Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Manalapan's 3-Ring Circus Turns Into A "Spodak" Moment

It's obvious after da September 23 Manalapan Township Meeting, that da title of "Mayor" should be replaced with "Circus Master." DaTruthSquad also proposes an ordinance changing da title of "Deputy Mayor" with "Cotton Candy Salesman," "Committeeman should be changed to "Clown," and Township Attorney can become "Carnival Barker."

Yes, TruthTellers of All Ages, da circus is in town, and if you can't be there, it's become "Must See TV" due to the hyjinx, insanity, and atmosphere that makes Ringling Brothers seem third-rate.

Da September 23 meeting started out like all others, that is, until Committeewoman Susan Cohen shocked da room by revealing her eyewitness events for everyone to hear of what apparantly really happened in da room last year between Police Chief Stu Brown and "Clown" Queen Roth. Her response was due to da 7-minute alleged defamation-filled tirade "Clown" Queen Roth prepared well after da meeting started so nobody could have an answer to it.

Cohen said:

"Mrs. Roth is correct that the chief admitted that he raised his voice and also admitted to the comments he made at the meeting. Unfortunately what was left out of Mrs. Roth’s statements was what she said to the chief first, in a raised voice. Mrs. Roth was challenging the chief’s authority over his decision to dismiss his men from the meeting, after the chief felt their presence was no longer required. Mrs. Roth yelled that she did not want the men to leave the meeting, to which the chief answered, ‘I don’t answer to you lady.’ The officer who Mrs. Roth claims was startled was indeed startled, but by Mrs. Roth’s yelling that they should not leave. When the men obeyed the chief and left the room the chief got up, walked over to where we were sitting from the other end of the table and sat down closer to us, leaving a one-chair space between him and Mrs. Roth … The chief did not lurch, lunge or walk in a fashion that was threatening to anyone. When the chief rose to leave the meeting, Mrs. Roth said to the chief, ‘That’s right, go run and hide chief,” (to) which he answered, ‘I am not running and hiding,’ and then she repeated, ‘You go run and hide chief' and he answered, ‘Why don’t you crawl under a rock."

And, Committeewoman Cohen was not done.

Cohen also dropped bombshell evidence regarding who else said what, and how much taxpayers have already paid for lawyers in a case that has barely even started!

"After speaking tonight I expect that I will be chastised, ridiculed, etc. by certain people for doing my job as an elected official and telling the truth. There are legal bills I am embarrassed to say in excess of $11,500 for the one-day suspension of Chief Brown and that is before the appeal to the court."

Now, if Cohen is correct, then that has to put "Circus Master" Commissar Klauber's admission that da entire 25-month Mosked Man law case that included da First Amendment case only cost taxpayers a mere $7,000 into serious question. And, da $11,500 figure was confirmed by South Brunswick Police Chief Raymond Hayducka!

And, Cohen continued -- "Mrs. Roth states that the chief has a history of abuse to women. If this were true, why would she vote to put Mrs. Lovrich in harm’s way by having the chief report directly to Mrs. Lovrich? … As the president of the domestic violence crisis team in Manalapan, I have a zero tolerance for abuse of any kind. There were no threats or abuse by Chief Brown against anyone on that day."

A great point! If, as "Clown" Roth said two weeks prior that all women (and we can also speculate that included she-males, alien women, and women under da age of 500) are all in danger of being in da same hemisphere as Chief Brown, then why put her confidant, Township Administrator Tara Tiara in harms way by voting "Yes" to have da Chief report directly to her?????

Of course, it will be very interesting indeed when four police officers and Tara Tiara are asked to give their sworn depositions in this matter - if it goes that far.

Oh, and before this blog continues, a set in "Stone" definition of "Perjury" is: When a person, having taken an oath before a competent tribunal, officer, or person, in any case in which a law of the U.S. authorizes an oath to be administered, that he will testify, declare, depose (deposition), or certify truly, or that any written testimony, declaration, deposition, or certificate by him subscribed, is true, willfully and contrary to such oath states or subscribes any material matter which he does not believe to be true; or in any declaration, certificate, verification, or statement under penalty of perjury, willfully subscribes as true any material matter which he does not believe to be true; 18 USC. In order for a person to be found guilty of perjury the government must prove: the person testified under oath before [e.g., the grand jury]; at least one particular statement was false; and the person knew at the time the testimony was false. The testimony of one witness is not enough to support a finding that the testimony was false. There must be additional evidence, either the testimony of another person or other evidence, which tends to support the testimony of falsity. The other evidence, standing alone, need not convince that the testimony was false, but all the evidence on the subject must do so.

