Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More Political Cronies Schemes - Less Money For You

Here we go again with Governor Toll Troll. Another week, another scheme to take more of YOUR money out of your pockets to make his political cronies and those he serves (not da taxpayers) happy.

Corzine, or whomever is pulling da strings wants to take da Turnpike and segregate it into those who pay and those who pay more. Those who pay more will have special lanes solely for them, leased for billions of $$$$ to a private company. Those lanes, of course would come from current Turnpike lanes, placing more traffic now into less lanes while people lighting cigars with $20 bills would breeze by, in theory of course.

DaTruthSquad was at da a Manalapan dining establishment last Sunday afternoon eating dinner and overhearing people talking about it. One said, "let them do it. I don't drive da Turnpike anyway."

You may not drive da Turnpike, but like da "Andy & Roth-i-nomics" that have led to more than 40% municipal tax increases over da last 2 years (28% & 14%) in Manalapan, you still have to pay, even if YOU don't take da Turnpike.

Delivery trucks use da Turnpike. They pay more - YOU pay more.

Company vehicles use da Turnpike. They pay more - YOU pay more.

Less lanes for peasants mean YOU burn more gas. More gas used - YOU pay more.

Now, here's an interesting question. Why not go to a bank and tell them you want to borrow money to pay for your bills. You of course want to borrow more than you're worth. You think they'll give you that money?

Apparently folks like Governor Corzine does, because much like running New Jersey like Enron, he's doing da same thing.

He has an out-of-control pension system, more state workers than needed, a former girlfriend that even a union doesn't want to have running it claiming corruption. Yet, he passes a budget that does nothing to lower da state debt, and only cuts jobs on attrition and not outright. It does nothing to stem da pension problem that could have 20% of future budgets going solely to pay pensions.

So how does da NJ Governor fix it?

He ignores it, but wants to raise tolls like he promised all along - that is - after he got into office.

In a way, his "Enron-like" business management style of New Jersey has trickled down to Manalapan, where leaders in that small town also believe in tax now, pay now & later.

There are more "For Sale" signs in front of homes than you'll ever see signs that say "Vote for Green & Garcia." Without a proper ratable infrastructure, people have to drive to Marlboro & Freehold to shop for staple items, or just to shop if they have anouth cash. To get there, they have to drive in traffic because roads like Woodward Road has been closed it feels like since Shapiro was da mayor (although it hasn't been that long), and with 3,000 homes & McMansions being built right now in a small southrn part of town, those folks too will need groceries and their 5,000 cars will join yours on Manalapan roads.

So, what are Manalapan's town leaders like da Queen and alleged Freehold/and or Manalapan resident Andy Boy doing about it?

They're spending millions of $$$$$ of YOUR tax money on an artificial turf field. They're spending hundreds of thousands of $$$$$$ on "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" land-deal-gone-bad-First Amendment lawsuit that even Back Page Barratta wrote in da local Snoozepaper that da judge claimed "politics that affects this entire lawsuit," and may have set da ball rolling for additional Manalapan "defendants" by saying, according to da Snoozepaper, "Whether it's politically motivated or not, I don't care. If they're responsible parties, they should be in the case. File the motion," the judge said.

Now, led by da Queen and Andy Boy, they want to purchase a 25-acre tract of land and, according to da Snoozepaper story they have plans, but at what cost?

First, they have questions according to da Snoozepaper about how to fund buying the more than $1 million parcel. They have to consult lawyers to see if just what they want can be done, which costs lawyers fees. Second, they haven't a clue whether they'll buy da land or lease it. Either way, it will cost you $$$$$$$. Third, they're thinking of using da land for "recreational use" and putting up "some sort of bubble stadium." Didn't they just spend millions of $$$$$ on an artificial turf field and other recreational upgrades? Fourth, they believe this will bring in revenue.

Do they think chips & soda will balance Manalapan's budget? Better yet, do they charge Manalapan residents to use their own town's recreational facility? Charge da peasants $10 to jog? Make them pay $20 per kid for each soccer game their kid plays in?

DaTruth is, while it is all well and good to want to make Manalapan da "recreation town," peasants get thirsty after jogging, and kids get hungry after soccer games. Parents can't get their groceries and snacks at Manalapan Rec. They must for da most part drive out of Manalapan to get what they need as staple items.

