Friday, August 29, 2008

2 "Villages" - 2 "Towns" - 1 "Lynch" - 1 "Political Mess"

Recently, a TruthTeller named Butch left a message in da form of a newspaper story on this forum about something daTruthSquad has been talking about for years. Da question is - which Village will be built, and which town will reap da benefits, and just as important, who may have their tentacles in da way one town may be doing business.

For a number of years now, a 500,000 square foot tract has been zoned and ready for business. However, nothing is being built there. Da developer is partly to blame, asking for more than what was zoned there, but obviously any developer wants as much as they can get. Da town leaders very much to blame, slowing this project down to a snail's pace, handing "studies" to political donors, and da reality is another town could possibly reap da benefits as Manalapan's ratables slowly drift away.

Across da Route 33 border in Monroe, another developer had proposed, much like Manalapan's developer, a scaled down version of what they wanted to build. Originally they wanted to build a Mega-Mega-MEGAMALL, complete with a baseball stadium and other Mega-items on an even larger area of land a stone's throw from da Manalapan border. Fortunately, da Asbury Park Press got wind of exactly what daTruthSquad was talking about all along, and that was da link between da developer, Smiling Jack, and his friend, da head of da Lynch mob, convicted former politician & jailbird John Lynch, along with their benefactor, da head of Monroe's Pucci Posse.

However, da tentacles of one John Lynch doesn't end there.

In 2003, Manalapan's then-mayor da King received a donation, according to ELEC from a PAC called "New Beginnings." That PAC was controlled by John Lynch. Soon afterward, Da King was not in favor of da Village off Route 33.

At da same time, word leaked to daTruthSquad about da competing MegaMegaMegaMall, and all of a sudden, Democrats led by Da King & Da Queen were against Manalapan's Village, but appeared to have no problem with da MegaMegaMegaMall a stone's throw from where 3,000 homes were being built in Manalapan.

Now, as da Asbury Park Press brilliantly points out, there are 2 large developments within a stones throw of each other, and both are right by where 3,000 homes, as many as 5,000 vehicles and 6,000 to 11,000 people may be moving in to Manalapan's southern end of town. Da question is - where will these people shop? Will they jump in their cars and cause huge traffic jams heading east to Freehold and taking their tax money to subsidize Freehold, or will they jam up Route 33 heading west taking their tax money to subsidize Monroe?

Of course, as da Star Ledger reported, even Monroe residents aren't happy with da idea that will seriously impact Monroe's roads, and since Manalapanites would shop there clog Manalapan's roads and allow even more tax money from Manalapan pay to lower Monroe homeowners.

Interestingly, da answer may possibly be found in a story reported by da Asbury Park Press and apparently omitted by da local Snoozepaper.

It appears da Manalapan Township Committee recently voted to approve da spending of over $1 million for a 25-acre tract of land. That land is adjacent to da Manalapan Rec, and it appears all 5 members, voting either for or against, have 5 different plans for da land, meaning they spent YOUR TAX DOLLARS on land they have no idea as to how they will use it!

It's kind of like buying a large in-ground swimming pool, paying for it in full, and realizing you haven't bought the house yet, don't know where you'll buy it, and have no idea if you'll even have a backyard to put it in.

Guess that's how every person handles their finances?

However, there is one concern that was shocking to discover. According to da newspaper, "I also am not happy with what I am seeing and who owns the property, what I'm finding on ELEC and what I'm reading," Cohen said. Cohen said she had concerns about possible connections to Lynch and his Democratic political action committee, New Directions through Responsible Leadership, from which Lynch announced he would step down in 2006."

This is not to say that Lynch has or had ties to da company that owned da land, because there is no proof that he is involved in any way with the company which owned da land Manalapan bought. Da connection, however, are through donations to & from New Beginnings, which da newspaper pointed out.

DaTruth is, Manalapan is a town that has been growing at an extremely fast rate, and da county records show Manalapan is one of da biggest single housebuilders in da county, at an even faster rate than Freehold, Marlboro, or Howell. However, where these 3 towns have added much-needed business ratables, Manalapan has been at da bottom of da county list at adding businesses. Now you wonder why Freehold homeowners pay less in taxes?

