Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Da "Corzine 6" Pass-Da-Buck Manalapan-Englishtown Board of Ed Decide Not to Cut a Dime & Dumps $3 Million On Taxpayers!

Da state, swimming in so much red ink they can't purchase a life preserver, is cutting back on anything that moves. That's why we all elected Governor Chris Christie and booted former Governor Tax-zine out of office. As an elected official, Christie is making da hard choices. There are some other elected officials, however, who would rather continue da Con-zine motto of "I've never met a tax I've never loved and cherished, because we have da power to make someone else pay for it."

As hard as this is to believe, da Manalapan-Englishtown Board of Ed has voted 6-2 to pass along $3 million in taxes directly to da homeowner of Manalapan and Englishtown!


Because as one of these elected yahoos said, "I don't want any of these things cut!"

They also apparently feel that there is no problem passing along a tax increase to you - da homeowners!

Despite opposition to taxing local residents into oblivion from elected officials "Joey D" Pasquale and Joanne Orr, they were outnumbered by Tax-zine clones 6 to 2, leaving it up to da voters.

To be fair, maybe those other six elected officials who voted YES are wealthy landowners? Maybe they even have diamond-studded silverware, light cigars with $20 bills, and buy Gucci diapers for their grandkids? Maybe they can afford more taxes? Maybe they think we all can? Maybe they still kneel by da alter and pray to their shrine of Jon Tax-zine before they go to bed every night?

DaTruth is, it is reprehensible for these "Corzine 6" to think we all can absorb another tax increase - because they can't seem to do their jobs properly. It is abundantly clear that outside of Pasquale and Orr that these 6 Tax-ologists have a clue as to what they are supposed to be doing up there.

Because of that, it is clear by what all da TruthTellers are saying, daTruthSquad must show these 6 Tax-a-holics how to cut a budget, yet still do da right thing for da kids.

That's right --- daTruthSquad will have to hold their tax and spend hands and walk them through how to cut a budget -- and not cut even one teacher or school program in da process! They say it can't be done --- but daTruthSquad and our TruthTellers know better!

So, here's how daTruthSquad would cut da Manalapan-Englishtown school budget by $3 million:

BUDGET CUT #1: Each school has an Asst. Principal making on average $90-115,000, not including benefits & pension. So, on average, take $100,000, multiply that by 8 schools, and that = $800,000 cut WITH NO AFFECT ON TEACHERS AND KIDS!

BUDGET CUT #2: Each school has two (2) secretaries making on average $45-70,000, not including benefits & pension. So, on average, take $50,000, multiply that by 8 schools, and that = $400,000 cut WITH NO AFFECT ON TEACHERS AND KIDS!

BUDGET CUT #3: Each school has an Computer Technician making on average $60-90,000, not including benefits & pension. If you have 1 Techie oversee two schools - you cut four computer tech jobs. So, on average, take $75,000, multiply that by 4 schools, and that = $300,000 cut WITH NO AFFECT ON TEACHERS AND KIDS!

So far, we have just cut $1.5 million of the $3 million lost, WITH ABSOLUTELY NO AFFECT ON TEACHERS OR KIDS! GEE, THIS IS TOUGH! No wonder these 6"Handi-TAXed" people can't do this! Let's see how much more we can do da job of our elected officials....

BUDGET CUT #4: Each school has 1 school counselor making on average $60-100,000, not including benefits & pension. If you have 1 counselor oversee two schools - you cut four counselor jobs. So, on average, take $80,000, multiply that by 4 schools, and that = $320,000 cut WITH NO AFFECT ON TEACHERS AND KIDS!

BUDGET CUT #5: Each school cans two full-time janitors, replacing them with one part-time guy. Floor mopers make on average $45-60,000, not including benefits & pension. So, on average, take $50,000, multiply that by 8 schools - times two - and minus $35,000 from each school for the part-time mopper-upper, and that = $520,000 cut WITH NO AFFECT ON TEACHERS AND KIDS!

BUDGET CUT #6: Each school maintains heat at no higher than 68 degrees in the winter, and AC at 74 degrees, and at 58 degrees and 78 degrees when da schools aren't being used. Estimated savings on gas/electric annually will be approximately $24,000.

