Wednesday, March 17, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Manalapan to lose $1 million in state aid!

This comes directly from one of daTruthSquad's embedded sources in Town Hall who was mortified at da prospects. According to this source, Manalapan will lose $993,300 in direct state aid in 2010! The rate of loss - over 20%, is above the state average for towns losing state aid.

Manalapan received just under $5 million in direct state aid last year. The new number will be just over $3.8 million - a major loss!

Since Manalapan has extremely little business base, unless da Manalapan Township Committee cuts $1 million from da operational town budget (jobs & infrastructure & services), then that money will have to be made up directly from taxpayers! This, of course, will be on top of da increases being sent from da school system!

Now That Da Gov Has Spoken - What Happens In Manalapan?

OK, you lost your job six months ago. No job prospects, and no job appointments for da next few weeks at least. No nibbles on your resume from any employer, not even da Route 9 fast food places. Bills are coming overdue. So, what do you do? You go down to da nearby appliance store, and buy that nifty 60 inch plasma TV you always wanted.

Sounds either like you're a member of da unemployed Cadre blogger list, or it's business as usual in New Jersey.

Da budget hole is soooo deep that you'd be closer to China than Trenton if you were to dig through. In da past, we simply just raised taxes and fees. because nobody cared. Now people care, except some can't stop spending.

Good news for New Jersey is that Governor Christie replaced former Governor Tax-zine. Da bad news, there are some who are ready to scare us to death that budget cuts are bad for us, and severe tax increases are not as bad. Da big question is, as some of these cuts will certainly roll downhill to municipalities and Boards of Ed, are how will we deal with this on da local level?

PRIME EXAMPLE OF 10 POUNDS OF CRAPOLA IN A 5 POUND BRAIN: Da Freehold High School District is already putting out da word that taxes will be going up, and cuts to schools are coming. Da good news for Team Wasser and da Bogus Degree Boys & Girls, their salaries won't be cut, they won't lose their privileges, and all will be well for them. Da bad news goes to da teachers and kids - and taxpayers who will get to pay for those bogus degrees and their bloated salaries that won't get cut.

NEXT QUESTION - MANALAPAN: What will Democrats on da Manalapan Township Committee have to say when our municipal aid - which makes up a descent chunk of da Manalapan budget - will be cut to zero? Will they demand cuts in town hall? Will they demand infrastructure cuts? Then again, how will Mayor Andy Boy react?

Considering how taxes were held in check last year when da Queen was running for state office, and da surplus was raided to hold taxes low, what will happen now? DaTruthSquad's embedded sources within Town Hall said many were very concerned before da Gov spoke, because they know there will be less in da till before da budget is put together. It will be interesting to see how Andy Boy and da Queen play with less $$$$$$$. Especially when da school district will have their hands out first.

DaTruth is, if taxes go up in Manalapan, there's only one person who should be blamed - ANDY BOY! He's da mayor, and he approved last year's budget that raided da surplus that needs to be replenished.

Keep a close watch on those who will be quite possibly asking you for money.

DaTruth is, this year will be maybe da most interesting as budgets are concerned. Over da years, da burden on Manalapan taxpayers has risen dramatically, with two-thirds of all da money in da budget coming directly from homeowners since there's not much of a business base in Manalapan - and, that factored in da $$$$$ aid that came directly from da state! In fact, Manalapan has one of da worst business ratable rates in da whole state! Da good news, though, is Manalapan will apparently be getting a new extra-large gas station and convenience store on Route 33. We can only guess da very same folks who demanded da Village never be built are now OK with businesses moving into Manalapan on route 33. But don't be too "Gray" about it - cheap gas and potato chips are what we really need along the Route 33 corridor, especially since folks travel through Manalapan to get to da shopping in Freehold and Marlboro.

Finally, we recently passed an anniversary many in Manalapan would certainly wish never happened, since it did, we should remember it, because those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.....

It was just over 4 years ago that at a Manalapan Township Committee meeting, a certain husband of a certain Manalapan committeewoman was asked a question by an Italian-American committeeman, and that certain husband answered "BECAUSE I HATE ITALIANS." Despite numerous attempts to hide what happened, and claims it either never happened, or it was a joke, or it was a bad joke, or he didn't mean it, or it was da fault of da Italian guy, or it was da fault of da Irish GOP guy, or it was daTruthSquad's fault for letting people know what happened, or it was da Italian-American group's fault for not liking it, or it was da Village's fault for wanting to build a development in town - people still found out da truth. While there is still one former Snoozer alleged-reporter and a few commenters to a certain website that stands by da statement being a joke, or someone else's fault, or whatever, da people really do know what happened, because despite all their hard work, you cannot hide datruth.

DaTruth is, hatred is not a joke, and it's not to be blamed on others - and it won't be forgotten - as history reminds us. And -- no threats can stop it - then or now.

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

You would think after all this time he would have admitted his stupidity so we can all move on from it.

But I guess that's bigotry for you.

Anonymous said...

As a Democrat, I am concerend about Christie's budget cuts. As a Manalapan resident, i have seen my local taxes become more of a burden on we the homeowners over the years. Why we didn't build the Village I'll never know. But I know I cannot afford more taxes, so I hope that those people who run our town do whatever they need to do to not increase taxes this year.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to single out anybody. But taxes in Manalapan are too high as it is. I would hope Mayor Lucas and those who work with him will do whatever it takes to not raise taxes, even if that means to cut the budgets in town hall.