There was a time when GOP'er committeeman Andy Boy in Manalapan was for da Village (remember those political attack ads regarding his "limo ride?). His attitude, however changed, ironically at da same time he was supported by da Queen to become Manalapan's mayor.

DaTruth is, Manalapan residents need a tax break - a big one, and even a stripped-down version of da Village is better than fighting traffic to Freehold or Monroe and giving their residents tax relief with your purchases. Maybe that's what some politicians may want, but daTruthSquad's guess is your bottom-line, da cost of gas traveling to other towns to shop, and da fact Manalapan will be subsidizing other towns may make you feel a little unhappy - and very unnerved.

Now, if you have absolutely no problem whatsoever helping to lower da tax rate of towns like Freehold or Monroe, while your taxes in Manalapan have gone up over 40% in da past 2 years alone, and with 3,000 homes, as many as 5,000 vehicles and 6,000 to 11,000 people may be moving in to Manalapan's southern end of town, then by all means tell your Township Committee you don't want da Village, and you'll proudly turn Manalapan's country roads into a traffic nightmare. That is your right as a resident, a citizen, and taxpayer, and that is your choice.

However, if you want a place to shop in town, a "Village" atmosphere as da developer has asked for, and want to see ratables help to lower your tax burden knowing full well 3,000 homes, as many as 5,000 vehicles and 6,000 to 11,000 people may be moving in to Manalapan's southern end of town, then you better tell those same town leaders, including da Mayor running for reelection, that you don't want politicians playing with your money for their political gain.

DaTruthSquad alone can't change da minds of politicians, but your votes can. It's YOUR money, and right now, you may want to ask about da agendas of those politicians you elect to spend it, and how it's being spent - before it's too late.

And that's daTruth.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh No - Little Johnny Wants to Attend Bogus State College!

We were all sitting around da campfire at da ranch in Truth or Consequences when little Johnny shocked us all. He told his parents he was quitting school! His parent's jaws dropped. "Johnny, you're throwing away your future," his mother said, her eyes streaming with tears.

Johnny looked at his parents and said, "Mom, dad, why bother. I can get a degree in anything by paying just $1,000, and I'll have it in a month. I can get my doctorate da same way. I'll be 'Dr. Johnny.' Won't you be proud?"

His parents were dumbfounded. His father said, "Where did you get such a hair brained idea like that? Are you listening to rock music again?"

"No, dad" Johnny said proudly. "I'm just doing what Dr. Wasser did. He had a bunch of taxpayers send money to Alabama, and he got his doctorate degree - and now he's making a lot of money. How cool is that!"

How cool, indeed.

Of course, da only thing that could be worse than this actually happening is, it turns out this "Wasser" guy is some type of educator, or even da Superintendent of some big school district somewhere.

Well, taxpayers, get ready and hold on to your wallots, because this is "Da Fleecing of Da Freehold District."

As the Asbury Park Press has been brilliantly reporting, Superintendent "Mr." Wasser, Asst. Superintendent Evangelista, and former Asst. Superintendent Tanzini all "diploma milled" their way into extra raises and, of course, higher pensions down da road - all on your dime. Making matters worse, da school district paid for da "degree work," costing you $8,700.

No wonder little Johnny wants to forego his last 3 years of college. Why spend $120,000 for four years when you can spend $1,000 and get what you want with no homework and no headaches in 4 weeks by writing some 500-word essay entitled, "Why I want a college degree?"

Although, we're all sure it's probably like a 600 word essay if you're going for that all-important doctorate.

Finally, someone stood up and said something that made sense. Katie Goon, Marlboro's representative to da Freehold district blasted this whole situation, demanding either the 3 "Doctors" pay back the district taxpayers for the degrees and the raises or face dismissal.

Freehold representative Bunny Hammer also wants to hold the "Doctors" feet, and those who allowed it to da fire.

Manalapan's political representative apparently was not able to be heard over da sound of all da crickets.

DaTruth, and this should be clear, is these 3 "Doctors" did not violate any law, ordinance, or school policy.

