Monday, March 31, 2008

Breaking News! daTruthSquad Uncovers Unusual Criteria For Adam PuPu's "Vetting" Process

Da patented and "Bullet Proof" vetting strategy used by Monmouth GOP Commissar Adam PuPu Puharic has handed out da Monmouth County GOP endorsement for President of da USA to Rudy Giuliani, and da endorsement for US Senate to Annie Estabrook. It also was da kiss of death for Manalapan's Andy Boy Lucas, who couldn't even carry his hometown (Manalapan, not Freehold). He's had 2 candidates for County Freeloader lose in da last 2 years that he endorsed.

It weeded out former Freeloader Little Anna, who had just won an election da year prior by a huge margin.

At this point, da smartest thing you can do as a political candidate is, if PuPu Puharic offers you his "vetted" endorsement, say, "Thanks - but no thanks. I actually want to stay in da race & win an election sometime."

It was back in January in an interview with the Asbury Park Press editorial board that da Monmouth GOP Commissar stood up for his controversial screening process. He said that his "vetting" process" to choose da best Republican candidates is "bullet proof."

Please give a hearty welcome to da latest piece of Swiss Cheese to survive PuPu's patented "vetting" process:

Andy Boy Unanue!

It should be said that Andy's a really nice guy. He's a multi-millionaire. DaTruthSquad is sure he drives a fancy car or 2. He loves to vacation in Vail, Colorado, so much so he announced his candidacy for US Senate in New Jersey not in Camden, or Trenton, or Paramus. He announced his bid for US Senate in New Jersey from Colorado!

Oh, and did daTruthSquad mention New Jersey's newest "Andy Boy" either lives in New York, or he's a multi-millionaire still living with his mommy & daddy, depending on who is saying what from his campaign.

This of course begs da question: Is "Defendant" and alleged Manalapan and/or Freehold resident Committeeman Andy Boy da multimillionaire Andy Boy's political advisor?

Now, let's take a close look at Adam PuPu's magical, mystical "vetting" process. In prior years, "vetting" was done by a committee closely scrutinizing their prospective "vett-ee." This time around, da process has become a bit more refined.

Apparently, now they just do it over da phone and give you an answer in less than 24 hours.

As for da secrets of da PuPu vetting process, that can be summed up with a quote given by Comissar PuPu to

"I'm more comfortable with what I don't know about Andy Unanue than what I do know about Joe Pennacchio and Murray Sabrin."

Well, here's what Adam PuPu may not have known before handing multimillionaire Andy Boy da keys to da Monmouth GOP.

Da Associated Press reports a 2004 lawsuit "Testimony from Goya executive Joseph Perez accuses Unanue of showing up drunk at work, drinking to excess at company parties, and being arrogant, cold and uneven-tempered in the office. "I've seen him come to the office drunk or smelling of alcohol" on at least five occasions, Perez testified, according to a partial transcript posted on the Web site"

In Andy Boy's defense, "Unanue, of Alpine, did not dispute that he used alcohol after hours but said he "never drank between 8 and 5." "Did I go to work sometimes with a headache the next day from the night before from being with customers or clients? Absolutely."

Also, in Andy Boy's defense, this case testamony transcript did include statements that could be deemed heresay, so they will not be included in this breaking news report - only Andy Boy's responses will.

Of course if it can get worse, it will. In court testimony multimillionaire Andy Boy claims he was never drunk in the office, but when asked if he was ever hung over at work, he answered "Yes."

Da Newark Star Ledger makes matters worse, with comments from multimillionaire Andy Boy saying indeed he lives in New York, but he has some people looking for him to rent a place in New Jersey -- and -- it gets worse. Their report indicates even though he admitted he's lived in New York for "the past few years," he's registered to vote in New Jersey and parks his New Jersey-registered vehicles in his "parent's driveway!"

"For the past few years I've lived in New York. I'm in the process of moving back to New Jersey." I have a couple of Realtors right now looking for someplace for me to rent until I can buy." Unanue is registered to vote in New Jersey from his parents' address in Alpine. He said he has several cars there. "They're sitting in my parents' driveway," he said.

Making matters even worse, multimillionaire Andy Boy's campaign manager suffered a case of "foot-in-mouth disease" by not only contradicting his own candidate, but raised more questions since multimillionaire Andy Boy was quoted as saying his business is in New York City!

"Andy Unanue lives in New Jersey, he votes in New Jersey, his car is registered in New Jersey, he pays New Jersey auto insurance, and his business is in New Jersey," said Unanue Campaign Manager Mark Duffy. "Andy Unanue is New Jersey."

So, where is multimillionaire Andy Boy's New Jersey-based business?

According to da website,, his "New Jersey-based" business is located at an address in Alpine, New Jersey. A map on the Manta website shows da address, if that address info is correct, in a quite expensive area of Alpine, surrounded by million dollar homes complete with their own swimming pools & tennis courts.

And yes, it gets worse.

Da Bergen Record newspaper says "After leaving Goya, he started several businesses, including an investment firm he still runs and a nightclub in New York's meatpacking district. "I was spending more time in New York so I moved there," he said. Public records show he owns a condominium on Central Park West. He has a New Jersey driver's license and said "most of my cars are in New Jersey." But he said he filed taxes as a New York resident. Records show that he voted in Alpine in Republican primaries in 2008 and 2005 and in the 2005 and 2004 general elections."

Did daTruthSquad tell you it gets even worse?

Da Bergen Record says da 2004 multimillionaire Andy Boy family feud included allegations of Federal campaign finance laws.

Da cherry on da PuPu pie is current US Senate candidate Murray Sabrin is calling on Chris Christie to investigate multimillionaire Andy Boy for "possible violations of Federal Voter Laws and State Auto Insurance Laws."

