Monday, July 12, 2010

More Details Emerge About Da Death of Da Alliance

This may have been da biggest thing to happen in Manalapan politics since da Manalapan Township Committee voted to approve of da filing of da lawsuit against da Mosked Man - and also daTruthSquad to remove da First Amendment, and then claimed that it was da lawyers who did everything.

Da Manalapan Township Committee voted 4-1 to approve da township budget - but that was not da big story.

Da really huge story was da destruction of da non-written-but-everybody-knew-about alliance between certain Republicans and Democrats, specifically, between da Queen and alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident and alleged Republican/and or Democrat Andy Boy. We all know now we can remove da "alleged" from da "Republican/and or Democrat." He's a GOP'er, and he slammed da door right in da Queen's face on his way out.

Da Queen was publicly embarassed and even betrayed in da newspapers by Mayor Andy Boy, who manipulated da budget and using da money saved when he slashed da local school budget, cut his own plan to raise taxes and equalled out da tax increase to become a flat increase with da help of da township surplus - a move that even on former mayor called a "flim-flam" budget. It may have cost da jobs of a bunch of teachers, and furloughs for lower-paid town workers, but in da process, and much to da surprise of da Cadre and da Queen, he slammed da Queen for coming out and calling his budget "reckless" among other things.

Da Question is - was this budget da straw that broke da GOP'ers back with da Queen, or was this what da GOP leadership was looking for all along to sever their alliance?

From a historic standpoint, da alliance was born between da Queen and her backers and Andy Boy and his backers had one singular focal point - - da Mosked Man. Both camps shared a common hatred of da Mosked Man - da Democrats because he stood up against corruption and other issues that Manalapan Democrats would have rathered not discuss, while da GOP'ers turned their backs on him because they felt he was gaining too much influence after he helped Andy Boy win his 2004 election. Also, there was a certain Ginfluential OP'er who hated da Mosked Man, and it has been told to daTruthSquad that this one person was an important reason da GOP'ers lost their election in 2005 and 2006 when he publicly turned his back on his own party and sided with da Queen.

It was their combined hatred of da Mosked Man that led to da "Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" lawsuit, that then morphed into da daTruthSquad First Amendment case that gained Manalapan worldwide scorn and rebuke.

When Manalapan Township - after 25 months of persecution in da local newspapers and a certain so-called "Hate" website, suddenly dropped da case against da Mosked man because it seemed to lack one simple little thing that many cases need to succeed - EVIDENCE - da Mosked man returned da favor, filing a lawsuit against da township, but specifically named both Andy Boy and da Queen as DEFENDANTS!

And note - despite pinning it on da lawyers --- da township has not as of this time filed any LEGAL MALPRACTICE lawsuits against nay of da lawyers who were part of da Manalapan Legal Dream Team!

It didn't end there. Da Queen then claimed that highly decorated and respected Manalapan Police Chief Stu Brown disrespected her by calling her a "Lady" (that's not a typo), which spawned a case against Brown, which in turn spawned a lawsuit against Manalapan with da Queen named as a DEFENDANT. This, of course, dragged Andy Boy and da GOP'ers directly into it, and while real Republican Susan Cohen publicly disputed what da Queen was saying about da events, Andy Boy was silent.

Da question is - what really happened - and what will happen next? We polled da TruthTellers, and here's what we uncovered:

How did da "Alliance" really break down?

DaTruth is, it appears this entire situation was not something that was decided at da last second. From what we are hearing, it is quite likely this was a coordinated effort by alliance members of da GOP to fracture and end da alliance, and it hinged on da need to find a topic that could split da Queen and Andy Boy. This year's budget apparently was da dealbreaker, since history shows us that two successive tax cuts combined with two successive years of heavily using budget surplus to make them work leaves a budget in da 3rd year that could be very ugly. Add to that one of da worst business ratable rates in da entire state, and building of homes in Manalapan slowing to a trickle, and it looks like whoever is running for election in 2011 could be heading into a buzzsaw of unhappy voters - da year da Queen is up for reelection.

Think about this - if major cuts need to be made next year doe to a "cap" on taxes, how will voters feel if there are major infrastructure cuts in town, including trash and other things da residents sometimes take for granted. Voters would want to take out their frustrations hypothetically on da incumbents, which, by da way, will be da Queen next year - something not unknown to d Manalapan GOP'ers.

