Thursday, January 20, 2011

There's Gold in Them Thar' Sewers

There have been some that say da politics in Manalapan can sometimes be found in da gutter. Then again, those gutters must empty somewhere, and maybe that's why Manalapan and Marlboro's sewers seem to be paved in gold.

It wasn't that long ago that residents of these towns were forced to pay over 30% more just for da honor and privilege to flush their toilets. Were people using their bathrooms more? Was someone constipated? They passed that potty edict at a time when Democrats dominated da local government, and those governments seemed to have no problem not poo-pooing da toilet flushing fee increase.

But then came word that da Feds decided to detour into Manalapan, and while they were in town figured it would be a good time to hold a good old fashioned raid of da Western Monmouth Sewer Authority. Da raid, handled through da offices of a guy named Chris Christie, led to da arrest of da chief sewer rat, "FBI" Frank Abate, who was charged with "taking thousands of dollars worth of free or discounted home improvements and services from contractors and developers in exchange for exercising his authority in favor of those individuals" according to da FBI."

In all, da sewer rat "received significant benefits, including free or discounted home improvements and repairs, property surveys and legal work from contractors and developers seeking work with the WMUA. The Indictment refers to, but does not cite by name, six contractors and two commercial and residential real estate developers who sought sewer approvals from the WMUA."

Oh, and he also received da Cadillac health benefits plan along with a six-figure salary -- that YOU Da toilet FLUSHER pay for.

Can you wonder what would have happened If only Christie looked a little further.

Now, you may not know this, but da WMUA also has four "commissioners" as they are called. Along with that snazy title comes a small yearly cash salary, along with those famous Cadillac health benefits, and other benefits that make it worthwhile to have da kind of background necessary to be a "commissioner" on da WMUA.

Now, if they placed a "Help Wanted" ad in da local snoozepaper, it may read something like this:

"Help Wanted. Needed is a commissioner for da WMUA. Required qualifications - must give political cash donations or at da very least support campaigns for Manalapan Democrats. No actual sewer or pollution engineering experience required."

Maybe it was an ad like that which got Eric Abraham voted in by Democratic majorities twice to be a commissioner on da WMUA.

Then, there was this ad: "Help Wanted. Needed is a commissioner for da WMUA. Required qualifications - must have served or have been an active part of Marlboro Republicans. Being voted out of office a plus. No actual sewer or pollution engineering experience required."

Maybe it was an ad like that which got Joseph Pernice his post on da WMUA.

Then, maybe if you checked da want ads recently you saw an ad like this: "Help Wanted. Needed is a commissioner for da WMUA. Required qualifications - must have a background as a 'political enforcer' or worked on a number of political campaigns. Being a current Grand Poobah of a local Republican Party (aka: Party Boss) a definite plus. No actual sewer or pollution engineering experience required, in fact, we can care less about your actual working background."

Maybe it was an ad like this that gave Manalapan NJ GOP Municipal Chairman Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery da notion that he too can "serve" as a "commissioner" of da WMUA.

So, you have 4 so-called "commissioners," and these three have direct ties to da closed-door politics of Manalapan and Marlboro. Their "qualifications": they apparently may have never even worked in a sewer or even know Ed Norton, they all have bathrooms in their houses and they're tied into da political parties in these towns - so much so that one of them is a political party boss!

So, here's da question - can "anybody" be a sewer commissioner - and why in da world are we spending homeowners hard-earned money to support these politicos in da first place?

If anything, da nomination and approval by majority Republican vote of Manalapan Republican GOP Municipal Chairman Steve McEnery only proves da point that these "appointments" seem to be nothing more than a political giveback at da expense of taxpayers who have no say in da process.

Was this position advertised? Was it on a job website? Was it posted anywhere? Was anyone who is a registered Democrat considered? Did they ask Susan Cohen?

DaTruth is, considering how towns are so cash-strapped and money is tight, why are we even paying for these so-called "commissioners?" Why can't each town that uses da WMUA simply have one of da already elected officials on their town committees simply be responsible for attending meetings and reporting back to da towns, rather than pay 4 guys 4 salaries and 4 Cadillac health plans and 4 benefits plans to keep da towns informed of toilet flushing?

Oh, and while were at it, did you know that da WMUA has its own spokesman?

That's right -- there's a guy who gets paid big-bucks to be a paid spokesman for a sewer authority -- meaning an organization that processes da stuff you flush down your toilets has an actual paid person to speak for it! And it probably wouldn't surprise you at this point to find out that this guy has big ties to da state Democratic party.

Now, in Manalapan Land Baron Andy Lucas was voted not by da voters but by his political majority to be mayor again. To be fair, that's how da system works so we won't give him grief for this. However, as a powerful mayor, maybe he can give us da benefit this time.

This is a challenge to Mayor for Life Andy Boy - do away with da "Commissioners" on da WMUA. Da WMUA already has a very qualified General Manager, a very qualified Director of Finance and a very qualified staff of other professionals who actually know something about sewers and pollution and less about being political hacks and party backers.

Da question is - will he take YOUR money out of his friend's pockets?

Didn't Manalapan's political leaders learn from a 25-month fishing expedition that in our opinion was nothing more than a political vendetta at taxpater expense? If you don't believe that, read this for yourself, see the legal briefs and draw your own conclusions!

And, with Chris Christie going after a sewer authority in Passaic County for their salary issues and other issues that taxpayers are forced to foot the bill for, isn't it time we look at da similar situation that befalls Marlboro and Manalapan taxpayers?

With da economy da way it is, and some towms fighting for their own survival and some homeowners doing da very same, we believe it is time to do away with party patronage jobs that come with salaries and benefits and do da right thing - "For All Da People."