Now da problem isn't multimillionaire Andy Boy. He has every right to want to run for da US Senate, and da fact he's not a career politician is somewhat refreshing. And, da fault here should not go to multimillionaire Andy Boy. He is merely da candidate, and he might not make a bad one if he can get people around him that don't seem to contradict him. Da "vetting" process is supposed to uncover all of this, and either it didn't meaning da process is flawed, or it did and PuPu has some explaining to do.

DaTruth is, PuPu's "vetting" process with multimillionaire Andy Boy and his hand-picked screening committee took place over da phone. Multimillionaire Andy Boy wasn't in da room - he was halfway across the country! One day later, multimillionaire Andy Boy was anointed as "PuPu Approved" and made da Monmouth GOP's choice to go after Frank Lautenberg. Now, unless multimillionaire Andy Boy stays in da race, PuPu will have to pick another candidate to back. Regardless, he has some serious explaining to do for fast-tracking his party's endorsement with so many questions being raised.

DaTruth is, this is another in a series of missteps that has caused even more of a rift to form within da party. My TruthTellers tell daTruthSquad that part of da problem may be with those advising PuPu.

If not one of da members of da "screening process" was able to uncover what has been unearthed here, then it is 1000% obvious they are not doing their jobs. However, if they did uncover all of this - yet passed multimillionaire Andy Boy with flying colors, then where was da Monmouth County GOP Commissar to look out for da best interests of da people & da screening process?

It's obvious da pickings are slim for da GOP in a race against Frank Lautenberg. However, da election isn't next week. It's in 2009! Take your time and find a suitable candidate. Rushing to da side of an untested, multimillionaire, self-financing candidate isn't da answer.

And, doesn't PuPu owe da GOP'ers an explaination of how da "vetting" process truly works? Which inner-circle advisor may have placed PuPu's reelection bid for Commissar in troubled waters?

Stay tuned - and that's daTruth!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

OK, Who Missed Their 3rd Grade History Class?

If this keeps up, and it will be unfortunate, Manalapan’s cable channel 77 will have to run a disclaimer before political meetings saying, “What you see and hear during township committee meetings may not be historically accurate and may not always contain an accurate assessment of historical events. Please consult any 3rd grade history teacher for accuracy.”

DaTruthSquad can still remember as a young, little TruthTeller sitting in Mrs. Honesty’s 3rd grade history class. She told us about these guys at da center of da history of our great nation. One guy was Alexander Hamilton, another John Jay, and a 3rd was James Madison.

Of course, if they lived today, they’d be chastised as "scandalmongers" and all that is wrong in our world because they dare allow information not tacitly approved by da politicians to be given to we, da peasants under their rule.

Historically speaking, does that sound familiar?

These guys had the unmitigated gall of writing using anonymous names. Historically they’re called heroes. To some politicians, they’re considered a pack of losers! They had the nerve of writing a document known as da Federalist Papers, a document which the 13 original states used to ratify the Constitution. They had real nerve, those anonymous writers. Going against the people trying to run their towns and cities, they wrote anonymously, and yes, in da end, da Constitution was ratified.

It’s not like one of them became da first Chief Justice of da Supreme Court and another President of the United States?

You may remember that document. DaTruthSquad learned in Mrs. Honesty’s 3rd grade history class it’s da document that allows us Freedom of Speech, life, liberty, and da pursuit of happiness. Unfortunately, for some who supported da Manalapan Legal Dream Team to attempt to turn da Constitution into a coaster for their martini glass in da case of “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man,” da concept of “anonymous writers” is not very palatable.

There was another document daTruthSquad learned about in Mrs. Honesty’s class. It was called “Common Sense,” (obviously something not necessarily found in Manalapan Town Hall) and it was written anonymously in January, 1776. Common Sense denounced da current government in power of that day, much like many blogs & bloggers do today. It eventually led to da Revolutionary War. We would later find out it was some knit-wit who “pulled da wings off flies” and was some “dry gulcher” named Thomas Paine.

What we all learned in that 3rd grade history class was that it was anonymous writers who paved da way for da United States of America to be. Without anonymous writers, there would be no pamphlet like “Common Sense,” which paved da way for da Revolutionary War, or da Federalist Papers, which paved da way for da Bill of Rights and da Constitution.

Apparently to some career politicians, da concept of “speaking out” isn’t very palatable.

Why discuss this?

At a recent Manalapan Township meeting, Mayor da Queen spoke openly of her angst about a recent Asbury Park Press story regarding da Mosked man and alleged Manalapan and/or Freehold resident Committeeman Andy Boy. Da Queen spoke of da writers of da Declaration of Independence who signed their names – their real names – and did so not using anonymous names. She also chastised those who blog or write anonymously in forums such as and dare to write things that are not taken to well by Manalapan’s political types.

Unfortunately for da Manalapan politicians using taxpayer dollars to fund “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man,” a Superior Court judge in Freehold knows what da First Amendment and da Constitution of the United States is and its importance, as does Supreme Court Justices Thomas & Scalia in their opinion on McIntyre v Ohio Election Commission.

Or better yet, read the Monmouth Superior Court transcript for yourself to see how da Manalapan Legal Dream Team tried to tear Freedom of Speech out of da Constitution – AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE!

Da Queen continues to blame da bloggers for people declining to be involved as volunteers because of the da bloggers. Of course, telling some of them in January that their services are no longer required isn’t a problem.

DaTruthSquad started to think, “Hey, maybe da Queen and her political court have a point? Maybe bloggers are bad? Maybe da local Snoozepaper is right too?

DaTruthSquad kept thinking.

Wasn’t it a blogger that exposed who was behind da “No MegaMall” campaign that thrust da Queen into power?

Wasn’t it a blogger that exposed da connection between current
”Inmate” John Lynch and da head of Monroe’s Pucci Posse and their plan to build da MegaMegaMegaMall within jogging distance of Manalapan?

Wasn’t it a blogger that exposed parts of “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man” which led to da First Amendment court case thrusting Manalapan into worldwide scorn?

