Saturday, May 24, 2008

"Roth"ed Again - Manalapan Police Phones Turned off - "For Lack of Payment!"

You can't make this stuff up.

Only in Manalapan can this happen - da Manalapan Police Department lost their phone service for almost 4 hours when it was turned off by Verizon -- for lack of payment, according to da Asbury Park Press!

The Asbury Park Press says "Police Chief Stuart Brown said he filed a complaint with the state Board of Public Utilities regarding the May 14 shut-off, which Verizon customer service representatives initially told a shift supervisor was due to nonpayment."

Of course da newspaper tried to call Manalapan's administrative department, which handles such things as paying bills, but nobody was available.

This begs some very serious questions:

1. With da phones to Manalapan's vital link - da police department - turned off, were Manalapan's residents lives put at risk?

2. Exactly who - give daTruthSquad a name here that da town residents pay for using their taxpayer money - is responsible for this?

3. Why were ANY bills to a public utility in arrears so much that they turned off da service?

4. Where was da Queen Mayor when da police department phones were cut off?

5. Will anybody lose their jobs over this?

DaTruth is, unless Bozo da Clown or a 1st grader were in charge of running Manalapan, this could not and should not happen!

Of course, this question will be asked at da May 28th budget meeting, when Manalapan residents -- as daTruthSquad told you weeks ago would happen - will hear first-hand that your taxes are going up again -- this after last year's mammoth 28% tax hike engineered by Manalapan's Gang of Three (hear no evil, see no evil, and looking evil).

As for how this could happen, daTruthSquad has received "talking points" as to how da Manalapan Police Department phone service could have been shut off for non-payment.

Talking Point #1: "It was unfortunate, but apparently those phone bills wound up under massive files of "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" lawsuit, so in efect Stu Moskovitz is to blame."

Talking Point #2: "If we weren't so cash-strapped paying lawyers and spending well over $100,000 to recoup $10,000 from Stu Moskovitz, this would never have happened."

Talking Point #3: "Somebody inadvertantly put peanut butter on da phone bill, and da Queen Mayor ate it."

Talking Point #4: "Da Township Administrator has 2 bill piles - 'Lawsuit against Moskovitz' pile of bills that most be paid immediately, and 'all others' that can wait."

Talking Point #5: "How does anyone in their right mind think we can pay a bunch of lawyers suing Moskovitz and still have enough money to pay the Police phone bill too?"

Talking Point #6: "Da dog ate last year's 28% tax increase."

Talking Point #7: "Police phone bill - we no need to pay no stinking Police phone bill."

Talking Point #8: "Heck, we blame Moskovitz for everything else. Don't we have scientific studies from da Snoozepaper saying Moskovitz is to blame for Global Warming?"

DaTruth is, for something like this to happen, and as da Asbury Park Press said, "Verizon customer service representatives initially told a shift supervisor was due to nonpayment," shows nothing less than complete ineptness in Town Hall if in fact nonpayment is da true reason. Under normal work environments, a major mistake like this should warrant a person to be fired. Who in da Township Administrator's office is responsible? Who got paid for "not thinking" and let something like this happen? Where was da Queen Mayor? Isn't it her job to oversee da town and its bills? Are taxpayers paying "late fees" for taxpayer-paid town officials ignoring Police phone bills?

If Manalapan residents let this slip under da rug of ineptness without any response, then you as Manalapan residents deserve every penny of last year's 28% tax increase, da "forever" lawsuit against da Mosked Man, da Fields of Nightmares, and whatever tax increase da Queen will orchestrate this year to pay - or in this case - not pay town bills!

May 28 - Manalapan Town Hall - BE THERE IN PERSON - don't miss it! And that's daTruth


Anonymous said...

Changing Times Too

Congratulations Manalapan! We have become the biggest laughing stock around. I'm down here in LBI with friends having a barbeque. Two families are from Manalapan the rest are from other towns. Of course we the families from Manalapan got ribbed, with "hey what's up with your town? Can't you pay the phone bill for your Police Department?" Verizon said they were shut off for non payment. That's just great! In the 20 years I am here I never heard of any department in Manalapan loosing their phone service or anything else for non payment. But under the fiscal watch of our MBA holding Mayor Roth our Police Departments phones are shut off! I found it unbelievable that our Mayor was not available for comment, nor our administrator or our CFO! Roth is the Mayor, she should have made a statement. But she did n't. She is not a leader. Gennaro was right when he said he could not vote for her as a Mayor. She has just proven one more time how she is not a leader. She has to go in November!

