Wednesday, June 30, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Da Queen Has Been Drop-Kicked To Da Curb

What political breakup is right now all da buzz????

(A) Al & Tipper Gore

(B) John & Elizabeth Edwards

(C) That wacky South Carolina governor and his Argentina mistress

(D) Manalapan's Andy Boy and Da Queen

For da last four years, there's been what some have called an "unholy" alliance between two people who were once mortal enemies. Some have even said that when side by side, you sometimes couldn't even tell where da Queen began and Andy Boy ended, and that da Democrat Queen and one-time alleged Manalapan and/or Freehold resident & alleged Republican/and or Democrat Andy Boy were on da same political party. In 2007 and 2008, Democrat da Queen was more buddy-buddy with Andy Boy than her own former Democratic running mate, Mr. Anthony Gennaro. And Andy Boy was more chummy with da Queen than his own GOP'ers da-late Joltin Joe and Susan Cohen and GOP'er proud footsoldiers Butch and Stevie J.

However, like many rock-solid relationships, it is starting to appear that money and power is getting between da once close Queen and her Andy Boy.

To understand more, you have to follow da bouncing ball of "Duh":

ISSUE 1: In 2005 and 2006, GOP'er Joltin Joe and then-GOP'er Andy Boy crafted town budgets in Manalapan that actually cut taxes during prosperous economic times. Those budgets used a good amount of budget surplus and were fiercely fought by none other than da Queen, who claimed those budgets were "reckless" among other things. She also had on her side a number of Democratic supporters, including a former mayor known for being known to carry both a large girth and larger shovel.

ISSUE 2: In 2007 and 2008, after tax cuts for two years in a row and despite continued home building in Manalapan and general prosperity, Manalapan taxpayers were backhanded with two amazingly large municipal tax increases - SOME OF DA LARGST IN TOWN HISTORY - both voted for and approved by da Queen, as well as da guy who won his election in 2004 saying he'd lower taxes - Andy Boy.

ISSUE 3: In 2009, when da Queen decided to run for da biggest office she'd ever run for, she pushed for and held taxes flat -- ironically, using da very same formula of using budget surplus to lower da bottom line that she was vehemently against in 2005 and 2006! Voting with her was Andy Boy.

ISSUE 4: Now, we're in 2010, and for da 2nd year in a row, da Manalapan Township Committee is holding taxes flat. However, this time, it's coming with a price - and for da Queen, an even bigger price.

This year, unlike da others, da town faces severe money troubles, and maybe and likely worse for 2011. For da first time, da Township committee ordered 10-day furloughs for a large number of town employees, and froze salaries for others, and demanded and received givebacks from da unions - and even approved to not hire police officers despite a growing population. Despite all of this, and a major cut to education that will cause teacher firings, they still had to grab millions of $$$$$$$ from da budget surplus to keep taxes flat - and that's $$$$$ that will have to be replenished.

Now, here's da problem ---

Duh #1: Da tax burden on Manalapan residents is about $19 million of da $32 million budget, a ratio already much higher than other Monmouth and Middlesex County towns. That $19 million would have been over $20 million, if not for da $1.4 million in cuts made to da Manalapan-Englishtown school system. That money was put directly into da Manalapan Township budget to cut da tax burden on Manalapan taxpayers - replacing da $1.4 million shortfall which would have raised taxes (a one-time quick fix).

Duh #2: Da Manalapan budget for years was helped out by building fees and new home construction fees and new taxes from that construction. With da housing bust busting Manalapan building, da town will get much less from builders in Manalapan who aren't building, meaning more tax burden for you da taxpayer.

Duh #3: For years, led by a certain powerful few who didn't want it in their backyard, da Village at Route 33 has been blocked. It was blocked by da Queen who used it to win an election. It was blocked by Andy Boy who got back in da good graces of GOP'ers and got da necessary support to also win an election, and get backing for another one despite a well-documented "limo ride" with a developer that da Queen herself touted during an election year. In a town with one of da very worst business ratable-ratios in da entire state, leaving da tax burden on Manalapan land owners, what could have been da biggest single tax boom for Manalapan residents has been blocked at every turn --- that is --- until now. Those who have been blocking da Village are now backing da must-have Route 33 access.