Now that we've dispensed with da legalities, then da real fun began. Da open public session is announced, and shortly after a police chief discusses da Brown case, up bellies former Mayor Spodak to da buffet.

Spodak begins to read allowed alleged emails from da Mosked Man, to someone he does not disclose, and who rides in to not only challenge da man who claims to not have a computer, but da Mosked Man himself! Da Mosked Man then challenged Spodak about da emails, and then may have added a whole new "Spodak Moment" to da whole proceedings by "putting da Township Attorney and Township Committee on notice."

What did da Mosked Man mean by this - putting both da entire Township Committee and Township Attorney Coo-Coo-Cucchiaro on "notice?"

While that issue was never further discussed in the circus, could more litigation be forthcoming?

DaTruth is, this isn't going to go away easily. It might have, that is, until da "Wrath of Roth" spent 7 minutes during a YouTube moment two weeks prior blasting Manalapan Police Chief Stu Brown, claiming da following:

"Sexual harassment, verbal abuse and abuse of power by Manalapan Police Chief Stuart Brown..."

"Chief Brown has a history of verbally assaulting and threatening women."

"Chief Brown’s attack last September on me..."

"Chief Brown’s rage."

"Chief Brown and his repetitive abusive behavior toward women."

"His demeaning language and threatening behavior."

"I do not want any other women to be victims of Chief Brown’s rage."

And speaking of da Queen "Clown," is it us or did her business office suddenly move to a new location??????????

DaTruth is, this might have been a case that could have been settled, but now it will probably take much more - including what one could easily suspect is a full clearing of Chief Brown's name and once-spotless reputation by both "Clown" Roth and da rest of da 3-Ring Circus.

And, considering what Chief Brown alleges in court papers, that daTruthSquad is now in possession of, there may be more fireworks to come during da next 3-Ring Circus meeting.

Oh, and yes, daTruthSquad promised to let everyone know about da Chief's lawsuit against Manalapan, and also da Queen Clown. That will be in da next daTruthSquad (unless there's a new 3-Ring Circus story before that). However, here is one alleged claim made by Chief Brown's attorney in his discrimination case:

"n. Defendants conspired with a former dispatcher to create a sexual harassment incident ........ The Plaintiff (Brown) insisted that the matter be investigated by internal affairs. The file disappeared. When he (Brown) questioned the Internal Affairs officer1 as to the location of the file, he was told that the Administrator (Tara Tiara) had it. She refused to give him a copy. This is a violation of NJ Attorney General guidelines. Even worse, this confidential file was turned over to Roth and reviewed by her in violation not only of Attorney General guidelines but in violation of the Chiefs privacy rights."

Of course, it should be noted that what appeared in Chief Brown's legal complaint against is an allegation that first must be proved. However, this is just one part of da basis of a lawsuit Brown has filed against Manalapan Township, da Clown Queen, and Tara Tiara. And, thanks to a certain Cadre TruthTeller who was responsible for bringing this document to daTruthSquad.

And, if you think this is going to open up a new ring in that 3-Ring Circus, then you'll love what will also be found in that legal complaint - and probably at da next Manalapan Township Committee meeting! Will da "Wrath of Roth" strike back? Will there be a mud-wrestling steel-cage match between Roth and Chief Brown? Will former Mayor Spodak be on the undercard in a bare-knuckles fight with da Mosked Man? Can Manalapan hold these fights for charity - or to help lower taxes? Will Clown Andy Boy ever decide where he stands in da Chief Brown case? Will someone ask Tara Tiara her side of da story?

All this - and more from Manalapan's 3-Ring Circus. And, that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

The instigator is Michelle Roth, and her silent puppet masters, Drew Shapiro and Gerry Ward.

The APP is not holding back, they realize that MICHELLE ROTH has lost her credibility. Like their editorial said " 2 jugglers and a clown short of a circus" when they described the Manalapan township committee. Susan Cohen is the sole credible elected official in Manalapan and Stuart Moskovitz the Freehold based attorney that Michelle Roth "loves to hate" has credibility.
Let's see how well the 4 uncredible's of the township committee keep their public promise to work things out with the Manalapan Chief of Police or will they reneg? Was it all just a sound byte for the media and to quash the public's out cry? The taxpayers are watching and so is the media. Roth and her 12th district assembly race is in trouble. Her public image is negative according to recent polling. Will Roth step up to resolve this matter with the Chief and save the the taxpayers thousand of dollars? Or will she continue to be her old caustic and vindictive self?
Time will tell and we are all watching and reading the papers. I bet her opponents are too!

