Wednesday, February 4, 2009

An Official DaTruthSquad Challenge to Career Politicians

First, daTruthSquad would like to share with you a proposed campaign mailer intercepted from a potential political candidate:

Vote for me - I want to represent you on da Manalapan Township Committee!

I'm not doing it because I want to lower taxes, make Manalapan better, build parks, have better schools, or improve township services.

I'm running for Manalapan Township Committee because my ego is bigger than Cleveland, I care about taxpayers as much as I care about the hungry in Africa, and screw our schools. I NEED FREE HEALTH BENEFITS AND THE EXTRA MONEY - AND I WANT MY PICTURE HANGING IN TOWN HALL!

Unfortunately, that may be the most honest and accurate of any political campaign slogans over the last 6 years!

Here's a little history lesson from daTruthSquad:

In 2006, Commissar Klauber told da Snoozepaper he was running because "he believes elected officials should be looking to "creative" ways to effect tax relief," after he was told residents badly needed tax relief. He would also use solar power to power Manalapan schools, and push for a rail line through Manalapan.

His accomplishments: No rail line meetings, no solar power, and taxes up 42% over the last 2 years -- and he was a prime member of da budget committee ordering those hefty increases! Fortunately, he never promised to run Manalapan like a business, because if he did, that business model would be Enron!

In 2005, da Queen of Mean told da same newspaper she was running "I think there are ways to streamline town hall." Did she keep her promise?

Her accomplishments: Town meetings resembling a steel-cage wrestling match, a lawsuit that became a worldwide phenomenon, an assault on da First Amendment that garnered worldwide rebuke, and while voting against tax decreases, voted for every tax increase while on da committee!

Then there's alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident & alleged Republican/and or Democrat Andy Boy, who vowed to lower taxes if elected while in office.

His accomplishments: He was da co-architect of da double-digit tax increases with da Commissar, a Republican maneuver that would have caused Ronald Reagan to vomit his tapioca pudding and make Reagan & Abe Lincoln do summersaults in their graves! He also painted his fellow GOP'ers "Gray," turning his back on any GOP'er elected to da Committee while he's been there.

By da way, these three are who Manalapanites fondly call "Da Gang of Three."

Since it appears these career politicians never met a campaign promise they couldn't keep, da TruthTellers have spoken up and are demanding action. So, daTruthSquad is picking up da gauntlet.

DaTruthSquad has already heard from our embedded sources within da confines of Town Hall. It already appears that da current economy, coupled with da Corzine-o-nomics that is taxing state residents into oblivion, along with da tax-and spend-too-much philosophy of da Manalapan Township Committee is making da town forecast bleak, with an expected double-digit municipal tax increase of anywhere from 11-28 percent! Obviously, that's too much for Manalapan residents to absorb, so daTruthSquad is offering a challenge to da Township Politburo:

DaTruthSquad Budget Challenge #1: All Committeepeople must forfeit their health benefits (ironically, da Commissar, Queen, and Andy Boy, despite their vast wealth & businesses, are da only ones who take them).

DaTruthSquad Budget Challenge #2: Impose a 5% salary decrease for all non-union township workers. Leave da police alone, but no new police hires TFN.

DaTruthSquad Budget Challenge #3: Any township employee earning over $100,000 per year, or making over $100 per hour, must take a 10% cut in pay. All engineers will also receive a 10% cut in salary.

DaTruthSquad Budget Challenge #4: All Committeepeople must cut their current stipend in half. It's time to prove to everyone that you're either doing this job to serve da people, or serve your own ego and line your pockets.

DaTruthSquad Budget Challenge #5: Vow to Manalapan residents any tax increase will be no more than 4%, and do whatever it takes to accomplish that.

Now, daTruthSquad could come up with more challenges, but knowing da Gang of Three, there's as much of a chance of Manalapan holding da line on taxes as a 1-legged man winning a butt-kicking contest.

But, this point is important --- each of these 5 "Challenges" violates no laws or anti-trust statutes, or obligations of any kind. Recently, Middletown Republicans touted a plan to stop paying their Committeepeople - who - by da way - make half of what Manalapan politburo members make - - and they don't get health benefits!

