Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We Need People Like Ryan Green and Joey D Looking Out For Us To Stop Manalapan's Political Bait & Switches

It almost seems like Manalapan's newest housing development will be built before da architects finish drawing up da plans. Manalapan's fastest housing development in history continues, despite concerns of traffic, overcrowded schools, no nearby shopping for the low-income COAH residents of the Roth-backed COAH "Contaminated Acres at Love Canal II" apartment tower and complex at Route 522 by the Englishtown border, despite heavy resident objections from both Manalapan and Englishtown residents, and of course, about 50 years of petroleum contamination on da site that first needs to be cleaned up. But, to people like Committeewoman Michelle Roth, contamination at her "Love Canal II" development apparently isn't that much of a concern.

However, it is a concern to brand new Committeeman Ryan Green, who has challenged the political establishment elite after his constituents told him of what can be deemed a colossal "Bait & Switch."

DaTruthSquad has been told by embedded sources that in what can be described as a "Bait & Switch," da Ingerman company changed da name of da company that would present da proposal to da Manalapan Planning Board. When people who were planning to protest da COAH apartment tower, instead of Ingerman they saw MBI Development - a company they never heard of before. Figuring the apartment tower wasn't on da schedule, they didn't go to da meeting. It seems is "Bait & Switch," by whomever set it in motion, worked to perfection, because those who would have objected to da plan they don't want didn't go to a meeting they thought wasn't going to discuss it.

You have to ask yourself who approved this name change on da Manalapan level -- and equally important -- why it was not questioned?

Then, of course, there's da latest bombshell uncovered by daTruthSquad related to Committeewoman Michelle Roth's acceptance of donations from COAH developers who did business in Manalapan. Question - how did da Queen vote on their projects as a member of da Planning Board, and as a member of da Township Committee? That's a question that should be asked at da very next meeting.

DaTruth is, it's obvious a "Bait & Switch" happened here, because da Manalapan Planning Board and their political leaders must have known da population of Englishtown would have shown up with an equal number of Manalapan residents irate over this low-income COAH apartment tower being built - larger than any other residential building in da area - and da corresponding traffic issues, and potential health issues from ground contamination that first must be taken care of.

Making matters worse was da recent daTruthSquad revelation about campaign contributions da Michelle Roth campaign accepted from developers -- developers specializing in COAH --- and --- da uncovering of a video of then-candidate Roth talking about how she is against this type of growth and da problems it brings with it --- all da while accepting campaign $$$$$$$ from da very same development she was talking against!

And yes, it was a video that definitely caught some members of da Cadre off guard.

Then, you have what happened with da Manalapan Enshishtown Board of Education. They decided to vote 6-2 to not cut any money from their already-bloated budget, despite da state's dire financial situation. One of those two "No" votes was Joey D, who not only stepped up to da plate, he hit a Home Run.

It was not through da local Snoozepaper, but through budget hawk Joey D that word spread like wildfire that da board was trying to slam a hefty tax increase on Manalapan residents. Through his hard work and dedication, and a little help from daTruthSquad, da Board of Ed has now reversed course due to public scritiny and is now cutting their budget - which will result in savings for Manalapan taxpayers!

It was also readers of this blog who responded, and for that we thank you. Here's a sample of da comments left on this blog to da school board's tax increase -- BEFORE THEY RESCINDED IT!

Anonymous said ... Joey D for Mayor of Manalapan! A man who will stand up to the scum who want to raise our taxes and take our hard earned O.T. money. Let these losers get a real job. NO TAX INCREASES> LOWER OUR TAXES! Only a man with a stiff spine and balls can lower taxes. That man is JOEY DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

Anonymous said ... If Joe D is the catalyst for stopping this tax hike in its tracks, then he should run for township committee. Not only will he have my vote, but as a Republican I'll take that vote from Andy who has raised my taxes.

Anonymous said ... Joey D is a typical Manalapan working man who sweats for his money not some rich Ivy league out of touch soft handed man. We need someone to fight for the average working class man already. Lower our taxes! Who can it be? It's Joey D!

Anonymous said ... I'd vote for a power washer with one truck and one employee who can stand up to the powers and demand to lower taxes any day over someone who runs a PR firm out of their house and takes money from COAH developers, or a guy who still lives with his mom and dad and wife when she wasn't living in Freehold.

