Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First Amendment Is Under Attack Again - First By Manalapan Politicians - This Time By Politicians In Bordentown, NJ

Sometimes, something comes along and reminds you da very reason you started blogging in da first place. Da Manalapan Township Committee, led by da Queen and Andy Boy did just that in 2007, starting a case against da Mosked Man that even a former Township Attorney said wasn't justified, and turned it into a First Amendment case that garnered da kind of worldwide attention you'd rather not find yourself on da receiving end of. Three years later, we are reminded yet again, and this you almost have to shake your head at!

Do da politicians in Bordentown, New Jersey know that Manalapan, New Jersey exists?

Apparently they don't, and their lawyers may not either, because if they did, they'd realize that a precedent-setting First Amendment law case, much like da Revolutionary War battle that happened in da vicinity of Manalapan over 200 years ago happened here!

Da Mayor of Bordentown, New Jersey isn't happy with a website run by one or more than one anonymous blogger. Da website is "BordentownMayorReallySucks.com." If you read da name of da website really close, you may get a small hint at what da website is actually about.

Da good news here is da fine folks at this "BMRS" website know all about daTruthSquad --- Da bad news is, da politicians of Bordontown don't.

Now, we must confess we wouldn't know Bordentown Mayor James E. Lynch if we tripped over him. Would Bordontown Mayor Lynch be someone who'd have a good time at a neighborhood BBQ? Probably would. Would Bordentown Mayor James E. Lynch be da kind of guy who would hold a door open for a lady? Hopefully, he probably would. Would Bordentown Mayor James E. Lynch be someone who would fit right in as a member of da Manalapan Township Committee back in 2007? Apparently, probably would.

You see, Bordentown Mayor James E. Lynch put forward a resolution not only condemning this "BMRS" website, but took da extraordinary (although not too extraordinary in Manalapan political circles) step of demanding the immediate termination of what he deemed a "malicious" website, and will, much like Manalapan did, spend taxpayer money to attack da First Amendment!

Da Trentonian newspaper wrote about this "Manalapan-like" story, and if you follow da shock quotes from Bordentown Mayor Lynch, what you get is a very scary comparison to what happened here in Manalapan three years ago.

Bordentown Mayor Lynch Shock Quote #1: "This creates the impression it’s the city mayor’s website"

Da mayor might be right, if you have da IQ of a ping-pong ball. Anyone who would think "Bordentown Mayor Really Sucks" is what da fine folks of Bordentown's city government would call their own town website is either about 48 cards short of a full deck or they just don't give enough credit to people in general. Either way, you would have to doubt that even da Manalapan Legal Dream Team wouldn't have gone down this path.

Bordentown Mayor Lynch Shock Quote #2: "We’re going to involve every agency we can in shutting this website down."

Note to Mayor Lynch - you may first want to first actually check out this website, or talk with da fine folks at any First Amendment law firm, because that tree you're barking up is not only tall, but very costly and can become very embarrassing as you are surely finding out now. And, much like Manalapan and its politicians and taxpayer-funded lawyers did back in 2007, your town could become da laughingstock of da world-wide blogosphere.

Bordentown Mayor Lynch Shock Quote #3: "I’m not going to go down the freedom of speech road."

Are you a few fries shot of a kid's meal? In one sentence you say what is on da "BMRS" website is "fradulent." In the next line, you say in effect they are coming after you. So why use taxpayer money for something that you claim is about you? Mayor, with all due respect, move to Manalapan and run for da Manalapan Township Committee, If you have a deep-seeded hatred of da Mosked Man, and you're into filing bogus lawsuits at taxpayer expense, you'll fit right in. This is as much a freedom of speech issue as chocolate and vanilla are ice cream flavors.

Already, da blogosphere is talking about "Lynch's Folly," including websites in Europe and those here at home, including Harvard's Citizen Media Law Project.


DaTruth is, this case not only has eerie similarities to da precedent-setting "Township of Manalapan vs. Da Mosked Man" law case, heard around da world and even discussed according to some posters in university law schools, but da Manalapan case could potentially be used as legal evidence in da Bordentown case to show this case has no legal merit.

From a legal standpoint, you have to ask yourself if this case is about cybersquatting, or trademark, or even a stretch of government confusion? Da answer to those questions would be "Definitely No," "Really No" and "Are You Really Freakin' Kidding." Da bad news here for Lynch-ites is he could have a better chance at winning da lottery than winning a case like this.

DaTruth is, and we need to face some serious facts here - Bordentown Mayor James E. Lynch (and we can only pray he's no relation to a party heavyweight and former inmate at da Stockade Hilton with da same last name) is in fact a politician. Politicians, and you can look no further than a man wearing an Obama mask at a Sarah Palin rally, get second-guessed and receive some rebuke now and then. It comes with da job - and that bloated taxpayer-funded pension and state-paid-for health benefits. If Bordontown Mayor James E. Lynch can't stand da heat, da kitchen door should be pretty easy to find.

Even more so, daTruth is we as citizens of this great nation have da absolute right to second-guess our political leaders, disagree with them, and yes, even voice or blog our feelings and opinions. As you know, daTruthSquad has never been shy about opinions about da politicians of Manalapan. As for da fine folks at da BMRS blog, they have opinions too. Here's some of theirs:

* Dilapidated housing is rampant in Bordentown. Despite being in office for 20+ years, Mayor Lynch has not improved anything with regard to housing.

