Tuesday, January 26, 2010

BREAKING NEWS - Manalapan's Race To Build Low-Income Housing Is Moot As Christie Now Plans To Abolish COAH!

DaTruthSquad was right - again. In December, da Democrats who led da Manalapan Township Committee said they had no choice and just had to build a 110-unit apartment building for low-income residents. They pushed through a plan to do this -- without an actual plan --- only a builder who wanted to do it - on a brownfield - near no local infrastructure - on a road that was already too crowded - and 1/4 of a mile from da nearest bus line - with no sidewalks to get them there!

This blog was outraged that da Manalapan Township Committee, led by then-mayor Commissar Klauber and Queen Michelle, loser by a landslide for da State Assembly Roth would even try this folly, especially with a new anti-COAH governor days away from taking office. But they know better, and they felt, with no traffic impact study or study of any kind, to go forth with Klauber's Corner at Oil Slick Estates.

Well, fast-forward just a week later ---- brand new Governor Christie says "Get rid of COAH."

Now, da very first bill in da New Jersey State Senate - S1 - is what?????

Sponsored by, of all people, Roth supporter Sen. Raymond J. Lesniak, is a bill to ABOLISH COAH!!!!!!

It's 27 pages - worth reading - - because da Manalapan Township Committee apparently didn't!

Under his plan, COAH would be ABOLISHED -- and left up to da towns as to how to handle this -- not da builders and those whose palms they grease!

Lesniak says in a statement, "For decades, COAH has burdened property taxpayers with millions of dollars in unnecessary cost of compliance by municipalities with its maze of ever-changing rules and regulations. And, COAH has discouraged job creation by adding housing requirements and fees based on the number of jobs created and private dollars invested. COAH will be replaced by the State Planning Commission and by a system that establishes a standard of fair share low- and moderate-income housing for which a municipality can decide among three different compliance mechanisms."

Now, how does this impact Manalapan?

1. Besides proving daTruthSquad right again, it means da $1.6 million in taxpayer money that was going to spent on building just 80 apartments does not have to be spent!

2. Manalapan can come up with a better way to use da land.

3. If Manalapan no longer has a COAH obligation, they can stop building and create more open space, and maybe even add some infrastructure and ratables to offset da ever-growing tax burden on da residents.

DaTruth is, when Ryan Green was running for Manalapan Township Committee, he was screaming that we have to stop building and to let Governor Christie end Manalapan's COAH problems for us all. DaTruthSquad was saying da very same thing. However, Queen Michelle, Ruler of Low-Income Manalapanistan and da lame-duck Commissar said they knew better, and didn't listen to us. Don Holland, as he usually does, rubber-stamped da Queen and Commissar's blueprint for disaster. Even Andy Boy knew better on this one, and voted against da plan which even he smelled would be a receding hairline away from being abolished!

Now, TruthTellers, here's a question for you --- How much money did da Manalapan Township Committee spend on a low-income housing plan to satisfy an obligation that could be voted on being abolished within da next six weeks???????

That's a question someone should bring up at da very next Manalapan Township meeting.

And, to be sure, everybody and their in-laws are jumping on this proposal, including da New Jersey State League of Municipalities, a large number of Democrat and GOP'er State Senators and Assemblyfolk, our own District Assemblypeople (you know, da ones da Queen wanted to replace) and our brand spanking new Governor probably is buying a brand new pen right now just to sign it into law!

DaTruth is, this is another example of waste of taxpayer money on da local level. A number of people came forth when this was debated in an open public hearing in Manalapan and begged and pleaded that da Manalapan Township Committee wait just a month of two to see what Governor Christie would do da minute he took office. However, with a Village plan and its ratables stalled by da Township of Manalapan for 6 years and counting, da Queen and her former Commissar knew that we needed low income housing immediately, with no time for little things like studies, or how contaminated da ground soil is, or how these low-income folks would get to da bus stop 1/4 of a mile away on a road with no sidewalks or places to shop for basic food items, unless they needed liquor or Chinese food.

How much money was wasted to an engineer firm? How much money did da former Township Attorney get for whatever work he did on this? Did this building firm ever give money to Manalapan candidates? Why did Manalapan have to rush for a project that is now days away from becoming moot?


Questions indeed - ones that need to be asked. And that's daTruth!


Anonymous said...

Has it occurred to you that maybe there's a benefit to having a place for moderate income people to live in our town, if nothing more than as an insurance policy against the Fatboy's planned abolition of COAH failing to become law or, even more possible, failing to pass muster as constitutional with the NJ Supremes?