Wasn’t it a blogger who exposed da husband of da Manalapan mayor who said “Because I Hate Italians” during a township committee meeting and exposed comments that tried to downplay that heinous comment?

It was anonymous writers that exposed that former Mayor Andy Boy was either living in another town when he was running for office, or just visiting his wife who was living in another town to be closer to her job, or was living with his parents while married and she lived in another town, depending on which newspaper or politician you believe.

It was anonymous writers who first tipped off people about problems with repairs at a Manalapan school.

Bloggers come in many forms. They are modern-day editorial writers - despite what some particular newspaper editors like to think. Newspapers have editorial writers. DaTruthSquad can remember one editorial writer who hoped a certain blogger he doesn’t like would “drive off a cliff,” and he even wrote of his offer to help that wish become reality. That editorial writer is actually held in high regard by certain Manalapan politicians.

I guess it’s OK to wish deadly harm on someone, as long as they have a higher readership than you do.

DaTruth is, there are politicians and their allies who don’t want people to know what is really happening in da town they govern. There are also some people who, for some strange reason, don’t always trust what they read in a local Snoozepaper. There were newspapers back in da day that some might compare by opinion to da local Snoozepaper. They printed what they were told to print by their British overlords. Those newspapers wanted to keep da status quo.

However, there were patriots who had other ideas. They wanted to tell daTruth. They wanted to make a difference. They wanted da people to know there was a way to learn what was really happening. They were da bloggers of their day. They made a difference.

How do we know this?

Simply put - We live in da United States of America, not West Great Britian.

Unfortunately in Manalapan, some political leaders have apparently forgotten about da role anonymous writers, or bloggers, had in shaping da land where freedom lives. A local Snoozepaper forgot that too.

DaTruth is, while technology has advanced over da years, politics remains da same. Da concept of anonymnous writers and anonymity is covered by da Constitution of da United States. Why is that?

Simply ask our founding fathers - some of whom like patriot Thomas Paine, President Madison, Chief Justice Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and Benjamin "Mrs Silence Dogood" Frankin - were all anonymous writers of the day - the bloggers of da past who helped create da great nation we live in and da Freedoms we enjoy!

Maybe they should have been in Mrs. Honesty’s 3rd grade history class. Maybe if they didn’t miss that history lesson, there would be no need for bloggers to have to expose daTruth.

And that’s daTruth

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Manalapan GOP Apparently Breaking Ranks On Bloggers

You knew back in January when da Queen Mayor blamed da reason that people don't want to volunteer on da bloggers, a story first exposed by daTruthSquad, this was going to be da public relations theme of politics in Manalapan. Of course, telling longtime active volunteers their services are no longer required and bringing in people personally appointed by da Queen Mayor has absolutely nothing to do with it, at least that's what we're told by da politicians.

Since that coordinated effort began, we've heard from 2 former mayors and Queen supports damning comments made in forums, and even da local Snoozepaper chimed in on da topic.

DaTruthSquad wonders what they're going to say when they find out a blogger wants to be on da Manalapan Township Committee?

Call him "Blogger Bill" Garcia. He's a Republican, or at least he is now. And he's 1 of 4 GOP'ers who want da chance to face off against da Queen and whoever runs with her.

Only in Manalapan can da politicians hand out subpoenas like candy through their "Manalapan Legal Dream Team" to find out da identity of a certain blogger and whoever leaves comments on that blog, and now they may have to potentially face a blogger in da upcoming election!

Yes, my TruthTellers - this IS America.

DaTruthSquad checked out da "Blogger Bill" blog, entitled NJCommunity. It's a nice blog. A lot of nice links - including a direct link to daTruthSquad on his blog roll (if he's looking for a daTruthSquad endorsement, he's on da right track).

Da big question for da GOP'ers is, they have 4 candidates - they only need 2 - and who will win da support of both da committee and more important, Manalapan's Grand Poobah of da GOP'ers, Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery?

Here are da 4 candidates and what is known about them:

Butch Budai: Current Manalapan Republican Club president. Very likeable guy, a hard worker and "team" player. However, will he be able to handle his campaign run by da Grand Poobah, someone who he has openly disagreed with in da past? And, will da Poobah want to have him on "his" ticket? Overall, maybe da most deserving person on da list to run. By da way, he is one of those longtime volunteers who was so unceremoniously told their volunteer services were no longer required (where was Andy Boy when volunteers were being dismissed? In Freehold?)

Steve Johnson: Former Manalapan Republican Club president. He and Budai are pound-for-pound 2 of da hardest workers and volunteers in da party. Da intangible here is Steve's lovely wife Helene. She is one of those longtime volunteers who was so unceremoniously told their volunteer services were no longer required. He also has openly had disagreements with da Poobah in da past. He also could be a potential Independent candidate is there is monkey business with da voting - and he'd be a very good candidate as a GOP'er or Independent.

Ryan Green: Current member of da Manalapan School Board. Da intangible factor for him is not only will he have da school board around his neck, but he is currently running for school board reelection right now. He can't have both. If he wins another term on da school board, he would have to immediately give that up to run for Township Committee. That may turn off a lot of voters, but it will give him some extra name recognition. Word on da GOP'er street is he is a favorite of da Poobah.

"Blogger Bill" Garcia: We know he has a love of Mike Huckabee, and he's a newcomer into this political cesspool. However, da mere fact he's a blogger could give da Democrats a lot of fodder. Remember, they've already spent months telling anyone who'll listen that bloggers are da reason volunteers and others don't want to be involved, and let's not forget "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man." Word on da GOP'er street is he's also a favorite of da Poobah.

Now, here's what daTruthSquad is hearing from da TruthTellers:

GOP'ers led by da Poobah want to "Go Green," but da question of da school board leaves unanswered questions mostl ikely to be answered by da Roth campaign.

Steve Johnson would make an excellent candidate, but he won't get da nomination. I think we'd see da Poobah washing Hillary Clinton's car in his driveway wearing nothing but a thong on a hot summer's day after he won da lottery and gave every penny to da Democratic charity of his choice long before he'd be seen handing out campaign literature standing next to Steve Johnson at a bus stop.

