to New Hampshire in 2008 was improper because there "were only two bedrooms in the condo."

OK - we're going to give this one to da Queen. Does this mean, by her standards, a two-bedroom condo may be too small. Next time, maybe da chief should rent a villa, or mansion, or castle. And, much like da billing of da Manalapan Legal Dream Team, just bill it to da taxpayers, because much like da many lawsuits da Queens has been involved in Manalapan, da taxpayers are going to pay for it anyway. And, don't forget to get a receipt for the caviar, lobsters and filet mignon.

* Number 20ee - At an MCPO mediation meeting, McLaughlin-all-da-way-to-da-bank turned to the Chief and said, "Haven't you had enough?"

Apparently this Dream Teamer has had a lot of practice at this. Collincini, Del Turco, Shepler, Micali, Solinski, Miller, and so on, and so on, and so on.

* Number 20ff - Tara cancelled requisitions/purchase orders without informing the Chief.

Did Tara learn this in "Usurping Someone's Power 101?" Sure puts da Chief in a good light. You also have to wonder if da Verizon phone bill was included in there somewhere that got da phones in da police department turned off? That also begs da question -- does Tara work for da Queen - or does da Queen work for Tara? It gets confusing, doesn't it?

* Number 20kk - As the result of Roth's antagonizing the entire department with open hostility at contract negotiations meetings, the number of tickets issued by the officers dropped dramatically. While the Chief had nothing to do with this, and it was the direct result of Roth's own actions, Tara handed the Chief a memo on January 23, 2008, dated January 15, 2008, stating, "As Chief of Police, the Township expects you to resolve this situation immediately. The fact that you have failed to deal directly with your officers to resolve their neglect of duty and instead have chosen to act merely as a messenger of the statistics, is not appropriate. The Township must see immediate improvement. If not, you are expected to deal with offending officers to correct the problem."

This allegation is a very interesting one. Issue 1 - da Queen & Tara want police to write more tickets. Do they also want da fire department to fight more fires? If this allegation is true, then congratulations Manalapan, because it's now da job of Tara Tiara to demand more tickets be written. What's next - does Tara Tiara also demand who receives each ticket too? And, daTruthSquad would like to meet da "offending" officers here. Now, if da Queen gets a parking ticket, should she be upset with da officer or Tara? Wasn't it Tara Tiara who ordered more tickets be issued, according to da allegation? Does this mean it's OK for da Chief to send a note to Tara, demanding bills be paid on time? Should Democrats be blamed for a Manalapan ticket blitz? If this doesn't prove there is a serious problem with Manalapan's political heirarchy, then nothing will.

Of course, we won't even go into da Queen and Tara ordering da police to give out hundreds of donut coupons --- and yes -- that's in da complaint too!

DaTruth is, da complaint alleged by Chief Brown and his lawyer has all da bad bases covered -- alleged corruption by Township officials - political power moves - alleged lies to prosecutors - backstabbing - alleged demands for police to write more tickets, and da list goes on.

Here's a money saving idea - since it appears from what has been alleged that Tara Tiara wants to do every job in Manalapan, then fire da Chief, all da police officers, da town clerk, da municipal judge, everyone in DPW, da engineer, accountant and valet parking guy. If Tara can do all these jobs, then imagine how much money Manalapan taxpayers will save if we don't raise Tara's salary!

DaTruth is, what has been alleged here by da Mosked Man absolutely deserves an investigation, not by da Monmouth County Prosecutor who was allegedly lied to, according to da complaint filed by da Mosked Man, but by da US Attorney's office. Only this way will an investigation be non-partial and thorough. Too bad Chris Christie is running for governor. In his old job, a case like this would have been right up his alley.

So, was it really a pre-emptive strike by da Queen regarding Chief Brown's "rage?" It's looking more and more likely now, isn't it.

You decide for yourself. And that's daTruth.