Promises made - Promises broken.

And, by da way --- Who was da "Wyle-E-Coyote-Super-Genious" who OK'd a traffic study by Planning Board engineers CME Associates -- which obviously cost tens of thousands of taxpayer $$$$$$$$?????? FYI - their "study" found that Route 33 access to da Village would most definitely and miraculously and significantly lessen da traffic impact on Millhurst Road! We could have found a 4 year old who could have figured that one out - and it would have probably cost taxpayers a pack of chewing gum!

What's next - paying a company that gives political donations $100,000 to find out how many licks it takes to polish off a Tootsie Roll Pop

Duh #4: This year, with budgets being da #1 topic, Manalapan has passed a flat budget. It's also da election year for Andy Boy and his running mate, Jordan "Stu" Maskowitz. Da last time there was two straight years of flat taxes, da next year, taxes went up double digits because all da gimics were used up. Guess who is probably going to run for reelection next year with nothing now left in da gimic bag ----- DA QUEEN!!!!!!!!

Now, all of a sudden, da once "sure, borrow my car and don't worry about putting gas in it" relationship between da Queen and Andy Boy is turning into a hissing contest. Lucas said in da newspaper, "It's very disappointing that Mrs. Roth has decided to denigrate the serious concessions that our police officers have made in an effort to present a tight budget that does not increase the municipal tax burden on our residents."

Roth meanwhile too a somewhat higher road and says da Lucas-backed budget will bring untold horrors to da town in da future, telling da same newspaper, "Proper budgets will look at a one-, three- and five-year time horizon. This budget does not," Roth said. "It is managing for the moment and will cause us to either severely reduce staffing or services in 2011 and beyond."

And, when da last budget came up for a vote, before that vote, who was standing up against da Andy-Boy-budget ---- da same shovel carrying mayor from before.

How will da next years budget look when da Queen is up for reelection? Residential building has ground to a virtual halt. Home selling is seriously bad. Foreclosures are drastically up. And Manalapan's business base isn't growing. What will happen if all da budget gimics are used all this year? What will this leave da Queen next year? How will Manalapan residents feel if trash pickup is cut to once a week? Or businesses are forced to pay for their own trash pickup? What will happen if busing to schools is cut back? What will da reaction be if da tax burden on Manalapan residents goes even higher?

DaTruth is, while blood is thicker than water, politics is thinner than air in da Himalayas. Da Queen / Andy Boy alliance was working well for both parties for quite some time, putting down those who were against them (Joltin Joe, da Mosked Man, Susan Cohen) and keeping them both in power. However, something happened to bring things back to 2004 and 2005 and 2006 times.

What could that be?

DaTruth is, there was a time when da Queen seriously needed GOP'ers, or alleged GOP'ers, to keep her power intact. It was a powerful GOP'er who backed her in 2005 and helped her win an election. It was a GOP'er who convinced her to be against da Village. It was her alliance with GOP'ers against da Mosked man that helped keep that power base intact.

DaTruth is, da GOP'ers simply don't need da Queen anymore. Da Democrats can't win assembly or state Senate elections lately. Da GOP'ers are getting more $$$$$ donations. Chris Christie is in power in Trenton. And locally, da once dormant Yorktowne Club has far more political clout than they have in da past.

DaTruth is, da Manalapan Democratic party is now only a shell of what it once was. Da King abdicated his throne. Da Capo isn't as feared as he once was. Da bipartisan popular "Dollar Bill" was also kicked to da curb. They don't have a "pen-pal" at da Snoozer anymore. Democrats are losing local and statewide offices. Da GOP has da Freeloaders board back. Topics important to Democrats aren't as important as topics that GOP'ers stand for, such as taxes and less spending.

Now, add in da poorly Roth & township handled "Township of Manalapan vs da Mosked man" case that now spawned what could be a very costly case against da town by da Mosked Man, coupled with da "daTruthSquad First Amendment case" that brought ridicule to da town, and da case against Police Chief Stu Brown that also brought some shame to da town with another case that could cost da town more money and shame. Put all that together, and it's looking like da Queen is being left on da island all alone.

What will happen next?