Anonymous said...

Roth lost her election. It wouldn't surprise me at all if she sticks it to us as revenge. And, yes, I'm Italian and I haven't forgotten.

KBee said...

Here is a link to how much money will be lost to Manalapan due to cuts by Christie:

Tony Latrino said...

Thank you squad for reminding us of the horrible injustice done to the Italian community by Larry Roth reminding us of the scars and pain brought upon Italians wordwide by his cruel and ugly bigotry. I say NEVER AGAIN!!!!! I believe we should build a museum in Washinton to assure that the world never forgets what Roth did to the Italian people, and I think it should be called--


I think KB is losing her mind said...

I would have posted this sooner, but I needed to disinfect myself after reading the vile drivel on her HATE website:

KB claims in a post she wants to not allow anyone to post about the DTS on her HATE website. If she follows through with that, then after looking at all of th recent postings, THERE WOULD BE NOTHING for her and her buddies Larry, George and Fred to talk about.

Obvously selling the blog won't help, since she tried that before and it appears nobody would even pony up a penny for it.

Tough world KB.

Anonymous said...

If our taxes go up anything more than 2.5%, no matter what I will not be voting for Andrew. As a Republican, my vote will count.

Anonymous said...

Nice post by Tony Latrino. It really shows the morons at the hate blog really have nothing to do with their time. I hope you're proud of yourself. I'm sure your children, if you have any, aren't.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Lucas was the one vote against the budget in 2009, and how can you say the surplus was raided? Do you even know how much was used????

Anonymous said...

Leave it to Fred Stone (Tony Latrino) to mock the Holocaust. Proving once again there is no depth to which this depraved angry old man won't sink.

peter said...

Teachers are being handed pink slips - why don't the schools trim from the top get rid of some assistants principles and useless secretaries, maybe a superintendent or 2 (who gave themselves raises).

Way to go Manalapan - way to think of the kids

Kim Guadano said...

so an anonymous commentator who masks his or her identity makes a comment purporting to allege who another poster is? i haven't looked up Tony Latrino, but for all we know, he's a real person who thinks Squad is a jerk for making a big deal over a sarcastic remark by a guy who was defending his wife against fake and cynical allegations of bigotry.

Anonymous said...

datruth squad, unknown how to contact you except by this post. i am planning to introduce a deveoper pay to play ordinance from Center for Civic Responsibilty into my town. I am registered an independent and the town is controlled by one party. I am in union county and lesniak and his poltically connected deveopers are running rough shod over us. Can you contact me casue i have some questions about monmouth county problems with the devopement.1) what town 2 years ago was trying to suit the developer to get money back because the corrupt officials gave the developer land to the detriment of the residents and their quality of life

2) along the parkway is that huge condo deveopement near cranbury. The devoper was caught dumping the spoils into the wetlands. What was that about?

3) Any info on jack morris and poltical connections to his developers and towns in Monmouth county.

Thanks bruce---email

Anonymous said...

Again, Fred found an even LOWER depth to sink to. Not content to nauseate everyone with his Tony Latrino posting, minimalizing the Holocaust, Fred posts as Kim Guadagno, our first Lt. Gov. and a woman of the highest ethical and moral standards. In other words, he has pretended to be someone on the complete opposite end of the ethical spectrum. It's hard to believe anyone could be more disgusting than Fred.

Anonymous said...

They better start firing people in town hall. There's probably more than enough people in the clerks office we don't need.

Anonymous said...

We might not have any worries if the Gang of Three didn't block the Village from being built. Instead, they're ok with a gas station and convenience store. No wonder the tax burden is on the homeowner in this town.

Anonymous said...

Folks wake up and come to the Manalapan School Board meeting on Tuesday March 23 at 7:30 Clark Mills School.

Last night they voted 6-2 in a straw vote to raise taxes to cover the 3 additional million they are short. In total they are nearly 5.9 million they are short. They do not want to make lay offs of teachers or cut services to the children.
Maybe they should look at the wood on Main Street and cut there first.
How much more money do they think that the residents can afford to pay? Merging the school districts from 1-5 was supposed to save us almost 2 million dollars. The real savings is less than 650K!

If you are tired of cetain school school board members that dance around your questions and feel it is their right to be condescending and arrogant to taxpayers questions come down on Tuesday and let your voice be heard!

Anonymous said...

Why would Fred post anything here, when he can repeatedly alter people's posts to distort what they were saying on other boards? The Hate website is a corrupt fraud IMHO who cotinuously underestimates the intelligence of the people, all of whom know what those members are.

Anonymous said...

"Leave it to Fred Stone (Tony Latrino) to mock the Holocaust. Proving once again there is no depth to which this depraved angry old man won't sink."

What's with the 5th grade reading level? It's satirizing an off the cuff comment which is wrong, but being constantly blown completely out of proportion by Guido pride. It is not about minimizing the Holocaust. THE SATIRE DOESN'T WORK UNLESS THE HOLOCAUSE WAS A HORRIBLE TRAGEDY.