Anonymous said ... Joey D. is smarter than those Ivy league educated tax raising, slum building pieces of $@+t. At least Joey D is smart enough to spend within our means and lower taxes which is something the Ivy league crowd is too stupid to get. Manalapan lower our taxes to set us free, vote for a hard working man it's Joey D. He'll powerwash high taxes down the drain as fast as can be, VOTE FOR JOEY D!

You get it now. DaTruth is ......

* People are upset at how, over da years, their hard-earned tax dollars have been spent on frivolous lawsuits against bloggers and lawyers they don't like (they lost both big - at taxpayer expense because YOUR MONEY paid for it).

** People are upset at how, over da years, Manalapan has raised taxes to its highest level in history.

*** People are upset at how, over da years, Manalapan politicians have promised to lower taxes, only to become da architects who led da charge for raising taxes by double-digits!

**** People are upset at how, over da years, Manalapan has grown into a town full of homes that are still being built by a Planning Board that can't say no to any developer - except for those who want to put some businesses in town.

***** People are upset at how, over da years, Manalapan politicians have said they don't take money from developers, but as DaTruthSquad proved, da Queen not only took $$$$$$ from developers, they also built COAH units here!

DaTruthSquad congratulates Ryan Green for standing up to da political powers that control da Manalapan Township Committee and showing clearly that, much like da back end of da fish boat, something smells funny with this "Contaminated Acres at Love Canal II" COAH apartment tower complex issue.

DaTruthSquad also salutes Joey D'Pasquale. Joey D saw a group of elected officials ready to send your taxes soaring, and said "Not on my watch. Not while I'm standing guard of your wallets." He single handedly put a stop to that tax increase, and spurred debate on how to change things to make them better. That's what we need from our elected officials, He proved he is not beholden to unions or special interests -- and if he's beholden to anyone, it's da hard working taxpayers of Manalapan and Englishtown!

What Joey D did is plain and simple. He stood in front of a moving freight train and dared it to go through him. The six drivers of that train, all ready to make your taxes go sky high, realized that the immovable object watching YOUR TAX DOLLARS was not going to budge, and in fact, exposed to da light of taxpayers what they were really doing -- passing da buck -- and put a stop to it. Joey d's heroic measures SAVED YOU MONEY!

Both Ryan Green and Joey D are heroes to da people - and we thank you for doing what is right.

DaTruth is, if you read a certain website which has come to be known as da "Hate" website by some, they call what goes on in Manalapan politics "bi-partisan." However, if you read between da lines, when you have political elements on different sides of da political spectrum working together solely to keep their political power and not to do what is right for da people, that is called "CRONYISM." There's a big difference between da two.

Manalapan residents deserve much better from their elected officials than hollow promises and people doing what their political handlers tell them to do. Manalapan needs people like Ryan Green to look out for their best interest. Manalapan also needs people like Joey D to continue to make a difference. Otherwise, you can guarantee yourself that taxes will be raised without check, political cronyism will remain da norm, and your elected officials will feel free to take campaign cash from anyone -- including developers.

How do you, da reader of this blog, affect change? You do what Joey D did - - you stand up to da villian and say "Not on my watch!" You go to meetings - you question those in power - you vote those into office that believe what you believe and vote out of office those who do what their political handlers tell them to do.

Remember -- THEY WORK FOR US! They are not supposed to be working for their political handlers, but it seems more often than not what's what we are left with. Joey D got involved, and his dedication just saved every taxpayer in Manalapan and Englishtown hard-earned $$$$$. Finally, an elected official who is working for da people!

Manalapan residents, and da residents of New Jersey said "Never Again" to people like Commissar Klauber and John Con-zine. Voters will be watching both da school tax issue and da "Love Canal II" COAH apartment tower development closely -- and they will remember in November - and quite possibly in June during da primaries.

And that's DaTruth.


Anonymous said...

Joey D couldn't get elected dog catcher. The Republicans can't stand him and the Democrats want nothing to do with him.

Anonymous said...

If Roth is a "Fiscal Conservative" then Christie is a Communist.

Anonymous said...