Our embedded sources have uncovered a lot of backstabbing being felt by certain members of da Cadre who placed their trust in certain members of da opposition party, namely Andy Boy and his chief handlers. Unbeknownst to them, when they did "turn to da dark side" of their politics, they turned off a number of people in their own party. In addition, and almost hard to believe, it is quite possible there could have been a plan in place years ago to suck in certain high-ranking members of da Manalapan Democrats in order to bring down certain members of da Manalapan GOP'ers, and at da same time push through certain agendas that both da GOP'ers and da Queen's keepers had.

For this alleged scenario to work, it would have taken GOP'ers who were more powerful than they were letting on and could even survive a division within their own GOP'ers in town, a network such as a GOP'er-led "club" or "group" who could be in a position one day to muster more support than ever, powerful friends in Trenton, a few GOP'ers who could "work both sides of da street," and a political face of da group who could be controlled by da handlers without question.

If this scenario is correct, then it seems like da Queen no longer has her "court," and she will be on her own as Andy Boy certainly doesn't need her anymore. Da GOP has more power in Manalapan, around Manalapan and in da county and state than ever. Da Yorktowne Club has more clout than ever. Da things that matter most to voters now are all GOP'er-positive. Da enemies of da Queen, being da Mosked Man and da Chief, aren't backing down. And all da easy fixes in this town's budget probably won't be there in next years when da Queen runs for reelection.

And, da GOP leadership is smelling blood in da water. They realize that if they keep their seats this year, their majority becomes even stronger. If da Village gets built, then all da Queen's promises of stopping it will be remembered by those voters who didn't want it. They also realize that if they take back da seats of da Queen and da loveable Donnie Holland next year, they will have a 5-0 super majority, and Democrats will be left in da dirt.

And, maybe that was da plan for da Manalapan GOP'ers all along?

DaTruthSquad had heard rumblings that da alliance between da Queen and Andy Boy was always more helpful for Andy Boy, and in fact, made him mayor twice, which is what he wanted. Now, with a GOP'er resurgance, there is no need to have da support of da Queen and her pen-pals. In fact, maybe for da first time in a long time, da Queen and her court may have been blindsided by what daTruthsquad believes may have been a long-thought-out plan which will lead to da end of her political reign in Manalapan, and this time, da Mosked Man will have absolutely nothing to do with it.

And, if this is da case, it will happen at a time when da Queen is most vulnerable, as her party is now "looking in," her base of supporters has shrunk, she has made enemies thanks to her alliance with da GOP'ers, da lawsuits against da town are kicking into another gear, and her one-time friends on da GOP'er side of da page are now, apparently, no longer in need of her friendship.

There were a lot of da Queen's court who put their ill-will aside and backed Andy Boy. How must they be feeling now? DaTruthSquad's embedded sources hear they are none too thrilled with whom they perceive as "Benedict" Andy Boy right now. And, what is da Queen left with now to avenge any wrong against her --- an out-of-work pen-pal, a GOP'er friend who has no political clout, another friend with a checkered past, and da guy with da shovel.

For now, it seems like da Manalapan GOP'ers have a 3-2 majority, with no help needed from da Queen -- and they could very well keep that after November. Do you hear that, "Mayor" Green?

Oh, what a tangled web we weave. And that's daTruth.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Anonymous Bloggers Again Make Their Voices Clear For All Da Right Reasons

It really doesn't matter what side of da immigration issue you are on when it comes to this interesting tidbit that comes from our TruthTellers in Freehold, New Jersey.

It seems that a gentleman names Juan Reyes has been serving for da last 3 years on da borough's Human Relations Committee. Apparently he's served in his position with some distinction. Da Freehold Borough's council president called Reyes' work on da committee "exemplary" - obvious high praise. In addition, that same council president said Reyes was "always helpful with the committee's various projects" and "While he served on the committee, he was a valuable asset" according to quotes from da Asbury Park Press newspaper.

Only one minor teensy little "problema" with Mr. Reyes. Despite all of his "exemplary" work in Freehold Borough, he's not exactly a resident of Freehold Borough.

In fact, he's not exactly a legal resident of Freehold, or Manalapan, or any other town in Monmouth County.

In fact, he's not exactly a legal resident of New Jersey, or any other state east of da Mississippi River.

