Friday, July 22, 2011

Bruce Springsteen for Governor?

We must admit we bought everything that current New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was peddling. He promised to lower our tax burden. He promised to clean up the mess in da schools. He promised a lot of things. Has he really delivered?

In da two years that Christie ascended to da governor's throne, our property taxes have not gone down enough to buy a candy bar. They have stabilized, mostly due to local towns and cities cutting anything that crawled. However, Trenton's fat, much like da governor's own waistline, remains quite large.

Let's take a look at some of da things Christie promised on but did not deliver on:

ISSUE 1 - MAJOR TAX CUTS: If this promise was kept, then why is it our property taxes have not decreased? When you factor in that da average home price has dropped sharply, then in fact we're all paying MORE to live in our homes, based upon da tax to home price factor. He could blame da towns for this, but all he cut was aid to da cities which offset taxes in da first place. Promise made - promise unkept.

ISSUE 2 - DA BOARD OF EDUCATION: Teachers think Christie is a bully. School administrators will be lining up in droves to vote him back in office. When Christie took over for Con-zine, there were over 600 boards of education among da state's 566 municipalities. Two years later, there are over 600 boards of education among da state's 566 municipalities. Teachers have been cut, but six-figure administrators, their two secrateries each, their air conditioned offices, car and clothing allowances remain as intact as they were during da Cor-slime years. Yes, there are now salary caps, but how many teachers will ever make $175,000 per year? Promise made - promise unkept.

ISSUE 3 - MY SON'S TAXPAYER-FUNDED BASEBALL GAME: Let's see how this sounds .... "DaTruthSquad would have written this blog sooner, but we had to use da NJ State Police helicopter at taxpayer expense to fly across da state to see our kid's baseball game, and when da taxpayer funded helicopter landed a taxpayer funded limosine was waiting to drive us da 500 feet to da bleacher seats while taxpayer funded security surrounded us. Then daTruthSquad had to leave before da game was over to fly at taxpayer expense back to DaTruthSquad-thwacket to meet with political big-wigs from Iowa." DaTruthSquad's question here is - was this da same helicopter that former Governor Christine Whitman wanted to do away with because she believed it was opulance and taxpayer waste? Promise made - promise unkept.

ISSUE 4 - QUALITY OF LIFE: Has yours been any better in da last 2 years? Promise made - promise unkept.

DaTruth is, da Guv made big promises, almost as big as his waistline. However after two years in office, how many of those promises are being kept? Da reality is, unless property taxes plummet by da start of 2013, he may not be able to get reelected dog catcher in New Jersey. Add to this his popularity, once Obama-like is now starting to drop like a 10-pound burrito, and thoughts he may leave da governor's mansion for a chance to take on Obama for president, and he may actually place GOP'ers at risk next year in local and state elections.

Right now, there's no real good choice to go after Obama if you'e a GOP'er. So, with no real good choice for Prez, who do you pick? There's still a natonal movement to get Christie in da race, but to say he won't and then say he will makes him as much a flip-flopper as John Kerry. So, what is our rotund governorator going to do? Does he hear da national call and abandon his promises in New Jersey? Does he stay in New Jersey and face potentially not keeping his promises and possibly get kicked out of office?

A recent poll that placed Christie in an election against Democratic challenger Bruce Springsteen had both potential candidates in a statistical dead heat at 42%! If da Boss of da state can't beat da Boss, how can he remain Boss? You know da Boss (not Christie) would carry Monmouth County. You know da Boss (yes that Boss) will clean up with Democrats and younger voters, as well as da 50's crowd that grew up with him. All of a sudden, going up against da rock star Obama seems to be more paletable than going up against da rock star Springsteen - and all of a sudden, Christie's not looking like a rock star anymore.

DaTruth is, unless Christie gets his act together and keeps his promises, he may be a 1-term governor.

And that's DaTruth!


Anonymous said...

Christie has demonized the public workers of this state. Teachers, firefighters, police/correction officers. He should be ashamed of himself.

Our "do as I say, not as I do governor" really showed his true colors with that state police helicopter debacle. He had no intentions of paying for that trip, until he realized it looked very bad for him.

With this governor, he calls for "shared sacrafice." Where is the sacrafice our states millionaires and billionaires have to make??