And that's daTruth.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Da Hidden Truth About Da Brown vs Board of Manalapan Lawsuit

Any lawyer can tell you a lot can be said about a lawsuit. Even more can be said about a lawsuit that comes to an abrupt end. And, even more can be surmised about a lawsuit by the quotes you read from those involved in it.

One could say that the timing for one of the two lawsuits filed by highly decorated former Manalapan Police Chief Stuart Brown against the Township of Manalapan to be settled is quite interesting to say the very least. If you want to do something and have both little impact and not many people finding out, do it during a holiday week when many people are out of town. Maybe da timing was simply coincidenial?

But you do have to scratch your head at this one, enough for da need of a good dandruff shampoo.

Now, to be fair, both sides are claiming some type of victory here, and each side has that right. However, you also have to ask yourself --- which side really won in da case of Brown's age-discrimination lawsuit?

Fortunately, we may have an answer to that, but we'll let you decide. Da answer can be found in da mea culpa!

Intrepid actual non-bias reporter Mark Rosman wrote a detailed and two-sided actual news accounting in da local Snoozepaper. You can read his journalistic skills for yourself, but most important, lets see what both sides said to him.


"We are satisfied with the overall result."

What can we glean from this:

1. Da Mosked Man is a man of few words.

2. He is not gloating here, merely as we interpret it stating simply that - he won - and da town attorney's lost.

3. From a purely psychological standpoint, da Mosked Man appears to be giving a slap to his opponent across da legal table. He's simply saying "we are satisfied." It can be construed as da mark of a gracious winner. It can also mean - we're "satisfied" with this, but this is merely an appetizer before da main course is served, so hold on to your wallets regarding lawsuit #2


"It was beneficial to both parties to settle."

1. It doesn't take a super-genius to figure this one out.

2. This can be construed as "lose now - or lose real big later."

3. From a purely psychological standpoint, LBAB's quote can be taken as that of a defeated person who believes things could have gotten much worse if it lasted longer. However, there may be another reason da town settled this, and could that be for political reasons

DaTruth is, da results are in da quotes. One says, "it was beneficial" to settle. Da other says we're "satisfied" with da settlement. Like Fox News, we give you da evidence - you decide.

Now, as for what can be pondered as "political," think about this - Da age discrimination portion of this lawsuit (Lawsuit #1) is a reflection on da Township and da Township Committee and their leadership. That is now over and will become ancient history long before da 2011 election cycle begins. As for da defamation lawsuit (Lawsuit #2), this is purely between what da Queen said in a September meeting about Police Chief Brown not only said to da public in attendance, but for all those watching on TV. What was said by da Queen has nothing to do with Land Baron Mayor Andy Boy, da Republican majority, or da Republican Party. It has everything to do with da Queen, who just so happeens to be in year three of her three-year term on da Manalapan Township Committee, and she is up for reelection if she decides to run. This defamation case could hang from her neck like an albatross if she runs for office, and equally as bad, could become an election issue on any Democratic candidates who run in Manalapan in 2011. This, in effect, could become da gift that could bring a super-majority to Republicans in Manalapan if they sweep the 2011 election.

And - don't think for one minute that this couldn't benefit both da Republicans and da Mosked Man to have it last through November!

Since both parties have agreed to keep da overall information sealed from da public, to be fair we will have to abide by that ruling. However, ask yourself da following questions:

1. By throwing in da towel in this case, how difficult will it be now for Manalapan's Legal Dream Team to win da defamation end of this lawsuit?

2. How much $$$$$$$ will Chief Brown walk away with, thanks to da actions of Manalapan taxpayer-funded paid government officials?

3. Since it is da insurance carrier for da town that will pick up da freight here, is it possible that township insurance rates will increase as a result of da actions of Manalapan taxpayer-funded paid government officials?

4. Have you lost count on da number of lawsuits current and former Manalapan government officials have lost as either da plaintiff or da defendant when going up against da Mosked Man

DaTruth is, this is just another example of a lawsuit that didn't need to happen. In da case of "Da Township of Manalapan vs da Mosked Man,' instead of financially going after for $10,500 either da landowner who had an oil storage tank on their property, or da engineer paid by da town for saying all was well with it, da township government backed by their Legal Dream Team went after da lawyer who was told by a judge to execute da land deal by court order. Over $100,000 later (not our quote - that was from Mayor Andy Boy in 2007), da case was tossed out of court like yesterday's garbage after 25 taxpayer-funded months by da judge in da case. When da very same Legal Dream Team went after daTruthSquad to sever da First Amendment from history in a development that made Manalapan a worldwide laughingstock, they not only lost - but lost HUGE when da judge found 110% against them. Now, here's another case - a highly decorated police officer and role model for da community brings an age discrimination lawsuit against those who attempted to purpotrate a wrongful action against him - and at taxpayer expense - again da town picks up da bill for da actions of government officials.

And - there's still da issue of defamation alleged against da Chief by a taxpayer-paid government official - and da lawyer representing da Chief is none other than da Mosked Man.

And now, da questions is - what is really da "big problem" - alleged harassment of women by da Chief as one taxpayer paid government official claimed during a televised meeting -- or -- is da "big problem" taxpayer paid government officials running amuck with no leadership, and no taxpayer paid legal advisors to remind them if and when and during that they are treading into shark infested legal waters?

And - if you really need a refresher course on what was said about highly decorated and respected Manalapan Police Chief Brown by da Queen, here's a little sample from 2009, courtesy of daTruthSquad!

You can say what you will about da Mosked Man, but one thing you cannot say is - he doesn't win da big case when it comes to defending either himself or his clients against da Manalapan Legal Dream Team. Again and again, da enemy da Manalapan political elite has taken on taxpayer-funded lawyers and again, does right by his client.

And that's daTruth.