In fact, he's not exactly a legal resident in good standing of da United States of America.

Reyes, who is living in Monmouth County, and apparently not even in Freehold Borough, is from Mexico living in this country illegally, or as da newspaper called him, "undocumented."

Now, to be fair, this is a little different from, hypothetically speaking of course, someone saying they're a Mets fan who cheers on the Yankees, or someone who hypothetically runs for political office claiming they live in one town while they mysteriously spend a lot of time in another.

Reyes also was a part of a group, Casa Freehold, that won a very big judgment in court against da town of Freehold Borough in da infamous "muster zone" incident, a place where many men and women illegally in this area went to get picked up by business owners or others to do day labor, despite being undocumented workers.

Were any background checks done on this guy, or were there any background checks performed on any of the members of committees in Freehold Borough?

Can anyone in the United States, legal or not, serve on any boards in Freehold Borough?

Even though daTruthSquad isn't a legal resident of Freehold Borough, does that make us eligible to become mayor?

How could his residency status not be known, or quite possibly hidden, for 36 months? It seems as if sometimes you have to give a blood sample or jump through flaming hoops just to buy a car in this country. However, serving people in a town, you apparently don't even have to be a resident of da town, da state or da nation?????

Much like websites like daTruthSquad, MoreMonmouthMusings who has recently proved beyond any doubt that indeed Rush Holt ripped the microphone away from Manalapan TruthTeller Rhoda Chodosh, our friends we support in Bordentown and others, it was a website chock full of anonymous bloggers that yet again opened up da doors of reality and started to shine a very bright light of daTruth on this situation with Mr. Reyes.

Now, if Freehold Borough's finest had simply checked out the website called "Freehold Voices," they would have read postings from anonymous bloggers that Mr. Reyes may in fact be someone who entered this great nation not through the proper gate, but either under or over the fence. We are also not saying that Mr. Reyes is a bad or good person.

DaTruth is, Mr. Reyes served for three years on a committee in (A) a town he didn't live in, (B) he isn't even a legal resident of da United States, and (C) the Freehold Borough folks didn't even bother to check up on this guy, even after it was made public on a blog 3 years ago that this guy could be in this nation illegally! Obviously, his position with the committee raises serious questons, and a byproduct of those questions could be more visits by ICE into a place that is becoming known as an illegal's haven.

Of course, none of this probably would have seen da light of day if it were not for da anonymous bloggers of "Freehold Voices," who let their anonymous voices be known - and which, to be fair, gets a trainload more postings and views than its Manalapan counterpart - a similar point also made crystal clear by MoreMonmouthMusings. There are those who either don't like or appreciate anonymous bloggers. That is their choice. However, any student of history will tell you that anonymous blogging has been around since even before this great nation was founded.

Just ask Mrs. Silence Dogood, or Publius, or any of the other people who wrote the Federalist Papers (one of whom became the nation's first Supreme Court Chief Justice, or even daTruthSquad. Anonymous bloggers are here to stay, and we're not leaving, unless we decide to for our own reasons - not anyone else's.

And that's daTruth.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Anna Little Wins Big - But Da Ox Takes Da BaconHead

DaTruthSquad remembers a meeting back in 2007 involving Anna Little, da former "Hatched" Chairman PuPu, and two "enforcers," one of whom was identified as Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery, the then-"Chair of Chairs" of da Monmouth GOP. Da meeting was simple - three guys standing tall against little Anna Little, demanding she not run for reelection as a Monmouth County Freeloader.

Little found herself in this Inquisition-like position after sounding off against Malcolm Carton, an attorney doing work for da Monmouth County Freeloaders who left us more questions than answers, and was da favorite target of da Asbury Park Press in their investigations of corruption and questionable government. But Carton was backed by da GOP, Bill Barham and his ilk, and little Anna Little was too big in sounding off against corruption, so in da eyes of da GOP'er leadership, she had to go.

Soon after she was ordered not to run for reelection as a GOP'er, da Democrats swooped in and offered, and even begged da Conservative GOP'er Little to take their line and run as a Democrat to keep her seat - because they knew she was popular enough and knew how to connect to voters to win.

