Wednesday, July 9, 2008

And The Next to Be Called “DEFENDANT” is….

While the latest story in da local Snoozepaper by Back Page Barratta called “Judge Tells Attorneys to Depose Moskovitz” seems to point fingers at da Mosked Man, it appears in reality it may be da Mosked Man himself who may be pointing fingers soon enough.

Buried in da story was da fact da judge in da case is not taking sides, but also is apparently thinking less that da case is political and thinking more that da case should not just proceed, but become larger in scope so da truth can be told. According to da Snoozer, da judge told da Mosked Man, who questioned why only he was being targeted in this legal bruhaha, said da Mosked Man could go after others who may have allegedly been a part of da great "land-deal-gone-bad!"

Judge O'Brien told Moskovitz that if he (Moskovitz) believes there are other responsible parties and the township has not brought them into the litigation, then Moskovitz ought to take it upon himself, as his own attorney in the matter, to cite or bring these other individuals into the litigation. "Whether it's politically motivated or not, I don't care. If they're responsible parties, they should be in the case. File the motion," the judge said.

This one particular move could have far-reaching effects not only in Manalapan politics, but in your pocketbooks too.

Engineering work for da Dreyer Patch was performed by CME, da current town engineering firm. Will they become a Mosked Man “Defendant?”

Current Manalapan Mayor da Queen was not only on da Township Committee in 2004, but also on da planning board and she’s running for reelection this year. Will she become a “Mayor-Defendant?”

Alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident Andy Boy is already a “Defendant” in da case. His lawyer tried to have him removed, citing “a fishing expedition.” Andy Boy is still a “Defendant, and his lawyer was told to depose da Mosked Man

Truth be told, it seems this case isn’t just not going away any time soon, but it may be growing larger and wider-ranging. Da case which started out with a “fishing expedition” in a brazen attempt to unmask daTruthSquad and those who post on da site using taxpayer money may soon become a “Manalapan Political Who’s Who of Defendants" if da Mosked Man starts pointing his finger.

Da judge also slapped Manalapan Legal Dream Team lawyer Len Garza for “repeated motions in the matter and told Garza he was not going to put up with any more motions to compel compliance. He told Garza that he should just depose Moskovitz under oath.”

Da Manalapan Legal Dream Team was also denied on da motion to have more details on da Mosked Man’s malpractice insurance carrier.

“O'Brien said he was denying that motion due to the fact that the township did not need to know why Hudson Insurance had denied coverage to Moskovitz in this matter. Garza said the request had been made because the township's attorneys believed they were entitled to know the circumstances that resulted in oskovitz's carrier denying him coverage in this matter. "As far as I'm concerned, you're only entitled to the copy of the policy, Mr. Garza. You're not entitled to any correspondence between the carrier and Mr. Moskovitz," the judge said.”

But da most damaging situation for Manalapan residents is that da case will not only continue – AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE – but could add more Defendants as da days go on.

Another important question – and it’s one that should and must be asked at da next Manalapan Township Committee meeting is – who is paying for Andy Boy’s legal bills in this matter? Is he paying out of his own pocket? Or, are you, da peasants of Manalapan paying for Andy Boy’s legal bills in da case of “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man?”

Exactly how much has been spent thus far on this case? Da Manalapan Township Committee has not released that figure, but Andy Boy said in da fall last year that Manalapan taxpayers have forked over “at least $100,000!”

DaTruth is, you have to read deeper into da Snoozepaper story, past da points that were echoed by Mosked Man lovers on another message board saying “Da Mosked man is going down.” Da judge clearly stated he was not happy with da way da Mosked man answered some questions, but he was also not happy with da Manalapan Legal Dream Team or Andy Boy’s legal eagle either.

Andy Boy’s lawyer called his client’s addition as a “DEFENDANT” a “fishing expedition.” He was denied, and told to depose da Mosked man.

Both da Mosked Man & Andy Boy’s lawyer’s tactics were called “Clintonistic” by da judge. For an alleged GOP’er to have his lawyers’ tactics to be called “Clintonistic” would be like having Jon Corzine be called “Karl Rove-like.”

Da judge has also had enough with Manalapan Legal Dream Team tactics, as da Snoozepaper says he “was getting tired of repeated motions in the matter and told Garza he was not going to put up with any more motions to compel compliance.”

And of course, da biggest single aspect of da story is not “Judge tells attorneys to depose da Mosked Man.” Da lead was buried once again, as it was da judge according to da Snoozepaper who tells da Mosked man basically to prove this is not a political vendetta lawsuit, as it has been alleged. Now, da Mosked Man free reign to add DEFENDANTS to da lawsuit – and da big question is – who will be served next?

