Saturday, December 24, 2011

Another anniversary to remember - and holiday gift-giving from daTruthSquad!

At this time of year we at daTruthSquad remember many things - da plight of da taxpayer, those who are in need, and of course, da year 2007 when a group of politicians attempted to systematically remove da Constitution of da United States away from anyone who dared to simply do what our fathers and forefathers asked us to do - tell daTruth!

Yes, it was four years ago when daTruthSquad became a worldwide phenomenon after a group of politicians led by then-Mayor Andy Boy and daQueen sicked their legal bulldogs on a blogger whose sole mission was to inform town residents of a perceived wrong being done at taxpayer expense. In reality, what daTruthSquad was doing was simply exercising our First Amendment rights. What da Manalapan Township Committee wanted instead was to turn da town into Manalapanistan, and take away YOUR right to freedom of speech.

They expected us to hide in da corner and cower to their political might.

They expected us to shut our doors and move to a country that has Democracy as their form of government.

They expected us to be quiet so they could ruin da life of a great attorney and public servant.

They didn't expect we'd stand up against their plans, and be da focal point of worldwide rebuke against da Manalapan politicians who tried to silence a little old lady from Manalapan.

All you have to do to see just how far some politicians will go to keep their actions out of da public eye is to read how da Electronic Frontier Foundation stepped in, and not only had to correct da Manalapan Legal Dream Team who sent what was in effect an unenforceable subpoena, but also stood up to da Manalapan politicians and their Dream Team of taxpayer-funded attorneys and saved da people of da United States before da First Amendment and da Constitution of da United States could be torn to pieces for political gain!

See da Taxpayer-funded complaint written by da Manalapan Legal Dream Team against da Mosked Man here.

Read da 29-page document submitted to da court by da Manalapan Legal Dream Team that they believe claimed without a doubt that da Mosked Man is daTruthSquad - a document they may not have wanted you to see here.

See da now-infamous subpoena da Manalapan Legal Dream Team sent to daTruthSquad here!

See da billing records of one of da Manalapan Legal Dream Team lawyers for yourself here!

Finally, see what da judge had to say in his ruling that saved da First Amendment from da Manalapan politician trash heap!

Of course, as we all know thanks to da great work of real legal eagles at da EFF and legal skills of da Mosked Man indeed da First Amendment was saved, and freedom still rings in da great United States - and da Manalapan politicians and their taxpayer-funded lawyers suffered what may be their most embarrassing defeat - one da world was watching!

No, we will never forget this. It's one of da reasons people should donate to da non-profit EFF so da First Amendment and your rights can be protected!

With da holidays coming up, we have decided to place some goodies under da Christmas tree for da political elite of Manalapan.

For Manalapan Committeeman "Lyin" Ryan Green, we leave a wooden gavel. Since we believe he will be da next to have his mug placed on da wall of shame of Manalapan mayors next to da person who gives him his marching orders, that gavel will come in handy.

For Manalapan Committeeman Farmer Don, he gets free medical benefits. Now that da Manalapan GOP'er political elite doesn't need him anymore, he should have some type of free parting gifts from his alliance with Andy Boy. If he's learned nothing from da Queen's alliance with Andy Boy, nothing lasts forever.

For Manalapan Committeeman and soon-to-be former Land Baron Mayor Andy Boy, we find under da tree a discount coupon for campaign lawn signs. It seems every year, career politician ABL decides to run for some political office, only to be rebuffed by his own party. So, to be fair, if he runs for something in 2012 he may need more lawn signs.

Also, we're leaving another gift for Land Baron Mayor Andy Boy. Since his land grab was given da kiebosh by da Asbury Park Press and even some government bodies, we leave him da deed to all of Manalapan! If he wants something he may not be able to get fairly, then lets just give him da whole town!

For Manalapan GOP'er Grand Poobah and political Sewer Boy Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery, we leave him a brand new $20,000 toilet. Pulling da lever will be da taxpayers of Manalapan, so each time it flushes, Manalapan residents will have a hand in paying for it.

Then, we have da Queen, Michelle Roth. She spent over 10 years with her hands in Manalapan politics. She's a former mayor, former candidate for other offices, and next to Andy Boy maybe da single most polarizing person ever to hold office in Manalapan. For da Queen, we leave her a very large lump of coal.

You see, she was one of da reasons this blog began, so Manalapan residents could read what was really happening behind da scenes. Since we have had such great access to da inner workings of Manalapaan Town Hall we have seen much, and thanks to da help of so many, we have seen maybe too much. As for what 2012 will bring, we at DaTruthSquad expect bigger and hopefully better things. Less corruption, more cooperation. Less politics, more positive acts for da taxpayers. Less "Land Grab", less bickering, less taxes.

Have a happy and healthy holiday and new year to all da TruthTellers from all da many great people who are daTruthSquad.