BUDGET CUT #7: MEMS has a principal, dean of students, 4 secretaries (one of which we already eliminated), 2 asst. principals (one of which we already eliminated), and two school counselors (one of which we already eliminated). Eliminate da other asst. principal, da dean of students, and one other secretary, and da savings on average there is $250,000.

BUDGET CUT $8: From da school system, eliminate da Asst. Coordinator of Transportation Department, one of da 2 secretaries of da physical plant, one of da school superintendent's two (yes, he has 2) secretaries, one of da 3 human resources secretaries, da Assistant Business Administrator/Board Secretary, all of whom combined earn approximately $260,000 not including benefits and pension, and da savings there is another $260,000.

BUDGET CUT #9: Take da budget ax to one of da 2 secretaries in da school curriculum office, and you save another $50,000.

BUDGET CUT #10: Eliminate one of da 2 Pupil Personnel Services secretaries, and save another $50,000.


Now, of course, this may be asking too much from da 6 Tax-a-genicists, but maybe now, instead of $3 million they refuse to cut, maybe now they can find $26,000 in da eight schools to eliminate -- or for those 6 Tax-illiterates who are on da school board -- $3,250 of waste to eliminate per-school!

DaTruth is, it is not daTruthSquad's job to do da job of 6 Pass-da-buck Tax-hacks who obviously have no clue as to why they were elected. Here we are, and as fast as you can say "Re-elect Joey D & Joanne Orr," and daTruthSquad just cut $2,974,000 from da school budget, and little Johnnie was not affected in da slightest. Sure, da school superintendent will have to get by on just one secretary. At his salary, he should be able to lick his own envelopes. Da secretarial jobs can be divided out easily and fairly. If da mopper-uppers have a problem with this, we're all sure there are 100 guys in a muster zone, or any resident of da future "Roth's Shantytown on Contaminated Acres" that will need a job at a much-reduced rate.

And - daTruthSquad's cuts don't even factor in long-term pension and benefits!!!!

Joey D and Joanne Orr, you both did your jobs and should be commended. As for da other 6 Tax-a-dermists, GET A NEW JOB, because daTruth is, you're not doing this job of working for da residents of Manalapan and Englishtown very well.

DaTruthSquad urges all Manalapan and Englishtown residents to VOTE AGAINST DA SCHOOL BOARD BUDGET UNTIL THAT $3 MILLION OF WASTE IS ELIMINATED -- without harming teachers or students!

And, Joey D, consider a run for Township Committee. You should have been on da ballot in 2005 - and we all know it. Susan Cohen got elected without da backing of da Poobah, and so can you. Manalapan would be a better place with you watching out for da residents.

And that's both da math - and daTruth!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Squad--I guess da temperature was 74 in your school in Philly when you wuz a kid, because you wuz sleeping when dey teached you da difference between "affect" and "effect."

Anonymous said...

Joey D for Governor ! Joanne Orr for Lt. Governor !

Anonymous said...

The school superintendent has TWO secretaries?????

Every school has two secretaries??????

What is this? The Manalapan Englishtown school district or the secraterial pool? Rediculous. If they can't cut some of these secretaries, then they don't belong in office.

Anonymous said...

Squad, you should be on the school board. You did exactly what they couldn't do - cut the budget and not take away from teachers and kids.

Anonymous said...

Cobgrats to Joey D and Joanne Orr for their courage to vote against this albatross.

The fact the DTS uncovered so much money being left alone in the bueracracy shows these six lost causes don't deserve to be on the school board. Resign, and save the time for the voters to vote you out of office.

Anonymous said...

Squaddo, you mention Joanne Orr and Joey D'Pasquale who voted against raising our taxes. Who were these shills who voted to stick us with a $3 million tax bill?


Anonymous said...

Joey D did the right thing. We should all take his cue. I urge everyone to vote no to the Manalapan Englishtown school budget until they remove all $3 million from it. I think the Squad hit it right. Get rid of all this fat.

Anonymous said...

No wonder we pay so much for school. it isn't the teachers - it's all these people with bloated salaries in offices with theeir own secretaries. Squad is right. Fire every asst principal at once!

Anonymous said...

Yet again, the Squid doesn't get it. Manalapan schools are the best in the entire state. The reason they are the best is because of the brilliant leadership of both the Manalapan and Freehold HS boards. They are worth every penny, and if anyone should be fired, it's teachers who don't care.