What Little did instead was a huge thing - she decided for da good of da party she wouldn't run, and stayed true to her GOP'er roots and declined da Democrat's invitation. Anna Little looked like the adult. Da GOP'er leadership acted like da kids who took their baseball bats and went home because they were angry. In da end, da GOP'er who ran in Little's place lost BIG, and for da second year in a row, da Monmouth GOP lost another County Freeloader seat ironically with a Manalapan connection.

This situation, along with da Hatch Act, were da catalysts for da ouster of Adam "PuPu" Puharic as GOP'er County Kommissar.

Fast forward now three years.

After two straight losses under da reign of Kommissar PuPu, da Monmouth GOP lost control of da Monmouth County Freeloaders for da first time in more than a generation. DaTruthSquad is still blogging. And Anna Little got her revenge in a huge way.

Da District 6 Republicans, which includes a wide swath of Monmouth County, had a primary for da honor of running against Democrat Congressman Frank Pallone. Anna Little decided to run. She was, for da second time, had her back turned on again by da GOP'er leadership. They stood behind Diane Gooch.

Diane Gooch was given da party line with Chris Christie. Anna Little was left on a line of her own with no party support.

Gooch is from cash-rich Rumson. She's a multi-millionaire publisher. Anna Little is da little mayor of little Atlantic Highlands and has just enough money to go to Rita's and get some custard.

Gooch raised over $430,000 for her campaign. She was literally lighting cigars with $20 dollar bills. Anna Little raised a scant $21,000 dollars for her campaign. She literally had to bum cigarettes from friends.

Gooch had da backing of da entire GOP'er establishment and their leadership. Anna Little had da backing of da Tea Party, and friends from down da street.

But Gooch ran her primary campaign against Pallone, even though she wasn't even running against him yet. Anna Little ran her campaign against Gooch and da political status quo.

In da end, Little stunned da GOP'er leadership by winning a photo-finish race, ahead by 79 votes. Already Gooch's handlers are demanding a recount, as Gooch is waving da white flag of surrender.

DaTruth is, for da second time in 3 years, da Monmouth GOP seriously underestimated how big Anna Little is. She would have been popular enough to win back her own Freeloader seat in 2007, which would have kept da Monmouth Freeloader Board GOP-controlled, but egos got da better of them and they lost their power. Anna Little had da experience and da right makeup to run for Congress, and da GOP turned their backs on her again.

What Anna Little's big victory to this point means is da Monmouth GOP now has a big egg on their faces, because now, regardless, they can't win.

Since da wealthy Gooch declared defeat and conceded, da Monmouth GOP has now been left in da dark and on da outside for this election, Anna Little owes them nothing, and she shouldn't give them anything. She owes her victory to herself and da Tea Party. Da OX and da rest of his oxen didn't raise a dime or a finger to help Anna Little, in effect, shunning da person who will now be carrying da GOP'er banner whether they like it or not.

Da definition of a "BaconHead," which can be traced back and credited to a former BaconHead Award winner is someone who either "tortures the language with the abandon of a psychotic pulling the wings off flies," or just simply and without the extra syllables and other rhetoric, someone or a group of people who "do something insanely insane while da rest of da world stands there and says in unison 'are you kidding me - wow, what a BaconHead.'"

Well, since we're bringing back da award of awards, we got da TruthTellers together in an undisclosed location and served more than enough moo shu shrimp and dumplings. In da end, we had to have a runoff due to a photo-finish, much like da District 6 GOP'er race.

After an official daTruthSquad recount, Bordentown Mayor Lynch came in a close second due to his emulation of da Manalapan Township Committee and their 2007 treatment of da First Amendment. While you don't get a BaconHead, Mayor Lynch, you instead get a dishonorable mention for treating da Constitution of da United States as a napkin. Better luck next time.

However, a serious drum roll please:

For not learning from da mistakes of your predecessor - and doing something that was one of da three reasons your predecessor was sent packing from his and now your office --- disrespecting and underestimating da popularity and da perseverance of Anna Little --- Da winner of da June BaconHead Award is:

Monmouth GOP First Dude Joe Oxley!!!!!!!!