Englishtown Residents Against Love Canal II said...

THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I remember Ryan Green saying this would happen. And look what happens.

There is absolutely no reason this should be built, and no good reason for having it there. Hopefully, the Manalapan Township Committee will have enough good sense and put an immediate stop to it.

Anonymous said...

To the person who wrote "maybe there's a benefit to having a place for moderate income people to live in our town"

Please read carefully what is happening here. This is not for "moderate income" residents. A moderate income resident would buy a $400,000 center hall colonial in Manalapan. This is for LOW-INCOME residents. That is what COAH is all about. I am not against helping out low income people. But instead of building this in the most densly populated part of town, on a crowded road with no infrastructure there, what about Route 33? Or would that upset some of our overpaid politicians too much?

Anonymous said...

"Moderate income residents?"

Sounds like a Roth enabler to me.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to the Squad for staying on top of this and hammering home the point that this was a collossal wast of time and taxpayer money.

Maybe the Manalapan Township Committee can actually do something right this time, abolish the COAH plan, and put up a solar farm or wind farm there to preserve the land and maybe even lower some of our electric bills?

KBee said...

The low income apartments will be built there, using taxpayer money to do it. Why? Because Roth and the Democrats can easily get 200 votes out of it.

Anonymous said...

Theres been no sign of life,I understand the other site may have shut down for inventory.....but how long does it take to count to 4?

Stop COAH in Manalapan said...

You need to check on who is getting paid to push the approval. There is no reason to push late in December to let a developer get his approval.

Oh wait, Roth gets contributions from developers and subcontractors who benefited from her actions as a committeewoman. Look at the ELEC reports. Want a COAH project to go forward? Who would you call.....

Anonymous said...

Chris Christie did what he said he was going to do, and he has the support of Democrats to getthis done. Wonderful. I didn't want this in my backyard, and I will remember this when Roth and Holland come up for election again. I'm glad my vote against Klauber mattered.

Anonymous said...

You people don't get it. You just drink whatever the Squado pours for you and take it as the truth. Manalapan NEEDS this moderate-income development. It will create much needed jobs in Manalapan. It's not for poor people. It's for all the people. You bought a snow job from the lack of truth squad. These 80, and there's only 80 units will be the pride of Manalapan and do nothing to harm our great relations with our Englishtown neighbors. Get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

80 low income residential units will create jobs in Manalapan? Are you serious? Talk about drinking the Kool Aid. That stuff may sell on the hate squad, but the people on this forum can actually read and think. Jobs would have been created by the Village Center Gray and Roth killed for ten years. Not by residential housing that will only increase our school taxes and our municipal taxes while we are forced to increase services for people paying relatively little in taxes. I'd say even a fool can see that, but you've proven that would be a false statement.

Stop COAH in Manalapan said...

Each home will bring children. The taxes being paid will be less that $5,000 and just to educate 1 child is $10,000. That is minus $5,000 before adding in county and municipal taxes.

Please oh "Squado" hater; explain how 80 of these homes is good for the residents who live in Manalapan now. You know the ones who are going to pick up the tax burden.

Explain why it wouldn't be better if COAH were stopped dead in it's tracks!

Explain why letting Christie and the Democrats stop this unfair burden from plaguing our TWP is a bad course of action.

Explain how Ms. Roth is going to resist taking campaign contributions from this COAH developer!

Anonymous said...

James Gray isn't even on the Manalapan Township Committee or the Planning Board. How can a simple clerk for Monmouth County have stopped the Village, as you say he did?

Anonymous said...

"Moderate income?" "Create jobs?"

How long have you been insane? First, Manalapan residents will have to pay for the educations of the kids who move there, since those apartments will hardly generate any taxes close enough to cover it. Second, if COAH were for "moderate income" residents, then I would have been able to buy my house that way and probably would have saved $200,000. I guarantee I won't qualify for those low income units.

I implore the Manalapan Township Committee to STOP THIS FROM BEING BUILT. Now that Christie has said it will end -- end it now!

Anonymous said...

They won't block this and it will be built. How do we know? Because if it isn't blocked, then we know for sure that someone on the Manalapan Township Committee got their palm greased. Since we know it wasn't Susan Cohen (she abstains) and Ryan Green has always been against it, that leaves the Gang of Three. What a shock that is!

Anonymous said...

squad has again proven that sue cohen is the only honest person is squadville, along with her mentor, messiah moskovitz, and ryan green whenever he votes the way the messiah thinks is good.

Anonymous said...

I think the guy who says someone who has the messiah complex needs a time out.

Anonymous said...

