Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Part 1 - Da Fleecing of Manalapan

Information is an important part of everyday life. Without information, we have no true knowledge of actual events.

Case in point, da case of "Da Township of Manalapan v. Da Mosked Man." As you may have already read, there are numerous claims made by da multitude of law firms hired by da town and paid for with YOUR tax dollars against da Mosked man. However, if you only read da Snoozer, and nothing else, here's what you are aware of.....

1. Back Page Barratta's story on how a judge says da case against da Mosked man will continue.

2. Back Page Barratta's story on how a judge says da case will not be dismissed.

3. Back Page Barratta's story on how da town seeks damages from da attorney on da land deal.

4. Back Page Barratta's story on how da Mosked man's insurance carrier said no to coverage for da lawsuit.

After carefully reading Back Page's stories, I'm surprised da Mosked man wasn't also charged with da Lindbergh baby kidnapping, or at da very least introducing Monica Lewinsky to Linda Tripp, who, by da way, was reportedly born and raised in New Jersey. Could it be that everything is going so wrong with da Mosked man in this case?

However, daTruthSquad must admit that when credit is due, that credit should be given, and it will be given right now.

On September 26, an editorial appeared penned by Snoozer editor Mark Rosman. DaTruthSquad may not have always agreed a level playing field was found in regard to some of Mr. Rosman's writings (remember da mea culpa of "Because I Hate Italians" being a "non-starter"). However, in this case, not only did Mr. Rosman expose what was not known to da general public, he gave great insight on what da future holds for taxpayers in Manalapan, and for that he deserves praise.

Here is what da following attorneys or law firms hired by da town of Manalapan are charging for their services in "Da Township of Manalapan v. Da Mosked Man," according to Mr. Rosman's investigative skills:

Robert Renaud - $350 per hour.
Township Attorney & Assemblywoman-elect Carolina MachoGrande - $135 per hour.
Special counsel Daniel J. McCarthy - $130 per hour
Special counsel David Weeks - a contingent-fee basis

Since no retraction of this editorial was ever printed, daTruthSquad must assume his facts are not in dispute. DaTruthSquad encourages everyone to read his editorial carefully, but remember, especially da taxpayers of Manalapan, da meter is running.

In an upcoming "Da Fleecing of Manalapan," daTruthSquad will discuss further da money trail and how this affects all da taxpayers in ways you may not know.

Now, to answer a question you also deserve to know - Why did daTruthSquad take an extended vacation?

In July, when daTruthSquad's site was spammed by comments that daTruthSquad felt were beyond da bounds, it got to da point where it became too hard to have da blog administrator check da site several times per hour. So, daTruthSquad decided to take additional time away from da blog.

However, when it became clear this blog was somehow being intertwined in da legal battles in "Da Township of Manalapan v. Da Mosked Man," it was decided a few more weeks was in order. Around that time, daTruthSquad received an email saying a civil subpoena demanded information about da blog. At that point, it was decided that daTruthSquad would need to seek out advice from a legal expert on free speech matters.

As daTruthSquad discovered, there were things that yes, even daTruthSquad, was not aware of in regard to "Da Township of Manalapan v. Da Mosked Man." As daTruthSquad further investigated through da use of databases available to anyone and other forms of searching, daTruthSquad discovered that daTruthSquad couldn't find even one case where a governmental entity, in this case an entire town, desired to do away with part or parts of da First Amendment, and daTruthSquad was not alone in that endeavor.

DaTruth is two-fold: (a) When "da 800lb. gorilla" knocks on your door sent by those who don't like you, make sure you have a way to repel da hairy fella, or at least enough bananas to keep him occupied, and (b) when he is sent by political individuals running a town with unlimited money (your tax dollars) to fund da activities of that "800lb. gorilla," or in this case several "800lb. gorillas," have plenty of bananas and a zookeeper skilled in da ways of zoo management.

DaTruthSquad will not reestablish da comments section yet, but in time it probably will appear. As for now, daTruthSquad believes that those taxpayers funding what has been called "a fishing expedition" against daTruthSquad in this particular matter deserve to know how their hard-earned money is being spent. Part 2 of "Da Fleecing of Manalapan" will disclose that further.

And that's daTruth.