Anonymous said...

We can only imagine the ostracism and pressure Susan Cohen is under. To stand up singlehandedly against brutishness requires a stiff spine. Here's to Mrs. Cohen!!

Anonymous said...

But tell us more about those emails! How did Spodak get them, and how could da Mosked Man be sure they weren't real before he heard what was in them?

Anonymous said...

Another gem Squad. How in the world Manalapan isn't being investigated by the state or the Feds is beyond belief.

Thanks to Mayor Klauber for allowing Manalapan to become the laughingstock of the state. I think we've now surpassed Camden, Atlantic City and Jersey City for corruption and stupidity in local government.

Anonymous said...

I think DTS may have glossed over something here. Why not more details on Moskovitz's next move? I'm surprised he didn't serve legal papers when he came up and stole Spodak's thunder at the last meeting. Where are the lawsuits???

Anonymous said...

Yawn. More of the same. When the truth comes out, the ambulance chaseer will be revealed.

Anonymous said...

I believe "the truth" has been coming out for years now -- by datruthsquad -- and, now that the wicked witch of Howell has been sent packing to talk to herself on her seven failed websites, by the News Transcript itself. The truth is that the current government is wasting taxpayers' dollars to harass private citizens and threaten public officials. The truth is, except for Susan Cohen, they are all puppets of Michelle Roth, who has proven to be so consumed by hate, anger, envy and rage that she is completely out of control. The truth is, the taxpayers need to get rid of anyone who would lower themselves to be a part of this group. Look who they've got: Roth, Klauber, Lucas, McEnery, Ward, Shapiro, Stone, Baratta, Spodak. Are you kidding me? What person with dignity or self-respect would go anywhere near these people. As long as the people know there's an attorney who can take them on and crush them, I imagine he'll be getting lots of business from people who have been harassed by these worms.

Anonymous said...

"Spodak moment." I love it. I saw the tape of the last meeting on Channel 77. What a loser this guy is. His clothes were so disgusting, you could actually smell them on TV!! Watching him sit there waving around his fake emails while Stu towered over him in what was obviously a perfectly fitting, custom made suit, ripping him to shreds in seconds was priceless.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, why isn't da Mosked Man suing Spodak for reading those fake emails?????

Anonymous said...

"why isn't da Mosked Man suing Spodak". It should be pretty obvious to anyone who sees Spodak on tv. What exactly would he get out of suing Spodak? Spodak obviously doesn't even have enough money to buy clothes. He dresses like Shapiro.

Anonymous said...

Squad, I just want to salute you for your fair and balance reporting of the facts. It's obvious that all the other sources of information, including that crazed, Satanic website started by Frizzo and all the local newspapers as well, are totally corrupt while you truth tellers give voice to decency and the truth that da Mosked Man is the only honest person in public life in Manalapan. God bless da Mosked Man for protecting us all from the devil's agents.

Anonymous said...

I read the Manalapan hate website once, and after seeing what they wrote there posted by 4 or 5 people I knew it was nothing more than a hate blog. The reason I read the Truth Squad blog is because at least here, you get facts that are not in dispute, and you also get a debate that isn't one sided and isn't deleted or hijacked like the on

Thanks Truth for allowing the first amendment to be heard.

Anonymous said...

Wrath of Roth! Spodak Moment!

Too bad instead of the Transcript they don't deliver datruthSquad to my driveway.

KB said...

I wish Chris Christie wasn't running for governor. If he wasn't, and still the US attorney, maybe he would have investigated manalapan by now. This local government is more corrupt than any since Hague ran Jersey City.

The Asbury Park Press was right. This Klauber / Roth / Lucas run government is a 3-ring circus.

Anonymous said...


So who is Fred Stone?
The one that posts on the forum every day and every night?