** Wasting taxpayer money is a top priority for Mayor Lynch.

*** Lawsuits against Lynch for racial discrimination cost taxpayers even more money!

**** Lynch opposes free speech, and forced through a city resolution to sick the lawyers on our web site (at taxpayer expense).

Here's four examples of opinions. And, da key word is "opinions." If da fine folks at da BMRS blog, or any person or persons can't say what they think about politicians, then change da name of da town to "Bordentownistan" and let's chop the fingers off anyone who writes something someone doesn't like!

Is that taking things too far? NO - because by doing what Manalapan's political leaders did back in 2007 and starting up a taxpayer-funded vendetta lawsuit to out an anonymous blogger is nothing more than taking da Constitution of da United States and turning it into toilet paper! We have been given da right to free speech, thanks to all da men and women who shed blood and gave of themselves da ultimate sacrifice. To repeal that right is nothing more than spitting on their memories, and daTruthSquad will not allow that.

From this day forward, daTruthSquad is officially adopting da "Bordentown Mayor Really Sucks" site as a member of da daTruthSquad family. You have our support, and we will stand by you as you soon face your own "Bordentown Legal Dream Team."

And, thanks to our new brothers and sisters in Bordentown, daTruthSquad is more energized than ever to root out corruption and political wrongs than ever before!

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

more power to the bordentown blogger!! [unlike you, he only talks policy and does not provide a nest for the hornets of personal defamation. you can't even CLAIM to be comparable.]

Anonymous said...

The Bordentown Mayor Really Sucks blog is great. Squad, maybe you should rename your blog "Manalapan's Mayor Sucks Too!"

StoneEC said...

"does not provide a nest for the hornets of personal defamation"

What "defamation" do you speak of? Saying someone said I Hate Italians was an actual event. By the way, a lawyer who gets investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission is also an actual event. That's not defamation. It's not even opinion. That's a fact of life.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Squaddo. Don't let anyone hijack the First Amendment, especially these lowlife politicians.

Esq. said...

I have not only read this blog, but also the comments left by readers here. To say this blog defames anyone seems to be a non-issue. The were times people who have commented left messages that one might make a claim were defaming, but usually those are about the attorney who was involved in that 2007 First Amendment case. If anyone has a case, he does, and even then, the burden of proof would be difficult, as well as costly.

IMHO, for politicians of any size and stature to use taxpayer money to go after someone who is critical of them, those politicians belong under the jail, and not even in it as an inmate. That's not what our Constitution is about.

Just asking said...

Does anyone know the name of a Manalapan Mayor whose fiancee moved to Freehold and continued to vote in Manalapan, year after year?

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I haven't fully read the information from the EF group that you have linked here. I find it hard to believe that the lawyers representing Manalapan were so inept. I plan on reading this further. As for this website from Bordentown, scary stuff that this mayor thinks he's so powerful to think the can circumvent the First Amendment.

Anonymous said...

Joey D will never suck, never has, never will. Vote for Joey D!

Anonymous said...

the Bordentown site (see upper right hand side of this forum) has a link to the Wikipedia entry for "the Streisand effect." In short, it points out that any attempt to censor has unintended opposite consequences. It is the reason that Lucas and Roth became statewide laughingstocks who can never win an election outside of Manalapan. It is the reason everyone now knows about Fred Stones manifest indiscretions. It is the reason people who weren't even living here in the late seventies and early eighties know what a clown, and horrid mayor Spodak was. As Spodak continues his quixotic action to attack everyone who ever said anything about him, true or not, we will all learn more and more about what an awful person he really is.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I should start my own website -


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the people who pushed Spodak into his lawsuit will pay him the money back he spends when his case is tossed out of court?

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Squad. This mayor of Bordentown is out of control. Just as the Manalapan Township Committee was when they brought the lawsuit against you and Moskovitz.

Anonymous said...

Joey D for Mayor!

Speaking of incompetent mayors said...

Can George start threatening CETA to mow along Route 9 again?

Anonymous said...

Keep up the fight for the first amendment. The students at Brookdale stand by you! Cool blog!

Anonymous said...

Joey D didn't have to go to college. Joey's a self taught constitutional expert. He's also a documented cost cutting, tax lowerer man with a plan.

Say What?! said...

Anonymous said...
"Joey D didn't have to go to college. Joey's a self taught constitutional expert. He's also a documented cost cutting, tax lowerer man with a plan."

Given the above and several preceding it we can clearly see the choice of the great unwashed. They want someone who is as untrained and semi-literate as they.
Tax "lowerer" man? Thanks for the laughs but then again goofs are always good for a laugh.

Anonymous said...

joey d is sounding a lot like that numbskull "watchdogsc" on the nj.com monmouth blog saying that jefferson should be president so that we wouldn't need traffic lights, cops, the FBI, the SEC, the EPA, etc., so that BP could polute every part of the seas and oceans. like let's have no taxes, no government, and go back to the caveman era.

Just asking said...

Who is the former mayor that took luggage and trips from a major developer in Manalapan. Hint, he pushed for the rezoning!

Re: 'choice of the great unwashed' said...

There are few attitudes more repellent than a self-proclaimed effete snob looking down his nose--even though the object of the derision is far superior in the ways of true character.

Anonymous said...

Is Lucas givng up the freeeee healthcare? Shut down the government and take money out of the pockets of workers and take the money for yourself. All for himself. Can you say Jeeeerk?