Butch would make a great candidate. He's deserving to say da least. DaTruthSquad polled da TruthTellers, and da consensus is if Butch wins and a "Poobah-supported" candidate also gets through da nominating process, look for another "split ticket" for 2008.

As for "Blogger Bill," in a way daTruthSquad is in his corner. Da reason is, he's a guy with a blog. While he hasn't been served with any subpoenas by da Manalapan Legal Dream Team, he's a blogger, and that gets points automatically with this blog.

DaTruth is, a split ticket is an extreme possibility, especially if Johnson isn't da candidate. There will be questions as to exactly when both Green and "Blogger Bill" became registered GOP'ers. There will be questions about their backing by da Poobah. There's also da lingering rumors of backroom dealings between da Democrats and GOP'ers - and if you see Butch bet bypassed by Poobah-backed candidates, then you may see a fracture within da GOP, which will be the basis for a rumor spreading like a virus, a possible GOP deal to get da Democrat Queen Mayor reelected.

We'll know very soon who will have da nomination. We'll also know very soon who will be standing in who's corner. Anyone wondering if any of these candidates are tight with da Mosked Man? What will happen if da Poobah's reported choices as candidates don't pass muster? Will any of da candidates agree with Committeeman Andy Boy they they don't oppose da closing of da State Police barracks in Wall? Will there be an Independent run by any of the 4 who don't get selected? When did Ryan Green & Blogger Bill officially register as GOP'ers? If Butch is torpedoed by a Poobah broadside, how will this affect da GOP'er club?

DaTruthSquad will follow this election, and bring you daTruth no matter what any political attack ads say or coupon clippers claim.

An that's daTruth.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Higher Price + Political Pals = YOUR Wasted Tax Dollars

Here's what daTruthSquad would like you to do. You need to fill up your gas tank, so you see 2 gas stations. Both have the exact same brand of gas, the exact same octane, and both are exactly right next to each other – and neither has a line or a wait. One gas station sells unleaded for $2.95 a gallon. The other for $4.75 per gallon. Which one do you pick?

If you're one of the GOP'ers running da Monmouth County Freeloaders, you drove right up to the higher-priced gas station and said with a Cheshire cat smile from ear to ear, "Fill it up, my close friend. I don't care about da price. Da TAXPAYERS are filling da tank for me!"

That scenario is probably enough to make you ill, considering da hard times we all face, but that's exactly da scenario that occurred as da county Freeloaders gave out an asbestos monitoring contract to a company called PMK Group, Inc. Now on da surface, giving a contract like this doesn't sound so bad.

Now let's look under da surface where da Monmouth GOP Freeloaders don't want you to look.

DaTruthSquad uncovered that da company in question, PMK Group, was not da lowest bidder - in fact - they were one of da HIGHEST bidders in da process of giving out this asbestos monitoring contract. Normally, when a government body gives out a contract it chooses da lowest bidder, unless there are questions regarding safety or alike. In this case, da PMK bid was $9,500.00 Da lowest bid came in from da Whitman Companies, Inc. They bid $7,040.00. According to da Asbury Park Press, that company, according to Democratic Freeloader John D'Amico, "scored high in evaluations by a technical committee in non-cost criteria."

Why did da GOP'er-led Monmouth County Freeloaders give a contract 35% higher than da lowest bidder?

DaTruthSquad uncovered that da company, PMK Group, is a part of Birdsall Engineering.

According to da Asbury Park Press, PMK Group "has in the past 10 years given $500,000 to various county political organizations of both parties, legislative leadership political action committees and legislative candidates throughout the state. In the past three years, PMK Group has been paid more than $1.7 million by the Monmouth County government on various contracts."

How tied-in is Birdsall with da GOP? They recently named da former Mercer County GOP Chairman, Phillip Angarone, as da firm's Director of Marketing.

In Manalapan, it was da Queen Mayor herself that told da local Snoozepaper in a 2005 front-page report that "firms such as Birdsall Engineering, despite the fact that they, as well as other professionals appointed," "contributed to Joe and Andrew’s (Lucas) campaign well in excess of the legal amounts permitted by law."

Now Freeloader Director Lillian Burry, one-half of da Freeloader's Barham & Burry Circus, told da Press, "I don't think you can isolate on price alone."

Congratulations, Lil. DaTruthSquad can guarantee you will see this expensive choice used by da Monmouth Democrats in this year's election which will decide political control of da Freeloaders and possibly give da Democrats full control for da first time since Jimmy Carter was president.

Now da problem here isn't Birdsall Engineering or PMK. They have da right to give money to politicians or political causes like anyone else, and daTruthSquad is sure their work is good.

DaTruth is, when you have a company or individual give a lot of money to either one particular candidate or political party, and all of a sudden a contract for work comes up and that company that did give money to either one particular candidate or political party gets da contract, it could actually be explained away. However, when that company or individual gives a lot of money to either one particular candidate or political party gets da contract for that work and they were in fact da HIGHER bidder by 35% over a company that, let's say, may or may not have given that much money or any money to that one particular candidate or political party, then you have something that smells like 10 dead halibut laying under your front porch for da last 6 weeks during a hot summer heatwave.

Unfortunately for da GOP'ers, that's exactly da way da halls of da GOP'er-led Monmouth Freeloader Board smell right now. If they are smart (and remember they are run by da hand of Pu-Pu), they'll rescind da contract and do da right thing "For All da People." Otherwise, you can expect this case of "Tax & Spend, da GOP'er Way" to be part of da centerpiece used by da Monmouth Democrats against da PuPu-led GOP'ers.

And that's daTruth.

Friday, March 14, 2008

In Manalapan, Editorials Have Reached a Record Low

Welcome to Manalapan's newest boondoggle - - "Freehold-gate!"