(zachtesla,macktesla, farkman,and about forty other names) Why doesn't he have anything else to do with his time? Well to know more about this person working for Michelle "Don't call me a Lady" Roth to destroy these forums so that no one can criticize her, you should read this. This was filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission against Fred Stone for committing securities fraud. After being convicted of FAKING MULTIPLE NAMES (sound familiar?) in an elaborate con job, here he is doing it again, pretending to be different people, making up different names, and deflecting attention from his own crimes. Some people never learn, do they?:

"Stone chose names for the LLCs that were specifically intended to hideMillennium�s relationship to the LLCs. In some instances, Stone strung together the names ofvarious Millennium employees to avoid name association with Millennium. When the MillenniumEmployee began working at Millennium in 2001, Stone instructed the employee to choose names that hid Millennium�s relationship to the LLC, and Stone approved the use of the names that theMillennium Employee chose."

You can read the entire complaint against this recidivist con artist and pathological liar at:

Anonymous said...

This is even better news!!!

Here it is, Fred. You keep deleting it. Why Fred? Why don't you want people to know the truth?

(Actual e-mail from Fred Stone to Stuart J. Moskovitz)

From: Stone, Fred[] Sent: Thursday, August 18, 2005 9:17 PM To: Stuart J. Moskovitz

Subject: RE: Miracle's Law

This is the last warning I'm giving you schmendrick. Don't even try to tell me this ordinance isn't about me. You're the only one who knew about Billy Levinson. If you keep this up, I promise I'll ruin you. You don't know how powerful I am. The first thing you can expect is that Michelle Roth will be at every meeting attacking you. She knows this is an attempt to get me, and even if what you told me is true, I'm not going to be thrown out of Manalapan just so you can play politics. No more warnings.

Anonymous said...

He who laughs last, laughs best. This shall come to pass.

All women should be furious with Michelle Roth said...

Committeewoman Roth has deeply damaged the credibility of all women,especially those in Manalapan, with her claim of sexual harassment against Chief Brown.

We have seen many cases of such false accusations like those at Duke and Hofstra, and they serve only to raise strong doubts about any such claims.

Her statement about the case of Chief Brown is reprehensible at best and most likely illegal.

The actions of the three male committee members are at the minimum disgraceful. They all have wives and other women in their families and among their acquaintances.

Those women, along with no others, have failed to raise a peep since the case began.

Maybe they think they that are living in Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan and are not supposed to speak up. Hello. This is still the U.S., at least for the rest of this year.

Chief Brown has had thousands of contacts with women in his illustrious professional career. Not once has there ever been even a whisper about harassment.

The committewoman's crusade, in this instance, is more than a vendetta. The important side effect is the damage to all women's credibility in the event that they find themselves in a he said-she said situation.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Manalapan resident, but I enjoy reading this blog.

My question is this. If your Michelle Roth said what she said, and I must agree that if any of that wasn't true then its defamation at the very least, then why did not your town attorney who should have been at that meeting not immediately stop her? I also read here that your may is also an attorney. Was he out of the room at the time? Your police chief must be a very tolerant person, because I would have filed a defamation lawsuit the very next day if it were me.

DT Squad, if you ever want to blog about Parsippany, you'll find a lot of local troubles here too.

Anonymous said...

the current township attorney is not there because of his competence. Attorneys watching him on channel 77 are amazed that this guy is saying and doing the things he says and does. He is as clueless as they come. He is there for one reason and one reason alone. He works in Ray Lesniak's office. Yes, that Ray Lesniak, the attorney who was identified in scandal after scandal involving McGreevey, trash dumping, illegal contributions and many others, all of which were reported at length in the Star Ledger, but who has managed to stay one step ahead of being busted because of his power. Michelle Roth wanted to run for assembly. Monmouth County democrats have been funded by Lesniak's Union County machine for years because Scudiery is incapable of raising money, so they have to do whatever Lesniak says. Hence, an attorney Lesniak clearly won't let near any important clients, is sitting in Manalapan as the Township attorney. And we're paying for it.

She'sThrowing Half of Manalapan Under the Bus said...

No, not Republicans. The female half.

This time, Roth’s actions and statements are devastating to more than just public employees and targeted ethnic groups. As a highly publicized government official, she has made it far harder for any woman to claim harassment or abuse and be totally believed.

Over many years, the Manalapan P.D. has successfully handled an unusual number of gruesome and highly sensitive cases involving sexual crimes, and they were processed with discretion and thoroughness, and with no hue and outcry.

No, I’m not a cop fan. I’ve gotten my share of tickets from them.

And no, I’m not a strident feminist, either. I’m the father of young women who become truly angry about any spurious allegations like these and the silent community reaction and what those problems mean for them.

