Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh No - Little Johnny Wants to Attend Bogus State College!

We were all sitting around da campfire at da ranch in Truth or Consequences when little Johnny shocked us all. He told his parents he was quitting school! His parent's jaws dropped. "Johnny, you're throwing away your future," his mother said, her eyes streaming with tears.

Johnny looked at his parents and said, "Mom, dad, why bother. I can get a degree in anything by paying just $1,000, and I'll have it in a month. I can get my doctorate da same way. I'll be 'Dr. Johnny.' Won't you be proud?"

His parents were dumbfounded. His father said, "Where did you get such a hair brained idea like that? Are you listening to rock music again?"

"No, dad" Johnny said proudly. "I'm just doing what Dr. Wasser did. He had a bunch of taxpayers send money to Alabama, and he got his doctorate degree - and now he's making a lot of money. How cool is that!"

How cool, indeed.

Of course, da only thing that could be worse than this actually happening is, it turns out this "Wasser" guy is some type of educator, or even da Superintendent of some big school district somewhere.

Well, taxpayers, get ready and hold on to your wallots, because this is "Da Fleecing of Da Freehold District."

As the Asbury Park Press has been brilliantly reporting, Superintendent "Mr." Wasser, Asst. Superintendent Evangelista, and former Asst. Superintendent Tanzini all "diploma milled" their way into extra raises and, of course, higher pensions down da road - all on your dime. Making matters worse, da school district paid for da "degree work," costing you $8,700.

No wonder little Johnny wants to forego his last 3 years of college. Why spend $120,000 for four years when you can spend $1,000 and get what you want with no homework and no headaches in 4 weeks by writing some 500-word essay entitled, "Why I want a college degree?"

Although, we're all sure it's probably like a 600 word essay if you're going for that all-important doctorate.

Finally, someone stood up and said something that made sense. Katie Goon, Marlboro's representative to da Freehold district blasted this whole situation, demanding either the 3 "Doctors" pay back the district taxpayers for the degrees and the raises or face dismissal.

Freehold representative Bunny Hammer also wants to hold the "Doctors" feet, and those who allowed it to da fire.

Manalapan's political representative apparently was not able to be heard over da sound of all da crickets.

DaTruth, and this should be clear, is these 3 "Doctors" did not violate any law, ordinance, or school policy.

However, much like what attaches itself to your shoes when you walk through da dog park prior to cleaning time, what these 3 "Doctors" did does not smell too good - and making it worse - they're educators that kids supposedly look up to. Da example they are setting, and by their subsequent actions, set a very bad example for da "little Johnny's" of da world.

Goon and Hammer are not alone, although Manalapan has yet to be heard. State Sen. Codey also wants action taken here.

DaTruth is, what these 3 "Doctors" did is an affront to anyone who is or has attended fine schools like Rutgers, Seton Hall, Rowan, or any actual college or university. They skirted da ethical line, and they should be stand-up folks and do da right thing. Think of the example they're setting for da very kids they're allegedly supposed to be guiding through and overseeing their educations. That's why Codey wants da AG to get involved, and rightly so!

A simple "Google" search shows a number of these "diploma mill" schools. Depending on the, quote, "insititution," You can get doctorate degrees for $500, and one actually lets you by school graduation rings for a nominal fee! And unlike Brookdale Community College, which is fine accredited school, schools with merely a PO Box may not be da best choices.

DaTruthSquad calls on everyone to go to da next meeting of da Freehold district. Voice your outrage, and give your support to Katie Goon. Demand these "Doctors" do da right thing. If they don't do da right thing, demand your elected representatives demand the AG gets involved. Get them to pass a law - and make it retroactive - to stop this ridiculous practice.

DaTruth is, if you don't, don't be too surprised if your little "Johnny" wants to quit a real school and real education and get his mailed-home degree from "Bogus State (B-S)" or "Possibly Unaccredited University (P-U)."

A "diploma mill" degree, especially for those are responsible for guiding the educations of our children, and even worse on taxpayer dimes, is absolutely unacceptable.

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

I imagine when they cart Wasser out of the room, no one will be propping up Horvath. I think we're going to find out what everyone always suspected. She died sometime in the late 90's and Wasser and Emmerman are doing a Weekend at Bernies with her.

Anonymous said...

There's a board meeting Monday... any idea if people might show up to make a stink about this?

Anonymous said...

Check out the Aberdeener.
Abredeener where do our teachers go to school
It is not just administrators doing this crap. It is teachers. This is very serious.

Anonymous said...

If you want to be taken seriously, learn better grammer. "Da" is not a word. The information in this blog was useful, but painful to read. I'm sure your writing style reduces your readership.

Anonymous said...

if you're going to criticize someone's language, you should attempt to be accurate as to words. Da is, in fact, a word. It is the word for "yes" in Russian. It is the word for "of" in Italian, and, in English, it is the word that refers both to the District Attorney and to a type of haircut popular in the '50's otherwise described as a duck's "tail" haircut. So, Da IS a word, just not one correctly used in the context in which it's used here, except in instances of poetic license or intended imagery, which is precisely how it's used here, something that might just be a little too sophisticated for the sophomoric, soporific stooges that frequent the online blogs to attack anyone who dares criticize the incompetent and corrupt sycophants that are currently running our local and school board governments and political parties.

Butch_Budai said...

Two proposed retail centers vie for spot in western Monmouth

By Alesha Williams Boyd • FREEHOLD BUREAU • August 27, 2008

MANALAPAN — Two 500,000-square-foot retail centers could be duking it out for business along a
roughly six-mile stretch of Route 33 in western Monmouth County, depending on how local planning boards vote on the new proposals.

Developer Manalapan Retail Realty Partners has redesigned plans for its 500,000-square-foot "village center,'' the Village at Manalapan; a new proposal submitted to the Planning Board calls for a strip of stores fronting Route 33 at Millhurst Road with larger retailers to the rear.

An earlier, 850,000-square-foot vision plan for the Village once included upscale stores, about 300 residential units, a multiscreen movie theater, athletic fields and public parks. The developer eventually scaled the $197 million concept back to what was permitted in the commercial zone, cutting out the homes and theater. It received preliminary Planning Board approval in 2006, but has been on hold because of traffic concerns.

About six miles west, developer Edgewood Properties has submitted to the Monroe Planning Board an application to build a 525,033-square-foot project, with a bank, restaurant and retail buildings near the Monmouth County border, Township Engineer Ernest Feist said.

Edgewood Properties developer Jack Morris also has scaled down original plans for his Monroe Marketplace. The proposal once included an independent league baseball stadium, luxury townhouses and the retail center on more than 400 acres on Route 33 near the Monmouth County border.

Anonymous said...

It won't be too long now before people learn about the connection between Lynch and Shapiro/Roth. That will begin to explain a LOT about what has been happening in town the last two years, including that buffoon Spodak a/k/a Kathy's Clown.

Anonymous said...

Hey ain't that guy who owns the Tillis piece from Monroe also? He had something to do with John Lynch?

Anonymous said...

Anything is possible, but remember there are some people I hear who don't want things like that discussed in forums like this. It's better that things like that remain hidden and out of view.