Congratulations "First Dude" Oxley. We recommend you hang your BaconHead next to da picture of former Kommissar PuPu and his enforcers surrounding Anna Little. It will be a constant reminder that disrespecting little Anna Little can be costly to da party you are supposed to serve. Now, do da right thing, and back Anna Little 1000%.

And that's daTruth.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Da Recession Finally Hits Manalapan Town Hall - Sort Of

When daTruthSquad got wind that da Manalapan Township Committee had decided to close all municipal offices for 10 Fridays during the summer months, we have to admit we first thought - Wow, da fiscal conservatives of da Manalapan Township Committee finally get it!

This means all municipal offices will be closed on June 4, and for 9 other Fridays in July and August. Sounds great in theory. However, in Manalapan, one thing we've learned is that theory is sometimes like using gasoline to put out a fire. Yes, gasoline is a liquid, but it probably won't do much to put out da flames.

So, kudos to da Manalapan Township Committee to try to save da taxpayers money. In all, it's expected that just about $100,000 will be saved this summer on salaries of da furloughed workers. Anyone who works in da building, and we can only expect that it includes Tara Tiara, will be losing 10 days of pay over da summer!

Now, even daTruthSquad has to admit that for once, da Manalapan Township Committee is doing something right. Ever since da recession started, money has been spent by da "TC" on a lot of things --- including lawyers for da many cases they are facing from da return volley by da Mosked Man in his defamation case and wrongful prosecution case against da town, and certain Manalapan Township officials, as well as da defamation case brought by Manalapan Police Chief Stu Brown against certain Manalapan Township officials.

Yes, some people are going to be a little lighter in their paychecks, but so many others have faced this, so now it's Manalapan's turn.

Interesting though, is da timing. We're getting closer and closer to getting a budget done, and why now is this cut coming? Why wasn't it announced before when da budget was first introduced? Why did they wait until now to release this information?

Now, to be fair, da Manalapan Township Committee has been cutting everything in sight that doesn't move. Manalapan Township doesn't even subsidize Manalapan Day anymore, leaving da fine men and women at da Heritage Committee to work their backsides off to make this great event da success it usually is. Anyone who has seen da posters out about Tommy James and da Shondells has to be impressed, and getting a big time New York City radio station to come to our little town is a testament to da Heritage Committee's hard work and dedication.

However, we have just one question --- does da furlough also include da five members of da manalapan Township Committee?

If it does, then daTruthSquad will admit they did da 100% right thing here. If they're getting their full pay and benefits while da office staff is getting unpaid days off, then they owe us an explanation.

DaTruth is, da furloughs were long overdue. Outside of da years that Joltin Joe, may he rest in peace, was on da township committee, and da fiscal conservative Queen's big campaign year, taxes in Manalapan have usually gone up - and in some cases double dights! You ask any homeowner who can't print money, and they'll tell you it's been rough. Da Manalapan Township Committee has no business base to draw money off of, since da town's ratables ranks as one of da lowest in da county and in da bottom 25% of da entire state, so it's up to da homeowners to make our town's ends meet.

And, to be fair, our townspeople have spent their hard earned money that maybe they should have not spent money on. One case that comes to mind is da Land Deal Gone Bad - First Amendment case heard 'round da world -- a case that Mayor Andy Boy said in 2007 had already cost well "over $100,000" just six months into da 25 month case! As to exactly how much was spent - we'll never know, because they refuse to tell us.

Da situation with Chief Brown is another waste of taxpayer money, and will only get worse because a female sitting member of da Manalapan Township Committee didn't appreciate being called "lady."

Remember too that da Manalapan Township Committee used over $1,000,000 dollars in school cutbacks just to balance their budget gap, something daTruthSquad previously blogged about in "Will Da Manalapan Township Committee Balance Their Budget On Da Backs of Kids?" In fact, over $20 million dollars of da Manalapan budget comes directly from taxpayers - Manalapan homeowners - one of da largest percentages of any town in Monmouth County!

DaTruth is, this "furlough plan" is long overdue, but it shouldn't stop here. DaTruthSquad challenges da Manalapan Township Committee to place da budget on da town website for everyone to see. However, it shouldn't end there. With each meeting, they should also place up there on da website every expenditure and bill for town residents to see -- including all legal billing.

DaTruth is, we have all been promised transparency in local government. That promise will not be fulfilled until we can see what is being done with our money.