DaTruth is, by their own words, not one of da Gang of Three apparently have even tried to keep any of their campaign promises. Taxes were not lowered, except when Joltin Joe Locricchio made that happen & Andy Boy was actually following Republican mantras. Township costs have not been kept in line, because with even more houses & not enough ratables there's even higher taxes. Covered Bridge still does not have their promises kept, and while Manalapan's foreclosure rate is da highest in town history, taxes still go up double-digits, as they have in da last 2 years under da Commissar's watch and when Andy Boy was mayor.

It's time to hold these career politicians accountable. They must know that either they cut costs at any cost, or be prepared to be kicked off da gravy train and let someone else do da job "For All Da People."

Da TruthTellers will be watching, so Manalapan politicians - take daTruthSquad's Challenge - "For All Da People."


Anonymous said...

Changing Times

I agree that the politicos in Manalapan should give up their stipends and their free dental and health insurance benefits. Hard times are being had by all and they should show good fiscal leadership and do the right thing.
But how can any of us expect the Gang of 3 to do the right thing? They have been carrying on a facade of a lawsuit, costing us untold monies to sue a political enemy? It goes to their moral compass. Holland and Cohen appear to moral value but they are the minority votes. The Gang of 3 controls the committee and the votes. It is a sad state of affairs, we the residents of Manalapan,have the Gang of 3 in control of our tax dollars. Their unmonitored spending will affect all of us and not for the better.

The Gunslinger's Gunslinger said...

I find it interesting that the current mayor has not kept any of his campaign promises. Obviously that's not something the Transcript would have, or their agenda driven reporter would even care about. Nice catch on that one Squad.

Anonymous said...

The greedy gang of 3 giving up their precious health benefits & money? Why do you think they ran for office in the first place? IMHO, I think they'd rather see us starve and lose our homes before they'd consider cutting anyone's salary in town hall.

Execept for their own of course.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...saw this on It was posted yesterday.

Could daButch man be datruth man?

3817. Community Service
by butchbudai, 2/4/09 18:28 ET
Re: Cost savings by RU4Real256, 2/4/09
That's the point I am making week after week. The TC gets paid. Granted, they do a lot of work (especially in election and are not paid what they would be worth had it been a full time job. But that's my argument with some of them. This is not your full time job. All claim they are doing the job so they can give back to their community. Think about all the campaign material you have received. If you read it before throwing it in the garbage, then you know exactly what I am saying. The campaign literature never says "I'M DOING IT FOR THE EXTRA MONEY & HEALTH BENEFITS"

This is what I tried saying at the TC meetings about volunteers not being appreciated. It's an example, it's not that the volunteers should have a volunteer brunch. I agree, times are tough. Everyone must make sacrifices. Of course, because the Mayor has the "last word" they can spin what you say. We are not allowed to answer back after we had our "BITE OF THE APPLE". For those who don't know, the TC eliminated the volunteers brunch which is held usually in Jan or Feb. The brunch is to thank the volunteers, which include members of the Fire Dept, EMS and the various committees and boards that volunteered in the previous year. As a former volunteer (not by my choice), I volunteer because I get enjoyment seeing things accomplished. On the other hand, I get frustrated by the politics and the red tape. I will speak out against such. The point is if they really wanted to, they would find a way to fund it. My example is the new Mayor's Ball and the new symphony orchestra. They found alternative ways to fund it. I have no problems with that and I think that the causes are worthwhile. How about if the 3 TC members took it from their health benefits? I'm sure the brunch costs a lot less than the almost $50,000 we pay for the health benefits of the 3 who take this benefit. I stress 3 on purpose. 2 have decided not to take the health benefits. So in conclusion, are the 3 TC members saying that their health benefits are more important than anything else? If their health benefits are more important than the community service they give, then maybe they need to rethink why they are representing us, the Manalapan Taxpayers.


Anonymous said...

If that's "datruth", then I have a lot more respect for Butch and I'd vote for him if he runs for TC again.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Butch & Marty Gelfon were arguing at the last meeting. Anyone know why?

Anonymous said...

Do you think that maybe Butch asked him why he stopped being his own man and has allowed Roth to use him as her very own puppet for the symphony?

Or maybe Butch was asking him why they only raise money through the Mayors Ball for the symphony and arts council but not for a volunteer brunch to thank and honor the township volunteers?

Anonymous said...

