Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Time For Another Taxpayer-Funded "Study" & Less Common Sense In Manalapan

Recently, one of our TruthTellers was traveling down Woodward Road when on da other side of da road, a reject from da Indianapolis 500 was traveling at warp speed going south toward Route 33. Looking at their speedometer, it seemed like that other guy must have been going a wee bit faster than 35 miles per hour. Unfortunately, and this has been da case even before da road was re-paved, people looking to set new land-speed records have been using Woodward Road as their own personal Raceway Park.

Now, we never claimed to be a Harvard graduate, or have an IQ above 200, or be related to Albert Einstein, but when one car does it, it's an isolated event. When everybody's doing it, it's a problem.

So, what should Manalapan do about this? We'll let you choose:

(A) Have da Manalapan Police add 24/7 speed traps and extra law enforcement to da area to ticket, and potentially arrest speeders.

(B) At taxpayer expense, set up a series of trap doors that will swallow up any cars going faster than 40 miles per hour.

(C) Using F-16 fighter jets, allow the US Air Force to target from the skies any car speeding on Woodward Road and use a Sidewinder missile to destroy da vehicle.

(D) Have da township engineer, whose company has donated to political campaigns in da past, to do another taxpayer-funded traffic study or have a government agency consider for us what to do."

Let's see.....

"C" would be something we could sell tickets for, and probably make a lot of money, but da cost of da F-16 fighter and all those missiles would defeat da purpose. "B" would also be costly, and then someone would have to remove da cars that get caught in da trap door, and that costs money. "A" is both da smart idea, and also one that generates revenue for Manalapan. Then, there's "D," which Manalapan taxpayers should be giddy to know is what da town is considering doing.

OK, maybe daTruthSquad isn't da smartest financial wizard living on Iron Ore Road, but you might think that if you weigh too much, you go on a diet. If your leg is broken, it's probably not da right day to run a marathon. If you have dinner at Jeffrey Dahmer's house, you shouldn't eat da liver & onions. And, if there's a lot of people speeding, then it doesn't take a Princeton degree to come up with da solution to have added police on da road where people are speeding.

Instead, Manalapan has asked da DOT to look into da matter, and maybe think about lowering da speed limit or even banning trucks. While da banning trucks would be a novel idea, remember that if they are banned there, they will just travel along Iron Ore Road instead. That idea will probably make our friends in Englishtown even more unhappy with Manalapan.

Instead of all of this government hoopla and da possibility of even more taxpayer-funded studies, why not just let Manalapan Police Chief Stu brown take a crack at this.

Now, this may sound a little silly, but what if you just place 1 cop car on Woodward Road, and make it a target enforcement area, and start handing out tickets like they're candy? You might be surprised, but da mere presence of da police, coupled with da word of mouth that it may take you 10 hours to get through a day in a Manalapan court if you get pulled over, and we can only guess that people will stop speeding on Woodward Road.

Again, this is mere common sense.

DaTruth is, we don't need another taxpayer-funded study or a government office to tell us what we all know Woodward Road can be a drag strip. We don't need to hire an engineering firm to tell us people tend to drive fast on a drag strip. Simply let da Manalapan Police do what they do best - protect da citizens of Manalapan. They have an experienced and decorated veteran leader, and a staff of fine officers who do their job extremely well. They can easily fix in 3 days what a study would take months (and a ton of $$$$) to tell us. Da Manalapan Township Committee would be better served dealing with other pressing township issues, like da COAH Corner Apartment Building they want to construct on Route 522.

Which brings us to this point --- Englishtown residents are more irate than da Italian-Americans after Larry Roth said "Because I Hate Italians" during a township committee meeting. They don't want Klauber's COAH Corner built - and with good reason. And Manalapan residents shouldn't want this either. A potential 3-story apartment building for an anticipated 400-500 low-income COAH residents is something Manalapan taxpayers will be paying for - in terms of more crowded schools since they will pay far less in taxes, Route 522 looking like da Garden State Parkway in da summer, and da obvious health concern being built on a brownfield that used to house an oil company! Oh, and since Governor Christie wants to abolish COAH, and even Democrats are on board with this, why in da world are Manalapan Democrats demanding this apartment tower be built?

Maybe a visit to ELEC records is in order?????

DaTruthSquad will be keeping an eye on this for you. And, in da meantime, all da TruthTellers should go to da next Manalapan Township Committee meeting and voice their opposition to Klauber's COAH Corner, and get them to vote on stoping this befire it starts. And da fine folks in Englishtown are always welcome at these meetings and should be there too.

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Brilliantly clever and hilarious as always, Squad!


Anonymous said...

This obviously makes more sense than having a study done on why people speed. The Manalapan Police force can clean this up in days.

And why is it we need a traffic study and DOT stodu for speeding on Woodward Road, but when Roth and her cronies want to build an apartment building for low income people on a crowded road with no sidewalks on top of an abandoned contaminated oil field, all they need to do is vote for it and no impact studies are necessary?

Maybe Gerard Ward can answer that one?