I think the point that's being overlooked here is that there's a sitting committeeman who says we should have waited. Why didn't we wait and instead rush into this with no real thought or planning. Of course it smells funny and reaks of impropriety and thoughts of backdoor deals and payoffs. Were there? Who knows, but someone should look into it.

Anonymous said...

yeah, let's assume everyone is corrupt just on the basis of anonymous rumors and investigate everyone except the squadrants. the big lie is exactly the technique by which a false rumor started and flamed out to the whole world that the israelis in haiti were there not to help the people, but to steal body parts....the big lie a technique that is well known to certain manalapan blogfiends.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the four or five people in desparate need of attention because they have nothing in their lives to be proud of(failed businesses, suspended licenses, fired from their jobs, living off a questionable disability pension, etc.) realize they can't get any attention on the hate site because nobody reads it, so they think they can come here, call someone the Messiah, make really dumb comments about what's posted here and somehow or other get the attention they're so starved for. Of course, getting people to recognize you're a flaming moron is not really the kind of attention a healthy person is after.

Ted Sorensen said...

I for one would want to be right careful about calling someone a moron who just might be a client of Paul Weiss.

Anonymous said...

to Ted Sorensen. Maybe that's because you're a moron who's also a known coward and a bit of a loon, as your bathrobe episode showed. And by the way, who's Paul Weiss? Is that your hairdresser?

Anonymous said...

Who's Paul Weiss, Fred, you're psyciatrist? Are you saying Paul Weiss is going to run around making a fool of himself just like you by threatening to sue everyone who says he's so incompetent his client is STILL a moron? Maybe your time would be better spent cleaning your bathrobe that wasting every minute of it online making a flaming joke of yourself. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Simon Rifkind was in the hip pocket of every connected Democrat, from Walter Zirpolo to Jackie Kennedy.

Anonymous said...

This was a letter to the editor of a local newspaper. It was a great written letter and I hope the DTS will allow me to post it here. It shows just how important free speech is, and also why this site is so important.

January 27, 2010

Letter to the Editor

Home News Tribune

The Home News Tribune published a column, on January 27th, by Rick Malwitz. Mr. Malwitz decried the Supreme Court decision that no longer bans corporations from spending money on Federal elections. The Supreme Court, correctly, said that the first amendment applies to all Americans, whether private citizens, unions, corporations, or PACs, equally. The Founding Fathers had just finished an eight year war against the British for American Independence. The British had a bad habit of incarcerating the colonists for making statements against the British crown. They realized, that if the new nation were to survive, it would be done by an open and continual exchange of thoughts and ideas. That is why a free speech guarantee is the first of the Constitution’s 27 amendments. It is reasonable to infer that the Founding Fathers could not envision a Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Boeing, or an AT&T. However these are still American companies peopled by American citizens and their voices need to be heard. If a candidate for office takes out ads to defile Johnson and Johnson, should not J&J have the right to counter the ads with their version of the issue. Might this cause the candidate to lose? Yes, but it might also cause the candidate to win.

Mr. Malwitz mentioned in the article four American citizens, Michael Bloomberg, Steve Forbes, Ross Perot, and Jon Corzine, who spent huge sums of money in runs for elective office. Forbes and Perot lost, Bloomberg won, and Jon Corzine, who spent approximately $100M, was two for three. His own examples deflate his argument of the power of money in elections. .

Isn’t this court ruling similar to Lelo vs. New London, when the court, too many people, opened the floodgates to government expropriation (Eminent Domain) of property under the sixth amendment. But it did not happen to any great degree. Many states followed the recommendation of Justice Anthony Kennedy to amend their own constitutions to prevent more Lelos .

If people are afraid of free and unfettered speech and think that speech that criticizes others, especially government officials, should be restricted, should move to Venezuela where dictator Hugo Chavez ordered a TV channel shut down because it made comments that he did not like.

Regardless of the long term outcome of this decision, the future of the United States will depend on as much free speech as possible.

Harold V. Kane,

Monroe Township

Anonymous said...

Didn't the Manalapan dream team lawyers use that same "Our founding fathers didn't plan on anonymous bloggers" defense when they tried to out the Squad? I'm sure that when any lawyer is dealing with First Amendment issues now, there's probably something that comes up on a database that says "Whatever you do, don't do anything that the Manalapan lawyers did or you will lose and lose huge!"

Keep up the fight Squad!

Anonymous said...

Harold Kane - very smart person. Good letter to the editor.

Anonymous said...

Anybody see Rhoda on Fox TV the other day?

Way to go Rebel Rho!

Anonymous said...

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