From what daTruthSquad has been able to uncover with da help of all of our TruthTellers, in what can be called a "Pearl Harbor" maneuver, da alliance was severed by Andy Boy's side, and apparently with no warning to da Queen or her backers that it was coming. Rumors have surfaced that da alliance was originally one of convenience and power sharing between da Queen and Andy Boy, and considering both became mayors and got their pictures on da Town Hall Wall of Shame, they got what they wanted. However, it appears that da whole "Chief Brown" affair with da Queen turned off some of da GOP backers of da alliance.

However, it appears with da Village about to be started thanks to Route 33 access, something both sides fought against, with that now over, to da GOP it didn't leave much for da Queen to hold up. You can theorize that they didn't need her anymore, and they decided to leave her at da side of da curb like last night's garbage.

And, they looked at da upcoming political elections. If Andy Boy and his Yorktowne Club running mate win, then with Ryan Green you will have a majority of da Township Committee on da same side with no inner rumblings - something that hasn't happened since da 1990's! It will also leave them one election away from a 5-0 super-majority -- if they defeat da Queen and her running mate in 2011. You could say da busting of da alliance now is also about political power - and who has it.

However, they also needed a valid reason to make it appear there was never an alliance at all. That's where this year's budget comes in.

Da budget approved and designed by Andy Boy was crafted in a way that it appears da Queen would not be too happy with. A $$$$$$ of $$$$$$$ from da surplus was used, just like it was a year ago, and apparently da Queen was not happy with that. Da queen wanted more givebacks, knowing full well next year's budget could be a disaster without it - and she was spurned. She also wanted more education cuts, and was also told NO. It appears that many things she wanted for da budget was turned aside by Andy Boy & Ryan Green, and approved by their handlers. This left da Queen in a lerch - does she sit quietly and accept a budget she very much doesn't want, or stand up against it.

If she stood up against it, that would be all Andy Boy would need to sever his ties with da Queen and end their alliance. You could call this a bold and calculated maneuver, and knowing da Queen wouldn't just back down, he put a budget through he knew would force da Queen's hand. She took da bait, and Andy Boy reeled in da alliance like a fisherman pulling in trout. Andy Boy ended da alliance amd sets himself up for election victory in 2010, and da Queen was left with a hook in her mouth dangling at da end of his line.

ISSUE 1: Who Will Stand and Hail da Queen?

Her close core of supporters, much like da Queen's waistline, have actually thinned somewhat. Besides an out of work former coupon clipper alleged "reporter," a guy who once had serious issues with da SEC, a former mayor known for carrying a shovel to meetings, a guy who once said "Because I Hate Italians" during a Manalapan Township Committee meeting, and a well-known Manalapan Republican who is not Mayor Andy Boy, da pickings are somewhat slim. Da Manalapan Democratic Party Chairman either moved to Tibet, or has been as quiet as a mannequin in a department store window. Da regular writers on da so-called "Hate" website are nowhere to be read. And, even her farmer running mate from 18 months ago voted against her on da Manalapan budget. At this point, if you invited all of da Queen's alleged supporters into one room for a meeting, you wouldn't have to spend much on appetizers.

ISSUE 2: How Will da Broken Alliance Affect Da November Election?

More than one TruthTeller has spoken of da political resurgance of da Yorktowne Club. They have two members running as GOP'ers this year - Andy Boy and Jordan "Stu" Maskowitz. This, of course, came after daTruthSquad learned that Manalapan Committeewoman Susan Cohen was told she would not be allowed to run for reelection for her committee seat - something even da Monmouth GOP Chairman apparently could do or would do nothing about, despite a stellar record as a committeewoman, which shows there was no surprise at all that he narrowly kept his Chairmanship this time around. If da GOP'ers in Manalapan win this year, then you will have all three men on da very same page, explicitly following da orders of da very same handlers - a majority that could last for at least 24 months or more without issue - and could lay da foundation for a future 5-0 super-majority in just a year away!

ISSUE 3: How Will da Broken Alliance Affect da Two Big Legal Cases Against Manalapan?