However, much like what attaches itself to your shoes when you walk through da dog park prior to cleaning time, what these 3 "Doctors" did does not smell too good - and making it worse - they're educators that kids supposedly look up to. Da example they are setting, and by their subsequent actions, set a very bad example for da "little Johnny's" of da world.

Goon and Hammer are not alone, although Manalapan has yet to be heard. State Sen. Codey also wants action taken here.

DaTruth is, what these 3 "Doctors" did is an affront to anyone who is or has attended fine schools like Rutgers, Seton Hall, Rowan, or any actual college or university. They skirted da ethical line, and they should be stand-up folks and do da right thing. Think of the example they're setting for da very kids they're allegedly supposed to be guiding through and overseeing their educations. That's why Codey wants da AG to get involved, and rightly so!

A simple "Google" search shows a number of these "diploma mill" schools. Depending on the, quote, "insititution," You can get doctorate degrees for $500, and one actually lets you by school graduation rings for a nominal fee! And unlike Brookdale Community College, which is fine accredited school, schools with merely a PO Box may not be da best choices.

DaTruthSquad calls on everyone to go to da next meeting of da Freehold district. Voice your outrage, and give your support to Katie Goon. Demand these "Doctors" do da right thing. If they don't do da right thing, demand your elected representatives demand the AG gets involved. Get them to pass a law - and make it retroactive - to stop this ridiculous practice.

DaTruth is, if you don't, don't be too surprised if your little "Johnny" wants to quit a real school and real education and get his mailed-home degree from "Bogus State (B-S)" or "Possibly Unaccredited University (P-U)."

A "diploma mill" degree, especially for those are responsible for guiding the educations of our children, and even worse on taxpayer dimes, is absolutely unacceptable.

And that's daTruth.

Friday, August 15, 2008

daTruthSquad Reminisces About A Summer Vacation

What a difference a year makes. One year ago at this very time, da family daTruthSquad was taking da annual summer excursion to daTruth Ranch in Truth or Consequences when all of a sudden, word leaked to daTruthSquad that lawyers comprising da Manalapan Legal Dream Team were concocting a theory that somehow, some way, daTruthSquad was actually da Mosked Man.

Even worse, it appeared that some career politicians, their feathers ruffled that someone dare air their dirty laundry in public because while they had their tracks covered in a certain local Snoozepaper, they did not have control of this blog and wanted retribution. So, by voting to do so in da Manalapan Township Committee, they incorporated their Manalapan Legal Dream Team, at TAXPAYER EXPENSE, to play a dangerous game of "Go Fish" and start a fishing expedition, apparently with da purpose of exposing who was putting quarters into da washing machine to air da politician's dirty laundry.

Da bad news, it unfortunately caused daTruthSquad to take an extended summer vacation.

Da good news, and thanks to da very hard work of some brilliantly fantastic lawyers connected to and a part of da Electronic Frontier Foundation, not only is daTruthSquad back, but da blog is better than ever with a readership now worldwide.

Even more important, da legal precedent set by da EFF in this case of "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" will have repercussions for years to come in Manalapan and throughout da country!

There are many people who haven't seen exactly what da Manalapan Legal Dream Team tried to cook up in their anti-First Amendment laboratory. So, starting da 1 year anniversary of what was a very interesting 5 months, allow daTruthSquad to show you clearly how da residents of da Kingdom of Manalapan have had their tax money spent over da span of da last 2 tax years.

Please take da time to read each highlighted link carefully. You'll see what some politicians may have wanted to hide, and how, with YOU footing da bill, Manalapan's Legal Dream Team may have given a distinct advantage to da Mosked Man in his case.

As da paperwork between members of da Manalapan Legal Dream Team & da Mosked man started to appear in court, buried in da Dream Team's paperwork - at taxpayer expense - on page 12 of 54 was an interesting quote saying "Regarding defendant's (Moskowitz) internet blog, "daTruthSquad," defendant use the anonymous forum to dissect the specific allegations asserted against him, offering his opinion & analysis of the validity of each claim."

Obviously, there's not "Gray" area here. "(Moskovitz) blog," "offering his opinion." That all seems pretty straight-forward here making da claim da blog belongs to da Mosked man and he is da writer, according to da Dream Team.