Remember, even alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident Committeeman Andy Boy claimed his then soon-to-be wife was living in Freehold to be close to her job!

Right now, as 3,000 more homes, 5,000 more cars, and probably another (rough estimate) 10,000 people will be added to Manalapan's population, Manalapan has 500,000 square feet of business space sitting weed-infested becase a handful of politicos apparently would be happier with a Mega-MegaMall on da border with Monroe on Route 33 than businesses down da street from them in Manalapan where their tax money can stay in town.

Right now, a town like Mount Arlington is facing a 40% municipal tax increase because they lost their state funding. Manalapan is going up 14% because it lost barely 1% of it's budget from da state. Unless da mindset of politicians change in Manalapan (and throughout da state), then it's safe to say "For Sale" and "Out of Business" signs will become da new moniker of New Jersey, and Manalapan.

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

From NJ.COM where Larry Roth will have it deleted faster than you can say apartheid:

When she wrote the article about the Tillis property on 522, she wrote exactly what Michelle Roth told her to write. What she didn't tell you is that the property they're paying THREE TIMES VALUE for (which she also conveniently forgot to write) is partially owned by JOHN LYNCH. Kathy knows this democratic powerhouse is still calling the shots in Manalapan and she's not telling anyone because of her own political bias. Here's a question for you. Why would Manalapan pay this much for land they have so little use for they are going to turn around and lease it to someone else? Is it because the person they're leasing it to is Mike Hammer - the same person who benefitted from the toxic artificial field we paid $1 million for? And if it's "settlement" of a downzoning lawsuit, then why isn't there a malpractice lawsuit against the person responsible for the downzoning in the first place, current planner Richard Cramer? And why hasn't he been fired? Is it because of the substantial campaign contributions he gives the democrats and Andy Lucas each year? Kathy, of course, isn't going to cover any of this. She's far more interested in a losing candidates twelve cent 2006 political campaign than the million dollar corruption of her pals in Manalapan.

Wyatt Earp, MD said...

I also figured the Roth-Lynch axis would have this removed from too. But not from here.

3089.1. Lynch PAC pays mayor's firm
by jusdafacts, 7/16/08 11:35 ET
Re: Critics see conflict with Pucci by jusdafacts, 7/16/08
Posted by the Asbury Park Press on 05/7/06BY BILL BOWMANSTAFF WRITER
A political action committee controlled by Democratic Party boss John A. Lynch, whose Tinton Falls office was raided last year by federal agents, has paid more than $165,000 in consultation fees to a business run by the mayor of a Middlesex County town where one of Lynch's associates wants to build a major development.

Richard Pucci, mayor of Monroe, works as a political consultant for the PAC, New Directions for Responsible Leadership.

A section of Route 33 in Monroe, the largest town geographically in Middlesex County, is the targeted site of a major development proposed by Jack Morris, a political and business ally of Lynch.

The payments were made to Pucci's company, Professional Management Consultants, according to election finance records. The checks were written from the account of New Directions, which is run out of the Tinton Falls office Lynch shares with developer and lobbyist John E. Westlake.

Professional Management is a company Pucci runs from his Middlesex Boulevard home, according to records filed with the state Election Law Enforcement Commission.

Pucci also earns about $135,000 a year as executive director of the Middlesex County Improvement Authority, $25,000 a year as Monroe's mayor and $12,000 a year as Monroe's police commissioner.

Pucci's company is paid $4,000 a month by New Directions, the ELEC records show.

As mayor, Pucci sits on the township Planning Board — which would eventually rule on Morris' project, should an application be filed — and Pucci also created a task force charged with evaluating Morris' and several other development projects along Route 33.

One political analyst said arrangements such as that between Pucci and Lynch may present the appearance of a conflict of interest on the elected official's part.

"While many people who are making gifts or accepting salaries or contributions will say it didn't affect my decision-making, I think it's the appearance of conflict that has to be looked at," said Ingrid Reed, director of the New Jersey Project at the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers University, New Brunswick.

Pucci's business has had only one client since September 2002, New Directions for Responsible Leadership, according to official records and an interview with Pucci.

The PAC has paid Pucci's company $168,000 since September 2002, according to ELEC records. Although Lynch is not registered as New Directions' chairman or treasurer, he has long been connected with the PAC.

Pucci said it was Lynch who approached him to work for New Directions.