What has now happened is da Manalapan Legal Dream Team has been put on da defensive. They now have to prove that, in effect, da Mosked Man “acted alone.” So, here are some questions to ponder:

1. Who did da engineering work on da Dreyer Patch, and why was da extent of da problems not detected then? How much was that firm paid, and why hasn't da Manalapan Township Committee demaded a refund for that work as they have from da Mosked Man?

2. Who was da Township attorney in 2004 who dealt with da court order to sell da property to Manalapan as-is? What was that person's involvement in da case before it was unceremoniously dropped in da lap of da Mosked Man?

3. During da Queen's 2005 election campaign, she often mentioned in political attack ads blamed GOP'ers Andy Boy & Joltin Joe for spending $1,000,000 of taxpayer money to buy just one acre of land. Could that same acre of land actually da Dreyer Patch where her now-infamous "Field of Nightmares" is going to be built and is da center of this whole land-deal-gone-bad controversy?

4. What did da Queen, who was on da Manalapan Township Committee in 2004 and also on da Planning Board and is now running for reelection really know?

5. What did da 2004 Township Administrator know?

6. If something was indeed wrong, why was it not discovered by the 2006 Township attorney?

7. What did former mayor Drew Shapiro know in all of his years on da Township Committee?

8. What, if anything, was said during da super-secret "Executive Session" of Manalapan Township meetings in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 that should be made known now about this case?

DaTruth is, da Mosked man may need more fingers to point.

If anything was made clear by da Snoozepaper story, it's that this case, being paid for with YOUR TAX MONEY is not going away anytime soon. It's also clear that there is much hidden that some people know that many aren't aware of. If da Mosked Man starts pointing fingers, it will be very interesting indeed who he points fingers at, and what is ultimately discovered during testamony.

DaTruth is, "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man," a First Amendment-legal malpractice-land-deal-gone-bad lawsuit which has been talked and written about around da world may only be beginning - and Manalapan residents will continue to pay every penny of it.

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how much we'll actually get to spend for this lawsuit over $10,000 in cleanup. Has there ever been two worse mayors with less financial expertise than Lucas and Roth? What an embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

That's nothing. Wait until you find out about the million dollars plus Michelle is secretly working out to pay to convicted felon John Lynch's company for the wetlands property right nearby on Route 522. Apparently the legal dream team hired by Michelle to handle that case were as effective as the other attorneys hired by Michelle. What does Michelle have against competent attorneys, anyway?

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's an accident that the only attorney who knew what he was doing in the last five years was there the year Michelle WASN'T on the township committee -- Moskovitz - and what does she do? Instead of suing all the attorneys who screwed up everything, she sued the one attorney who did a good job. That's Michelle.

Anonymous said...

Da Mosked Man tried numerous times to get the lawsuit tossed. He failed. He didn't inform his malpractice carrier about the suit, so they won't defend him. Bottom line is stuey is going to have to write a check in the near future.

Anonymous said...

I'm no lawyer, but from what I read on this blog about the case it seems that the judge is not happy with any of the lawyers, including those employed by Manalapan.

I also may be way off, but I would think Moskowitz has some scheme in mind. The judge got so upset at him that he is ordering depositions? From everything I've read about the "mosked man", he must know where every body is buried in town. He obviously has a plan, and I'm wondering when he's done if he will be the one receiving a check - from US!

Anonymous said...

Say IT Ain't SO says

What happens if the attorney in 2006 is deposed? What would happen if he tells the judge that he was asked by the mayor of 2006 to review the contract Moskovitz negotiated for the Dreyer property now dubbed the "land deal gone bad"? What would happen if that attorney told the then mayor he found nothing wrong with the contract and saw no negligence in the contract? What if that mayor kept that information only among his inner circle of political cohorts and did not share that information with the entire governing body? What if that mayor and his cohorts one of which still sits on the committee as our current mayor Roth knew all of this? What do you call it when the mayor and his cohorts knew that the legal opinion of the appointed township attorney was correct but they ignored it because it wasn't the answer they wanted and were looking to seek revenge??

Taxed to oblivion in Manalapan said...

I never knew the 2006 township attorney said that. If that is the case, then there's no doubt in my mind anymore that Roth and her taxers are using our money for a vendetta. I for one believe then the 2006 attorney better get a subpoena to testify under oath about what he apparently said. And if Datruth is right, then he should also subpoena all of the executive session notes. If there are recordings of those, then there will surely be more defendants coming soon to Manalapan.

Anonymous said...

Question: If the Queen mayor is served a subpoena in this case or made a defendant, then can she be served during a taping of a Manalapan Township Committee meeting?

That would be must see TV.

Anonymous said...


for freedom of expression said...

Oblivion wrote: "if Datruth is right, then he should also subpoena all of the executive session notes."

It's not up to Datruth. It's up to Moskovitz. He's the party in the case.

Anonymous said...

What the judge said was to stop all of the needless delays and get moving so Manalapan can prove there was malpractice on the part of Moskowitz.