On another front, this blog will continue to support our new adopted sister, da "" blog. Da First Amendment is something great patriots and great men and women in our Armed Forces shed blood and gave their lives for. Like da Andy Boy-led Manalapan Township Committee did in 2007, we at daTruthSquad will not stand idly by while a mayor who allegedly has some issues regarding "sucking," according to that blog, tries to take da Constitution of da United States and fold it into a paper airplane.

To Mayor Lynch and his Lynch Mob, simply put - prove your detractors wrong. Prove their statements are lies - and you shouldn't need da "Bordentown Legal Dream Team" to get that accomplished. If you can, that's one thing. if you can't, then it only proves you are trying to use taxpayer money and 800 pound gorilla attorneys to silence your critics. That doesn't make you a mayor - it makes you a Kommissar. That doesn't make you an American - it makes you a Communist. It doesn't make you a leader - it makes you a tyrant. Do da right thing, and learn from da mistakes of da Manalapan Township Committee and end your taxpayer-funded facade.

Like daTruthSquad, we in this great nation have da right to blog anonymously. If you need further proof, look up a document that is called da US Constitution. You may have heard of it. Libraries have copies of it. In some career politicians homes, however, apparently it could be found being used as a bookmark for someone's Communist Manifesto.

Finally, daTruthSquad has a major announcement to make. It's been a long time, but if we've learned anything from da latest events in Bordentown, we've learned that anyone can be a BaconHead. Therefore, after a unanimous vote of da TruthTellers, we're going to be bringing back da beloved BaconHead Award!!!!!!!

Who will win da BaconHead Award this month? Whoever it will be, you know they will be well deserving. And that's daTruth!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First Amendment Is Under Attack Again - First By Manalapan Politicians - This Time By Politicians In Bordentown, NJ

Sometimes, something comes along and reminds you da very reason you started blogging in da first place. Da Manalapan Township Committee, led by da Queen and Andy Boy did just that in 2007, starting a case against da Mosked Man that even a former Township Attorney said wasn't justified, and turned it into a First Amendment case that garnered da kind of worldwide attention you'd rather not find yourself on da receiving end of. Three years later, we are reminded yet again, and this you almost have to shake your head at!

Do da politicians in Bordentown, New Jersey know that Manalapan, New Jersey exists?

Apparently they don't, and their lawyers may not either, because if they did, they'd realize that a precedent-setting First Amendment law case, much like da Revolutionary War battle that happened in da vicinity of Manalapan over 200 years ago happened here!

Da Mayor of Bordentown, New Jersey isn't happy with a website run by one or more than one anonymous blogger. Da website is "" If you read da name of da website really close, you may get a small hint at what da website is actually about.

Da good news here is da fine folks at this "BMRS" website know all about daTruthSquad --- Da bad news is, da politicians of Bordontown don't.

Now, we must confess we wouldn't know Bordentown Mayor James E. Lynch if we tripped over him. Would Bordontown Mayor Lynch be someone who'd have a good time at a neighborhood BBQ? Probably would. Would Bordentown Mayor James E. Lynch be da kind of guy who would hold a door open for a lady? Hopefully, he probably would. Would Bordentown Mayor James E. Lynch be someone who would fit right in as a member of da Manalapan Township Committee back in 2007? Apparently, probably would.

You see, Bordentown Mayor James E. Lynch put forward a resolution not only condemning this "BMRS" website, but took da extraordinary (although not too extraordinary in Manalapan political circles) step of demanding the immediate termination of what he deemed a "malicious" website, and will, much like Manalapan did, spend taxpayer money to attack da First Amendment!

Da Trentonian newspaper wrote about this "Manalapan-like" story, and if you follow da shock quotes from Bordentown Mayor Lynch, what you get is a very scary comparison to what happened here in Manalapan three years ago.

Bordentown Mayor Lynch Shock Quote #1: "This creates the impression it’s the city mayor’s website"

Da mayor might be right, if you have da IQ of a ping-pong ball. Anyone who would think "Bordentown Mayor Really Sucks" is what da fine folks of Bordentown's city government would call their own town website is either about 48 cards short of a full deck or they just don't give enough credit to people in general. Either way, you would have to doubt that even da Manalapan Legal Dream Team wouldn't have gone down this path.