This could become da singular issue, and depending on how it's handled, it could potentially spell da end of da political career of da Queen. Both da "Mosked Man vs Manalapan Township" and "Chief Brown vs Manalapan Township" cases are moving along very slowly, and maybe with good reason. While one case definitely intertwines with Andy Boy, both cases include in one form or another da Queen, and da "discovery process" may be something that some politicians and their handlers will want to not have happen, for it could be deemed "embarrassing" if some information is found to be accurate.

Da issue here, is how will da town politicians proceed? If da township committee decides to vote to settle or end one of these lawsuits, all it would take is a 3-person majority. Andy Boy, Ryan Green and "Stu" Maskowitz equals 3. They could vote to end da Chief Brown lawsuit, settle it, and even say it was da fault of da Queen and da Queen, much like those committeepeople slapped with a worthless "censure" would have absolutely no say about it. Da settlement could even potentially or possibly include a censure, depending on da language of da agreement and again da Queen potentially could have no say in that matter.

With a united GOP, and everyone working on da very same "grey" page, da Queen's tenure on da Manalapan Township Committee could be ugly to say da least.

And, you can add to this da whole Village fiasco. Da Queen, and a certain GOP'er power broker were very much against it slowed da process down to a crawl and saying NO to da much-needed Route 33 access. Now that da Manalapan Township Committee is backing it - including da Queen who was once adamantly against it - how will those who once believed her and helped her to win two elections feel about her promises now?

From what we are hearing from within da confines of da Cadre, they were completely blindsided when those who helped forge da alliance to keep both of their politicians in power suddenly and without warning pulled da rug from da Queen and da Capo di Tutti Capi. At this time, we have heard rumblings from TruthTellers within da Manalapan GOP that da "former" GOP'er alliance members have been given da cold shoulder by da Queen and her backers, but that cannot be 100% verified. We do know there are some within da Democats side of da alliance that still believe da alliance is strong and long-lasting. Whatever they are smoking to believe that, it should be checked to see if it is illegal.

So, what does this mean for da players involved?

For Andy Boy and his running mate from da Yorktowne Club, it means they will unify da GOP against one common enemy - not da Mosked Man - but da Queen. And for Andy Boy - a lot more power and less dependence on da Queen for his direction.

For da Grand Poobah, he can once again claim he has control of da Manalapan GOP with no Democratic ties.

For da Capo, it means he's in serious trouble for backing an alliance to win an election or two, only to now find himself alone on da island and may quite possibly lead his party to have no seats on da Manalapan Township Committee by January 1, 2012.

For da Queen, it could quite possibly spell da end to her political career, unless she moves to another state and starts over. It was da Queen who was favored in da former "alliance" and she had da upper hand. Now, she may become not only completely irrevalent, but could become da poster child for whatever budget problems come about in 2011. If you are da Queen now, one could suspect you have to size up who your "real" supporters are, and consider your options.

For a certain person who works in Freehold, he keeps his 6-figure county job with da county now in safe GOP hands with no concerns of Democrats taking over and losing his job - this time around.

And of course, if anything can change all of this, it is one very simple observation. What does Andy Boy really know about da Queen? But even more important - what does da Queen know about Andy Boy - and his handlers?????? Will someone be spilling da beans about da other - and what are those beans? Will we find out that da once-rock-solid "alliance" was built on a house of cards? Who has more dirt on da other? Who is willing to expose that dirt?

Yes indeed TruthTellers, if you thought political intrigue was fun before, this should get interesting because, as they say, "There's nothing worse than a woman scorned."

There's more to come - And that's daTruth.


Laughing at you, not with you said...

This last blog is 100% fiction. There are so many factual inaccuracies it's comical. Your embedded sources are feeding you a line of malarkey squad.

Republicans misled you said...

It's not the Queen that is giving Lucas the cold shoulder. It's the other way around. Michelle has tried to talk to Andrew, but he's not talking to her.

You are right about the allince. It is over. You are also rightthat Andrew ended it. You are also right that Michelle knows more than Andrew would like her to know about him and the Republicans. All in due time.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant work Andrew. You are back in the Republican party's good graces.

Anonymous said...

"By the way, isn't one of his farmer friends getting to farm the former Providence corp land we paid 1.5 million to buy? Oh yes,, they pay a small amount to use the land they will make thousands and thousands on. Smell a deal here?"