Anonymous said...

Just the basics:

Moskovitz files notice
to sue town, officials

By Mark Rosman

MANALAPAN — It appears that Manalapan municipal officials and attorney Stuart Moskovitz will be tangled up in legal matters for some time to come.

On Sept. 21, Moskovitz notified Township Administrator Tara Lovrich that he is pursuing a legal claim against Manalapan and three members of the Township Committee: Richard Klauber, Michelle Roth and Andrew Lucas.

Klauber is serving as Manalapan’s mayor in 2009.

In his correspondence to Lovrich, Moskovitz states, “The occurrence and transaction giving rise to the claim asserted is the filing of a malicious and frivolous lawsuit against me in the name of the Township of Manalapan, by certain officials of that township, and the continued prosecution of that lawsuit in the face of overwhelming evidence that it was frivolous.

“It incorporates the malicious comments by certain officials during the course of the litigation, including the impertinent, false and defamatory statements made by certain officials in concluding said litigation, as well as the deliberate breach by officials of promises made to the judge in continuing the litigation after all parties had agreed to a method of termination.

“The actions by those officials led to significant financial damage including loss of business, as well as significant billable time put forth in defending the frivolous and malicious action,” Moskovitz wrote in the notice of claim. . . .

Moskovitz went on to state in his notice to the township, “The public entity involved in the offense is the Township of Manalapan, and the individuals primarily responsible for the offensive actions causing the injury, damage or loss include Michelle Roth, Richard Klauber and Andrew Lucas.

“The amount of damage to be claimed is $400,000 in actual damages. Pursuant to statutory authority, we will also be pursuing punitive damages against the individuals in the amount of $2,000,000. Actual damages are based on computation of hours expended in the defense of the matter, as well as court costs and disbursements, together with the reasonably anticipated revenue from the lost business …

“You should also be aware that Section 59:10-4 of the Tort Claims Act does not permit the municipality to indemnify public employees either directly or through its insurance carrier, where the acts committed were those of malice.

"Accordingly, any individual involved in the wasting of taxpayers funds by arranging for such illegal indemnification may well be subject to a taxpayers’ suit for reimbursement to the public coffers of all such costs encountered, including resulting increased insurance policy costs for subsequent years,” Moskovitz wrote in his notice of claim to Lovrich.

Anonymous said...

Town committee played a role in keeping taxes stable
This will respond to the letter to the editor from Butch Budai, in which he attacks the steps taken by Mayor Rick Klauber to improve civility in the conduct of the Manalapan Township Committee meetings, and criticizes the Township Committee for keeping taxes flat ("School District, Not Town, Is Responsible for Stable Taxes," News Transcript, Sept. 23, 2009).

In case anyone has forgotten, and because he did not mention it himself, I will remind your readers that Butch Budai is the Republican Party club president in Manalapan, so when he attacks Mayor Klauber and Committeewomen Michelle Roth, both of whom are Democrats running this year for elected office, his statements must be taken with a grain of salt.

Mr. Budai's constant name-calling also has grown weary; it proves that he is trying to advance a political agenda as opposed to actually helping us foster a more respectful public discourse. Can't we address issues like adults without the inflammatory language he uses?

Mr. Budai's first complaint is that the Township Committee deserves no credit for the fact that Manalapan residents' municipal taxes remained flat for this year. He is correct that the school budget went down by 2.32 percent, but he is wrong in giving credit for that to the school board. Manalapan's residents voted down the school board's budget. This gave responsibility to the Township Committee to take a red pencil to the school board's budget and cut wasteful spending. It was the Township Committee, led by Mayor Klauber, that trimmed the school board's budget by 2.32 percent.

Mr Budai's second complaint — that the five-minute rule for public speakers is not strictly enforced — is a complaint put to the township attorney, who serves as the parliamentarian of the meetings. The township attorney is responsible for informing speakers that their five minutes have lapsed.

The township attorney does his best to permit people to finish their thoughts, and does so in a polite, respectful, and firm manner. Mayor Klauber has given this responsibility to the township attorney precisely because it avoids any political overtone in the efforts of the entire committee to permit public participation in its meetings in a fair an even-handed manner.
Gerard Ward
Democratic Municipal Chairman

KB said...