Not Roth....LUCAS!!!

Anonymous said...

Butch for Manalapan Township Committee!!!!!

KBee said...

I had no idea that little Ricky has not kept any of his campaign promises from just 2 years ago. This shows me that these people will say whatever they want to get their hands on power. Roth did it. Lukass did it. Now Klauber too. These people have to be voted out of office. Add me to the list of people who will not support Klauber this year.

Anonymous said...

I might support little Ricky if McEnry plays his games again this year. no doubt Butch Budia and Steve Johnson would have won last year.

Anonymous said...

There must be a new writer for the Truth Squad which is even dumber than the old one. I nominate this column as the worst so far this year.

Please explain how either Rick Klauber or Michelle Roth is a career politician when all they have ever tried to do is serve on the Township Committee. It is a part-time job. They both have other very susccessful career.

Mr. Klauber ran up against a stone wall from the county and the state in trying to fulfill his promise on solar power. He continues to fight city hall. It is certainly not for lack of trying. Next, everyone by now knows that the tax increases came because Mr. Locricchio, in trying to pursue a Senate career, lowered taxes when it was unconsionable to do so. Our surplus is just now up to where it was when Joe used it to make things appear fine. Today the town is the healthiest town in New Jersey. It is that way because your so called gang of three acted with great courage these last two years. That is why we are in such good financial shape.

Mrs. Roth's accomplishments are a matter of record and too numerous to list here. You can look at her campaign literature which was completely free of any negative references about her opponents whatsoever. It is too bad Green and Garcia could not say the same thing about their campaign.

Finally, thank god you are not in charge of this town. If you instituted all five of your ideas, do you think anybody would ever work on the Township Committee? Do you think we will gain more qualified people by making the lessening the incentives? I'll tell you who will attract. Crooks who would be willing to spend 40 hours per week "serving" the town while taking money behind their backs.

Anonymous said...

what drugs are you on? First of all, I wouldn't get too carried away with your comment about crooks. You may find out you spoke just a little too soon. You may find that out when you read the headlines telling everyone why the Village Center was really killed, why you and Michelle Roth really want to pay three times the proper amount for the Providence (partially owned by John Lynch) property and especially when you find out who in Manalapan was tied to Meiterman. You happen to be very very close to them. Second, people campaign for the Township Committee saying they want to "serve" the residents. I never saw you tell us that you wanted to be on the township committee for the health banefits in your campaign literature. Of course, that would have been honest, which would be out of character for you. It reminds me a little of the Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man." You guys are serving the residents up on a silver platter to themselves. You are not serving the residents by soaking them for the highest salaries in the area plus health benefits. And please, stop telling us about what successful business people you all are. We heard that for years from Shapiro before finding out he was in debt up to his gills and couldn't afford a clean shirt. And we certainly know it's not true in your case. McEnery has told everyone how much money he's lost with you. We're sure your other clients would have preferred to be invested with Bernie Madoff than you. And while you're at it, stop feeding us the nonsense that it was all Locricchio's fault, Andrew. We've heard that whining for sooooo long from you. We knew it wasn't true when you first fed it to us, and now it's even clearer. In 2005, Joe Locricchio did the hard work and made sure that our taxes were lowered WITHOUT CUTTING THE SURPLUS. YOU, on the other hand, raised taxes record amounts, were responsible for the budget in 2006 when we had a 1.7 million dollar shortfall, and have helped wipe out the surplus while raising our taxes an outrageous 46% in two years with more to come this year. Those are the facts. Go back to your illegal office and try to come up with something that is remotely believable.

Anonymous said...

excellent. couldn't have said it better myself.

Wyatt Earp, MD said...

Whoever wrote that insane post about how great the Gang of Three are, my question to you is, whatever you are smoking and whatever drugs you're taking to see that illusion, are they covered in that taxpayer-funded health plan you have? If they are, I may run for township committee, but then again, I probably wouldn't win because I'm not corrupt and beholden to special interests.

Anonymous said...

Heres a new guys perspective, ive been watching the TC meetings on tv for about a year,and i must say, M,A,and R,YOU ARE the sneakiest bully crew i have ever seen,having said that i would like to thankyou.You are forcing the residents to join forces,get involved to get you three out.