This could become an interesting election year after all.

Anonymous said...

I think its shocking that Michelle, who has manipulated this town in horrible ways, was herself manipulated so easily by Andrew and his associates. Her enemies must be having a good laugh over all of this.

Anonymous said...

We come from Brooklyn and in Brooklyn we always say " what goes around comes around." It seems that it is coming around for Michelle Roth.

Anonymous said...

I always figured this alliance or power sharing plan or whatever they called it would end but I never believed Roth would get so beaten down by Lucas the way she did. The Squad is right that she must have never seen it coming.

Anonymous said...

3 words - serves her right!

Anonymous said...

I don't like either one of them. Michelle ruined our town and Andy Boy sat back and watched it happen. He is an accessory during the fact and has done nothing beneficial for the citizenry of Manalapan Township, either. They are two peas in a pod, and neither of them deserve to have any place on a governing body. The most important tenet of good government is to listen to your consituents; when you're too busy sniping with one another and dissolving alliances in order to hedge your bets for your own political aspirations, it becomes clear that you're a politician for yourself and not for the people. Therefore, you are not aligned with the most important premise of good government. Let's also keep in mind that Andy was ready to dump Manalapan Township so that he could become a Freeholder several years ago. That, in and of itself, speaks volumes.

If we'd like any chance to take back our town and make it what it was before it was wrecked, plain and simple, we must dump Andy Boy this year and then dump Queen Michelle next year. Then, we might have a shot at something good in the future.

Anonymous said...

I know someone who says the whole idea of an "alliance" was a myth. However, after reading this blog I find it highly likely it really did happen, considering the evidence you have here. There's too much corruption in politics, and the only way to get it to stop is to expose it and investigate it. This blog has certainly exposed it, and I believe now there must have been some power sharing plan between these two people. The only thing missing now is a state or federal investigation to see what damage to the taxpayers they have done. And I for one would welcome that.

Anonymous said...

I always thought it was Michelle who had the balls in that arrangement. Who knew?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have believed this if it weren't for the silence from the Roth supporters. I think the TS is right that they were caught by surprise.

I think the Truth Squad may be wrong about Andrew. He's smart, but I think someone else is telling him what to do and when to sever his ties with Roth. The question is who is that person. I would find it hard to believe it is McEnery.

Anonymous said...

Great blog. If you want to get rid of the corruptive influences, vote out Lucas this year and Roth next year.

Anonymous said...

"there's more to come"?? squad, for years now, you've made promises of more to come and when it came time to deliver, it was either nothing or just more BS.

ButchBudai said...

Each year Michelle and I have had the honor of participating in The Americas 911 Ride. This 3 day 1000 strong motorcycle ride connects the 3 crash sites of Sept. 11th. We travel up Route 130 & Route 1 in NJ on Saturday August 21st. If you're available please come out and cheer us on.

I know the economy is still bad. Many of us are fee...ling the pinch and tightening our belts but if you wish to contribute and sponsor our ride please use the attached link.

Thank you and remember to NEVER FORGET. It's a day I know I won't.

Butch Budai

Anonymous said...

I think you're 100% correct on this. Lucas made Roth look really bad. He was rightto cut the budget. Wahtever she was thinking I have no clue, but good work by Lucas.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the ride Butch.

Anonymous said...

I think the Queen's political career may be over now. She hurt herself aligning with Lucas with her base, and now her "friends" in the GOP have turned on her. She probably doesn't have that many friends now. Not that I care. She had it coming to her IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Squaddo, I don't always agree with you but this blog is on target. No matter what the first comment said, you are right. Andrew dumped Michelle. Nobody giving him orders needed her anymore. He didn't need her either. Andrew needed Locrichio and later turned on him. Andrew needed Moskovitz and turned on him. Andrew needed Butch and Steve and later turned on them. Andrew needed Susan and turned on her. Andrew needed Michelle Roth, and now he's turned on her. That's a pattern that begs a question. Who will he turn on next?

Anonymous said...

Based on the people he's dumped along the way, sounds like he's a smart guy who will accomplish great things for NJ and America.

A Squad fan from Cranford said...