Anonymous said...

A reminder,

Chief Brown never said Manalapan Twsp. didn't pay, he said they pay bills by a voucher system that is slow, and;

Verizon never said that it was Manalapan Twsp. who didn't pay.

Don't be surprised if a third party's name pops up soon.

Anonymous said...

Changing Times Too

Yes Manalapan pays through a voucher system using a vendor, but Manalapan is responsible to make sure the vendor that they use through their voucher system pays the bills on time to the designated entity. That my friend is the repsonsibility of administration, to review and make sure all payments are distributed and on time. Accountability, plain and simple. It is a matter of public safety that was affected by this and that cannot be tolerated. As the "Chief said it is reprehensible!"

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if we pay through a voucher system or through a psychic. The fact of the matter is the bill was NOT paid, and the service was disconnected to our POLICE department!

Making matters worse, the mayor and administrator were not available for comment???????

I for one am gald I'm paying so much in local taxes for these pathetic losers who are "unavailable for comment." I don't know where they were, but I know where they weren't - - paying our bills and doing their jobs!!!

Nancy in Langhorne said...

My friends were talking about this blog over the weekend and I'm a first time reader.

When I read this blog about Manalpaan not paying its phone bill and the police phones were shut off I thought it was a sick joke. Then I clicked the link and couldn't believe it was really true. Then I read some other blogs here and found out they were true too. I used to live in Manalapan but moved in 2005. I used to regret our move to Langhorne, but not anymore. I truly find it pathetic how a once beautiful and well run town like Manalapan could be so screwed up now. I hope for the sake of my friends still there that it changes for the better.

Anonymous said...

You can't blame Roth for this one. If the State of NJ would let her raise taxes more, she could pay for the million dollar cancer field and the police phones!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Klauber and Lucas and Roth all went after Cohen for her opinion that the part time township officials health benefits be terminated. Cohen's idea was to save that money and use part of it for other things the township needs.

All of the officials on that panel except for Cohen are self employed.

What a payday to get free benefits for themselves and their families, medical and dental, annually for 3 years. That's a 45K+ savngs for them as business owners. They know how to take the benefits without blinking an eye, and then they sure know how to stick it to us by raising our taxes so they can to keep their health benefits.

Nice way of thinking, I want a part time job that gives me and my family free medical and dental insurance.

Get with the real world and pay your own way! Susan Cohen's idea of cutting their benefits would save the town over 75K annually not 20K as Lucas claimed.

Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

Andrew Lucas couldn't tell the difference between Manalapan and Freehold, between his wife and his mother, between his running mate and his opponent, between raising taxes and lowering taxes. Do you really think he would know the difference between 20,000 and 70,000 dollars?

Anonymous said...

I remember in 2004 when Manalapan was rated as the #2 best place to live on the East Coast by Money Magazine. The study they claimed was based on 2003 information. That was before Roth & Lucas & Klauber were in charge. No wonder with these 3 idiots Manalapan has gone from being the most desirable place to live to being the most obvious place not to want to live in. What a sick joke these career politicians have played on us.

Anonymous said...

If you want to fix the sick joke played on us do 2 things.

1 - go to the meeting tonight in Manalapan where after last year's 28% tax increase Roth and her lacky Lucas will add another tax increase on to us to pay for their pet projects and vendetta lawsuits.

2 - vote in the primary for Butch Budai & Steve Johnson. They're NOT beholden to special interests or political party bosses and like Susan Cohen will actually work FOR the people and not for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please....Butch and Steve are so close to Moskovitz that when one sneezes the other wipes the nose. The puppeteer is again pulling the strings....

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that when anyone brings up Johnson or Budai, or anyone they don't like they always put Moskowitz in the same sentence.