On page 13, da Dream Team further alleges, "Defendant (Moskovitz) further uses the blog to accuse various township officials of improper motives and repeatedly threaten the township with a retaliatory lawsuit. On page 14, da Dream Team lawyers claim Moskowitz violated da court-appointed gag order on da trial by blogging on daTruthSquad.

A number of pages in this legal filing then points to daTruthSquad as being da work of Moskovitz. They make very compelling arguments, however just one little thing is missing from their claims -- EVIDENCE!

Of course, their "evidence" for da court and their case was in fact copies of this very blog, in fact, 21 pages of this blog including da very popular "Baconhead of da Week" among other blog entries da Dream Team, at taxpayer expense, claimed was da property of da Mosked man - and by da way - this filing came from da McCarthy firm, which da local Snoozepaper reported was being paid BY THE HOUR!!

This, of course, begs the important question - Why attack this blog as a part of a land-deal-gone-bad lawsuit?

Moskovitz, on numerous occasions including in correspondence to da Manalapan Legal Dream Team and also in court stated in no uncertain terms that he was not daTruthSquad. Da reply by da Dream Team lawyers was, in effect, that they did not believe Moskovitz, EVEN THOUGH HE SIGNED LEGAL COURT DOCUMENTS TO DA SAME, therefore they wanted to know no matter what the cost to TAXPAYERS.

There are some courts where their logic would have sufficed. Courts that would have agreed with da Dream Team could be found in da former Soviet Union, da Taliban-led Afghanistan, Iran, and daTruthSquad is certain Idi Amin would have been proud when he led Uganda. However, in a Democracy like the United States, even politically-tied in folks can't always win.

There have been a number of commenters asking da question - Why is this case going on? What is it really about? Was something wrong done?

Well, da answer is, something wrong was done, and it was almost done to daTruthSquad - and YOU, every reader of this blog.

In part 2 of daTruthSquad's Summer Vacation, we'll let you know exactly why da vacation was extended, what it was like to receive a subpoena, what happened that a certain local Snoozepaper didn't report on in the fall, secrets da Manalapan Legal Dream Team might not want you to know --- and most important, why da Manalapan Dream Team's actions may have ultimately been da best possible situation - for da Mosked man!

Enjoy your summer, while basking in da sun from Truth or Consequences,


Monday, August 11, 2008

A Town Center For Marlboro? Is This Manalapan's "Shared Services" At Work?

Da Truthtellers were in shock after reading this. It seems da mayor and town leaders in Marlboro are considering something so heinous and barbaric their rationale and motives must be seriously questioned.

Marlboro is considering building -- get this -- a TOWN CENTER!!!!!!

Maybe this is another of da Queen Mayor's "Shared Services" plans, like getting Marlboro to allow some Manalapan residents to use the Marlboro pool for a price obviously beneficial to Marlboro's taxpayers, or continuing to sue da Mosked Man over $10,500 while spending well over $100,000 to do it.

Apparently they haven't discussed da matter with Manalapan's Queen Mayor, her Gang of Three, or henchmen on their hand-picked "Anti"-Village Committee.

For da last 7 years Manalapan too has debated this, going from "great idea" in 2001 to "John Lynch may not like this" in 2004 to "If we build it we'll hurt da chances for a MegaMegaMegaMall on Route 33 in Lynch-linked Monroe" in 2005.

DaTruthsquad read with great interest a story in da Asbury Park Press, a real area newspaper that took both a serious and non-objective look at Marlboro's idea.

What was said was simply hard to believe - of course that is - by Manalapan standards.

"Residents and members of local committees have said might be good for the township's future," was one of da quotes of da story!!!

Wow! Doing something for da township's future? "Residents...said it might be good?" Who would have thought that??

Here are some more of those quotes you should read with interest.

"A common thread in the meetings, led by township planners Heyer, Gruel and Associates, has been talk of a possible town center that could distinguish Marlboro's identity."

"A town center would be different than big-box retail," Hornik said. "I think it's more of a quaint, village-type of development which would have retail on the bottom, possibly apartments and condos on top, and it would be a mixed use that would offer a lot to the town. "The area doesn't need another strip mall," Hornik said."