Bordentown Mayor Lynch Shock Quote #2: "We’re going to involve every agency we can in shutting this website down."

Note to Mayor Lynch - you may first want to first actually check out this website, or talk with da fine folks at any First Amendment law firm, because that tree you're barking up is not only tall, but very costly and can become very embarrassing as you are surely finding out now. And, much like Manalapan and its politicians and taxpayer-funded lawyers did back in 2007, your town could become da laughingstock of da world-wide blogosphere.

Bordentown Mayor Lynch Shock Quote #3: "I’m not going to go down the freedom of speech road."

Are you a few fries shot of a kid's meal? In one sentence you say what is on da "BMRS" website is "fradulent." In the next line, you say in effect they are coming after you. So why use taxpayer money for something that you claim is about you? Mayor, with all due respect, move to Manalapan and run for da Manalapan Township Committee, If you have a deep-seeded hatred of da Mosked Man, and you're into filing bogus lawsuits at taxpayer expense, you'll fit right in. This is as much a freedom of speech issue as chocolate and vanilla are ice cream flavors.

Already, da blogosphere is talking about "Lynch's Folly," including websites in Europe and those here at home, including Harvard's Citizen Media Law Project.

DaTruth is, this case not only has eerie similarities to da precedent-setting "Township of Manalapan vs. Da Mosked Man" law case, heard around da world and even discussed according to some posters in university law schools, but da Manalapan case could potentially be used as legal evidence in da Bordentown case to show this case has no legal merit.

From a legal standpoint, you have to ask yourself if this case is about cybersquatting, or trademark, or even a stretch of government confusion? Da answer to those questions would be "Definitely No," "Really No" and "Are You Really Freakin' Kidding." Da bad news here for Lynch-ites is he could have a better chance at winning da lottery than winning a case like this.

DaTruth is, and we need to face some serious facts here - Bordentown Mayor James E. Lynch (and we can only pray he's no relation to a party heavyweight and former inmate at da Stockade Hilton with da same last name) is in fact a politician. Politicians, and you can look no further than a man wearing an Obama mask at a Sarah Palin rally, get second-guessed and receive some rebuke now and then. It comes with da job - and that bloated taxpayer-funded pension and state-paid-for health benefits. If Bordontown Mayor James E. Lynch can't stand da heat, da kitchen door should be pretty easy to find.

Even more so, daTruth is we as citizens of this great nation have da absolute right to second-guess our political leaders, disagree with them, and yes, even voice or blog our feelings and opinions. As you know, daTruthSquad has never been shy about opinions about da politicians of Manalapan. As for da fine folks at da BMRS blog, they have opinions too. Here's some of theirs:

* Dilapidated housing is rampant in Bordentown. Despite being in office for 20+ years, Mayor Lynch has not improved anything with regard to housing.

** Wasting taxpayer money is a top priority for Mayor Lynch.

*** Lawsuits against Lynch for racial discrimination cost taxpayers even more money!

**** Lynch opposes free speech, and forced through a city resolution to sick the lawyers on our web site (at taxpayer expense).

Here's four examples of opinions. And, da key word is "opinions." If da fine folks at da BMRS blog, or any person or persons can't say what they think about politicians, then change da name of da town to "Bordentownistan" and let's chop the fingers off anyone who writes something someone doesn't like!

Is that taking things too far? NO - because by doing what Manalapan's political leaders did back in 2007 and starting up a taxpayer-funded vendetta lawsuit to out an anonymous blogger is nothing more than taking da Constitution of da United States and turning it into toilet paper! We have been given da right to free speech, thanks to all da men and women who shed blood and gave of themselves da ultimate sacrifice. To repeal that right is nothing more than spitting on their memories, and daTruthSquad will not allow that.

From this day forward, daTruthSquad is officially adopting da "Bordentown Mayor Really Sucks" site as a member of da daTruthSquad family. You have our support, and we will stand by you as you soon face your own "Bordentown Legal Dream Team."

And, thanks to our new brothers and sisters in Bordentown, daTruthSquad is more energized than ever to root out corruption and political wrongs than ever before!

And that's daTruth.