I'm surprised the Mosked Man waited this long. Even though I know this guy and haven't always agreed with him politically, I know that if someone accused me of something I didn't do, and dragged me through the mud in the newspapers, and then said in a televised meeting I was guilty, and had no case to begin with for over 2 years, I'd be suing them too, and for much more than Mosked is asking for.

It's unfortunate that the town will come out on the losing end, but nobody should complain. Remember, we voted in these village idiots.

Anonymous said...

When is Michelle "Don't call me lady" Roth going to speak out against the Freehold Regional HS District mess. Since this debacle began last year, her silence has been deafening!!

There is a meeting on October 5th at Marlboro HS at 8 PM regarding Wasser's new role in the district at Superintendent wages...lets see if she comes to speak out!

Anonymous said...

If she did speak out against Wasser, then she would have to admit she was for him before she would be against him. She supported Horvath, who lost by a landslide. And she has NEVER once spoken out against Wasser or his bogus degree EVER.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Fred Stone will go to the meeting and call Wasser "Stu." He calls everyone else Stu. lol.

Anonymous said...

Lucas had a Horvath sign on his lawn. Next year it's his turn.

Anonymous said...

You have to laugh. Fred Stone spent the entire day online posting his usual obscenities. He must have posted at least 50 times. He never went thirty minutes without posting. They've all been deleted as they always are. What kind of moron posts things no one will ever read only to have them deleted every single day? This guy really has nothing left, does he?

Anonymous said...

The Wasser-Freehold Twp HS deletions on the Marlboro forum:

3695. 3691 GONE!
by mom-knows, 10/2/09 16:23 ET
3691. frhsd-word on street by flavorian, 10/2/09 New!

1. how on earth could it be... by stopblockingme, 10/2/09 New!

1. Freehold Township HS by plaaxico, 10/2/09 New!

1. Thanks MRs. Higley by mom-knows, 10/2/09 New!

> Who is this Mrs... by mchen, 10/2/09 New!

> higley, contracts and... by mom-knows, 10/2/09 New!

> I am shocked once again... by adoc17, 10/2/09 New!

THE LAST POST IN THE THREAD:The candidates know... by mom-knows, 10/2/09

The candidates know because I told them and I rec'd return emails from them. Their emails are posted here and I know people have also contacted them.

The principal takes all her orders from Wasser. If Wasser says kiss my @rse, the principals all pucker up.

The comments about Grimes had to do with the fact that the event was open to the public. Grimes sent an email stating the event was open to the public and there was going to be a question and answer period. Grimes name and email address was in the original announcement on the FRHSD website. I have a copy of the page I can post it...

That was all in the first postings about the event when Wasser went ballistic and deleted everything on here - on and on the FRHSD website - perhaps Wasser has decided it is ridiculous to try to keep this off the forums so instead he changed the FRHSD website to state the public will not be allowed to participate. Now he thinks its another BOE meeting and he can make up the rules again.....

But that is ok - the candidates know what they are walking into and I say we give them a nice big warm FRHSD welcome when they arrive!!! We should welcome them with signs that says something like - THANK YOU FOR COMING - SAVE OUR DISTRICT! TAKE CONTROL OF THE BOE!

Anonymous said...

Three blind mice,
Three blind mice
See how they run,
See how they run!

They all ran after
The farmer's wife
She cut off their tails
With a carving knife
Did you ever see
Such a sight in your life
As three blind mice?

See no evil, hear no evil and don’t know evil when it’s one inch in front of your nose. That is the sad story of the three male members of the Manalapan Township Committee.
Those mice have names, by the way, Larry, Moe and Curly.

Your FRHSD dollars at work and censuring said...

The original notice that has been scrubbed and deleted from wherever it has been posted. It should be safe here.

Home / News and Updates / News / NJ Gubernatorial Candidates to Speak at Freehold Twp.'s Speaker's Gala Oct. 6
NJ Gubernatorial Candidates to Speak at Freehold Twp.'s Speaker's Gala Oct. 6

By James_Quirk - Posted on 30 September 2009

Freehold Township High School's Junior State of America chapter will hold its Second Annual Speaker's Gala Tuesday, Oct. 6, from 7-10 p.m. at Freehold Township High School. This year's gala will focus on the New Jersey gubernatorial race, and will feature high-level representatives from the Gov. Corzine and Christopher Christie campaigns as well as personal appearances by independent candidates Christopher Daggett, David Meiswinkle and Jason Cullen.