And, apparently for da benefit of Manalapan residents who indeed will be clogging Manalapan roads to head there, they're nice enough to consider placing it close to Manalapan's border.

"He said the township then could identify a piece of property for such a center — suggestions at past meetings have included the Tennent Road corridor and the township's "historic" section at Route 79 and School Road — and designate a master redeveloper."

It's actually remarkable to watch an actual real local government in action.

DaTruth is, that same type of vision was already offered to Manalapan by a developer who owns da land adjacent to Route 33 and Millhurst Road. Instead of a "Town Center," Manalapan instead is getting 3,000 homes on postage-stamp-sized lots and no actual retail infrastructure for those 3,000 homes, probably 6,000 cars and probably 8-10,000 new residents who will have to drive to Freehold, Monroe, or Marlboro to do their shopping or dining.

Many Manalapan residents want it, and anyone who will be riding traffic-laden roads leading out of Manalapan want it, and considering how much tax dollars are being handed to towns like Freehold and Marlboro already and not being spent to hold down taxes in Manalapan want it.

Unfortunately, there's about 7 people who don't want it, and it's their will that makes da decisions in Manalapan.

DaTruth is, Manalapan has no sustainable infrastructure where ratables are concerned. Manalapan is at da bottom of da Monmouth County barrel where it comes to da percentage of ratables to offset da overwhelming tax burden suffered by da peasants in da Kingdom. Those in charge of that planning have done nothing to alleviate this burden, except raise local taxes. You can blame da school tax burden, and you can blame higher fuel costs, and you can blame cuts in state aid from Trenton, although that figure was 1 half of 1 percent of Manalapan's budget. However, da real blame goes to those whofor whatever reason are stalling an already-planning board approved Village project, and even if they don' t want it, have no real plan for how to address Manalapan's lack of ratables for an ever-growing population and already crowded-and-getting worse local roads.

Of course, when you see da map below you'll see where da Village is intended to go and what it was intended to look like. What you'll also see, AND THOSE WHO OPPOSE DA VILLAGE DON'T WANT YOU TO SEE THIS -- is all of da open space taken by house developers to build 3,000 homes in that area!!!

Instead, Manalapan spends money on studies being done by CME on a traffic study which we all hope was not done when nearby Woodward Road was closed for what seemed like decade-long road repairs. And, Manalapan residents still go out-of-town to do their shopping or enjoy their entertainment.

Whether or not it is a Village now due to all da years of stalling, Manalapan's residents need more than just a strip mall there because that will NOT serve da needs "for all da people." It's also about time those who receive both pay & health benefits think more "for all da people" and less "for all their cronies."

DaTruth is, Marlboro's mayor and town council deserve praise from their residents for their insight and for putting da overall needs of da town residents first. Marlboro is a very large but very nice town that does seem to lack a "hometown" feel at times. A "Village" or "Town Center" concept could go a very long way to alleviate that. Kudos for da Marlboro heirarchy for doing da right thing for their people.

DaTruth is, this plan would be a great achievement for Marlboro, just as it's helped other towns. Maybe da Queen Mayor could get Manalapan a "shared service agreement" where Manalapan residents could get discounts for shopping there? After all, with no real "Village-style" place to shop in Manalapan, a lot of folks may be heading to Marlboro's proposed "Village."

That would be a great benefit for both towns -- Manalapan residents would get a discount for shopping in Marlboro -- and Marlboro gets Manalapan tax $$$$$ to benefit Marlboro's residents. Who knows, maybe Marlboro residents might even see their tax burden DECREASE - now that's a concept!

And that's daTruth.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Can Manalapan Or Any Town Rent Mayor Halfacre?

So what if Mayor Mike Halfacre doesn’t live in Manalapan. Da People there should elect him anyway.

Recently, da mayor of da small town of Fair Haven did something only Joltin Joe Locricchio could do, and alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident Andy Boy could do when he was a Republican, and that is LOWER taxes! What makes Halfacre’s feat so astounding is he lowered taxes after Trenton cut more of a percentage of state aid than Manalapan’s percentage cut!

While Manalapan will see a nearly 14% hike in taxes, da taxes will decrease in Fairhaven!


Well, there are a lot of reasons.