Considering how the Manalapan party bosses and their do-whatever-they-are-told minions have ruined this town, how much worse is it to have a friend in Moskowitz?

Anonymous said...

at least when moskovitz was mayor things worked, taxes went down, surplus went up, services went up and the town was run properly and we were all proud to live there. Can you spell j-e-a-l-o-u-s? If they are friends with Stu, then that's all the reason I need to vote for them. I'd be thrilled if Manalapan was once again like it was when he was the mayor. It has gone downhill ever since.

Anonymous said...

"I’m thankful that I can freely choose our church (currently anyway), but disappointed that our society is so intolerant of Christians, but very tolerant of just about any other world-wide religion - heaven forbid any of our children want to say the name Jesus or say a prayer in a public school… we hear stories of the of intolerance typically by school administrators that will also bend over backwards to not insult believers of other religions."

Who wrote this on their blog? Here's a hint - he's McEnery's candidate for Township Committee and it's not Ryan Green.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but it's his running mate Bill Garcia. Garcia is saying that society has little tolerance for Christians, but society is tolerant of "any other world-wide religion."

So is Bill Garcia intolerant of anyone outside the Christian faith?
Scary. Didn't McEnery and his flock learn their lesson with Miracle Torregrossa and her religious door to door preaching?

Butch and Steve save us!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

VERIZON BILL- Explain this to me Ricky how is it that the Verizon bill gets directly paid monthly by the Administration of our illustious town, but.......the service was cut off allegedly because of a 3rd party billing issue with the company that installed the phones? If the towns payment went directly to Verizon how is it that service was disconnected for non payment?



Anonymous said...

I'd like to know why this so called 'story' is still listed here, placing blame on Roth and Lovrich, when I was told that it was clearly explained last night that the bills were current and the entire fault lied with Verizon. Da Lack of Truth Squad made unfounded accusations placing blame where it wasn't, and now that the Real Truth is out, he/she won't fess up to their mistake.

Anonymous said...

Wrong. It wasn't clearly explained and it is not clear that "the entire fault lied with Verizon." Verizon said it was looking into the incident.

Anonymous said...

If they paid the bill why didn't they bring a copy of the bill & the disbursement as proof? Sorry, I don't believe Roth or Lovrich. I want to see the records.

Anonymous said...

This is the same mayor who wouldn't place the blame on her own husband for saying BECAUSE I HATE ITALIANS and tried a number of ways to spin it before TV cameras caught the truth. I don't believe for one minue she'd know the truth if she fell over it. After seeing our illustrious mayor in action, I for one wouldn't believe one word she says. I'll wait for Verizon to announce what really happened.

Anonymous said...

What's next? The lights will be shut off due to non-payment, causing massive accidents on the streets of Manalapan because the traffic singals won't work? Why isn't the Attorney General investigating the Mayor and the town government for embezzlement and fraud? This town used to get by with less and function well. It is clear that someone believes to have blank check authority and is bankrupting this town. Manalpan maybe facing Chapter 9 bankruptcy. What an embarrasment. Why did the township residents vote for these incomptent morons?

Anonymous said...

The Manalapan Police Department should start stockpiling candles... just in case the lights are shut off. I guess the last person to leave Manalapan won't have to shut the lights off because the Queen Mayor would have beat them to the punch.

Anonymous said...

There was a time when people would ask me where I live and I proudly said Manalapan.

I'm so completely embarassed now thanks to rediculous lawsuits, that whole Larry Roth hating Italians thing, the first amendment lawsuit and the high tax increases every year, I just tell people I live in a town near Freehold. At least their reputation is good.

Anonymous said...

False alarm. Verizon accepted blame. Move on...

wyattearp1 said...

They can't move on, because they are vicious haters. They are a pox on our town. All they do is bitc& and moan, while doing nothing. Despite all the vile crap they wrote about TC members, they will simply shrug this off until the next opportunity for spreading lies presents itself. They can do this because they don't have the ball$ to speak up in public. Try yelling fire in a crowded movie theater when there is no fire and see where the freedom of speech defense gets you. These vermin should be held accountable for the slanderous posts they write. Hey, with any luck, someone will get pi$$ed off enough to go after these losers.