The Junior State of America is a 75-year-old student-run non-partisan political and civil activism organization. JSA engages high school students in debates, thought talks, and political fairs at state and regional conventions across the country. Freehold Township High School is widely considered the strongest chapter in the Mid-Atlantic State and was recently awarded the Professor E.A. Rogers Chapter of the Year Award as well as the New Jersey Regional Chapter Challenge Award.

The Freehold Township Junior State welcomes and encourages members of the community to attend its Second Annual Speaker's Gala to get informed and learn about the issues that will determine the next four years of their state.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Stacy Nisman or Mr. Brian Grimes at (732) 431-8460, or and

Anonymous said...

You have to laugh. Fred Stone spent the entire day online posting his usual obscenities. He must have posted at least 50 times. He never went thirty minutes without posting. They've all been deleted as they always are. What kind of moron posts things no one will ever read only to have them deleted every single day? This guy really has nothing left, does

You forgot to mentione the 65 times you posted as 3 different posters. You don't think we know?

My embedded sources say, trouble is on the way for some peorson(s).

Anonymous said...


Please, please stop sueing our town! Get your hand out of my pockets!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the reason Mosked is suing our town is because our town sued him?

Maybe he spent 25 months and untold dollars in defense of his name and reputation from people who used their political offices to try to destroy him?

If it were me, I'd sue for a lot more than he's asking for.

Anonymous said...

Is one of those male members Michelle?

Anonymous said...

Well which male member would she be, Larry, Moe or Curly?

She ain't no stooge, ya know.

Anonymous said...

what's really funny is while Michelle Roth's friends are busy posting nonsense no one reads or cares about attacking Stu and claiming he's wasting his time like they are by posting nonsense, Stu is using his time to make money off of Michelle Roth and her friend's stupidity. And they'll never figure this out.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious there are three or four old men (including Kathy) in Manalapan with no life of their own, whose lives are essentially over in any meaningful way, who fill in the vacuum of their own lives by obsessing over Stu. Is there anyone who can't figure this out? Let them obsess. Really. Who cares? Let's just feel sorry for them, ignore them and move on. We all have far more important things to concern ourselves with than the obvious illness of meaningless individuals.

Anonymous said...

i'm counting posts here, on and on frizzy's board, and there are about 10 pro-stu posts for every anti stu post. so who has most time to waste?

Anonymous said...

Ironic, but when I went to Frizzie's Manalapan Hate website, I saw no pro-Stu posts and all anti-Stu hate posts. Hate is alive and well on Brillo's Manalapan Hate site.

FYI - any postings other than about the high school on are instantly deleted, so you can't gauge there.

Anonymous said...

maybe there's a lot more pro-Stu posts, because most people are in favor of Stu and are against the five trolls who are destroying Manalapan, including the old man troll who has no reason to live except to post online about Stu, the old man troll who embarrasses himself by making a fool of himself at every township committee meeting and sitting in empty courtrooms for hours on end, the old hag troll who has started seven websites no one reads and the goofy looking troll whose business has collapsed while his wife runs for an office no one would ever vote to give her.

Anonymous said...

or maybe because stu has all day and nite to post self-praise.

Anonymous said...

You may want to check out the Manalapan Hate website, where the sychophants are working overtime to trash Moskovitz.

What BTW happened to Michelle & Larry's buainess? Did they voluntarily move their office, or were they evicted or something? I don't see their name naymore listed on Gordon's Corner.

Anonymous said...

I would never read that forum without getting a tetanus shot first. And there's no need to go there - Fred Stone posts everywhere, as you see above. The man really has absolutely no life. And he has never explained why he is totally fixated on Stu other than the fact that Stu wrote Miracle's Law. I don't think we ever will get a reasonable explanation other than that one. Fred is a pitiable remnant of a former attorney, whose life now is totally dependent on Stu -- like Spodak and Baratta, he simply has no other reason to exist.

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like they're spending time sharing jokes and debating economic systems. Who's this Moskovizt?

Anonymous said...

Michelle and Larry have been neglecting their business. Michelle has been attacking the Chief and everyone else in town hall and Larry has spent all his time attacking Stu. No one has been managing their business, so they have been forced to close the office. According to their website, they are now working out of their home. That is a zoning violation.

Anonymous said...

Re: "That is a zoning violation."

Ooops, another township employee is under the gun.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you hear? They fired the zoning officer! The constuction department head, Rick Hogan, will be next if he brings it up!