*** Fairhaven isn’t spending seven-figures of tax dollars on land worth half that amount. Ah, but da argument by da Gang of Three is they were forced to by a judge to buy that land.

*** Fairhaven isn’t paying lawyers to try to remove da First Amendment from da Constitution. Fortunately, a judge saw through their argument of (actual court testimony) “We read the blog and said, boy, the author of that thing sure looks to be Stuart Moskovitz. Is it? I don’t know. But it sure looks to be. And he’s saying he’s not. So, my goodness, I’m going to issue a subpoena.”

*** Fairhaven isn’t still spending money – “well over $100,000” was da Andy Boy quote last year – that is, before he too became a DEFENDANT in da same case he voted to allow Manalapan residents to pay for – AND STILL PAY FOR – to clean up a $10,500 soil problem.

*** Fairhaven isn’t spending millions of dollars – plus maintainance - on expanding Manalapan Rec by adding a new synthetic turf field.

*** Fairhaven isn’t allowing 3,000 new homes to be built, adding hundreds of more children to da local school system and thousands of more cars onto already crowded Manalapan roads in one small part of town.

*** Fairhaven isn’t spending time & taxpayer dollars on studies to not have ratables such as da Village placed in a town with one of the lowest amount of ratables in da county and one of da bottom-of-da-list worst ratio of ratables in da state.

However, unlike Manalapan, here’s what Fairhaven was able to accomplish.

Borough council members approved the revised 2008 $8.4 million budget Monday, which had a $139,000 hole to fill after state aid was reduced. That fiscal hole was plugged through cuts and a few bills which came in lower than what officials budgeted six months ago.

Wow! Cuts! What a brilliant idea! Lets see what Fairhaven did.

Did they cut police jobs? Did they decide never to pick up trash again? Did they make all da residents stop eating dinners for a year?

First, “Officials also put off buying one replacement police vehicle for $30,000 and realized savings in other insurance ranging up to $10,000.”

"We went back and asked each department to squeeze a little more," Halfacre said.”

“A source for major savings was last year's decision to hire an in-house engineer and have that person head the public works department, which Halfacre estimated saved $25,000.”

“Part of the savings came from eliminating the public works department superintendent's salary and from money which won't be paid to former engineers, T&M Associates, for routine inspections, he said. Fees charged for that work will now stay in the borough and increase revenue.”

Officials also didn't replace a public works worker who retired, saving about $30,000 in salary, Halfacre said.

You have to hand it to Mayor Halfacre and his town council. They do more with much less, and apparently without any political agenda, and he got da job done.

DaTruth is, while da nation, da state, da county, and many towns are cutting whatever’s not nailed down during da recession and da poor fiscal structure of New Jersey as a whole, somehow Fairhaven found a way to decrease taxes by being smart and responsible. Manalapan, on da other hand, spends millions on expanding an already large Manalapan Rec, buys land they apparently have no clue as to what to do with (“bubble stadium,” “revenue stream,” “lease it out,” “build homes,” “expand Manalapan Rec”), continues to pay da large number of lawyers making up da “Manalapan Legal Dream Team” for a lawsuit against their nemesis, da Mosked Man, and blocks any chance of adding ratables to Manalapan in da form of da Village while border-town Monroe is planning a MegaMegaMegaMall a stone’s throw from Manalapan’s border on Route 33.

Oh, that millions of taxpayer dollars on land they have no actual plan for, did daTruthSquad mention that CONVICT JOHN LYNCH, who gave money to Manalapan Democrats and who’s business partner was behind da Monroe MegaMegaMegaMall has his tentacles in this land deal?

DaTruth is, what Mayor Halfacre and his Fairhaven representatives did was commendable for his residents and da right thing to do. There was no politics involved, just doing right things during hard economic times. He should be pround of what he has accomplished as da mayor of his town.

Too bad Manalapan can’t rent him out to run this town.

Kudos to Mayor Halfacre, and a message to Manalapan residents: Demand from your elected officials da same thing Fairhaven residents asked for - and received – from their elected officials – honesty – dependability – fiscal responsibility – and putting residents before political pals.

That, my TruthTellers, is daTruth.