Certainly the Andy boy republicans can't stand Joey D , Joey has BALLS to stand up to the dems. Good job Joey D the taxpayers love you!

Anonymous said...

Breaking news for the mentally challenged crew:

Chris Christie is not a communist and Michell Roth is a fiscal conservative.

Next stupid statement?

Anonymous said...

It was so sad to hear about Joe Locrichio. I think he was only in his 40's. As a Republican, he wasn't always the most popular, but he did promise to lower taxes and he did just that. May he rest in peace and God be with his family.

Anonymous said...

Before I write what I was going to write, my prayers are with the family of Joe Locricchio. May he rest in peace.

As for Joey D, thank you. I can't afford another tax increase. After my taxes have nearly doubled in town (I'm in Englishtown) I can't afford any more. Thank you for looking out for me and our residents, and doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Usually politicians get a bad rap, but it's great when you hear about them doing the work for the people they are supposed to do. Ryan, you just made me very glad I voted for you. Joe D, I didn't vote for you when you ran for the school board but whatever you run for next you will have my vote.

Anonymous said...

If you forget Fraud Squad, Michelle Roth cut taxes last year. She's more of a fiscal conservative than Susan Cohen will ever be.

Anonymous said...

My heartfelt condolences to Vicky Locricchio on the passing of her husband Joe.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news for the mentally challenged crew:

Chris Christie is not a communist and Michell Roth is a fiscal conservative.

Next stupid statement?

Anonymous said...

Such a shame about Joe. He did have some troubles in his life, but he also had a wonderful partner in life in Vicky and his two boys are a joy. We can only hope he finds peace now.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has the "balls" to stand up to the Roths and Lucases and the party bosses has my vote. Joe D'Pasquale, you have my vote. Thanks for keeping my money in my pockets.

Anonymous said...

The money in my wallet belongs to me. So vote to keep it there by voting for Joey D!

From the Manalapan Republican Club said...

It's with great sadness that I must inform you of the passing of our friend, former Deputy Mayor Joe Lochricchio today. Details are still uncertain regarding his death. Our condolences go out to his family. I will send an email with funeral details as I receive them.

Anonymous said...

That Butch would post this here in Anonymous Garbageville is a sad commentary on the depths to which he and his Club have sunk and an insult to the memory of even this deceased.

Anonymous said...

Shut up Larry. You never cease to find knew ways to be disgusting. Butch was providing a service. You can't even let someone's untimely death temporarily suspend your ugliness and viciousness. You are vile, Larry. Just vile.

Anonymous said...

Oh, but the right place to post condolences is on the Hate site...

This site is one of compassion ~ and know this ~ Butch has never posted anything anonymously... as your fellow "Free-loading Five"...on the hate site...

Butch is a man of integrity and dignity with compassion for a former official of our town and a friend.

How dare you post your 'Garbage' mouth and insult Mr. Locricchio's friends and family as they mourn his passing.

Looks like you sunk to the depths of I don't know what...

RIP Mr. Locricchio

Re: 'That Butch would post this here in Anonymous Garbageville' said...

A phenomenon to which you have tried so strongly to contribute.

Anonymous said...

The poor man just passed away, and already the handful of robots on that vile hate website are already mocking his passing. Have a little common descency. We know you hated Joe. But have some respect for his family and friends. No wonder you people have the awful reputations you have.

Anonymous said...

Question - How many unemployed or known racist people does it take to stir up trouble?

Answer - Just take a look who is posting on KB's hate blog.

Anonymous said...

RIP Joe. Like the Squad said, you will be remembered for being a husband and father and also for doing what nobody else could do at that time by getting the Republican Party back on its feet.

Anonymous said...

Just ignore Larry and his other three stooges. They wouldn't know compassion or respect for others if they fell over it.

Joe, we hope you find peace. Vicky, we are so sorry for your loss.

Anonymous said...

It's horrible for anyone to make light of someone's death. I guess that's what we have come to expect from those at KB's site.

Thank you DTS for keeping above that and hopefully any vile comments from those hatemongers will not be allowed here.

Anonymous said...

Any news on Joe's funeral arrangements?

Anonymous said...

Joe's funeral is Saturday morning at St. Thomas More Church in Manalapan.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like we need to keep Joey D on the school board.. It is a larger percentage of our total property tax!!