Anonymous said...

Andrew you're a moron. The judge said nothing of the sort. If that's what he was saying, he wouldn't have said that Moskovitz "carefully" answered the interrogatories; he wouldn't have said that your attorney filed a "petty" motion and had better not file another one. He wouldn't have said that you belong in this case as a defendant. What the judge said, Andrew, is YOUR A$$ is on the line. In fact the one thing the judge DIDN'T say is that Moskovitz committed malpractice. He wants the OTHER professionals in this case as defendants, not Moskovitz. He stated from the bench that this case against Moskovitz is purely political. You do know, of course, that the township was told that while the insurance company attorney will defend your case, if there's a judgment against you the insurance doesn't cover it. Start saving your pennies, Andrew. It looks like when all is said and done, you're going to be the biggest loser of them all (not that you're not already). If Moskovitz is delaying this case, as you say, you better take advantage of that to save up enough to pay the judgment. Or Moskovitz may own your house WHEREVER it happens to be this week.

Anonymous said...


3076. Tell us about
by tbirdder, 7/10/08 13:45 ET
your county committee meeting Tuesday night, McEnery. What a joke. If there's anyone in Manalapan left who doesn't know what happened, McEnery called a mandatory meeting of the 40 or so republican county committee people for the library Tuesday. Remember, he said it was mandatory. Only four people showed up. One, just to laugh at him. The other three were McEnery, his boy toy Andy, and the perjurer Peter Hall. That's it. McEnery doesn't even have enough juice to get his own candidates to attend a meeting. I think it's time the county organization set this guy afloat.

Anonymous said...

I don't see a problem with that. All McEnery has to do now is replace the 36 members of the County Committee who didn't show up.

He's done that before.

As for his candidates not showing up, good for them. They're wasting their time since it's Roth that McEnery probably supprts anyway.

Anonymous said...

If the judge does allow Moskovitz to add defendants to this lawsuit, then it's obvious he feels there is more to this lawsuit than Manalapan's Dream team is alleging. It wouldn't surprise me at all if this lawsuit either gets tossed. What an absolute waste of taxpayer money!

Anonymous said...

How is this for must-see TV:

Moskovitz signs up at a TC meeting to speak during the open public hearing session. He say's Hi, and then proceeds to hand out legal notices to Roth, Valesi and others that they're now DEFENDANTS like Lucas in their own lawsuit!

Anonymous said...

Changing Time Too

The truth will come out, and if it is proven that this lawsuit was never authorized, and if it is proven that the attorney in 2006 told the then mayor that there was no negligence on Moskovitz's part and they went to another lawyer, a political chrony to get the answer they were looking for the judge will let them have it. I suspect then that the proper law enforcement agencies will be brought in and they will clean house. If there is corruption in Manalapan it will be found and dealt with.

Anonymous said...

When the truth does come out and the case is settled, will you and the other science fiction writers apologize to everyone you have defamed? Probably not, is my guess.

Anonymous said...

the truth is already out. Read the News Transcript. Even KB admitted the judge called the case political, said the township attorney's motions were petty, said Stu "carefully" answered the interrogatories, said that OTHER PEOPLE need to be the defendants in this case and denied every motion against Stu. That sounds like a lot of truth to me. And do you hear an apology from the mayor or from our Freehold representative Andy? Of course not. Any responsible government official would have shut this case down long ago and sent McCarthy packing. But the key word there is "responsible."

Anonymous said...

The truth will come out and I am sorry to inform you that it is the truth that the attorney in 2006 was indeed consulted by the then mayor and guess what? That mayor didn't like what he heard. So it will be you will be apologizing.

Anonymous said...

From NJ.COM where Larry Roth will have it deleted faster than you can say apartheid:

When she wrote the article about the Tillis property on 522, she wrote exactly what Michelle Roth told her to write. What she didn't tell you is that the property they're paying THREE TIMES VALUE for (which she also conveniently forgot to write) is partially owned by JOHN LYNCH. Kathy knows this democratic powerhouse is still calling the shots in Manalapan and she's not telling anyone because of her own political bias. Here's a question for you. Why would Manalapan pay this much for land they have so little use for they are going to turn around and lease it to someone else? Is it because the person they're leasing it to is Mike Hammer - the same person who benefitted from the toxic artificial field we paid $1 million for? And if it's "settlement" of a downzoning lawsuit, then why isn't there a malpractice lawsuit against the person responsible for the downzoning in the first place, current planner Richard Cramer? And why hasn't he been fired? Is it because of the substantial campaign contributions he gives the democrats and Andy Lucas each year? Kathy, of course, isn't going to cover any of this. She's far more interested in a losing candidates twelve cent 2006 political campaign than the million dollar corruption of her pals in Manalapan.

Anonymous said...

What about how covered bridge condo association is being treated by the town and da queen