Monday, October 5, 2009

"MANALAPAN WARS" - Da Mosked Man Strikes Back

Since da consensus is now that da Manalapan Township Committee is nothing more than a 3-ring circus, then why not make it a movie? Ladies and Gentlemen - TruthTellers of All Ages -- Based upon "Star Wars," - Welcome to "Manalapan Wars!"

Da latest episode --- "Da Mosked Man Strikes Back!"

Following da evil empire's 25 month persecution and lawsuit of da Mosked Man by Darth Lucas, Emporer Commissar Klauber and Jabba da Roth, da Mosked Man has struck back.

According to a number of embedded sources throughout da galaxy, and first foretold in this blog, da Mosked Man has gathered his legal forces and fired a salvo of his own against da evil empire's Township Administrator, Tara Tiara, announcing he will be filing a lawsuit against Manalapan Township (they brought da 25-month lawsuit on behalf of da Township Committee and paid $$$$ for it), along with allegedly naming both Darth Lucas & Jabba da Roth as defendants!

Da Mosked Man was da attorney who was accused of legal malpractice, tried in da media, spent 25 months - over two years - defending himself against da township-funded Evil Empire Manalapan Legal Dream Team paid with taxpayer dollars to go after him, subjected to countless distortions and other accusations during televised Manalapan Township Committee meetings.

Now, there are some through Manalapan's galaxy who believe da Mosked Man should just walk away. However, a question that needs to be asked is this -- what would you do if you were in da Mosked Man's spacesuit?

Here's some facts:

* In June, 2007, da Mosked man finds out he's da target of a lawsuit, claiming he committed legal malpractice, one of da worst crimes any attorney can be accused of - a crime that could put an end to a legal career.

** Da lawsuit follows word that there was "contaminated soil" found on da property that he was responsible for writing a legal contract on for Manalapan Township - a contract that stemmed from a 2004 court order that a former Township Attorney handled, and was handed to him to complete.

*** During da summer of 2007, he is tried by da media in a local newspaper. Then it is alleged he is writing a blog about da whole case, accused in da media of being daTruthSquad. Da case now becomes a First Amendment lawsuit, with da addition of this blog, and their legal representatives who take up da case because of da precedent this lawsuit could set.

**** In December, 2007, a Superior Court Judge, not a member of da evil empire, found da Manalapan Legal Dream Team's case was, in effect, bad - and tossed out their claims and legal requests - standing up for da First Amendment, but of course not only did taxpayers foot da bill for that, da case - minus da First Amendment portion continued.

***** Da case went through all of 2008, with legal papers going back and forth, hearings, court proceedings, all of which da Mosked Man had to attend, respond to, and use what are considered billable hours to defend himself against all of da charges and accusations da Manalapan legal Dream Team can shell out.

****** Along da way, da Manalapan Township Committee had da option of ending da case, or continuing it. Not only did they keep voting to continue, they kept allowing talk about it, further damaging da reputation of da Mosked Man.

******* Now enter 2009, and da case is still going on. Da cleanup for da "contaminated soil" was $10,500, and came in under budget! Statutes of limitations to go after da former landowner was expiring, because they decided to go after da Mosked Man. Manalapan also didn't go after da engineer who wrote da report that said da land was OK before it wasn't OK.

******** Now enter April, 2009. Manalapan Township realizes this case is going to end, because their own lawyer, you know, da one working on a contingency fee because, as one former township attorney once said, "There's no one more motivated than an attorney working on a contingency fee," was apparently no longer motivated and has dropped out of da case, leaving Manalapan 90 days to find a new attorney. With millions of lawyers spread throughout da galaxy, not one would take their case! Da evil empire would find no takers - no other attorney that would put their reputation on da line to fight for Manalapan.