Corruption in state goverment: His number 2--Kim Guadagno--has shown she used fraud to permit a high-ranking sheriffs officer to obtain a pension and county salary. I am simply amazed this has not been addressed. However, if you were a cop getting a cup of coffee on a cold winters night--he would be there nailing you to the cross for all to see. Such hypocrisy!!!

Anonymous said...

Chris and Andy-Boy. Perfect together.

Anonymous said...

I supported Christie, but I have yet to see my taxes lower, and that's under a Republican mayor and Republican leaders in my town and on the county level. If I don't see real reform by next year, he's lost my vote.

Anonymous said...

Chris Christie is just a fatter version of Jon Corzine. Do what is best for your political base and don't care about anything else.

Anonymous said...

For the first time, I beg to differ with DTS. Perhaps he/she has been out in the heat too long! Christie may not be perfect, but he is widely respected, and at least has a pair of balls...which is far more than we can say about our two previous Governors. Considering everything, he has made a good start by slashing expenses and stabilizing taxes. As far as reducing property taxes that is primarily a local issue over which he has no control and his misuse of the state helicopter and large waistline means nothing to most people. Finally, DTS's statement that Bruce Sprinstein would beat Christie in a political election is an insult to the intelligence of our local residents.

Anonymous said...

I saw the news about that poll. I don't put much stock in those polls, but I think it should be a wake up call to Christie. He's becoming too hard core right wing for most average New Jerseyans and that could be a problem in 2013.

Anonymous said...

He lost me, won't vote for him again. I hope he runs for President and wins just to get him out of NJ. He showed how tuff he could be with the school teachers, let's see how his bully tactics work in dealing with China or Russia, not to mention Iran, North Korea, etc.

larry said...

when i read crap like this, i really miss the good stuff on the Hate Site.

Anonymous said...

Christie did manage to get voted off the Republican controlled Morris County Board of Choosen Freeholders before his re-incarnation as a US Atty.

And no, he really hasn't slashed taxes for the average citizen. I'm not aware of widespread property tax DECREASES since he's taken office. And yes, he did create the conditions for widespread INCREASES last year. I Don't recall the state tax rates or the sales tax rate going down.

Don't forget, he's also dumped a Billion $ into AC and that meadowlands monstrocity. I wouldn't consider those fiscally conservative decisions. However, installing gaming at the Meadowlands, to counter the decline in gaming tax revenue lost to NY and PA would be a prudent use of that money. Acutually, you wouldn't need any money to do that.

Bottom line, if my taxes continue to rise before he's up for re-election, he's lost my vote too.

Anonymous said...

NJ gov. goes to hospital over breathing difficulty

nice work, squad.

Anonymous said...

Gov. Christie was taken to the hospital complaining of shortness of breath. He probably read the truth in this blog and realized his chances of becoming president were as non existent as the brillo blog.

Thank G-d said...

I see the HATE WEBSITE has hung up a sign that says "Gone Fishing." Good riddance!!!!!!!!!

Squaddo wins again!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

moskawitz probly filed an injunction somewhere to get them to stop making him look like a jerk.

Anonymous said...

As one posted earlier,Christie's biggest blunder is not allowing slot machines and other gambling games at NJ racetracks. Surrounding states like NY, PA, Del, etc., are making a fortune off these venues and everyone is happy including the hundreds of thousands of NJ residents that can conveniently patronize these out of state betting and racing parlors. It has become increasingly obvious that Christie is "in bed" with Atlantic City casino interests that most likely back him financially and are trying to save their losing Empire.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to your blog. Very interesting view on Christie. I agree he has fallen below expectations regarding the property tax issue. I disagree reagrding the board of education. I think he's taking it one step at a time. Teachers are only one problem. Once he fixes that he can tackle the feeding trough that is the board of education.

BTW, after reading about the Manalapan politics, someone should investigate those corrupt politicians! What a waste.

Anonymous said...

So Michelle Roth is just too damned good to park in the back of the Franklin Lane parking lot and insists on screwing daily commuters who really do need the parking permits.
No surprise there!

Anonymous said...

No surprise at all. I understand a HUGE one is coming about the "lady" very soon. I wouldn't want to be her when the story breaks. Karma Lady Roth, Karma

Anonymous said...