Da TruthTeller Hotline was ringing off da hook when da latest edition of da local Snoozepaper started showing up on people’s lawns. In it was a “Bozo-torial” that showed if anything, jealousy (of another newspaper), one-sidedness (only Andy Boy's side), and even a touch of “blame da bloggers” is alive & well and living in a small Freehold office.

Da “Bozo-torial” began with a story about da writer who once lived in a town where da mayor was "also" gay. What was Bozo Bean saying here? Already commenters on this blog have shown angst & disgust at what could be taken as a backhanded slight – and it’s one that this blog will not tolerate. Da Constitution guarantees us all Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression. DaTruthSquad hasn’t forgotten that. Unfortunately some others have.

Starting his editorial with references to a mayor, any mayor, who is "also" gay was absolutely uncalled for and daTruthSquad believes an explaination is warranted in da very next Snoozepaper. Not only was Bozo’s little story uncalled for, so was his attack editorial against da Mosked Man.

Recently, da Mosked Man, who is still embroiled in da now-famous “Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man” lawsuit – still being paid for with YOUR TAXPAER DOLLARS – filed a countersuit of his own against former Mayor, “Defendant,” and alleged Manalapan resident Andy Boy.

Now, as any good lawyer knows, in order to take a case to da next level you need evidence. Unlike what da Manalapan Legal Dream Team did, which was pin da blame of this blog on da Mosked man and go to court with a theory but no fact, da Mosked man instead hired a private detective in order to gather evidence.

Da Mosked man then took that evidence to an actual newspaper, da Asbury Park Press, who looked at da evidence and obviously believed there was an actual news report since they did one. In their investigative report they uncovered a number of problems that could be da basis of da Mosked man’s countersuit, or even something more.
The Asbury Park Press report is one definitely worth reading.

As for da Bozo-torial, several points were made by da author which not only showed that when you read his "Shock Quotes," you will see for yourself even he seems to have drank da "Kool-Aid" of shame.

Bozo Shock Quote #1: “In New Jersey these days, nobody knows that better than Republican Andrew Lucas - former mayor and current member of the Manalapan Township Committee - who was recently the victim of a gross invasion of privacy perpetrated by a Democratic political rival named Stuart Moskovitz”

Actually, nobody knows better than daTruthSquad, who received a subpoena in a case of “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man,” a subpoena so flawed they needed to amend it and send another – both of which were denied by a judge who cited da First Amendment – all based upon da Manalapan Legal Dream Team believing without factual evidence yet making the claim in no uncertain terms that da Mosked man & daTruthSquad were one in da same.

If you have any doubts about this last paragraph, click on the highlighted text to read the ACTUAL LEGAL CORRESPONDENCE, SUBPOENA, AND JUDGE'S DECISION for yourself!

Was there ever a Bozo-torial citing this? NO.

DaTruth is, da Mosked man used a private investigator at his own expenseNOT DA TAXPAYERS – to put together his legal case. This, apparently, da editorial writer has a problem with.

Bozo Shock Quote #2: “Moskovitz - who took his story to the Asbury Park Press, which reported it in a front-page story March 4 without asking the most important questions, "Why are you bringing this garbage to us?" and "What's in it for you?"

DaTruthSquad is sure da next time da Asbury Park Press does an investigative story, they’ll first consult with Bozo for da proper questions to ask. Simply read da Bozo-torial, then read da Asbury Park Press investigative report and decide for yourself.

Bozo Shock Quote #3: “If every local pol with a second home down the shore had a private detective hired by a political rival following them to the beach house on Friday night, the increased traffic on the Garden State would make it a parking lot.”

DaTruthSquad has never claimed to be a real estate genius, but daTruthSquad’s guess is that not many people looking for a “second home down da shore” thinks about “Freehold” before they check out houses in Belmar or Long Beach Island.

This wasn’t a “second home down da shore.” This was a house approximately 8 miles (courtesy of MapQuest) from his huge Manalapan family farm be bought for just over $650,000. Apparently, this point was missed, as was a question about it.

Bozo Shock Quote #4: “Moskovitz was still able to get the Asbury Park Press to put his story on page one. So, for at least a day, the focus was not on him, but on one of his opponents.”

Bozo is right on this one. In da local Snoozepaper, it seems any "Back Page" story regarding da Mosked man is usually one where da chips are stacked against him.

Bozo Shock Quote #5: “Nobody says there's anything illegal about an elected official having a second home and staying there from time to time. And Lucas didn't even own a second home; he was just occasionally staying at his new wife's house until they moved into his place in Manalapan.”

OK, follow this – married Andy Boy was “occasionally staying” with his wife, but "living" in Manalapan with his mom & dad? Follow-up questions - - none apparently needed according to da Snoozepaper. DaTruthSquad can only guess every married couple does it this way.

If you agree with da Bozo-torial, please stop rading this blog now and drive to the second home of your spouse and have an "overnight" visit with them. We all know you rent that second home since it's more "convenient" to her job. All those who do not live like this can keep reading.

Bozo Shock Quote #6: “And there'll be a handful of anonymous supporters and bloggers who will back him up and make a lot of vitriolic, hateful noise in the process.”

What a surprise – blame da bloggers! Ironically, that’s exactly in lockstep with da campaign started by da Queen in January when she blamed people declining to volunteer on da bloggers. We’ve heard that from her, 2 other former mayors who support her, and now da editorial writer.

"Birds of a Feather....." If you doubted a campaign against Freedom of Speech & da bloggers, doubt it no more.

Unfortunately, daTruth is people in Manalapan, as well as other towns, have become disillusioned with local newspapers and want information they can trust. They have lost faith in government. They have no faith in politicians. That is why bloggers have become so popular. It’s not “vitriolic, hateful noice.” It’s called “another opinion.” Some townsfolk may find this surprising, but people tend to have opinions outside of those who like to write them in a coupon clipper.

There is a very simple rule – if you do not like this blog – don’t read it.

