Monday, April 26, 2010

If You Want To Get Reelected, Listen To Da People

If we learned anything about this past school board election, it's that every politician is now on notice that if you even have dreams of raising taxes, you'd better have plans on what you'll be doing with your life after you are voted out of office.

One of daTruthSquad's school board friends in Ocean County tell us that in one town, they had a public question on da ballot to raise a few million dollars to install solar panels and install solar power in all town schools. It failed and was voted down - because it would have raised taxes!

Of course, daTruthSquad has many friends and connections in da school system, and this will be hard on them, and on schools and teachers that will have to do more with less, and in some cases it will be da politicians and not da public that will decide their fates, such as Manalapan.

Da voters have spoken - no new taxes - no taxes of any kind.

So, what will happen in Manalapan, and how will this impact da upcoming election of Mayor Andy Boy?

If anyone is on da hot seat, it's Andy Boy. Last year, taxes were held for da most part in check, however, it was done using a large amount of da township's surplus funds, which of course have to be replenished with taxpayer money. Da tax burden is still on da homeowner, as Manalapan has one of da worst ratables rations not only in Monmouth County, but throughout da entire state! Add to this da fact that $$$$$$ aid from Trenton shrunk by $1 million dollars, and already da GOP-led Monmouth Freeloaders voted to raise county taxes, and now da burden is really on Mayor Andy Boy to make serious cuts or face voters with higher tax bills.

Of course, now add to this da school budget is also in his hands, and da hands of da township committee, which means more decisions in a pivotal election year.

This could also create an interesting problem for Andy Boy in his own political house. Follow da bouncing ball of political bedfellows:

VOTER BOUNCE: Last year, nobody expected this much voter backlash over taxes when last year's budget was put together so da Queen could say she was a "fiscal conservative" - as she does in this video at Brookdale College. Now you have to do more with less, and that less includes a smaller surplus.

MORE WORK BOUNCE: With da school budget voted down, Mayor Andy Boy now has to put a budget together that works for da schools, or he'll have to deal with an angry school board, teachers, and families who liked da teachers who could potentially lose their jobs - and thanks to da passing of da buck by da school board - this is now placed on his shoulders.

SCHOOL BOUNCE: What will Ryan Green, a school guy do? How will he vote if big cuts are made?

BOUNCING OUT: How will Susan Cohen deal with this? She has nothing to lose, since she will apparently not run for office on da same ticket with Andy Boy this year -- and boy will we have a lot on that soon!

DOUBLE BOUNCE: This year's budget actually puts da Queen in a very interesting position. First, if she pushes for a tax decrease now, she may be sacrificing her own year next year when she is up for releection because in recent Manalapan history, da last time there were two flat taxes in a row, da 3rd year was a double-digit tax increase. Next year, da Queen's term is up, so does she want a possible big tax increase or massive township service cuts da year she runs?

DOUBLE CROSS BOUNCE: If da Queen were to lead a chorus that leads to raising taxes, that could mean da kiss of death for GOP'ers running for office this year, and put da Democrats into power by a 4-1 margin next year if they win da seats in November --- so, does da Queen work to help Andy Boy and hurt her own party, or put da screws to Andy Boy and get power back for da Democrats?

WILD CARD BOUNCE: What will happen if an alliance forms between Ryan Green and Susan Cohen, and someone else who wants do what they consider da right thing enters da picture? You need 3 votes to pass da budget, or anything else for that matter.

LEGAL BOUNCE: Da Queen needs good public relations now more than ever after da Mosked man filed hs defamation lawsuit for Police Chief Stu Brown. Will that lawsuit have any impact in all of this? And you know we'll be writing about that too very soon!

DaTruth is, between da school issue, and da fracture in da GOP'ers of Manalapan due to what happened with Susan Cohen, this places Andy Boy in a very difficult position as it is. Add da Wild Card Queen, who is in a position now to be able to tip da balance of power to da Democrats by turning her back on GOP'er Andy Boy, and now things get even more interesting.

DaTruth is, you must remember that any budget sacrifices made this year could put more pressure on raising taxes in da year da Queen will be most likely running for Manalapan Town Hall again. If she wants to run as Mayor next year, she needs Democrats to win this year, or else da GOP'ers will still be in power by 3-2. If she does right by Andy Boy, she could be putting her own political party and potentially her own future into jeopardy. Will she really do that? Will Grand Master Vic and da county Democratic machine allow a scenario like that to happen, especially with a GOP'er resurgance in da county going on?

If you want to know how things will turn out in this year's election, keep a very close eye on da Queen. In theory, she controls more of da destiny of this year's election that many would be led to believe.

More on da Chief's defamation lawsuit, Manalapan's budget, and how many people will be running for those two seats at da Manalapan Township Committee table coming soon.

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

Right on with this. If my taxes go up there is no excuse for it this time around. Whoever raises them will not get my vote this year.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I didn't think about this scenario. Roth has a lot on her plate (including the Chief's defamation lawsuit). If she helps Andrew she will be hurting her own party, but if she hurts Andrew she'll likely help her party this year and her own chances next year. I think you just made this election year a very interesting one.

Anonymous said...

While I don't live in Manalapan, I share the sentiment.

NO NEW TAXES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"NO NEW TAXES" -- That was Fred's campaign slogan back in 1992!

Morty Spellover said...

Leadership and greatness are derived from persuading the people to do what needs to be done; to inform the people as to what's in their collective interest. If Lincoln had just listened to the people, rather than led them, you'd need your passport to visit Virginia.

Anonymous said...

Vote Joey D for lower taxes!!!

Anonymous said...

Get your history right if you are going to hail the actions of Lincoln.

No passport was ever required or proposed.

Spending millions to pay back CME and lawyers. Lincoln would not be proud!

Re: 'Fred's campaign slogan back in 1992!' said...

And before a certain lawyer won his first big public policy case--against the Freehold Regional High School District. And to think that the first outing was against one of the most rotten agencies in our region.

Anonymous said...

Squad, I think you may be off slightly on this one. Roth can still support Lucas if she wants to, and her own Democratic candidate. This scenario happened in 2007. It's nothing new.

It's really time for a real 3rd party in Manalapan because the way things are now a 3rd party can win here. Joey D would make a great candidate and I'm sure a running mate like Susan Cohen with him could be a winner.

Anonymous said...

Can you believe we will be paying for Michelle Roth's legal defense in her defamation case brought by Chief Brown!!!!!!

These politicians think Manalapan is their own little piggy bank. Andrew Lucas just lost my vote. He voted to allow taxpayers to pay for Roth's lawyers. This lunacy has got to stop in Manalapan! Maybe the state should be investigating what is happening in Town Hall!