Anonymous said...

Great work DTS. You cut 3 million dollars. They couldn't cut anything. Why? because IMHO they must be too tied into special interests. Otherwise, they should have been able to do the right thing. My taxes are too high as it is. raise them further, and I'm moving to Pennsylvania.

Anonymous said...

when you cross the Delaware, take squad with you.

Anonymous said...

New Jersey elected officials should now realize when Cor-sh-it was voted out that raising taxes could result in you being out of a job.

Say no to higher taxes.

Thank you Joey D. and Susan O for looking out for the taxpayer and not the blood sucking money grabbing scum.

Anonymous said...

Who is Susan O?

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad they passed health care reform. But I think it's disgusting how Republicans are threatening Democrats over it. How low our nation has sunk because of their hatred of President Obama. Is it because he is black? Or is it because they want him to fail since he is the first black president?

Anonymous said...

Maybe they meant Susan Cohen?

Anonymous said...

I will be voting against the school budget. Thank you Squad, because you're the only place that is actually discussing this and yes my taxes will go up if it passes. I don't even have kids in the school system!

Anonymous said...

I don't care if the president is black. I only wish he was American born and had some kind of management experience. I wish he wasn't anti christian and anti semitic. I wish he heros weren't all socialist dictators. I wish he would do the government on CSPAN like he promised and not in the back room.

Anonymous said...

Whoa!!! Someone likes it really cold in the summer. What about your Italian toughguy online persona? Southern Europeans are supposed to like the heat.

The measured average optimal comfort level (when you aren't allowed to know what the thermostat is set at) is about 78, despite people claiming otherwise. When school's out, they can go to 85, which is obviously uncomfortable, but who cares if no one's around.

Cut the teachers. Teachers aren't sacred and small class sizes don't have a relationship with quality education. It's been studied. It'd be a good opportunity to cut loose some of the lower quality teachers that aren't pulling their weight.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe there's that many jobs that pay so much and are all bueracratic. Thanks for pointing that out. It's obvious there's money to cut before we start talking about raising taxes, so I'll be voting no for this budget until that's done.

Anonymous said...

I sat at he Manalapan Board of Ed meeting. I watched as the teachers union rep, a Manalapan teacher spoke about how they were not going to budge. Kudos to all the
others that agreed to the salary freeze to keep their jobs and help us the taxpayers and the children. I have no ill will towards any teachers but they are in another orbit if they think that this economy can't affect them. So many parents spoke about salary cuts in thier own families and the sacrifices they are making everyday. In the 80's Reagan canned all the air traffic controllers for striking and hired new ones at less salary and benefits. The teachers should learn from that or history maybe repeating itself. There are a lot of unemployed teachers looking for work. Kudos to the Board of Ed for standing up!

Anonymous said...

I think all of these people are living on another planet. My husband took a pay cut last year, and I lost my job (fortunately I got a new one but at less pay). Now you have the school board saying they're not cutting anything and let the taxpayers pay for it, and the teachers union saying they deserve raises and let the taxpayers pay for it.


Anonymous said...

I heard that Covered Bridge is outraged over the school situation and they are all going to vote no on the budget. I really hope that is true and they stand up and vote this foolish budget down.

Anonymous said...

Nice work Squad for bringing this to the forefront. There's not one word of this in the Transcript. Obviously the Hate website is OK with higher taxes because they only write about Stu. Glad you're keeping us informed.

Anonymous said...

The only way KB and her hate friends would talk about this is if Stu Moskovits were on the school board!

Anonymous said...

Hey Squaddo, maybe instead of wasting our time with much ado nothing, maybe you should be looking into who is going to profit if this COAH disaster on Route 522 in Manalapan is built. Better yet, maybe you should be spending your time, counselor, on who has already profited from COAH in Manalapan. I sent this same note to da Transcript, so if you want to find "da" answer to this, you'd better act quickly. Before it's too late.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Anonymous said...

everyone knows the school budget is dead in the water and was just the beginning of negotiations. when are you gonna start talking about REAL issues, like the NJ Transit 25% fare increase?

COAH Charlie said...

Hint: Squaddo, my favorite site is ELEC. It should be yours too.