Englishtown Residents Against Love Canal II said...

Thanks Squad for keep bringing this up.

They were talking about it again on NJ1015 the other day, and Ray Rossi who is from this area and lives near it also questioned why the Democrats were pushing to pass this, despite COAH soon to be history. We need to stop this 3 floor apartment building. Manalapan's volunteer fire department probably doesn't even have ladders that will go three stories high!

Volunteer fire fighter said...

Way to go, disparaging the volunteer fire department. You obvioulsy can't stand the town. Maybe you should just move?

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think the person who posted the comment about the Manalapan volunteer firefighters wasn't saying anything bad about them, but showed concern. If they don't have a hook and ladder (and I don't know that so I hope someone else can chime in), that could create a potential dangerous and even life threatening situation for these firefighters if they have to work their way through a building taller than they have equipment for in case of a fire. I agree, this could be dangerous and maybe the township committee didn't think this through.

Anonymous said...

No, they don't have a hook and ladder, and they would not be able to reach the roof directly if it were 3 floors high. Old Bridge has one, but that a lot of miles away and in a fire, every minute is important.

Anonymous said...

Simple solution - the Manalapan Township Committee can use taxpayer money to buy one. Why not, they spend our money on everything else.

Anonymous said...

It's scary, isn't it? That a politician responsible for $30,000,000 a year of our money didn't even know the volunteer fire department didn't have a hook and ladder that can reach three stories. Gee, instead of running for Freeholder, maybe he should run for President. He seems to match the current level of qualifications.

Anonymous said...

in order to purchase a hook and ladder,CME will first have to perform a (above 2 story rescue drill).this will take approx 6 months, at a cost of about 245,000 dollars.but the good news is,when the truck is not in use,there will be a water fountain shooting out the middle of the truck,just like on pease road.........its a win win....

If you knew what you're talking about said...

Re: "No, they don't have a hook and ladder"


The far superior tower ladder is right there on the home page.

Get a clu said...

Rear-Mount Aerial

Manufacturer: Pierce
Model Year: 1997
Tank Capacity: 200 gallons
Pump Rate: 2000 gpm
Ladder height: 100 feet
Bucket footage: 22 square feet

Manufacturer: Pierce
Model Year: 2000
Tank Capacity: 750 gallons
Pump Rate: 2000 gpm
Ladder height: 75 feet

Anonymous said...

They would only buy the fire truck if one of the sports groups wanted it.

Anonymous said...

Now adding this not having the right fire equipment to handle such an apartment building, added to what we already know about this COAH project being pushed through at rapid speed, it really does make you wonder about the possibility of some level of corruption at the core of this. I would hope that's not the case, but I have to doubt that now. Someonereally needs to investigate all of this.

Anonymous said...

What do the ignoramuses think is protecting three-story structures like Heritage Village? Or don't they know anything at all about that?

Get a clue II said...

"It's scary, isn't it? That a politician responsible for $30,000,000 a year of our money didn't even know the volunteer fire department didn't have a hook and ladder that can reach three stories."

You continue to make a fool of yourself by making outrageously stupid remarks out of ignorance.


Rear-Mount Aerial

Manufacturer: Pierce
Model Year: 1997
Tank Capacity: 200 gallons
Pump Rate: 2000 gpm
Ladder height: 100 feet
Bucket footage: 22 square feet

Anonymous said...

how's your buddy joe locricchio doing? talk about him for a change.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the snow everybody!

Anonymous said...

We're relying on former Mayor George's plowing service for any snow. He made John V. Lindsay look good.

Anonymous said...

I do not know the answer to this one so I will throw this out there. I don't think Manalapan Township or Freehold where I live is responsible for clearing Route 33 or Route 9, but a coworker of mine says they are. I would think its the county or state who have to take care of state roads. There were poorly plowed on Saturday evening when we went out, but i was told that Old Bridge roads were cleared to the asphault. How can that be?

Anonymous said...

Old Bridge is Middlesex County. Manalapan & Freehold are in Monmouth County. They both are state highways so they should be done by the state. Could be different garages or priorities.

fenius said...

umm, like we got 7 more inches of snow than old bridge.

Samantha said...

I was the one who asked the question about who takes care of the roads. Thanks for clearing that up. I was unsure if the town or the county handled it. About the snow, my friend in Old Bridge near the Marlboro border got 8 inches of snow. I guess Fenius must have gotten a lot of snow too.

Anonymous said...


here you can ask any question,there are a few lonely members of the breakfast BORED from team zero ,who feel it nec to respond like children.

Anonymous said...

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The Wall Street Journal reports it's unusual for individual members of Congress to
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The chairman of the bank at the time Menendez requested help was Joseph Ginarte. He had contributed $30,000 to the Democrat over the last decade. The bank's vice chairman was state Sen. Raymond Lesniak, a powerbroker in the state Democratic Party.

Menendez says trying to save the bank was the right thing to do.

'If you think Menendez and Lesniak are dodos, said...

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The purchases are designed to offset recent sales of financial stocks, Division officials said.

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