Pucci, who is also a Democrat and heads his town's Democratic organization, said that his work for Lynch is a continuation of what he has done for decades. Pucci said he had been a political consultant for "various campaigns" for about two decades prior to being hired by New Directions. Pucci declined to name the campaigns or individuals for which he consulted.

He said he has known Lynch, a former state Senate president and New Brunswick mayor, for about 25 years. Pucci called Lynch "a great friend, an expert in government and a tremendous political mind. Under the right circumstances, he could have been governor."

Lynch said Pucci's company is one of "five or six" firms that have done consulting work for New Directions since its inception.

Lynch said New Directions hired Pucci because the Monroe mayor "studies public policy, and he's politically astute. He brings to the table a package that we were looking for that made so much sense in trying to recruit people into running for public office and help people who are running for public office in terms of issues management and trying to educate elected officials on the failure of government.

"He brings a unique dynamic to the table when it comes to young people looking to enter the fray or who are running for public office," Lynch said.

New Directions was formed in February 2000 and is based in New Brunswick. In 2003, the PAC's registered address was changed to the Executive Drive, Tinton Falls, office that houses businesses Lynch shares with developer and lobbyist Westlake.

That office was raided by federal agents last November. Among the records that the agents sought were all financial documents relating to Lynch and Westlake's various businesses, and records of their dealings with several major developers, according to a subpoena issued in the raid.

Lynch has confirmed that he is the subject of an "active investigation" and said in a statement that he was "not surprised."

One of the companies included in the subpoena was Executive Continental, a firm co-owned by Lynch and Westlake. Lynch has described his role in Executive Continental as that of a "choreographer" who helps developer clients work their way through the planning approval process.

Businesses owned separately and together by Lynch and Westlake were also indirectly

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Manalapan Democratic machine (Shapiro Lucas / Roth) is tied into Lynch PAC money.

Lynch, before he went to jail and became a convict made contributions to Shapiro's campaigns. The Jan. 15 2004 ELEC filing says Drew Shapiro received $1,000 on 11/4/2003.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

you should be born. You and your wife and her bosom buddies shapiro and lucas are so used to being part of corruption, of course it's boring to you.

former transcript reader said...

I saw this on the Manalapan board and copied it here. This is why I will no longer read the News Transcript. Bias with a capital B!

What planet is this woman on?
"But are they being compensated at a higher rate for these "Degrees"? [/quote] =========================================================

I can't answer that but I will tell you this. You couldn't afford to pay me to put up with the crap he has to take - from too many students who were never taught basic good manners nor a respect for authority and their parents; all who of course, have children who are misunderstood geniuses.

Wasser has to deal with more miscreants in one week than most of us do in a year. Whatever he's paid - he earns it!


P.S. I think the student's letter was snotty and condescendingly disrespectful with Wasser's response being perfectly adequate to the tone of the letter he was responding to. "

Click to view these responses
Where did this come from by nyy26a2, 7/18/08

Wyatt Earp said...

I hear The Mosked Man was in court yesterday.

Question: How many motions did oskowitz lose?

Question: How many did Eric Abraham lose?

Question: Who else got in trouble in court? Was it one of McEnema's cronies?

I think the gang of three may have bit off more than they can chew.

Feel free to discuss here because unlike, McEnery and his friends can't have posts deleted here.

Anonymous said...

Say It Ain't So...

The Mosked Man won in court for his client Murray. The senior citizen sued for eviction from his son Drew Shapiro Manalapan's former mayor.

Abraham lost all of his motions he filed against Murray.

The judge has ordered that a forensic accountant look at all of the financial's from the jewelry business of Drew and Murray. When the judge asked Moskovitz, "Do you think a forensic accountant is needed?" Moskovitz without hesitation said YES.

Moksovitz went on record to the judge that the members in the audience, a Republican Muncipal Chair, a Democratic former Mayor and a local beat reporter were there to see what when on, he said to the judge this case has nothing to do with the Manalapan case but they are here.

Last week this same judge who in presiding over the Manalapan case said that he realizes the Manalapan case is political as the Mosked Man was the former township attorney. Establishing that the Other Gang of 3 is again in the audience, keeps reminding the judge that he is correct that politics does play a major role in the Manalapan case.

Hang in their Murray.

The judicial system will not fail you!