"Anonymous said...
Based on the people he's dumped along the way, sounds like he's a smart guy who will accomplish great things for NJ and America."

That could either mean he's a shrewd guy who shed enemies, or he's created more enemies by turning his back on former friends, or he's someone who just uses people. I don't know for sure because I don't know the players personally here (I'm from Cranford but I love this blog). However, from what I've read, Mr. Lucas seems to be someone who makes both friends and enemies pretty easily.

Anonymous said...

I think a point has been left out. The Capo, which I believe is the Democratic town chairman, is the one really hurt bad here because he cannot protect Roth at all now. He's the one who may have lost a lot of power here IMHO, because how can he get people to run for office if he cannot stand by them? Yes Roth is in trouble here, but so is her party leader. Maybe its time for a new party leader? Maybe Roth should go after that job?

Anonymous said...

"Based on the people he's dumped along the way, sounds like he's a smart guy who will accomplish great things for NJ and America."

not sure about how smart he was re michelle, but the ones before her are or were all either total losers, psychos, or both.

Anonymous said...

"Based on the people he's dumped along the way, sounds like he's a smart guy who will accomplish great things for NJ and America."

No, Brie, that's not what it means. Any more than driving away and leaving his fiance in the parking lot to find her own way home makes him good husband material. Only a total loser with no self esteem would think otherwise.

Anonymous said...

"driving away and leaving his fiance in the parking lot to find her own way home"


This is more reflective of the Moskovitz character than about Andrew.

Anonymous said...

Moskovitz, Moskovitz, Moskovitz.

You're pathetic. Get a life and stop pretending Moskovitz cares about yours anywhere near how you care about his.

Anonymous said...

This Moskovitz guy sounds pretty smart. He beat Manalapan at their own game and forced the town to end the frivolous lawsuit against him.

He fought against Drew Shapiro and won.

He is fighting for Chief Brown against Roth and will probably win that too.

He knew that Lucas's wife was living in Freehold after they were married while he was running for office in Manalapan.

He knew enough, unlike Roth, not to trust Lucas.

You have to wonder what else he knows, and about who?

Anonymous said...

"Any more than driving away and leaving his fiance in the parking lot to find her own way home makes him good husband material."

Somebody who does something like that to a woman is a complete and total loser IMHO. I don't care who it is. But if it is someone in elected office, the voters should know.

Anonymous said...

Somebody should write a book or make a movie about Manalapan and these characters. It would be much better than the Housewives of NJ.

Anonymous said...

"Moskovitz, Moskovitz, Moskovitz."

he's an open book--his emails say it all.

Anonymous said...

"he's an open book -- his emails say it all"

I'm sure they do. Of course, it's not likely the ones Fred made up say the same thing. What moron would actually believe that someone settling an SEC administrative action for creating bogus mutual fund companies to defraud the SEC was actually publishing real emails. It's laughable how gullible some people are.

Anonymous said...

You keep saying, "he's an open book--his emails say it all."

After all this time, you have not shown us a single one. The natural conclusion is that you do not have any, despite your repeated postings.

The diagnostic conclusion is that you are one significantly disturbed individual and should seek help to relieve yourself of this clearly troubling and most unnatural fixation.

With All Due Respect said...

"This Moskovitz guy sounds pretty smart. He beat Manalapan at their own game and forced the town to end the frivolous lawsuit against him.'

He is smart, but any dope could see in two minutes that the township had no chance in hell. Even their lawyers wised up after a while of racking up some nice fees for virtually no work.

What it took really was grit and persistence. And combined with the guy's innate gray matter, that makes one potent combination that has bedeviled a motley assortment of rascals and scoundrels for some time now.

Anonymous said...

I've been followingthis blog for some time, since the First Amendment case. You would have to think that any alliance or deals made between two political parties so opposed to one another would sooner or later break down. I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did. Now comes the interesting part. Who knows more about who, and who will dish dirt first. If you thought your town's politics were fun before, it should get very telling now.

Anonymous said...

What I would really like to know is who made the decision to end the alliance. Was it Lucas or Gray?

Anonymous said...

Butch, great luck with your ride. I'll be donating. Thanks for leaving the website here on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Considering what Michelle knows about Andrew through their alliance, my guess is some startling revelations about Andrew will be coming out by September.