There is another very simple rule – if you don’t trust what you read in da Snoozepaper – leave it on your wet lawn until trash day.

DaTruth is, whether by accident or not, the Bozo-torial added worms to an already crowded can of them.

Issue 1: Andy Boy tells da Press, "My wife is registered to vote in Manalapan and has complied with the law with respect to the residency requirements." However both newspapers admit in their stories she’s rented a residence in Freehold for 2 years, and da Snoozer called da Freehold residence his wife’s “home.” His wife’s “home” for 2 years is in Freehold, but she “votes” in Manalapan? If you don't see a Manalapan Democratic group lawsuit akin to da one they filed in 2006 against Nikki Pezzullo, you'll know something is not right here.

Issue 2: Andy Boy tells da Press his wife lives in Freehold “as a matter of convenience for proximity to her job.” However, da Snoozer says she was living there “until they moved to his house in Manalapan.” Which is it?

Issue 3: Andy Boy claims in da Snoozer da reason da Mosked man had a private detective on da job was because of “revenge” & “misdirection.” Ironically, “revenge” & “misdirection” are da hallmarks of politics in Manalapan.

Issue 4: “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man.” Isn’t it interesting a person named as a “Defendant” in that case is allowed to vote on it? If a lawyer had a conflict in court, they would have to recuse themselves. However, in Manalapan on da Township Committee, you simply vote.

And, by da way, daTruthSquad will have details upcoming on why this case won’t be going away anytime soon – and why you da TAXPAYER will continue to pay for it.

DaTruth is, serious questions still haven’t been answered. Is it OK for a person, any person, to live in Town A for 2 years for whatever reason you choose this week but vote in elections in Town B? Should anyone renting in Freehold for at least 1-2 years have the right to vote in Manalapan? Who paid for da utilities in da Freehold home? Who paid da rent? Why has a $15,000 soil cleanup cost over $100,000? Why was Andy Boy “visiting” his wife? Normally when someone goes to Freehold for a visit, they’re either going to da hospital, mall, or county lockup.

DaTruth is, there are 3 topics that certainly won’t be going away. One is “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man.” Da other is Andy Boy’s nightly “visits” to his wife, and da 3rd is living in one town but voting in another.

And that’s daTruth.

Monday, March 10, 2008

He Didn't Blame the Bloggers - But He Didn't Answer Da Questions

Lately in da Kingdom of Manalapan, if you ask any of da career politicians about why there are problems, such as high taxes, foreclosures, political turmoil, and why nobody wants to volunteer for anything, da standard talking point from da Gang of Three has been, "It's because of da bloggers."

However, finally one of those career politicians apparently told da truth - his truth - and daTruth came from none other than former mayor, "Defendant," and alleged Manalapan resident Andy Boy.

Unfortunately, his 3 answers raised 13 other and more challenging questions - ones da town's Gang of 3 may not be too ready to answer.

In a recent Asbury Park Press story alleging alleged Manalapan resident Andy Boy lived in Freehold, Andy Boy said, "My license, voter registration, checking account, property tax bills, heating and telephone bills along with every piece of mail I've received except for Moskovitz's correspondence has been to my address in Manalapan."

There's a reason for that. Andy Boy "bought" da family farm from his parents, a huge working farm and big farm house for less than $700,000, where his parents still live and where apparently where he now lives with his new bride.

Now, if da story ended there that would be one thing. However, while Andy Boy didn't once blame any bloggers, and we all thank him for breaking ranks on that - he did take out a can opener and out popped a slew of worms.

Andy Boy Shock Quote #1: "It is shameful that he would engage in this type of personal and baseless attack in an attempt to get retribution because the township has filed a suit against him to recover over $100,000 for malpractice that occurred while he was the township attorney."

What Andy Boy neglected to mention was da breakdown of that "over $100,000." Manalapan Township has already given out da contract to clean up "Manalapan's Love Canal," also known as da leaky home heating oil tank on da Dreyer Patch. Da total was: $15,000 for da actual cleanup work - $60,000 for da "engineering report" - and it's unknown just how much Manalapan has spent on legal bills since they won't release that info - but if Andy Boy says "over $100,000," we'll give him that.

Why is it that da elbow grease to clean up Manalapan's version of "Love Canal" costs a mere $15,000, but da "engineering report" costs 400% more than that?

Why won't Manalapan release da exact figures for EXACTLY how much they've paid for legal bills from da "Manalapan Legal Dream Team?"

However, we have heard from a former Township attorney and others members of da "Blame da Bloggers" fife & drum corps that we're not paying any money to da lawyers. That, of course, was properly disputed by da now-famous "Rosman Editorial" which detailed da "Dream Team" member's hourly rates and why da meter is still running.

Maybe it's time da towns folk demand a formal accounting. Maybe Mayor Roth will order a "Dream Team" forensic accounting, "For All da People?"

Andy Boy Shock Quote #2: "My wife is registered to vote in Manalapan and has complied with the law with respect to the residency requirements."

We're all sure she is what Andy Boy said she was, but this begs a question - if you're living in Freehold for at least 1 year, should you be voting in another town? If someone lives in Manalapan but has an office in Freehold, and works there so much they might sleep in their office from time to time, then should that person have da right to vote in Freehold?

In Andy Boy's world, according to his answer, that person should have da right to do just that. His blushing bride rented a house in Freehold for 2 years, according to da Asbury Park Press, and lived in Freehold at da same time she voted in Manalapan. How many people have spouses that spend a lot of time in da Freehold Mall? Should our spouses be allowed to vote in Freehold considering how much time & money some of them have spent there since there's no large shopping areas in Manalapan?

Andy Boy Shock Quote #3: Lucas said the Freehold Township home served as his wife's secondary residence "as a matter of convenience for proximity to her job."

Recently, during an emergency meeting of da "TruthTellers," it was determined that because of Monmouth GOP Party Boss Adam PuPu recovering from "Foot-in-Mouth Disease" and this shock quote from Andy Boy, we may seriously have to consider bringing back da coveted BaconHead Award.