There is a buzz in town,excpect the meetings to have a much larger attendance.


Anonymous said...

I don't always agree with the Squad, but in this case they're dead on. We pay these politicians both money and free family benefits, and 1 is a lawyer, another a wealthy land owner, and the other owns her own financial business. SHAMEFUL DOESN'T EVEN COME CLOSE! And the Squad is right, as 2 of them have already run for office more than twice and the other is going to, they all are CAREER POLITICIANS. No wonder we pay so much in taxes!

Anonymous said...

Andrew is definitely a career politician, but will never get higher than the township committee. He is persona non grata at the republican party in the county and the democrats are simply using him; they'll never run him, they think he's a fool. Andrew needs this position for health care benefits. He is a failed financial analyst, a failed farmer (his father farmed lots of land for many years -- Andrew did so poorly, the owner of much of the land they farmed already sold the land to a developer) and, frankly, a failed politician, being the first republican in twenty years to lose a freeholder seat. There really isn't anything Andrew does well.

To the bozo who wrote: said...

“Mr. Klauber ran up against a stone wall from the county and the state in trying to fulfill his promise on solar power. He continues to fight city hall.”

How can that be? He is “city hall.”

“Today the town is the healthiest town in New Jersey.”

And that is based on just which pipe dream?

“Mrs. Roth's accomplishments are a matter of record and too numerous to list here.”

Awwww, just a short of list of three of the best, please.

Anonymous said...

That's easy. I can list "Mrs. Roth's accomplishments." Let's see. The first year she was on the township committee, she brought the township close to insolvency. Don't take my word for it, it was Andrew Lucas who first did the math and said so in his literature. The next year she was on the township committee, she voted for a budget that led to a 1.7 million dollar budget deficit, the highest in the history of Manalapan. The next year, when Estrogen Boy was mayor, she voted for (and pushed for) the highest tax rate in Manalapan's history -- 28%. She followed that up the year she was mayor with another whopping increase, leading to a total 46% compounded tax increase in two years. That record will never be topped. All, by the way, while STILL dipping into the surplus and killing services. Let's talk about what she accomplished with all that money. She cost us a world class symphony conductor. (the symphony is now being controlled by her close friend, a car wash owner). She paid $1,000,000 for an articial field we still haven't used and may not be usable if the testing around the country causes everyone to rip them out, which is highly likely. She killed the village center leading not only to a loss of millions of dollars of tax revenue, but that location, instead of being a recreational/commercial center as originally promised will now be another strip mall (of course, all is not lost totally; her convicted felon mentor, John Lynch will benefit in his neighboring shopping center due to Michelle's hard work screwing Manalapan). Speaking of John Lynch, she's buying his property for 1.5 million dollars of our money, even though the property is only worth a third of that. She is good to her political sponsors, isn't she? Wait, there's more. She's been a busy little girl. She cost us our award winning recreation director. We lost our in-house engineer (meaning, of course, that her campaign financier, Greg Valesi, gets to bill us for even more work), has brought the police department down to its lowest morale ever, replaced our administrator (now the administrator of Marlboro) with someone with about 10% of the experience, replaced our finance director with someone who was a part timer only one year before, allowed a nut job who was thrown out of office twenty five years ago for being a whacko and having the same fiscal policies as Michelle, to dominate the township committee meetings turning virtually everybody off to this government, discouraged good people from continuing to volunteer for the township's various programs. And don't forget, she is responsible for the lawsuit to nowhere (that now has another half a dozen parties in it, so you can expect the costs to the taxpayers to go even higher) and voted to pay over $20,000 in cash to pursue this mindless vendetta while promising the taxpayers it wasn't going to cost anything (be sure to remember that in November when Klauber, who has seconded everything she's done,runs for reelection.) Of course, she's also failed to renew any of the MSA agreements, in violation of the law, which will lead us in many tens of thousands of dollars extra costs for that program, and let's not forget the health care benefits we are paying for her and her ethically challenged apartheidist husband who apparently can't afford to pay for their own health benefits despite constantly telling us what successful business people they are. Yeh, sure. As successful as Lucas and Shapiro, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

well done........WOW!!!

Concerned manalapan resident said...

I doubt even Datruth could have written that better.