********* Now, enter da judge. It's time for Manalapan either to continue da case, or end it. Both sides were brought together, and a deal was hammered out with da judge's approval that would have had da case end, and it would stop and go no further with no further lawsuits and no liabilities on da part of Manalapan Township, as long as da Township Committee publicly put da case to an end and publicly exonerated da Mosked Man. It has been alleged that da parties that represented da Evil Empire in court agreed to it. Da Mosked Man also agreed to da same deal too. So, what happened to da deal that even da judge said was good?

********** According to sources for daTruthSquad, there was one Manalapan Township official who was dead against da deal. That person used their strangehold on da Township Committee to say no to it. Not only did that happen, but then Jabba da Roth made a statement during a televised Malanapan Township meeting that da Mosked Man was "guilty" of "legal malpractice."

Who was da person who nixed da deal? A number of people have pointed their fingers at a one sole member of da Manalapan Township Committee.

And, that statement by Jabba da Roth, and da broken deal by da Evil Empire, would allow da Mosked Man to do something he would have not been able to do in da deal he and da Township had formerly agreed to - start handing out lawsuits like candy.

Now, ask yourself this - Is it possible that da Mosked Man lost any possible potential business in 25 months while da case was happening - especially while his name and reputation was dragged through da mud?

Now, ask yourself an even more important question ---- What if da person who spent da last 25 months, was YOU?

Ask yourself, "What if you spent 25 months, you spent untold amounts of money, you spent untold amounts of time, you took time taken away from work, or you took time away from other work you could have been doing, and your name and reputation was dragged through da mud for over 2 years - and - you could have been publicly exonerated, but instead, you were told you were 'guilty of legal malpractice' on TV by someone running for da State Assembly on Governor Corzine's ticket?"

What would you do? Would you try to reestablish your name and reputation? Would you sue da people responsible for da last 25 months of misery you and your family faced?

DaTruth is, that's where we stand today.

Da Mosked Man wrote a letter to Tara Tiara, letting her know that, in effect, payback can be a "lady." Da letter, obtained by actual, not-biased, not a bounty hunter for da Evil Empire, and very qualified Snoozer reporter Mark Rosman stated: “The occurrence and transaction giving rise to the claim asserted is the filing of a malicious and frivolous lawsuit against me in the name of the Township of Manalapan, by certain officials of that township, and the continued prosecution of that lawsuit in the face of overwhelming evidence that it was frivolous. It incorporates the malicious comments by certain officials during the course of the litigation, including the impertinent, false and defamatory statements made by certain officials in concluding said litigation, as well as the deliberate breach by officials of promises made to the judge in continuing the litigation after all parties had agreed to a method of termination. The actions by those officials led to significant financial damage including loss of business, as well as significant billable time put forth in defending the frivolous and malicious action."

Da way it looks now, Emporer Commissar Klauber, who is a lawyer, may need one. Apparently so will Darth Lucas, and apparently so to Jabba da Queen. And Manalapan Township's lawyer handling this case will be billing hours at taxpayer expense too. Da Mosked Man is asking for $400,000 in actual damages, and $2 million in damages. Will he get everything he's asking for?

Nobody knows for sure, but what is known is - this won't end any time soon. It will be costly to da township taxpayers, and it would have never happened if da Manalapan Township Committee didn't back out of a deal approved by all parties - or better yet - start da lawsuit to nowhere at taxpayer expense to begin with.

And, can this get worse?

Da answer is yes, because if and when da discovery portion of this lawsuit begins, can you only imagine what information da Mosked Man will be asking for - that Manalapan's Evil Empire lawyers will have no choice but to hand over.

Will there be another "Spodak Moment" in town hall? What will happen with da Chief Brown Case that da Mosked Man is handling where Jabba da Roth is named a "DEFENDANT?" Will Darth Lucas ever decide whether he's for Chief Brown before he's against him? Can Princess Cohen survive da ravings of da Evil Empire? Where's Obi Wan Kenobi when you need him?

This movie could very well have a long life in Manalapan theaters, indeed. And that's daTruth.