We can all understand that statement by Andy Boy, that for his blushing bride it was "as a matter of convenience for proximity to her job." A daTruthSquad investigation shows da difference between da primary residence on Iron Ore Road and da "summer rental home" in Freehold is approximately 8 miles. We can all understand with those grueling Manalapan rush hours that a move like that would be beneficial. Rumors are running rampant that Manalapan residents who make that long commute to New York City are flocking to Marlboro and Old Bridge at a record rate to rent "summer homes" "as a matter of convenience for proximity to their jobs."

That same mindset was echoed by da wife of one of da TruthTellers. She has a penchant for shopping at da Freehold Mall, so they're now looking for "a summer home" to rent in Freehold to cut down that incredibly long commute from Route 522 they have.

Has Andy Boy been spending too much time with party Boss PuPu? is "Foot-in-Mouth Disease" contagious?

Let's see - - rent a home - - pay big utility bills - - pay big rent - - all to shave a large 8 or 9 minutes off da commute? Did daTruthSquad miss something here?

There are 2 big questions that immediately emerge here - 1: Did da now-Mrs. Andy Boy violate any election laws living in Freehold, and 2: If Andy Boy lived in Manalapan as he said, why was he "served" to be a "Defendant" in da known-worldwide "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" trial and how does this relate to his 2007 election campaign?

As for both questions, they are questions that are best served to da County Board of Elections or NJ ELEC. Deborah Kole, a staff attorney for the state League of Municipalities told da Asbury Park Press, "I think the only thing would be if in any given case, not this case specifically, if the residency was just a sham and they were really, completely living somewhere else, then that wouldn't be OK."

Did Andy Boy live in his Freehold "summer home" while running for election in Manalapan? Was it just a "love shack," or was it as Andy Boy said, just a strategically placed home used solely "as a matter of convenience for proximity to her job."

DaTruth is, at least Andy Boy didn't follow da talking points and blame bloggers for this latest Manalapan headline grabber. He did, unfortunately, create more questions than answers by his answers he gave.

Question 1: If da now-Mrs. Andy Boy did live in Freehold for as much as 2 years as rent-check evidense shows, did she violate any election laws?

Question 2: If Andy Boy did spend "at least 4 months" living at da Freehold address, then did he violate any election laws running for office as an "out-of-towner?"

Question 3: Does this mean anyone with an office in Freehold or a penchant for shopping there should have da right to run for political office in Freehold?

Question 4: Is it OK for Andy Boy to vote on anything related to da "Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man," a case he is now a "defendant" in when last year, Committeewoman Cohen was reportedly ordered to leave da room during Executive Session when da case was discussed?

Question 5: Was da Mosked Man's First Amendment rights violated by not being allowed to lend a helping hand with Susan Cohen's election campaign?

Question 6: This is a big one - Why was Andy Boy served with legal papers at da Freehold house and not his own residence he bought from his parents?

Question 7: Whose name was on da checks paying for da Freehold rental home & why?

Question 8: Who paid da utilities - da person living closer to their job or da person who supposedly owns a Manalapan farm?

Question 9: Were any election laws violated by former mayor, "Defendant," and alleged Manalapan resident Andy Boy?

Question 10: Should Andy Boy recuse himself from further votes regarding da now known-worldwide case - and should he have been recusing himself since being served legal papers at da Freehold house address?

Question 11: When will da cost for da case of "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" surpass $200,000 of taxpayer money? Why did da engineering report for Manalapan's "Love Canal" cost 400% more than da actual cleanup work?

Question 12: Exactly how much has each member of da Manalapan Legal Dream Team billed for their services in both da "land-deal-gone-bad" case & da First Amendment case?

Question 13: For All da People, why won't da town release those current figures of how much each Manalapan Legal Dream Team lawyer has cost?

Questions indeed - and honest answers are needed. And that's daTruth.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Manalapan’s Field of Dreams or Nightmares

You won’t find this in da local Snoozepaper or anywhere else, but apparently CME in da town of Evesham, New Jersey stands for “Contracts, Money, and Elections.”

A daTruthSquad investigation into da issue of Manalapan's "Field of Dreams" has instead uncovered a town in NJ which wants to spend $3.1 million dollars on 2 synthetic surface athletic fields. Please note da price and da amount of fields.

Township residents have filed suit to block da field’s construction. According to da legal database, da lawsuit says da town council adopted a bond ordinance that violated Evesham’s pay-to-play ordinance and failed to comply with an ordinance to bring da matter to da town’s Planning Board for review.

Da bond for $3.1 million dollars was to build 2 fields in da township.

Is that da whole story --- NO.

Here’s da little glitch that Manalapan may not know – da lawsuit also says da town “failed to properly advertise for bids on da $72,000 professional service agreement given to CME Associates in Howell.”

The lawsuit also contends the township failed to properly advertise for bids on a $72,000 professional services agreement with CME Associates of Howell for preliminary planning of the artificial turf field at Cherokee.

Corbett said the council adopted the ordinance to pay for the planning without disclosing that principals from CME Associates contributed a total of $5,000 to the election campaigns of councilmen Randy Brown, John McKenna and Chris Brown.

“CME Associates was awarded a contract that exceeds both the township's and the state's pay-to-play threshold without complying with the open and fair processes,” Corbett wrote in the complaint.

This could raise questions about Manalapan’s “Field of Dreams or Nightmares,” and not just because of any questions of engineering.

Much has been said about da proposed “Field of Dreams” artificial turf field proposed as a part of da over $4 million dollar Manalapan Rec expansion. It’s da crown jewel of da Gang of Three, and you can bet a future Back Page Barratta story about da Mosked Man that it will also be a big talking point in da upcoming Queen’s reelection campaign.

Does this make you wonder if any CME folk have given recently to election campaigns for any Manalapan committee folk? Do you wonder if CME has anything to do in any way with Manalapan’s “Field of Dreams” or da Dreyer Patch?