I haven't heard anything about these MSA agreements you wrote about. What are they, and what is illegal about them?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad whoever posted that great commentary of Michelle Roth's tragic years in office posted it here, because it it were posted on, it surely would have been deleted by now.

Thank G-d for free speech.


To the real bozo said...

"“Mr. Klauber ran up against a stone wall from the county and the state in trying to fulfill his promise on solar power. He continues to fight city hall.”

How can that be? He is “city hall.”

“Today the town is the healthiest town in New Jersey.”

And that is based on just which pipe dream?

“Mrs. Roth's accomplishments are a matter of record and too numerous to list here.”

Awwww, just a short of list of three of the best, please"

What are you saying? I can tell you. Absolutely nothing. You wrote nonsense in response to that post. That's what you sick people do. For goodness sakes, a 4th grade student could have written a better rebuttal, you schmuck. Go back and take another hit of the bong, you juvenile delinquent.

Anonymous said...

Nonsense,Larry? Really? Every word was a fact. Every word was real. And all you can do to "rebut" it is to post your inane name calling. That about sums it up right there. Go back to earning blood money off of poor Africans Larry. That's what you do best.

To the yum-yum who said...

"What are you saying? I can tell you. Absolutely nothing. You wrote nonsense in response to that post. That's what you sick people do. For goodness sakes, a 4th grade student could have written a better rebuttal, you schmuck. Go back and take another hit of the bong, you juvenile delinquent."

That is an ample display of the sum and substance of your substantive contribution and its underlying inelligence quotient. Thank you for yet another fine demonsstration that we know we can always rely on.

If we are keeping score. said...

It's at leas as childlike (because it was meant to be) as your's, you buffoon

for freedom of expression said...

So you admit you don't have anything to say except infantile insults and are utterly unable to respond to three straightforward and simple questions. If that's the best you can post, you might as well save your breath.

Butch_Budai said...

Public Hearing

by butch budai, 2/9/09 11:25 ET

Wednesday Feb. 11th 8:00 P.M. Township Committee meeting

Purchase of property known as the Tillis Tract.

Ordinance No. 2009-01 – Re-introduction An Ordinance of the Township of Manalapan, in the County of Monmouth,New Jersey, Providing for the Acquisition of Real Property in and for the township of Manalapan and Appropriating $1,525,000 Therefor, and Providing for the Issuance of $1,448,750 in Bonds or Notes of the Township of Manalapan to Finance the Same

This property has been appraised at $864,000. Why are some members of the TC willing to pay DOUBLE what it's worth? Is it to settle another lawsuit that the township can not win? How much have we already paid for this lawsuit?

The developer, Providence Corp, bought this property from the Tillis's after the rezoning was changed. They knew the zoning! They paid $450,000 for the 32 acre tract less than 10 years ago for property which is mostly wetlands. Michelle Roth claims that Providence Corp wants $2.5 million for the property and we are getting a good deal at $1.5 million, which is TWICE the APPRAISED VALUE. Maybe the next time I sell a house I should her Mrs. Roth to be my agent. Of course, I wouldn't want her buying property for me.

You need to be heard. This is your ONE CHANCE. You need to be there Wed. night. Sign in to SPEAK & BE HEARD!! Tell Mayor Klauber and Michelle Roth that you don't want YOUR money spent wastefully.

They tried passing this last year and couldn't get it done. Now it's back again. This time they will get it done unless you, the taxpayers, tell them "NO, MY TAXES ARE ALREADY TOO HIGH!"


Is that the same property that the EPA or some agency says has 1/3 of the property you cannot even build on? Is that also the property that the Lynch backer is getting all of our tax money for?


Anonymous said...

"So you admit you don't have anything to say except infantile insults and are utterly unable to respond to three straightforward and simple questions. If that's the best you can post, you might as well save your breath"

I think if you first, learn how to read, then re-read the post, you'll understand exaclty what it means, you buffoon.

Anonymous said...

we're dealing with Larry Roth here. You really expect him to be able to read? As BOB54, he constantly amused us with his bloviating. He is a legend in his own mind. He's good at whitewashing apartheid, but when it comes to real writing, the GPS gets turned off before the blood finds its way to his brain.

Butch_ Budai said...

The hearing for the Tillis Tract will be on Feb. 25th. The tract is only 25 acres, not 32.