Maybe this is a question someone should ask of da Manalapan Township Committee at da next meeting? This may also be a very good topic for former Mayor Porky Spodak to investigate, especially since da expansion of da Dreyer Patch is included in da expansion of Manalapan Rec.

Much apparently has also been hidden from view about da Manalapan “Field of Dreams.” It’s time to uncover some of those hidden agendas.

Health Concerns:

If my uncle, Dr. daTruthSquad were here, that would be up to him. However, others have opinions on this. Three members of da Manalapan Township Committee, all not doctors, all believe it is safe since not one child who has played on da field yet to be built has become ill.

However, da same cannot be said in other towns that have synthetic fields – or are thinking about getting one.

In Newark, it has been reported by da NY Times that one synthetic field was deemed by da city “a public health hazard” after lead was discovered at more than 3 times Federal standards. Note, that was an indoor synthetic field.

In New York City, da city is currently reviewing “current scientific research on crumb rubber products,” – da same type of field Manalapan is planning to install.

Also in NYC, several environmental and civic groups are urging da Mayor to halt construction of these types of fields until a proper investigation is done for health risks.

Critics say this type of field -- installed and made of crumb rubber may contain “polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons,” according to the NY Times – and important – the Trust for Public Land has already announced it would no longer use crumb rubber infill for the fields it builds in city playgrounds.

In Connecticut, they’ve taken the questions 1 step further. They are concerned that athletes may ingest not only dust particles but the actual rubber pellets that come loose from the synthetic field. There is also a concern that the rubber material could be brought into the home from pieces clinging to uniforms or shoes.

A Connecticut report says volatile organic chemicals released from crumb rubber fields is expected to be greatest in hot, sunny weather

It is important to note at this time, there has not been any conclusive proof that the fields pose any imminent threat of sickness, and their report concludes that, but also says “uncertainties warrant further investigations.”

The city of Stamford, Connecticut just adopted a plan to spend $5.7 million on 4 synthetic fields - da same type of fields Manalapan wants. However, opponents of da rubber fields cited a recent Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station study which found the tire fragments leached heavy metals into water and released at least four compounds that can irritate eyes, skin and mucous membranes when heated.

On Long Island, they noted "While a number of independent studies put forth by FieldTurf did not find a connection between synthetic turf and existing illnesses, a few studies indicate that the tires are composed of materials that may contain volatile hydrocarbons. The question is whether these carcinogenic compounds can be released in every day conditions."

And here's something else you may not know - in NY, there is actual legislation being discussed RIGHT NOW that puts a six-month hold on the building of these types of fields so a "comprehensive public health study can be done"!

Da legislation - Bill #A09503 in NY says clearly - "The crumb rubber is a result of processing waste tires, which contain numerous components, some of which are known to be hazardous. These contaminants can include arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead, vanadium, zinc and acetone. Health effects associated with these contaminants include birth defects, cancer, nervous system damage and immune system suppression."

Manalapan Township Committeeman Mr. Anthony Gennaro brought up topics such as this in a very impressive report, however Drs. Roth, Lucas, & Klauber all believe there is no threat. A study into da field and materials as requested by Committeeman Gennaro has been denied.

Should we ask da 3 "Doctors" on da Committee to put in writing they feel da fields are 100% safe and accept full liability if they aren't?

Again, it must be said that these are only studies that have been done. Unfortunately, da only actual proof from these studies will be long-term health effects, and that we won't know for years to come. However, da heat issue is real, and it does get hot around here in da summer.

Da Issue: DaTruth

DaTruth is, there are a lot of questions that can be asked. Why is it Evesham’s 2 fields are costing less than Manalapan’s? Why are the potential health threats being ignored by Drs. Roth, Lucas & Klauber? Why is it Manalapan’s Queen can ask for a forensic accounting on $400, spend “over $100,000” on a lawsuit for a $15,000 cleanup, but deny a simple request by Mr. Gennaro to temporarily postpone da “Field of Dreams” to do a health impact study? Why is it that daTruthSquad uncovered da Evesham connection and da local Snoozepaper didn’t? Was that because da lawyer for Evesham wasn’t da Mosked Man?

DaTruth is, others, like Mr. Gennaro and private citizens have looked into this very same topic and have been sent to da back of da synthetic bus. Manalapan resident and possible candidate for Township Committee (and he’d make a good one) Steve Johnson has been looking into these fields and what they are made of shows there are questions worth looking into.

Now, it is also important to note that nobody has died using these fields as of this date. But da fact that this whole plan is being rushed through like there’s a synthetic fire attached to it also raises questions. Has anyone connected with CME or any company or group connected with da field give any political donations to any current Township Committee people? Should that question be asked at da next meeting?

Manalapan taxpayers are paying over $4 million dollars for this synthetic field? If Manalapan will look into a symphony conductor and $400, shouldn’t they cross all da T’s and dot all da I’s if they spend over $4 million dollars of YOUR MONEY?

Is there an issue of trust when it comes to da folks on da Township Committee spending YOUR MONEY?

DaTruth is, something seems wrong in Evesham Township, which is why there is a lawsuit now involved, and as we are all aware, there’s enough questions, synthetic and real in Manalapan to fill da East Coast, much less da town.

Should red flags be raised about health issues regarding Manalapan’s potential “Field of Dreams or Nightmares?” Should da town’s leaders be investigated to see if any of them have accepted any donations from CME or any engineering firm doing business in Manalapan? Should da cost of $4.1 million dollars be looked at dollar for dollar?

Should township residents take a page from their friends in Evesham?

Questions – too many questions – for a very costly project that is being financed by YOUR TAX DOLLARS.

There is nothing simple about this, like whether living in Freehold instead of Manalapan cuts down a person's work commute? These are health issues, it's up to those elected officials to look closely when it comes to health - and price too.

And that’s daTruth.